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    Last I checked this thread simply posited a question of whether or not Sheldon/Penny are going to be romantically involved. Which implies that it is a topic open for discussion both pro and con. I don't see any rule that only pro-Shenny people are allowed to voice their opinions on the matter when it comes to this thread. With all due respect Annie, I don't think people are being scared away. I just think you and Doug are probably the only two registered members of this forum who are strong advocates for Shenny who post in this thread on a regular basis. If you really want a thread that's strictly a pro-Shenny thread where you, Doug and maybe a few stragglers can discuss the ship then by all means create one. This is not the thread for it. This thread is asking a question, which means you don't get to have a safe haven of only like minded people.
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    I have a mental image of you stomping your feet and screaming, "Mommy, they're being mean nasty icky poopy-heads, make them stop, waaaah!" Let me clue you in to three unimpeachable facts: (1) you don't call the shots on what is discussed in this thread (if you want such complete control, start a blog); (2) people are going to disagree with you; and (3) those people have just as much of a right to post their opinions as you do. Crying to the moderators because people are posting things you don't like is the act of a child, and reflects poorly on you.
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    no, what is stupid is that, instead of posting about Shenny, most Shenny's start posting about how awful Leonard/Penny and how awful Sheldon/Amy are and betting on when they're gonna break up, instead of discussing the why's on the wish for Shenny to happen. And when it is brought up, when posters post their reasons why it would not work, Shenny shippers start arguing again on how awful Leonard/Penny are and how awful Sheldon/Amy are, and so, the vicious circle starts again-. The truth is, no one is gonna convince the other side. IMO this thread should be given a rest. There are no new arguments on either side. It's just boring now.
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    What's funny is that TBBT has never shown Penny or Sheldon wanting to be a couple. Sheldon and Penny have shown on many occasions that they don't want, don't have any desire nor do they ever think about being a couple. Both Sheldon and Penny would think the idea of them getting together as absurd. That's the facts. L/P for the win.
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    For 7+ million a year I'd put on a Pink tutu and fight villains with a mop!
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    So when should the character development ideally happen? Much earlier than season 6? Later? Never? I don't particularly want the show to be dragged on to its bitter end ( > 10 seasons or something) myself. Better to wind up while they're still at the top of their game. That being said, it's pretty clear from every objective measure that this show is at the top of its game right now.. or rather, at the top of everyone's game, seeing that it's beating roughly everything else on television in terms of popularity. Obviously it's going to start going downhill at some point, but I don't think it can be easily predicted when or how or how soon that will happen. Honestly, I don't think the 'general audience' who make up the numbers watch because of any specific interest in the Shamy or the Lenny or the science or the geekiness. 90% of the audience doesn't dissect the stories and characters and motivations like we do. They watch because they're thoroughly enjoying it; it makes them laugh and makes them like and care about the characters. Perhaps that is, after all, the only measure of a sitcom's success - everything else is subjective opinion. And the day they fail to do that, the numbers will start going down drastically.
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    Oh no, you've written to the Admin, I guess I will have to agree with you now. Start a thread for Sheldon and Penny lovers only. Both of you can go there and post to your hearts content without worry of anyone posting how ludicrous the whole concept is.
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    holy shit! What is with these long ass posts?
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    You have to admit it is fascintating to what lenghts some of the posters will go to....Amy talked to someone else, Sheldon and Amy are going to break up. Someone else likes Leonard, he's going to dump Penny and hook up with the new person. Penny talked to Sheldon, they are going to be a couple. Fascinating.
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    I don't think Penny is the most important character at all. We even had episodes without her and nobody even noticed. She is essential, is true, but, to me, Leonard's character is the whole center of The Big Bang Theory's world. Without Leonard, Penny would never have met the guys, without Leonard, Sheldon wouldn't have even met the other guys either, Sheldon would have never even have talked to Penny ever., Leonard is the glue that keeps them all together. He is the bridge and the foundation. Penny, Sheldon, etc are all orbiting around him.
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    i found this: Question: Do you realize that you haven’t mentioned The Big Bang Theory in Ask Ausiello since August? Is it because of residual anger over Jim Parsons getting flipping robbed at the Emmys? Any scoop on our scientists? â€â€Bethany Ausiello: If I had an assistant I would totally make him/her/it fact-check the hell out of that August accusation. That can’t be right. Anyway, the hitcom’s Dec. 7 episode will be chock full of what Kaley Cuoco affectionately refers to as “Shenny moments.†In the episode, Penny asks Sheldon to teach her “a little physics†in order to get closer to Leonard. And believe it or not, he agrees! Sheldon deems it “Project Gorilla,†as he figures if someone could teach sign language to Koko the gorilla, then surely he could teach rudimentary physics to Penny. so the episode title could be The Gorilla Project
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    Hi all, I made a family in the sims 3 with Leonard and Penny, here is a photo of them
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    Really? Can you point to where Penny accepted anything of monetary value from Raj, after the fact? Can you point out exactly where the whore of Omaha regretted what had happened with Howard, before meeting his mother? Yeah, cause she was single when she had her intent, but Leonard wasn't single when he intended to have sex with Alice. He didn't, but you've been on an intent kick, so let's bring in Leonard's intent. I notice you completely give Leonard a pass on his behavior, but not Penny. Me, I'm willing to give them both a pass and understand they BOTH have issues to work through. Penny has never cheated within a committed relationship and broke off one relationship when she found out the other person was cheating. And if you want to bring up she shouldn't have done it within Raj, cause he's Leonard's friend, then where's your condemnation of Leonard for getting involved with a woman he knew his friend (Howard) was interested in. And before you jump up and down about how it shouldn't matter cause Stephanie wasn't interested in Howard, well, Leonard shouldn't have been interested in Penny, because he had a girlfriend at the time. It's obvious you have some problem with Penny, but damning Penny for her behavior and saying she isn't worthy of Leonard when he behaved the same, in not worse, is wildly inconsistent.
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    You have never seen AD? It had some of the tightest writing I have ever seen. Every character was genius and well-played. That show had practically no filler moments. It may have been one of the funniest shows to ever be on TV. The problem with it was it was too adult for network TV. A lot of suggestive language and, of course, the way George taught his kids lessons... lol. "And this is why you always leave a note." You could never guess what came right before that, that made that line so freaking hilarious. There has been such a demand for it Netflix has produced a new season to be released sometime next year. I am pretty scared since it has been so long. But really Raj should never do Tobias. That is sacred territory right there.
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    I've never played D&D ... yet,!! but I don't like it when they get stuff wrong that I know about, so I get what you are saying. This show must be making staggering amounts of money these days, so you'd think they could afford proper research to get these things right. They used to pay more attention but I guess the others are right, the story comes first. There are a lot of other things we have to take at face value as well though. The fact the guys would be earning a lot of money and not need to share an apartment, with the professions they are in. And that Penny would not be able to afford to live alone on her wages. There's loads of dead ends where there are no repercussions after a story and some people get very urked about that. I have accepted the show is not a true representation even though some bits can bug me, it's just a bit of fun.
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    You are right about that and personally I think the original show was set up like that, to require little character development. It was Leonard and Penny's relationship that needed development. Sheldon's popularity is his undoing, they just couldn't leave him alone.
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    Congrats to the show, Johnny and Kaley! I love Jim and would like to see him deservedly win every award he can get, but it's also nice to see the other cast members felicitated, on occasion. They do a great job too, after all Johnny and Kaley are the perfect 'straight men' for Jim to play off. I'm sure Jim is very happy for them winning.
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    She really does?? this is still more difficult to understand.... Simon should earn same as Johnny and both less than Jim. Sorry to say this but in MY OPINION Kaley can be replaced for any other young blonde actress (there are lot of similar to her) but nobody can replace Jim, Simon, or Mayim. The rest all of them can be replaced for similar actors
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    I am more puzzled as why Kaley earns the same as Jim & Johnny.- *sarcastic mode off* If you pay attention to the fist part of Season 1 (and specially both he aired and the unaired pilot), you would notice that Leonard's character was the central character. All the storylines feature him as the focus. Sheldon & Penny are featured but mostly, the storylines revolve around Leonard. The truth is, Johnny is the original male lead. Sheldon's popularity with the audience"upgraded" Jim to lead as well, but that wasnt the original intent, and that is an easy observation form the fist couple of episodes. I think that the "seniority" factor did play though in the case of Melissa & Mayim. Even though Melissa both appeared and signed to become a regular before Mayim, Mayim is credited before Melissa. I haven't seen the contracts, but I'm pretty sure that Mayim's longer trajectory had to do with that.
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    Yes, probably you are right but I have to say: sometimes I use to watch a single episode from season 1, 2, 3 or 4 for about 2 or 3 times in the same day and I never become tired of it. Even I can repeat the sentences at the same time with the actors but still they make me laugh. But in season 6 it is boring to watch the same episodes if they are repeating them in the same week
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    Awww his tv mommy! http://jimparsons.net/2012/12/the-other-place-on-broadway-backstage/
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    I contend that that P/Lrelationship is the core of the show. A classic set up of the hopeless romance, highly relatable and designed to be deserving of emotional investment. The relationship had a stroke in s3 and a heart attack at end S4. Each event was just plausible enough but TPTB have given themselves insurance- spread the risk- by adding more romantic pairings. They can give the show a different heart attack (peril) next time. No need to go third strike on L/P. And audiences would pay attention to that third strike. Once is accident, twice coincidence, third time is enemy action.TPTB dont want to be the enemy and they want the show to keep succeeding, so I think L/P are safe. And I still think there is a problem with the skank and slut labels. Julia Gillard had the best rebuttal to that kind of labelling. Go look for it. Awesome. And that's me done on labels.
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    But they left it in the show. As corny as it is they could have done a dream sequence and taken it out. You may not see it this way but for some people it was like a betrayal. Of those a percentage will never watch the show again, others may watch but never get over it, and the rest, like myself, will never trust the show as much as before. It was also nice of them to bring it back up right before the winter break. It is great they have really learned their lesson, not.
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    You can do it! I'll offer eggs to a deity just for you.
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    I'll change my username if I pass. LOL. *nervous wreck*
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    Ok. Let me refresh your memory. Here is her quote from the "Pilot": Penny: You want to know the most pathetic part? Even though I hate his lying, cheating guts, I still love him. Is that crazy? Kurt also kept her TV when she had to leave his apartment, "borrowed" $1800 from her to be bailed out of jail (almost having her evicted) and assaulted Leonard on three different occasions when he came to Penny's assistance. I don't think the writers were subtle about who was villain and who was victim.
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    If Sheldon didn't want to change and grow in regard to his relationship with her, he wouldn't be doing it. In the episode with that Nowitski girl, he didn't want to be in a relationship with her and once he'd solved whatever he was working on and she asked to share credit, he kicked her out. End of story. If he felt that Amy was making him do things he didn't want to do he could just as easily break up with her. If she does get a kiss from his this season, it could very well be a kiss he initiates and that he does because he wants to. They've already done the she-kisses-him thing twice, so I think that if the writers have them kiss again it will be something that Sheldon chooses to do, not because she "demands" it (and, um, she is his girlfriend, by his choice, by the way), but because he wants to do it. She is patient because pretty much any other girl who had a guy ask her to be his girlfriend and then complained about the simplest thing like holding hands would have given up on him already. She didn't start pretending to be sick, she just prolonged what he was already offering her. He started the situatilon by offering to take care of her. She was just enjoying what he was doing--and it's not like she was raping him or he was feeling her up. Until the bathing, the raciest thing he did was put Vaporub on the non-breast part of her chest. And he's the one who insisted on doing it in the first place--AND he's the one who offered to bathe her. So, again, it's not like she was forcing him to do anything against his will. The most we've seen her insist on is hand-holding and sticking to their Relationship Agreement when it comes to date nights, etc. He's the one who chose to ask her to be his girlfriend and she's not out of line in expecting him to act like a boyfriend once in a while. How many women would be happy about having their boyfriend ask another person to tag along on an anniversary date? Why shouldn't she be mad? Sometimes--very often, in fact--in regard to their relationship Sheldon wants to have his cake--that is, have Amy to himself as his girlfriend--and eat it, too--that is, not have to act like a boyfriend because of loopholes in the RelAg, or because he wants to use the RelAg to his advantage. The Fish Guts ep showed that he's starting to think of her as his girlfriend and caring about her well-being, as he put it. He's learning to think of others rather than just himself. He's growing up, little by little. He's still primarily self-focused, but it's good to see him figuring out how he feels about her and being willing to work at being a more balanced half of that relationship.
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    For me, in terms of the whole setting of the setting of the series, Leonard is, to quote Amy "the nucleus of the group". It's just like what Yanina said , that without him, Penny would not even be talking to Sheldon nor with any of the guys (especially her point about Penny... that I did not even notice she wasn't in that episode when I first saw it back in season 4 and sometimes I can't even remember what episode was she not included). Without Leonard, Sheldon would not even be friends with Howard and Raj. And didn't they offer originally the role of Sheldon to Johnny and then he declined because he thought he can't do it and chose Leonard instead? And care to explain why Jonny's name was the first one to appear during the billing? Sheldon was not even the actual central character or even Penny. Sheldon was supposed to play the "weird roommate" to this guy who had a fling with the next door neighbor. So, okay, this is centralized on the three of them. But really, with the season 2 onward storylines, it's centralized on their friendship. Even Sheldon said that it's Leonard that made him like Penny. In terms of the present setting, they are an ensemble cast and all of them play an important role. If you try to take out one of them, then it would feel like there's something missing. Honestly, it all depends on how you see the show. If you feel you're only there because of Jim Parsons, then he would be the center of your universe. If you're there because you're allured by Kaley and Penny, then be my guest for saying that she's the main attraction. If I would also go with that line of reasoning, I'd say I might even stop watching if Mayim says she won't be back in the show ever (and I hope will not happen... not with all the things that has recently been developed that involves her character).
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    But i thought you don't ship Shenny? WHOOPS! LOL! Delusional. Also, it's not disrespectful when it's true. The creators have said it will never happen. You are claiming it could. So Delusional.
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    You discuss how "it's going to happen" and others discuss how it's not going to happen. That's discussion. I agree that some people may be less civil than others, but it's become such an absurd issue with each passing episode, that's it's just ridiculous.
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    I'll give 98 cents worth, TBBT does not have a Romantic Shenny agenda. Sorry Penny and Sheldon not going to happen.
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    I have a pink fake tree. Since it is summer in my hemisphere, no point pretending i is a real one. My bf hates it, because it's pink, but, whateaver. Here's a lousy pic of my tree, I need to take a better pic: I only used red/gold balls, and gold ribbons, because it goes with the pink. I don't like multi-colored decorated trees. The lights are pink and gold because of that too. I also have a big vase with pink sakura branches in bloom. I put white rice lights on it, so it serves as another kinda sort of christmas tree. I don't have pics of that one.
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    For the second time, The Big Bang Theory featured the game of Dungeons & Dragons, a game that is very near and dear to the hearts of nerds and geeks everywhere and what can be considered a cornerstone of geek culture and for the second time, the writers and producers gave us a missed opportunity to introduce a wider audience to what is a wonderful and entertaining past time. I can only conclude that the reason for this is that the writers and producers of the show have little idea what exactly the game of Dungeons & Dragons is nor what it entails, as the activity depicted on last week’s show bears little resemblance to it. For those who may not know, Dungeons & Dragons is a role playing game, a game where the players assume the role of a character different from themselves in a fantasy world within the context of a rules system. It was certainly not shown in the episode that Leonard and the gang were playing characters as they would have been doing had they been playing D&D. The players never referred to each other by a character name. There were no references to important tropes of D&D such as character classes or races. At no point were Sheldon, Raj, Howard, and Stewart required to roll a die. There was a play mat and miniature figures on the table that were never used. On the contrary, Sheldon was clearly depicting himself rather than a character in the game as he was making references to his own personal history rather that his character. This is something that would never happen in a game of D&D. I can only then wonder then exactly what Leonard and his friends were doing as they clearly weren't playing Dungeons & Dragons. The Big Bang Theory walks a fine line between poking harmless fun at the “other,” in this case geeks, in an attempt to laugh with them, and being malicious and bullying by laughing at the characters on the show. The only way to be successful at the former and not indulge in the latter is to poke fun at the other from an insider’s point of view. The clear ignorance of the game of Dungeons & Dragons on the part of the writers of this episode caused them to lose this insider’s point of view and made what could have been a clever send up of a popular geek past time into something clearly derisive and intended to make fun of the players by depicted them as engaging in a foolish activity and labeling them as idiots for choosing to play this foolish game rather than have sex with their hot girl friends as any “normal” person would choose. The episode would have been stronger if the writers had done their research and attempted to understand role playing games and chosen to have fun with Leonard and his gang by pointing out what is funny about this unusual past time rather than using the game as a thinly veiled excuse to invent absurd slapstick situations to mock and deride geeks and nerds. For example, if the writers really portrayed Dungeons & Dragons, Sheldon could have proved most annoying to his friends by insisting that they all stay in character at all times, calling them by the names of their D&D characters rather than their real names, and admonishing them any time they spoke out of character or used references that would be anachronistic or inappropriate within the context of the game. This how an individual as anal as Sheldon would really approach a role playing game as he would understand what is required of the medium and would pursue it to the maximum degree. I've heard that the producers of The Big Bang Theory engage advisers to be sure that the math and physics references on the show are accurate. I only wish they would do the same when it comes to the aspects of geek culture they so often, and sometimes inaccurately, portray. Perhaps they should have asked their frequent guest star Wil Wheaton about Dungeons & Dragons, he could have told them all about it. To date, the only T.V. show to ever portray a proper game of D&D as it is actually played is the show Freaks and Geeks in their final episode “Discos and Dragons.” It’s disappointing that The Big Bang Theory can’t portray such an important part of geek culture with the same dignity and accuracy.
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    No, Raj's macbooks has stickers on them: the one he used when he skyped with his parents while his sister was there had alien stickers while the one he used back in The Wiggly Finger Catalyst had fake gunshot stickers and has a black keypad. Sheldon also has one, the one with the red cover on it and the one he used when Amy skyped with him in episode 6.07. Penny has a laptop but hers is Dell. Bernadette just got a small toshiba dotted with Pink flower stickers from Howard which was what she used during the weekend vortex. She has a bigger one, a Toshiba one dotted with flower stickers, which she uses whenever she skypes with Howard. Raj used a toshiba laptop when gaming, Leonard his black Dell, while Howard and Sheldon have Alienwares. Amy also has an Alienware, the smallest one, and also has a Mac PC at home. She also has one at work but recently it's not in her lab. No, I don't really pay attention to the details in the show. I wonder whose laptop that was. Thank goodness I haven't bought one yet. I'd really get me an avengers skin this weekend as an early Christmas gift for myself.
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    I disagree. I think that people focus too much on the sexual aspect of their relationship where the real deal about it this year is that Sheldon is developing a lot from an emotional perspective within that relationship and, as a consequence, with others around him. Yes, the obliviousness is there just for laughs as a show cliche', but I don't think that's at the core of what Sheldon is going through right now. Amy yes, she's static at the moment. There's not a lot of growth on her part right now, but it might partially have to do with the fact that just as Sheldon is oblivious about her physical desires she is rather oblivious about his emotional growth. I think they're setting up for something to happen at some point down the road when the 2 obliviousnesses cross paths. At the moment I'm very happy with Sheldon. Amy, I love her, but she's a bit "meh" right now. Not a lot going on on her front. Maybe they should get her involved in something at work to actually get her to do something besides waiting for the lightbulb to go off in Sheldon's head (or her own).
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    http://instagram.com/p/TWCDI0Crr3/ That bottom picture is interesting.. Best line.."Isn't that what the morning meeting is for?
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    Well, he wasn't kicking and screaming in Fish Guts. He could have easily kept walking down that hallway, RelAg or no. He had already made his excuse and she had closed the door. He made the choice to take care of her and not just because of having signed the RelAg, but because, as he said of his own volition "you're my girlfriend and I care about your well-being". And again, when he was taking her temperature and trying to get her to take a TicTac placebo, she was eager for him to just leave her alone. He could have taken that opportunity to walk away and just let her rest. He was the one to suggeset all the further ministrations he wanted to perform for her. That she got extra enjoyment out of it was a bonus for her, but she didn't suggest any of those things. Yeah, she's more ready to get physical than he is, but really, the only thing she insists on, apparently, is hand-holding. While she may be offering him opportunities, like giving him her "best come-hither look", she's not attacking him or forcing him to do anything. She even understands that he's a "flight-risk" when it comes to all of that. She may be a little frustrated, but she seems to be extraordinarily patient. Since he's her boyfriend, it's not out of the question that she should expect a little affection, a little hand-holding and maybe a kiss or something. And he was the one, after all, that chose to ask her to be his girlfriend. She's not dragging him anywhere.
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    It is a double-edged sword really. It is funny watching him learn life lessons but then if he never applied any of them it would be odd so some growth is expected. The original Sheldon would have never cared for Amy when she was sick. Her character was introduced so we could watch Sheldon in a different social situation but now they are forced to improve his social skills especially considering how sex-starved they have made her character. She is going to drag him kicking and screaming through the relationship hurdles.
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    In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes Star Trek Into Darkness. When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew. There you go, Warlock!
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    Just an idea: The greates show must have an episode where the cast dance "gangnam style"...it will be the most funny episode for sure...hahah could u image sheldon dancing that song hahahahaha or raj with a touch of indian??? hahahaha....well i hope the producer think abt it!! hihih sry if to some1 bother my idea PS: sry if i posted in the worng section...first time i post here
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    Are there going to be two new episodes next Monday?
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