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    Just look at her face: She is so into his god damn grammar lectures. I love it!! hahahha
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    I finally watched it and.... What. a. season. Besides the fact that it's the first year since S5 (S5!!!!) that I get to the end of the season 100% satisfied throughout (S8 came close but then... *shakes fist*), I feel such a big relief having one entire season unbesmirched and, more importantly, with Sheldon and Amy being so consistently in-sync throughout. I really enjoyed the episode (although of course it doesn't compare to my other favorites of the season) and I'm not concerned about the future. Molaro's interview makes me feel good (for a change) and just confirmed further that 1) they 100% made sure to make it clear Sheldon has no interest in Ramona, nor in cheating - that was never something they intended to play with and that 2) from everyone's reactions to the scene (here comes the 2017 edition of "Steve Molaro cries during a scene") this is it. Why would everyone get so emotional if this wasn't an actual, meaningful proposal? I doubt there's going to be massive drama coming from this, let alone multiple proposals. I think they will clear the air about Ramona in the premiere and they will probably have a touching scene at the end where Amy will accept. I actually think that the way they set up the whole thing, and the cliffhanger at the end, made sense from a technical and narrative POV. We might have preferred a different trigger to get Sheldon to propose, like maybe not having Ramona back but him just missing Amy and realizing he was ready to take that step because of that would have worked just great from our POV. But they have to write a comedy, it's a season finale, and they have to shock the audience and I honestly think it worked really well in that sense. Everyone was so focused on Ramona and whether or not Sheldon might cheat that I don't think anybody (in the general audience) thought a proposal was coming. It was sweet, it was romantic, it was shocking, but it wasn't cheesy or over the top. it was simple and to the point. And Sheldon is so calm and determined that there's no doubt in my mind his intentions come from a good place. From what I read on Twitter this morning, it's been received very well. And I've never heard the studio audience scream so hard in 10 seasons! I also think that had they had Amy say yes right away, and the kiss/hug whatever had come after, the scene wouldn't have had nearly the same impact from a visual/shock perspective, nor made much sense from Amy's POV. After all, Sheldon's just shown up out of the blue to propose when he's meant to be on the other side of the country, that it's just natural that Amy's first reaction would have been to be shocked and maybe confused. I think it would have been far weirder had she jumped up and said yes. This worked. It makes sense that they wouldn't know how exactly Amy will react and what her response will be because there's so many options to go with. But I'm fairly confident it won't be drama. Or they wouldn't have had Sheldon be completely clueless, innocent, and well intentioned about it. From a production POV too... an engagement between Shamy isn't a risk for the show. The biggest risk to the status quo of the show was changing the living arrangements, and that's all done and dusted successfully. An engagement will change nothing in terms of how the show is written and made. So there's really no reason why they might want to re-hash breakup-like drama over THIS, when the show is winding down to its end and Shamy have literally cleared every single issue they've ever had this season. I think the only real criticism I have for this episode is that I feel everyone overreacted far too quickly at the very start. I mean, a part of me wonders if that was the writers' tongue-in-cheek way of parodying the way things escalate quickly in the fandom. But I felt like they could have had a better buildup than one single lunch before the gang (and Amy) start panicking/getting crossed. They could have had a montage or a little time-jump to justify the worries. I felt like their concerns were far more organic later on, after Ramona turned down Raj, and took Sheldon swimming and showed up for dinner obviously intent on getting him alone. But, at the beginning of the episode, all that panic seemed a bit excessive. The gang was absolutely on fire though, and that staircase scene might be one of the funniest scenes they have ever shot. I don't know how they will pick up in 11x01 (although I think a classic Amy panic attack could definitely be in the cards), but, again, I am pretty sure it will all be fine by the end of the episode at the latest. Again, if they had wanted to toy with more drama, they would have made it much more ambiguous that Sheldon might have been into Ramona, and they would have had him run to Amy in a panic, not in that calm, determined and relaxed way he did. And... hey, for the first time in years, I get to have a happy hiatus!
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    Right, just finished watching, and here are my Very Important Thoughts. Okay, I was, to put it mildly, unimpressed by the premise of this episode. I thought the Ramona, now with Bunny Boiler! action proposal trigger was dumb, low-key sexist and tooth-grindingly hackneyed. I didn't like that the show treated Sheldon as property to be guarded, or a child to be protected. I didn't like Amy's 'I GAVE YOU ONE JOB!' line. And I , like @mirs1, disliked that the Shamy proposal would carry the whiff of assault/exploitation/whatever. And.....I haven't changed my mind about any of those things. But goddammit if the writing and acting didn't sell the shit out of it. Incidentally, is it me or has the cast been given wheatgrass shots and cleansing retreats this season? Even when the writing flounders, their energy and chemistry has tended to bring the gags home. In a way that I don't think was happening with the limp back halves of seasons past. I mean, even when I'm wincing at Amy's ketchup bottle line, or the gag about Sheldon running out into traffic, I can't hold back the guilty giggle. Because Rauch, Bialik and Cuoco are killing it. I don't know how Bialik manages to have chemistry with the rest of the cast on Skype, but I am very, very grateful. So yes, even as I roll my eyes at the idea that the gang is supposed to keep Sheldon on some sort of leash, I melted at Penny's exhausted 'Don't look at me like that, I tried' to the PAmy portrait. I am a whore for PAmy. What can I say. And even when I think 'Jesus, guys, calm the fuck down' at the gang's overreaction at Sheldon and Ramona's lunch, their furious yelping kaffeeklatsches are delivered with such charm and conviction that I am 'awww'ing as I am laughing. By the way, I am with @koops when she wonders whether the writers were pulling shippers' legs with those sequences - affectionately, of course. 'OH MY GOD HE MADE HER LAUGH!' 'OH MY GOD SHE TOUCHED HIS HAND WHAT COULD IT MEEEEEEEAAAAAANNNNNN?' And then the gang has dinner. And look, I knew I would be charmed by the gang's attempts to keep Sheldon and Ramona separate, but I didn't know just how much. Rauch spreading her legs as she wriggles between Sheldon and Ramona so that she can drive a bigger wedge between them than her tiny body would otherwise allow? The gang's tense, watchful body language throughout? And then quite possibly the funniest scene the show has pulled off in a long, long while? Sheldon walking Ramona down, Penny's manic 'WE'LL ALL GO!'* and then the gang's oh-so-subtle wriggling between Sheldon and Ramona, one by one? Not since Sheldon played basketball with Bawwy have I laughed quite so much. This is the show's forte - fresh and glorious physical comedy - and oh my God did it deliver. I don't know, maybe the answer is simple. Yes, the gang was overreacting and behaving like paranoid - and possessive - mother hens. But it so obviously came from a place of love. And I melt when the gang is clearly affectionate and supportive. And - as someone who's given Leonard plenty of shit this season - can I just say I found his Toblerone obsession utterly charming? Even Raj's romantic sadsackery was imbued with freshness and life. I cackled at the self-awareness of his 'I haven't played the race card yet'. And I loved that the writers managed to put a little bit of a spin on Sheldon's 'amusing factoids' by having him incorporate internet-listicle terminology like 'the answer will shock you!' in his skype-chat with Amy. 'New Jersey's state bird or murder rate? Both are shocking.' And look, others have talked about the grammar flirting, so all I can say is this: Sheldon knoweth not how else to admonish but vigorously. Fifty Shades of Grey, eat your heart out. *I would follow Penny into battle, just FYI.
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    I had to take a 24-hour cooling down period before writing down my thoughts on the episode because otherwise there would have been nothing but an incoherent sequence of "awwww" and pterodactyl noises. Not necessarily in that order. I mean, I knew all along I would love the episode, but as always the things that often stand out to me, going into an episode spoiled, are the little things we didn't know about from the taping which take me by surprise. That entire conversation at breakfast was amazing, and you can tell the seeds of the proposal are being planted right there already. That's all Sheldon's essentially saying to her, that his life has become so interwoven with hers (and he loves it) he can't imagine himself without her. It's not about the things she can do for him, or where she can drive him to, or any of that. It's about how kind she is, and how she gets him, and how just her presence is comforting to him. And he's saying all that BEFORE finding out she's been offered the position, so there's no manipulative intent involved there. It's all coming right from a place of love and affection. And what was wonderful when he finds out about it is (and this is something that's totally incongruent with what Sheldon said Leonard told him - which is rich coming from someone who just last episode was whining because his wife *might* work with an ex) is that his immediate reaction wasn't to stomp his feet and forbid her from going. It was to clamp down his own emotions and tell her she should take it. If that's not loving and supporting, I don't know what is. Frankly, some of the advice from Penny too reminded me of how nobody really understands Sheldon and Amy BUT Sheldon and Amy. And the other thing that I didn't notice until I saw gifs later on, was the way Sheldon's face changes into a big smile in the last scene, when Amy tells him that she will love him no matter what. And his overprotectiveness in insisting she texts and calls him all the time. Again, that's not the kind of neediness he had with Leonard, it's about being with her and missing her as a person. Oh, and I can't believe I nearly forgot when he tells her "I'm proud of you, and support you in everything you do". I mean, can this episode scream "relationship goals" any louder? I don't think I have to say anything about the end of the once-a-year deal, because I'm sure there's been lots of discussion about that already (and I'll catch up with it shortly). And there's not much I could say about it that I didn't already when the report came out, given how we knew every little detail about it. Hehe. But I just love the ease and how well tuned with one another they are these days. It's nice that sex can now come from a place of emotional need instead of a deadline. At the cost of sounding like a broken record, I don't care how often they do (or don't) do it, but there was just something off with that deadline. I also LOVED that when Sheldon says that thing about warning her that if she wants to "hit some of that" and she's 3000 miles away he can't skype it to her, she's all "that's a risk I'm willing to take". Once again, loud for those in the back, Amy's not necessarily that much more sexually driven than Sheldon and that's why their sex life works for them. I think they've now hit a nice, comfortable, healthy balance for them and I never felt like they're as ready to conquer the world together as they are right now. It's a great place to be as the show winds down to its end. (Also, if this is Alex Ayers idea of an episode - given her writing credits - PLEASE WRITE MORE. And thank you.)
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    The scene where Sheldon leaves his office, goes outside and gets in the taxi was actually filmed at Caltech outside of the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.
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    Seeing Sheldon watching Spongebob on the plane was all I needed to see just how calm he was regarding his intentions. He was not running away from a gulity conscience, but running toward his future made clear by Ramona's stolen kiss. There can never be any other woman for him but Amy, and girlfriend status will no longer suffice.
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    Just watched as many clips as I could get my grubby mitts on, but I think I can say: That. Was. DELIGHTFUL. ALL CAPS DELIGHTFUL. This episode was like a multi-faceted diamond whose flaws (and they did exist) only make it more beautiful. Let's get those flaws out of the way first before the squee: This was another episode where a story theoretically about a woman's career was actually more about her male partner's feelings. It was very, very well executed, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but notice it. I wish Amy's concerns had been couched early and clearly as 'I will miss you, Sheldon' rather than 'I worry about Sheldon missing me'. But it was so clear that she would miss Sheldon when he said 'This is important' and she said softly 'so are you', that I couldn't hold it against the episode. Because that was so lovely. I found myself surprisingly tolerant of Sheldon's describing how much he depends on Amy. Still not quite my favourite, though. Some other stuff which I'll take to the episode thread since it's not Shamy-related. Now that's out of the way... Awwwwwwwwwwww, YISS. Loved that Sheldon's first response was that Amy should take the job, and that he was trying to front that he was okay with it. 'I got the blues. My baby done left me.' That little snap of irritation at his friends' slowness is what makes it. Loved also that Sheldon was shown to actually do a concrete thing to help his girlfriend move. 'Apparently, it'll survive a plane crash...So maybe you should ride in it.' Awwwwwwwww. Loved, loved, LOVED that Sheldon made it clear that he wanted to have sex with Amy because he wanted to have sex with her, not to get her to stay. That, in fact, he was worried that 'a hit of this' would dissuade her from her career move. You keep that blushful modesty, Doctor Cooper. The greatest dirty talk in the history of ever. Bureaucratic, wordy, clinical - it was all I had ever wanted from Shamy dirty talk. 'What if I get strange and eccentric?' '...............I'll love you no matter what.' Yes, it's mildly snarky, but so loving. 'I am proud of you'. D'awwwwwwwwww.
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    What an episode... - Amy making him oatmeal (I love it when they be all domestic) - "My baby done left me" - Sheldon trying to be a loving and supportive boyfriend - The way he caresses her arm when they kiss - "...you find yourself craving a hit of this..." "It's a risk I'm willing to take." - THE DIRTY TALK OMG - "I'll love you no matter what" - "Just remember, I am proud of you, and I support you in all that you do." So much yes.
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    Melissa & Mayim have signed new contracts http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-mayim-bialik-melissa-rauch-score-hefty-raises-new-deals-return-998201
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    I think what I love about this episode, upon rewatch, is that it's showing us how Sheldon has changed while at the same time he is still Sheldon. With Ramona, he's his usual, oblivious, clueless, uninterested Sheldon from years past. He barely notices her "attributes" and even if he does it's from a very "matter-of-fact" point of view. This is the Sheldon from S2-3 that some parts of the fandom (who has probably quit by now, who knows - and who cares) kept complaining was gone and had been ruined. He's not gone. He's never been gone. He's just put 10 years of human life experience and interaction under his belt, has fallen in love, and has merged his old persona with all these experiences. Of course, this will mean nothing to people who want to dig their heels and insist the show has jumped the shark because the characters haven't remained static caricatures of themselves, but whatever. I think this episode greatly mixed the old and the new. As for the germophobia and the gang not noticing... well, I think they probably don't pay attention all that much and also I don't think they're as privy as to what goes on behind closed doors in the Cooper-Fowler residence, at least until last week. But it's another thing that makes sense to me. I know some might want Sheldon to only be ok with Amy touching him, but that's not how getting over a phobia works. Amy was the catalyst that made him begin to overcome it, but it's not something that was ever specific to one person. Phobias are serious, general obstacles. And I hope I'm never going to see people (not Shamy fans of course) complain because Sheldon (mostly) got over it, because that's like being upset that someone got over depression. If you enjoy watching someone be in distress because "it's funny", then you're a bully. The show has always found the way to find the humor in the difficulties, but ultimately it's a good thing that Sheldon is probably a lot more relaxed and happy in his every day life because of managing his phobias. And it's nice to watch him be more relaxed as a character too, because you know how much he had to work for it and it's payoff as a viewer.
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    I loved, loved, loved the episode. Something that stood out to me was the way they reinforced Sheldon's decision to propose in the next episode. It seemed out of the blue to some, but I thought last night covered it beautifully and removed any doubt that it was already on his mind. Before she even tells him about Princeton, he says: "I don't know how I ever got by without you," "I've come to realize I'm completely dependent on you," and "to wake up every morning and know you're there is a great comfort to me." He also praised her cooking, wanted sex, and considered her well-being before his own. This man had marriage on the brain before she left. Ramona just emphasizes what he knew in this episode: he doesn't want to be away from Amy... til death do they part. Sigh. These two.
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    "I know it's not your birthday, but if you're interested"....."I am" ...(lol) "engage in frenzied love making" wow. I mean wow...
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    I loved the way Sheldon's part was scripted and the way Jim played it ! Some of his usual stuff was there : what if he became eccentric living alone, Einstein versus Leonard, playing the blues, informing his other half about his bowel movements (The latter merely being what my parents' generation seemed to do a lot of anyway and wouldn't seem odd to them at all - possibly something to do with the consequences of what foods had been available in their wartime youth) and avoiding wine even though there was no immediate work to do etc - BUT how sensibly and 'plain' he spoke to Amy in a normal, adult voice for so much of the time. Sweet. I hope we get more of that. It balances him out. The TR for ep 24 describing his serious face at the end seems to promise it for the future.
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    What I adored about it is that there wasn't a double meaning in the sense of Amy trying to get to sex and Sheldon not getting it. The double meaning was that to them this IS literally like sex talk. She loves it! Man. I would say "get married", but that's beyond the point now, isn't it.
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    This is everything..... Pic credit Glamour
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    I hate this argument so much. From the very first episode, a huge element of the show was Howard being girl-crazy, Raj not being able to talk to women but desperately wanting to be with one, and Leonard declaring that he would be with Penny one day. All of which happened while the guys went to work and did nerdy things in their free time. It wasn't until Sheldon became romantically involved with Amy that I saw the complaint of TBBT becoming a "relationship show". Are we giving him all the credit for why it wasn't before? He was the only one who didn't jump into bed with random women, go on dates, or dream of being in a long-term relationship with the girl across the hall. Why isn't it ok when Sheldon does it? This season alone was full of science and nerdy moments. E2 was about the guy's project and Bernie/Penny's job. E3 was about the guy's project. E6 was Penny and Leonard going to a nerdy convention. E8 was Amy/Sheldon doing a scientific experiment. E9 was all about Sheldon being jealous of Bert's scientific accomplishments and Howard's motorized Stephen Hawking toy. E10 was all about Sheldon and Leonard fighting over their nerdy stuff. E14 was all about an emotion detector prototype. E15 was all about the guy's project and trains. E17 was about comic con. E19 had Sheldon and Amy working on a quantum cognition experiment. E20 was about Sheldon losing info about the guy's project and Bernie going back to work. E22 showed them playing video games, juggling, walking on stilts, unicycling, playing with ventriloquist dummies... everything nerdy you can think of. E23 showed the guys lose their project and Amy getting a fellowship to Princeton. Yes, there is relationship stuff weaving in and out of every episode because Leonard and Penny are married, Howard and Bernadette are married, Sheldon lives with Amy, and Raj is always on the hunt for a girlfriend... just like S1-9. I know that they don't spend as much time together as a group because of their relationships, but I don't see how it's not comparable to S1. E1 set up the whole Leonard and Penny thing. E3 was Leonard and Penny going on a "date". E5 was Leonard hooking up with Leslie Winkle. E6 was Leonard and Penny's first kiss. E6 was all about Howard hooking up with Penny's friend. E8 was all about Raj being set up with a girl that Sheldon "steals" from him. E9-14 were had sprinklings of relationship dealings between Leonard and Penny. E15 was all about the guys hitting on Sheldon's sister. E16 was Penny throwing a party for Leonard and Howard hoping to hook up with her easy friends. E17 was all about Penny's breakup and agreeing to go out with Leonard. This show has always been about relationships. Always. And it still deals with work, science, and nerdy hobbies they all enjoy. A lot. I understand the argument that Shamy gets a lot of attention and Lenny has been poorly developed/written, but calling it a "relationship show" like that's anything new is just confusing.
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    Been busy all day but I just wanted to say: 1) Happy to hear the news that M&M have been officialized and got a bump in salary (still nowhere near what they deserve, but it's a huge bump nonetheless). Not that there were any doubts. 2) I loved last night's episode too. Once again a funny, feel-good, yet meaningful episode! Shamy are adorable as always and I have to say, I'm going to miss Raj being around Los Robles. I really like to see him hang out with Shamy and Lenny for a change, instead of always being relegated to Howardette's. It was great to see Zack again and I absolutely loved Bernadette's secret ventriloquist past. I often moan that the show doesn't give the girls the chance to be anywhere near as odd and quirky as their partners and this was exactly the kind of stuff I meant. I also loved Amy being "Sheldon" when out with the girls, with her phone and fact-checking. 3) I loved the plot about getting older and Sheldon feeling like he's not that special anymore. I totally agree with the discussion from earlier about how Sheldon was used to being a stand-out in every way as a child prodigy and how at the end of the day being a child prodigy mostly means you only get to things first, but eventually the perks start dwindling as you get older and become more "normal". And I loved that Amy *did* also mention his solid career in the list of reasons why he should be proud of his life. Top notch Shamy once again. And that tag was adorable. Roll on 10x23!
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    Exactly. I think it's genius that they brought in another female scientist who is not just beautiful and smart, but attentive to Sheldon in a way Amy usually is. We know from S2 and this episode that Ramona is willing and capable of teaching Sheldon new skills, cooking for him, being attentive to him, etc. Not only that, but she came during a time when Sheldon was missing Amy and craving all of those things most... which leads us to the fact that Sheldon really seemed to enjoy Ramona's company and friendship. To me, that is what makes this episode so profound. On paper, Ramona replaces Amy is a new and shiny way that should be more than enough for a man as scientific and clinical as Sheldon. So what does Amy have that Ramona doesn't? His heart. It's really that simple.
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    I pointed this tidbit out on the DT, but the episode he is watching (sad as it is that I know this from the brief clip we saw!) is "Plankton!" and basically has a naive Spongebob initially being duped by Mr. Krab's nemesis into believing he was a friend but in reality was a bad guy on a mission to use Spongebob. Coincidence, or the writers having a little fun with the premise of this episode?
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    I’ve allowed myself to transform an iconic moment into small pictorial memories. Enjoy.
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    I love Mayim. She clearly feels very protective of Shamy. That's sweet.
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    Loved this episode so much! Wow, Sheldon has really gone all in on his relationship with Amy. I watched a few old episodes this week and its really nice to see the progression in their relationship. Folks have already pointed out the things I loved but here are a few favorites: Amy’s dirty talk was clinical scientific and Sheldon’s had more abandon. A nice capper for the redressing of the sexual balance in this relationship. I think any lingering doubts about Sheldon’s desire can be finally erased. How quickly Amy answers, “I am” to Sheldon’s query of interest. Sheldon caressing Amy’s arm. The intertwined finger handhold toward the bedroom … awwww. I didn’t know we were getting an “I love you" from Amy. That and Amy telling Sheldon that he’s important made me feel better about any weird dynamics about her worrying about Sheldon, more than missing him. I’m good now It was amusing to hear Sheldon say that Amy’s insistence on being around him is annoying. It was said matter of factly, but somehow sweetly, and it’s a reminder of how much she adores him. Sheldon’s face had a similar reaction to Amy’s Princeton news as he did to her breaking up with him on Skype. This was a really big deal to him (before he came to a good place with it), yet he still tried to be supportive and encouraging in his own flawed way. We get reminded that Amy is smart, talented, and in-demand (even though I get the point about this being more about her boyfriend’s feelings.) Sheldon buys Amy a suitcase thereby doing something thoughtful for her just because he loves her and wants to support her. Also the, “Here’s some quality luggage,” line cracked me up. Sheldon telling Amy he likes waking up next to her. This kind of line usually makes me cringe, but Jim did a really nice job with it. The way Sheldon said, “of course,” when Amy asked if he wanted to walk her down the stairs. And of course, the "I'm proud of you." I’m sure I will watch it again several times this weekend
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    Finally have time to write something! Watched it twice because OMG IT WAS SO GREAT!!! Every scene between them was so lovely. <3 First of all, I found Amy's conflict about accepting the offer very relatable. Been there, done that. The prospect of leaving your partner behind for several months (even if they aren't like Sheldon) is a tough one, even more so when it's a really great opportunity for you that you'll probably regret if you don't take it. (Luckily, I could take the easy way out back then and my sweetheart just went with me. lol) It's a pity that Penny cut her short when she was really getting into describing what she'll do in Princeton but I loved seeing her so excited even if only for a moment. So while, yes, there was a lot of "but what about Sheldon?" going on I found it was mostly about Amy struggling with her decision and I really liked seeing that. On Sheldon's side of things I really liked that he never said she couldn't go. Sure he was upset upon hearing the news but he told her he had to go realising the importance of it. And even more so, after processing the news and with a friendly nudge from Leonard into the right direction he really went all out to support her and after seeing soooo many times how Amy was the one supporting Sheldon it was so great to see him in that role for once! Especially the tag was really sweet here. One of the best parts, obviously: RIP stupid annual coitus joke! You will not be missed! After all the speculation and wishful thinking about how they will or should end this thing I felt the way they did it here was surprisingly casual but I'm not unhappy about it. The scene was super sweet and I loved the shy flirty body language and the dialogue that could be straight out of a fanfic. (I've read the folded clothes thing more than I care to count.) Also, I think we can successfully check this off: We didn't see it but we sure heard it. LOL "Amy, you naughty vixen!" - "This form of stimulation is highly efficient!" #dead Anyway, Jessica Radliffe from Glamour will be really proud of herself next week for finally getting that engagement thing right! Seeing this whole episode together it really plays out like it's putting all the pieces into the right place for the engagement. The way both Amy and Sheldon emphasised the importance of their relationship here was really heart warming and got us some lovely dialogue bits. I could gush about this all day! Again, what a great episode!!
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    Shamy were the definition of perfect in this ep! Like if you open the dictionary next to the word perfect there will be Shamy. Amy making him that oatmeal and telling him she'll love him anyway even if he turns eccentric while she's away (lol). And every time Sheldon opened his mouth to talk about/to Amy my inner fangirl scream got shriller and shriller! Amy is a supporting character in a relationship with one of the main ones and the effects of that were very obvious in this ep - it was all about how Sheldon will miss Amy and Amy's worry about him (I think I remember someone saying this is a theme that ties 10.23 and 10.24 together). Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm completely OK with that and IMO this was one of the best eps of the season!
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    I love supportive Sheldon! I thought it was so great how Sheldon never tried to talk Amy out of going, instead telling her she must go, even though it upset him. As an added bonus, so nice that CBS chose to rerun the Annual Birthday Booty Spectacular in the 8:30 timeslot.
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    From Glamour The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 23 Recap: Amy and Sheldon Have a Big Moment We Didn't See Coming Shamy fans, how you doing? Still breathing? Because aside from an engagement, there hasn't been a more adorable or dare I say it—sexy—episode of The Big Bang Theory for Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. <more in the link> (Jessica, we saw it coming ...lol)
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    I have to watch it again, but gosh...Sheldon singing the blues, his baby done left him...Shamy dirty talk (lol) and that tag. Loved it.
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    You guys, the last episode was super charming for the Shamy! I grinned like a loon at Sheldon's 'You have to say that, you're sweet on me'. And bless Amy for grounding her consolatory speech with 'solid scientific research' instead of waving away how important science is to Sheldon! And even her muttering about warnings was done with such love! This indulgent little head-shake. 'Cause she's sweet on Sheldon. And he is on her with his own indulgent 'You're so cute'. Ugh, I hate gushing like this, but they were just so damn delightful!
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    From The New York Post Jim Parsons marries Todd Spiewak at the Rainbow Room “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons married Todd Spiewak on Saturday night at the Rainbow Room in New York, Page Six has exclusively learned. Last year the pair celebrated 14 years together and Parsons gushed on Instagram, “I met this guy… 14 years ago today and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, no contest.” He added with a pic of Spiewak singing into a microphone, “One of his greatest gifts to me is that he no longer takes me to sing karaoke. Also, I believe this was a selfie with an actual camera, as our phones couldn’t do that back then hahaha!” Parsons came out as gay in a 2012 New York magazine profile and said he was in a 10-year relationship. But in 2014, he told Ellen DeGeneres he was in no rush to tie the knot. Ironically, Parsons’ character on his CBS hit show concluded the season with a marriage proposal — to Mayim Bialik’s character. Parsons rep confirmed the nuptials happened Saturday.
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    Enjoyed that episode, was it as good as 10.23? I am not sure, I think that could have been a perfect ending for Shamy this season. Sure we wouldn't have got the proposal but then we won't learn the outcome until Season 11 so if delayed by a few episodes we still would have seen it that season. - Loved their flirty Skype scenes, they both clearly miss each other like crazy both in a physical and mental sense. Since living together they are around each other all the time so it's natural they would miss each other's company. -Loved the Amy/Penny/Bernie Skype scenes as well. That ketchup line lol was hilarious, the Sopranos- esque that 'broad has got to go' was funny. I can understand why Amy was mad or jealous. I remember Amy's reaction to Alex when she first appeared lol. - Loved the gang coming together to try and safeguard and protect Shamy. Penny and Bernie in particular were stars, Howard had some cracking lines as well. I loled so much with the pint sized fire rocket Bernie forceably wedging herself between them LOL! And the scenes with them all walking to her car were hilarious as Bernie and Penny kept trying to get in between Ramona and Sheldon. The girls friendship was so on point tonight, usually always is to be fair! - Ramona, Ugh Ramona! I wasn't going to enjoy her appearance going into this and I didn't after watching it. The key moment for me was when Amy Skyped Sheldon in 4B and Ramona was there, did you see the look on Ramona's face? Jealously? Maybe thinking 'I have to step this pursuit up here', ugh! It was a really mischievous look, and I swore so much at the screen when I saw it! - Loved the Shenny talk and that limited figure line was genius. Beautiful moment when she looked at the painting in the end and said I tried, she looked kind of sad and defeated at the end. Kind of highlighting the Pamy relationship this season and how much stronger it is. They clearly moved the painting back there to add to the scene which makes sense for the scene but we all thought it was now in 4A lol! - The kiss honestly went on longer than I expected it would. Got to think Sheldon was in sheer and absolute shock and he was trying to process what happened after he told Ramona he wasn't interested, clearly not the sort of reaction he was expecting. Remember the conversation with Penny? He couldn't process why someone would go after him because he already had a girlfriend, I think you saw that reaction with the kiss. There is no fucking way he was enjoying it or anything like that and anyone who says that is quite frankly talking a load of codswallop. Did you not see those eyeballs bulging? He got the fuck out of there after it happened (funny how his line in 10.23 to Amy was a portent in a way, tall, scientist, blonde hair that was Ramona!) - Loved the proposal scene, Sheldon clearly relaxed and had that serene look on his face. Going on a mission it's what he wants, feel's natural kind of vibe I was getting. I didn't at any point feel it was a guilt ridden one or anything like that. Interesting the 'Spongebob the innocent' playing on the plane (I also read Molaro's comments why they did that, pretty clever). Sheldon on bended knee looking more sure than ever this is what he wants, the look of love on his face and his expressions very well done. Amy's reaction was shock, understandably so also noticed like her breathing was becoming a bit rapid, maybe @April's panic attack idea might actually happen in 11.1 lol? Oh and of course I heard @kazzie's voice lol. Immediate thoughts around 11.1 it's going to be interesting. I think and hope she says yes, ideally with talking about Ramona. My only fear (and it is very very very small) is they have a ready made rejection lined up if they want to use it. Nothing to do with the actual kiss, Sheldon clearly in my view did nothing wrong and that's not me standing up for my fellow man here, she forced herself upon him and his reaction said it all (eyes bulging, get the fuck out of dodge). The rejection could come from the timing of it after what just happened. Don't get me wrong I think Sheldon has been thinking about this for some time, in 10.23 I knew he was absolutely ready. But if they have a conversation about what happened what is to stop Amy from saying maybe the timing isn't right, maybe she sees it as a reactionary to the situation? I would like to think she wouldn't see it like that as she knows how much he loves her, but you just never know. Of course if she says no then I expect Sheldon to be absolutely devastated, this is his second time after all trying to propose obviously this time actually getting the chance to go on bended knee and utter the words. This also makes me think a rejection won't happen. I think she will say YES that's my prediction going into 11.1, I am going to be a nervous wreck on taping night for that one that's for sure lol! And now I am going to read everyone else's thoughts on this episode!
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    How do two people get so worked up over grammar? Sheldon: " I can't Skype it to you"...you just did sweetie. Dirty, dirty, dirty...lol
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    And the hiatus can start under the best omen ever, we are even spared the suspense in S. 7/8, Mayim and Melissa signed!
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    Look, I'm not much of a Shamy fan either. I think they're OK but that's about it. But whether or not MB or Shamy are believable is highly subjective. Shamy have had a storyline for years, so MB has every right to care about that relationship regardless of how the fans feel about it. JMO.
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    Yeah, I'll be disappearing into hiatus-ness and Game of Thrones soon too, but man! What a way to go. I hope you all have a great summer and I'll see you around Comic Con time (assuming they're going).
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    I thought it was hilarious as well. I also took the disgust more along the lines of... you know, not wanting to think about your friends that way. There's been that kind of reaction before between other characters too, even recently when Bernie compared Howard to a sexy greyhound. So I didn't mind it. Also, another moment that flies under the radar because the episode is so packed... but I found Sheldon telling Amy about the ladders and Amy enthusiastically nodding along to be hilarious and adorable too.
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    Say what you like, boys and girls, but - to me - that's brilliant writing.
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    One of my favorite peak from that final Ep. and the following stairs scene was hilarious. Yeah, Penny's a true leader. Love her nod at the end.
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    I actually went "Aawwww!" when I read it. I mean, how cute is that? She - as Mayim - feels so protective of Shamy that it made her feel uncomfortable when Riki kissed Jim in the rehearsels? Plus (from Molaro's interview): Everybody was so touched by that final scene that they choked up? And Kaley couldn't stop crying? Now really guys, that's so sweet! Of course there is Ramona, but a little drama is apparently needed to make Sheldon realize: "No need to wait til Amy comes home!" I know it is not mentioned anywhere, but when Amy left for Princeton I thought Sheldon would surprise her on her return with a romantic welcome-home-dinner and an even more romantic proposal. Okay, I would have preferred the latter, but hey, this was so romantic, too! Will they talk? Of course! Amy will ask what happened, why he flew across the country all of a sudden. And Sheldon will tell her, why shouldn't he? Will Amy be mad at him? No, no reason for that. Will she be mad at Ramona? Hell, yes! After all: The kiss was imposed upon Sheldon by her! So she has every right to be mad at her. And immensely proud of Sheldon! But what does it mean for Shamy? IMHO it means that even a girl that is as smart as Amy and in addition tall, blond and an olympic swimmer is not capable of doing any damage to Shamy.
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    From Mayim's Groknation “THE BIG BANG THEORY” SEASON 10 FINALE: BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MAYIM (SPOILERS) Wow. Just wow. I know. Right?! Tonight’s season 10 finale of TBBT sure left me with my jaw on the floor when I first read it. (I’m curious how you all felt seeing it…) I had no idea this was coming. Like, none. After last week’s episode where they sent Amy to Princeton, I was thinking, “What!?” And then as I was reading this episode and Ramona is getting all cozy with Sheldon, I was thinking, “WHAT!?” and I had no clue how the episode was going to end. Honestly, I didn’t know we were going to go here now. Our writers and producers know FAR better than I what should happen on this show; don’t get me wrong. But we had such a big year already: Penny and Leonard got married again (!) and we welcomed the Howard/Bernadette baby…that’s a lot. It was emotional seeing Jim down on one knee. First of all, that’s just such a romantic lovely gesture that many of us never experience and it’s just sweet. And second of all, to have Sheldon in such a tender vulnerable position is just a lot. There were more than a few wet eyes during rehearsal and run-through for that final scene. And as for what it’s like watching Riki Lindhome swoop in on Sheldon. I can’t lie: I felt a twinge of envy! As the actor who plays Amy, I feel like part of me is anchored to Sheldon because he has been my character’s beloved for so many years. Seeing Sheldon getting attention from a woman felt like it must have been empowering for him (if he were able to be conscious of it!), but when she kissed him – every time in rehearsal – I felt a twinge of discomfort! I know that might sound silly and I respect Riki as an actor tremendously, but I can’t help but feel like something that was ‘mine’ was being imposed upon! We’ll see if that continues next season; I have no clue if it will! And please don’t ask me if I know what Amy’s going to respond in the season opener of season 11…because I don’t know! Your guess is as good as mine! Sure, I have opinions and ideas… as an actor and a writer, I could see this playing out several ways. But that’s not my job right now. My job is to wait through the summer to see what our writers decide…. I’m going to let the end of this season wash over me like we have to sometimes let life wash over us…with patience, gratitude, and appreciation for how very far we have come. As for what comes next, God only knows. And maybe Chuck Lorre.
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    bold thought: How about we shift focus to the girls? They're a hell of a lot more fun together of late than the guys are. I would watch a pamydette show, with occasional appearances from the chaps. Sheldon has great chemistry with the group, as we have seen before. And I think Howard and raj work pretty well too. Have we seen Leonard interacting with the girls together?
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    I just read Alex Ayers wrote for this episode. OMG - this is her first time right? Someone please tell her she needs to write more for the show!
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    Can I just say I think their "dirty talk" was way funny than some OMG cliche? It was informative, naughty, scientific, etc, etc. Not too dirty, too straightforward, but classy. And combined with the faces of the listeners... This was really funny. PS: I really didn't expect the "Shamy version of dirty talk", but you know, "live and learn". HAHAHAHA。。。
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    Loved it and thought it was a magnificent episode. Easily my favorite episode of the second half of this season and might be competing for me for the best this season has had to offer. It was everything the TR and spoilers provided said it would be and then some! Talk about a stark contrast between the reaction Sheldon gave immediately when he heard the news and one he would have no doubt made had he heard that news some time ago. He really has grown a lot and I am so proud of him that his first reaction was that it was a great opportunity that she couldn't turn down. Sure you could tell that he was deeply upset (I almost shed a tear at the forlorn look on his face that he exhibited when she told him) and putting on a brave face but he didn't lash out in front of her in that immediate moment or perhaps making it all about him (coupled with the bad news he got about the Guidance Project) old Sheldon would have done. By the end he clearly got overwhelmed and retreated to the bedroom, proud of him that he took himself out of it before he said something he might regret. Loved their interactions in that scene, especially this piece of dialogue: Sheldon: "You have to take it, it's important". Amy: "So are you". Can I just say I thought the scene after it with the girls walking through presumably a park was amazing! Love the interactions between the girls with both Bernie and Penny trying to support Amy with her dilemma. Then Howard runs up just lol. In a kind of way having the baby on the show makes the whole thing work, taking the baby for a stroll and discussing life's problems. Might be just me but I would like to see another scene like that one day with the girls! Sheldon playing the blues "I got the blues, my baby done left me" a genius line lol. Thought the Shelnard brotherly like advice was weaker compared to past ones but it clearly hit the message home as you saw when he got Amy the luggage and wanted to support her 100%. I wonder what Amy's reaction in her mind was when she first saw the suitcase? Perhaps 'Oh shit he is going to do a runner again?' Loved his response to Amy's are you going anywhere "No, but you are". He has settled on it he's going to support her despite going to miss her like crazy, he knows the allure of Science as they are both scientists and it's too good an opportunity to turn down. I loved that he got her a new suitcase, one that has has a high safety rating. lol telling her she should travel in it is kind of a huge compliment and what she means to him, he wants her back safely! 'Death to the Annual Booty Extravaganza'. Never thought I would see the day it would end, Molaro loved that joke more than anyone on this planet I expect lol. There was no clueless Sheldon there being flirty of suggestive, he knew exactly and meant exactly everything he said lol. Thought the whole part of the scene was well done, very sweet, very Shamy but also funny. I have no doubt legions of female Shamies loved Sheldon leading Amy to the bedroom hand in hand LOL. And lovemaking!!! not coitus! Shit got even more real LOL! Kind of enjoyed that we heard something from the bedroom and that proves you don't always need to see the actual scene or the aftermath to convey what is going or has gone on. Is it just me or did you enjoy that Raj heard it? This is a guy who has in the past ridiculed their relationship, never got it or understood it sometimes and yet it works for them. Penny's nor Leonard's reaction doesn't surprise me lol. Finally in terms of Shamy I just LOVED the talk they had going down the stairs. It was like that stereotypical dialogue you see when someone goes away 'have you got this packed', don't forget to call me' etc. But it had it's own Shamy slant to it. Again another piece of dialogue I loved was when Sheldon was contemplating what it would be like living alone for a while: Sheldon: "What if I become strange or eccentric". Amy: "I'll love you no matter what". Amy's smile and the look of love on her face when she said that and Sheldon's reaction and smile, just amazing. And then he reiterated he was proud of her and he supports her, oh the feels lol! Interesting that they did indeed put that gag in there about the tall, flowing hair scientist that Amy may or may not come across. Actually came off ok (I presume they removed the falling in love bit - correct decision) you never know with these writers it could end up being a portent had they kept that bit. Sorry for the long winded post that has no doubt been covered by most of you already, if some of it is repeating a lot of what has already been said just take it as I agree with you lol! Overall I thought it was amazing episode, such a wide range of emotions I experienced from sadness, to feeling proud of our favorite couple and then to laughing. Thought the episode was extremely well written and acted, lot of cute moments between our favorite couple. Really enjoyed the acting and writing of everybody in this one. Just a fantastic episode, bring on the finale! I look forward to now reading what everyone else think's of this amazing episode before my post and what will come in the coming days.
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    I understand what you guys are saying, but what about worrying that Sheldon is going to miss her and be sad? It's not like she made a list of things she's afraid he isn't self-sufficient enough to do. Penny jumped to conclusions by saying he can take care of himself and the writers took it upon themselves to make a joke out of it. Amy's original concern was, "I don't know how he's going to feel about that" and throughout the episode, he felt sad... not concerned that he couldn't take care of himself. If Amy really didn't believe he could, she never would've left. However, in a very real way, there are concerns when it comes to leaving Sheldon alone. Anybody who can't read emotions very well and is reliant on a routine is going to have a much harder time navigating through life without their live-in significant other. And that's exactly what the finale is about. Sheldon was happy for her, she left because she trusted he would be ok, and something happened to legitimize any concerns they had. This season has focused a lot on Sheldon's own frustrations about his shortcomings. In fact, there were two separate bed scenes with Sheldon and Amy that addressed his very real sadness over his inability to read emotions and his concern that he wasn't going to make any big contributions to science. Both times, Amy is the one who is able to get through to him. I think that's another reason everything that happens in the finale goes so horribly. He needed Amy to explain what was happening in a way he would understand. He takes her word above everyone else's and would cut ties with Ramona immediately if he thought there was any threat to his relationship with Amy... as we see. All of this really just seems like a testament to their relationship and just how much they love/need each other.
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    Another thing I realized with this season.... 10.1 Amy starts to stand and says "It's happening" 10.24 Tag scene....yes Amy, it's REALLY HAPPENING!!!
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    I hope the writers would write some individual plots for Leonard, and Penny, then write them as a couple. So we could all put that "Leonard and Penny don't have anything in common, so they should break up" nonsense to death. With Leonard, they could write more plots about his career, his friendship with Sheldon, Howard, Raj, etc. Even "his twisted relationship with Beverly" plots are much better than the Lenny fights in Season 10. Beverly is a fantastic character, I really want to see her more. Hope when Christine Baranski is not busy with the shooting of The Good Fight, she can come back. With Penny, especially her career, God, I want to say "put up or shut up, writers!" If you really want to change Penny's career, then please do something, write some plots for it; or if you don't want to change it, then please stop saying "Penny isn't happy about her job". Penny COULD be happy about her job, she COULD even be really good at her job, and we COULD see some interesting plots about her job, it was YOU who kept saying she hates her job, and then YOU didn't do anything about it. It's difficult, but I'm still hopeful for Leonard, and Penny, and Lenny.
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    I loved that Raj vacated the hallway, realizing he couldn't compete with Shamy's dirty talk, and Penny so intrigued she wanted to continue eaves-dropping. Hilarious! I wanted to add that when Sheldon tried to let her know he wasn't tricking her with "interest", Amy let him know she didn't think that. I love the way she tried to reassure him that she knew what he wanted to do was from his heart and not some form of manipulation. Also, Kudos to Sheldon for realizing that Amy does have physical needs and cravings he won't be there to fulfill. I love her comment that "she is willing to risk it.". This for me gives evidence that while she enjoys the physical aspect of her relationship, there are other factors about Sheldon that draw her to him, his mind and that he needs her. That is why a Skype conversation for them may as well be as sex via internet. The fact is Amy is going to be so focused on her work and is so in love with Sheldon, she knows she is safe.
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    Here's a scenario of why I think maybe Sheldon had the ring in his pocket (because I can't see him carrying it around in case he feels the time is right to propose when Amy's not even there and is in fact clear across the country). What Penny had told him the night before and what everyone else was hinting at and Amy's discomfort (remember he's not completely clueless when his friends are trying to tell him something), he thought about it all night and planned on confronting Ramona and asking her flat out. What he was probably thinking of if she said that yes, she was interested in him romantically, he would list the reasons why he couldn't get involved with her that way and if she still didn't take no for an answer, he'd show her the ring he was planning on giving to his girlfriend. But instead she physically refused to take no for an answer and it freaked him out to the point he figured he's going to propose to Amy anyway and this woman was clearly not taking no for an answer so why not nip it all in the bud right now? Thoughts?