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  2. There are many gay people still in the "closet"! As far as Beverly goes, hopefully she stays out of situation. Nothing she will do will be good for Leonard!
  3. I disagree with you about gay people. I believe worldwide there are more than we know of, because of the prejudice and true malice they suffer. And I don't think Beverly could be used as a standard for motherhood in any way. Speaking of Beverly, she might get involved in this whole thing. She may not like Leonard giving a child with her genes to a dumb guy. Her involvement could be surprisingly good but also utterly terrible. Of course it all depends on Christine Baranski's availability for one or a few "Skype" scenes.
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  5. Lady in Red

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Back with the apple cider and spices and cookies for Christmas. Taking a pre-Christmas nibble right now. I win.
  6. I'm not convinced there are as many gay people of either sex as think they are. She surely doesn't think anybody, let alone herself, could be as bad a mother as Leonard had himself ? Bloody hell ! OK. Wyatt phones Beverly. Beverly Skypes Penny and reassures her.
  7. Thanks. Just another personal comment on the "Table Episode". It's one of my later favorite Lenny - episodes, especially because of Leonard: "L: The-the spot that you love to sit in, that no one else can sit in, only exists because -- despite your objections -- I bought this couch. Me. So explain why that change was bad and this change was good." Great reply! 😀
  8. Some have stayed in the closet!
  9. Four months after all these years.
  10. Well, maybe not declared ones.
  11. smartandbeautiful

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Dark Lenny Thread

    I still hope the reason is her commitment issues. As I see Penny, I think she's really afraid of any sort of deep affection/attachment (like we saw it with Leonard). And even if she can somehow control this attachment with everyone else, it's gonna be pretty hard to do with her own kids, since it's mostly about the maternal instinct 🙃 So maybe that's what scares her
  12. Nope, filming wedding preparations, or filming anything to do with trying on clothes is not normal to me. If a straight woman wouldn't try to do that, I can't think why a gay woman would try to do it either, but never having known one I couldn't say for sure. (I saw one once at a hospital bedside and then at a funeral, although I didn't know she was at the time.) We had neither video cameras nor lesbians in my era. OTOH why a bridesmaid wouldn't want her undressed body filmed, even without ape fur glued to it if it's not a normal part of a wedding video, I can definitely understand.
  13. Most definitely, I wouldn't let "the baby" win at anything!
  14. This entire post is brilliant, especially the last statement!!!!
  15. Oh god, I seriously hope not!
  16. Personally, I think the best way to come out of this mess would be for Penny to confess she does wish they had kids together, but for some (solvable) reason she decided to give up on that. Maybe she thinks she could be a good mother to "normal" children (she did agree with Bernadette she would be a good mother), but not good enough for Leonard's children, who she thinks could be amazing like him and so they would deserve a better mother. Maybe she also fears they will be genuises and like Sheldon see her as dumb. In this case, Leonard letting Zack and Marissa have his biological child would be like a slap in the face and this will make her confess. This would fit with past episodes, Penny has had insecurities about her intelligence and education as compared to Leonard since season 1. It could lead to a great moment of support and also connection between them, as we know Leonard is definitely no stranger to insecurities and worries but he pulls through (a great example being "The Recombination Hypothesis"). This way we could have a very happy pregnant Penny in the end and there wouldn't be doubt that she truly wants the child. However, in season 10 I kept waiting for the deeper reason for Lenny's "rough patch" to come out, and nothing... I hope everybody who says this plot will end with Leonard not being the biological father to Zack and Marissa's child and with Penny changing her mind about having kids, but I don't believe things will change until I see it.
  17. That's the only explanation I can come up with.
  18. I agree. I don't think we should compare Lenny and Shamy. The only important figure (for TPTB) is simple and only Sheldon! Whether it's Amy, Penny or anyone else playing with him is not important. Since about Season 6 a former extraordinary sitcom was on the direct way to a rather banal comedy, respectively to today's one man show. The fact that every credibility of the characters has been lost is ironically most apparent in the main character himself! By the way, I would have stayed at the table. *sigh
  19. amethyst

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I'd also like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎅 I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Shamy during the second half of this final season. They are, for me, the best couple on the show, no contest!!!! They're the reason I became such a huge fan of the show and why I'm still watching after 12 years. I really hope we get to see the happy ending this awesome couple deserve 😊
  20. It mentioned that the season (and series) finale will be filmed in April.
  21. We'll probably find out Penny had gotten pregnant when she was with kurt and lost the baby for some reason and that will be the reason she doesn't want to try again Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  22. If that is the reason for making the show more Shamy focused it is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Fort the showrunners to change the direction of the show simply because the questions being asked at Paleyfest 13 where all about Sheldon/Shamy is just stupid. Just because the questions being asked centered around them in no way infers that is what all the fans are interested in. So it makes the showrunners look dumb and if this is true it makes them look bad too because it implies that all the crap Lenny have had thrown at them all these seasons was deliberate which is just cruel. Also if they are continuing down this deluded path that all fans are only interested in Sheldon/Shamy then this upcoming stupid plot will end up being more crap thrown at Lenny and that's just a load of bollocks. Also didn't this year Paleyfest have most of its questions centering around Lenny?. Also who was on the panel for Paleyfest 13? that could explain a lot. In all honesty, I believe the change in direction was all down to the showrunners and had nothing to do with what fans wanted or asked.
  23. Yeah, I believe you're right. Well that and maybe start the next bump in Lenny's highway.
  24. It seems to me Zack sole purpose in the episode (besides a laugh or two) is to introduce Marissa.
  25. Maybe, anything is possible when it comes to these writers!
  26. Most definitely. Penny does get jealous with women hanging around her husband.
  27. I'd stay clear of him in real life if he were real and I had a choice but that was not my point.
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