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    She started outside work fun with Raj that included paintball, which ended badly, and The Vomit Comet. That was clearly not enough though!
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    And she had no interests outside work - that we heard of - with which he could join in.
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    Maybe Christmas time. Don't want to give her ideas right now. ☺️
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    She wasn't afraid to tell him as well.
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    And the winner is The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis: https://the-big-bang-theory.com/episode-tournament/ Bath Item has now won eight tournaments, but this is its first win since 2015 [Adhesive Duck, Opening Night and Bow Tie won the last three].
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    Show her this site...the biggest Who store in the US is in Indiana. http://www.whona.com/
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    His name is Christopher Lloyd. He was the man that Sheldon rented his room to in the show. The actor that played Leonard's dad was Judd Hirsh, another Taxi alum.
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    I don't think that would happen. Anu was his best chance.
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    One of my fav holiday seasons Halloween coming up. Thought post a throwback of one of my fav episodes from this series.
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    Agreed. But that's how their relationship was, Howard led and Raj followed. To me, that got old fast. All the women he dated, I got bored with him dating. Especially the way he acted when he dated Claire and Emily. That really tuned me out with Raj, making me not really caring about his character.
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    I kind of felt they should have left Anu in as Raj's romantic partner. Why did he have to end up alone? After it was over I thought why couldn't they have Anu meet him in Sweden as she was in England at the time. I think that would have been a better ending for Raj and it still would have left the viewers thinking what could be. And it certainly would have been better than the cameo by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I also thought that the scene at the airport with Raj and Howard was kind of forced as Howard was being a little selfish and should have left Raj to make his own decision not nudge him one way or the other.
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    Am I the only person thinking Raj shoul have ended up with Anu? I was hoping for them the whole season. People say they dont match, but why? Because Anu is not a stereotypical romantic girl? Raj is! I loved how the roles in their relationship were a bit reverse where Anu was the practical man and Raj the emotional woman. Kind of. Because there are relationships like this in real life. I though they complement each other, Raj bringing a bit of romance to the relationship and Anu showing him the reality is not exactly like in the film. I think this is the type of woman he really needs, someone who would bring him back to reality. That scene when Raj came to apologise for installing the camera was awesome. He said I like you so much I want to start our relationship at the start, not in the middle. And although she didnt know the romantic film from which was the idea with words written on big paper, he made her smile, she understood the gesture and though it was cute and they were back together. I think this is how a man would react, or me for that matter because I dont watch romantic films either and still I am married to a man. A great example of her becoming more human and closer to Raj. And the whole thing with arranhed marriage which could have ended up as not a marriage immediately but a solid relationship and real love was good too.
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    Love this so much!❤️Baby "Huck" is adorable...So is his godfather.❤️
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    Happy 90th Birthday to Bob Newhart!
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    She's too good for him . I see your reasoning though. Raj is spoilt. She's like the complete opposite.
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    Personally, I'd like to see him finish up with Issabella. She's so down to earth, I think she would be good for him. The actress is pretty damn stunning too.
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    I think it depends on whether or not the writers give us a character to care about. I mean, I really liked Emily Sweeney, but that ship has sailed. If they devote some time to get Raj into a relationship that feels organic, I'd like to see him end up with that person. Otherwise, I'd like to see him happy with himself, at least. As others have stated, other series have ended without one of the main characters in a relationship.
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    True but Lucy could of matured. And who knows maybe Raj well too by series end haha. I just think Personality wise they are compatible.
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    I agree with the idea of maybe at the end, during the final tag, that we see the future of everyone. I also cannot picture the group ever being too far separated from one another. I also think Raj will have found someone. Of the three choices to me it has to be someone that fits in with the rest of the gang. To me that person is Emily.
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    i would like emily, she got a long with the other wives, girlfriend. after getting over penny and raj hock-up. like the dark side of her keep raj on his feet.
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    Nobody deserve that fate. Raj could be sometimes an idiot but he is not a bad person neither a criminal. His prejudices make more damage to himself than to anybody else.
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