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  2. I started writing a response but I just don’t know how... “Bless your heart”? cheers
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  4. Someone as worthless and small as Howard got married first, but Raj never gets married Truly this show does not have a sense of justice in terms of who deserved to have a loving relationship by the end
  5. I've seen that suggested a ton of times and it just gives me the creeps. I can't see anything those two would have in common. It's an idea on the surface but they couldn't sustain it. In the end, or even from the beginning, Raj is a creep, jerk, douche, sleazeball and a few more names when it comes to treating women. That's why he never kept a girlfriend even when he'd managed to get one who'd give him a try. If he met Missy at the Nobel ceremony it would be only hours after he'd gone through a stranger's purse while she was asleep. He looks sweet and cute at first but even after all these years he turns out still to be the 'ass when doesn't (drink) , you just don't hear it ' that he always was. Sheldon and the others would never let him form a relationship with Missy and her children, let alone marry her. Let's say we could imagine a future scenario in which it looked as though Missy would be the making of him to the point the gang and Mary were impressed after all, Missy would soon uncover his behaviour and give him the Emily/ Claire and Anu treatment .
  6. Same here ! I do wish they'd release cut scenes. There are many over the years, as we know from TRs. They release bloopers so why not completed scenes ? They could put them on the CBS site like they did with the 11.24 extras, or they could sell a DVD and make a few bob.
  7. 43,947. KAREN, Thank you for MAKING me come back to work....Oh yes CONGRATULATIONS !!
  8. How hard it's going to be for me to get to 50,000 posts before KAREN does.
  9. I've seen that suggested a ton of times and it just gives me the creeps. I can't see anything those two would have in common.
  10. I am unbanning KAREN as I may NEVER get that picture out of my mind.
  11. I’m not disagreeing about there being male writers. I do hope that the audience can be smart enough to see that most of the derision aimed at Penny was aimed by Sheldon, where he is being something of an avatar for a particular school of thought about gender norms Most of the time Penny was pretty comfortable with her enthusiasm for the behaviours that Sheldon, the self-appointed “Arbiter of All Things”, decried. Leonard and the rest of the community were pretty accepting, if not maybe covetous, of Penny’s history. Further, once Penny worked through her issues about why Leonard wasn’t her first choice, but was really her best choice, she never deviated. Her whole arc through the Priya/Leonard story was about her trying to cope with her grief at having stuffed up. Once they reconciled she was totally, but not slavishly, devoted to him - Maybe she tested their bonds more than I personally was comfortable with (hello Penny in nightie with Beverley on Skype), but that wasn’t about devotion, I think it was always about the jokes. Penny had every legal right to act as she did. She was at liberty to pursue happiness. And thankfully in the 21st century, she can also pursue bodily autonomy. Overall it was mostly Sheldon, the person with almost no capacity for intimacy, who made the snide put-downs of Penny. And he became the hero of the show. The audience lapped it up. Or maybe was the show mocking him and his pre-technological views. He got a Nobel for science and he is still the guy stuck in pre-20th century modes of thought when it comes to what people do with their pants off. I don’t know. It says a lot about the audience, as well as the writers. If it weren’t reflective of, and resonant with, the audience core beliefs Sheldon’s accusative diatribes would have been written out as part of the chase for ratings. Like Amy was written in, and a sex drive for Sheldon was written in too. But hey, 12 seasons isn’t easy. /rant
  12. I couldn't agree more! I guess that's your opinion. My opinion is different. So we, as usual, just disagree.
  13. There were female writers on staff as well. As Sheldon would tell you, Penny had way more partners. If that really matters. Lenny is married, happy and expecting the arrival of their first smart and beautiful child. I predict, this is only my opinion, that the majority of Lenny's are satisfied.
  14. Again, male writers making the call. Leonard was never called a slut and he had more partners on the show than anyone.
  15. Here's Mayim's recap of the final two episodes: https://groknation.com/culture/big-bang-theory-series-finale/
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  17. Series Finale: I think a different alternate ending to the series would be... The final scen/e shows Bernadette telling Amy I ruled out any infectious origin, Howard walks in and peers through the window stating I just wanted to see if the helmet I designed is of any help. I used the material I made for NASA in the construction. Mary Cooper states I truly regret not taking that boy to that reccomended dosctor. Amy commenting on the status of the patient. The camera pans into the window. We see Sheldon on the floor of a paded cell. The cell's padding is the colors of the rainbow. Sheldon is wearing a helmet and is slowily banging his head against the wall three times, and saying 'Penny". The scene fadesto black.
  18. That would have been great, especially if Raj and his old flame sort of hinted they might get back together again, that would have least given them a little closure for Raj. Of course, my favorite would have been A newly divorced Missy coming to see her brother get his Nobel and Raj hooking up with her with the hint that it might lead to something. I think the chance that Raj could be Sheldon’s future brother-in-law would have been funny for the end.
  19. They hung the giant painting of Amy and Penny in the lobby of the production office and Alex (a.ayers10) is NOT thrilled. "Oh good, we still get to see this masterpiece EVERY.DAY." LOL
  20. Not only on the plane but with enough free time to go to the ceremony. Presumably with Raj but it was not a date. Also, where did the extra ticket come from? It sounded like the seating was reserved (Sheldon knew they would be in the second row). ...sometimes it is best just to not think too much and say Oh, that is Buffy... ...how nice they fit her in.
  21. Wouldn’t it had been better with one of Raj old flames (Emily*2 or Lucy) to be on that plane, but that is probably to predictible for the writers.
  22. It never ended and it wasn't just Sheldon. Who knows? They certainly didn't say.
  23. The final two episodes was broadcasted tonight in Sweden. I thought they were pretty good to be honest. One thing I find a little bit odd, why is "Buffy the vampire slayer" on a plane to Sweden ?
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