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    Keysha. African American. Variant of Keisha.
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    game play
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    No steak or lobster for me, (I don't care much for lobster anyway, so not that bothered) I have this win though
  12. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Lenny were great in this episode. Penny of old has returned in this episode at the very least. Her snark has decreased in tone. And that caring, loving Penny. Towards Leonard returned in this episode. I love she wants a great relationship with her mother in law. I love she diddn't critisise Leonard. I am really loving Steve Hollands Big Bang. More balance their seems. Lenny felt very married in this episode too. Penny just feels content as Leonard's wife. As for the TYPO lol. I already commented on this in the episode thread. But I diddn't mind it. The Delivery from Johnny changed the tone imo. I agree it felt more self depricating from Leonard's point of view. I Actually laughed out loud. IT was so quick too.
  13. Just aired over here. I loved this episode. Every plot was A+. Def the series best episode since Scavenger. And definately the best Lenny episode since Season 6. Thought Kaley stole the show. Emmy worthy performance from her. Penny/Bev/Leonard plot was the strongest. And I am glad it got the most screen time. But I Really actually loved Sheldon and Howard. Diddn't expect too, thought it would be filler. But really enjoyed their scenes. The last scene had a lot of heart. But laughed out loud first time in a while when Sheldon was like"Don't touch me your not my father". I really loved the Penny and Bev sequences. I really loved what Penny was wearing. She looked comfortable with the top she was wearing. And those sweats looked good on her. Really loved the Star Trek/Paint Reference. Kaley and Christine always got great chemistry. They play off each other so well. Kaley is such a natural comedic. Love the dynamic. Reminded me alot of their Season 3 interactions. To the LINE lol. I actually diddn't mind it. When Leonard said I married my Mother to hurt you, and your kinda ruining it. IT came across more self depricating, then deleiberate to hurt Penny or anything. I Actually laughed. Again the delivery was the difference, and Johnny made a line different in practice. People go on about Jim and Kaley. But Johnny is a gem, he is so underrated. Really enjoyed Lenny's back and fourth. With him texting Penny from the couch. That is such a thing that happens in modern life lol. I LOVED the Leonard/Bev scene. When Bev told Leonard, Penny is my fav of my spouses partners. Glowing apparisal too, I mean damn. Oh and btw really loved that setting they put Bev in. Nice Apt. Modern. IT put Penny in a good light. And I enjoyed to hear Penny diddn't critisize Leonard. Like Bev said, I know that is hard haha. When Bev told Leonard I am proud of you. I almost chocked up lol. After watching this series since the pilot. Knowing how difficult Leonards relationship is with his mother. And how it has really shaped his entire life. Johnny really nailed that scene. The Leonard and Amy stuff was really entertaining too. Amy and Leonard pretty much just oblivous to each other. it did feel though because they are cramming so many stories into half an hour. With Seven characters. Their is just not enough phrasing with the stories and scenes. But I Guess that is natural. If they were an hour show guess be different. I voted Very Good though, best episode of the season.
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  15. Z-A Anything Game

    Berwick, a Canadian town in Kings County, Nova Scotia.
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  17. Last movie you saw in theaters?

    You definitely should as this one is a continuation of the themes of the first one. When you see the original this will make even more sense.
  18. The Orville

    Yes, I've seen it and liked it even if , as someone said, it borrows (IMO too much) from Star Trek. I hope they'd tone down the jokes even more. If they do the show can become even better.
  19. Big Little Lies

    I just saw this. Yes I did. I loved Big Little Lies. What a tour de force for Nicole Kidman, and actually Alexander Skarsgard as well. Very difficult subject matter, but superbly acted and realized.
  20. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    And, so? It's done that five of the last seven years. And, if you count the double episode on the premiere of season seven as one (there were two, back to back), it's gone down six of the last seven. So what? Almost every show does the following, the premiere scores high, and it comes down for a few weeks. It settles in in November - Feb, and then in March it drops when Daylight savings time starts. What's important, to the network, to the advertisers, is what is it getting compared to all the other shows on. You want a show that cratered, look at Empire. It's first show ever pulled in a 3.8, it's finale that year, a 6.9 and averaged 5.09. It's second year, it's first show had a 6.7, it's finale had a 4.1 and it averaged 4.42. Last year, it premiered at 4.2, it's finale was 2.5 and averaged 2.75. This year, it premiered at 2.4 and it's last two have been 2.0 and 1.9. In just over two years, it went from a 6.7 show rating, for it's 2015-16 premiere, to a 1.9 last week. In the case of TBBT, it went from a 4.7 j, to a 2.9 it's third week, in the same amount of time(I don't have Empire's fourth week yet, so I'm keeping it to three, for a valid comparison). Networks and advertisers would much rather have the decline of TBBT, as it's actually fell less than TV viewing overall, than a show like Empire, which has fallen to 28% of it's rating, while TBBT has fallen to 61%. If they kept TBBT on, for another two years and it fell by the same percentage, TBBT would still be higher than the average new network program now. In two years, this would be the 2019-2020 season, it would have a 1.8 rating, and that would put it in the top ten this year (tied with Will and Grace; and Modern Family which both had a 1.8 last week and Empire was only a tenth ahead of that.)
  21. 1104 - 'The Explosion Implosion' (October 16)

    Saw the parts I had missed using VOD. Very Good episode from my point of view. Reminded me of rocket club I belonged to when in grades 5 and 6. Typically enjoy Penny Beverly interaction. The Amy Leonard segment was entertaining.
  22. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    They tend to go to mean stuff with Beverly. I wouldn't mind Penny listening and maybe saying some things to soften the blows but not being a full participant (so I was content with her getting amused by the word "doudy"). Amy is a good friend to her. Now if they were talking about Sheldon... (which would not happen because Bev loves him...)
  23. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    And you think Amy NOT gets trashed? I thought everyone in the show gets trashed, because that's in the show's DNA. So why would trashing Amy a welcome change according to your post?
  24. Views on the Big Bang?

    I am and thank you Thank you
  25. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Solid fuel rockets are notorious for blowing up if the propellant is cracked and 25 year old propellant is probably full of cracks. What happens is the fuel burns uniformly till it hits the crack then the burn stops for a moment, when it then starts the burn again it ignites the rest propellant all at once resulting in an explosion.
  26. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well it has been 45 years but I think I remember seeing one and only one blow a rocket to bits. Not one of mine. One explanation of what can go wrong:
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