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    TBBT's ratings numbers are phenomenal this year. This is truly the sweet spot for the shows run and I think those numbers can last another two years. They can do that if they keep the formula that they are using in season 6 and keep all those reruns on cable and indy channels humming.
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    You guys make good points. At the same time though, I just DON'T GET how anyone could see Amy as desperate (I know you girls don't see it that way, I mean the people that do). It's STUPID! LOL. Has she got Sheldon drunk and tied him down to his bed and had her way with him? Did I miss that episode? LOL. I think it's unfair that Amy is not allowed to be one step ahead of Sheldon as far as her wants and needs in the relationship without her being called "desperate." Desperate??? Try the most "patient" woman on the show! LOL. So the hell what? She wants what any of us would want from Sheldon. At least she's not pressuring him to do things he's not ready for yet. I don't think the writers need to tone her ways down either...they need to tone Sheldon's ways up! LOL ;-PPPPP Monique
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    Those REALLY milestones! CONGRATULATIONS!! 3002
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    The show has most definitely written itself in to a "hall" if not a corner. As the Lenny has rapidly progressed this season, it's going to be difficult for the writers to have Leonard chose to live with Sheldon over Penny. The signs that they are giving seem to indicate co-habitation. Leonard is shown more and more eating dinner with Penny alone. In season 3 they would alternate between sleeping at Leonard's or Penny's. Not anymore. Their little Christmas moment, with the fireplace, was at Penny's for the first time. Decidedly, the number of Sheldon/Penny moments have fallen off a cliff. Penny is now going to school and has declared that she is a terrible waitress (I still wonder why they did that). If they intend to have her halt her means of supporting herself to go to college full time, we know who is up to carry the load. The writers will need to change directions quickly if they have another scenario in mind.
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    There are plenty of fans who are calling Amy desperate. You may not agree with them...I don't agree with them, but you cannot ignore that they are out there and they are doing that. Many have written into the show stating that. Then there are plain Amy haters out there as well. All I am saying is that to help nullify some of the negative comments from those fans, perhaps if they show a better balance it would help. It would keep some of those folks silent because they no longer can complain that Amy is desperate if they show Sheldon in his own way, whether it be through conversation with Leonard or dreams, cares about Amy and is having more sexual feelings toward her. I have no problem with Amy calling him sexy and enjoying him. I don't find her desperate in the least. I think she is perfectly within her rights to do what she does and the writers have done her character well. However, that being said, if for two more years she is doing all of the sexy talk and Sheldon is still acting totally oblivious, it will make the audience start to grow that will be calling her desperate. That was the whole point of what I was saying. I know you think the writers can do no wrong, but they nearly ruined Lenny as a couple. They finally redeemed themselves somewhat with her ILY this season, but they have a lot more to do to bring back spark and interest in them. So they can blow it at times. With the Nanny, you saw Sheffield having feelings for Fran without her knowing it and obviously she had them for him long before he had them for her. However, they did it well because you knew he had feelings for her...even if she didn't know. That is what I was suggesting....do something like that for Shamy so that it keeps you glued waiting for those special moments to come and those awkward moments because she won't know that he actually is starting to have and fighting similar feelings.
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    I like dogs too, but I wouldn't dare give them a smooch..!
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    I like Kunal a lot & agree giving him a plot where Amy and Bernadette try to fix him would be fun & a great use of the characters.
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    I wonder if the show has written itself into a corner with the whole Penny living across the hall from the guys thing. With Penny now in a relationship with Leonard does that scenerio have to continue to exist? It was one thing with her being the desireable pretty girl across the hall, but now she is Leonard's girlfriend and they love each other so hasn't the shows original theme changed and moved on from the original plot? Season 6 has great ratings, so the fans must like the new the direction the show has taken, so why can't Leonard and Penny co-habitate?
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    I agree with spook that people these days are too obsessed with diagnoses. If you have a diagnosis you tend to be boxed by certain people and treated a certain way. What we have to remember here is that Autisim has a spectrum of behaviours and each person is an individual case. If the writers boxed Sheldon as Autistic then his behaviours would not be funny any more, they would be expected and what could be worse for the show then to take away the crazy behaviour of Sheldon.
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    ITA. I actually think that if they want to take things as slow as they seem to they need to tone down Amy's sexual references a little bit. Otherwise you do have them in two completely different places and there's only so long you can drag that out. If they're more or less in the same place, even though one might be readier than the other, it's a lot easier to drag it out in a realistic way.
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    I think it would be better, as a cliffhanger, with Leonard and Penny drinking coffee with sly grins on their faces...
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    Yep, that's how he got that mind-blowing move that had Penny gasping. But it was all in the execution.
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    I found this rather interesting, so I thought I'd share. We've gotten pretty used to seeing the show have over 16-17 million viewers with a mid 5 number for the 18-49 demographic. So, this past week's numbers of 12 million with a 3.3 demo doesn't really look all that impressive. However, the following is a list of shows during the last week of new shows (Dec 10-16) that beat either the total viewers or demo attained by this weeks (shown on 12/27) repeat: Big Bang Theory 12.0 3.3 The Voice (Monday) 12.3 3.8 Two Broke Girls (9 PM) 3.7 Total viewers were below 12 Million Two Broke Girls (9:30 PM) 3.8 Total viewers were below 12 Million NCIS 17.5 Demo was below 3.3 NCIS LA 15.1 Demo was below 3.3 The Voice (Tuesday) 3.6 Total viewers were below 12 Million Criminal Minds 12.0 Demo was below 3.3 Modern Family 4.2 Total viewers were below 12 Million Big Bang Theory 16.7 5.4 Two and a Half Men 13.3 4.1 (If you are puzzled as to why there could be a lot of viewers, but the show didn't beat TBBT demo, think of it as there were a lot of people who were older than 49 watching the show. If a show beat a demo number, but didn't have more viewers, think of it as the number of 18-49 viewers was larger. It's not quite that simple, but it will help you decipher the numbers if you think of it that way.) That's it. 10 first run shows, out of approximately 70 for the week (not all shows that week were first run) that beat one or the other number of a REPEAT of the TBBT. Only three shows could beat both numbers, and one of those was a new TBBT and another had TBBT for a lead in. The other networks would love to have those repeat numbers for their first run shows. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of nights, on a couple of networks, where TBBT repeat had more viewers than the entire night on another network. And during the above week, CBS ran a repeat of TBBT on Monday night (out of it's normal time slot), getting 10 million viewers with a 3.0 demo. Those numbers were an increase from 6.2 Million viewers and a demo of 2.2 over the previous week when a repeat of 2 Broke Girls ran (whose numbers were better than most other first run shows). There are a couple of caveats here. One, Football (American football for our international posters) is almost double TBBT in the demo and almost 10 million viewers larger. For instance, for the week in question, CBS had the late game, which normally overruns into primetime. The rating for that was 26.5 Million viewers with a 9.2 demo. This helps whatever network on the nights it has a NFL overrun. As an example, 60 Minutes can have its viewers increase by up to 10 million and it's demo increase by 3 points, if football runs late and is a direct lead in to 60 minutes.
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    Oh, I love that moment sooo much (Herb Garden) when Sheldon is sitting at the his laptop and Leonard is trying to fish the gossip out of him and that look on his face, "Yes....why do you ask???" LOL! Priceless. Monique
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    Your English is so complex that I am not able to understand half of your posts ...I don't know whether it is some kind of sarcasm or some positive posts... I'm just assuming that they are positive because you seem to be a L\P fan :D
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    That's interesting that Kunal is upset with how they're handling Raj too. I hope that will get them to do something about it. I do think that they should give him a storyline where Amy and Bernadette try to cure his mutism. That's the most logical way to go, because I can't buy him suddenly talk to girls.
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    I love cappuccino, but I have wide taste in beverages. I like Oxo with a dash of white pepper. What's your beverage?
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    I agree. In fact, in all these 6 seasons, TBBT has actually had very few dead-serious dramatic moments. This show specializes in treating everything - be it work mess-ups, personality quirks, relationship problems - with a breezy light-hearted touch that takes away much of the potential angst. It's one of the things I love about the show.
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    Tomb Raider Legend is a great game! Yeah it looks ropey as hell but its fun and has a decent story. As for me, I just finished Lego Batman 2.
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    Where can i buy Star Wars sheets with Darth Vader,similar to those that Sheldon had in this episode?
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