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  2. That rule has changed. If you r parents are not british. The child will not be entitled to British citizenship. It was change in the mid 80s I think. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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  4. A Swedish person has confirmed it would be Swedish so that makes it a dual citizen if the US allowed citizenship to a child born abroad.
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  6. O-Level Exam. Question 1. What is Amnesia? a. Memory loss. b. Memory loss. 3. The battle of Hastings.
  7. Everyone born in the UK has British nationality. It can be revoked if they want or have nationality of another country that doesn't allow dual nationality. Raj and Anu's children would have been British if Raj had followed through on going to England. ( Strictly speaking, 'citizenship' is a behaviour although in recent years socialists in particular have begun using it also in the American sense.) A Hostadter with dual nationality woud have made for some interesting fan fiction.
  8. They key words are the ones about air travel. That would NOT have been allowed. For international flights, the cutoff point often is earlier, sometimes as early as 28 weeks, depending on the airline. Obstetric conditions that may be exacerbated by flight or that could require emergency care scare the daylights out of airlines. Yes. Not everyone is like the states, where if you're born here, you're automatically a citizen, and for good reason. I wish frankly that we'd stop doing that.
  9. Most countries do not confer citizenship based on being born in their country. The US is the exception, The baby would not be a dual citizen, it would be a U S citizen.
  10. Then they'd have a swiss army knife, swiss cheese and a swiss child
  11. The baby will get the same nationality as the parents, but if the Hofstaders decides to stay in Sweden they can have two nationalites.
  12. So if hokie3457's idea had happened, with Penny somehow allowed to travel on the plane at such a late stage, and the Hofstadter baby born in Sweden, he or she could have had two passports, assuming American nationality is bestowed on a child born abroad to two American parents.
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  14. Final round voting for The Emmy Awards began yesterday 8/15 and ends on 8/29...
  15. The following movie contains scenes of a cup of tea. It's rated PG.
  16. Yes, that would not be any problem. From the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: If you are a citizen of two countries, you hold dual citizenship. A person who becomes a Swedish citizen can keep their previous citizenship if the law of that country allows it.
  17. From The Hollywood Reporter Young Hollywood 2019: Top 30 Stars Under Age 18 Small but mighty, THR’s Young Hollywood 2019 honorees are punching above their weight. Iain Armitage Age 11 Known for Big Little Lies, Young Sheldon Though he grew up reviewing musicals on his YouTube channel Iain Loves Theatre, Armitage never thought he'd become an actor other critics wrote about. That changed when he landed the role of Ziggy on HBO's Big Little Lies. Now, the son of actor Euan Morton and theater producer Lee Armitage fronts his own series as a child version of Jim Parsons' Big Bang Theorycharacter on spinoff Young Sheldon, one of CBS' top-rated comedies. When he's not acting, he's practicing his "amateur magician" skills. I’ve been most starstruck by ... "Ms. Chita Rivera." How I celebrated landing my first big role "Jumped up and down." I’m dying to work with ... "Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Sir Ian McKellen." My advice for adults "Don't use your phone too much." What other kids don't get about being an actor "That we aren’t actually our character."
  18. Does Sweden allow dual nationality ? If so, that scenario could have raised some interesting questions.
  19. I think so as well. Only thing I know for sure is it started with a M. ☺️ That would have been absolutely perfect!
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