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    This is why she is so endearing to her fans. She is so down to earth and what you see is what you get. A truly human being in every sense of the word.
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    From today.com Kaley Cuoco video chats on the 3rd hour — from her car! video in link above ⬆️ Another link: Kaley Cuoco video chatted TODAY — from her car in a bathrobe From NBC TODAY's official YouTube channel
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    Happy 43rd Birthday to Brian Thomas Smith!
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    The Karl Fashioned Cocktail - submitted by Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    A BTS of Kaley during the shooting of the Nobel Prize ceremony scene.
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    Congratulations! 😀
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    The Big Bang Theory’s 12 Best Episodes—And the Stories Behind Them By Jessica Radloff from Glamour
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. As you say Jim Parsons played this character perfectly The only problem for me was that he dominated almost every episode. I have mentioned previously on this forum that Sheldon/Shamy stories took up about 75% of the episodes the last three years . I also must say that watching all the reruns Sheldon became such an annoying character for me that you just wanted someone to tell him to STFU I also agree the writers took away some storylines from the other characters to write the Sheldon/Shamy characters
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    I personally have no problem with either Sheldon, the character or Jim Parsons, the actor. Jim portrayed Sheldon perfectly, in my opinion. My problem is The Powers That Be transformed TBBT into The Sheldon Cooper Show. The once ensemble show became a one main character show with a cast of supporting actors. As good as an actor Jim is or as interesting a character as Sheldon is, a didn't care for 15 minuets an episode of them. The show was better in the earlier years when it was an ensemble show. The cast blended better and complimented each other better in the earlier seasons. That's my opinion, others may see things or feel differently and that's alright too.
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    I think you are thinking of The Collaboration Fluctuation Season 10 Episode 19 Sheldon actually picks up a spoon if that's the one.
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    From glamour.com Melissa Rauch: ‘I Never Thought I’d Be Giving Birth During a Pandemic’
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    A new podcast with Kaley: KALEY CUOCO - Laughter, Loyalty and Love more links: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love/ http://thedailycordial.libsyn.com/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Jim on the cover of the June issue of Esquire Spain...
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    Kaley is a guest on tomorrow's 9:00 A.M. hour of NBC's Today!
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    Makes you wonder who was laughing at that one. It’s so ugly. I suspect, on the basis of no evidence, that it could be a Weinstein reference. And not meant to be funny. Some journalist could ask. 🤪
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    Ending with a bang, graduating ATP students get a virtual visit from Jim Parsons When you study at University of Utah College of Fine Arts, you’re not just introduced to some of the finest faculty members on the planet. You oftentimes also get to enjoy the benefits of those faculty members’ vast and esteemed networks, too. This was the case with the graduating seniors in the University of Utah Department of Theatre’s Actor Training Program (ATP), who got to have one final guest artist experience with assistant professor, Robert Scott Smith’s graduate school buddy — oh, and Emmy and Golden Globe winner — Jim Parsons. Smith wanted to provide something really special to the ATP students who are graduating during this global pandemic, and a visit with Parsons was his Big Bang Theory (har har), especially because the two of them had their own experience graduating during a particularly challenging time. “We finished our graduate work from the University of San Diego after 9/11,” Smith noted. “So, I thought the students might uniquely benefit from hearing how he faced life after school in what felt like a pretty uncertain world.” In an intimate and invite-only Zoom meeting, Smith and Parsons bantered back and forth about their time together in school, and Smith posed questions to Parsons from the personal to the professional. Link to the full blog post
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    Another great episode. 😃
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    (2 pictures)
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    The problem with Sheldon's calculation is that he mentions a Bell Curve, (it looks like a bell) and uses the left side to the top, as a total of 193 men. Sheldon talks about the bell curve rising on the left (the rising part of the curve) The problem, as chucky said, is that her dating pattern was not a bell curve. From 17 to 25 is eight years (or 96 months). She was with Kurt for four years (48 months) Mike for four months (show time), Leonard for nine months, and she mentioned she hadn't had sex in six months in the Barbarian episode. Also, she dated Zack on and off for about six months. Total all that up and you get 73 months out of those 96 where she was either committed or abstinent. Those times were do not make a smoothly rising Bell Curve, hence Sheldon's math is wrong.
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    Anyone miss the show? Now it has nearly been a year since the series ended. Not neccessarily maybe the last few seasons lol. But more the community, and fandom within the show. This place is like a ghost town these days. Which is natural with a show no longer on TV.
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    I'm not sure Beverly's behavior rose to the level of abuse, although possibly some form of neglect. Beverly merely didn't give Lenard the validation he desired. Amy's mom supposedly locked her in closets and forbid her from having friends or engaging in social activities. Beverly was certainly cold and clinical, but her parenting created far less damage in her offspring. Of course, this assumes Amy's stories over the years were truthful.
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    I disagree. Young Amy would be a sad series. We saw what Amy's life would have been like had she not met Sheldon and the gang, in 'The Cooper Extraction'. An entire show of birthday cupcakes with the protagonists tears in the icing would be the best we could get. Amy's life was tragic before she starts hanging out with Sheldon, which I believe is why she puts up with so much from him. As difficult as Sheldon might be, he's 1000 times better than what she had before. In Amy's eyes, he's the neurotic, but handsome, white knight that rescued her from a life of misery. That's why, when he says or does something loving and sweet, she effectively worships him. She's never had it so good, and can't believe she can.
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    Happy 68th Birthday to Christine Baranski!
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    I can't help you there. He is the only reason I watched the show. I was just happy I actually liked the whole cast but I believe Jim Parsons brought a professionalism to the character that can never be duplicated He was a genius--in his role. Some people just do not like the actor and I get that, that can sometimes be the case. But, I for one really like the actor and think he his good at everything he does
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    Oh my god,the cat's alive.
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    The one that really annoys me, is when people refer to Queen Elizabeth II as "Her Royal Highness".
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    Dude, if you want to be a nerd, more power to you. I'm not a nerd, just an old southern red-neck from Alabama. As I said, I'm not a nerd and have nothing against those that are nerds. I do enjoy watching my favorite TBBT nerds on TV.
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    Dude, If you can't safely be excessively nerdy on a BBT fan forum, then where?
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    I was going by your comment here: It appeared to me that is what you were saying. Setting herself up, and later that night, appeared to me, as if you were anticipating and attack that night. I was just point out, it wasn't likely.
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    The jokes about Penny being a drunk who sleep around did get old after awhile. But it is a Chuck Lorre show and that is his kind of humor. Make one character the butt of bad or nasty jokes especially about their appearances. on Two and Half Men it was Charlie and Alan Mom . On Lorre sitcom "Mom" it Wendy who is often the but of jokes.
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    Throwback picture from 2011..the launch party for TV Line......Jim, Connie Britton and Michael
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    That instance was the worst, but there were others as well. The make sure your clothes are back on before you came out of the tunnel of love and the 36 hour sex to get over a breakup. Those are just a couple.
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    On another note in the Johnny and Kaley hosted farewell when Kaley was speaking about all the happenings that occurred in Penny's apt. she failed to mention one big major scene ......when Leonard proposed marriage to Penny and she accepted.
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