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  2. Well said! You state it so much better than I can.
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    A-Z: TV Shows

    Battle of the planets
  5. Aww, this is so cute! 😍 Great drawing @luminous! 😃 I love it! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. I feel ya, buddy. He really had a work wife. That’s over. It’s going to leave a big space. End of an era. Thanks all for update.
  7. *hides in a career, quietly cackling*
  8. Taglia... Tagli... Tagla... Tagliatelle... Italian pasta thingy
  9. I don't agree. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nor me. Howard always wanted to settle down eventually. He was looking for his 'Mrs Wolowitz' although not going the right way about it. He thought his creepy act was acceptable and attractive to women. He didn't have a father to tell him otherwise during his adolescence, and judged by his mentions of his cousins, his uncles were too young at the right time. His punch on the nose from Penny did as much for his changing behaviour as meeting the right woman. Sure, some of his creepiness still shows through. Nearly every episode he says something yucky. Ingrained habits die hard - look at Sheldon. As for Raj, right down to the last episode he was still behaving cringeworthily. Is going through someone's purse under those circumstances even legal ? Walking into the ladies' toilets may just about be excusable at a stretch when a man's recognised the distressed voice telling him to go away, but at nearly forty years of age, holding hands in public with a married woman without her consent in one of the final scenes says it all. If he meets a thirty-something woman who has identical tastes to his is he young enough to change his outlook and become a nice guy ? That is left to the imagination now.
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