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  2. When Leonard and Penny first met V their last scene
  3. Everyone knows Sarah and Freddie Prince Junior is married LOL.
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  5. I, for one, don't see if it really matters. If it was important to the show, it would have came out.
  6. from the TheEllenShow YouTube channel
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  8. I was arguing that we don't know if TBBT Wil Wheaton is married or if TBBT Sarah Michelle Geller is married.
  9. Please, get the licence to do the graphic novel of their new life. Offer Chuck and Bill a fair percentage. That’s the spin-off. It’ll make a motza as a limited edition collectable. There is a captive market out there, just waiting. Awesome work.
  10. Your comparing apples and oranges. This is a tv show, not real life. I really could care less if Wil is married or not. That info is not needed for the scripts. William Shatner has always been refered to as Capt Kirk, not the dude from Priceline.Com.
  11. KT1972

    True or False?

    True TNP thought it was the perfect ending.
  12. As usual, just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  13. Amazing!!! I like it ❤️❤️❤️ Thanx
  14. Loved reading the Tweets from all the folks watching the finale for the first time on E4.
  15. I see. There may well not be Priceline commercials in the TBBT universe. The Wil in TBBT is not the real Wil W. and so on...
  16. Wonderful! And the locket looks great on the second one
  17. I understand the Penny/Kaley difference, but Penny looks just like the actress who plays his daughter in the Priceline commercials, assuming the Shatner at the D&D game did/does Priceline commercials. The point I was trying to make was that characters based on real life people (Shatner, SMG, Wheaton, Hawking, et al) do not necessarily mirror their real lives. Look at Wheatons' sausage fest. No mention of his wife, Anne or that he was even married. If you went just by TBBT, you wouldn't know he was married.
  18. Penny is not his Priceline daughter any more than the Priceline daughter is fathered by captain Kirk. The actors represent Priceline characters not their big roles. It makes no difference that SMGs name is never mentioned. It is implied she represents herself as Buffy is not an actual person in the TBBT universe. I'll grant we can't know for sure if the fictionalized SMG is married in the TBBT universe. What we do know is that she said something along the lines of "You know this is not a date. Why are you holding my hand?"
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