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    Roxy posted a summary of episode 6.04. Boys vs girls part is the funniest subplot I've ever heard/read ever. http://www.thebigbangbuzz.com/2012/09/summary-for-6x04-re-entry-minimisation.html Penny kissing Sheldon and Amy joining in is the best way of handing him his ass. Ever. I don't even give a darn if the other minority milk it for their own fantasies.
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    Actually we don't know if it is the Amy-Sheldon couple that is the big ratings monster or rather that the big fanbase wants Sheldon to have a love life. A more scientific test would be for the writers to write a romantic dream sequence with Sheldon and Penny and then see how popular it is. And it's entirely possible
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    New pics from EW's special issue I'm bummed they didn't include Mayim & Melissa though, but yay for new pics!
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    Taping report for 6x05 'The Holographic Excitation' from Roxanne is ready http://www.thebigbangbuzz.com/2012/09/6x05-holographic-excitation.html
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    This is one of my fav episodes, i forgot this was season 1 :S
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