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  2. I don’t think Kaley really wants to go on. She also said she would stay for another 20 years but I take that with a grain of salt.I believe she is sad the show is ending but she will move on. Someone suggested a time jump in a spin-off. Going to make them older. The show should of ended at least 2 years. Let’s let the show end with at least a little dignity.
  3. walnutcowboy

    Keep a name , drop a name

    Spencer Tracy.
  4. Not since season 6! Yeah, I know. Had that happen to me a time or two as well!
  5. walnutcowboy

    Keep a word , drop a word

    Why Not ?
  6. walnutcowboy

    Read it or Not Read?

    Yes, So Long And Thanks For All The Fish ?
  7. Just pointing out the quote system made a mistake, I did not write the quoted post.
  8. walnutcowboy

    Seen it or Not Seen it

    Not, AGGG ! ZOMBIES. A cute-ish zombie movie, from the zombies point of view with a bit of romance thrown in.
  9. walnutcowboy

    Know them or Dont Know them?

    Yes, The Beach Boys ?
  10. Swedish Chef

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Hope you're having a really great TV evening with your friends. Happy weekend to you too.
  11. walnutcowboy

    Which Fictional Character do you prefer?

    Sheldon, Sheldon or a Train Conductor ?
  12. walnutcowboy

    Been There or Not been there?

    Not, Riplys Believe It Or Not ? PS thank you JOYCE.
  13. Be that as it may, Kaley can be persuasive in getting her best friend and TV husband to do things. As he has that power with her!
  14. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    ME !
  15. walnutcowboy

    A-Z: Animals

  16. walnutcowboy

    Last Letter Game

  17. walnutcowboy

    A-Z: Household Items

    Zonkers, Screaming Yellow.
  18. I read that too. She couldn't convince Jim though!
  19. walnutcowboy

    A-Z: Surnames

  20. walnutcowboy

    A-Z: Girls Names

  21. walnutcowboy

    A-Z: Boys Names

  22. walnutcowboy

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

  23. From what I read, kaley is the one that talked him into signing. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  24. Die Zimtzicke

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    I'm sorry but I don't. They are friends, yes, but I don't think he'd put his own plans for the future on hold anymore for a friend, no matter how good a friend, and I just get the feeling he is making his own plans for what to do next. They are not each other's reason for living their lives and running their careers. As has been pointed out he had to be talked into resigning the last time. I think he knows it's time to move on.
  25. Die Zimtzicke

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Dark Lenny Thread

    Maybe not intentionally trying to piss them off, but I've never felt Lenny fans were a main concern of those people.
  26. Today
  27. Miss Kitka

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

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