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    Here you go anyone wanting spoilers 😄 The opening scene is so cute its sheldon waking Amy up in bed saying good morning wife and she says good morning husband, then he makes a comment about how its official they've consummated it and something about hanging the bedsheets out the window. They start their honeymoon in lego land and then go on to new york. Sheldon keeps scheduling everything including their coitus eventually amy gets mad and tells him she wants it to be spontaneous, they have a little argument, he explains himself( its very sweet in a very sheldon way) and amy says he can schedule everything as long as he doesn't tell her. Amy makes a science comment sheldon gets turned on and takes her back to their hotel. Lennys plot is the whole gang find amys dad has been hiding from her mum in shamys apartment. amys mum turns up later mad looking for him. Hes hiding, Leonard penny and mrs Fowler find him hiding, he doesnt want to go back, he wants a break. Penny cant understand how they are together, Leonard thinks their relationship is similar, they end up in a little argument. Penny thinks the fowlers are the weirdest couple they know and they know sheldon and amy, howard and bernadette and raj and his little "twitchy" dog, eventually mrs fowler tells penny how much fun theyre gunna have together and penny makes mr fowler leave. Raj is being interviewed by a local news station about a upcoming meteor shower, he spends his whole time talking about neil degrasse tyson, howard and bernadette watch on tv. Raj ends up in a twitter fight with him, the tag scene is neil calling raj theres some funny convo before they hang up and neil then calls bill nye. Bts stuff all but 1 of sheldon and amys scenes were pretaped, kunal had the first mistake of the night going up the stairs then almost fell coming back down, kathy bates messed her lines up abit, mayim and johnny had a mistake each i think. If anyone wants anything more specific feel free to ask if i remember ill share
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    Its called the conjugal conjecture and theres 3 separate plots, sheldon and amy on honeymoon, leonard, penny and amys parents and raj, howard and bernadette with raj having a twitter feud
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    I would hope this late in the run they would have been averse to making any cast changes, but particularly the main three. I think of other shows which made cast changes late in the game like That '70s Show and Scrubs to make another season. While it may seem pleasing beforehand to know you're going to get more episodes, I think you end up looking back at two different shows: the show as it was and then an unnecessary addendum. An addition that in your mind separates from the show you loved. Not to pick on Scrubs, but in my mind there eight seasons and then something else - worth watching when it aired, but quickly forgotten and not worth revisiting. I totally understand the feeling that more episodes, no matter what, are better than facing the impending end. But I think any changes made to the show at this point would just become a disappointing footnote. We'd get a Season 13 but with an asterisk by its name. A couple of years later, when the end still inevitably arrived, would it have been worth it? Clearly we don't know what the response would have been if a different actor had called time, but I would like to believe it would have been the same. I would hope they felt limping to the finish line with an altered cast is not the way to go out. I can't say I understand the hostility toward an actor for reportedly wanting to stop after twelve years, a tremendous length of time, when continuing would have been the easy thing to do. Why not take the money and just show up? When somebody chooses not to, I think it's worthy of respect even if you're disappointed. I think the same applies to deciding not to retool the show to keep it going at all costs.
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    When they check in to their new york hotel, sheldon tells the bellboy its their honeymoon and then lists all the things they have planned. Harry potter on broadway part 1 and 2 nikola tesla walking tour. Next one they are in their wizard robes after harry potter sheldons happy amys mad because he disrupted the show, he wants to have coitus she doesn't theres some funny dialog about them doing it in the shower but it could cause injuries. Then they are on their tour, sheldon is pointing out the mistakes the guide is making, amy is still mad, he tells her if they had coitus the night before like he wanted shed be happy, amy storms off. He approaches her later carrying 2 hotdogs, hes tells her hes not a physical person but wants to be a good husband and if he doesn't schedule he might forget and send her into the arms of a long shoreman, they compromise on the schedule. Meanwhile hes still holding the hotdogs and its super funny, Amy says something sciencey and sheldon gets turned on and tells her they need to go and she asks him why and he says i need you to say that again when we get there.
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    Just got out of the taping Its a great episode!
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    I seriously don't understand what is happening with this forum at the moment. Sheldon isn't being written out, why would he be? If they write Sheldon out then Amy will go with him. The show is ending, there will be no more seasons, unless they decide to do a reunion season 10 years down the line. And Jim posted his thoughts and feelings towards the show ending on Instagram, and to me it seemed like he was throwing barbs at people who are accusing him that it is his fault the show is ending. 12 years is a bloody good effort for any show, and yes we may have wanted one more season (personally I feel as though this is the right time to end things) and there will be more shows that will capture our imagination and make us want to join new forums and talk about those episodes. And just remember don't be sad the show is ending, be happy because there will always be reruns on, or if you have every season on DVD you can watch it as many times as you like. Because while the show may be ending with the twelfth season, with no more seasons afterwards, just remember you can watch the 12 year journey again and again for the rest of time
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    From The Hollywood Reporter 'Big Bang Theory' to End With Season 12 The end of the road for CBS' The Big Bang Theory has arrived. Producers Warner Bros. Television announced Wednesday that the CBS comedy's previously announced 12th season will be its last. “We are forever grateful to our fans for their support of The Big Bang Theory during the past twelve seasons. We, along with the cast, writers and crew, are extremely appreciative of the show’s success and aim to deliver a final season, and series finale, that will bring The Big Bang Theory to an epic creative close," WBTV and Chuck Lorre Productions said in a joint statement. More to come...
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    Basically how it opens lol amy is lying in bed, Sheldon is behind her on top of the covers and strokes down her arm and says good morning wife
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    Okay here are some thoughts I had after reading all of the recent comments here: 1. Who says the production decided that if Jim and only Jim doesn't want to continue then it's over? Maybe they would have done the same were it Johnny or Kaley. We don't know. At this point I think every character being written out would change the show vastly, though to different extents. Maybe Raj would make the least impact. I think even Melissa's maternal leave made a difference. I totally understand TBBT won't be TBBT without Sheldon, even if we were in the first seasons. The same goes, IMO, for Leonard and Penny. I wouldn't want a TBBT without Sheldon. Maybe a spin-off with these characters and no Sheldon or Sheldon and Amy, but not TBBT. Although the spin-off I would most like to see at this point is one of their children as young adults. 2. I'm not at all sure Jim was the only one who wanted out. I think Johnny could have made a similar decision after more negotiations and consideration. I also haven't seen anything from him regarding all of this. Maybe it's because he can identify with Jim, who knows. It's a pitty Jim is getting all the fire. 3. I think it is better having fans who are upset the show is ending than having no one upset about that. If the latter happened it would be an indication the show has gone wayyyy downhill and will end in disgrace. 4. I totally respect Jim's decision, I think him having YS makes it even more brave and shows integrity, and I think it is better for the show to end with season 12. Of course it makes me sad but I think it would have just remain stagnant and repetitive.
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    Sheldon also has his first married bazinga he shows amy he ordered breakfast for her and when he opens the tray its lego bacon and eggs 😂
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    Twitter feud is with neil degrasse tyson (sorry if thats spelt wrong)
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    This show and the community spawned from it has got me through some really dark times in my life, so yes I will be sad to see it go. Here's hoping they can end it on a high note.
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    From the DT. @joyceraye I can't believe you nailed the whole "now that they are married..." thing with your prediction. lmao
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    This is the feeling i got, leonard actually makes the comment opposites attract to penny at one point too. I found the Leonard and Penny plot funny i cant remember it as well as the sheldon and amy one just because they filmed some scenes quite a few times it was hard to follow whereas sheldon and amys was pretaped.
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    Excellent spoilers from the premiere! Thanks again to Wonderland! Finally the once a year thing should be done and Shamy have decided for something more spontaneous! I also like the idea they met half-way with it. If Sheldon needs a schedule, because that's how everything works for him, that's ok, he just need to keep it to himself, ahahah! Anyway, Amy's science/sexy-talk is the most powerful aphrodisiac, no need to schedule that!!!
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    Photo from the premiere.
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    Burberry, I have hidden your last two posts. I have left this, so I could reply to you. It is against our rules to attack the actors. And this forum will not be used to start a campaign to discredit an actors choice. It ends now. If you want to talk about your disappointment, fine, but DO NOT ATTACK the actors. Other posts, those that replied to the now hidden Burberry posts, have also been hidden.
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    I had a awesome time thankyou, well worth the travel time to get here. I loved the opening scene and really their whole plot was cute and did feel sort of like fanfiction lol
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    Oooops the episode is actually called the conjugal configuration lol just double checked my program
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    My personal theory (at this point) is that Jim made up his mind over the summer so it's not him just deciding last week on a whim. According to reports they tried to persuade him to change his mind over the weekend but obviously they haven't been successful. I would say it wasn't an easy decision for him so I think the hostility is misplaced. He's been carrying the show for a long time now (yes, it's the writers fault for giving him the load of the work but still) and if he says he won't do it anymore for whatever reason then more power to him. Also, people went into production of this season half expecting it to be the last anyway. Holland has said so many times in interviews so I think everyone was at least partly braced for it to end. Of course, it's always a shock when it becomes reality but I would hope everyone will be keeping it professional this year and don't have hard feelings towards Jim.
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    Hello my fellow Shamy shippers !! Hope you all had an amazing summer - wow what a start back for us with those fabulous spoilers, this episode sounds amazing ! As always so grateful for the info @NotWonderland - thanks so very much ! Exciting start to season 12 for us - end of annual coitus jokes - yay !! Sheldon still needing a schedule - of course , wouldn't have him any other way ! - but bonus, all the more adorable it's so he won't mess up & forget about sexy time & be a "bad" husband (as if ) lol cute & funny too - well done writers !! THEN....... being turned on by Amy's science chat , -and having to head to the hotel, horny Sheldon - PERFECTION !!!! lucky lucky us !!!!
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