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    I rise from the grave to bring spoilers. I am too much on a high from managing to finally attend a taping not to share with the happy Shamy crowd. Not much direct Shamy interaction but they had a plot where Sheldon decides to bond with his in-laws because he “wants to be a good husband and since they’re important to Amy, by the transitive property, they’re important to him”. Cut to Sheldon trying to bond with Larry and failing once Larry finds Howard’s magic tricks more exciting than Sheldon. So Sheldon moves on to Mrs Fowler next and they surprisingly bond once it comes out that Amy used Sheldon as an excuse not to spend time with her mother and so Mrs Fowler realizes she’s been angry at Sheldon for no reason all this time. And they bond over their hatred of Amy and her dad putting ketchup on eggs (amongst other things - there’s a cute like where Amy’s mom tells Sheldon how can he defend Amy when she’s thrown him under the bus and he says she’s his wife and he loves her and if he can forgive her putting ketchup on eggs he can forgive her this). LOL. Sheldon now finds Mrs Fowler a delight. I can’t believe I got so lucky to see Kathy Bates act right in front of me with Jim and Mayim! There was a blooper with Kathy and Jim that was just hysterical that I’m 100% sure is going to end up on the DVD. The other plot was about Raj and Anu planning to sleep together for the first time and Raj getting so stressed out he relapsed back into his inability to speak to her while sober. It was a surprising twist and a cute resolution but nothing to write home about.
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    Thanks guys! It was indeed a wonderful experience. To answer the questions, if I remember them all: 1) No, it wasn’t a Thanksgiving episode. Thanksgiving was just mentioned when Mrs Fowler tells Sheldon Amy has been saying they could never make TG at theirs because they had to go to his mother’s and then when Amy gets busted she’s all “good news Mom, we can come to Thanksgiving this year!”. 2) It wasn’t from before they started dating. Amy’s been trying to avoid spending time with her mother all along. 3) Yes, Sheldon and Mrs Fowler were bonding over minor things like the eggs, the fact that Mrs Fowler doesn’t seem to like Howard much and at the end that she doesn’t like magic. Sheldon at one point goes “I married the wrong Fowler!”. LOL. It’s all very lighthearted and fun, nothing to do with dissing Amy or Larry or anything mean. Sheldon at one point gets upset that Howard is entertaining Larry so well and goes “stop being so delightful! You have your own father in law, leave mine alone!”. It was surprising to me that they had him bond with Mrs Fowler over Larry, I didn’t expect that. Maybe they’re trying to mellow Mrs Fowler down a little.
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    LEONARD REGRETS HIS NEWFOUND AUTHORITY AT WORK, ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, NOV. 1 “The Grant Allocation Derivation” – Leonard is caught between a rock and a hard place when he’s responsible for distributing extra grant money. Also, Bernadette turns the backyard playhouse into a hideaway from her husband and kids, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Nov. 1 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
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    That’s not how the game is played and you know it. But as a prize for being close, here is some bts from the taping. Johnny still curses when he messes up a line. Granted, the soliloquy he had was rather long and complex and he was 2/3rds of the way through it when he messed up but you could have heard a pin drop in the soundstage before we all in the audience burst into laughter. Also, since the cat is out of the bag that the 3D chess set is back, Jim knocked part of it over during the scene when collecting the chess pieces. I was actually surprised to see it wasn’t more securely put together. Time between takes for that one was a bit longer as the set was put back together. Also, I noticed Jim seemed to limp when getting up and moving from behind the coffee table. My guess would be the ankle still bothers him when moving in a lateral fashion instead of straight forward. I can’t comment on how he moved when introduced before and after as I could not see. I was 3rd row lining up with the downstairs steps of the hallway and I am 5 foot 5 inches tall and many of the VIPs in the two rows in front of me are decidedly taller than me and the Audiences stands for those. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Happy Halloween! 🎃 😃
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    I still can't believe that we Lenny fans where treated to three kisses all in one episode 😊
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    Character day at school today. I got someone to dress up as Sheldon.
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    One of the things I have taken away from this season is that there is a real lack of 'friendship' overall this season compared to seasons past. I think as the show has gotten older you have seen signs of this tight-knit group slowly starting to fray around the edges a bit and come a bit lose, maybe that's just life? Friendship has always been at the very core of the show and if I was Lorre or Prady I would want the lasting legacy of the show to be the theme of friendship and camaraderie. This should be a final season full of great friendship moments and yet it's severely lacking on that front in my view and it's not like the storylines haven't provided an opportunity to do so, see for example how Bernadette, Sheldon and Amy and the lack of support they gave during the Leonard and Penny baby discussions as one example. Also conflict and friction this season seems to be almost exclusively internally driven from the confines of their group, I think in past seasons you would see more external pressure/influences leading to their friends rallying around them. I think they need to have more challenges externally that they react to, need advice from friends and deal with. This season just needs to pick up.
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    Yes, it was The Consummation Deviation . At first when I saw the title and the cast list with the Fowlers I thought I struck gold and I had a front row seat to a Shamy coitus episode 😂
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    From a sneak peek for episode 12.07 Penny is turned on when Leonard gets decisive... ...and when he is the boss. Source
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    But besides that, the fact that she had Halloween parties and didn't invite him is bullshit. I mean how did Leonard (and the rest of the guys) not know? I mean living across the hall, I think it is pretty impossible.
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    I really enjoyed the episode. Glad to find out that Penny did remember the kiss and her reasons for saying she didn't was perfect. Thought Amy was upset with the wrong person. Howard, IMO, did nothing wrong as Sheldon was upset at the guys laughing. She should have talked to Leonard and Raj. Still it was refreshing to watch a ensemble episode that was actually funny. Hopefully this is a sign of good and funny episodes are coming. 😊
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    My shipper heart is still rejoicing. LOVED Lenny in this episode. ❤️ They were adorable. Love the fact that Penny didn't forget her first kiss with Leonard. ❤️ On the contrary. Penny really cared about the circumstances of their first kiss as we could see in her explanation for Leonard.
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    Just finished watching the episode! Thank you @luminous for the wonderful gifs! I was so worried for them to mess it up and then we get these cute moments and Penny gets to fix their first kiss. One that meant something for both. Loved these Lenny moments!
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    If it is okay for me to put my two cents, I agree with this but then again I do have an issue with that preview and how the writers have been handling Lenny. Because at the end of the day, the arc for Leonard and Penny has been intersecting and sometimes going in opposite directions. My main issue with this scene as a viewer is not if it is more significant to Leonard than to Penny, but rather, it should be special for both. Penny is the one that saved all the special things from Leonard because "of course, its you". For Penny to be dismissive and to not remember, it should be a conversation that they already had. Or Penny might not remember but she should know these moments. The writers bring these things as if they have never talked about "their" moments and those moments are so special and embedded in the show that I am afraid that they are going to mess them up. When Penny asks Leonard if he is mad at her, I can see the concerned Penny for Leonard. The one that cares for what he thinks and cares for their relationship. But then seconds after writers keep making Penny pity Leonard and dismiss his feelings for laughs about her puking at the party. Or like with the "many" Halloween parties. How about saying something funny towards still learning how to communicate with the boys during the beginning or vice versa? Or something that does not point towards her not caring for Leonard? I apologize if this post seems negative but I am trying to hope for the best for this last season: having the best last episodes, enjoying the friendships, enjoying the relationships and just enjoying the nature of TBBT. But with these previous, I wonder if they will give us good moments and they will honor these characters. p.s. Hoping for a special scene that makes it up to Leonard and the Lenny shippers somewhere before the end of the episode. At this point in time, I take any small gesture or small moment and treasure it.
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    That "shut up" didn't bother me much because I took it as "I'm wrong, don't rub it in" and I think for Leonard it was mostly just amusing. What I didn't like is that before that Penny had an air of being trerribly bored and not wanting anything to do with Leonard and wanting him to not bother her. If the tone of her snarky comment on his joke was somewhat different and her body language as a whole was different I think the "shut up" would've been better recieved as well. The writers keep telling us that they're happy but they don't seem to be. Not that they look miserable, and they do have cute moments, but to me they mostly feel bored, disillusioned, unfulfilled. I'd say that if the writers want to portray a happy childless (by choice) couple they are doing a very lousy job. Childless (by choice) couples should not be happy with this representation, IMO. Then again, I have no idea what these writers are trying to do and I'm so tired of trying to understand it.
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    I disagree with the bolded part but agree with the rest of your post. Even if I see him as broken as Sheldon, the fact that he emerged as a caring, loving individual is a testament of how much of a good person he really is. His is, indeed a beautiful soul. If you think about it, whatever problems Sheldon had were self inflicted because he did have a loving family, even extending to his meemah, so it is all on him.
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    Looks like Anu was in the episode they taped tonight.
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    YES! A very very good one! I'm happy that I was too curious and watched it in the morning after all (lately I've been watching The Good Place in the morning and TBBT after my work out or on Saturday). I wrote in the episode thread, but some additional shipper stuff: They were very cute in their first scene, before the whole kiss thing. I really liked Penny being in a good mood and seeming to like Leonard's costume. And we got another sweet and casual (I mean that in a good way) kiss Penny is not an open book, she hides things, pretends, downplays things. That's IC, that's been the case for years. The writing is much stronger when it connects to consistent traits like this. At the end of the day, she actually cared for their story, I'd say more than Leonard. She was emberassed by the way she behaved then, showing that it's not just Leoard who has messed things up along the way and should thank his lucky stars for having her in spite of it (as implied by certain lines of jokes). Leonard may have started, for her, as the nice neighbor or the nice neighbor she found cute, but turned out into so much more, and now she wishes their beginning was so much more (than alcohol lowering her inhibitions and sadness pushing her to act on nascent feelings). I'm still keeping my hopes very low, I rather have pleasant surprises like this than (more) burns, but to more like this! The first season 12 episode I will rewatch. Thanks! ❤️
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