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    Octavia Spencer has started filming... From The Daily Mail Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer have fun on set as they film A Kid Like Jake in New York <full article and more pictures in the link>
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    I thought I open a separate thread for SDCC 2017, where we can discuss and post news articles or things from Instagram or Twitter, related to this year's appearance of TBBT at the event. Since at least five cast members (Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Kevin Sussman) are scheduled to appear we can probably expect some stuff. From comic-con.org: The Big Bang Theory Special Video Presentation and Q&A Friday, July 21 • 10:00am - 11:00am, Hall H
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    OK, I'm giving everyone a heads up. Were having the top ten moments, for the entire run, for Shamy again this year (April ran one for season 10). With no tickets available today, I'm going with the 15th of August as the date of the first taping (last year it was on the 16th). Voting will open next Monday ( the 17th) and will be open until August 4th. I will do the same thing as I did last year. Put up one moment a day, starting with number 10, with the number one moment put up on the night of the first taping. I'll give the details about how to enter your top 10 later this week. So start thinking about your top ten Shamy moments, in the last ten years. For informational purposes, there will also be a top 10 Lenny moment list also. Please do not sent me your lists, until next week. And please do not put up lists in the thread, those will be hidden.
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    I know someone who is going, I'm hoping to do what I did last year and create a thread to copy the tweets over, as they are posted.
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    I have to confess, I'm a first time shipper too and it was the interaction between Penny and Leonard that did it for me. I think Johnny and Kaley put some of themselves into the characters, and made those characters their own, also their chemistry together was amazing. If you watched the original pilot, Katie never had that chemistry with Leonard like Penny had in the first episode. I too never really knew about being a shipper until I became one.
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    This is why America is in the state we're in. #readingisfundamental.
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    LOL...he edited his caption... therealjimparsons Today's dressing room. #akidlikejake edit: this is literally my dressing room for the day, that wasn't code for something else. I'm very healthy. VERY. You can't get much healthier than me. At least I don't think you can...
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    I appreciate the upside view. It's entirely possible that the actor was able to leverage the writers to modify the treatment of his character. They started out so promisingly with the L/P premise - so much charm and so many good intentions. Leonard looked out for Penny and she looked out for him. She even looked after the indispensable and increasingly intrusive third wheel. It was adorable. Seeing as they literally have nothing to lose going on to the shows conclusion, maybe they can rekindle that positive view of the two, rather than use them to contrast negatively against Sheldon's awesome greatness. I hope at least they make Sheldon pay for his own wi-fi - given that the router lives with Leonard and there is no practical reason now for the two separate households to share billing. I look forward to Penny changing that password and flipping that joke.
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    Melissa is expecting. Congratulations. Actress Melissa Rauch Announces Her Pregnancy and Reflects on the Heartache of Miscarriage
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    From TV Guide Warner Bros. 2017 SDCC Schedule Features Black Lightning Pilot Screening and More Friday July 21 10-11 a.m.: The Big Bang Theory Cast members Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Kevin Sussman will join producers and writers from the show for a lively discussion and special video presentation.
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    Hey all. Hope you all having good hiatus Are you looking forward to the new season ? I know i am. Will be interesting to see how they resolve the proposal question. Not really had time to think about it as I am busy sorting my own wedding out in September:)
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    Something I was reading over at The Dark Lenny Thread reminded me of a funny and sweet/adorable moment for our favorite couple: Do you guys remember when Sheldon caused the black out and this took place? Penny: "Do you want to come to my apartment and make out?" Leonard: "I thought we were taking things slow." Penny: "Do you want to come to my apartment and make out slow ?" Made me feel nostalgic all of a sudden
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    TV back then wasn't must see TV either, that was simply a marketing ploy by NBC. I only saw episodes of those three sporadically, as I really had no interest in any of them. There were also people who thought Seinfield, Friends, Cheers, wouldn't stand up to the the shows in the seventies and eighties. TBBT still brings in around 20 million viewers in a week. Only two to four million less than Friends. While Friends was three to five million less than a show like Cosby , in the mid to late eighties, which was four to six million less than All in the Family in the early 70s. TBBT, this past year had right at 19 million viewers, on an average week. This would have put it in the top 10, in 2003-04, the last year of Friends (it would have finished eighth). And this after an almost 50% reduction in viewers over the last ten years.
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    Here's a digital drawing I made on my iPadPro. Neck, Shot, Lime
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    Or....by morning you end up not wearing it at all, but it is folded neatly. (wink...wink)
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    Just to wind up... when I first came here and discovered the unblushing adoration of fictional characters I initially thought "shipping" was a diminutive of "worshipping". True story. That said, if they ever give Leonard & Penny a fair shake without having the gurning clown stab at their character, competence and charity, I'd consider lighting a candle... or at least some incense, and maybe pouring out some libations of an alcoholic nature. And I'm nothing if not capable of repeating the same activity and expecting a different outcome. So.... Onwards, to the impending "joys" of S11, I guess.
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    Here in the US, you would usually say "at my parent's house" or "at my mom and dad's house" if the parents are still together. You would only identify one parent "at my mother's house" if the mother was the only parent in that household. I've always operated under the assumption that Amy's mother is the only parent in her life.
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    I would like to show some small personal remarkable reminders of Lenny from the past series before the change into a new season. It was surprisingly more than I could have imagined actually. (in no particular order and of course IMO)
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    I couldn't agree more. Exactly the same happened to me. I didn't even know what "shipping" meant before I joined this forum. I watch sitcoms resp. TV shows for 30 years now, but shipping a couple in any of those series (and it were a lot - too many to mention) never crossed my mind. It only happened with the characters of Leonard and Penny, thanks to their story itself and the way they were played by Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki.
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    Have a great saturday, everyone! In sequence of @Soopysue 's post as she said how she feels happy for cast also be happy for shamy's upcoming engagement ( they surely will get engaged in September ❤) I share a bit of shamy love as I was here to make my shamy episodes moments of all time chart. An epic task but I have already half of that made! I am in trouble as they are more than half of 10, right?
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    Saw this wonky, imperfect, glorious, beautiful, singular photo and I immediately thought of Lenny.
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    OK, everyone. I'll be copying the live tweets of those people I know in Hall H for The Big Bang Theory's panel here in this thread. You should refresh often, as most of these pile up in one post, due to the forum combining posts by the same person. I'll be on about 15 minutes before the start at 10 AM Pacific Time. Tweets provided by Roxanne and Nicole, the host of the Big Bang Buzz podcast. If you're a fan of TBBT and not listening to their podcast, your really should be. Here is their latest: New podcast is up on The Collaboration Fluctuation! http://www.thebigbangbuzz.com/2017/07/big-bang-buzzcast-episode-138.html … Roxanne provided taping reports for just over two years (from near the end of season three, to the end of season five). Nicole is also the Moderator of The Big Bang Theory forum at Fan Forums.
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    From Kaley's IG stories: Kaley, Johnny, Kunal and Kevin are on the plane to San Diego. Also on board is Riki Lindhome.
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    Poor Mayim isn't able to attend, she's still on voice rest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Natalie writes for Entertainment Weekly. A mini BBT 4A set.
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    If they drop the "he wore her down" and "nerd won the trophy hot chick hur hur" themes (and not replace them with something worse) they will already make major imporvements. I prefer having Lenny comment from the kitchen island than these stupid things and all the fighting. And I definitely agree that it's about time that Leonard will get promoted! Howard did major things in his career, Sheldon changed his subject (he was also made professor, kind of, but that was a buerocratic trick). Raj didn't have major changes apart from working with Sheldon (what's with that BTW?) and Leonard's only change in work was the gyroscope project. I think Leonard would make a great professor. "The Holographic Excitation" shows that he can be a good teacher (seriously, put aside the sex part... he gave good explanations!). I also think that in a few years he should be the head of the department. Think about it, he has always been the leader of his group, it is obvoius even in short scenes like their talk with the colonel in "The Gyroscopic Collapse". He is alao good with people, he is welcoming, tolerant, understanding (the man lived with Sheldon Cooper for 13 years!!!). He would be the kind of boss that has his employees doing what he says because they appreciate him, not because he yells or threatens them. That is a more powerful kind of leader.
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    Sometimes I feel like we should make our own Herb Garden experiment - just invent some outrageously crazy storyline, "discuss" it for a bit here and then wait and see how long it takes until it's brought back to the forum as a legitimate spoiler from some "insider". lmao
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    Anything is possible. I am holding on to the fact that we have witnessed a compelling love story from episode 1 all the way through. Much more so, much; more interesting than the others depicted. I thank Mr Prady for Leonard & Penny.
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    I agree. I am of the opinion that Amy found it as a way to spend quality time with Sheldon, however she really wasn't/isn't a flag enthusiast.....
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    I love that reunion! They were so happy to see each other! (Would you look at me, contributing in picture!)
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    One of our own is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday @spidergirl!!! Judging from your posts in the Mayim thread when she posts a new picture of one of her cats I am guessing you are a cat person. So here is a cat with a birthday hat on it: I hope you have a wonderful day!
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    You guys are killing it with all the lovely moments shared over the years by lenny. They have no reason for loving each other, they just do - their looks, their humour, their smile. When you love someone you love them everyday. Not because they make you laugh, not because they are beautiful, but just because.
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    Here are the Season Six Numbers, usual disclaimers apply. I don't guarantee I didn't make a mistake, but it should be pretty damn close. The average show time, per episode, in season 6, was one second off of the time for season five. That would be 20:40, for an episode. However, in season six, CBS started running the show from 8:00 PM to 8:31 PM, adding an extra minute to commercial time. So, instead of having 9:20 of commercial time, season six had 10:20 of commercial time. The show times for seasons 5 and 6 are closer to season 2-4, at 20:45 with 9:15 of ad time, to call them the same. This was quite a bit higher than seasons 8-10, where the average episode time was 19:30, with 11:30 of commercials. Here is the percentage, for each of the characters, of total screen time for Season 5. There's a couple of surprises here: Sheldon 55% Leonard 46% Howard 37% Penny 33% Raj 32% Amy 27% Bernadette 21% Stuart 6% Again, all the guys times dropped from the previous year. Sheldon, Howard and Raj's times dropped by 3-4 percent. Leonard's dropped by eight percent. The women's time went up this year, from the previous year, but by smaller amounts. Penny and Bernadette went up by 1% and Amy's went up by 3% (Amy and Bernadette's) increased (by around 5%), and Penny's stayed the same. Sheldon, Howard and Raj's time dropped by 5% and and Leonard's dropped by 3%. Here is the comparison to the averages for seasons 2-4 and 8-10: Change from (in %) Sea 6 Sea 5-6 Sea 2-4 Sea 8-10 Sea 2-4 Sea 8-10 Sheldon 55% 57% 68% 55% -11 +2 Leonard 46% 50% 63% 45% -13 +5 Howard 37% 38% 44% 35% -6 +3 Penny 33% 32% 39% 38% -7 -6 Raj 32% 33% 43% 32% -10 +1 Amy 27% 25% 19% 35% +6 -1 Bernadette 21% 20% 14% 25% +6 -5 Again, I expected most of the times, for the first five, to fall between season two-four and seasons eight-ten. The guy's times continue to fall. Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj are all down by double digits, from seasons 2-4. Howard is only down by six percent. As their time drops, they are getting closer to their season 8-10 times. I mentioned in the season five commentary that Penny was down from season 2-4 AND seasons 8-10 and wondered if that was a one year thing. But, her time this year was almost the same, so it wasn't a one year thing. I'm doing season seven now and she seems to have more time. But I haven't added anything yet, so it's all by eyeball. Bernadette and Amy's time continue to increase, although slower than they have been. Amy is almost at her season 8-10 times, while Bernadette has a way to go. As for couples, the most time together was between Leonard and Penny, with 83 minutes. In second, with 68 minutes, was Shamy. Howardette was a bit further behind than last year, with 50 minutes. As for alone time, Shamy lead with 43 minutes, Lenny had 34 minutes and Howardette had 29 minutes. In case you were wondering, as I haven't do it before here are the average couples times from season 8-10: Season 5-6 Season 8-10 Shamy Total 60 97 Shamy Alone 32 49 Lenny Total 67 88 Lenny Alone 32 22 Howardette Total 45 52 Howardette Alone 25 17 Note that Shamy's alone time has climbed by 17 minutes, while Lenny and Howardette combined have dropped by 18 minutes. It's interesting to note that all the couples total times have climbed. Shamy by 37 minutes (about a minute and a half per episode), Lenny by 21minutes and Howardette by 7 minutes. As for other pairings, (and remember, the following is only counted when the pairing is alone, on screen. So comparison to the romantic couples are for their alone time). Sheldon and Leonard led, with 23 minutes. Making their first appearance in the tope three is Howard and Raj. We think of them as a team, but until this year, they really didn't have all that many scenes alone. This year they come in at 20 minutes for second place. Shenny had 14 minutes, and Amy and Penny had 6. This is a bit of a flip from season five when Shenny had 9 minutes and Amy/Penny had 14. Raj and Cinnamon had just over four minutes for the year. I still haven't updated the total time, hopefully tomorrow. I'm currently halfway through the seventh season. I hope to have that finished by the weekend. Then I'll do season one, and the time will be complete. I plan on doing season 11 on a week to week basis, since I recored the episodes, and I have season 11 and 12 set up in the spreadsheet. Tensor
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    Ya know, we have to give the producers credit. To see that chemistry so early, and yet, not disturb, indeed in some ways enhance it, when bringing in two additional cast members, is something of a minor miracle in television.
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    This is on TBBT Official FB page, apparently today is Asteroids Day I've always thought that Sheldon naming an asteroid after Amy was one of the most romantic gesture he ever had for her, even if he bargained it with Raj's name for all his children. Plus, since Emily and Raj broke up later, it was a very fortunate choice!
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    My pleasure. You’re welcome.
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    I am always critical of anyone who knows full well what the relationship status is of someone and still wants to break them up, that's what Ramona was trying to do clearly. It's something I can't tolerate, home-wrecking is crossing a moral rubicon line in my eyes. The Dave situation isn't comparable at all.
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    What I want for our favorite couple for S11 ( I don't think we'll get it) would be for the writers to re-capture what made them special in the first place. I would like for them to get fun plots, and instead of being pitched one against the other, I would love to see them both against the world. If they have to fight I would like for said fights to have a reason for happening, and for them to work through their problems. A big reduction to the extent of their residency at the kitchen island would also be very welcome. Last but not least, I would like for things that happen to them to be shown onscreen: call me crazy, but I watch the show to see what happens in it, and not necessarily what it implies.