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    I'm sure it's something they talked about, before getting married. He has his stable in San Diego, she's building her's in the Simi Valley. He's currently in Kentucky riding, she rode in California this past week. They get home together when they can, they are pursuing their careers. According to Kaley IG, she has someone who watches the dogs, and takes care of the house if they are both gone. I don't see it being that big of a deal. My daughter has spent more than half this year, living away from her husband (come to think of it, about half their married life). She's a singer/actor and she goes to different cities for two to three months at a time for work. At one point, she also was in Europe, on cruise ships for 6-7 months at a time, so for them (and KC2) it probably seems normal. Hell, I was usually gone for 3-5 months a year, two to four weeks at a time, during my time in the Air Force. Twice I was gone for a year, and at another time, I was gone for a year, came home, spent two months moving my family to Germany, then was gone for another five months. And these days, with Skype and email and text messaging, it's much easier. I'll be married for 43 years on my next anniversary.
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    Interestingly, since the show ended my fic is getting a bit more traffic. I thought it would be the other way around. I also heard something similar from another fanfic writer, so I think it may be a general trend. I guess people miss seeing the gang do new stuff. I kinda wish Prady would open a secret FF account and write something haha I don't really know who would write things I'd like, but I liked the way things were going when he was showrunner so I'd place my bet on him
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    I’m missing them all right now also. It’s back to school time and I associate that with excitement both for a new school year and a new season. Feeling a bit melancholy...
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    And she initiated the kiss. It seems like a "just because" kiss, just because she's happy and very much in love. Lenny seemed more in love than ever in the last episode.
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    Kaley and her glam squad.
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    "…go bleep yourself!" Nothing more to say, LOL
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    Then they'd have a swiss army knife, swiss cheese and a swiss child
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    Agreed. As much as I was happy about the pregnancy, I felt the episode was full of too much info that could have been stretched out over the last 5 to 7 episodes. More time could have spent on each event. The Who, What, When and Why's could have been explained and scenes like Penny discovering she's pregnant and her telling Leonard about the pregnancy could have happened. I feel it was half assed as well with them putting too much in the final two episodes!
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    That’s the whole point. It’s in the “what the hell? ” column. Why, just why? And regarding Russia. Extremely unlikely, given NATO. But wait... who wants to kill that again. Starts with T. Crazy. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/08/trump-defects-autocrats/596518/
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    from deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Susanna Fogel To Direct & Executive Produce First Two Episodes Of Kaley Cuoco’s HBO Max Series From variety.com Kaley Cuoco HBO Max Series ‘The Flight Attendant’ Sets Creative Team
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    The headlines, of the article and the clip are a bit misleading, as anyone who follows her on IG knows. As she points out in her IG stories, it must be a slow entertainment news day: https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/ny-kaley-cuoco-marriage-20190815-dl7sz2tixzbpjjmyr2ldzrrmee-story.html And this
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    ...reading this reminds me of F.B. day off...
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    As Nograv put it, it depends on when and what you got involved with. I started right at the beginning, identified with Leonard and Penny (because of me and my wife) and at that time, the focal point was Sheldon and Penny, pulling Leonard in different directions (and as an example, The Nerdvana Annihilation was an example showing Penny winning). That stayed right on through season three. In season's four through six, it was no longer the focal point, but the focal points were much more evenly spread out. Starting in season seven, and lasting until the end, it was Sheldon and Shamy that were the focal points. So, if you came in after season five or six, yeah, them not being the focal point was pretty obvious. As far as the writers, I hate to say lazy, but, when they found it more interesting and easier to write one thing, mainly or peripherally, and pretty much limit writing everything else to a minimum, because its not as interesting and harder to write, it pretty much boils down to not wanting to work at it, so yeah, lazy might fit here.
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    Yeah. You've mentioned that a few times Sorry, lost my head and thought I was on the Lenny Thread.
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    What was disappointing was that they did not show any bloopers from this scene in gag reel. I so wanted to see Kaley's actual reaction to Johnny in lingerie
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    It's depressing how accurate something written in 1953, like the quotes in this article.
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    That's not quite true. Yes, it's been evaded, but not for that reasons. For one, it doesn't say quorum of cabinet members. The wording of the amendment, says "The Vice-President and the principal officers of the executive departments..." (there's another possibility, that the congress passes a law designating another body as the deciding group, but that's not likely with a split congress, and not enough to override the for sure veto). Anyway, back to "The Vice-President and the principal officers of the executive departments...". It doesn't distinguish between a senate approved secretary and an acting secretary, principal, could be deemed, the one in charge. Now, I'm sure that there would be some sort of legal challenge, if the president decided he wasn't going to go, on whether or not the acting secretary is the principal of that department. Not to mention that as there are a lot of "Acting" heads of departments, those are quite loyal to Trump and won't vote him out. It's really a moot point, right now. Note the phrase, "The Vice-President AND, the principal..." The Vice-President would also have to agree, and at this point, Pence is not going to try to get Trump removed from office this way. That Pence refuses to act is the biggest reason the 25th Amendment hasn't been invoked yet.
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    Totally true! All my friends with birds in cages, uses it to line the bottom! It's definitely not worth reading!
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    Well, the National Enquirer is a trash paper anyway! Just cannot understand why she is always the target of this type of criticism. Maybe it is because her life is an open book to her friends and fans. Just as she has dropped Facebook and Twitter, I think eventually she will get fed up with these negative accounts and close down her IG account as well. And that will be a sad day for all of us who respect and enjoy her presence on this earth.
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    My mom asked me that lol. I indiscriminately watch my fav episodes. But recent stuff comes on. I don’t know I have a sense of indifference to it now. Show ended. Watched the show since I was 19. Show was a big part of my life. But yeah it’s over.
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    I understand it’s a bit tricky, being, I think, that it’s a consequence of having slavery as a national institution. Hard to untangle, I believe. That’s not so common elsewhere. Again, whole other country.
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    They key words are the ones about air travel. That would NOT have been allowed. For international flights, the cutoff point often is earlier, sometimes as early as 28 weeks, depending on the airline. Obstetric conditions that may be exacerbated by flight or that could require emergency care scare the daylights out of airlines. Yes. Not everyone is like the states, where if you're born here, you're automatically a citizen, and for good reason. I wish frankly that we'd stop doing that.
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    The following movie contains scenes of a cup of tea. It's rated PG.
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    I got home from work this evening, to find Saloon Bar doors on my house, and 5 dead Red Indians in my living room. I guess I must have hired Cowboy Builders.
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    The second season of The Kominsky Method will debut on Netflix on Friday, October 25, 2019!
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    Spot-on! So true. All the more incredible as they have achieved the - not only for me - iconic phrase (smart and beautiful babies) at the end. Btw. There was the fish that was supposed to had been thrown at the writers... ...seriously? 🙂
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    In my humble opinion, you stated everything perfectly! Yeah, but aren't we so fortunate that we got to see Bernadette tell Howard both times that she was pregnant. Spoiler Alert: Sarcasm!!!!
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    Those issues in addition to a plethora of others. I have no doubt that there is someone on here that could provide a list of unresolved issues that would be quite extensive. All of the characters had things take place throughout the run of the show that were never fully, or even partially resolved. This seemed to be the preferred mode of operations for the writers. We do know that Penny quite demonstrably expressed her disinterest in having children. No reason given. Then, once she accidentally becomes pregnant, she changes her mind. Some are unhappy that this didn't play out in the episodic TBBT world. I understand that. It might have been fun to watch the Lenny dynamic play out. Personally, I would at least have liked to see the moment Penny informed Leonard she was expecting. Instead, we missed another important moment in the Lenny relationship cycle. As for the oft repeated mantra of "If it didn't happen on screen I don't accept it/believe it/care about it",etc. Taking that view of things there are any number of things in the series that fall into doubt/non-acceptance. How did Bernadette conceive not once, but twice? We accept it was through physical relations with Howard. Did Dave Underhill really try to take naked pictures of Penny? Did Howard actually drop Raj's iPhone in a urinal? We did not see any of these things happen, yet we accept that they did. An episodic sitcom with an average of 22-23 minutes of program time cannot possibly air every aspect of the characters lives. Some are simply revealed through dialogue.
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    Exactly like the reason some fans can't forget all the jerky things Sheldon's done and said to Amy, and simply believe that everything is perfect for them. After all, Sheldon has supposedly been learning and getting better, but in the last episode, Amy leads with the crusher about simply tolerating him, at times. I won't even go into the various things each of the group has done to each other, yet still remain friends. While I have no doubt that things are not perfect for Shamy, I don't see them as anything but solid. The same with Lenny, and just to be an equal opportunity commenter, Howardette and the group interactions, also. The writing was more than inconsistent enough, (hail the almighty joke) that anyone could pull a lot of counter examples to just about anything anyone wants to say as either support or a refutation for a couple, or individuals.
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    Runs in the family
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    All we did was have lunch, a beer, and talk for about two hours. Thoroughly enjoyable. You mean like "What's a Hickey?" Or his failure to understand "Blow by blow?" Anyone who compares oral sex to a chicken pecking for corn, and then mimes the action would know what a hickey was, and would understand "Give it to me", or "Blow by blow." Things he claimed not to know about. The comment simply pointed out that the character of Sheldon wasn't so rare and unique on television. I used the crazy in a generic sense, so you not understanding my point on the is my fault. By crazy, I meant these characters were the odd one (which I also used). I simply saw Sheldon as the odd one, and there isn't anything unique about that. While his love, and knowledge, of trains could be indicative of being on the spectrum, the football information I don't think is, it's more due to his eidetic memory. I'm sorry to hear this Die, my condolences. But, here we run into the conflict the writers have with their not declaring him on the spectrum. Which is made worse by the claim of an eidetic memory. He's been told quite a few times that his behavior is not acceptable. If he's not on the spectrum, then his continued ill-mannered behavior, after being told the behavior is wrong, means he's doing it on purpose or just to be mean (see "Itchy Brain"). But, even if he is on the spectrum, he still has the eidetic memory, so he knows the behavior is wrong, yet he does it anyway. It's a sticky wicket in that corner the writers painted themselves into.
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    In this scene of the "43 Peculiarity" Leonard was trusting Penny with her friend even though he presumed he was hitting on her until Sheldon raised that metaphor you mentioned and got Leonard thinking and that is when he followed Penny's friend down the stairs. Do not know why he ever listened to what Sheldon had to say as it was never good advice........except for Shrodinger's Cat One particular scene that made me think about this was I believe in the "Gorilla Dissolution" when Raj and Sheldon are talking after Raj sees Emily with a date. Sheldon asks Raj if he had sex with Emily yet He says no but you haven't had sex with Amy either. Sheldon replies that in their relationship agreement Amy can't either. It just seemed to me that Sheldon knew alot more than he ever let on and manipulated many situations.
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    I agree with everything you say, but couldn't tptb come up with any better plotlines than to have as you say "an unnatural cohabitation" with Sheldon. Even in "Friends" the main characters lived in separate apartments. And they let this living arrangement go on for over a year not just for a little while as Penny suggested when she caved in to Sheldon's whining.
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    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these@luminous ! (Don’t say “thank you” enough!) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    For years, I've been trying to track down the full Series of the Sitcom Mad About You. I managed to buy the first two Seasons, but it was kinda like foreplay, as in it gets you aroused, but then leaves you quite frustrated at not being able to reach the end. Finally, I managed to find the complete 7 Season Box Set as a US Import, and I've bought it, meaning I can now be fully satisfied. I've had to splash out (pun intended 😁 ) on a new DVD player, but it's worth it.
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    Just saw a video clip of Kaley on Wendy Williams show in 2009. Wendy asks Kaley if she has a boyfriend and she coyly says yes she does. Wendy then goes on to ask if he is her age or older and she sheepishly says he is a little older. I got the feeling she wanted to shout it out on who it was but would not reveal who her boyfriend was. We now know that it was Johnny Galecki and I guess she could not disclose that and didn't until after they broke up. JMO, but I think she really loved Johnny and probably still has a place in her heart for him today.
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    Rugged Rock Star!❤️❤️❤️
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    Happy International Kissing Day 2019.
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    With the autumn sensation in the air and back-to-school adverts in shops and all over the net, I was missing them and decided to get back to a fan fiction I'd been writing in stages last summer, but somehow the first three documents, covering several chapters, have just disappeared. I can't even find back-ups. Some evil enemy from Sheldon's list must have hacked into my computers. I can't think of another explanation.
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