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  2. Interestingly, since the show ended my fic is getting a bit more traffic. I thought it would be the other way around. I also heard something similar from another fanfic writer, so I think it may be a general trend. I guess people miss seeing the gang do new stuff. I kinda wish Prady would open a secret FF account and write something haha I don't really know who would write things I'd like, but I liked the way things were going when he was showrunner so I'd place my bet on him
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  5. Ilan. Hebrew. Means "tree" in Hebrew.
  6. Yeah. You've mentioned that a few times Sorry, lost my head and thought I was on the Lenny Thread.
  7. What was disappointing was that they did not show any bloopers from this scene in gag reel. I so wanted to see Kaley's actual reaction to Johnny in lingerie
  8. Very easily. But I can't get into my DVDs either right now. Not even season six, which I adore. But this has happened to me with other shows at least six times, so I'm coping because I know the feeling will pass and someday I will be able to look at them again.
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  10. Not to be pedantic, but it was earlier than 1954: Truman was in office from April 1945 to January 1953. (History major...) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I’m missing them all right now also. It’s back to school time and I associate that with excitement both for a new school year and a new season. Feeling a bit melancholy...
  12. I didn't know about this book, thanks. I loved Heinlein's work from when I was about twelve and graduating from Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene to when I was about forty. Then his writing seemed to change and I didn't like it. Years later, someone who'd met him said it was because he was going senile. I think I'll get this book,though, and give him another go. 1953 won't be one of his later works.
  13. I want my suit. The Marauder one. Just in case. The thing is people have been the same for a long time. Some people have the insight to observe and predict and some others have the insight to observe and then grab the levers. I’ve known a psychopath - she knew how grab the levers. But she didn’t get 13 years of fake “reality” show and a $400m inheritance to build a public image and gain enough public confidence to execute her scams. Heinlein. Sigh. I’m probably not critical enough myself about his works. “Farnham’s Freehold” is pretty disturbing. Let’s hope his predictive powers were off there. Its all going a bit pear shaped, really.
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