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    Might I suggest the simplest explanation: ratings are up because more people have discovered the show and therefore more people are tuning in on a week to week basis to stay caught up with it. I seriously doubt there's a large chunk of the viewing audience examining the promos and going "Hey, those annoying girls don't look to be in it this week, I guess I'll tune in live instead of catching it on the DVR."
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    Penny needs money.
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    With TBBT being such a huge success, and this forum even bigger, will our next generation of kids be smarter? Nerd Love is now the "in thing" on TV. Will it follow into the real world? How many of you out there could really love a Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, etc? How many little bangs are there going to be in the future?
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    The free poster I got for going to the midnight view of Skyfall the night it came out. Goodness I want!!! so beautiful. I meant the Aston Martin, but yes, Daniel Craig can be included in that :lol:
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    Small interview with Johnny as well http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8544699
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    I also love when Penny starts to cry and Sheldon silently mouths, "What is happening?" and Leonard silently signals back, "I don't know!"
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    I couldn't figure it out at first but I see it now. Guess that's all we're getting. LOL. Thanks for sharing those though. Monique
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    I'm glad I could amuse you
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    YOU USED MY TOOTHBRUSH?????!!!!! I lose it everytime
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    that is not the only thing we know about Amy. Here's what we know so far (and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff) She used to date (I assume since now she has a boyfriend) once a year per her mother's request in exchange for her silence on the matter (and the use of her George Foreman grill) She has an aversion for soiled hosiery She doesn't drink coffee (I assume so, since she asked for tepid water on the coffee show and was never seen drinking coffee) She was bullied an shunned by all the other girls in elementary school, high school, grad school, and that semester in Norway Her mother was overprotective of her (the yearbook message from her mom, not letting her watch Grease in fear she would join a gang) She never had a boyfriend before Sheldon and made up one called Armand but her lie was soon discovered and she was mocked by her family. She is "technically" engaged to an Arab Prince named Faisal who is the one who founds her lab. She has a dried scalp and has recently found an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn't smell like tar. She has a secret language, OP She wears her dead grandmother's clothes, except for the Secret she shares with Victoria (and now Penny) She never had a sleepover, except for that vietnamese girl that shared her room when she had her tonsils removed (the vietnamese girl didn't make it through the night, but up until then, it was kinda fun) The girls at school put Rogaine in her hand lotion and the nick-names started to fly (gorilla fingers fowler was the one that hurt the most) She finds Marie & Pierre Curie's love story extremely romantic. She also finds the Relationship Agreement extremely romantic. With her, it's all about monkeys, monkeys, monkeys Her only sexual experience is volunteering for an experiment where orgasm was reached by estimulating the pleasure centers of the brain She has a toothbrush named Gerard She made a monkey cry like a disgraced televangelist She is a very practical person (dead bridesmaid dresses, playing operation at the UCLA cadaver lab, signing up for a human skeleton, etc) She gets constipated while travelling so she's the ideal hotel roomate. She's allergic to penicilin and wears a silver bracelet with that legend She likes to mix teas And I KNOW I'm forgetting a lot of things here. With just a few things from here, I think we can have a pretty good idea of what Amy's motivation is. Even more so than Penny,s for example, or Raj's. & Amy Farrah Fowler is the latest character to join the story, at the end of season 3. She was in about half of episodes of Season 4, she wasn't on every episode of Season 5, or in all episodes of Season 6. SO she's had less screen time than all the other characters. And still, we know more about her than Penny or Raj, for example.
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    the episode before this one, The Habitation Configuration was the highest rated episode before this one aired. That promo did made a point about Sheldon being torn between Amy & Wil Wheaton. And yet no-one started saying it was so because Amy was on the episode or because it was a Shamy one according to the promo. The argument of "it had the highest rating because M& M were not on it" is absolutely false and subjective, just as the statement of "the Hab Conf had the highest rating because it was a Shamy episode". What works better or not regarding the episode itself is totally subjective as well. I didn't love it as much as everyone else seems to have. Maybe because I don't really care about LP anymore, even though, I admit, it was a sweet moment. I loved the Sheldon/Howard/Raj storyline, but to be honest I don't notice the HUGE difference a lot of people here seem have noticed just because M&M were not in the episode. It has nothing to do with it how many characters are on it, It has to do with the storyline. And this episode DID have two other characters: Alex and Cole. SO it's not like it was ONLY core 5.
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    I agree. In fact, in all these 6 seasons, TBBT has actually had very few dead-serious dramatic moments. This show specializes in treating everything - be it work mess-ups, personality quirks, relationship problems - with a breezy light-hearted touch that takes away much of the potential angst. It's one of the things I love about the show.
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    TPAM doesn't have/get to look at the BBC (Bond Butt Crack) anymore.
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    Sprouts, yuck. WCW, yum
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    TPAM has changed her sig - likes Daniel Craig! :D
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    I don't know if some of these have been posted before, but posting them anyway. Moar Jim!:
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    Huffington Post TV Guide shows Two REPEAT episodes on Thanks giving evening 8 PM is 6.1. and 9 PM is 5. 12. Because 2 1/2 men is in shark jumping mode, It follows BBT at 8:30 and 9:30. .
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    True, but truth must be said: Poor them if they feel betrayed, but it's their choice, the show isn't really betraying them, because it has never promised to deliver what they are expecting. It had always been Penny/Leonard, and now Amy/Sheldon, it's their problem if they refuse to accept it.
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    Sheldon even trying to get Penny to sign a roommate agreement would be funny. Penny signing any type of agreement of Sheldon's would never happen but Lol hilarious!
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    Maybe Penny could move in with Leonard for a few months until she gets a new job and then her apartment doesn't rent or the resident moves out after a few months so she moves back in because her and Sheldon conflict. Can you see Sheldon going bat-shit crazy trying to adjust to Penny living with them. They could do a whole episode on Sheldon trying to get Penny to sign the roommate agreement.
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    WHERE DID YOU GET THE PICTURE OF ME??? I'm sure you can see the resemblance!!
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    All the moments when Howard does voices/impressions are the best! My all time favorites include his Stephen Hawking voice and his Indian voice he uses when mocking Raj; it isjust too prefect. A good example would be in the most recent TBBT when he sounds like Bernadette. #perfection
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    When the guys are going too the queen Mary in long beach who is driving? Raj calls shotgun= not driving Howard drives a sxooter= not driving Sheldon does not drive= not driving Leonard, sheldon says after raj calling shotgun no no no Leonard gets naucious unless he sits upfront, even then It's iffy= not driving Anyone have an idea?
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    If they are doing that, I prefer the "Stewie kills Louis" version, only going back to right after Penny punches Sheldon for trying to take the One Ring. Everything went downhill from there. I think we might want to start a spoiler thread, or at least put a warning on threads where spoilers are posted and discussed.
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    Just thought I'd create a poll about the Raj / Penny cliff-hanger in the season 4 finale as well as the resolution as described in the taping report for the season 5 opener. This isn't about what you call sex (as discussed in another thread) or about if you mind or don't mind if they actually had sex. It is just to know if people think that the act / resolution had a positive or negative impact on how you enjoy the show.
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