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    Absolutely love this & the story Wil wrote to go along with it. From both Wil's & Kaley's twiiter And the link to Wil's blog that goes with the pic. http://wilwheaton.net/2012/10/you-can-tell-that-this-is-wil-wheaton-prime-and-not-evil-wil-wheaton-because-im-not-trying-to-sit-in-his-spot/
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    Just wanted to show you guys this! Jim Parsons South Korean Gangnam style dance. Just love it! :D Im not going to lie.. I tried doing that dance at Uni today. Now do the sexy and I know it dance lol He does do the OGS dance longer but this is just quick clip.http:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KJgBOgXlhU https://www.youtube......<br /><br />Thought I would add a cute Shamy video with a great song that just fits perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDiImvvZFqA
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    I can't do it on my phone right now, but I encourage you to look it up or go to wilwheaton.net! It's a picture of Wil, Kaley, and Jim. It looks like they're bringing back Fun With Flags!
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    926 A night on the town with the cop that used to live in Penny's apartment
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    I thought Penny was the daddy, Leonard was the mommy and Sheldon is their kid.
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    the thing is, I don't get the complaining on the lack of "geeky" when talking about the Shamy relationship. Out of all the couples they are the ones who keep it alive: they go to Brian Greene conferences, have lunch in the lab, do fun with flags, watch Doctor Who, dine with Mario Bros music, do Star Trek role playing, and even have a Relationship Agreement. I mean, I understand this discussion if it was about Leonard and Penny or Howard and Bernadette in a smaller measure. But the Shamy? they are geeky/nerd-compliant.
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    AMY FARRAH FOWLER IS NOBODY'S TRAINING WHEELS! SHE'S TOO FABULOUS! sorry, I had to say it. Amy is as good as Penny, why should she just be the "warm up?" because she doesn't have experience? Penny might have a lot of experience, but that doesn't make her better. If anything, it makes it worst, because all of that "experience" has led her nowhere, while Amy Farrah Fowler hit a homerun in her first attempt. Also, with Amy's knowledge of the nervous system, he's in for a treat And yeah, he touched her boob... so? he never made a big deal out of it, and when a man doesn't make a big deal out of something like that is because he didn't feel anything special. He touched her boob and it didn't cause him anything. He said to Leonard: "relax, it was just her bottom and her breast" as if it was nothing. And yet, a couple of episodes later, we have him fantasizing about Amy's pale shoulders. On the other hand, he made a big deal out cuddling and of grabbing Amy's hand.
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    Even before the prom queen comment, I think it was implied that Amy and Bernadette did a little more than "help." After Penny comments about trying for an A, Bernadette says, "We got you the B- so it'd be believable." That, to me, sounds like she and Amy did most of the work, purposefully keeping it at a lower level to make it seem as if Penny did it. I agree if that there's nothing wrong with them truly just helping - proofreading and offering suggestions. But if that was really the case, they wouldn't be worried about making it unbelievable, since Penny herself should still be doing the bulk of the work.
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    OMG!!!!! Penny is looking at Sheldon!!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!! Shenny!!!!!
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    Goes back to the weird and false assumption that a happy couple is boring. I chalk it up to writers lacking originality.
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    Agree. I thought we were supposed to see growth in her character, but at the end, penny didn't even turn in the real paper. Geez.
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    That was a cute shamy video. thanks.
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    Yes, I hated that interview. It is in these moments that I remember: writers are writing ... They need to have continuity ... well, someone has to be the bad guy ... Now that has happened what has happened ... Who better than Daniel? He has his mother's blood running through his veins ... mauahahahaha!
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    I like that video because all clips are matched with the words in way. Talks about their life, lonely and ect then the only exception lyrics comes up and shows Shamy I have also posted another Shamy video on a thread I posted its more sad because of the music but perfect for it. Its on my cast and Crew - Thread - Jim Parsons Gangnam stlye. :lol:
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    Oh, crap! I get all teary eyed every time I watch one of those Shamy videos...
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    I love his face, in Gangnam Style!!! I love Shamy!!! I love everything about him!!! :icon_razz:
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    I actually love this newer Amy. She is now lot softer and feminine! Definitely one I would not mind dating! She used to be a lot colder, but luckily bernadette and Penny got their hand on her, and made her find her feminine side. I look forward seeing her wooing Sheldon some more. The one where she used nintendo music to woo Sheldon was just the best episode ever!!!
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    Okay, you got me. I do like them, but I just do not like the way they are arguing all the time. I mean could the writers not write some nice times for them too?
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    Whenever someone says that, all I hear is "most attractive". Really though he does have gorgeous eyes if you look for some HQ pictures. And I think he's definitely got the most sex appeal of all the guys. I think people pay too much attention to his height sometimes. Biggest excuse is that he's too short. But that's just my taste in men probably. I just pop in here every so often to even it out, because johnny, I think even next to Simon, gets the least amount gushing fangirls here on the forum. Which really surprises me. Statistically speaking he should be every girls fantasy man. He cooks, rides a motorcycle, is artistic, and he's rich and famous but doesn't let it get to his head. He also loves animals. I mean the list goes on.
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    I love Sheldon's line--and the fact that Leonard is suggesting that Sheldon might be starting to have sexual feelings. I might have to go back and read the taping report for this one... Oh, and I had a lot of fun watching various clips that came up after the promo--some cute Shamy music videos, etc.
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    4 years, 4....!!!!!! Darn it, there was a spoiler about Amy having a 5 year plan during the hiatus. I didn't read the taping reports because I want the full experience when it happens. I have posted a couple of Howardy space comic strips already and have been waiting for Amy to mention her 5 year plan to post this for the shamy's. Ah well...
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    Don't feel bad, I had help. I have both DC and MARVELS Encyclopedia (updated and expanded) at my. It was perfect, until they re-revamped the universe(s)!
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    The Plummer's union is breaking in because I'm trying to fix my own sink. (notice the piece of piping in my hand).
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    Yes, it will. But obviously at this rate, they might not entirely consume those 5 years in Amy's plans. The character herself said she's way ahead of her schedule. Probably next season, or if they really are serious with that next 4 years of Lorre's contract with CBS, maybe by season 8. Or I'll go with bigbangsheldon. I can wait. I did not survive 4 years in UP for nothing.
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    in any case, it would be now about 6 nerdy scientists and their blonde friend. Bernadette & Amy are also nerdy scientists. Or what? they don't count because they're girls? (as it has been stated before)
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