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    Watched this rerun last night - Funny one! Jim Parsons wins the award for Best Fidgiting on a Couch (10 seconds or less category) Favorite two lines out of many (couldn't pick just one. BTW, sorry if I missquote a word or two, I'm doing this from memory): 1. Sheldon (holding Leslie's violin case): He's either in there with Leslie Winkle or a 1930's gangster. 2. Leonard: (referring to Penny saying that Leonard and Leslie would make a cute couple): What do you think she meant by that? Sheldon: She either meant that the two of you would form a couple which others would think of as being cute or that you could manufacture one. OK, a third: Penny: Sheldon, honey, I know you think you're explaining yourself, but you're really not. Best visual: Leslie smashing the banana
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    Does anyone else besides me think that this character ruined most of the fourth season? I have disliked EVERY EPISODE that she's been in so far. She is not funny, not charming, annoying, and shows that the writers are running out of ideas. She sucks. Big time. If they ran her over with a train for the season finale, I would cheer.
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    Hey sry for my bad english but i surch for this shirt from sheldon can everybody help me? Thanks (: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/508/spoilerthebigbangtheory.jpg/
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    So! What songs make you cry, for real, bringing tears to your eyes, and making your lip all a quiver? Give us a list of you favourite crying along songs! Me, I get teary eyed when listening to Sinead O'Connors Nothing Compares To You.
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    I'm sure we've all noticed Jim Parson's has gotten a bit thicker since the show first started. Anyone else find it sexy?...and can I say, he has a nice butt too? LOL. The Werewolf Transformation scene where he comes in after visiting his barber in the hospital with his jacket on one shoulder and he's unknowingly struttin' his stuff like a model in those blue pants....Wow! I have to rewind it a few times every time I watch. LOL. I'm so bad. Monique
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    Four minutes with the cast answering questions... (Jim, Kaley, Johnny, Simon, Kunal)... for EW
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    more pics from the EW
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    Yes, I love when his shirts are clinging on him
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    Dream sequences are real tricky when filming live. Especially the kind you are talking about. You need some sort of hook. One interesting twist put it in someone else’s dream sequence of the future. Another a movie or show based one where Sheldon dreams himself as the lead and Penny as the leading lady or the other way around. P.S. did you notice that we seem to have a higher opinion of Penny then those who are opposed?
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    Yeah, it could be very funny if they did it in a way where it never really happened. Not like Penny & Raj though, where they actually intended to, but a dream sequence or an alternate reality/universe kind of thing.
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    So another season comes to an end. When looking back at all these seasons we can see how much Sheldon has changed from season to season. What I miss most on this show is the old-obnoxious-robot-like-never-smiling Sheldon. He is the main reason that set this show apart from every other sitcom out there, he used to represent the lives of nerds and geeks all over the world, and if this show comes to Amy and Sheldon having sex in season 6, I'm going to run over a hobo. So like the poll says would you like to see Sheldon going back to his old self or do you like the way he is and where his character seems to be going ? Oh and yes, a lot of people including myself started noticing that Jim started gaining weight halfway through season 5, and when he plays the character of Sheldon, it seems a bit out of character if you know what I mean. For e.g, look back at Pilot from season 1 and now, it's almost like 2 completely different people! Thankfully,Kunal(Raj), Simon(Howard) and Johnny(Leonard) all look pretty much the same, so that's a plus. So what do you think about that?
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    Hi i just pick up the big bang theory season 3. just noticed on episode 14 the einstein approrimation there is a scene where leonard and penny are in bed together and leonard cell phone ring has a joker ringtone to it but i can not here it.but when i play the tv show version i can here the joker ringtone laugh. is i just on my dvd set? thank you for any help on this
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    Hi. Wouldn't it be great if the BBT could secure William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy for a cameo role? Not just one in one episode and the other in another, but together in one show? Have them meet up with Leonard and Sheldon on their own, but also Howard and Raj? Have Sheldon tell Leonard: "I have been and have always been your friend."
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    Does anyone recognize these two jackets whitch Rayesh and Leonard are wearing in last scene of S03E15 (trip to Switzerland)? Winter is comming and I need to have something warm and with big-bang-style for the russian climate where Im from
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    Have you guys heard? Godzilla will be returning to theatres in another American reboot. The director PROMISES they will get it right this time. I love Godzilla, so I am hyped for this. Here's a photo of the Godzilla panel at comic con. Will you see this updated take on Godzilla when it comes out?
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    Had World Of Warcraft not featured so early in the series, do you think a lot of people would have not become avid watchers of the show? WoW is one of the more traditional nerdisms, right up there with Halo, which also features regularly. IMO WoW instantly appeals to most of the geeky amongst us and is stereotypically associated with the lifestyle. I'd definitely say that the opening scene in ep3 would have got the nerd-juices bubbling in a lot of potential viewers. Maybe if Raj and Penny had played Halo instead of having sex, the uproar that occurred at the end of season 4 might have been averted.
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    That sounds very funny ... another great episode, I see we will meat Wolowitz's mother.
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