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  4. Audiences Unlimited is starting to post August taping dates for shows like "Mom" and "Man With A Plan" is breaking my heart a little. It's sad not to see TBBT dates out there.
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  6. A woman walks into a library and asked if they had any books about paranoia. The librarian says "They're right behind you!" Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  7. True If they knew season 12 was to be the last they should have come up with more compelling and deeper storylines. Not just for Lenny but all the characters. Even Raj who was more a fill-in character than an actual primary one. To end his story without any real conclusion was just tragic. And yes, there was way too much of the Shamy/Nobel storyline.
  8. I have to agree. Season 12 was a waste, but then Season 11 was a waste as well.
  9. Totally agreed!!! I do as well! It looks more comfortable!
  10. For me the ending was fine. It's the season leading up to it that left something to be desired. I never cared if there was Lenny pregnant story line or of it was just a reveal in finale or even a flash forward. It just makes so much of the actual Lenny story for s12 a complete an utter waste. Whatever the motivation, it just rang false and just reinforced my belief that to some extent that s12 was being phoned in by TPTB. That's my problem with it all....
  11. I hope they do. But I feel it a few seasons to late however I will be happy if they finally do get one for the final season.
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  13. OK, if the writers and Holland say so. But, since I have no trust whatsoever in that group of individuals, I'll take that bit of info with a grain of salt. I sincerely agree!
  14. If you remember correctly, it was me all along who had expected just that...well, because I think I'm smart and ...maybe. πŸ™‚ Hey…! 😁
  15. Just pointing out, by their interviews, the writers actually planned for Penny to be pregnant at the finale all along, it wasn't just a bone thrown to fans. In fact, according to Holland, it was this tat made them decide to "write against it", i.e. 12X03. I won't go into my opinion about that strategy, but I wanted to point out the facts as revealed by TPTB.
  16. YES! Exactly! Although I was not waiting for a Nobel personally. I really thought they were going to get nominated but not win, and that was what was going to make Sheldon appreciate his friends finally. (Because they would still support him even if he didn't have a Nobel.) I'm glad he finally appreciated his friends, but I still would have liked my way better. It would have made more sense to me. And that is okay. Sometimes we have agreed, and sometimes we have not, but I've always enjoyed your posts. THAT is what really matters. No one here ever said anyone had to like every single thing about the show to be a fan. That's what irritated me on a few other boards. If you were at all critical of anything they did, anything at all, some of the people on there were always like, "Well, why do you watch the show then? Why don't you go away?" I didn't stop watching because there was always more to like than I disliked and I still wanted to see what happened next.
  17. I can see where you're coming from here. I believe that in 12/22, they could have shown Penny discovering she was pregnant and her telling Leonard. That's such a huge moment in a marriage. But, that's just my opinion!!!
  18. Love this moment so much.❀️ Love their conversation. ❀️ "Do you wanna?"
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