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  2. I can't think of a better use for them. Well, maybe wad them up as starter for the fire in the barbecue pit.
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  4. Haha! This is probably the best use for these yukky rags.
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  7. We have a channel that shows nothing but US sitcoms. There are several TBBT episodes a day and I save them. The TV also gets Netflix so I don't need to dig out old recordings if there isn't something in particular I want in the saved box. I find I do need my fix at least once a day. I miss them too much. I like to say 'goodnight' to all those friends too, regardless of which episode's being shown. I've never bothered buying DVDs.
  8. Tbh theirs prob at least 30 episodes I could think of that are in the top tier of best episodes. Then the ones available to vote on. But guess it’s subjective.
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  11. add some brown sauce, can't beat it!
  12. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up? Because it was two tired! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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