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    6.12 The Egg Salad Equivalency [L/S Apartment] Sheldon is wearing a hard-hat (think: construction worker) and Leonard is watching him. In the middle of the room, right in front of where the coffee table is placed, is a life-sized game of Jenga. (It's taller than Jim, it seemed like 7 ft tall.) Sheldon says, "You know, Leonard. I was skeptical when you suggested Giant Jenga, but I think you're onto something. At any moment it could fall and injure me. I like the rush!" Leonard replies, "Yeah, I know. Especially since Tiny Twister was such a bust." Sheldon says something (can't remember, it's probably not too important if I can't remember) and walks back down the hallway into his bedroom, I'm assuming. Leonard is looking at which block he wants to move to take his turn in Jenga when there's a knock on the door and Alex walks in. She says hello and he says hi. Alex asks what he's up to and Leonard says, "Giant Jenga..." and she says, "I see that. I know about it - I'm the one that had to buy Dr. Cooper the hard-hat." He pulls out a block and she asks what his plans are for the weekend. He replies, "Well, all day Saturday is going to be figuring out where I'm going to keep this." She says she's attending a physics lecture and Leonard immediately knows the lecture she is talking about. She says, "You're more than welcome to come with me." and he says, "Oh, I promised I'd hang out with Penny." and Alex says, "She can come." and he says, "Nah, she really isn't into that stuff." Alex says, "Well, that's a shame. Because if we went, maybe we'd be able to talk about it, you know... over dinner or something..." Leonard is caught off guard and stumbles into the Jenga blocks and they all fall down all over the livingroom floor. He says, "...what?" Sheldon hears the commotion, and comes back out from the hallway. They turn to him. His straight face turns into a smile as he throws his arms up into the air. "GIANT JENGA! I WIN!" [university Cafeteria] Howard, Raj, and Leonard are walking to their table with their trays of food. Howard starts by saying, "No, that can't be true!" Raj replies, "Nooo, I did the research! Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Captain Crunch, Trix the Rabbit, Lucky from Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Snap, Crackle, and Pop... none of the cereal mascots are girls!" Howard says again, "That can't be right." Raj adds, "Don't forget. The bee from Honey Nut Cheerios. I think his name is Buzz." Leonard stares at him for a second. "Interesting. LISTEN, something weird happened." Howard and Raj both ask what happened. Leonard says, "Alex asked me on a date last night." Raj gets worked up, "HEY. Why would you do that? You know I have feelings for her." "What? I'm not going to do anything about it, it's just nice to have an attractive young woman sniffin' around the goods." while smiling. Howard says, "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" "IN MY BONES!" Sheldon walks up from behind with a cup of tea. "Good morning gentleman! What's on the conversational menu for this morning?" Before anyone can say anything, Raj says, "This jerk is stealing my woman and he's enjoying it. Even though he knows in 6-8 months I was going to make my move!" Sheldon stares quizzically. Leonard says, "I'm not stealing anyone. I love Penny." "Yes you are! She's flirting with you and (something like) you're letting it happen." Sheldon says, "Well that's unacceptable! I'm her boss. She should be paying attention to me and my needs! Not your pasty white, androgynous sexuality you got going on." while shaking a sugar packet furiously. Leonard looks at him, "I'M androgynous?!" "Yes. Look at those lips you have." "Ugh. So, what do you suggest I do?" Raj says, "Easy. You tell her your heart belongs to Penny, I become her shoulder to cry on, and in half a year I give it to her good." They all just sit there and stare at him. He just continues to eat. [Amy's Apartment] Amy, Bernadette, Penny and Sheldon are in Amy's place. The girls are sitting down and Sheldon is making tea. He brings the teapot to the table and says and tells them that he needs advice. He says, "I have often come to all of you individually when I needed advice on something, but I feel this topic is something I need to have all of you help me with together." He reaches into his bag and pulls out a t-shirt. "You're all officially Sheldon's Council of Ladies." (The shirts are pink and in cursive writing, actually say, "Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies.") Penny looks super confused, turns to Bernadette and whispers, "What's happening?" Sheldon starts, "I'm having an issue with a colleague at work. For the sake of the conversation and anonymity, I am not going to use real names. Well, we have... Ricardo Shilly Shally. He's a short, bespeckled fellow who lives in the shadows of his brilliant roommate." Penny says, "It's Leonard." "Nooooo! Shilly Shally has red hair. AND served two years in the Mexican Army." "Uh huh." "And another employee, she is... well, who we'll call Tandalaya Dinginhamvilat is making flirtatious advances to Ricardo." Amy speaks up, "It's Alex, isn't it?!" "Noooooo!" Sheldon exclaims. Penny gets freaked out, "OKAY. What is going on between Leonard and Alex?!" Sheldon snaps back, "Woah! Who said anything about Leonard and Alex?!" "FINE. Ricardo and Tandalaya!" Bernadette says, "You should talk to her." "Well, this is actually about their boss. He doesn't know what to do which is why I'm asking advice from all of you. Doctor Einstein Von Brainstorm is usually very smart when it comes to these kinds of things." "WE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, SHELDON." Penny yells. He says, "Hey! We are not talking about you! We are talking about me! Oh, I MEAN, Doctor Einstein Von Brain, UGH. The cat's out of the bag..." Bernadette says, "Sheldon, you're her boss. You need to talk to her if she's doing things she's not supposed to be doing." Penny says, "I'm going to KILL her." Amy says, "Penny, you just say the word and I've got a lab full of cocaine-addicted monkeys with NOTHING to lose. It would be a shame if one of them somehow ended up in the backseat of her car." ... *collective silence* "Orrrr in her shower." Sheldon says, "Well, fine, if the only advice you have is that I talk to her then you do not fulfill your duties. I expected more from Sheldon's council of ladies. Give me your shirts back. Give 'em back." [sheldon's Office] Sheldon is sitting at his desk and Alex is in the corner with her back to him, filing some stuff in the cabinet. You can tell he's nervous to bring anything up with her. "Alex," he says, "Can you look at my schedule for this afternoon?" She says, while pulling out her phone, "Oh, it's pretty open. Oh, wait. 4 o'clock... there's something..." she takes a second to look up, frightened, "Give Alex a-talking to?" "Oh, I guess that just kinda snuck up on us, huh?" "Is there a problem?!" She sits down in the chair. "No, no problem. We'll just call it an opportunity. To correct a very serious problem." "What did I do?!" "You don't know? Oh, you poor kid. Your ovaries are oozing so much goofy-juice into your brain that you don't know which way is up." She looks terrified, btw. Hilarious. He says, "You made an inappropriate sexual advance on Dr. Hofstadter." She says, "What? I never made a -sexual- advance on anybody!" Sheldon says, "I am not unsympathetic to your plea. You know, my father used to say, women are like egg salad sandwiches on a warm Texas day. Full of eggs and only appealing for a short time." Alex's mouth drops open. "I'm... starting to feel a little uncomfortable, here." "Yeah, you and me both, sister." Sheldon stands up continues talking, "I am not blaming you for your actions. Listen, evolutionarily speaking, you're just a slave to your primal urges to reproduce. Which is why, during the workday, whenever you start feeling particularly amorous, I suggest leafing through this book that contains lots of graphic photos of sexually transmitted diseases." He flips open to a page and shows it to her, "Look at this oozy-doozy." Her eyes go super wide, and she looks up at him. "I need to go." and she stands up to leave. Sheldon says, "Well so does this fellow! But he can't without it burning like hot soup." She looks flabbergasted, leaves, and slams the door to the office as she leaves. [staircase] Penny is walking up the stairs in her Cheesecake Factory uniform, obviously meaning she was just at work. Leonard is whistling, holding his laundry basket and comes out the door of his apartment. He says, "Heyyy pretty lady!" She says, "Hello. You seem extra happy today." "Maybe I am!" "Any particular reason?" she says, flatly, knowing about what Alex asked him. "No, I guess I'm just having a good day! Oh! Sheldon fell asleep on the way to work this morning so I got to listen to the radio. It was pretty cool!" "Uh huh. Anything else?" "Oh! I found this quiz online that says "What Star Trek character are you?" and it only took me four tries to get Captain Kirk!" "Okay. Well I am glad you're having such a great day." She walks to her door and starts to unlock it. He says, "You know what would make it even better? An evening with my special girl!" She says, "And who is that?" His smile turns into a frown. "...what do you mean?" "Oh, I dunno. I just didn't know if you meant me or Alex." "...why would it be Alex?" "I know she hit on you and you LIKED it!" "...whaaa..." "Yeah. Don't play dumb with me! RICARDO SHILLY SHALLY!" She goes into her apartment and slams the door. He stands there for a moment. "Yeah, I'm missing something." and walks back to his apartment. [L/S Apartment] Leonard walks back in the door and Sheldon is sitting at his work area on his laptop. He asks Sheldon, "Hey, did you say anything to Penny about Alex?" Sheldon shrugs. "Of course I did, and a foul lot of good it did me! All it did was make her mad at you." "Why would you tell her that?" "I needed advice from women. I had no other choice. I would have asked you but let's face it, you don't know a uterus from a unicycle." "..." Sheldon's phone starts ringing. Leonard says, "You start by not telling people things like that!" "See?! That's the kind of thing that would have been nice to know. Any more tips like that and you could be on Sheldon's Council of Ladies!" He answers the phone. "Hello? Yes. ...what time? ...very well then." He hangs up. "Huh. That was weird." "What?" "That was human resources at the university. They want to speak with me." Leonard looks horrified and in the most concerned voice says, "Oh my GOD, what did you do?" Sheldon sits there for a moment, thinking. "Nothing! I'm a delight." [Human Resources Office] Sheldon walks up to the door to HR. The human resources lady is black. *knock knock knock* "Human resources." *knock knock knock* "Human resources." *knock knock knock* "Human resources." You hear from inside, "...come in?" He opens the door. Immediately, the human resources lady says, "Oh, Dr. Cooper. Come in, have a seat." "Thank you. Why am I here?" "Alex Jensen has filed a claim against you saying that you said sexually inappropriate things to her." "Like what?" "Well, according to Ms. Jensen..." She opens the file to read it. "You said she was a slave to her primal urges and that you called her an egg salad sandwich..." He slowly nods like, yep, I did. She looks up and says, "Now, I don't know what that means, but I'm gonna go ahead and say you can't say that." "Oh, I see how that could be construed, but that's not what I meant. I was singling her out! I mean, all women are slaves to their primal urges. There's nothing wrong with it. Even you! You're a slave." She stares. "What?" "You're a slave. I mean to say, there's a part of every woman's menstrual cycle..." She stops him, "WOAH WOAH WOAH. Stop it right there! You just need to shut your mouth, Dr. Cooper." "I don't see why I'm the one being persecuted here! Dr. Hofstadter would brag about his sexual desirability to anyone who would listen! Howard Wolowitz used university resources for two years to build a 6-breasted sex robot! And I heard Raj Koothrappali, during the office Christmas party, refer to you several times as 'brown sugar'!" She's shocked. She repeats, "You said that last one was... Rajesh Koothrappali?" "Yes. Oh, and for the record, that's not meant to be racist. It's not, because he's also brown." She continues to just stare at him. [Penny's Apartment] Penny hears a knock at the door and opens it. Leonard is sitting outside her door with a violin and is playing it. He sings her a little song, but it's definitely a joke. At the end he's like, "And I'm really cute so please forgive me?" She says, "Ohh, shoot, you are." and invites him in. They sit on the couch and he asks her why she's so upset. She says, "Well, Alex is pretty and smart. Are you going to leave me?" He says, "No, why would you even say that? Are you insecure?" "At least she doesn't have to look up words in the dictionary after talking to you to have an idea of what you're saying." "You do that?" "...no!" "Uh." She changes the subject back, "Yes, Leonard, I am insecure." "Well, I'm the one who's insecure. Not you. Without that then I have nothing to bring into this relationship." "Well, I am." Leonard is smiling because you can tell he's happy she cares about him, not that she's feeling crappy. She says, "Why are you smiling?" He tries hard to frown. "That's awful." She looks at him, and gives him this troubled look. He says, "Listen. Come here. It's okay." He puts his arm around her and she looks up at him. "It doesn't mean anything but with multiple girls after me I just feel more like Captain Kirk." "Keep talking about Captain Kirk and it'll stop." They smile and bask in the moment, before Leonard's cell phone rings. He answers it. "Hello? Oh... uh huh... uh, alright..." He hangs up. "What was that?" "Human resources." "What did you do?" "I don't know." ______________________ Cut to: Howard and Bernadette: Howard is hanging up from a phone call. "Huh, that was human resources." "What did you do?!" "I don't know..." ______________________ Cut to: Raj and his dog: Raj is hanging up the phone. "Huh, that was weird. I don't know why human resources would be calling m- hey, can you stop licking your ass for two minutes and act like you care?" The dog, who is sitting on the chair by him, looks up at him and goes back to licking itself. [Human Resources Office] Howard and Raj are sitting in the waiting area. Raj is pouring alcohol from a flask into a cup of coffee. Howard looks surprised, "Are you really going to do that right now?!" "Seriously? How do you expect me to talk to the human resources lady?" "Oh, I don't know, seek professional help?" "I did! The guy at the liquor store said this would go very nicely in coffee." Leonard walks in from around the corner. Howard asks, "Hey, you got called in, too?" He says, "Yeah, Sheldon threw us under the bus." Howard says, "Ah, well, it's not a big deal. Before I met Bernadette I used to be called in here every other day. Just turn off your "I Love Big Butts" ringtone and you'll be fine. And don't tell her you voted for Obama, it doesn't help as much as you'd think." Raj says something about her being 'brown sugar' and looks down at his cup of coffee-liquor and says, "This was a mistake." Leonard says, "I don't understand, though." Raj says, "Well this is your fault, anyway." "How is it my fault?" "If you weren't screwing around with Alex then none of us would be here right now." "I was NOT screwing around with Alex!" "Oh, sure, she was 'sniffing around the goods' because she was hunting for truffles." "That's not my fault, I didn't bury her nose in it." Raj says something about the HR lady again, and says, "But that's exactly what I'd like to do to her..." then he realizes what he's said. "Seriously, no one is going to take this [coffee] away from me?" The HR lady opens the door. Howard stands up. "Hello, Mr. Wolowitz." "Hi, Jeanine. How are Tom and the kids...?" "Fine." She looks over at Leonard. "And you must be Dr. Hofstadter?" He stands up, "Yeah, that's me. And this is all a big misunderstanding." Raj walks up to her and says, "Yeah! I didn't do anything wrong!" She immediately questions, "Is that alcohol on your breath?!" He turns to Howard, "Howard built a sex robot." She says, "Is that true?" "It wasn't a sex robot, it was just a robot!" "Did the robot have 6 breasts?" He looks at her, "Look, I'm a feminist. I don't notice how many breasts robots have..." Sheldon walks in from around the corner. She says, "Oh, hi, Dr. Cooper." He says hello and says he needs to speak with her. She says, "I'm busy at the moment." He says, "Well, I have a problem concerning sexual things in nature being said to me in the workplace that are making me very uncomfortable." She says, "By who?!" He replies, "You, you dirty birdy!" She looks surprised. He adds, "Yes, I've been thinking about all the things you said to me yesterday, and I've come to the conclusion that they've made me very uncomfortable. So, be a dear and grab me one of those complaint forms." She snaps and says, "All right! All of you. Into my office, RIGHT NOW!" The three of them walk in and Sheldon walks up slowly. He says, "You taught me that I shouldn't asking if you're on your menstrual cycle." She looks at him. He says, "Judging by how you're acting, I don't need to." and walks in the door. [sheldon's Office] Later, Sheldon and Alex are sitting in his office. He says, "Alex. I realize I may have said some things the other day that made you uncomfortable and that were inappropriate, and for that I offer my sincerest apology." She says, "Thank you, Dr. Cooper." He continues, "And the university it mandating me to complete an online sexual harassment seminar to ensure things like this don't happen in the future." She says, "All right. Thank you." He says, "Something else, though. My time is far too valuable to be spent doing something like this, so I'm going to have to ask you to complete this for me." He turns the laptop around so it's facing her. He gets up to walk away, and before walking out the door, he says, "I'd get on that and do a good job, they're pretty mad." and walks out. [L/S Apartment] Penny and Leonard are standing in the kitchen. She's handing him dishes and she's washing them. She says, "So, I was thinking, instead of continuing to be insecure, I decided to do something about it. I picked up a course catalog from the community college and started looking at all the science classes." He looks proud. "Wow, that's great!" "No it's not. They're all super boring, how do you not kill yourself EVERY DAY? So I figured, I don't need to be a scientist, but I can look like one. So I bought these." She holds up a pair of black glasses. He says, "Glasses?" "Yep!" She puts them on. "Those aren't going to do anyt- OH MY GOD, YOU'RE SO SMART AND HOT." She says, "I know, right? Watch this." She pulls the glasses down slowly and sensually whispers, "Molecules." He says, "Oh god. Okay, come with me." "Where are we going?" "My bedroom so I can take everything off except for those glasses! ...and maybe those boots." The end! Bam.
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    First impressions. Penny actually saying the words, 'yes I am insecure', to Leonard is massive itself. And then trying to rid herself of the fear Leonard will leave her for a smarter woman by continuing to improve her education? Huge character growth. I could see the old Penny just using sex to sure up the relationship. Instead, she admits her fears in two separate scenes and then thinks of a way to help herself move beyond them. Since science isn't her thing, I hope she takes on a few social studies classes in spring semester. While no 2xILY occurred, I'm fine with the writers saving that for something special later this season. From this episode, it appears that all the hard work Leonard and Penny have been doing this season has paid off. I think they are in a better place right now in their relationship than ever before. Something else I noticed, in 6.02 Leonard says he's not interested in bar crawling because he 'has penny' now he's not interested in Alex because he 'loves Penny'. Nice. While I'm sure he loved her back then too, it's great that his insecurities are being relieved as well and he's expressing that.
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    Thanks Kyzzx. I appreciate the time you take to type these up and report what you saw. I love the adult Sheldon. He really has grown leaps and bounds. I also like that he seems to have been studying up a lot of sexual things. It sounds to me like the man is growing his own sexual awareness along with it because it makes no sense he would waste his time otherwise. We all know he doesn't waste time on things of no consequence to him. I also love how he defended Leonard and eventually all of his friends in the end with the HR woman. I love the Sheldon Council Ladies and the fact that he held the meeting in Amy's apartment and felt so at ease making tea. He is very comfortable in his ladies environment showing us that he must spend a lot more time there than we actually see on the show. Love that Leonard and Penny grew stronger and more understanding of each other. Love that Leonard just accepts her the way she is and she does him. They resolved their insecurities together, building for a stronger couple. Raj, they seriously need to get him a girlfriend. He still comes across far too pathetic. I personally would like to see Alex return to be paired with him. I know she hit on a guy already taken, but perhaps if she rethinks things, she will start to look around at who is available and realize he has a lot to offer and would be willing to put up with his selective mutism. She might feel like it is a challenge to try and curer him of it. The only thing I wish, is that they had had a little bit more interaction with Sheldon and Amy, maybe just one small scene showing them together alone. But other than that it looks like it is going to be a good show. Thanks again for writing it up.
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    LOL! Can't wait to see this one, sounds like a riot. I'll expand on it once I read through the report properly. I love Amy's line ""Penny, you just say the word and I've got a lab full of cocaine-addicted monkeys with NOTHING to lose." hahaha. I love Sheldon's council of ladies. I love any scene where he's with all the girls, it's adorable. eta: Ok, finished reading it properly. I am really glad with how things turned out with Alex/Penny/Leonard. I totally agree that their relationship seems so strong now, I wonder what the Shenny's will now come up with to predict breakups. I am really curious where the rest of the season is going to take them and whether Alex will be back and what they will do with her. Raj does keep bringing her up as a love interest, so maybe they're really building it up to something. I don't know that I'd want him to get a girlfriend so soon though. I do agree however that having Alex ask Leonard on a date when she is perfectly aware that he has a girlfriend didn't do any good to her character. I am so so impressed with Sheldon in this one. He is the old, inappropriate, no-filter Sheldon but there's so much good intention behind all of it. This is massive character growth and done in a way that's completely consistent with his character. So well done, writers. I am always so impressed at how they manage to make him grow whilst still keeping him in character. First you have 6x10 where he takes care of Amy in a way he would have never done before, then you have this one where he tries so hard to help Leonard out even though he wouldn't be gaining anything from it, so totally selflessly. Wow. He's really growing up. Also, the whole "you're slaves to your baser urges, and there's nothing wrong with that..."? Really now, Sheldon? Tell me more. How is he suddenly so informed on all these matters and so non-judgemental, just giving tips on how to suppress the urges? Also, I only just noticed. They are at Amy's having the council and HE is making tea for them??? awwww. And this, was also hilarious: "Who said anything about Leonard and Alex??" "FINE. Ricardo and Tandalaya!" lololol Anyway, this reads great on paper, I'm sure it'll be even better on screen.
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    My thoughts: I loved it. Writing was great. I really like the side of Penny we see in the episode. She is able to open up to Leonard about her insecurities and actually, SERIOUSLY, asks him if he's gonna leave her for someone smarter than her. The fact that she even considered looking into taking science classes was a big step as well. And Leonard dragging HER into the bedroom was a nice change. Their relationship seems stronger than ever, clearly. I also liked that Sheldon was a definite badass. He pretty much saved his friends from being in trouble with HR at the end. He also showed a lot of growth in the face that he cared enough about Leonard to ask all the girls for advice about the situation. He made them silly shirts, sure, but I think that's his weird way of showing appreciation. I also liked that he was making sexual jokes. "Not knowing a uterus from a unicycle." etc. It was sort of weird, but more than ever before, this episode portrayed every character like an adult who has to deal with their own problems, and they were sticking together. I really liked it.
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    I just made this really quick. To the best of my memory, this is what it looks like. I can't remember if it's just "Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies" or Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The font was really thin and it was hard to see, even on the monitors.
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    That is dead on! Penny saying "I am insecure", I beleive, is more important than "I love you". This has been the biggest stumbling block in their relationship since their first date at the end of season one. On the season two opener she told Sheldon in the lanudry room that she was afraid that she not smart enough for Leonard and that he would get bored and dump her. When Leonard found out about this from Sheldon he made things worse by giving her a brochure from the Pasadena Community College. She took that as an insult and did a preemptive dumping of Leonard. Every season this Penny insecurity comes up. Season three she breaks up with him after he does his ILY then comes back briefly declaring that he has ruined her for stupid men. She gets jeolous of Dr. Plimpton and Bernadette because she feels they can relate to him better than her. In season four, Penny is thrown into depression by Priya; drinking and become filled with self-loathing, calling herself a "toothless Oakie". She eventually tries to sleep with Raj. In season five, she has the platonic date where Leonard insults her intelligence ("Cold Wars" only in winter?). Leonard finally gets her to try again but she is at first sure that he's there just for the sex. Since TPTB were fixing the L/P relationship in season six by going through all the issues one by one (mainly Penny's) it's not surprising that they saved the biggest one for last. We have come full circle from that season two conversation in the laundry room with Sheldon. She is the one who has decided to do something about her education by going back to college and now she tells Leonard directly that she is insecure about the difference in their academic atainments. It took her more than four years to do it but I'm very happy to see it done.
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    Well, the latest taping report was great... can't wait to see it on screen...next year I really liked that Leonard was being playful with Penny through-out/most the episode...violin..singing a song...pretty lady...so smart and hot... we rarely get to see this side of Leonard Penny insecurities...bostrich's post summed it all.... I would like to see Penny now working on her career...something which Leonard might help with...if acting then like practicing together.....or if college...penny asking for leonard's help to understand sciency things... So the writers spent exactly half of the season to remove all sort of obstacles/issues/problems in their relationship...So I hope we get the more of playful/cute/loving side from these 2 for the rest of the season...and maybe something big by the end the season
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    So i am currently working on a fic for L/P since they're my favorite ship and am always looking for feedback. Its my first TBBT fic and only number 3 that i've really sat down to write. ( i think about a lot of them all the time haha) Its a bit unorthadox i think and kind of on the extreme side of things but isn't that the beauty of fan fic? Anything can happen!!! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8744350/1/Hero Any who, read, don't read, it doesn't matter just thought I'd share
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    Words cannot describe my embarrassment. I knew it was a cello! I think I typed violin because my sister had the movie Dinner for Schmucks on and I remember it's the part where Steve Carell is playing the "world's smallest violin." Oh, lord. D: I remember it happening. LOL.
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    My question is, did Leonard ever just put her in her place and come out and say, "I have a girlfriend and I'm not interested in going out with anyone else"?? It sounds like he was too busy being flattered at her attention. I mean, he did say that he was going to be hanging out with Penny, and I guess he had mentioned previously that Penny was his girlfriend, but it sounds like he needed to just kind of put the kibosh on Alex's advances by just spelling it out for her.
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    Just had a thought... to keep up the Spiderman references in the Shamy I suggest re-enacting the upside down kiss with Sheldon dressed up as Spiderman. Find some hilarious way to get him stuck dangling upside down and there you have it, comedy and romance.
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    What??? So I sleep with 2 females every night, (while not in my pants) whats wrong with that?? OK, OK, just in case someone is new here, I am referring to my wife and my chihuahua!
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    I love that longer clip--the way he says, "I'm sorry. I just want you to get better as soon as possible"--his voice is so sweet and kind in that tiny moment, and then how he leans in closer when he asks if she believes in the placebo effect. He's such a funny mixture of clueless/impatient (her temperature is exactly the same as half an hour ago, she's not even trying to get better, tictac medicine) and caring. And one little thing that bothers me for some reason--when he's putting the Purell on his hands after handling the thermometer, I want him to spread it between his fingers--I keep thinking, "spread your fingers apart, get that stuff between your fingers!" He's still germy! And for some reason I love that you can hear the tictacs rattling in his pocket when he gets up from the couch.
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    I just love live audiences. When there's one random single person laughing on their own for little things I crack up. Like when he pulls the thermometer out of her mouth there's one guy who goes "hehe". LOL. Why??
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    Kyzzx, was it possibly the cello that Leonard was playing outside Penny's door, rather than the violin? (Johnny Galecki plays the cello and we've seen Leonard play it before, and you said he was sitting outside her door...) The violin is small and played tucked under the chin while the cello is big and rests on a peg on the floor while being held between the knees. ( <-- musician nerd)
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    I was telling my Lenny friend that I want Amy and Bernadette to back up Penny incase a confrontation with Alex in this ep. Amy and her cocaine addicted monkeys. Bernadette's a little evil bitch when she's pissed off as we all know Release the monkeys!
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    LOL I was just thinking that if someone ever happens to piss off BOTH Amy and Bernadette, they'd better run for their life: a monkey army and a vengeful she-Hulk with access to biological material. That's a horror movie waiting to happen right there.
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    We have an overload of Shamy scenes in 6x10, it makes sense that they would be staying away from that for the next few episodes, they always do that. I do think this ep shows that both couples are strong though, even though you don't get to see S/A interact on their own. Like we said, the fact that he's making tea for the girls in her apartment is a subtle, but important thing. Remember how he's obsessed with the proper protocol regarding beverages? "I'm a guest in your home, so it would be customary for you to offer me a beverage"/"When they were over here, did you fail to offer them a beverage?". He is the one making tea for the guests now. There is no other point in having him do that for that particular scene other than to show that he is essentially "at home" over there now. Both L/P and S/A come across as settled and "grown-up" in this one. Love it.
  21. 1 point
    More thoughts : Ok I have several thoughts : Sheldon Cooper, you have grown up SO MUCH, I think this episode more than any other is your 'coming out' party so to speak, the full Sheldon Cooper on display. His feigning of innocence, his wit, his TREMENDOUS growth. Sheldon just talks about sex, women with such ease now and really is looking out for his friends. I think this shall be my fave episode for Sheldon and his growth ever. Can't wait really. I know Regina King will be perfection in this role....I can see her facial expressions now. Amy and her monkeys.....the cops need to look into her, LMAO. I am applying to be an official member of Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies. and as a Shamy shipper, I LOOOOOVE that the first meeting was held at his girl's apartment and that he said you're slaves to your baser urges, and there's nothing wrong with that... Poor, sweet Raj and hilarious Leonard and Howard. Penny....and Leonard....meh! But this all sounds something kind of amazing, specially for Sheldon and his growing up!
  22. 1 point
    Put it in a blender. Put it in Rod Stewert's hair. ...joking...
  23. 1 point
    :lol: Mike. Whitesnake in my pants. That was not a pun, I'm listening to the band lol
  24. 1 point
    Its a pilot we start pre production soon and then start filming either this spring or next fall..still trying to figure out if its gonna be a mid season or fall season premiere. Wish me luck!
  25. 1 point
    I went to an audition and the producer whom I've never worked with found instant common bonds with me by asking me about Big Bang Theory..lets just say I totally jumped on that bus and we talked for a good two hrs. It was so cool! SHAMY power! Oh, and I got the role! :D
  26. 1 point
    I hope Amy is in this ep. Or at least back up for penny. Or talking to Sheldon I love Amy
  27. 1 point
    I have a feeling my girl Amy isn't in this episode....ugh...waiting for some report back.
  28. 1 point
    "The Staircase Implementation" is one of my favorite episodes. So many great moments. I particularly love when Sheldon turns the flag upside down. :D
  29. 1 point
    False, TNP loves those "specialized" songs. @ MISS KITKA, about your last post. I was a teenager back then AHH... Again with my teenager years... Well anyway I just want to say I knew ETHEL, and I"ll leave it at that!
  30. 1 point
    What can I say, I have 2 females that want in my pants!
  31. 1 point
    Dear, if you make Sheldon to rub Vaporub on your chest surely you will be good very very fast
  32. 1 point
    Done! I'm calling Lee Pace and his moustache right now.
  33. 1 point
    No, I'm not a hypocrite because I don't spend most of my posts hating on characters and/or actresses even though I'm not every character's biggest fan (i.e Penny). It is called being polite and educated, and really being against this whole culture of being a plain dick on the internet, hiding behind a keyboard and abusing anonimity. I am coherent with my philosophy of being a decent person and mantaining my opinions as opinions and not as insults/bashing/whining/death wishes and certainly not fixating on the negative things. You really should try it. It does wonders for you. Anyhow, it doesn't even matter what you think or write. It's always you plus one or two people who show up one time every couple of months, making a hateful post and then dissapearing forever. You should reflect on that.
  34. 1 point
    First of all it is rude to refer to Amy as "that" even if she is a fictional character. And second it is really tiring to keep reading mean posts, bashing and insults all the time. An opinion saying "I don't like her" or whatever it's fine, is an opinion and is valid as everyone else's. But on this fandom, for some people insulting, and being plainly a jerk to her seems to be like a sport or something. And don't give me that crap of "she's not real, why do you defend her so much" because she is my favorite character and I have as much right to defend her. At least I'm not being a jerk to anyone. A lot of people don't like other characters either, but they don't get as much abuse as Amy's character does. And it absolutely makes me see how girls like Amy are bullied all the time, just like her character was on the show and still is by some people who use the anonymity of the internet to do so, maybe thinking it makes them look "cool". Kudos writers, you 'really doing good. Because saying stuff like "she should be killed off in a gruesome death because she's gross " or "she's ugly , unattractive and repulsive" and the only posts you make are to insult her, etc is not an opinion is just plain hate and bully logic. The worst kind of bullies, the ones who want to hurt. And yeah, she's a fictional character,I know, but if a fictional character that you only see 20 min once a week can make the worst of you come out, I thank the heavens I don't live anywhere near you. And it makes me love TBBT's characters, because they love her for who she is, even Penny. And it makes me happy that Amy finally found them. Keep on hating, you're just making her and the writers look better.
  35. 1 point
    You know I'm new here and I find it so strange that for a show we all obviously love someone hates a character. Unbelievable. I LOVE the show. There are some characters that I love more than others obviously from looking at my picture but i love the show, i love all the characters. if I hated a character as much as some of the posters here I wouldn't watch the show because you know they aren't going anywhere. They are all here to stay and it looks like more are coming (Stuart, Alex). Love it or Leave it but why bash it?
  36. 1 point
    Thank u, Id gladly accept this award I start dec 10 I tried to hold in my fan girling w new ppl now I have gone tbbt crazy and maybe scared a few ppl in the past when they mentioned they like the show. The sad part I'm a early 30 something yr old mom and wife. So sad I know
  37. 1 point
    @Billionaireplayboystark I really wasn't expecting any other thing from you, your username says it all. Lol. But really, is time to grow up and stop extrapolating your fantasies and desires through Sheldon. You are not Sheldon, So it really doesn't matter at all what You are attracted to or not . You find her ugly and unattractive to the point of repulsion? OK, it's kinda sad (for you I mean), but whatever you can be shallow like that. You don't find her funny? Great, not all of us share the same sense of humour. But guess what. She is Not your girlfriend, so whether you find her attractive or not is irrelevant. If you don't find her funny, you are free to skip her scenes or only watch the episodes where she is not in. And you can certainly say you don't like her. But taking the time to create something as pathetic as an "I hate page" is certainly sad. Something that 12 year olds do to bully other kids.(although a 12 year old would at least spell her name correctly ).
  38. 1 point
    Oh, the irony. Pairing an attractive male lead character with a slightly dowdy looking female character (Mayim is very attractive, this is not a slight against her) is breaking one of the biggest stereotypes in entertainment: all female love interests must be sex bombs. Sheldon's attraction to Amy's mind is breaking the awful male stereotype that guys are only shallow enough to care what's on the outside... oh and if the girl is funny or not.
  39. 1 point
    I'm new to this forum so i have no idea if anyone brought this up, but this has been annoying me since season 4. Amy is exactly like Leonard's mother. The similarities are: -They both kissed Sheldon -They both get loose when drunk -They have the same way of speaking -They have the same condescending personality -Sheldon respects both of them, which is extremely rare -They both became Penny's friend -They are both exactly like Sheldon -They work in the same field -They both have the same grasp of physics even though they didn't study it -They were both sexually attracted to someone when drunk (Zack and the busboy) -The list goes on and on. Personally, I think Christine Baranski is a better actor than Mayim Bialik and Amy is just a carbon copy (albeit younger) of Leonard's mom. When Amy started wanting social acceptance from Penny and Bernadette it made sense at first but then as the show went on and she became more needy and girly, she lost a lot of the appeal she initally carried because she became a stereotypical sitcom girl. She used to be like a female Sheldon, which was funny because they would overpower each other (The Zazzy Substitution). The transition into this new needy character could have been funny were it handled better, but it was handled awfully. I think the first time they had a girls night was in "The Agreement Dissection", where they suddenly go to a bar, get drunk, and dance. Instead of evolving her character like they did with Sheldon's, they changed it completely. So, my question is - Why not make Christine Baranski a recurring member? She and Sheldon could have started "dating" (or whatever it is Amy and him are doing right now) after she drunkenly kissed him. She had divorced Leonard's father anyway, which I took to mean as foreshadowing of a possible relationship. Also what happened to Christine Baranski? Why has she not appeared since "The Maternal Congruence"?
  40. 1 point
    It is a sad, sad day for society if a simple laugh track is enough to make someone stop watching this show. Generation Next. I so love you.
  41. 1 point
    Yes. I know they are talking about the small people from the Wizard of Oz. I just found it amusing that while I keep on sort of mentioning and complaining about that term, Jim would be randomly using it in his interview and jokingly describe his mother like that. Oh well.
  42. 1 point
    I haven't been on these forums very long, so maybe this question has already been answered. Does Simon wear a wig for his role as Howard, or does the hair department create that incredible helmet of hair? When I've seen pics of him in real life, his hair is curly, as I recall, and Howard's hair is just so perfectly "molded" into that helmet shape...
  43. 1 point
    Sheldon has a parking spot? What's he do... stand in it?
  44. 1 point
    No you're not, saying wine is for a particular gender or personality is just too judgmental. It's like me calling you a redneck for drinking beer.
  45. 1 point
    You can move the one I posted recently. I think I called it My Shamy Scene or something like that. Thanks.
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