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  2. Well, we all want the best for our favourite characters and that's something nice we all have in common, isnt it? As tbbt fans we are all in same boat . We will surely sail it to safe land for next two years and maybe more!
  3. Yeah, most of us..most of us.. ..all in the same room. (It supposed to be funny as its original sense.)
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  5. I think there is some agreement on this, possible solutions and ways about changing this however that is not the case.
  6. I think most of us here are on the same page about this.
  7. Yeah, KC can do all that. How can anyone deny that she's the star?
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  10. A bright and cheery good morning, all!
  11. And yes, Leonard. That was true for both of you. But unfortunately a lime wasn't available at this moment.
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    I also live in a non-REAL ID-compliant state, and I recently obtained an "enhanced" drivers license that will be allowed in place of a passport for domestic air travel.
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  17. And we are back to the obvious: the unsatisfactory and one - sided development (description) of some characters, on - screen!
  18. Totally agree with the sentiment here! This goes hand in hand with what I said earlier: Characters thrive when you give them a challenge, and there's no denying that Sheldon is given tons of those which effectively allow him both to fail and learn something from it or put in the work and be rewarded. I don't see that the writers are particularly unrealistic with their writing here but instead they see Sheldon as a character who is pushing his own boundaries and has been for years up to the point where he's now eager to change for the better and try out new things. He has explicitly stated that he's working on certain areas like his issues with intimacy so it's not surprising that eventually there's a payoff to that. Likewise we've seen him having less and less of a problem with people touching him or him touching people which is also why I found it bizarre that the gang freaked out about Ramona touching him and him not flinching. We haven't seen that kind of behaviour from him in years. So Sheldon going beyond his comfort zone and try to learn how to swim in a public pool? Totally believable to me, especially so shortly after an episode that was all about him trying new things and pushing his motor skills. These plots are backed up by years of character development and gradual changes. I wish other characters would be given those challenges as well that allow them to rise above what they're now.
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  21. Yeah as disappointing as it was that she ended there relationship i always got the sense that it wasn't that she didn't love him just that she was scared to tell him in case what happened with other guys happens with Leonard.I also believe that was what she was trying to convey to him in the laundry room scene, that she loved him but was to scared to say it even though i think she knew he wouldn't do what the others did to her ,that fear that it could happen was what stopped her from saying it.
  22. My condolences to Michael 's family today. Michael, your beautiful soul is missed around here.
  23. We all see things differently. To me, the big picture feels like Sheldon, as a character has his strengths and weaknesses. There are some things he is getting better at like his relationship , some things he is good at as he always was like math/quantum mech and solid research, somethings he is losing his edge at- like losing the video game to a teenager, and somethings he still screws up like reading social cues /emotions and disclosing too much info about his private life to strangers. Also, even if it is far fetched for him to go swimming with Ramona or not wear a suit while working with engines, I still fail to see how that makes him a god like person ?? Howard pointed it out to Sheldon how he was getting the basic terminology wrong at every turn about engines . And Ramona got him to only put his head under water. Neither indicates he is an expert at swimming or engines. At most it proves that the writers either dont care about realism or just want to show Sheldon trying out new things . my complaint in the show has been the opposite of what you are claiming. I feel they put too much focus on Sheldon's flaws and his issues . The other characters' flaws are not critically examined as much as Sheldon, and they probably never will be. I mean, how many plots do you see where Leonard screws up, others point out how annoying/jerk he is , and he apologizes ? Or a plot about Leonard learning a life lesson of his own ? Very few compared to what Sheldon gets over the years. Which is why, I believe the writers treat Sheldon as a flawed character , who needs to learn lessons or atleast is given an opportunity to learn or be better. Which shows , that they don't see Sheldon as perfect at all. By your logic, there is far more evidence that Leonard and Amy are more god like, more capable, more perfect, less flawed and have lesser issues of their own, compared to Sheldon since they don't have as many plots about their own growth/issues/life lessons as Sheldon, which makes it seem like, by default, the writers don't think they need as much growth/improvement as Sheldon does.
  24. Raj explained that
  25. Quernmore, a village and civil parish in the City of Lancaster in Lancashire, North-West England.
  26. Of course I am not opposed to Sheldon being good at things, why would I be? I even said in the quoted post that I have no problem with his vast knowledge, again why would I? It was always one of his strengths. It's about the balance and the big picture for me, the overarching message. He has weaknesses and they were and are shown but overall over the last few years, and especially this year, I feel like they are saying to me "Sheldon is just sooo awesome!!! His flaws should be pardoned and people should accommodate to him because he is too awesome and his unusual ways are sometimes better than others'! We should all learn almost everything from him and fall in love with him! All hail the mighty Sheldon!!!" And about the specific details: Raj has been baking for so long. Sheldon only on occassions. And yet Sheldon turns out to be just so great at it, a natural. It is possible but again what bothers me is how it all adds up. The engine - yes you can say that he was just so enthusiastic that the hyegine didn't bother him as much but I would expect at least some ambivalence, like him teitching at some of the sounds and smoke and working in a bee keeper's suit and everything in the apartment covered. The way it was presented it was hard for me to believe, like it was hard for people to believe that he would enjoy being at the swimming pool with Ramona.
  27. I think in cases like this it's simply a matter of priorities. His love for trains and his excitement about the trip trumps whatever safety concerns he might have had under other circumstances. When Sheldon is obsessed with a thing he can easily go overboard with that - his usual rules be damned! That's very in character for him, too.
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