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  3. Yes she was. I liked the checkerboard shirt/dress better!
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  5. I just have to bring up another point to this episode, didn't it look like Johnny really hit Jim? They did a great job--very convincing
  6. From Entertainment Tonight 'Big Bang Theory' Says Goodbye: 16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Emotional Finale Taping You may have already watched The Big Bang Theory’s tear-jerking finale, but you definitely didn’t see these emotional behind-the-scenes moments! ET was on set in Burbank, California, for the live taping of the CBS comedy's very last episode and when we weren't freaking out over all the hidden Easter eggs or cheering for the surprise appearance of Sarah Michelle Gellar, we were holding back tears while watching the cast say goodbye to the characters they've played for the past 12 seasons. Here are 16 on-set moments that every Big Bang fan should know about... <full article & video in the link>
  7. For crew and cast, Thx for this years of wonderful episodes, I really hope we will see more of this sort of entertainment in the future, where technology and science are realistic (and almost always true). without the "warriors" behavior. If i would have a vote, plz keep running this show for our children. (same for young sheldon) PPL needs more of this sort of shows where entertainment and smart behavior are more core/important. Have a great day/life.
  8. A new version of the sweet Lenny kiss from the final scene. Leonard's hand on Penny's belly to make sure the baby is okay and Penny wearing the heart locket and the top from the pilot (she wears it too in episode 5.13) make this moment absolutely perfect for me. ❤️
  9. Association honors actress Mayim Bialik for philanthropy The Jewish Free Loan Association will honor actress, author and entrepreneur Mayim Bialik with a philanthropic leadership award at JFLA’s upcoming “Big Bang Extravaganza” on Sunday, May 19, at the at 5:30 p.m. at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. Bialik, a JFLA board member, is perhaps best known for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.” The award will be presented by the show’s executive producer and co-creator, Bill Prady. “JFLA is responsible for giving interest-free loans to people of all backgrounds … they are among the first responders when people need help in emergencies,” Bialik said. “JFLA is there to provide funds to families and individuals that are affected often by circumstances they can’t control.” JFLA, founded in 1904, is the only nonsectarian, interest-free lending organization in Los Angeles County offering loans for emergencies, housing, students and more. Tickets start at $500. The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is located at 11461 Sunset Blvd. For information, call Sara Robyn at (323)761-8837, or email sara@jfla.org. Source
  10. Not just his exes. Emily weren't exes of Leonard. 2 Emily's, one a gold digger and the one hated Penny as much as Penny hated her!
  11. And Stephanie (This has weirdly turned into a Name All Leonard's Exes game)
  12. I'm guessing we will see her new house on her/their ranch in a near future to be honest. It's really awesome that she has her horses and other animals so she isn't just an actress.
  13. I forgot all about Mandy. Also Joyce Kim may be out as well.
  14. Just yet another moment to adore.....(thank you @luminous)
  15. Kunal is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday, May 23rd.
  16. Slutbunny was Elizabeth. Pretty sure Mandy will be off the list too. [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I know it won't be Kurt, Mike, Doug, David, Sheldon, Howard or Stuart! For girls, no Beverly, Leslie, Alex or Alexandra. Those are the "HELL NO" names. You can probably add Emily to the list. I can't remember Dr Slut Bunny Plimpton's name.
  18. Penny also liked Christian, so maybe...? But you know, one may like a name and the other won't like it, it's both their decision. Also, they could think of a name but feel that it doesn't fit the baby once s/he's born. So who knows, I guess it's whatever we want it to be
  19. Nah, I see Penny naming her daughter Emma after Rachel's baby in Friends. While Leonard would probably name his son James after Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame.
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