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    There were only two things that were successful about the Beta test and both were for Penny: 1. Penny determined that Leonard really did love her and not just the sex. When they went out on their first date she asked him if he missed her only because of the sex. Penny: You see me all the time. You sure you just don’t miss the sex? Leonard: Well, yeah, sex with you is pretty great. Have you ever tried it? That was the wrong answer. What followed was her "go slow" period where she made him go with out sex for four months. During that time Leonard was as faithful as a sheep dog and Penny started bragging that she had no fear of Leonard either hurting or cheating on her. She knew she had complete control. 2. Penny most likely decided that she would not breakup with him again, which should have been a no-brainer considering she nearly went crazy without him during season 4. When Leonard finally was allowed sex with her, he promptly tried to propose which caused her commitment alarms to ring. But much to many of the fans surprise, she did not break-up with him. They ended the season with Penny holding his hand while watching Howard's space launch. And their relationship has been getting better with each episode of season 6. For Leonard the "Beta Test" was pure hell but he is getting a payoff now that the test is over.
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    I find it very interesting Sheldon would even fantasize even just the shoulders of a woman. Yes, he's not a normal man and he's not the kind to imagine the breasts or the badonkadonk (okay, that last one, I sort of have doubts of that already) but the fact that THE Sheldon Cooper would fantasize about pale shoulders when the girl's obviously under 2-4 layers of clothing EVERY SINGLE DAY IMAGINABLE is a big leap, I suppose. Well, more like a Christmas miracle even bigger than Ebenezer's. It's quite possible that he might have seen them shoulders hunched and flaky before, but when he was telling it to Leonard and the way he sort of reached out as if he wanted to touch the imaginary shoulders right in front of him, it made me realize that maybe he does have a testosterone level after all. To paraphrase Sheldon, what has that vixen done to him?
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    The scene when Sheldon woke Penny up to ask her not to break up with Leonard, at the end he very sincerely says, "Please don't hurt my friend." It almost brought tears to my eyes how genuine he was towards Penny. Parsons is such a terrifically timed actor.
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    Not to get into discussion, but the PCA nominations are not decided by the public and neither is the winner. I did take the time to read the small print on the Terms & Conditions and it says that the organizers may choose the nominations/winners in the group that has the most votes. So, winning a PCA does not mean you were the most voted, just that you were chosen between the most voted, by the organizers. That's why I don't even bother voting for that. In the case of Mayim, also, I did check the page when it was the turn to vote for nominations..... Mayim wasn't even on that list, so of course she was not going to be nominated, she wasn't even listed. Which is odd, because Melissa was. Also, Kaley is the host for the PCA's... of course she was going to be nominated, she also was last year. I'm sorry, but the PCA's do not prove anything. The Emmy's on the other hand are voted by fellow actors/directos. Acting categories are voted by actors, directing by directors, etc.That's why the Emmy's are a prestigious award and the PCA's are just a dumb popularity contest.
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    Mayim is sexy to me. They downplay her looks for the show to portray a character. Amy is sexy to Sheldon. Sheldon is sexy to Amy That all that matters.
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    Honestly, to me, this scene shows NOTHING NEW about Amy. We've already known that she's been one step ahead of Sheldon for quite some time now as far as her needs/wants in the relationship. This is just how Amy is. Think back to her saying, "...there's only so many times I can say, 'how about the bed?'" when Sheldon spent the night on her couch. Nothing new. ...it's just supposed to be funny....same thing with her hitting on Penny. Why is she automatically bisexual? If this is the case, she'd be hitting on her WAAYYY more often. Monique
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    Penny: Oh, Beverly, I can’t talk to my boyfriend’s mother about his penis. Beverley: Oh, fair enough. What can you tell me, if anything, about that busboy’s penis? Penny: Actually, I’ve only had the cheesecake. One more time. You know, Leonard did not want to tell you we were dating. Beverley: Really? Well, that means he’s either embarrassed about the relationship or he doesn’t care enough about his mother to tell her he’s in one. Either way, one of us should be insulted. Penny: Well, let’s go find out who. Beverley: You go get a taxi. I’m gonna slip my business card into that busboy’s back pocket, cupping his firm, right buttock as I do so.
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    If they even THINK about killing off Sheldon or a core 7 I will picket WB and bring an army bigger than than 300 that can fit onto that stage! And believe me I have a hand into WB so I could so do this!
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    Good analysis, C-Trayne. Poor Leonard, maybe something he has in common with Sheldon is a peculiar inability to pick up on what other people would consider fairly obvious social clues. He really does seem to need hit over the head with it when a woman is interested. And I'm reminded of how blind he was to Stephanie's gradual moving in to his apartment. He didn't even notice that his Batman signal was gone until Penny pointed out the picture that was in its place! Leonard's behavior with Penny makes sense if you think about how he perceives himself when he's in a relationship: lucky to be there. The abrupt ends of most of his relationships is a good indicator of why he's so terrified of putting a foot out of line: one wrong move and the relationship is over. And he can never seem to catch a break; he decides to do the right thing with Alice and promptly finds he's been cheated on by Priya! Ugh, Priya. While smart and beautiful, it's annoying when someone seems to like you and then immediately tries to change you (though this is pretty common, lol). Question: has Penny tried to change Leonard? I'm thinking no... she's teased him and mocked him about his interests, and she clearly doesn't appreciate the nerd stuff much, but when he decided to get rid of all his action figures and whatnot she apologized and said no, don't do that, it's part of who you are. Am I forgetting some examples of Penny trying to change him? I hope not as my idea here is that this is one thing that makes Penny a good match for him - she may not always understand him, but she accepts who he is.
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    I love Amy and every aspect of her. She used to be a mirror affect to Sheldon but she's come along on her own and really become her own character. I love Mayim too so its hard not to love her character. I now can not imagine the show without her. Those 7 are keepers!
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    i feel like you just don't like this character and nothing we say is really gonna change your opinion. Nothing wrong with that, just becomes a pointless argument... You interpret things one way, we see it a different way, we'll just go round and round and round and round
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    There is little doubt that the curve for the L/P relationship is going upwards at the moment. They have managed to stick together even though plenty of arguments have stirred their relationship, which shows the true passion and love they share towards each others. Now, with the ILY, Leonard finally knows how Penny feels about him, which has been probably his biggest issue towards Penny. Throughout Leonard's childhood and youth he has never received any caring or love by a female... His mother was distant, and he hasn't had any women in his life who has actually told him that they love him. Now, he can actually relax and thrive in this position, and probably show alot of confidence around Penny, which is needed! However, what I do not like, is that they don't seem to be interacting them more after this ILY scene, and we have to wait so long.... "Make hay while the sun shines" is a saying, and I honestly think they should continue with more L/P interactions after this big moment!
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    I recall penny saying "things are looking good," when Leonard asked about it. It was about pointing out each others faults and kind of laughing it off. They didn't actually change anything about eachother and it ended up as more of a joke than anything. Something that brought them closer together
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    Her MIND is what is sexy to Sheldon and that's all that matters. That will never change. Monique
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    Phanta - you're doing it again. In the common urban parlance - I'd like to marry your last few posts (or make love first, whatever..) And this is cracking me up so badly. I know just the 'victory sign' you mean. Regarding before or after marriage - I don't have a definite view. I just want it to be special and momentous, whenever it happens, and not just played for laughs. I'm not sure if Sheldon would necessarily 'hold out' to please his mother or follow her religious views, but Sursonica's idea of his needing the security of a lasting contract sounds plausible.
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    Razberrypie and Pomita, why thank you.... I hoped you'll enjoy gifs. Can't stay calm observing them too. I also think Mayim, Jim and Simon deserve the Emmy. I don't like Kaley, but since the 3th episode she is playing better.
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    Everything. She is a drunk, she doesnt appreciate Leonard, she's good for proximity only. She's an attention whore. She seems to want to corrupt Amy and Bernie too. She's a bad example for all the characters. She just does not fit in mentally, intellectually, or occupationally I dunno I just dont like her.
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    I didn't say the spanking scene proved she is bisexual I said it made me rethink what the writers are saying about her character. As it's been shown that Amy is sexually open, embracing sexuality; meaning she's not repressed like Sheldon. She clearly enjoys the spanking, so why shouldn't she enjoy being with a girl? I thought those Amy-Penny scenes were funny because they were over the top. It amused me. Shamyfan I've read that for many bi people it's the person, that attracts them not whether they are male or female. So Amy can very well be bi; attracted to Sheldon who happens to be male. Sursonica, you're bi, (and kudos for saying so) what do you think?
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    True, Jim is so incredible as Sheldon they are guilty of overusing the character. A big part of the shows meterotic rise is down to the popularity of Sheldon, I don't think that can be denied. I certainly started watching because of him. He was totally captivating, the way he delivered his lines in that dead pan way was like nothing I'd ever seen on a sitcom. But I see what you are saying. Even though I am a massive Sheldon fan, even I got a bit pissed off by his overuse. During late S2 -3 they totally neglected Leonard and had Sheldon doing everything. It got a bit ridiculous to be honest. The L/P relationship, the first time round was a little thin on the ground and I think dedicating so much time to Sheldon had something to do with why. Still great shows!
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    I love Jim in that blue speedo. Sexy beast
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    Apparently this music video was made in connection with the Stand up to Cancer campaign. We get to see Jim perform 30 different roles. Fair warning: there is some nudity in it... Really made me crack up. He's such a great actor.
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    I want Leonard to get respect from Penny. I hate that penny thinks she's Leonard should do what she says I want Leonard to tell penny. That she isn't all that and not the beauty queen Maybe then Penny will respect Leonard
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    Awww thank u Freida :D
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    Another example of how focus on Sheldon's character impacts L\P In the episode where Sheldon teaches Penny Physics - The main goal of Penny was to impress Leonard (very nice story idea) - So she asks Sheldon to teach her Physics which he does - But in the ending scene where she tells the big Physics dialogue it looked like she was trying to mock him rather than trying to impress him. - It looked like Sheldon and Penny won the match , but the problem was that Leonard did not know what was going on , he was not playing the match - A good ending would have been Leonard recognizing the fact that his girlfriend tried to learn Physics for him and appreciating it. ( this was what I was expecting at the start of the episode ) - But the writers were like--who cares about all that, see Sheldon is so funny , see Sheldon is so funny So as a result the goal that was set at the start was not accomplished. The episode was very funny but still it felt incomplete to me What actually baffled me was that the same writes were able to focus on all the characters previously because a similar kind of storyline was done previously in season 1 - Leonard's birthday episode - Penny wanting to do something nice to Leonard, S\P plot , L\H plot But the difference was that sweetness was delivered at the end the episode . So as a result that episode felt complete as all the goals were accomplished I posted this is some other thread also , but I felt I should post is here also as this is more appropriate thread
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    I agree with Phanta and MJ. The milestone in this episode was Sheldon staying back to take care of Amy because he cares, and that is the part which gave me warm fuzzies. The unintentional physicality later one was meant more for humour - just Amy having a bit of fun, playing on his cluelessness - and also to confirm that Sheldon, at the very least, is comfortable with physical contact with her. For him, just that comfort itself is a significant thing. I strongly believe that Sheldon used the work 'affectionate' there because it was a safe and neutral word to use - he certainly wouldn't be comfortable with putting the label 'feelings of attraction' on something he himself felt. But that is clearly what he was feeling. I mean, 'affection' is something you feel for friends and family, in a completely non-sexual, non-romantic way. He talked of fantasizing about 'her dandruff cascading on her pale shoulders'. That image, and the way he said it - seriously, would you imagine such things about a friend or family member? Dreaming about their bare shoulders? No, Sheldon's thoughts definitely had erotic evertones. He just wouldn't know to, or want to, call it that.
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    Exactly! I think I may have mentioned that when I talked about it in the spoiler thread. She can tell him it's a non-optional social convention! Mwahahaha.
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    *Knock! Knock! Knock!* "Leonard & Penny!!!" *Knock! Knock! Knock!* "Leonard & Penny!!!" *Knock! Knock! Knock!* "Leonard & Penny!!!" That episode where he gets all paranoid after their apartment was burglarized and he started watching a scary movie on his cell phone. LOL. Monique
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    You make many valid points and many that i agree with. Sure he is still has several issues to work through and yes its odd it has taken him this long but i think a big part of it has been because his "successes" haven't been that at all. Lets look at ladies hes been with and determine how so... First off we know he has been infatuated by penny since episode 1. If he had his way Leonard would have been with her from the start no questions asked. That alone can tell us that in his minds eye his only victory would be being with her. Now looking at the women he has ended up with after either being rejected by penny or after breaking up with her. -Leslie winkle : He went to her after he decided he wasn't good enough for penny and decided try someone more his level. She turns him down. Then later when she stays late at his apartment for the string quartet she needs to be very specific as to what she wants (sex). Had she not been leonard would never have even thought about it. He becomes attached and then is crushed by Leslie's reaction. That pain of being rejected by what was likely one of his first sexual encounters probablydidn't sit well with him, nor could he count that as success. My memory is a little fuzzy about what happens when she approaches him with a real relationship but it didn't last and it didn't even seem like Leonard was really into the whole thing. I need to rewatch this part, i admit. Any who moving on... -Stephanie : The woman he takes too after failing his attempt with penny seemed more to be coincidence than anything. We don't exactly know what happened in the car before they were all over eachother but likely compared to howard, Leonard probably looked like a movie star. Their relationship moved quickly and oddly for sure. The jar scene, sheldon changing leonards facebook status, her moving in with him, etc. This i think overwhelmed him very quickly and we get our first view that Leonard really doesn't know how to talk about his feelings with women. When penny tells him he has an equal say in the relationship he gets all confused and says something like "that doesn't sound right". Honestly, i don't think that this had a positive effect on his psyche because of how fast it moved. Leonard wasn't ready for it and in the end i think this likely moved him back a few steps in terms of women. -Priya : While we don't know what happened the first time they hooked up we know that when she first comes to visit she is the one to initiate the intimate relations. She grabs him and kisses him in caltech where it is probably safe to believe that Leonard would never have tried something so bold. Later in the season we see the two enter into a real relationship and Leonards first since penny. This one is tough because through the relationship i didn't really see any problems. Sure priya was kinda bitchy sometimes but hey it happens. I think what ended up hurting Leonard though was her cheating on him. He had the opportunity to cheat but was able to resist his urges while Priya is not. This ends up hurting him deeply and rightly so. Its not hard to imagine him reverting back to his season one insecure self after such a traumatic experience (believe me, i know). -Alice : Its easy to see how this interaction could be a huge ego boost for Leonard. He puts little effort or action in and gets a phone number from her. Easy peasy right? Not exactly... He is a good enough guy to not go through with fully cheating on Leonard and when he tells Alice about his GF he is expecting a much different response than what he receives. Leonard expects to be the good guy here by staying true to Priya and friends with Alice Instead he is called a jackass and kicked out of her apartment not exactly ideal. Especially to return home and find that Priya has cheated on him. -Alex : I'm putting this here to try and explain why i believe is so blind to her advances. All of the women in his life from his mother to Priya are all very direct. They all lay out exactly what is going to happen, whether its Leslie saying "I'm available for coitus" or Priya jumping on him in the hall way, Leonard has had very little experience with flirtation. I'm not even sure he understands how it works, (remember his attempt with the FBI lady lol). With so little experience and so many unknowns when it comes to the subject its not hard to see him misinterpreting Alex's remarks. Not only this but Leonard is a scientist. One who goes by facts and tries to find his answer as quick as possible. He doesn't beat around the bush (usually) and this is exactly what flirting is. Trying to get someones attention without saying "hey i want you." Again not Leonards strong suit. -Lastly, Penny : Its hard to really talk about this one because theres so much to say. When penny ended it with Leonard the first time he was devastated. Alone and hurt he didn't really know what to do with himself. He tried going to bars, got back into his cello, anything to take his mind away from it. Then when they finally get back together he is constantly afraid of having that happen again. He loves this woman to death and doesn't know how she feels back. Does she love him? Is she gonna leave him again? This leads to a lot of fear, insecurity, and jealousy. Which as i've stated before i'm hoping starts getting fixed with the ILY... Another thing is that Leonard is not an alpha male. He is not strong, big, muscular, or dominant in any real way shape or form. He doesn't know how to play that role and is therefore afraid to try, especially with penny whom he might scare away by trying too hard or doing the wrong thing. He likely feels by letting her take control he will have a higher chance success because there will be less for him to screw up. This is why I don't think he is clueless about how to deal with penny but afraid. Also, just because they have sex doesn't mean he will just understand how to not be afraid. Penny is not an average woman nor is she one Leonard is used to dealing with especially at a deeper emotional level. So having sex is not going to solve his issues about her feelings towards him and other guys in general. -others : i know i'm leaving out a few like Bernadette's friend and the elderly woman but i think the friend was just a kind of rebound fling after penny and the old lady was more out of pity than anything... oh and plimpton but that also was likely more of just an availability thing. She got naked in his bedroom what would anyone do? Again tho he gets attached and gets hurt... seems to be a pattern here. In the end we can see how if he took things this way then he would remain his sorry insecure self... it may not as exciting to watch but I think this is who Leonard really is inside and it takes more than sex with a hot chick to change that Any ways sorry for the long post but i was bored and figured i'd let out some thoughts on all these topics. I'm loving the attention this topic is getting! Thank you to all who are posting i love having a topic to come to and talk only about this couple :D
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    And TURKEY. And speaking of turkey...... Your last post gave me an idea. Let me know how I can improve it! THE 12 HOURS OF TURKEY 12 Drunkards Drinking 11 Diapers Stinking 10 Cords A'Tripping 9 Ladles Spilling 8 Grades Of Eggnog 7 Swine A'Swearing 6 Geezers Lying 5 Pop Top Rings 4 Balling Brats 3 Bumped Heads 2 Miss matched Gloves And A Turkey On A Big Plate. PS please note the time I posted this....It is sooo past my bedtime!
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    1 eight 3 eight cool miss kitka
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    I could go into full detail of my thoughts of yes or no. But why write a book when I can say HELL YEAH THEY SHOULD!
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    IMO I do think that marriage will happen probably before sex, but not because of the religious aspect, or because his mother would want it. I think Sheldon would be a fan of marriage, because marriage is, basically a contract. A legally binding contract. If Sheldon already makes such a big deal out of the Relationship Agreement, I suppose the marriage contract would be the next step for him. Contracts make him feel safe, protected and with the structure he needs. So yeah. I could see him needing that reassurance before he ventures into sex. Also, it would give Amy a hell of a good excuse to consumate it LOL. Sex on the wedding night it IS a social convention-. One of the biggest social conventions ever.
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    They were shot in March 2011. I know that because Mayim tweeted the day they filmed it, saying she had done the interview with Jim and that she thought her lipstick was too orange. I don't remember the exact date but I'm sure it was on March. I have an eidetic memory so I remember that kind of thing. Kinda pathetic, I know. Regarding the interviews, I loved Jim & Mayim's and I gotta admit, I watch it every couple of weeks. I liked the Johnny Kaley one but it was kinda dumb in some parts. I really hope Johnny got that Thresaurus for Kaley though. As Kaley would say "It was fun"
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    I LOVE Amy. She's is only second to Sheldon. She's unique, quirky, smart, unexpected, funny and just plain crazy sometimes. Which I love about her. She understands Sheldon's and his ways and truly loves him even with all his quirks and phobias. She's the shy girl in high school that nobody paid attention to and she is finally coming out of her shell and becoming the person she wants to be She reminds me of me
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    Also, much as it's easy to blame Penny for being the bad girlfriend, Leonard is not without his faults. He's jealous, possessive, and often way too desperate to please when he's in the boyfriend role with her (less so with other women, but still a man who feels like the woman is in charge of the relationship). She admired the "independent" Leonard she saw on their date, when he was asserting his wants and not letting her push him around. It would be good to see them both change for the better while in the relationship.
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    I so agree with you! The writers did a review of all of Penny's flaws and faults and in each of the first six episodes presented the problem they caused and suggested or implemented a fix. Yes, it was a bit heavy handed to do it that way but your point explains why they did it this way, it was a review for the old fans and a tutorial for the new on Penny's "greatest hits" . - Penny won't say I love you to Leonard even when everyone knows she does. - She gets confused and frightened about her love for Leonard, so she dumps him. - When she sees another woman with Leonard, she gets very Jealous but hides this from Leonard. - She does not participate in the things he thinks are fun. - Leonard is there to worship her and make her happy and what he does when he's not serving her is of no interest. - The education gap between them makes her insecure so she takes any suggestion that she might bridge that gap as an insult. Penny used the ILY withholding as protection and a way to keep Leonard in a constant state of striving for her approval. As Raj said in the season opening episode, "Penny, you’ve always known how this man has felt about you, but you made him grovel for affection". Poor Leonard was always off balance and she liked it that way for he would be constantly trying to please her knowing she held that hammer over his head that she might dump him if he did not toe the line. (Are we still dating?) When Penny did not break-up with Leonard after the "Will you marry me?" during sex, the writers pretty much telegraphed there will be no more break-ups, just bumps in the road as a couple. I believe, as you do, that we will see a proposal at the end of this season and quite possibly, from Penny.
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    I'm trying to like Penny. -want her to get an acting job. On a soap opera, something.... -grow up and respect Leonard. She thinks her shit don't stink sometimes. I want Leonard or some maybe someone else to remind her she ain't all that and to cut the diva attitude. -I want Leonard to meet penny family in Nebraska Or penny go to New Jersey to meet Leonard family -penny and Leonard to move in the apartment next to Sheldon and Amy ( above or below)
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    I don't see why Michael would be jealous of Jim. Jim is w Todd. And he's gay. I don't think Jim is gonna automatically turn straight because of Mayim. Please. Maybe there was jealousy because Mayim becoming famous and her friendships w Jim and with other ppl. I could be wrong....whatever it was. I hope Mayim and Michael have a civil divorce and do what's best for their kids. Wayyyyy later hopefully Mayim will find a nice tall lanky Jewish boy
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    I am a big fan of the Shamy (and the Lenny and the Howadette, too, BTW, and don't see any of them in competition with the others.) I don't know that I see this episode as being some big harbinger of what is or is not to come for the Shamy. I do think that it shows some growth or maturing on Sheldon's part as he makes the decision to take care if her, not just because of the Relationship Agreement, which would be typical, but also because he cares about her as his girlfriend. That statement, to me, is the truth of the Shamy section of this episode, whether it involves Vaporub, baths or spankings. I do think that Jim and the writers have mentioned that one of the important things about Amy is that Sheldon doesn't mind her touching him. Now, this was fairly early on, before the Rel. Agreement, but it still holds true. However, I don't think that Sheldon's decision to take care of her has anything to do with sexuality, but simply with his growing empathy toward Amy as his girlfriend and as a human being. Again, I see the spanking as simply a sort of continuation, albeit in a different direction. He does get sort of "scoldy" toward her over her deception, but I don't think that his choice of spanking as a punishment is a bid to touch her, or a type of kink, or anything more complicated than what he says--a form of punishment that he understands. I also don't think that his inability to see any kind of sexual aspect in the things he's doing, including the spanking, means that he's completely asexual and will never have any desire for Amy. I think that it is what it is--a funny look at the way Sheldon sees things as compared to how anyone else would see it. Perhaps the experience will work on him subconsciously, but I don't think it's meant to be some kind of billboard for the relationship.
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    Yeah, for me, the spanking scene isn't a huge deal. What gets ME excited is the fact that he turned around and knocked on her door and decided he wanted to do what was right and take care of his girlfriend while she was sick. I thought the whole thing was really sweet :-). That is actually quite an accomplishment for Sheldon. Monique
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    If they ever got a partner for Raj, she/he would have to be a bit odd or nerdy like Amy and Bernadette. It wouldn't work if it was Alex because then we would have 2 normal female main characters on this show. It would dilute Penny. She is the norm, with Leonard as the crossover normal/nerd.
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    Can I just ask... I've read a lot of this "It's a step in the right direction" with regards to that particular scene but no real explanation as to why. Why do you see it as necessary, given all the other scenes involving physical contact that are already in the episode? Imo, it doesn't do much for Sheldon as a character because it is meant to be portrayed as if he is completely oblivious to the sexual implications. If anything I find it ironic that Shamy shippers are all excited about it because it speaks volumes about the fact that Sheldon is not even close to sex crossing his mind. And some will just use it as further evidence that he is asexual and has no interest in Amy physically. On top of that, it just gives more fodder to those who like to bash Amy for being sex-craved and weird. That's why I have a problem with the scene. It's not the scene itself, it's what I know it will do for the perception of Amy as a character. I am already mentally preparing myself for all the flaming that will be happening the next day. The Star Trek doctor role play... now THAT was a great scene. No physical contact there but the sexual undertones were huge! And Sheldon was enjoying it. This one... he. Now, as I said, it might simply be one scene that's done for laughs and once it's done they'll forget about it and move on. BUT, the above could also be true, and if they did have a deeper reason to include it, speaking as someone who would like to see the Shamy progress into physical intimacy, however slowly, this whole thing is not making me feel any better. So forgive me for not being excited about it. I might get excited about it in hindsight when I'll see some signs of progress in later episodes. At the moment, I liken this scene to the Alien Parasite episode where Amy did not feel anything holding Sheldon's hand. Later on in the show he did start to get "her motor running", so that scene doesn't matter anymore, but back then it would have been kind of a downer if you didn't know what was coming next. That's how I feel about this scene.
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    Although there may be some who disagree, I believe that it was very obvious from the very first episode that a large part of the show would revolve around the Penny/Leonard dynamic. I also believe that this season we are seeing both of them maturing in their releationship to the point that I do not forsee the possibility for a break up between them. Penny in fact did tell Leonrad that she loved him in the last episode, and I think that with her telling Leonard that there is no way that he will ever cheat on her, and I don't believe that she will cheat on him. We may see mistunderstandings and disagreements, but that will be because they are two different individuals with different experiences in their lives. Those problems are what is going to make their relationship interesting to audiences. I think that there will be ups and downs in their relationship be they will stick together.
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    sorry death cant make it call later
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    Amy Farrah Fowler´s smoking monkey.
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    Yes, but sometimes he is showing little bit a religious "inheritance" from her mother like when she shouted: THANKS JESUS! (not exact words) when he was playing in the bowling against Wil Wheaton. Even very fast he said: "as my mother would say" but was like he excused himself about his words. And he desisted very fast about his idea of using artificial system for making a baby with Amy when Penny remembered him how this will affect his mother.... But still I think they will do this before marriage, I agree with Spook about the comedy potential.
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    I've been thinking about all of this a lot in light of some of the spoiler discussion that's been going on. I don't want to mention anything spoilery, but the "chicken-pecking" moment from last night is enough to launch from. What does Sheldon know and when did he know it? If you will. I think that we've seen a certain degree of progress for Sheldon and I think that his progress will continue on something of a long arc, rather than a sudden spike. What we've seen is him initially being drawn to and fascinated by a person who is similar to him in terms of intellectual focus and pursuit of science/knowledge. Amy was detached and clinical, like him, seemed to eschew romance and sex, like him, and was willing to indulge in the same kind of thinking of trivia, playing intellectual games and basically intellectualizing of things, like him. However, their initial attraction to each other began to work on both of them quickly enough. I think that their emotional bonds are strengthening and that's more crucial for Sheldon, perhaps, than for Amy because he seems to have a longer row to hoe to finally get to the point of sexualized thinking or behavior. I think that for him the emotional bond must get stronger or deeper in order for him to wish to express it physically. I don't see him developing lustful thoughts or desires simply because he's male and she's female. WIth his ability to intellectualize and see both the male and female bodies from a clinical perspective, I don't think that simply seeing Amy naked is enough to change his perspective. I think that at some point he will have to understand romantic love a little more and then understand that that's what he feels for Amy. Once he can properly assimilate that into his thinking and acknowledge those feelings, then at some point he might desire to initiate physical touch as an expression of romantic intimacy--holding hands for affection and connection, then kissing for affection and connection. I think that by going down that path he would eventually find himself being aroused into deeper physical desire. I don't see Sheldon somehow just becoming physically aroused out of the blue, and I don't think it would be right for Amy to do something like start touching him or fondling him in an effort to try to arouse him. In my mind I see that almost like date rape or something--forcing him onto a different level before he's ready. I think that if and when he does feel ready to sleep with Amy (and I think he would still have qualms about having sex with her outside of marriage because of his upbringing and out of respect to his mother), he would probably need quidance. I don't know about Amy's level of experience. I think it's somewhat clinical as well (volunteering for orgasm studies?!), but I can't remember if she ever implied that she'd ever slept with anyone. But I can see Sheldon preparing for it the same way he learned how to swim and how to do rock-climbing... I still feel that that clumination (ahem) is still somewhere further down the path, but I have no idea what kind of timeframe TPTB are thinking of, or if they'd want to have them sleep together and then deal with the aftermath..
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    Not necessarily true.... I agree with phantagrae 100%. The fact that Sheldon & Amy are something so new a different than anything I've ever seen on TV before makes me love and appreciate them all the more. Their unique personalities and relationship is what makes me very curious about if, how and when they will do it. LOL...has nothing to do with looks for me at all (although, there's no denying Jim's a cutie). It's their oddness that draws me in 100%....because I'm odd myself. LOL. Monique
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    WHat I love about Sheldon and Amy is that their relationship has grown in a very healthy way. Amy may be chafing (ahem) with the desire to jump his bones, but the two of them have built a very strong bond based on friendship first. It's only now that they're just beginning to navigate the romantic aspects of their relationship and I love that they're not just hopping in the sack. I've said before that they remind me of two junior-high kids, just beginning to experiment with the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic. They're practicing with holding hands and date nights, but haven't yet gone down the more adult paths (heavy petting, etc.), mostly because of Sheldon's approach. But I think that sooner or later he'll get there. I imagine that from the show's point of view they're going to want to take their time taking him in down that path because it would be such a game changer for the couple. However, I don't think that it will be the series finale, either. I think they just need to get the timing and the approach and the resolution just right because of the specialness of the characters and their relationship.
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