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    Gorgeous! 😍😍😍
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    That's very true. There was a time Sheldon didn't bother putting his salary cheques in the bank and was happy to lend money to Penny for as long as she needed it. Amy told Bernadette she cared more about her work than earning a high income from a commercial firm. However, everybody has to think about affordability. Even Sheldon once said he'd live alone if he could afford it, although that would have been when they were all at the beginning of their careers. He liked the idea of being Raj's financial manager when 'Richie Rich (I don't know who that is ) rich' Raj fell on hard times. What struck me as odd was Amy's response of 'Sounds expensive' when she obviously normally spent money on her hair and clothes anyway,which are in the range of affordability for her income bracket.
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    A new episode "A Cup Of Cuoco"
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    Kaley taking a selfie with Griffin Matthews...and two others. 😉
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    I just watched the last episonde of The Big Bang Theory and it's amazing! I cried so hard it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! The Big Bang may be the the number 1 comedy but it's far more than that! It's the most pure, beautiful and heartwarming love story anyone has ever known, it's about the most simple and true way anyone can love and it's about how the smallest things can have such a huge impact on peoples lives and make them turn out amazing it's not just a tv show it's a life lesson and the best story I have ever known. Thank you so much, because that, is the explanation for how the universe works. It did start with The Big Bang...
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    Filming “The Flight Attendant“ in New York
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    Mayim, Kaley and Briana 😃
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    A new episode Cup of Cuoco...from Italy 🇮🇹
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    They explained Amy's name at Paley Fest a few years ago. The name was decided upon during a writers meeting. She's named Amy because it means "beloved". Chuck Lorre added the middle name Farrah because he liked the way the two names sounded together. They then decided on the last name of Fowler because it's an old English surname (one who catches birds or fowl) and it would match Cooper which is also an old English surname (one who makes barrels or buckets). The name was decided upon before they even hired Mayim.
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    I haven’t watched much TV since Big Bang Theory officially ended. I watch most of my TV online now anyway. But TBBT was one of the only shows I still watched on TV. Being a traditionalist. TV ain’t the same anymore. I can always rely on those Tbbt re runs on Netflix haha. YS I haven’t gotten around to watching. Connors too.
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    Missed this one from Holland Taylor from the "Hollywood" set back in January...
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    Wallace Shawn stars in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made", now streaming on Disney+.
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    Probably completely inaccurate and a fabrication. But rumours swirling of a Season 13 return. I laughed out loud when I read this piece. What a hack job. But I don’t know. Turns out it’s an old quote from Cendrowski. About not closing the door to a return “That’s not to say that there may not be something down the line, but I don’t think anyone wanted to jump into the next season and spin someone off immediately." So ignore me. I doubt their we’ll be any kinda reboot or spin-off for a long time.
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    They are funny together. They should have a talk show! Although Karl has come a long way to become comfortable in the public eye with Kaley
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    Her beauty is unparalleled and her smile is infectious!
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    Johnny commented sanctionedjohnnygalecki You’re welcome.
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    Stunningly beautiful!
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    An old picture of Kaley with Ashley Jones, Amy Davidson and Ali Fedotowsky at the beach.
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    I actually thought she was really good in “Burning Bodhi”, I think she nailed her character. I do think she does carry the stigma of being “Penny” so her critics can only see her as a comedic actress, but I also feel Hollywood has been out of touch for at least a decade or two now, so what do her peers and the critics really know. LOL, they better watch Kaley around scooters, remember how she almost killed both Johnny and herself years ago when they crashed on the one she was driving and that she was told once while doing TBBT that she would be safer riding her horse to work than driving.
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    That is one of the most truthful things I've ever read, and the show is just like it. The show allows people to express them for who they are because of the effect it has had on our society at the moment. I've seen it many times and one thing I have always said is the show is so honest and I think definitely discusses many things in life. It presents life as honestly as possible, so many shows have made life try to look as perfect as possible. I think that's why it is/was so popular, it actually gives younger viewers a bit of a sense of how life could be and how you have to work to get certain things. I've loved the show for so many years and I've seen it nearly 6 times because of it. I was devastated when I heard it was finishing and cry every time I watch the finale. It's had such an impact on so many people throughout its 12 years and I think it will have an impact for many years to come. Still so upset it's done never know how to react when such an incredible thing ends...
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