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A bittersweet ending to an epic 12 years ❤️ @bigbangtheory_cbs TBBT was my first big acting job in LA. I was terrified and green AF when I walked onto stage 25. Utterly convinced I would be fired by the end of the week, I prayed no one noticed how god awful my Texas accent was. (Spoiler alert: They noticed.) But by some miracle they let me continue (questionable accent and all) and allowed me to play the brilliant @therealjimparsons twin sister. The cast was obviously hilarious. But more importantly they were kind. You just knew this show was going to be something special. So thank you @billprady & #chucklorre for letting me be part of an incredible journey. For allowing this Long Island girl to barely pull off a Texas accent in front of a live studio audience. Because no matter where I go or what I do with my life, I will always be Missy Cooper to my neighbor Paul.

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