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    Does anyone else besides me think that this character ruined most of the fourth season? I have disliked EVERY EPISODE that she's been in so far. She is not funny, not charming, annoying, and shows that the writers are running out of ideas. She sucks. Big time. If they ran her over with a train for the season finale, I would cheer.
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    I'm sure we've all noticed Jim Parson's has gotten a bit thicker since the show first started. Anyone else find it sexy?...and can I say, he has a nice butt too? LOL. The Werewolf Transformation scene where he comes in after visiting his barber in the hospital with his jacket on one shoulder and he's unknowingly struttin' his stuff like a model in those blue pants....Wow! I have to rewind it a few times every time I watch. LOL. I'm so bad. Monique
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    Four minutes with the cast answering questions... (Jim, Kaley, Johnny, Simon, Kunal)... for EW
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    I think Jim should have won just for that little lead in for the accountants.
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    Mayim sadly did not win. John Cryer? This is pretty funny, someone at ABC Publicity thought that Jim should have won too.
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    If you were white, male and middle class perhaps I've just been watching a show based in the USA in the mid 30's set in the Dustbowl region, they were some pretty hard times, seriously sad. In Australia the depression hit us hard, with upwards of 21% unemployment. Then of course there was the second world war in that time period as well. Poverty and severe unemployment continued for several years after the war also. Women of course really didn't get much choice in life, they were expected to stay at home and look after the children and the husband. No I think we have it pretty cool right now. OMG that was very serious of me, I'm not normally this serious I promise.
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    I agree, Kunal made a slip up which was probably more impulsive immaturity than anything but Johnny called him out on it. Johnny comes across as a very smart, quiet guy. I can see what Kaley saw in him.
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    Mayim at the Performers Nominee Reception
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    With the one exception: Xenoblade Chronicles.
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    New here but I have a question. TBS is censoring the Big Bang Theory's theme. "That all started with a big bang" is definitely missing from the opening theme song of all the shows. Are they bowing to some religious organization? That would be kind of like religious freedom in reverse. It's OK for someone to think that a supreme being clicked his fingers and did the whole thing in seven days but if your a scientist and want to stretch the time out a few billion years it can't be mentioned?
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    I like Amy she has changed a lot (for the better) from the beginning of season 4 when she was a bit robotic like when she spoke to people and I think Sheldon is falling big time for her
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