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    Here’s the long summary. If you prefer lots of surprises, obviously skip this. Plenty of stuff is missing and/or may be mixed up. Some things are hard to describe, like Dr. Wolcott’s oddities and Amy’s reactions/physical comedy, so you’ll just have to wait and see on those aspects. I’ll post my own opinions and try to answer any questions anyone has sometime later, since I don’t have time now. “The Reclusive Potential” Main cast in 4A: Sheldon receives a letter from Dr. Wolcott, a fellow scientist whose work he is interested in since it may be vital to his string theory research. Wolcott is someone the guys are all aware of, and he has a reputation for being very weird. Amy wants Leonard to keep an eye on Sheldon so that he doesn’t have to go alone to meet the creepy man in his secluded cabin in the forest, and she can’t do so herself due to her scheduled bachelorette party weekend. Penny (possibly Bernadette?) wants Wolowitz to go and keep an eye on Leonard. Raj assumes he’ll be asked to keep an eye on Howard and the ladies quickly agree since they know he’ll otherwise insist on coming to the bachelorette party. Sheldon and Amy in bed 4B: Sheldon is concerned about Amy and her upcoming party. She does think things might get a bit wild, since it is Penny who has planned it. He reminds Amy to use protection. She’s not sure exactly what it is that he thinks she’ll be doing. He just wants her to be careful, and if they’re outside, he knows how easily her skin burns in the sun. Amy hugs him and thinks it’s sweet that he’s worried. All 4 guys in Leonard’s car: There’s some more discussion of Dr. Wolcott. Then Wolowitz (or Raj?) jokes that it’s going to be a weird bachelor party. Leonard tells them that Sheldon insisted on not having a bachelor party, and Sheldon explains that the traditional hedonistic aspects of such parties do not appeal to him. The girls going into 4A: Penny and Bernadette guide a blindfolded Amy into 4A and reveal the apartment filled with quilting supplies/sewing machine and tea to drink. Amy tries to act pleased/excited. Though it’s kind of obvious that she isn’t, the girls don’t seem to notice. The guys at Dr. Wolcott’s cabin: Wolcott is a suspicious man who lives alone and is solely focused on his theories. He is constantly worried that someone will try to steal his work. After opening his numerous door locks and questioning the presence of the other 3 guys, he lets them in and collects their phones. He shows them some notebooks with his work, which are written backwards and have the letters and numbers inverted. Sheldon thinks the guy is great. The girls in 4A: Amy is sewing a quilt piece on the sewing machine while Bernadette and Penny are having tea on the couch. After a short while, Amy stands up and says ‘what the hell?’ She seems hurt and asks the girls if they really think that she is this boring. They decide to take her out to a bar so that she can have the wild night of poor decision making that she was expecting. Bernadette recommends body shots off of hot guys’ chests. Amy is enthused. The girls at the bar: Amy asks what body shots actually are. When Penny explains it’s like taking a shot out of a guy’s belly button, Amy finds the idea unappealing. Cut to 12 minutes later at the bar: Amy is passed out slumped over in her seat with her face smooshed against the bar. Bernadette wonders if they should carry her home already. Penny decides they should stay and finish their drinks and food. The guys at Dr. Wolcott’s cabin: They are all impressed with Wolcott’s work and the extent of his productivity. Once again, someone makes a comment about Sheldon’s odd bachelor party, and when the topic of marriage comes up, Dr. Wolcott explains that he is also married. The guys ask if she is there, if she is alive, and if she is visible to other people. He explains that she lives in Munich and they have a long distance relationship. They send birthday cards once a year and otherwise focus entirely on their work. He recommends cutting out all outside distractions to Sheldon if he wants to succeed at his work. Intrigued, Sheldon says he had never considered a long distance marriage. Wolcott suggests dinner, either rabbit or squirrel, and asks if they can tell the difference. He leaves to go hunting. Once he’s gone, Leonard asks/tells Sheldon that he’s not really considering any of that, right? Sheldon says no, he is not, and sounds a bit surprised at his own quick and certain answer. Howard says that it makes sense because Sheldon has friends, a fiancée, a full life. Sheldon agrees with Wolowitz and says he’s ready to go home. He misses Amy and sees no reason to further tempt himself with some strange man’s alluring math. (2nd take, he misses Amy and his phone). Also, he is from Texas and can definitely tell the difference between rabbit and squirrel. The girls back to 4A: Amy startles awake from where she is passed out on the couch. She guesses what must’ve happened and says that she is ‘so lame’ for passing out at her own bachelorette party. The girls claim that Amy did a bunch of wild stuff first, and make up some stories about it, one of which involves her Riverdancing on the bar countertop. Amy seems embarrassed, yet pleased, and she believes them even though she doesn’t think she knows how to Riverdance. Still embarrassed, she asks about pictures, and they assure her they wouldn’t do that to her. She says they are good friends. Cut to a slideshow of pictures: passed out Amy at the bar, in the car, and on the couch with Penny and Bernadette posing with her. Back at the cabin: Dr. Wolcott discovers the guys have left. Then he wonders if they were ever there at all. Then he wonders if they are actually on their way over now, and decides to tidy up. It’s a train of thought that matches with his multiple time dimensions theory. Tag, Sheldon and Amy in 4B: Hungover Amy is buttering her toast when Sheldon comes in. He walks over to say hello and kisses her cheek. She asks about his trip, and he tells her it was of great help for his work. Then he asks her if she will still love him if she finds out that he isn’t the work-obsessed, hyper-focused genius that she thought he was. She says that she will, then asks if he will still love her if she’s not the straight-laced, buttoned-down quilting woman that he thinks she is. What if she’s really a Riverdancing wild woman? He agrees that he will love her anyway. They share a kiss. Then Sheldon asks if she even knows how to Riverdance. Amy gets up, they exchange weird flirty looks, and she demonstrates her Riverdance. Looking very interested, Sheldon insists that she not do that for any other man, and Amy looks proud of herself. -I can’t remember if the 2 Shamy kisses in the tag were in the first take because I was laughing so much at Amy’s Riverdance. I know that what’s above is accurate for at least the second take.
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    Sorry my brief summary turned into a bit of a novel. I will post it below. I was nice being at the 250 episode, There were quite a few VIPs. The Big Bang scholars were there and they will probably post pics later. I got moved down to sit with them as they had someone that couldn't attend. Put me in the second row right in front of 4a. Didn't get the green band to go on set though. Kaley had her Dad as usual and Karl plus his Mum and other family. Johnny got a bit emotional about the 250 episodes when they gave there talk to the audience. Lots of hugs all around when they finished. Everyone was talking to each other between takes “The Tenants Disassociation” Story by Steve Holland, Jeremy Howe and Trevor Alper Teleplay by Dave Goetsch, Eric Kaplan and Maria Ferrari A longer summary of tonight taping than I had planned. I am not good at remembering dialogue verbatim sorry. Two plots Sheldon/Leonard and the tenants association and Raj and Howard and a drone Cold open with everyone except Penny in 4a having Chinese. Penny comes in with a pastrami sandwich from a food truck parked outside the building. Banter about how everyone should eat Chinese food as it is Friday, Amy brings up how some Chinese name invented the sandwich and Sheldon is no it was the Earl of Sandwich and Penny is oh the food truck is the Pearl of Sandwich I just get it. Howard says that smells nice I am going down to get one, more argumentative banter and Bernadette is I am going to get one as well and lets not come back. Amy and Sheldon are discussing the Chinese inventing it and Penny, Raj and Leonard leave as well. Sheldon doesn’t want to discuss it anymore as he is eating, funny comments about discussing it later as he talks in his sleep. He look at his food wrapped in a ? some bread/pancake wrap and says to Amy maybe you are right and she notices there is no one left to hear it. This scene was shot multiple times with a few subtle changes in dialogue and a few quick pick-ups. Follow up scene in 4B with Sheldon looking out the window at the food truck and complaining about how nice it smells. He likes fat and salt as much as the next man. Some dialogue about having to control himself with a rigid plan. Amy say I will go down and ask them to move. He say why are you taking cash with you. The next two scenes were pre-recorded. Raj and Howard are in the hot tub in Howard’s back yard. Some funny dialogue about Raj borrowing Howards swim trunks and Howard not wanting them back. Howard goes to get out and notices something in the bushes. A crashed drone. They discuss if Howard can fix it. A later scene has them flying it and Bernadette coming out and saying have they tried to find out who it belongs to. They sheepishly say they have (but they haven’t). She suggests that they look at the video data card. Penny comes home and says the food truck is no longer there. Leonard says that is what happens to food truck they move. She is no someone complained about the food truck to the tenants association and it can no longer park there. Leonard is who would do… oh. Next scene outside in the hall. Penny and Leonard say to Sheldon did you complain to the tenants association and he is Yes. Penny says well I am going to send an email complaining about you which she does. Sheldon’s phone alerts and they are “Are you the tenants association” Yes. Wow you should use spellcheck changed later to Pastrami doesn’t have a Y in it. Can’t remember if this comes before or after but Raj, Howard and Bernadette are in the kitchen looking at some shaky footage of a lovely girl flying the drone when it goes blank. They play it back so Bernadette can look at it to see if she can see anything. Howard says that she is good at picking up continuity issues in films which is not annoying at all. She spots a badge from the comic book store. Raj wants Howard to zoom in so he can get a closer look. Howard bring the tablet up close to Rajs face and he is I know you did that to be annoying but it helps. Penny and Leonard are confronting Sheldon in 4B about the tenants association and who made him President. He says he called a meeting, he was the only one who attended and he voted himself in. Amy comes in and says why didn’t you tell me. He says I wanted you to love the man not the position or something similar. Penny and Leonard want to hold a meeting to vote him out. The read the minutes brief Sheldon had a meeting in the shower adjourned after he got shampoo in his eye. Penny and Leonard vote a motion of no confidence but Amy doesn’t want to vote to annoy her fiancé, her best friend or Leonard who gave her a battery to replace her with no strings attached. Sheldon wins when he says she can join him next time he has a meeting in the shower. The shot this scene a few times with a few muck ups and some minor re-writes. You then see Amy coming over to 4A to apologise but says she can’t go against Sheldon over something so minor as a sandwich. But all they need is someone else from the building to vote against him and they did not get the idea from her. In fact Sheldon though she had to go back to the market so she is taking things from their fridge. Three pre-recorded scenes with Leonard and Penny going to the other tenants asking them to vote for him not Sheldon. One is a man they introduce themselves to. He says we have meet when I moved in, they are like yes a few months ago he is no two years and I invited you to my house-warming and got a lot of food in. The next says he can’t vote against Sheldon as Sheldon has got a restraining order against him for locking Sheldon on the roof three times. The next is Mrs Petrescu who they have a funny mis-understood conversation with due to her poor English. Back to 4B where Sheldon is making posters . One saying the only people this tall can use the washing machine and he is going to put it up high so Leonard cant wash is clothes and people won’t vote for someone who smells when they have a non- smelling alternative. Amy says she is a neuroscientist and have a lunatic for finance reflects badly on her. Raj and Howard are at the comic book store having Stuart look at the drone footage. Stuart is yes I know her and not every female who stops coming to the store is because of him. Howard is but she did and Stuart is yes all I tried to do was change my smile (They filmed this a few time with Stuart doing various smiles) the final take had Howard saying that was ghoulish. They ask if Stuart has her contact details and while he goes to look Raj asks/begs Howard to let him take the drone back to her. Sheldon and Amy are having a meal when Leonard and Penny come in. They have found out that when the swapped apartments Amy took over Penny’s lease and Sheldon was taken off 4A and Penny added, but Sheldon was not added to 4B so he is not a tenant and so cannot be on the tenants committee. Amy is I don’t know how they found out that information(she told them) but that is what has to happen. Sheldon is as much as I like a legal technicality this doesn’t work as California has a law that if you live somewhere for 30 days you are a tenant. Amy is I vote for Leonard. Sheldon is how could you, u she is you can’t handle the minimal power. He is well now I am not President I can be a critic and bring up points etc. She says you will be good at that. Leonard is What have I done. Pre-recorded Raj drops off the drone at the attractive owners place and gets her phone number. Contacts her straight away. Howard is I can’t believe you got her number. Tag is her watching footage from the drone of Raj and Howard flying it. Raj is making inappropriate comments about dating her and she closes her laptop.
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    Short summary: ”The Reclusive Potential” Penny and Bernadette surprise Amy with a quilting bee bachelorette party, complete with tea to drink. When they discover it’s not the wild night of poor decision making that Amy had wanted, they take her to a bar. The guys accompany Sheldon to visit Dr. Walcott, an unusual, reclusive man who lives in a cabin in the woods. Alone, hyper-focused on his work, and kinda crazy, he has done some work that will help Sheldon in his string theory efforts. Not a bachelor party in any typical sense (Sheldon didn’t want one), meeting Dr. Wolcott nevertheless provides one last look at a life Sheldon might’ve once thought ideal. This is a funny and sweet episode, IMO, and I don’t think the short summary really conveys that, so I’ll try to write out something better tomorrow.
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    To those who asked, I did have a great time at this taping, thank you. My opinion is no doubt highly colored by seeing it live, but I think it’s my favorite episode of this season. It was a very friendship-focused episode, imo, and it was especially nice to have some scenes for the girls again. Both Penny and Bernadette were excellent friends to Amy, particularly Penny who planned things. The quilting party was Penny’s idea, and came from her thinking about what she thought Amy would love. When it turned out that Amy’s expectations were different, she and Bernadette shifted gears and made it happen. Specifically, I think that what Amy wanted was the experience of feeling like she had a wild night, kind of like early seasons Amy, who didn’t want to miss out on things. But I’m not so sure that Amy truly wanted to do some of those things, you know? So her friends lying about the evening was kind of ideal. Amy got to feel like she had a wild night without actually having to do anything that would’ve made her uncomfortable. I think it was a good friendship episode for the guys too, having each others’ backs to go meet the crazy physicist in the woods. It wasn’t a bachelor party per se, but if you think of the spirit of a bachelor party, I think this seems appropriate for Sheldon. His bachelor days weren’t filled with drinking, partying, and women; his bachelor days were filled with the delusion that he was fine on his own and with his aspirations of a life solely focused on work. One last look at that makes a lot more sense than a traditional party. I’m not someone who likes everything that the writers do, but I have to give them credit here because I thought it was a clever way of doing a ‘bachelor party’ for Sheldon.
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    The discussion thread is open again. Please stop the petty squabbling. Arguing over which characters "TPTB" care about, or don't, is a tedious debate which only ever leads to back and forth attacks. Nobody can "win" such a debate, but those who play that game end up trying desperately not to lose. Stop it.
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    Hi Just back to the hotel after the taping. Great lighthearted funny episode. The Tenant Disassociation. i will type up a summary may take me a while
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    Good evening, night and morning! Thank you for your good taping wishes which were very nice! Soon I will learn how to link your names or someone please teach me I am going to let you off the hook here right now for I am afraid that I do not have such good news for Shamy fans. This taping of Feb 21st, 2018: 1118 “The Gates Excitation” ... braise yourselves ... did not have any Shamy scene in it at all But do not be sad. I brought you back some information I believe was speculated about before but was never validated. We got to see 1116 “The Neonatal Nomenclature” before the taping and it started with a scene in the cafeteria where Sheldon actually confirms that he had coitus with Amy 4 times in total (which we all counted as well: 3 birthdays and the Princeton one). So it seems like they are really kind of waiting which is so extremely sweet and actually, yes, very Shamy :-) I will put together a small taping report tomorrow and post it in the discussion thread. Nightie
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    I did have a great time and would encourage anyone who is thinking of going to go while they still can. I think I have come away with a greater appreciation of the skills of all the actors. I know it is their job and they are highly paid but coping with the multiple quick changes of script, repeating the scenes, picking up the scene half way through it was great to see. Also seeing where they hide their scripts, Johnny in the kitchen and Jim in the fridge, they all seemed to genuinely get on watching them all talk and laugh together but also giving each other space when they were obviously going over lines in their head. But most of all it was fun.
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    Hi guys, here is my report on 1118 “The Gates Excitation”. Please note that I have tried to write it in a neutral style and did not want to give all the information away. The episode is actually quite funny so I decided to leave most of the jokes for you to enjoy when the episode is being aired. I hope this is okay. I think there are already enough spoilers in this. The episode starts in 4A with Penny telling everyone that Bill Gates will visit her work place and she gets to spend a whole day with him on April 1st. Everyone is excited about it but Sheldon, who is almost convinced that it is an April fools’ day joke. In the next scene Lenny talk about how cool Bill Gates visit really is. Next we are in Howardette’s living room and see Steward leaving with the kids to go to the park and Amy and Bernadette getting to spend some time together. Bernie is torn between her roles as a mother and a working person. Amy tries to help and suggests that they could go eat something but they end up finishing an episode of Bob the Builder first. In the next scene Penny finds Sheldon in the laundry room where he is still not convinced that the Bill Gates story is true. In a pretaped restaurant scene Amy tries to talk with Bernie about something other than children. Back in 4A Penny tells Leonard, Howard and Raj that she needs to go to work to prepare her day with Gates. Leonard comments that it is a Sunday but then Penny shows him the schedule on her phone and says it is very tight. The guys try to convince her to get them an autograph which she declines. After Penny left Leonard reveals that he saw the hotel where Gates is staying so they all follow her. In a pretaped scene we see the guys nursing drinks in the hotel lobby when Leonard spots Gates and rushes to greet him. Back in Howardette’s living room Bernie still contemplates her life while Amy gently tries to make her realise her behavioural changes. On the stairwell (pretaped) Leonard shows Sheldon a picture of himself and Gates and says Gates is staying in a hotel in Thousand Oaks so Sheldon is immediately off. When Leonard arrives in 4A, Penny surprises him with the fact that she has arranged a reception where Leonard gets to meet Gates. Back in Howardette’s living room we hear Bernie reading a story to the kids. Next Howard, Raj and Leonard are in the Comic Book Store without Stewart when Sheldon enters to confront Leonard that Gates wasn’t staying in Thousand Oaks. When Leonard mentions the Double Tree in Long Beach, Sheldon is immediately off again. When Penny is about to leave for the reception, Leonard is sick on the couch so she leaves without him. In another pretaped restaurant scene (sorry, I can’t remember when that took place) Bernie tries to show to Amy that she can actually talk about something other than motherhood. In a pretaped scene Penny video calls Leonard with Bill Gates in tow. In the last scene the entrance door of 4A has a sign “I am sorry” which Sheldon finds (first) and thinks it is Leonard’s way of apologising to him. Leonard has arranged for a romantic dinner with candles, roses and food. Sheldon appreciates it and asks “What’s for dinner”? or something like that.
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    Reminder: This thread only allows positive discussion about Shamy. If you don't dig the Shamy:
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    I attended tonight’s taping. We were unaware of Stephen Hawking’s passing. I’m not sure if the cast or crew knew at that time (we got out at 9:30), but I didn’t see any signs of anyone being aware. Hawking was not in any pretaped scenes for this episode.
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    From Alex Ayers' IG stories Scripts for episode #250 (which will be taped next week) ready to print for the table read tomorrow, I guess.
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    Hi 2L344, great news. We were able to dig some more information out of our brains. My husband says Bill Gates is visiting because the Bill Gates foundation works with pharmacy companies to provide cheap pharmaceutical to poor people/nations. So he wants to talk to Penny’s company. Hope this helps
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    Good PST morning all, can’t sleep as I am still so excited Shamies always get information first so after letting last nights events sink in, I think we did get something to go on. It is not much, but it is something! The Episode took place on and around April 1st so that leaves us with being six weeks before the wedding on May 12th, correct? Here is a tiny subject off topic but I’d like to say it. If you are a true fan of the Big Bang Theory and haven’t been to a taping yet, go! Convince your respective partners, friends and family that it is THE place for you to be. Arrange your schedule to meet taping dates, save money, plan the trip, rob a bank , plan a wedding or anniversary and move your world, it IS worth it. It is something you will hold dearly for the rest of your life! Will work in the report now; that might take a while. Will try to write it in a neutral style so that everyone can make up their own minds. Hope you are okay with that. Please feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them
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    Yes it was fun with some good dialogue. I think you always enjoy the ones you watch being taped. Will be interesting to see how it turns out after editing etc
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    Behind the scenes everyone seemed in positive spirits and had lots of good energy, which is why I don't think anyone knew about Stephen Hawking yet. Melissa Rauch had a tough time getting out one of her lines about the body shots. She joked that her teacup was actually full of straight bourbon (or something along those lines). There were at least 3 different spots where the actors had to wait extra long for the audience to stop laughing. One being a Raj moment followed by a joke from Leonard, the other 2 being in the tag scene. Watching the actors' facial expressions during these long moments that they have to wait makes it even funnier. I think they always shorten those waits in editing, but it's a fun aspect of watching a live taping, and hopefully a good sign of a funny episode. The bar scene with James Maslow was pre-taped. I think he only had a line or two, but I'm not sure. We only see the pre-taped scenes once, so I don't tend to remember those as well as the live scenes which are shot at least twice. I don't believe he was present at the actual taping.
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    A nice follow up by you @RJ1013 . From your posts about the episode, I agree regarding the friendships for both Amy and Sheldon. That Penny and Bernadette planned something that they would never in a million years want to do themselves was extremely thoughtful and that they readilly switched gears also points to a true friendship. The same can be said for the guys. The traditional bachelor party is definitely NOT something Sheldon would enjoy. That he was able to look at "what might have been" had he not met and fell in love with Amy was a nice touch. I'm glad that you enjoyed your experience. It is wonderful that you can call the episode you personally witnessed being created in front of the cameras your favorite. Thank you for all your posts that shared your time with TBBT!
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    Sheldon's thoughts during Amy's riverdance "How long till our honeymoon again? Wowza I can't wait." Seriously, I love this TR. The tag scene really stood out to me and here's why. First off, a lovely good morning cheek kiss and then a more passionate one, yes thank you. Second, while it was sweet to hear Amy say she'll always love Sheldon even if he's not a hyper focused successful scientist, we've heard that before. Here we get the other side too. Amy, while still holding on to her interests and just as socially awkward, isn't always going to be that serious well behaved person. AKA the person she was when sheldon met her, and we got to hear him reassure her that he'll still love her. The reassurance wasn't one sided. That, to me, is what transcends this episode from a great one, to a exceptional one. I am really excited to see it.
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    Nothing major. We sang happy birthday to a lady in? Wardrobe. Someone in the audience was laughing and crying at the same time when demonstrating to Mark Sweet her laugh and Kunal came up and gave her a hug. All the cast were interacting with each other looked like both serious and laughing conversations. When waiting for action in the hallway Johnny straightened Jims tshirt. Everyone hugged everyone else cast and producers and crew at the end of the taping. Everyone clapped the BBT scolars when Mark introduced them
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    Too exciting!!! I have not looked at subsequent posts, so this is probably already out there, but it looks like the top floor of 2311 North Los Robles with the elevator there in the center with the stairway to the lower floors on the right. Apartment doors on either side with a doorway leading to the rooftop!! So excited!!! #250EpisodeTheBigBangTheory
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    Yes, exactly! I know some Lenny fans will be disappointed at the lack of scenes for that couple in this episode. Assuming that these fans enjoy the characters of Leonard and Penny individually, I hope they'll be willing to look at this episode for what it is instead of hating it for what it isn't. Otherwise those fans will miss out on some nice moments of friendship. I've always felt that Leonard and Penny's enduring friendships with the odd (and often difficult) Sheldon and Amy is part of what makes them so endearing and part of what shows us, the audience, a lot of their best and kindest character traits.
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    Was on the WB studio tour today. The sets I could see apart from the normal ones were the comic book store and Howardettes kitchen. Couldn't see anything of the one being painted. Looking forward to the taping.
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    Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer visited Kaley on the BBT set. I guess the episode with Gates is the one taped tonight. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bfd86ZwFGE0/
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    From Deadline Hollywood Bill Gates To Guest Star In ‘The Big Bang Theory’ The billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist will appear as himself in an episode to air later in March. When Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hosts Gates at work, the guys do everything in their power to meet him. <full article in the link>
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    I love their development, always wanted some of the things we see them experiencing now. Everyone knows development and progressing their story along is what gets me excited and hooked. For me as a Shamy we are getting the best of both worlds now, still nerdy and brainy together but also in a relationship that is more intimate and loving. I just think they are in the perfect place right now and I think you clearly see that in them. They just look happier. This episode we just learned about has both of them reflecting on what they were like back then and what were their desires and priorities were back then. And by the end of the episode what conclusion did they come to? That they are better off and happier now than they were back then and that they love their lives.
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    I was wondering why Jim was doing a bit of a riverdance styled dance on Instagram earlier in the week. Now we possibly know why, because Mayim had to do it and he was presumably giving it a go lol
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    From Warner Channel via their official Twitter account Source: https://twitter.com/WarnerChannelLA/status/970788545899069440
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    Here's why there's the 5th fIoor as a set for the next episode http://tvline.com/2018/03/02/lucifer-season-3-spoilers-lucifer-chloe-pierce-triangle/ Any scoop on what will transpire on The Big Bang Theory this spring? —Mario Although it seems as if Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy are the only residents of their multi-story, elevator-challenged apartment building, the fact is they do have other neighbors. And we’ll meet a few of them in an upcoming episode. “Sheldon and Leonard are vying for the head of the Tenants’ Association,” showrunner Steve Holland teases of the plot. “And Leonard has to go knock on some apartment doors to do some politicking.”
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    You are welcome Well, Leonard goes behind Penny’s back when they go to the hotel to try to meet Gates which he didn’t tell her. That is why he “had to be” sick for the reception because he had already met Gates
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    Promotional photos for episode 11.19 "The Tenant Disassociation" are up on CBS Press Express. (sorry, geo-blocked) Source: cbspressexpress.com
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    ^^^ I’m at least delighted to see our "Girl Sprouts" in action again.
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    I'm glad none of the "parties", not sure we can call Sheldon's one a party, was full of characters, those episodes (Sheldon's birthday, for example) usually turn out to be very disappointing, as no one gets to say more than 3 lines and all you have are very quick and uninteresting scenes.
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    The constant push and pull between the two of them in the first half of the series (Seasons 1-4) was the real story of The Big Bang Theory. It is what (in my opinion) sold the show into syndication. They each had a need for the other with Penny unable to admit it. The substitutes of Stuart and David Underhill. Her barely hidden disdain for Leslie Winkle, Dr. Stephanie, Dr. Plimpton and Mrs. Latham. All these and more point to the eventual togetherness as endgame ahead of (and again, in my opinion) and more intensely than any others. I could go on and on, but not sure this is the thread for that. Someone else may be "The Power Couple of Pasadena", but there is only one couple in TBBT that does it for me, Dr. & Mrs. L. Hofstadter....
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    Happy new episode day, everyone!
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    'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Episode 16 Recap: Bernadette Gives Birth to a Baby Boy A few more proceeding thoughts from Steve Holland: Glamour "But for us, we don’t want the gravity of the show to shift to just being a family sitcom about home life and kids. I mean, that’s definitely a part of it and their characters, but it’s not where the show lives."
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    The one-month hiatus is over. Happy New Episode Day, everyone!
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    A pic from the comic book store set from Ashley Jones' IG. I guess it was taken at the day of the taping for the Gates episode. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bflr6mglEBo/
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    Just finished watching next week's episode. Bernie was hilarious throughout, especially in the yoga scene with Penny. I've missed her with her having so little screentime this season. Now about to watch next week's Young Sheldon.
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    I just found out tonight that I've been cast in "The Grapes of Wrath" at a local theatre. For those familiar with the novel (or movie) I'll be playing Pa Joad, Tom's father. I will have to cut my hair and almost shave completely. I'm 62 and the part calls for 50, which I can pull off without a beard (actually I will get to keep some stubble, to look grizzled). For those who are not aware of what this means, here is a reference.
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    Episode title: "The Gates Excitation" Thanks @Silver1984
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    I thought I open a separate thread for Paleyfest 2018 (like the one here), where we can discuss and post articles from the internet or things from social media, related to this year's appearance of TBBT at the event on March 21, 7:30 pm. Since all regular cast members are scheduled to appear we can probably expect some stuff. https://media.paleycenter.org/paleyfest-la-2018-lineup/
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    In her IG stories Mayim has just said next week episode wiII be (aIso) about bachelor/bacheIorette parties for Shamy
  47. 12 points
    I hope it's not a crowded episode, TBH, fuII of guest stars Iike the 200th one was; it might be the Iast milestone in the show, so I'd Iove to see the core cast being celebrated properIy
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    Lets thank the person for giving us this information and be thankful for what they gave. These people that go don't owe us anything Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Well, as you might be able to read between the lines there are again some serious topics which they address so they taped some of the scenes three times and changed some of the lines; I guess in order to make it still funny. Me likey I am all in for character growth. And I think they are doing a good job given the fact that there is only so much they can do in a comedy show. The pizza was cold again so no news here
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    Hi guys! Burbank here we come :-) There is nothing more romantic or exiting than spending your holiday in a US parking lot
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