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    The thread is now open again. When people take time out of their day to provide information on a taping they attended, in what was probably an enjoyable experience for them, it would be nice if they weren't subject to criticism for not fulfilling some imagined entitlement to a long summary. Especially when it often only seems to fuel round after round of disparagement which has little to do with the episodes in question. We should be happy when people wish to share what they know for the benefit of other fans because they really don't have to. It would be unfortunate for those of us who still take pleasure from reading about what's happening in upcoming episodes to lose this because people who've enjoyed seeing a taping don't want the grief or the negativity on here.
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    Anne Wheaton was on set watching Wil tape this past Tuesday... This little blurb from her in the comments caught my eye... thewaitshomestead Did you lay your head on Sheldon's spot? annewheaton @thewaitshomestead No way because BUTTS. But here's a fun fact: If you want to take pictures here after filming, you have to do it quick before the set designers cover the sofa with a tarp. You know why? Because feral cats have gotten into the sound stage after everyone has gone home and they've peed on the sofa cushions! After replacing them more than once, they decided using tarps was an easy solution because the cats don't like to walk on them. HA!
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    Ya know, if it was just TBBT, I'd be worried too, but it isn't. here are the top ten shows, in the 18-49 demo, from last week: Show Week 1 Week 2 Change TBBT 4.1 3.2 -0.9 This is Us 3.9 3.1 -0.8 Young Sheldon 3.8 No Show Will and Grace 3.0 2.0 -1.0 The Voice 2.7 2.6 -0.1 The Voice 2.6 2.3 -0.3 Empire 2.4 1.9 -0.5 Grey's Anatomy 2.3 2.0 -0.3 Kevin Can Wait 2.3 1.3 -1.0 The Good Doctor 2.2 2.2 Even You keep harping on just TBBT losing audience, when all shows are losing audience. But, I'd much rather have TBBT audience, a full point higher than the closest comedy, than say Modern Family, which finished this week under a 2.0. All of broadcast TV is losing audience. What is surprising, is that after 11 years, TBBT is still the number one entertainment show.
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    Thank you so much for worrying Rick, and thank to all the people how wished us well. I just got back internet service, and was able to get back online today. Got back power a couple of days ago. In the area of Miami were I live we were basically pounded by wind and water all Sunday long (beginning late Saturday) but we are fortunately OK. In my case I just had tree damage and approximately 1/2 of my wood fence broke off , but didn't get any damage to the house itself. There is a canal behind my yard, and I was freaking out because the water level rose a lot and it was about 6 to 8 yards away from entering the house. Right when I was about to lose it, the rain started subsiding so all was well in the end. Again, thank you so much to all the people who wished us well. Rick: Sorry about the damage you suffered, but happy you're OK. Hope the insurance takes care of you quickly and efficiently.
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    We have a report for Tuesday's taping.
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    11.07 The Geology Methodology Reported by: Wishes to remain anonymous Tape Date: October 10 , 2017; Air Date: November 9, 2017 Story: , Steve Holland, Anthony Del Broccolo and Adam Faberman Teleplay by: Eric Kaplan, Maria Ferrari and Tara Hernandez Directed by: Mark Cendrowski Sheldon works with Bert and is fascinated by the work but is embarrassed about geology and he insults Bert and Bert teaches him a lesson. Raj randomly meets up with the girl that we've seen in episode 3 and Howard and Stuart take care of Bernadette (she's been told in episode 6) that she is on bed rest. Stuart knows about Raj. Penny Stuart and Howard think he will mess it up, but he does pretty well. Return to Index
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    Hey y'all! I haven't been posting much lately, but I just wanted to share my enjoyment of the season so far. I really loved both the premiere and this week's episode. I thought they handled the proposal aftermath really well, and this week's plot is one that's always close to my heart. It's funny how they get more realistic with science when they're writing "somber" episodes than when they're going for pure comedy. It's so true that with the technology limitations the big questions in Physics are kind of stuck while there's a boom of technology in Neuroscience right now to tackle some of our big questions, so I'm so excited to see this explored further and the fact that obviously Shamy have to be front-and-center for these plots is just the icing on the cake. They are continuing on the streak of writing Shamy REALLY well, IMO. Sheldon still has his massive ego (speaking of ego, LOL at them mocking Leonard together in this week's episode!) and self-centeredness, but it's definitely shifted when it comes to Amy. I like it that although he's annoyed he's not the center of attention or the one who gets the success, he's still proud of her and respects her work instead of belittling it and tries to make himself feel better in other ways (like with the markers, LOL). And it was so sweet that he was the one doing the rounds calling everyone to announce the engagement and how happy everyone was for them. And from the promo for next week, it sounds like Sheldon's got a bit of groomzilla in him after all too, with the dates and all. It's great to see him being invested in it and not just something he just nods along to to make Amy happy. Basically, they hit the perfect balance with them last season and it's continuing on really nicely, so I couldn't be happier. And I love how science-centered this season has been so far. Lots of career movement in both episodes and the fact that Amy's career is taking off is making me hope there's going to be more where that came from (although the way she's randomly jumping from topic to unrelated topic is giving me sea-sickness), as well as more collaboration-time with Sheldon (I loved that Bernie this week said she was surprised Sheldon wasn't in Amy's lab to play with her new toys - my two nerdy babies and their common interests!). I understand there's a collaboration with Howard in one of the upcoming episodes, although I don't know what exactly it is about but that's another one I've been wanting to see for a while too (neuromorphic circuits?? signal analysis?? what could Amy be needing an engineer's input for??). A three-way collaboration between Amy, Sheldon and Howard would be pure gold! I hope they keep up the good work, I'm definitely still intrigued, 11 seasons in.
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    Actually, he didn't have a normal dad. His father was gone a lot on expeditions and when he was home, he spent a lot of time with the findings of those expeditions. Remember Leonard complaining about his dad spending more time with the Etruscan boy, then with him? I would also say, from his descriptions that Alfred was rather brow beaten by Beverly, which probably didn't help his relationship with Leonard. So Bev was the major factor in Leonard's young life. Not excusing Leonard, and I can understand your not getting Leonard. I was specifically addressing your comment about having a normal dad. He didn't , based on what's been shown.
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    Like most people here in the forum, I am pleased about every taping-news. Irrespective of the quantity and the generous people who communicate them. I made a snarky reference to the term "report" who may also have caused the interruption of this thread. That was meant as a reminder to some members, who develop virtual scenarios from only a few sentences and build a new "discussion material" to the respective preferences. I wasn't expected that this would actually lead to a dispute. Well, I should have known better. My honest apology.
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    Has someone been complaining ? Where in the world would anybody get the idea that a stranger who's saved up for years to travel to an event has done so specially for the purpose of relating the experience in detail to all and sundry ? If anybody out of the kindness of their heart pauses in their hard-earned vacation time to write about an episode they've seen of a TV show for the sake of unknown others enjoying it a few weeks ahead of time, then GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION are the order of the day, not grumpiness. I'm sure most of us are thankful for every snippet. Of course we like the reports where every line is remembered and given in detail. They're useful because we learn what's been missed out and what the alternative scenes might have been, and we can speculate on lines before they're edited to mean something different. Yes, that's fun. I love extended and detailed spoilers and sharing in the excitement and enjoyment of someone who was there. That doesn't mean we should feel automatically entitled to moan when there's nobody with the time, opportunity or inclination to provide more than a few words. My guess is most of us here are sincere when we thank anyone who provides even a little spoiler.
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    In life stories get recycled. To all of us some things happen more than once. Families have more than one child. Work causes trouble. Anniversaries happen every year. Hope gets disappointed. Relationships get screwed up. Quarrels get made up. Problems get resolved. Christmas shopping, taking the dog to the vet, wedding invitations arriving,messages getting garbled,things getting broken,keys getting lost are all things that get done or happen many times over and over. The thing about BBT that keeps me watching is that the people feel real. Reality is repetitive: change happens and sameness happens and life moves on.
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    Hello my Shamy friends! I have something for you.
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    Directly from CBS "Every reason why Amy and Sheldon belong together forever" http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/news/1007685/every-reason-why-amy-and-sheldon-belong-together-forever/ Well, I'd say, they belong together forever because, they are soul mates!
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    48 million base salary reasons why my concerns are pretty low for Johnny or any of the actors. He knew what he signed on for and was happy enough to commit (none of us know if he wasn't happy or voiced any concerns to the powers that be - be has committed). There have been 3 episodes aired right? Episode 1 had a Shamy/Howardette balance, Episode 2 was a heavy Leonard episode with his actions dictating the story and him coming to terms with it. Episode 3 was a Shamy/Raj/Stuart/Bernie epiosde. Episode 4 looking at the sneak peaks is a heavy Penny/Lenny episode dealing with Penny's relationship with his mother and his jealousy and a Howard/Sheldon storyline. 4 episodes will have been shown by next week with 2 of them focusing on Leonard/Penny/Lenny. I think that's not bad, in fact it shows a diverse set of storylines and focus by Holland so far.
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    From The Spectrum (part of the USA Today network) The Triad Reflection: Bowie, Sussman, and Wheaton talk ‘Big Bang Theory’ Crafting a top-rated sitcom requires a cast of gifted lead actors, a stable of clever writers, and a talented production crew. A strong supporting cast doesn’t hurt, either. Creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady assembled such a collection at Warner Bros. studio in Burbank when “The Big Bang Theory” debuted on CBS in 2007. Returning for its 11th season last month, John Ross Bowie, Kevin Sussman, and Wil Wheaton will revive their popular reoccurring characters throughout the new season. As veteran actors, each now with around 100 or more film and television roles to their credit, all debuted on the series in 2009 and share memories of working on the hit show (note: spoilers ahead!). <full article in the link> (You will get an "Enjoy a limited number of articles..." message, just X out of it to see the full article)
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    canon dosent mean nothing ever changes just that they remember and acknowledge what has come before. Leonard and penny were both single in the pilot, them getting married was not a violation of canon it was character development The same goes for sheldon and amy over the years people change that in itself does not violate canon. I and most likely April and a few others here are veterans of true, decades long "canon wars"
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    Aww yes, nothing like the sweetness of Shamy engagement in the morning!! <3 Thoughts: - I'm also bummed a bit we didn't get to see Amy actually say "yes" but whatever. The hug was super adorable and as I've already said the other day I loved Sheldon's explanation of Amy being the only woman he wants to kiss for the rest of his life. Hippie dippy Sheldon is my fave! - Bit annoyed at the "Sheldon went home to skype SH to get his blessing" thing cause it causes a continuity error (Sheldon had his laptop at Caltech and left without it, then suddenly it's in his apartment??). They could have just let him phone SH from the taxi or whatever. - Amy's dad exists! Wheee!! Still not sure if Amy would have insisted on Sheldon asking her dad for his blessing or if it was more along the lines of "If you have to ask someone it should be my dad not SH!" annoyance. But whatever. I hope they'll do something with her family now that it's finally come up in the show. Holland's answer in that one interview makes me hopeful! - Anyway, Amy being super excited when they told Mary was the cutest thing. That's what I wanted to see of her! haha Same with her at the dinner introducing Sheldon as her fiancé and when she shows off her ring in the cafeteria later. Cutie pie!! <3 - The gang seems genuinely happy for them. Aww! - "Your face is only stupid in the NO-version of this story." LOL Amy's comment about getting a life-time of this cracked me up, too. She knows what she signed up for (though that doesn't mean she doesn't get to complain haha). Sheldon's "Yes, you do, smart face." reply was super cute. <3 - "Awww... it's like we're already married!" <3 - As an aside I kinda love that Raj rubs it into Ramona's face and later hopes for a smackdown between Amy and Ramona. hahaha, I feel you, Raj!! - The dinner with Amy's colleagues was both great and a bit cringe-y. Great because I love all the praising of Amy's work, cringe-y because... well obviously. I would probably be annoyed at Sheldon's behaviour if it was only for one episode. But we already know it's part of a mini-arc for Shamy this season and I'm glad that Holland confirmed it in his interviews. I'm eager to see how the whole thing will play out in the end. For now I enjoy Amy not giving him an inch here: "Maybe you're not the smartest person in THIS room!" GO AMY! hahaha - The SH talk was hilarious (I love that he has such a great sense of humour and is always up for a TBBT episode!) and the Avengers analogy was super cute. Say what you want about their fights but Shamy are great at making up. haha! Love the hug and the little peck. <3 - The Ramona hug played out a lot more subdued than I anticipated. But I like it. Amy is clearly the better person here. and it puts an end to this whole bit of drama so we don't have to wonder every week if Amy still worries about Ramona trying to steal Sheldon away or whatever. So yeah, all in all I found it really sweet and funny. There are a few things I would have done differently but in the end I think the writers did a good job with this! Looking forward to next week! :D
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    Leonard is really moved when Beverly tells him that Penny is her favorite when it comes to her children's spouses. Penny is the one that Beverly is most impressed by, because she is confident, thoughtful and never complained about her husband once. According to Beverly, Leonard married well...and that makes her proud of him.
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    He may be unique. JP appears to be a caring, socially aware man with views similar to mine. However, for me Sheldon Cooper is a toxic personality. I would be absent often in a group that included such a person. I just dont like his he treats people. My opinion and feelings only. And I know extremely unpopular.
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    I am very honest when I say I am very grateful for every spoiler provided here, for tiniest it might be or not be about my favourite characters. For much I thank these generous fans, unfortunatelly I won't ever have the chance of generously give them back the favour as I can't for several reasons attend a taping. These nice people have helped us to wait for next episode every week with a good background about what we could or might expect and that is so great! The others shows I follow many times kill me of suspense as I dont have spoilers about next episode or season. With tbbt has been different for better as I have so much fun as I share here with everyone what are our thoughts about the spoilers from each taping. To those who had provided spoilers, thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart
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    Love your post! And I will add I love spending a half hour with these characters that I have become so attached to even if the episode isn't the greatest. I'll have repeats on when I'm doing other things just to have them around and usually get sucked into the story even though I've seen it 10 times already.
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    Totally agree. It's easy to say "Oh they're just lazy!" but in the end it's a group effort with everyone having more or less different ideas and sorting that out and form a somewhat coherent narrative out of it is probably not the easiest task sometimes. I have no doubt they're thoroughly pondering their options whenever they make some of the big decisions. (I'd love to be a fly on the wall though! haha) Anyway, we're now dealing with a partially new creative team so it'll be interesting to see where the show is going this year.
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    That doesn't change the fact overall audience numbers are down, and have been down double digits each of the last ten years. Less people watching overall, means less people watching the show. And, just because they are meaningless to you, doesn't invalidate the comparison. Two years ago, TBBT was the second highest rated entertainment show. Last year, it was the highest rated entertainment show. So far, this year, it's the number one rated entertainment show. If it's actually increase compared to other shows, and maintained compared to other shows, it's not in free fall. Your analogy is faulty. A comparion between Bryant and a 12 year old would be a comparison between TBBT and a high school TV production, which isn't happening. Those other shows are on major networks, in primetime, just like TBBT is. All of those shows are in the "Major Leagues" That's your logic, and, as all the shows are on major networks, in prime time, it's faulty. If you want to stick with baseball, it would be a comparison of all players, all of whom have declining skills. But, whoever declines at or less than the average amount of decline, ends up as better players than the others. This is what has happened with TBBT. It's declined less than right at the average decline, over the last few years. I don't disagree the ratings are going down, but they are far from in free fall.
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    'I know I said physics is dead but it is the opposite of dead. If anything, it is undead. Like a zombie.' LOL! Speaking of which, if Richard Feynman came back as a zombie, I would totally let him bite me.' LOL! 'In conclusion, physics is great, squirrels suck, and someday I'm gonna put my mom in a cheap nursing home.' LOL and LOL! You go, Leonard! Let the alcohol fan those well deserved vindictive flames! PS -- thank you too, to everyone for your kind words and support. They mean a lot during this very painful time. Thank you!
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    Week 01 Overnights and Demo Breakouts for 26 September, 2017 CBS ran the premiere of TBBT 11.01 The Proposal Proposal. It pulled in a 3.9 demo, with a 13 share and 16.97 million viewers. This was up, from last years premiere overnight numbers, by three tenths ( 3.6 last year), an increase of 10% and up 1.5 million from last years viewers (15.44 million) an increase of 10%. We'll see where it goes in the finals. The show was up from last years finale, 1.2 in demo, almost four million in viewers. TBBT was number one in demo with that 3.9. In second was Young Sheldon with a 3.7. In third was The Voice with a 2.6 For viewers, TBBT was first with the 16.97 million viewers. In second was Young Sheldon with 16.57 million viewers. And in third was the new series The Good Doctor, with 11.82 million viewers. In the 18-34 demo, TBBT was in first with a 2.1, In second was Young Sheldon at 1.9, and in third was ABC's new show, The Good Doctor, with a 1.8. In the 25-54 demo, TBBT was first with a 5.6 demo. In second, was Young Sheldon with a 5.3, and in third was Kevin Can Wait, with a 3.3. I should point The Voice's only appears once in the top three, as it's demos (in all categories) are an average of it's two hours. In the 18-49 demo, it had a 2.3 during it first hour, while going head to head with TBBT and Young Sheldon and a 2.8 in it's second hour. In the 18-34 demo, The Voice had a 1.6 in it's first hour and a 1.9 in it's second. In the 25-54 demo, it had a 2.9 in it's first hour and a 3.5 in it's second. So TBBT and Young Sheldon had an effect on the numbers for The Voice. One problem, even if you don't count TBBT's effect on The Voice, it was down about three tenths in 18-34, five tenths in 18-49, and down a full point in 25-54. The finals will be up later, when I get them. Tensor
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    Or, it's quite possible that how Holland handles the couple is going to be a bit different from how they've been handled the last few years. I don't think we read too much into last season, that's the way it appeared to me ( come on, a Relationship Agreement? Penny not telling Leonard about her brother?, what the hell?). Was it intentional, that I don't know, and it's quite possible they were attempting to show a happy and comfortable couple, but just did a terrible job of it. However, I think it was more, let's do a joke, and how we've written them in the past be dammed. Last night's "...until Penny decides to leave me." didn't have the feeling of last year, in both the way it was delivered and the context of the line. I loved how they were shown last night (even in the background) and it makes me excited to see how Penny comforts Leonard next week.
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    Howard and Amy!! OMG Will wonders never cease! Years and years of fans clamouring for the writers to do more with the two after Scavenger and it's finally happening??? 5 episodes in and I'm loving that Amy is getting so much work focus (though of course I would have loved if we'd hear more about the Shamy project as well)!! YAY!! Amy's dad. Amy's work success. Amy getting plots with Leonard and now Howard. Amy getting a new work project. Dear god, will this be the big Amy season???
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    And, so? It's done that five of the last seven years. And, if you count the double episode on the premiere of season seven as one (there were two, back to back), it's gone down six of the last seven. So what? Almost every show does the following, the premiere scores high, and it comes down for a few weeks. It settles in in November - Feb, and then in March it drops when Daylight savings time starts. What's important, to the network, to the advertisers, is what is it getting compared to all the other shows on. You want a show that cratered, look at Empire. It's first show ever pulled in a 3.8, it's finale that year, a 6.9 and averaged 5.09. It's second year, it's first show had a 6.7, it's finale had a 4.1 and it averaged 4.42. Last year, it premiered at 4.2, it's finale was 2.5 and averaged 2.75. This year, it premiered at 2.4 and it's last two have been 2.0 and 1.9. In just over two years, it went from a 6.7 show rating, for it's 2015-16 premiere, to a 1.9 last week. In the case of TBBT, it went from a 4.7 j, to a 2.9 it's third week, in the same amount of time(I don't have Empire's fourth week yet, so I'm keeping it to three, for a valid comparison). Networks and advertisers would much rather have the decline of TBBT, as it's actually fell less than TV viewing overall, than a show like Empire, which has fallen to 28% of it's rating, while TBBT has fallen to 61%. If they kept TBBT on, for another two years and it fell by the same percentage, TBBT would still be higher than the average new network program now. In two years, this would be the 2019-2020 season, it would have a 1.8 rating, and that would put it in the top ten this year (tied with Will and Grace; and Modern Family which both had a 1.8 last week and Empire was only a tenth ahead of that.)
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    The scenes with the Hofstadter family were beyond wonderful. To me they were the funniest of this young season! It was great to see Penny & Beverly continue their bonding (We can't forget Penny's attempt toward the end of Season 9. The marriage re-do was in large part for her mother-in-law's benefit!). Both actresses were marvelous. Christine's total change of voice and tone when Beverly was speaking with Penny nailed the character's reaching out in friendship. Kaley was spot-on perfect in the early telephone call both vocally and physically. She is a treasure and is extremely underappreciated. I am over the moon happy with the Hofstadters in this episode. From the opening with the green body paint on the uniform to Beverly letting Leonard know that he married well (AND that his wife did not complain about him) did much for me. I can't wait to watch the episode again and again (first I have to call the cable company regarding the non-functioning "On Demand" selections!!!!). Sort of liking Steve Holland so far......
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    I agree. Creative integrity is important too and can actually go hand in hand with commercial success. After all, when TBBT started , commercial success and high ratings weren't handed over to them . They earned it , to some extent. Back in season 2, when the show was taking off and TV critics started praising it , it also received a lot of Emmy and other awards buzz , especially for Jim and Johnny. So artistic reasons and critical praise can also attract audiences to discover shows and check out what all the fuss is about. Not to mention, TBBT was (one of) the top rated sitcoms in season 6 or 7 too . But back then, I just felt the plots and dialogues were better, more intricate and the jokes were actually funny IMO. Nowadays, even if the premise is new and different on paper, the execution turns out to be really broad, non-subtle unfunny and uninspired. The current seasons are built on the previous ones. I can also argue that coasting on the stories, gags, humor, characterization, audience base and awards recognition established by previous seasons is also not very difficult...as long as they don't cross over the line from safe mediocrity to actively horrible stories. I'm not saying they specifically do it, but there is always a possibility. JMO.
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    Thank you so much @Tensor and to the wonderful person who provided spoilers, I very much appreciate it *blows kiss* !
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    I think with the show revolving around Sheldon, and Amy having him to herself in 4B, the writers don’t know what to do with Leonard and Penny, the last episode a perfect example. Amy has replaced Leonard as his caretaker and Penny as the one to call him out when he gets too crazy. The show is totally unbalanced now, that is one of the main reasons it seems so different than the first 5-6 seasons.
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    Writers' room With a script for episode 11.08. Too bad the food container stands on it. But I can see there's a dialogue between Howard and Leonard.
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    I'm spoiler free this season so quickly ducking in and out of here trying to not read anything. Even though Shamy had, what I felt, to be the B plot this episode, it was incredibly sweet. I was not expecting the "I love you." How soft Amy's voice got when she said it was perfect. Jim's acting during the dream sequences was fantastic. I don't know how he and Mayim manage to keep straight faces and get through filming. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during rehearsals.... The writers totally read fanfic. They stole my Amy goes to Stanford (except made it Princeton) storyline from Ten Dates and now they totally ripped off @hazelra7 and Six Sheldon's tonight. Yo writers, how about ripping off any number of the Shamy bedroom scenes? I'm sure CBS would jump at "Big Bang after Dark" over on Showtime!
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    OK, everything should be done, as far as splitting out the discussion thread from the Kaley thread. I'm going to go back and check to make sure I have moved all the posts, but the Kaley Cuoco, Season 11 Discussion threads are now open. Some may still get notifications, as posts have been moved, but they should now be in the right places. If you notice something not in the right place, please PM me.
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    Welcome to the forum, @shamytbbt!! This thread is the right place to swoon about Shamy so I hope you stick around and have fun!
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    Thank you so much for that! Thank you so much for that! One of my favourites moments from the première! Amy's happiness is so warm to watch! As usual I loved to read the thoughts from everyone and mostly I agree with. It was also really great to have the show back, it is really a special excitment and joy to feel it as fan and as shipper for this particular moment for shamy Overall I loved the episode. I could live without the shamy fight, not because I thought it was without meaning because it had in light of Holland ´s words about the mini arc about Amy's sucess in work and Sheldon had to cope with that but because I think it was unecessary mixing it in their proposal glory. if it was included in next episode would make sense and did not shadow a bit the proposal glory. But well, things are never perfect, lol! Some thoughts: - The lack of the moment as Amy said "yes" made more sense than I thought it would. They used the comedy moment of the second phone call that was nice and made me laugh. It is all good for me then, we knew she would say yes anyway! <3 - I loved the Amy's happiness as Sheldon was still making calls. It would have been nice if we saw she made at least a cal too but her happiness made up it! - THat kiss, so so sweet! And the hugs? Shamy hug and kiss eah other with so much emotion and honesty, I love , love that! - The ring is beautiful! Shamy are engaged , I can not help myself of having a huge grin on my face today! - The avengers mention was so Sheldonish, lol! And I loved how Amy reacted to that. After all she was more annoyed than mad with him imo, she knows him and that Sheldon had to shine more moment was not the first and wont be the last surely. A relationship between two people who love each other has good and less good stuff that both have to learn how handling with that. Imo was a very meaningful moment for shamy as couple. - The gang 's reaction to the engagement got me very happy! True friends feel happy for their friends as if what they accomplish were things they accomplished for themselves. Well , Raj is not included on that thought but Raj needs to learn a few life lessons meanwhile though. The Howardetter reaction was so spot on as it was at same time Bernie learned she was pregnant! I laughed all the time as they tried to handle with their upcoming baby, good job writers! - The hug to Ramona worked better than I thought it would. Amy has already known Sheldon is hers, there is not any doubt and fear about that! And the way Ramona was caught off guarda was priceless, lol! -The Sheldon quote about they have the rest of their lives for he learns to cope with Amy's carreer sucess made me melt a bit. He knows he is a difficult person but knows he can count on Amy and also he wants to learn to handle with that in a better way. This is love, my friends. These two know each other, understand each other and they have been bulding their own world where they feel confortable with each other and with themselves. This is really the secret for a well suceed relationhip. Thanks Holland and co for such great season opening! Can not wait already for next episode!
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    I just watched 1101, and I thought it was funny, well, certainly a lot funnier than I imagined. I've read the TR a lot of times, because I wanted to know which part could prevent us from seeing "Amy saying Yes", and since every other scenes were all after "the Shamy got engaged" plot, so I had hope that maybe we could see Amy saying Yes...However... But there were some nice parts that I never expected, like when they were going to the dinner to meet Amy's colleagues, their talk was so sweet, and just like Sheldon said, like they were already married, so cute. The dinner, I think it was very IC for both Sheldon and Amy, and I can't help but laugh hard at the two colleagues' responce "oh, that's nice" after Amy told them that Sheldon was a physicist, hahaha, that was good. The argument, no, I don't think that was THAT bad, and TBH, I don't think Amy was THAT mad, and after her "storming off the room", Sheldon didn't hold a grudge, but to skype with SH, and really worried about their future marriage (in his own way, haha), so that was nice. The talk, I think it was very sweet, and I really love his "Iron Man in Captain America" analogy. It was just like their problem, so true. And I love Sheldon trying to understand the real life issues by using his familiar analogy. And last, the hug and the "Thank you". I'm so glad it played out much better and less awkward than I imagined. So, all in all, I like this episode, I gave it a Good.
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    11.05 The Collaboration Contamination Reported by: BigBangFan24 Tape Date: September 19, 2017; Air Date: October 23, 2017 Story: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland and Eric Kaplan Teleplay by: Dave Goetsch, Maria Hernandez, and Jeremy Howe Directed by: Nicki Lorre During a group dinner, Bernadette brings parenting book to Leonard and Penny's, which she forgets. The next morning Penny was reading the book and Leonard asked if she was pregnant, but Penny shuts that down rather quickly. Leonard & Penny use some of the techniques in the book to control Sheldon's behavior. Amy is working on some sort of brain cap, to allow a brain to move robot arms. She needed an engineer and ask Howard, who did have some good ideas for her. While working together, the sing some Neil Sedaka and they start dancing, when Raj walks in on them. Because of the long hours working together in Amy's lab, Raj, Bernadette & Sheldon are lonely/ jealous. BTS stuff: Everybody seemed to be in really good moods, joking and laughing between takes. Kaley's boyfriend was in the audience with us. They were being all cutesy, it was adorable. The picture Johnny posted last night of the audience wasn't actually from last nights taping. Lol... I'm not sure when that was taken but Kaley had her hair down and was wearing a floral shirt last night for the audience talk. Return to Index
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    Not to brag but... NAILED IT!! :D Also, excuse me while I scream into my pillow...
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    FINALLY a Howard/Amy plot!!!! They're rekindling their friendship!!!!!!! OMG and they'll sing too???? YAS. Reading the tr I didn't get any work jealousy, I think S/B/R will just miss A/H and will probably be a bit taken aback with A/H hanging out and collaborating. Maybe Sheldon will be like - why are you collaborating with another man, and Howard of all people - but he'll get over it. As for Lenny and the book, I guess Sheldon is annoying them with his whining and they're trying to deal with him the only way they know how. I'll have ro see how it plays out.
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    So fr, it sounds like Penny and Leonard aren't fighting in the new episodes. Maybe we were heard. I hope it's a good sign for future Lenny episodes.
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    The title is "The Collaboration Contamination" Unless the writers come up with a new "collaboration" Shamy's project is the only storyline of that kind that's still active. So fingers crossed for a Shamy science story!??
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