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    Seeing the forum packed with @luminous's posts made me think of the incredible service you're doing and have been doing for us for sooo sooo long, @luminous. I think we all came to expect every video and instagram post will just be there for us in the forum, but this does not mean we should take that for granted. So our dear luminous, THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU X2948476969381849799483
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    Haven't said much yet, just enjoying all the reactions and spreading likes. Just want to say that I thought the finale was great, which was a little surprising considering the less than perfect season. I was especially happy with the Lenny pregnancy. When this forum finally winds down, I will very much miss interacting with my fellow TBBT fans as much as I will miss tuning in to the show week after week. It's been a fun and at times frustrating ride and I wouldn't change it for the world. I found support here through both the Lenny breakup, and my own battle with cancer (closing in on two years cancer free for those who were aware 🙂) and for that last, I am most thankful. That was pretty wordy for me, lol, but this is not good-bye. I plan on sojourning here for at least a little while longer.
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    I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and she asked me if BBT was my favourite show ever. I thought for a while - I really loved MASH, Cheers, Seinfeld - then said “ it’s the show I’ve been the most emotionally engaged with and it’s because of the forum I’ve been on for 6 years” I started coming here just for spoilers when I started watching in Season 5 and binge watched 5 seasons in 3 weeks. One day I was drawn in by one particularly passionate post and hit reply and bang - my life changed. I was now watching a show, not just with my wife and kids, who were just casual viewers but with 100s of people who had connections to the show like me. I wasn’t just watching a comedy, I was watching my life played out on TV and that wasn’t just because of the writers but even more because of you guys. We talked about how our lives mirrored Lenny and I connected every part of Leonard and Penny’s story to the history of my marriage. The more we talked about Sheldon’s issues the more I saw his characteristics in me ( not to that extreme but boy am I a Sheldon). We talked about Raj struggling with women and saw me before my wife. We talked about Howard’s,Leonard’s and Sheldon’s relationships with his Mum and I relived how I am with my mum. Every conversation we had I was digging deeper into my life. The show started it off but this place created an emotional connection I never thought I’d have with a TV show. You guys were with me when my Dad died and then I was there when your families lost someone. We mourned the deaths of loved forum members and checked in on the health of others. We woke up to news of hurricanes in Florida and wondered how forum friends were going. When I started planning my trip to US and wanted to see a taping, I was supported by members who didn’t know me but understood my dream and sat at their computers with me on the opposite side of the world helping me fulfill it. I’ve spent just as long on my local football team’s forum and talk a lot of football there. On this forum I’ve talked a lot about life. So different. When it got a bit snarky here a couple of years back I had a break from the negativity and stopped posting but couldn’t resist reading. And when I occasionally hit that reply button just to say I’m still here, the regulars would be so happy to “see” me again. In the end I couldn’t do anything but return to normal transmission and reengage regularly. Saying goodbye to the show was tough last night but they were characters. Saying goodbye to this place will be tough because we’re real people. Maybe the reruns will keep it all going. [emoji1319][emoji16][emoji3590][emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @spidergirl : Your post brought yet more tears. As we have come to "the end" we will begin to fall away from something that for better or worse has sort of become our online home for TBBT content. We agree; we disagree; we argue; we make-up (and sometimes don't), but we all have something in common: our love for this (as Mrs. Wolowitz would say) furcocktah television show. I just want to say now that I wish every single one of you as we make our exit (whenever we do so) peace, joy, love and happiness!!!
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    Young Sheldon's salute to TBBT
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    Aw, thank you. I'd like to extend the THANK YOU to all who provided pictures, gifs, information and news during the last few years. @vonmar, @Kev0821, @Tensor, @veejay, @mirs1, @stardustmelody and many more. Thank you all.
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    First off, I want to thank @vonmar, for posting the ratings. Due to a couple of things going back a month or so, and something that happened today, I've spent most of the day in the hospital, getting X-rays and A CAT scan. I may have a slight fracture to my right arm (and I'm right handed), but I can still type, without moving my arm. As for the show, as most of you can imagine, I'm quite happy with the Lenny pregnancy. If, as they said, they were looking at it from early in the season, then I'm puzzled about some of the episodes. As far as the episode 3, I am now of the belief that they expected a 13th season, and 12.03 was a way to not deal with a Lenny pregnancy during this season. The donation episodes were then their attempt to show Penny possibly changing her mind (or more properly think about it) but it was a rather messed up attempt. I think they pushed Sheldon's bad behavior more than necessary, (it's difficult here, as we've seen something close to that kind of behavior from him, even in this season, but it did seem a bit over the top), but the payoff in his speech was nice. I did think the too much change for Sheldon was overdone, as it had been done in 7-24. I also liked Amy's speech.I was disappointed that Raj didn't seem to get the sendoff the others got. Overall, I think they managed to honor several long running bits, and even some things from earlier in the run, while honoring the changes in the characters. There were several flourishes, Sleazy Howard made an appearance, in the Bernie and Penny shower comment. It was nice to see Bernie and Howard's kids, live, and of course the elevator working, was nice (if you watch the scene, until it opens, they never show the elevator, the shots are all close ups on Sheldon and Leonard). I liked the 139.5 hours bit (the number of hours of TBBT that ran), a Penny and Sheldon scene, The tag was perfection for me. The gang sitting on and around the couch, eating, as they have done so many times before. Amy and Sheldon with their Nobel medals, and Leonard rubbing Penny belly, after they kissed were nice touches. And having Bare Naked Ladies do an acoustical version of the theme, with a melancholy bent, was a great way to end it. I wasn't all that thrilled by the YS show, but the tag, with all the young kids was rather nice. The retrospective was what I expected, although panning across the different sets, then having the lights go out was rather emotional for me. One last thing, @Itwasdestined that was a great post, and I'm sure there are a lot of members here who have the same feelings. Thank you for voicing those sentiment so eloquently, very well done sir.
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    “I was there the moment when Leonard and Penny met. He said to me that their babies would be smart and beautiful. And now that they’re expecting, I have no doubt that that will be the case.”
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    Am I happy? Yes, I am!
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    Lenny kisses from season 12
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    (taken from 1223 'The Change Constant' thread) Uh, oh. Sorry for this late service. My workstation broke down on Saturday (just in time for the end of the show?). Now after a short repair, all right, here we go. 🙂 I'll put it right here in this thread. That seems appropriate to me and I hope you like it. 😉
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    Penny wouldn't be the first to insist it was 'an accident' when in reality it happened 'accidentally-on purpose', which is a saying where I grew up. It saves face when you don't want to tell people your first declaration was sincere but only up to a point. The fields I've worked in, both professionally and voluntarily, have taught me that Lenny's situation is as common as chips (fries ) on a Friday. Maternal instinct v self-preservation can be a two-way street. Bernadette would not need any explanation, given her own history and mixed feelings about it and Amy would accept without quibble that Penny had been sloppy or careless. The men would be pleased for Leonard regardless, if they gave it any thought at all. Note that Penny had never been sterilised although she could have well afforded it and had not sent Leonard for the snip either. She obviously wasn't on the pill, although she's much more organised in her life than she was when she was younger and would have remembered to take it every day. She hadn't had an implant either, nor was she on annual jabs. When she realised she had run the risk of pregnancy - assuming it was true she didn't know what she was doing - she didn't raid her sample store or dash to the pharmacist for a morning-after pill. And good lord, how many times have we seen her drunk and wanting sex ? This time she wasn't even drunk that we knew of, since Sheldon reminded her she was driving, which the writers hadn't had him do before. But drunken accident is her story and she's sticking to it, and blaming her husband to his face. Objectively, Penny's declaration out of the blue in 1203 that she didn't want children was bizarre to start with. She'd never been shown as hard-nosed or anti-motherhood. There didn't appear to be any reason. For instance, pregnancy needn't have interfered with her career just as she was beginning to like it : she could take as short a maternity leave as she wanted and there's a brilliant nursery at Caltech. She's always been a maternal sort, even in the early seasons when she was an irresponsible flibbertigibbet. She can deal with Sheldon and is the stablest among female friends who include the cleverest women on the planet. She's lovely to Raj, the wobbly doctor of astrophysics. And they all love her. She knows her husband may be superbly intelligent but has his weaknesses and with few lapses treats her as if he thinks he's a lucky sod to have wooed and won her. She can hold her own with geniuses and what's more has met all their living parents. She should know she could knock any of their mothers into a cocked hat. However, she was put on the spot by Leonard and like an uncertain racehorse or an insecure show-jumper, she refused a fence she wasn't confident enough to take. Motherhood, especially of a genius's children, was a big thing for Penny to face, and any misgivings she had kept down naturally surfaced then. She was suddenly having to think seriously about it. The future was upon her. Would she be up to raising an academically-inclined family if she needed to ? Whoever they took after, becoming someone's mother would be the final settling-down, the end of desirable - 'doable' as she called-it - hot, cool, fanciable Penny whom she was already beginning to miss. What she once saw as her chief, perhaps only, assets would be gone. So, rebelling against what others expected of her was the order of the day. It was the easy way out. She could be child-free, keep her time to herself for putting on her make-up and doing her nails, go on trips alone or with her husband, meet her friends as much as she liked, drink as much as she wanted, be free to do her exercises and her yoga and go for runs, and spend her own money on herself. Carrying on with the status quo. Losing nothing. But perhaps that certainty didn't last. Most women who've ever been independent think about what they'll be giving up in order to become mothers. But they go ahead anyway, which is why so many of us are here. Sometimes when they're changing nappies at dawn they remember what their pre-children lives were like and look forward to the day when they're all at school or even to when they've left home. Those who start to regain themselves after raising children to school age sometimes feel broody again in spite of everything. They don't want another one really, but end up pleased when the annoyance at the failed birth control wears off. Penny will have heard all this from colleagues at work, just like we all did - and I daresay those young enough are still hearing it. I think, Penny being Penny as we know her, finally put her mind to weighing things up. There were losses and gains however she looked at it. Best thing was to carry on with the decision she'd made, but just in case, leave things to the hands of fate : do nothing medical or surgical to reinforce her child-free position. If conception was 'meant' and in her stars, then she'd be reconciled to it. Complain, protest, blame your husband, curse your stars at first, and then announce that you were more pleased than you thought you'd be, despite what you'd previously chosen. Jump that fence this time. BTW not telling people as early as two months is quite normal, at least here in UK. When I started work the fourth month or even later was usual. Official confirmation by a doctor didn't happen until after three missed periods and even then it wasn't always right. Now that there's a scan at about nine weeks to check it's really a baby growing there, it's earlier, true. I can see why Lenny would want to wait for the questions until they got home from Sweden, however. As it happens, it doesn't matter that their friends and much of the world's public already know : anecdotally it appears that discomfort and lots of sickness at this stage bodes for a successful outcome.
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    I loved Amy's make-over. She's a beautiful woman who dressed like an old frump but admitted on a few occasions that she wanted to be a princess. She loved her tiara. Why shouldn't she look her best? Her husband looked great in his beautiful formal attire. They made a very lovely couple, imo. Should she have showed up to receive her award in her layered sweater and orthopedic shoe look? I don't think so. I see nothing wrong with trying to look our best, both men and women. I really enjoyed that part of the episode!
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    "Yes. A thousand times yes." Lenny half-asses their way through marriage, and yet they do it holding hands and doing it together. Yes, their way may not be the ultimate road map for a successful life, but it works for them and us older folks know that sometimes the best laid plans, the most thought out agendas don't always work out as expected anyhow. Sometimes, going with the flow is the only way to go. Many an unplanned pregnancy has a beautiful, happy ending for parents and child alike. Many times a well-planned extravagant wedding ends in divorce. A planned pregnancy doesn't automatically guarantee successful parenting and a well-adjusted child. Sometimes a leap of faith gets us through. It feels to me that Lenny, on some level, get this. My willing suspension of disbelief is intact. MY PERSONAL Lenny sequel has unlimited potential and I'm a happy fan.The Lenny story is full of possibilities!
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    I went in expecting to be disappointed. This last season was hard to watch. There were things that didn't make sense and in the end, per usual, were in fact wasted plots. Raj/Anu, Penny doesn't want kids, far too much drama in the Nobel plot... So I went in expecting to be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised. I won't analyze everything but again from a topical standpoint. The writers never seem to think about the long term plots and just write some things (not all things ie...the drawn out Nobel plot) on a whim. Howardette: Loved seeing their kids. I am sure that is what Melissa referenced. She signed an NDA and so she needed carefully word anything that might be deemed spoiler-ish. My guess is she had no clue until the last table reading or 2 that they would ever get to see their kids. LOL!!! Shamy: I used to ship Shamy in the early days and had different hopes for them from their beginning point to where it turned out Sheldon just needed love. But the writers did what they did and it was MEH for me. My biggest gripe all along was how much Amy put up with. Finally, she does what she wants and calls Sheldon out. So AWESOME!! Good for Amy for doing what she wanted but still loving him. I liked her change and it fit her. Raj was the perfect character to be part of that. While I still feel like this Nobel was "forced," it worked for the finale in that Sheldon gave his heartfelt speech. Maybe Sheldon FINALLY gets it. At least, in that moment, he did. Lenny: KC nailed this. Yes, there may have been more satisfaction in some kind of heart to heart. But really...when has the TPTB really ever given that to Lenny?? Not that they had to...but this fits in line with Penny's character and how Lenny has gone over the years. So for me, KC's acting is what nails this for me. Does it just pound home how stupid an unnecessary the whole I don't want kids plot was...yup. Have I come to expect this from tptb...yup. So while I supported however the kids thing went...I wanted them both happy. And I got that. I can't complain for the finale. My closing thought after viewing and thinking about it all. Just imagine if they could have delivered an even, well thought out, planned season for all the main characters. How different season 12 might have been? The finale for me just reinforced my belief to some extent that the writers were phoning it in. All my opinion.
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    The moment I learned that Penny is pregnant happy tears started flowing. 😭❤️❤️❤️ Lenny will have smart and beautiful children after all.
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    No further words possible at the moment...sigh!
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    Jessica Radloff has a cameo in the finale or, better, in 12.23, judging by these pics and Amy/Mayim's hair...I must say, I didn't see that coming at all, LOL!
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    From The New York Post ‘The Big Bang Theory’ makes history in Washington, DC ‘The Big Bang Theory” ended its run three weeks ago, but will live on in perpetuity — not only in repeats but as part of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. “BBT” producer Warner Bros. Television has donated a slew of show-related artifacts from the long-running CBS sitcom to the Smithsonian’s Entertainment Collection, including Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) superhero shirt, Amy Farrah Fowler’s (Mayim Bialik) knee-length skirt and Howard Wolowitz’s (Simon Helberg) dickie and belt buckle. They’re the most recent additions to the museum’s long laundry list of artifacts from TV shows including “Breaking Bad,” “All in the Family,” “The Walking Dead,” “Barney Miller,” “Star Trek” and “The Joy of Painting” (Bob Ross’ palette and easel). “When we collect our main concern is the preservation of artifacts over time,” says Eric Jentsch, the Smithsonian’s lead curator for entertainment and sports. “We can’t include every show . . . but ‘The Big Bang Theory’ says some things about the differences in perspective on pop culture. It was kind of meta in that way and embraced pop culture in a way other shows haven’t. Those are the kinds of things we hope to relay in our work and exhibits — elements that are essential to understanding American history.” Television artifacts are both donated to and collected by the museum and are exhibited on a rotating basis (the “BBT” collection is expected to be put on display in 2021). “When they come into our collection our guarantee is that we care for them in perpetuity, and because of that we don’t put anything on permanent display because of environmental factors that will degrade [the artifacts],” says Ryan Lintelman, the museum’s entertainment curator. “We have people here called conservators who study material science and make recommendations for how long something can be on display.” Even the most popular collections — including Archie and Edith Bunker’s chairs from “All in the Family” and Fonzie’s leather jacket from “Happy Days” — aren’t always on display. <full article in the link>
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    From Variety Live+7 Ratings for Week of May 13: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Finale Hits 24 Million Viewers The grand finale of “The Big Bang Theory” saw an even greater ratings explosion in delayed viewing. Having registered a stellar 3.1 rating in the key 18-49 demographic in Live+Same Day, the finale grew by 56% to finish with a round 5.0 rating in Live+7. For comparison, “Big Bang” averaged a 3.8 in Live+7 throughout its 12th and final season. In terms of total viewership, the finale saw a 34% bump in delayed, finishing with 24.75 million viewers after it was watched by 18.5 during its live broadcast. The finale’s initial rating was the show’s highest since January, 2018, while the total viewership figure was the highest it produced since September, 2015. “Big Bang Theory” is the first show to end its run as TV’s top series since the final season of “Seinfeld” aired in 1998. <full article in the link>
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    Two more iPad drawings.
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    You know there comes a time when you have to stop beating that dead horse and move on. Leonard and Penny are happily married and have a child coming, Amy and Sheldon are happily married and will have children. Sheldon actually cares for his friends and they care for him and none of them are the horrible cheating jerks you wish they would be in your world of Shenny.
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    It's adorable how tenderly and lovingly Leonard cares for his pregnant wife. ❤️
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    This! So much this!❤️❤️❤️❤️ (And I did NOT notice the iconic blouse from 1.1 until this morning!!!) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    It’s been a wonderfully amazing evening.
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    Here's the first one of my new iPad drawings. I hope you like it.
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    A new version of the sweet Lenny kiss from the final scene. Leonard's hand on Penny's belly to make sure the baby is okay and Penny wearing the heart locket and the top from the pilot (she wears it too in episode 5.13) make this moment absolutely perfect for me. ❤️
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapters 278/279: The Change Constant/The Stockholm Syndrome (Season 12, Episode 23/24 - original air date: May 16, 2019)
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    Just watched the 2 episodes again and the retrospective for the first time (which was amazing. J&K did such a great job and I cried from beginning to end.) I'm completely done in. Emotionally drained. Just pain sad. Really going to miss all my Thursday night visitors, especially Leonard and Penny.
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    I enjoyed both episodes quite alot, Penny being pregnant was the highlight of the season. I also really liked the final scene where they were all sat in the positions they do in the opening credits.It was made better by Penny wearing that blue top and even better she was wearing her locket, then, of course, the kiss. After watching them like that in opening credits for twelve years, It felt like the perfect way to end it, with them doing what we've seen them do at the start of every episode.
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    Yeah I’m just gonna celebrate and enjoy. I’m gonna avoid overanalysing and nitpicking every mistake the writers made. They gave me great enjoyment over 12 seasons, despite a few howlers. I’m burying the hatchet and remembering all the good things about these characters I’ve grown to love. Nothing’s perfect in life, certainly not the writing of a sitcom. I finished today very content. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just thought it was a brilliant ending. We’ve spent a lot of time being upset about Lenny’s treatment over the last few years and rightly so but when the writers get it right, they get it right. While they crammed it all into 3 episodes ( I’m counting last week’s as part of the Lenny finale, and outwardly it was another Sheldon centric story, I really felt it was a tribute to Lenny by stealth. And it was all classic Lenny, which despite the stuff ups ( I haven’t written the number 1203 on the board in my maths classes since that episode) I actually genuinely believe the writers believe in treating Lenny faithfully. Just like their first kiss, just like their first attempt at sex, just like their first try at a relationship, just like their ILYs, proposals, their weddings, their attempts to break away from Sheldon, the pregnancy was accidental, not quite what was planned but completely embraced by Penny once it happened. Their life together is not meant to be an example for others to follow. The whole thing is ridiculously unlikely but somehow spectacularly successful. I just loved that as soon as Amy did that line about Penny having to let her dress out, i just went yes shes pregnant. And they were just so damned happy when they let it out to the audience. Simply Penny is happiest when things just happen in her life. Its only when she overthinks things that her life sucks ( the breakups, the nearly breakups, the doubts about the engagements, the ILY holdouts, the moving in delays, the career issues,the kids thing) The finale highlighted how important they are to everyone. Bernie and Amy competing over best friend status, Penny reenacting years of talking Sheldon down from the edge, them being by Shamys side for the announcement, and Sheldon’s speech was so centred on them. And even at the Cheesecake Factory Sheldon acknowledged Penny’s success and growth. And last week, the support Penny gave Leonard in the Beverly story and the ending they gave Leonard with his mum. They may have been overshadowed by Shamy but the scenes just made them shine as the couple. So yeah, the writers have put us and Lenny on a tortuous roller coaster ride of mishaps and mistakes but for me that seems to make the payoffs, small in comparison they may be, much more satisfying because they come out of nowhere when you least expect it. I end my time watching my favourite show a very happy man. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep I cried. Brilliant ending for this fab of every character. Loved it all. Loved the call backs, especially Raj stirring Leonard about his hoodies. Don’t care if it was an accident, Penny looked so happy about being pregnant when it was revealed I can believe it. Loved that they all had the guts to finally call out Sheldons behaviour and his speech was brilliant. Just a great finale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My Lenny heart is full, and my eyes are pouring. Don't think I can be more coherent right now
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    Smart and beautiful babies
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    From Entertainment Tonight 'Big Bang Theory' Says Goodbye: 16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Emotional Finale Taping You may have already watched The Big Bang Theory’s tear-jerking finale, but you definitely didn’t see these emotional behind-the-scenes moments! ET was on set in Burbank, California, for the live taping of the CBS comedy's very last episode and when we weren't freaking out over all the hidden Easter eggs or cheering for the surprise appearance of Sarah Michelle Gellar, we were holding back tears while watching the cast say goodbye to the characters they've played for the past 12 seasons. Here are 16 on-set moments that every Big Bang fan should know about... <full article & video in the link>
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    (8 pictures) (7 pictures) (2 pictures)
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Joins A Big Collection Of Smithsonian Memorabilia The Big Bang Theory is now a part of television history, and soon will be a part of American history, thanks to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, which has acquired iconic pieces from the TV cast to add to its collection. Sheldon Cooper’s Super Hero shirt, Howard Wolowitz’s dickie and belt buckle, Amy Farrah Fowler’s knee-length skirt and other items join the museum’s collection in Washington, D.C. No display date was announced. The news was revealed by Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch during a joint cast appearance last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The show is signing off as the longest-running multi-camera series in television history, with 279 episodes and 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory aired its final two episodes back-to-back on Thursday, but will likely live on in syndication until the earth is a frozen snowball. The museum sees its mission as preserving the nation’s memory, and its collection includes such iconic items as Archie Bunker’s chair from All in the Family, Kevin Arnold’s NY Jets jacket from The Wonder Years, and an annotated script from The X-Files pilot episode and FBI badges, among many other items. The Big Bang Theory donation includes full costumes worn by the seven primary characters, all from the series costume designer, Mary Quigley. In addition, The Big Bang Theory has also donated Leonard Hofstadter’s hooded cargo jacket and “Recycle” T-shirt, Penny’s tank top and Ugg boots, Rajesh Koothrappali’s sweater vest and jacket, and Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz’s floral dress and cardigan.
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    Really? No one commented on th episode here yet? Maybe in Season Discussion... Nah, I'll have it here. Hmm... It's hard to think of a general description for how I felt about the episode. Yes, I felt it was a strong one, and there was a lot. I smiled throughout, grinned some, though I didn't tear up, I was kind of about to in the speech scene. Most of all I think the main issue of the episode was long long overdue. Maybe it's the length of the show that made it somewhat less exciting, because it made it really long long overdue. Also, overall I feel like an extra 3-5 minutes could have made a vast difference, 3-5 minutes I would give mostly to Penny, and a bit to Raj. I'll start with the "smaller" parts... Raj. Hmm... Nothing much about him. His big moment was in "The Maternal Conclusion", with Howard. The Sarah Michelle Gellar thing was okay-ish... I felt there should have been a bit more time on that. I mean that in the comedy aspect, because there wasn't anything major there character-wise. Also, how the heck did he get her to come with him?! I feel like something has been cut. Howardette. Nice to finally see the kids! Though I was surprised Stuart seemed to be kind of a lousy babysitter. Accidents happen, with kids they happen a lot, but they seemed to imply he and Denise were not doing a good job. That's weird, because Stuart allegedly watched over the Wolowitz kids many times. I guess it was just to give Howardette something to do. They had some more to do in "The Change Constant". I'm not sure what Melissa was so surprised about regarding Howardette in the finale. Anyway, I could understand them being shaken by what happened to Halley and initally wanting to come back. Sheldon completely disregarding their drama was probably the stroke that broke their (well, Howard's) back. Now to Lenny. I totally loved seeing them so chummy and happy together. Adroable. Now, I do like that they will have a baby, maybe more along the way. I also liked that it was Sheldon who brought up the smart and beautiful, since he was the one to shoot Leonard down at the time with his "Imaginary", and this was a bit like him recognizing he was wrong and showing how Leonard and Penny got there even though it seemed very unlikely at first (I mean in-narrative, not from the perspective of an audience watching a sitcom). However, I wish they did it differently. I wish it weren't an accident, and that we've gotten much more than just "It was an accident, I went drinking with Sheldon" and "She didn't (want kids) and now she does" (although that does match the out-of-the-blue-no-explanation-all-of-a-sudden "I don't want kids"). Penny did seem excited, they both seemed very happy. But I so wish we would've gotten much more about that... Why did she not want kids at first? If she changed her mind so easily it was probably more complicated than just not wanting them, perhaps something rooted in anxiety, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy. Touching on this could've made for a wonderful moment for Lenny, I think it would've been great even if they mentioned it as a conversation they had the month before. Why did she change her mind? How is she feeling right now (by that I mean telling us, in more details, not just showing her smile)? And more. I just feel like there could've been a big Penny moment there. I think she reall deserved it. To me that's the biggest miss of the finale. Even if they took just a minute or two for that it would've made th episode so much better, IMO. Also, I think the little we've seen of pregnant Penny showed the potential it had. I think there were lots of laughs and beautiful moments missed there. Sheldon, and Amy (because it was mostly or almost exclusively about Sheldon). Long long overdue. Definitely his biggest moment, showing the most growth he's ever shown. For Sheldon Cooper to decide he's giving up his speech, his self-centered speech, his prepared speech, and to go instead with an improvised other-centered speech. That's huge. The speech was very well acted on Parson's part. I think the one who shone in the previous scene where he is confronting his friends' decision to take a flight all the way back and not see them win the Nobel because they were so hurt, was Mayim though. I think we could've gotten more of Sheldon's feelings and realization if they gave Jim an extra minute. Anyway, as I said, long long overdue, and showing the essence of the show well - this group of people, each with their own "quirks", some of them may hurt the others (mosyl in Sheldon's case, of course) tolerating, supporting and helping one another. And I was right about the last scene after all! 😄 (Cool that they had Penny wear her pilot shirt. I guess the others don't fit into their pilot clothes anymore haha)
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    Love, how Leonard's hand is on Penny's belly, while they kiss. ❤️
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