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    No it isn't that simple. Because this scenario requires the viewing audience to simply forget five plus years of show continuity and just expect them to accept something that out of left field. Theoretically Chuck Lorre can do anything he wants with the characters of the show. Hell he could have Raj and Stewart come out of the closet.and start dating. He could have Penny and Amy experiment with Lesbianism. He could have Leonard become a monk and take a vow of celibacy. That doesn't mean it would work or even make sense with how the characters have been shown thus far. It also means that the probability that the audience would stick around and continue to watch it would be very low. Sheldon would also be fired because no credible scientist would ever publish results and declare any kind of discovery without peer testing and review of data first. He would have been held just as accountable for failing to do that. Good literature follows proper structure when it comes to story and character. There are rules and guidlines that have been on the whole agreed apon by most scholars who study the storytelling form based on hundreds of years of research examining all the greatest tales form the classic greek myths and poems from Homer to the plays of the bard himself Shakespeare. This isn't subjective. Character's can develope and change and good storytellers make sure this happens but the changes have to be believable and not only fit within the established profile of a given character, but the good storytellers will also make sure the seeds of change are foreshadowed earlier in the narrative. People don't just disover things in a tale by random happenstance. At least not in the good ones. In the good stories nothing is accidental and the intent of the author is clear. The only people who are discovering "hidden things or meanings" are people who for whatever reason have a bias in wanting to see certain things a certain way but that in no way means that it's a legimate position because it has no basis on what the actual text reading is and on the intent of the author. There is nothing in this shows past or present that could substantiate Penny having any kind of romantic feelings for Sheldon nor Sheldon for her. It's not there. It isn't there in the writing. It hasn't been shown on screen. The people involved in the show from all levels have gone on record saying it isn't going to happen. Why do you think Shamy even exists in the first place? It exists partially because they wanted to make it clear that if Sheldon was ever going to be involved in any kind of romantic relationship that Penny was certainly not going to be the girl that he was going to be paired with in such a relationship. I'd say we have a pretty good indicator of Shamy vs Shenny when it comes to ratings. The show has higher ratings now with the romantic relationships it currently has then it did back pre-Amy and back when Shenny had any kind of steam at all. Shamy is discussed much more heavily now by the larger audience as a whole than Shenny ever was back in the day. Which isn't difficult to do when Shenny has never been anything but a vocal minority. I'm sorry Annieology, I know you want to believe you are part of some massive movement within the shows fan base but you aren't. You are simply part of a very small but vocal fanbase of a pairing that has no basis in the shows reality. No sane showrunner would ever cater a hit show like this to the tastes of a minority. Especially when the current formula...like it or not has proven to be a massive hit.
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    I want to see Penny get drunk and try to drag Sheldon into bed the way she did Leonard. Sheldon will emphatically reject her. Leonard will see the true worm eaten nature of her soul and dump her. Then, Penny will take her manipulative, user self back to Nebraska. Maybe that would drive a stake through the heart of the Shenny monster once and for all. I kid of course. Big fan!
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    MY BABIES! They're so adorable I could just eat them up! Though I noticed Mayim's the only one in the OBB who's not eating not holding any food container. Probably not to expose her injured hand.
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    ^ yum! to Jim and Johnny. The Boys! here you go gals, and certain guys. Kunal (i want his sweats) Jim! (for you, Convict13) Johnny All xxx All you geeks out there, would love/want this.
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    OK. Still want to know why Lorre would bother to destroy the premise of the show as was explained in the early season: the tug of war over Leonard between Penny and Sheldon. Sheldon representing the Physics/Nerd world and Penny the carnal delights of the "normal" world. Hence the double meaning of the title "Big Bang Theory". Since the very first episode, Penny and Sheldon have been adversaries. This has been a very successful formula now that they have added Amy to the mix to gently push Sheldon in the direction Leonard is heading. Why would Lorre ever want to take the chance in killing the golden goose that is the Shamy? For what purpose? Is there some think tank study saying that the Shenny will make him more money? He has the only data he needs: 15 to 16 million fans an episode and the number one rated comedy. No business would dare change that model.. Another thing, what do you do with the other characters when the Shenny is formed? Will every other character be saying "oh, well that's life"? What happens with the fans of the Shamy and the Lenny? Do they except that the relationships they bought into for years just got blown to hell? Until there are answers to those questions, expect Lorre to not even think about this as even a topic worth considering.
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    Yes, in the name of Celestia, thank you. I'll say it again, I've wondered about Johnny being bi. He does strike me as the kind of guy that would not care to reveal if he was gay. However, I know that many people have a harder time coming out as bisexual. It's seems as if bisexuality is kind of sneered on more than being gay or lesbian. You're labeled as "unsure".
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    Hi fellow Potterheads! :D
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    i love the show, the jokes are cheesey but absolutely hilarious, i love the ad libbing too
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    I have never seen worms eating her soul. You see things that are only in your imagination, because of your hate or whatever. Embrace the rainbow!!!
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    I think you're living in dream land. It's preposterous to imagine that they'd do such a thing--for one thing, there's no real way to tell if the ratings for a particular episode had to do with what happened in that episode or other external factors, such as what else was on TV at that time or various other issues. Plus, if there was a one-time rating spike, that wouldn't mean that whoever watched the episode liked what they saw. Lots of people watch the final episode of a series, for example, but that doesn't mean that many of them don't end up being disappointed with what they see. And of course it's up to Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and I think they've made it abundantly clear that they're not going down any such road, no matter what the Shenny minority wants. I think that you and your fellow Shenny shippers are the only ones harboring a fantasy that the world wants to see Sheldon and Penny together. Most show-runners don't try to write their shows according to audience whims. If they did, they'd be constantly chasing their tails and trying to live by opinion polls and that would make for a very disjointed process. What they're going to do is tell the story they want to tell and apparently that story is that Leonard and Penny love each other but have to figure out how that works in their lives; Howard and Bernadette love each other but have to figure out how to deal with cutting his apron strings from his mom; Raj needs desperately to find someone to love; and last, but apparently pretty importantly, Sheldon and Amy like and probably love each other but it's just a matter of helping Sheldon grow into it. There is no Shenny, no matter how hard you hope for it, dream about it, campaign for it, etc. TPTB have already decided and I think that while perhaps at one time, before Amy came along, the audience may have had a general desire to see Sheldon get a girl, the vast majority of the audience seems to be happy with the girl that TPTB have come up with, and it sure as heck ain't Penny.
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    Hmm, I've said this before but I hope it's Sheldon who makes the final move, not Amy. If it's all coming from her side, it will just looked like she wore him down.
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    Ah, the nerd couple, I feel a phone wallpaper coming on.
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    Can someone kindly explain to me what is happening here? Oh dear lord...
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    Has to sport the shittiest haircut for 7 years, just deals with it.
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    My OCD would love to play. I however would be hiding under the table with MISS KITKA.
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    What really confuses me is the whole idea of Penny and Sheldon being a couple when neither one of them has shown the least romantic interest in the other. On the contrary Penny has show disdain, disgust, and even demonstrated her lack of understanding how anyone would be attracted to Sheldon when talking to Amy. Sheldon has generally shown not only disinterest in romance as a whole, but more specifically contempt for the it, although it does appear that he is slowly changing he attitude about it with AMY, not Penny, AMY. Sheldon has on several occasions voiced his contempt of Penny's morals, hygiene, and intelligence. How any can believe that the same man who was nearly hysterical about drinking out of Leonard's glass because Leornard had kissed someone from a 3rd World Country would be willing to have sexual relations with a woman who he believes has had sex with dozens of men is beyond me. Then there is what a consider the myth of the "chemistry" between Penny and Sheldon. I have never seen it. IMO Sheldon has more "chemistry" with Raj then he does with Penny. I disregard the use of fanfic as proof of how great of an idea the pairing of Penny and Sheldon. Most of the stories have to go through all sorts of distortions in order to give their characters any resemblance to believability, and most of them fail miserably. In addition, none of the writers are associated in any way with the show and have no influence what so ever with what occurs.
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    Still giggling 6 seasons in.
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    There have been plenty of shamy scenes, but not since the one where he asked her to be his girlfriend, do I feel we have seen a real connection between them. The vacation one was good, but it was focused more on sheldon needing a vacation, and the fact that he learned to apologize to amy. I want to see some relationship stuff involving both of them without the gang, and let it be more focused on them and what is going on with them, instead of just sheldon - does that make sense. They are giving us teasers but we are not really seeing what is really going on with their feelings or the progression of the relationship since it changed its status. We've had a lot of penny-leonard and howard-bernie time with just them alone -- I think we need more of that for shamy. And, we see what is happening with the other couples from episode to episode. For example, what is going with amy's plan to change sheldon's feelings for her? Is she still doing it? Have they had any more dinners, star trek doctor fun? What happened to that? Sheldon said he is having feelings for amy at inappropriate times at the end of season 5. Is he still having this problem??? Why haven't we heard any more about this? I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I know we have some good scenes coming up with them together, but the scenes are in relation to things happening in those particular episodes (with other characters involved), and not just the shamy relationship in general.
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    @convict the jim pics are great!
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    What really angers me is when women are given smaller salary than men. Even when they are doing exactly the same job! Outrageous! NOw, some men say this is because women spend more time socialising in job, than men. Not true. In my experience, it is the men that waste time gossipping and slacking off, whenever the boss is not looking. -while women do not! Women tend to work just as hard wether boss is around or not. Of course, not all women, but in genereal this holds true. So, more pay for women, or else!
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    We'll get there eventually I just want something huge to happen
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    I'm not a big pumps/high heel girl! But I want those. I would wear those everytime I went out :D
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    Favourite GIF Too dang cute. I love his smile, and the glasses! Melissa Kunal Kaley Mayim Johnny Jim Simon It's unbelievable how sexy this cast is! the whole lot of them. Sorry if these have already been posted.
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    I should be doing whatever the hell I want, but instead I'm doing whatever the hell I want.
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    There's a scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Cedric Diggory (played by Robert Pattinson) gets hit with an Avada Kedavra. I thought, 'take that, Twilight fangirls!'
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