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    what? i know exactly what goes on in shenny places. but that's it. they keep everything in their own tag, shenny blogs, shenny LJ's and i just cannot understand why somebody who claims not to ship them goes there. why not stick to LP? it has been quite awhile since a ship war on tumblr, and it would be nice if that continued and it has been so long since i even saw a shenny in the shamy tag. why does it matter what they say as long as they keep it in their own space? they aren't exactly going to LP forums going YEAH SHENNY ARE PERF!!!!!! fuck LP!!!! but you are just bringing all the shenny stuff over from THEIR SHIPS forum going " HA ARENT THEY DUMB!!!" which is dumb in itself. the shenny shippers are being way more mature than you are.
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    The thing is Nick, it doesn't really matter that Kaley things that the Shenny is not a good idea. It doesn't matter that Jim is the biggest Shamy shipper ever. Because we are not discussing the idea with them here. Whateaver their arguments and/or opinions may be, they're still opinions as valid as yours, mine and Annie, for example. We are discussing the possibility and/or the reasons why some people think the Shenny would make a great couple and why some people (myself included) do not think so. There are gonna be Shenny shippers around who think it is possible, there are Shenny shippers who think it's not gonna happen but still enjoy the "what if's" and there are also Shenny shippers who like to interpret the scenes as it better suits their desires. But then again, everyone does that. Leonard/Penny shippers do it, Shamy shippers do it, Raj/Howard shippers do it, etc. That is the fun part of it. Theorizing, wondering, coming up with different scenarios, arguing, debating regardless if your ship is canon or not. What the actors/producers/writers may think and/or say it's irrelevant here. I would even dare to say that even the probablity of the Shenny actually happenning ont he show it's also irrelevant since the discussion is about reasons/why's/scenarios, etc. Ship and let ship.
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    Who cares? Oh, wait, irrational people care. You see enemies where there are none. You have made something that is silly fun extremely important. You are defending Lenny which is FICTIONAL relationship inside a TV show. No rational person would be threatened by people engaging in a little fantasy but you attack it at every turn. Get it through your thick head... the Shenny people don't care that it will never happen. They are just playing a "what if?" game. The only person in this that is truly delusional is you for thinking it matters even a little. Kaley probably thinks people who post on a message board about the show are nuts too. Would that make you stop? Nothing important is happening here. It is a message board about a TV show. We are all just killing some time. No wise person would take anything here seriously.
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    Did Kaley pee in your cheerios?
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    No dude. It is the opinion of any rational person. When you think the shows creators are instructing you to go verbal jihad on shenny shippers you have a problem. The reality is the show likes for us to be out here discussing things because social networking equals low to no cost marketing for them. They don't care if people are out here shipping sheonard. By trying to stifle certain conversations you are going against their desires. I hope that doesn't mean you have to go flog yourself or something. On the other hand you are coming across like a person that none of the cast or crew would be comfortable being alone with. That TBBT/religion parallel post is pretty creepy. I know you think I am being mean but I am kinda scared for you right now.
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    I think that the beauty of Sheldon's character, from the beginning, is that he can be unintentionally rude, unintentionally crass, or unintentionally socially inappropriate (including politically incorrect), and he gets away with it through his cluelessness. This episode depicted the same thing; it was very much classic Sheldon. Obviously people who don't know him well are going to be offended or shell-shocked, but we do know him, so I don't see any reason for fans of the show to be shocked. It wasn't really that different, in its degree of inappropriateness, from his commenting on Mrs.Latham's husband's ill-gotten gains or calling Dr.Gablehouser an idiot to his face. Or his notorious comments about menses to any female around. It strikes me that my first line was partly quoted from something Jim said, years back. I seem to have internalized his comments.
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    She jokingly said, "you're a crazy person." to the lady. Big WHOOP. LOL. Just because she doesn't care for the idea, doesn't mean she has the same harsh feelings that you do towards these people. Monique
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    Exactly. She never said the word, "nuts" and you proved it. Monique
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    Overweight? I guess no one here has seen her in the Esquire Mexico or Self Magazine issues.
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    This whole argument reminds me of the vicious flame wars that erupted at my Office message board with the Karen vs Pam people. Lighten up everybody, it's just a TV show.
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    Do you have any insight in why the writers would destroy the wildly successful path the show is currently following to implement any of your suggestion?
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    You've been a bad girl... I think a spanking is in order
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    Legally, I think they're not supposed to--it could lead to people trying to claim that the writers stole a story idea from their fanfiction or whatever (though it would be kind of a funny thing, since the characters and the show belong to WB/CBS or whoever, not the fanfic writers... ) They're certainly aware of it, but it's not like they're reading fanfic in order to find story ideas. I think that for the actors it would probably make them self-conscious to read such things, which can be a bad thing for an actor.
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    Something is wrong with those people = they are nuts. I wasn't putting any words in anybodys. Heck most people would say what Kaley said is worse then saying people are nuts. She said something is wrong with those people. If you don't understand paraphrasing, that's not my problem.
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    I don't agree. Kaley is underrated, she has great comic timing. Some people think she could just be swapped out for any other pretty actress but I think they are wrong. What other actress on an american sitcom can deliver lines like her? Not any I have seen lately. I watched '2 broke girls' the other day for the first and last time. The dark haired female is supposed to be the main comic and the lines aren't bad, but she just can't deliver them in a way that makes them funny. It's rare when someone can because comedy is notoriously difficult. But Kaley can. She can be funny with just one look. She may not become a great hollywood actress but I think she will surprise people. I can see her never being out of work. I think people underestimate what she does because she's pretty. She has amazing presence onscreen. Whenever she's in a scene she just lifts it and it's not just her looks, she only needs to say one word sometimes.
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    also, as Leonard himself said on The Staircase Implementation: "Original Series over Next Generation but Picard over Kirk"
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    That is about what I would expect from a person who cannot rationally argue why he/she attacks people.
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    Yeah I agree. It sounds like they get down in the dumps, like Leonard got with Penny over the Time Machine, but in the end the girls lift them up again, like Penny did with Leonard. Really it sounds like a real positive episode because the girls are understanding more about their men. Now we need a big paintball episode.
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    Please give us a short scene with Penny in bed or coming from the bedroom, with Leonard, with the glasses and boots on. She also needs to tell Leonard he was awesome. Please.
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    The Dunning–Kruger effect in all its glory. On both sides..........
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    She thinks something's wrong with the people who ship them. "nuts"
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    How am i irrational? The creators have said it will never happen. Kaley thinks people who ship it are nuts.
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    That is probably because you are completely irrational on this subject. I doubt even you knows why the Shenny ship makes you behave so insane.
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    A promo for the episode: Kudos for the great make up (I mean the make up from the guys)! WOW!
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    I think the point of the episode is actually to do with the last scene, when they find the girls reading comic books. They were discouraged by their trip fiasco and get home to find their girls getting into the same stuff they were getting discouraged by, so, if anything, it's the opposite message I'm taking away from it. That they now have someone to share that with, since the girls, who are meant to be the "grown up" ones, since they were never into comic books, are getting into it. And that after having spent two days being made fun of, they get home to someone who now understands. There is no way the guys are going to un-nerd, it's not the point of the show.
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    only a person from mission impossible could crack that code. well done
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    I don't know if you are talking about me, but I'm not talking about any ship here. I loved Pulled Groin but merely for the Leonard/Amy storyline. Sheldon's wasn't even a storyline, since the B storyline was Howard/Bernadette. Sheldon playing with his trains was the writers giving him something to do until the last scene with Leonard, that was the only scene that mattered about his character on the episode, the trains stuff was a filler, nothing else. And it has nothing to do with any ship, it has to do with the storyline and it has to do with taking something small and stupid, like him putting a train on his mouth and blowing it out of proportion, forgetting that there are going to be inconsistencies, and there have always been inconsistencies. And that characters sometimes do stupid stuff-. The Engagement Reaction was a terrible one at that, it was the major inconsistency to me, yet everyone is focused on a 2 second action? Ok, fair. I guess a whole OOC episode is less of an inconsitency than a 2 second action of Sheldon showing Leonard that the train was so small it could fit in his mouth. It was a throwaway line, nothing else.
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    I really love Howraj, is my OTP. Seriously, someone else ship too? (Sorry for any error, I'm brazilian)
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    I like the idea of spending quality time together being Sheldon's 'love language'. That seems very likely - he even found their 6 hours of shared silence magical!
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    I guess Sheldon and Amy don't count. This forum is filled with the posts of people bemoaning the fact that Penny has evolved into a skank over the last 3 seasons. I guess they are imagining it as well. (although the writers claim to be fixing this, which begs the question, if there is nothing wrong, why is a "fix" needed?)
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    We have gone over this before, Since you are new I will repeat it. The real purpose of the show is to make money. The show at the beginning was designed to appeal to a male demographic. It was laugh out loud funny. In the middle of season three they brought in new writers and decided to emphasize the relationship aspects of the show, to appeal to the female demographic, and to make more money. This made the show less funny. (IMO) They were successfull, ratings went through the roof. Some portion of the male fan base dislikes these changes.[some females too. ] I think this is all self evident, but I think with my brain, not my "feelings". So when an article comes out where the subtext is, in part, that they are worried they are turning off the male viewers, and one of the actors is spouting some gibberish that is so obviously trying to blow smoke up the ass of the "old guard" fans, I'm going to comment on it. At least until my entire country, and by extension , me, is blocked from posting on the forum. Do you see what I did there?
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    What I got from that article is "Oh, we have to be careful we don't hurt the boys feelings while we take over their show." Very next paragraph: Friends was a sitcom about friends and the life they lead in a coffee shop and their professional lives!!!!!!!!. And she's supposed to be a genius. Seriously, "As long as we have Kaley the guys will tune in" is about the most condescending thing I have ever heard. Hit Mayim with axe Hit Mayim with axe Hit Mayim with axe
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    I think that this thread is kind of bizarre. Penny and Raj woke up naked in the same bed. How could anyone think that there is a question? Even if Raj didn't "stick it in", they still made the decision to go into Leonard's bedroom, get naked together and get into bed. One can assume this didn't happen without at least some physical contact on the way - at least kissing, probably more. How is this not sex? And even if that doesn't fit your definition of sex, then how would it absolve Raj from being an [email protected]!e and Penny from being a slut? Their reactions in the morning with the "Still can't talk to me?" don't allow for anything other than that they knew what they were doing when they got into bed in the first place.
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    The thing about that whole scene which made me laugh out load was when penny said "Really! still can't talk to me!" Yeap they totally had sex!
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