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    My work ID! I found this wonky, imperfect little snowflake and taped to the underside of my work ID which I always have with me. I've been carrying it for so long, the snowflake started out silver and is now oxidized. My feelings about Lenny: perfectly imperfect!
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    I for one enjoy to read and to write fan fiction. Itβ€˜s a part of TBBT/Lenny fandom I’m very thankful for. I also didn’t start to write fan fiction (or made drawings) because of dissatisfaction, but to contribute to the fandom. πŸ˜ƒ A big THANK YOU to all the Lenny fan fiction writers from this forum. 😊 @Tensor @son-goku5 @SRAM @5Mississippis @bfm @gsxdoug @Tonstar17 @TBBT78 @Zephon75 @hokie3457 Sorry, if I forgot one.
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    I once took the trouble to dig up some of a few remarkable scenes (from my pov, of course) of Lenny from Season 8. (Our ship historian @3ku11 may forgive me, but I’m not responsible for the hairstyle of any protagonists.)
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    Sending love through the ether @5Mississippis !!
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    Chroinicalisation of Lennys I love you. Pennys I love you is my all time fav moment from this series. Simply being building since the pilot. Best continuity show has ever done.
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    I like to remind you of my favourite episode for Lenny from Season 8: The Graduation Transmission. No need for that! πŸ˜€ Leonard and Penny in wonderful sync.
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    Thanks for the info! Regards the cover, they could ponder to not make one and insert it on the dvd box as a blank page as the user could make one. I used to make better covers with my pc for my dvds when I had the time and patience for that, lol!
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    Yes. KC is so brilliant at this (as at so much else). She always brightens up a scene just by being there, even if she doesn't have any lines. She's the only star actress on the show.
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    Wyatt was pretty desperate at that time for a decent boyfriend for Penny. I would love to have more scenes with Wyatt together with Lenny, that would be awesome.
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    That is just two of the many insults Leonard and Penny (and their fans) suffered at the hands of TPTB during Seasons 8 thru 10. As for Season 11, I did watch every show (and really felt that Lenny and the Shelnard moments were much better represented than in previous seasons) but each was deleted from the DVR just after I watched them. For me, absolutely nothing was worthwhile enough to merit a revisiting. If Lenny had been written in early seasons like it was in Seasons 8 thru10, I never would have become a Lenny. As for the Shamy wedding, they made Amy look ridiculous and the best part was Penny throwing her arm across Leonard's shoulders as they exited.
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    According to Alex's IG story, it looks like the writers are back to work and prepping for Season 12.
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    And you know they haven't asked the actors, how? I happen think this is a great way to get the word out to those who may want to donate, but aren't aware of it. For those who don't want to donate, what is the problem? And, so? They make more than me too, but I donated. I also donate to several other charities. Johnny, Jim, Kaley, and Mayim, have their charities they donate to also, and in a much greater amount than I donate. I don't know about the other three, but that doesn't mean they don't have their charities. Nobody is forcing anyone to donate, they are making people aware of it, and have asked nicely to donate. If anyone doesn't want to donate, like you for instance, you don't have to. But, for someone like me, who didn't know about the effort, it took finding out about it, before I could donate. And for that, I appreciate it.
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    Wyatt and Alfred should come when the babies are born. Pop Pop Wyatt and Grandpa Alfred.
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    Oh, absolutely yes! Of course I would prefer a performance by Wyatt and Lenny in the beloved homeland Nebraska, but I'm afraid the travel costs alone are too expensive for the producers of the series. So sad. #bringbackwyatt !!! 😁
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    Happy Weekend πŸ˜ƒ
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    A Lenny snowflake πŸ˜ƒ
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    Agree, but on top of everything she did exactly what she was chastising him for which was have the paper done by somebody else so all her talk about failing or succeeding on her own (or words to that effect was BS. And the reaction, yes.
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    Love the parallels here. Kaley and Johnny in real life and as Penny and Leonard. Just adorable.
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    I'm very happy for Kaley and Karl...but this is the only photo that made me tear up. OK. Cry.
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    Such a gorgeous couple and I loved that episode.
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    A selfie in the making, IIRC Mayim posted this selfie at some point during S. 11...
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    Or when that white supremacist american killed 9 people in a church? Or the american citizen who killed 49 people and wounded another 50 in Orlando? What about the american citizen in Las Vegas, who murdered 59 people and wounded another 500(!). Or the american citizen who shot over 20 small children in Newtown? What about the american citizen that butchered 17 of his former co-students in Parkland? I get sick and tired of these false equivalencies. Yes, every crime is bad, every murder is a tragedy. But look at the crime statistics and you see who commits the most crimes, even as a percentage. Immigrants, especially those who either came in illegally or those who came legally and overstayed their visas, they try their best to not get noticed by the police.
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