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    Now, when all has been said and all has been done, I’m looking at Penny and parenthood as a journey of development. Like other things, becoming a mother was something far in the future for her. After some scares in her youth, she settled into a “yeah, someday” mentality, which suited her. Until. Until she started thinking. About marrying Leonard. About changing careers. When she thought about how they may no longer be “young and fun” I think her considerations went into overdrive. A way to stay young may be not becoming a parent. A change in her view has occurred again now that she is expecting. We did not get to see the process, but I for one imagine a lovely and loving long conversation between Penny and Leonard, where all is laid out. All is said between them and what their future holds. They always do seem to arrive there at the point of non return. Of revealing things to themselves, together, that had been hidden. That had been unsaid. The true beauty of their relationship and the totality of their love of each other was on display late in season 12. Penny’s complete support of Leonard v Beverly in episode 22 (this followed her worry, tempered support and joy and happiness for him in his professional decision and the results in episode 20) and finally their extremely evident love and devotion in episodes 23 & 24. So, to Penny, Leonard is a “veritable Mack daddy” and together, they will have “smart and beautiful babies”....
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    From US Weekly official YouTube channel
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    Happy Birthday, Jim!
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    From usmagazine.com Kaley Cuoco Says ‘Big Bang Theory’ Costar and Ex Johnny Galecki Is a Great Dad: ‘He’s Always Wanted to Have a Baby’
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    (2 pictures) Kaley for Starbucks "Shine from the Start" Spring Campaign gettyimages.com gettyimages.com
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    I missed it, but Happy Belated Birthday Tony.
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    Thanks you all for the birthday wishes. Hope all is good. I haven't posted on here for awhile, due to not having much to share, but do lurk. Stay safe. [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
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    Happiest of birthdays @Tonstar17 ! I hope all is well with you and yours in these strange times. TKe care and be well. Celebrate! Enjoy! 🎉🎁🎂
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    Happy Birthday @Tonstar17. Hopefully your day is great with many, many more to come.
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    None of them! That's the whole appeal of the show. The unpopular nerd wins the popular girl story has been a theme in dozens of movies and shows throughout time. Penny would never go for Leonard IRL. People enjoy it because it’s a fantasy. Penny could have found an attractive AND nice man easily over all those years. There are actually plenty of them out there. Contrary to what we see on Big Bang. They are missing onscreen for a reason. Penny also managed to quickly lose all her normal friends and start friendships with Bernadette and Amy. Neither of which she would hang out with IRL. The other relationships on the show are just built round Penny and Leonard for convenience and to give longevity to the franchise. The whole point was only really to match up Penny and Leonard and the rest were extras. They made a lot of people happy doing it so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.
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    Link to the podcast: https://themakedown.com/episodes/kaley-cuoco/
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    A new "Cup Of Cuoco"
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    Very glad to see they keep in contact. There has not been much publicly recently on their friendship
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    From shape.com How Kaley Cuoco Wakes Up Before the Crack of Dawn
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    More interviews... From US Weekly official YouTube channel From extratv official YouTube channel
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    From people.com Kaley Cuoco Says She's Moving in with Husband Karl Cook Next Month: 'We Are Going Steady' From Access official YouTube channel
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    What you say has merit but these are very close friends with really no secrets between them. I think what Leonard was really annoyed at was Sheldon being his usual self without concern for anyone else feelings. But now that I think of it he actually doesn't have or know what feelings to express. Leonard always gives Sheldon the benefit of the doubt and I guess in this instance he was hurt that Sheldon never reciprocates in kind.
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    A new "Cup Of Cuoco"
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    Thanks Rick. Stay safe. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
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    I would never have let Sheldon and Penny become close friends. They were much funnier when they were sniping at each other. I didn't think they worked as close friends.
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    I have to disagree. As I've stated several times before, one of the reasons I was so in tune with Lenny, is simply because the early seasons (say through season six) closely matched what happened in my life. I was very much like Leonard, through my teens and early 20s. Wargaming, chess, science and science fiction, were all there. About the only thing that wasn't the same, was video gaming, simply because it didn't exist at the time. I was taking programming class, at the local college, while in high school. Women were something I was not comfortable with. I found one line of Penny's extremely pertinent. "Leonard would look at the ceiling or down at his shoes." That was a good example of me with women in my teens and early 20s. Then I met my wife through friends who lived next to her. We hung out with the gang, became friends, started dating, broke up, dated others and got back together. If we had simply met somewhere, or I had finally become able to ask her out without knowing her, I'm not sure we would be together. I know Lenny's chafe at the idea that he wore her down, (I hate it myself, because there was a lot more to it than that). But, I could see "wearing her down" as a shorthand of her simply being around him a lot, which enable them to get to know each other better, Her losing her friends did (and does) bother me a bit. I'm not sure IRL, that she would have abandoned her other friends, even if she did get with Leonard. I know my wife didn't lose her friends, well, until I went into the Air Force and we left our town. Oh, I agree with this. But, I think they did it rather well, (if a bit too fast for me, in the case of Howard and Bernie.
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    Happy birthday @gsxdoug. Here's hoping you have a great day with many more to come!
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    How a woman's breasts look can be changed by what they are wearing over the bra, the type and size of their bras, whether it's a push up or not, how low the cut of what they are wearing is. I can find some some photos from season one that make her look much bigger than photos from the last season. You would pretty much have to make comparisons from similar clothes, and similar shots and angles to prove anything. I really can't see any kind difference between early seasons and later seasons. Not to mention, having rather openly admitted to having enhancement surgery, there would be no reason to hide a second such surgery.
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    Happy 85th Birthday to Judd Hirsch
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    All thumbs up, @hokie3457
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    Very true However, she still never said she did not want kids at all.
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    Similar inconsistency, regarding Leonard's snoring. From the Einstein Approximation (Season 3, Episode 14):- Sheldon: Oh, by the way, I was watching you sleep for a moment, and I noticed that your snoring seems to be worse when you're on your back. Penny: Leonard doesn't snore. Sheldon: I wasn't talking to Leonard. From The Septum Deviation (Season 8 Episode 09):- Leonard: Because I can’t breathe. I snore, I get sinus infections. Penny: Yeah, back off, he’s all mine. Sheldon: But you don’t have a life-threatening condition. Why would you take the risk of surgery? Amy: Sheldon, it’s a routine procedure, I’ve heard you complain about his snoring. Sheldon: Yes, for the first five or six years, but I’ve gotten used to it. It helps me sleep. He’s like my mucus-powered white noise machine.
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    She definitely beautiful in the morning.
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    We keep coming back to Pennys no kids declaration. If I can recall Penny never in the whole series said she did not want kids until the infamous 12x3 episode which started this whole topic. If the writers only would have inserted one damn episode whereby Penny expresses to Leonard why she did not want kids and when she got pregnant how she felt about it this whole debate would not be discussed. But the writers simply chose to ignore it until the finale.
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    The way I've looked at it, was simply the writers were planning on some more seasons, and didn't want to deal with the questions of another pregnancy, so, they used 12x03 to push that idea off to another season, ignoring the previous expressions of Penny saying she wanted them. Then, they found out that it was to be the last season, so I'm sure the question was how do we do this(as they mentioned the thought was to have Penny pregnant in the final)? The Zack episodes severed two purposes. First, it was a way to bring Zack back for the final season(and a way to get Wyatt back, again). In 12X15, they showed that although Penny claimed she didn't want kids, she seemed a bit unsure, with Wyatt nudging her, at the end of episode. Part of it (again, I think) was also her seeing how far Leonard was willing to go to have a kid, even if he wouldn't be around for it . However, Leonard changed his mind about that in 12X15, interestingly he announced it, just after Penny expressed being upset at disappointing the two most important men in her lives. I see it as Penny may not have wanted kids, but when she found out she was pregnant, she embraced it. Now, did they do a good job handling this? Nope, I don't think so, no way. However, once 12X03 was canon, changing it was going to be a process, and this is what they came up with. It felt, to me, as clumsy as the resolution to 4X24 and 7X09 (Transmogrification and Decoupling, for those not playing at home). I'm using my thoughts on this on my next fan fic. Is my interpretation the only possible one? Nope, I don't think so, no way. But, it makes sense to me, and I'm writing it. The story starts on the night of the Nobel announcement, and continues through, say, the third or fourth month of Penny's pregnancy, with a continuation possible, depending on the reception. I don't plan on writing if no one is reading. Fortunately my current fic has a decent number of readers, even if the story is not upbeat and filled with angst.
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    To me the two episodes weren't contrasting or mirror images. If the writers thought so, either they were missing something or I am. I was mostly puzzled. It didn't make much of a surprise point with me. All it did was make me wonder what the earlier blip-that-came-from-nowhere was all about, and whether there was a section missing from the finale script. I didn't get why Leonard was annoyed with Sheldon on the plane. Sheldon was apparently the only one who remembered Penny had said she didn't want children. Considering how the blip had upset both Leonard and Amy in 12.03, even a normal man wouldn't want to go into congratulatory mode at a time like that without more information. He'd no idea then that Penny was happy about the pregnancy. Amy regressed seven or eight years, as was shown by her 'sister wives' question so I guess she was thrown a little off kilter although the news pleased her. I agree treating 12x03 as a throwaway episode is perhaps the best solution. After all,most of the cast forgot it.
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    For once they were thinking ahead and through lack of experience got it all round their neck, as they say where I live. I never understood why once they knew they had a product that would be appreciated for decades to come, they still so often wrote as if only one week's storyline mattered. When they did write a lengthy arc , such as Lenny' s broken-up years or the Shamy Nobel pursuit, it wasn't IMntbHO always as entertaining as it could have been. I do wish they'd given more care and forethought to what would become a classic and not treated it as if it was going to be last night's chip paper.
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    I agree the sperm donor episodes could have been handled better. I think the writers were trying to correlate it with episode three and Penny's no kids declaration. I believe episode 15 when Pennys father visits and Leonard realizes that he does not want to be a biological father would have been the perfect episode for Penny to tell Leonard why she did not want to have children. But I guess the writers could not come up with a viable storyline so they just let it fall. Too bad it would have been an integral piece to the Lenny puzzle and what most Lenny fans wanted to hear. Then they could have in a couple of episodes later had Penny reveal to Leonard that she is pregnant instead of at the finale episode to appease the fans. And also explain how she feels about being pregnant. These are the things I kind of thought they missed out on by airing so many Shamy episodes.
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