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    Yeah , after kissing Leonard she seemed kind of shy and vulnerable.. So yup I think we can count that .. It was a really a sweet scene Now that ILY has been said I would like to see a scene where Leonard kisses Penny good-bye and starts to go ...then Penny would call him and say..."Leonard I Love you" while blushing a little bit...Leonard sees this also blushes a little but instead of saying ILY back he teasingly says "Thank you".... then Penny would say shut up and starts kissing him again
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    See? That right there says this all ties into your dislike for the Shenny's. I've been seeing your posts lately and you've REALLY let them get to you, haven't you?? I don't understand why though. Sure, you have some delusional ones who like to stir the pot but don't allow it to take over your world. I came across one or two on YouTube that SWORE that Penny kissed Sheldon on the lips in that one wrestling scene. LOL. I told them they need to get their eyes checked and left it at that. LOL. It's not worth my time to keep trolling them because I have my own ship to worry about ;-). People should be allowed to ship who they want...no matter how silly :-) They should be able to do so without getting attacked by others too. Disagreeing with certain things is one thing but I'll never get why they turn into full on WARS. LOL. Monique
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    I like the actress and wouldn't mind seeing her on some more episodes. The only problem with her character is that she's actively pursuing a man she knows to be in a committed relationship, which to me is a turn-off.
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    So long as you remember the most important thing of all.... Pants first... THEN shoes !! :D
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    We have discussed this issue so many times that it's starting to feel tyring, but here it goes once again: As many here know I have Aspergers Syndrome and OCD. OCD is a common comordibility of Aspergers as well as Anxiety Disorders, etc. I know a lot of Aspies as well, and both Sheldon and Amy (Amy is the favorite of the Autcast, a blog for Aspies that a lot of us frequent) fit with the profile of a lot of people I know. So does Raj for that matter, as selective mutism is found also in people with Aspergers (I know 3 people with selective mutism). Sheldon's story of "my mother had me tested" also rings a bell in my personal experience. I didn't speak till I was 5. Until that time my mom took me to dozens of doctors worried that there was something wrong with me. Since I was born in 1982 and Aspergers didn't became known within the medical community until the 90's I never got a diagnose. They ran so many tests on me, and didn't found anything. They would just tell my mom not to worry, that I had a high IQ, and that Einstein didn't speak until he was 4, so she shouldn't worry. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I was finally diagnosed. Having said that though, to me, if the writers say that Sheldon doesn't have Aspergers, then he doesn't. Why? It's simple, it is THEIR character. They write him as quirky and weird and they don't want to label him as an Aspie, and then I am really fine with that, since, first, it gives them freedom, second, because it could really lead to stereotyping, because, and even though Sheldon is consistent with some people with Aspergers, there a re a lot of people within the spectrum that are NOTHING like him. And that could do harm, especially in a society that is very ill informed about Autism, and third, because... he doesn't exist! you can't diagnose fictional characters! I particularly like that they don't label him. It helps us. And a lot of Aspies think like me. Because his quirks are just quirks and not labeled as a Syndrome, therefore, it helps people who regularly see the show, see us as people and not as thing with an Asperger's seal on our heads. Asperger's does not define people. And most important, for the OP: Asperger's Syndrome IS NOT a mental illness. It is classified as a disorder or a syndrome.
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    Your simple explanation of this event shows why the writers did not dare have Sheldon in Amy's bed at that point in their relationship. Just think of the discussions that would have occurred if they even implied that he slept with her in a platonic way. They knew they were not ready for the fans to infer that Sheldon was slowly being prepared for a possible physical relationship with Amy, If he had done so they would have pushed Sheldon's development far past the point that the producers want for him right now. Then the Sheldonites would howl about how they have ruined their hero.
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    Sheldon is annoying and can be a jerk when he wants his way. But deep down he's not conniving enough to be a jerk. He has no guile. Leonard makes a few mistakes and can seem like a jerk occasionally but he's a nice guy. Someone you would want as a friend. I think that Raj comes closest to being a jerk myself. I wish the girls would stop telling him he's a catch. They are not helping him at all. Raj has no success with women because he acts like such a dick. That date he had with the deaf girl! even Howard couldn't believe what he was hearing. It's not like he says the wrong things, like Leonard does sometimes or Sheldon who is too literal, he is actually a jerk. And he has no problem moving in on his friends partners. He was after Bernadette and Howard is his best mate.
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    ^ This. People, we always seem to forget he is a fictional character. We have to discuss this from the writers' perspective, not Sheldon's. It's not important what might or might not have been the reason why he refused, because his mind doesn't exist. The point is, the writers did not want him to sleep in her bed because the audience would have interpreted it in a certain way. Regardless of his life being in chaos, comfort is comfort and Sheldon has always been shown putting his own comfort ahead of everyone else's. With Penny, he kicked her out of her bed so he could sleep in it because he's too tall for a couch. With Amy, he didn't. The writers had him take the couch because sharing a bed with her would have had very specific implications for their relationship. Same reason why he does not flirt with Amy the way he did in the past with other characters. Because the point is: Sheldon always does the opposite of what a normal person would do so that it is funny for the audience. He obliviously flirts with people he has no romantic interest in whatsoever (Ramona, the Green Lantern Girl, Leonard's mom, the guy in the cafeteria). He has a romantic relationship with a woman, he doesn't flirt with her and doesn't sleep in her bed. If he were flirting with Amy and sleeping in her bed right from the start to then enter a romantic relationship with her, it wouldn't be the way they normally write Sheldon. He would be any guy. It wouldn't be funny.
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    I have a mix of the TBBT character´s characteristics: + I have my spot in the living room and when I have guest in the house and I am forced to give my spot to someone then I become crazy (even I am not able to use it in that moment) but I suffer in secret, not like Sheldon * Like Stuart I have a Degree in Art, but I don´t know if in USA means the same. I know he is always complaining but I think it is amazing to have a Comic Shop and to sleep in there...ohhh the smell of the comics...delicious * I have my comics colection and they are my treasure. * I can spend 7 hours in a museum (I did that so many times) * Like Amy I had a difficult teenager life and sometimes I feel she is using my teenager story (of course sometimes they are making it more funny and exaggerated ) *Sometimes Leonard´s life is matching with me too. * I love Star Wars, Star Trek, time machines, sci-fi, etc * Like Sheldon I need to remember/learn sometimes what is the social convention for each situation and to force myself to act by it (it is not coming in a natural way as I can see most of people do!) sometimes I am succeful.... I like the story of the things like Sheldon and sometimes I tell it to others like Sheldon do. * I like to go very deep in the details of the things like the guys do in the program, doing things most of people don´t do like to learn a new language/script for knowing more about a culture, etc. * I read lot of books. * When I was a kid I was "the smarty" to my family and they were making jokes * Some people just told me I am a strange person *etc.. But as C-Trayne is saying, it is for me too very difficult to find people with the same interest I have so I am alone here. Most of people I know don´t know what are the things I real like. So to watch these guys from TBBT make me feel finally I am part of a group with people enjoying the thinks I like. I feel envy of Penny living near them and meeting them
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been a fan of Big Bang Theory for years but I never thought about finding a fansite. The most I did was write my fanfiction and post it on FFDN. Unfortunately, FFDN has been overrun with Shenny stories and no one really wants to read about the true couple, Leonard and Penny. I want to get my story out there and get feedback, but it's hard when the only place I can post my story is in a crowd of Shenny-Shippers who mostly portray Leonard as crude and undesirable, which, if those stories are read enough, completely turn the reader off to any idea of Leonard/Penny. I hoped I could advertise my story here to get more unbiased reviews and feedback. The link is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7589733/1/Pulchritudinous-Wreckage The story starts out dark with Penny being sexually assaulted (nothing too graphic, just what she gives in the police report), and Leonard takes it upon himself to help her get better. Things get fluffy, things get sad, I have a few funny discussions thrown in (which I've been told in my FFDN reviews are spot-on with the characters). It's in the works, only 12 chapters, but I have been regularly updating two to three times a week. I would really appreciate people with an open mind giving it a try. It's not super long chapters, but it doesn't need to be because it's fanfiction. If I wanted to write a novel, it would be different. In any case, my updates are never less than 2,000 words. So please, give it a try.
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    For me the best look is in season 1 finale when she says " Yes I will go out with you"
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    2832, Joe, did you know that yesterday you and I posted 49% of yesterdays posts
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    At the moment her character will have fulfilled her purpose on Jan 3rd. They could use her for another purpose, like starting a Raj relationship, then keep her on as a recurring character. The problem with that is there is not enough airtime to support all the characters as it is, so starting a Raj/Alex storyline means cutting into time for the other three couples. Raj at the moment just supports the couples during their plot times. The Raj/Stuart thing is a waste of time, they are doing nothing with it.
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    Yeah that question was on the german version of " Who wants to be a millionaire" but the candidate didn`t know the answer and left the show with 500.000 €. But on Facebook some people talked about that question and some of them knew the answer. Jim sometimes forgets a line but that´s okay. He´s still so adorable. ^_^ @netmouse: *LOL*
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    I like the idea of an alternate unve I like the idea of an alternate universe where they are all superheroes and run around in goofy looking tight spandex outfits like the ones they wear on my BBT t-shirt from Hot topic. Sheldon would have already had that lab accident that Leonard says would make him a supervillian, but he'd be more like Doctor Evil from Austin Powers so not really that big of a threat, but always trying to build a death ray and threaten the good people of earth with it. But, all his death ray does is break the windows of his lair and maybe makes all his female assistants and fembots at his office fall madly in love with him all time which really just annoys Sheldon cause he is more interested in winning the Nobel Prize for Best Scientific Invention by a Super villian. Sheldon's Kryptonite would still be his mom though and the heroes of story Leonard and Penny would call her whenever Sheldon gets out of hand. Either that or they would all be Muppets. Sheldon would turn into a new puppet that looks like Walter from Muppet Movie but acts more like Dr. Bunsen HoneyDew. Leonard would turn into Kermit the Frog and mope around on his lilly pad singing its not easy being green or a nerd. Penny would be Ms. Piggy Howard would be Gonzo Raj would be Fonzie Amy would become Sheldon's lab assistant Beaker Bernadette would be Camilla the Chicken who also becomes Gonzo's love interest after he realizes he has no shot with Ms. Piggy But which Muppet should Stuart be I can't decide?
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    if you say "dude" every 5 minutes you've got yourself a raj
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    None of the ones on the list. I really really hate though that EVERY YEAR my mom cries at the strike of midnight and starts rambling about all of our relatives who died, specially her parents. I know she loves them, I loved them too, but it's been more than 10 years... STOP IT WITH THE CRYING YOU RUIN OUR WHOLE NIGHT, MOM! so, yeah, that's what I hate.
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    My explanation on this: Amy bites! and Sheldon knows about this since Penny told him and I'm sure he knows about her night terros. I don't think he's ready to deal with that. See? SOLVED!
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    Ooops! Give me a moment I have to repress my sadness because of this comment Ok...IMO, when Sheldon flirts, he is doing this without knowing he is flirting, in an innocent way, I mean, it is US who think in another way. The writer play with us. But in Amy´s case, it is clear he didn´t want to sleep in her bed, maybe because he didn´t trust in her, what she will do when he sleep?
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    She was disappointed because she "stupidly thought it was a musical booty call" of course she wanted more. I actually felt a bit sorry for her the next morning, she was very subdued and sad. I think vasu's answer fits. Sheldon was thinking of himself, he wanted to sleep on his own so he slept on his own.
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    I too get why the writers went that way... but I could also assume that the writers went that way because they might have thought Sheldon sleeping on couches would prove that Sheldon has gone really really really crazy and nothing about S/A relationship at all..... just like some throw away comments we talk about ( like Amy wanting to cheat on her boyfriend in the santa episode) so this whole thing about what the writers were thinking does not any kind of authenticity to it....we cannot be sure about what the writers were thinking... My whole argument was against the case that Sheldon slept on Amy's couch because he thought about implications of sleeping in her bed because it does not go with the things that happened on screen in that episode
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    Maybe I'm not explaining myself clearly. I am just using Occam's razor. If the implication is meant to be "Sheldon refuses sex with Amy", they could have conveyed that in a much more straightforward way by indeed having him share the bed and turn her down and then have disappointed!Amy in the morning. But there was nothing indicating Amy did not offer to share the bed platonically, especially in the way she delivered that line. It actually never even crossed my mind until now. I always thought the disappointed!Amy was funny precisely for the reason that it was just about sharing a bed with his own girlfriend and even then he refused. Which is consistent with the fact that yes, Sheldon was embracing the chaos but was still Sheldon at the end of the day (changing the PJ rotation was chaos in his mind). Even IF Amy was really trying to get laid, it's not like he couldn't have said no. He did that in The Isolation Permutation. Saying the writers had him refuse to sleep in her bed because they wanted to convey the message that he knew he meant having sex, is like saying he did not think there was a way to sleep in her bed and NOT have sex with her or turn down her advances. I mean, it takes two to tango. So either they are implying he thought she was going to rape him or they are implying that he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he slept in her bed with her. It's just too much of a stretch, in my opinion, especially since her offer and the negotiations is something we did not see. It's like people saying he was suppressing his urges during the bath scene in TFGD, again a scene we did not see, and extrapolating from that what the spanking meant or did not mean given that scene that we did not see. I don't think the writers were thinking that far. Which leads me to my reply to Vasu, regarding the simplest explanation for that scene: The simplest explanation is that they didn't want them to sleep in the same bed, even platonically, at this stage, because of how the audience would interpret that. And by interpret, I don't mean that people would think they had sex, but Sheldon being Sheldon, sharing a bed, platonically or not, would be a big deal. So, I'm not disagreeing with you Vasu at all. I am not saying SHELDON cared about the implications, I think yours is a perfectly reasonable interpretation. I'm saying the WRITERS did care because they didn't want to go there yet. I do think sharing a bed platonically is going to be one of the steps they will take eventually with these two to push them towards intimacy. Have them do it 5 episodes after they became official is using up material very fast, imo.
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    I don't agree. If Amy had said she would stay on her side, Sheldon might have slept in the bed, in a purely platonic way. We still would have the same slightly disappointed Amy the morning after. The implication was, that he knew what sleeping in Amy's bed would entail. I raised the issue about chemistry not because I think Sheldon flirted with anyone, ever. It was a question of chemistry, pure and simple. I agree with Sursonica, it's totally subjective. I was just to see what other people felt about the general chemistry between Amy and Sheldon. You can have chemistry between characters no matter what the dialogue or scenes they act. It's not about the story, it's just something that's either there, or it isn't. I think they work well together but the chemistry is a little luke warm. Just my opinion.
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    If he didn't care, why wouldn't he sleep on her bed, which was more comfortable, after she asked him so many times? Just the fact that he didn't shows that he gave it some thought and avoided it for a reason. I think we were given a clear hint that, no matter whether Sheldon feels that his life is in chaos at some point of time, it's not going to be that easy to get him to have sex.
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    My problem is that sheldons hair has changed a lot over the past five years. And yet he says he has had the same haircut every time. Now, if the haircut is always the same, then how come his haircut has changed. Bit of an oversight there from the writers I think!
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    Lets try this again 2,800 New up to date average::Starting TOMORROW we need 40 posts per day to BTB (Beat The Ball)
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    In that case, he would have slept in the bed with her when she asked him to. I think he DOES know the implications. LOL. Monique
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    Bostrich, Spook, that's some very interesting analysis of the physical vs emotional developments between Sheldon and Amy. Regarding Sheldon making himself open and vulnerable to her - I think he did that, in an indirect way, with his heartfelt apology in her lab, and also when he told her recently 'it hurts that you would lie to me'. For Sheldon, with all his walls and his compulsion to maintain complete control, it was a big thing to admit to Amy that she has the power to hurt him emotionally.. and it was said in a very sincere way. One step forward for him.
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    Raj is getting to be a completely wasted character who supports the couples on occasion. I can't blame Kunal for being tired of the now formula faux gay jokes. I guest they are afraid that to give him a woman would mean having another character compete for the now precious screen time. That's why promoting Stuart to regular was a waste, especially since he gets only a little more screen time then before. The solution is just as you suggest, have Raj do something non-couples related, let him be happy in some other aspect of his life. Having him be this whining loser in love is getting depressing.
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    I would reverse all the genders on the couples and make Raj and Stuart into the Wonder Twins that keep turning themselves into really lame and ordinary things like 3 hole punches and dish detergent. They don't fight crime they just help out around the home and office. I would laugh for days.
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    OK, after reading the replies, I want them all to go on a road trip to Las Vegas because they are all stressed from work. They leave Saturday morning, check in, and have dinner together, that's then where the separate. Leonard/Penny: While they are walking around Leonard asks Penny how work is and she says bad and she tight on cash again. Leonard thinks about it then asks Penny if she ever played Craps. He talks her out her last money, so if she wins it hers, and he bets while she throws the dice. Since he is a genious , they keep winning, Penny gets more and more excited, Penny also gets more and more drunk from free drinks, and finally passes out. Leonard drags her to their room and spends the night holding her hair while she is sick. Sheldon/Amy: They watch a Blackjack game and Sheldon states it is so easy and why aren't the people happy and winning money. Amy proposes an experiment where Sheldon plays and keeps busting the dealer so the people win and Amy will observe them. Sheldon plays and everyone is winning big except Sheldon who is staying even because there is no challenge, so the casino doesn't even suspect he is the cause. A waitress asks if he and Amy want a drink and says they have New England Ice Teas, which Sheldon says great and starts ordering. Next morning Sheldon and Amy wake up nude in the same bed with no idea what happened. Raj/Stuart: Both drink and party all night with two showgirls they meet. The just make it back to the car when the gang is loading up to leave. Bernadette/Howard: See everyone is doing there own thing after dinner so decide to have a romantic night together, no drinking. On the ride home Bernadette and Howard are the only ones not hung over and sleepy so one drives one car with, in the backseat, Penny sleeping in a sleeping Leonard's lap, with Stuart asleep in the passenger seat, and in the other car, in the backseat Sheldon sleeping in a sleeping Amy's lap with Raj asleep in the passengers seat. The last scene could show Penny coming into building with Leonard and getting her mail. She gets to her apartment and looks at her mail and sees it is all bills and tells Leonard she is so stupid and is broke. Leonard then smiles and says for her to get the little purse she had in Las Vegas. She gets it and dumps the contents on the coffee table, and out comes money. She screams and says there must be over a 1000 dollars here and Leonard smiles again and says 5432 dollars to be exact. The episode would end with Penny squealing and jumping on him to smother him in kisses. That's an episode I want and yes I thought about it a lot. If anyone wants to do a fan fiction on it, be my guest.
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    It is breaking a rule. Common etiquette. If you see a little girl having a tea party with stuffed animals do you break up her fun by making her see reality? What the admin here has done is said you can be a debbie downer on this subject in every other thread but this one because allowing people to have fun is worth protecting. There is no harm being done here and absolutely no reason why you should be taking this so seriously. It is just a TV show.
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    The Engaging Driver - Shamy Fic Update Announcing: Chapter 44: An Early AM Visitor http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8734948/44/The-Engaging-Driver Chapter 45: Iona’s Heart http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8734948/45/The-Engaging-Driver Chapter 46: The Lady in Black http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8734948/46/The-Engaging-Driver Thank you Chloe and Monique for your comments about the photo and for reading and reviewing the story.
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    I'd love to see "Raj-centered" episode. Yeah with Raj would finally brave enough to ask Alex going out with him and "rocket to the moon" hahaha.
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    I almost cried when Leonard stepped inside his apartment and said to himself, "She loves me." The way he had tears in his eyes and his voice was thick made me want to cry happy tears.
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