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    I couldn't comment last night because I was watching the episode on repeat mode, several times, and then I fell asleep. That's how much I loved it. This is one of those episodes which I didn't find LOL funny, and I don't think it was meant to be, but it left me supremely satisfied. I found it poignant, touching and even poetic at places.. especially the parallel of the girls sitting and having Chinese food and talking comic books, Amy on Sheldon's spot. That's a visual which will always stay with me as one of the most beautiful things I've seen on TBBT, and I honestly believe it should persuade anyone who felt that the girls are taking away the guys' geekiness and forcing them to turn into more 'normal' people. The message is clear - it works both ways, and each of them is adding something to their lives through their relationships, not having anything taken away. In terms of fun moments, I thought the photo session was delightful ('Data's fight pose and dance moves were priceless), and Raj's little one-liners throughout - it was interesting to see that he was the one who remained upbeat about their trip till the end, even though the others were blaming him for the situation. I also thought the Thor/hammer discussion was engaging, and showed perfectly how one does get sucked into arguments of this kind (we've seen the guys at it earlier, and I'm sure many of us have experienced similar 'escalations' in real life). I really appreciated Stuart in this episode - he was somewhat back to his earlier lively, non-pathetic form, and I liked how he helped the girls with their choices and threatened to hose down the starers. The sadness and ridicule the guys had to face, starting from when Sheldon got the slurpy thrown on him, stirred me deep inside, having been through such situations of feeling discouraged as an 'outsider' (even if not as overtly). Sheldon's stricken eyes in the bar scene haunt me; some powerful acting by Jim there. It was harrowing to see him so lost and defeated and vulnerable- a rare moment of depth, for Sheldon - and he played it perfectly. The moment when he admitted to feeling like an idiot and wanted to go home made me tear up. And then, when they went back and their silence transformed back to renewed smiles and interest when they realized that their women had started appreciating 'great literature', I teared up again, this time with joy. Very few TBBT moments have touched me so much, or made me happier. It was such a strong message of 'the world doesn't matter as long as you're happy in your own world'. I would have so loved to see what happened after they burst into 4A with their lasers on stun! I do think Jim gave an award-worthy performance, in the latter part of this episode. While Sheldon's sadness and depression were not by any means intended to show that he or the other guys are going to give up their geeky interests - their enthusiasm was back in full force as soon as they were cheered up by the girls' argument - they certainly gave another hint of some amount of self-awareness and introspection going on within him, nowadays. In Parking Spot or Egg Salad, he remained clueless, unthinking, egoistic Sheldon, but in stories like this one and 43 Peculiarity we see some quiet moments of transformation beneath the surface - an increased sensitivity to what is happening in and around him. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite episodes; I'm absolutely delighted with the 20 million rating, but after all it doesn't really matter.. I'm just so happy to be a fan of the show and to experience what it does to my spirits, at times when things aren't smooth in real life.
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    Nick, my biggest complaint against this particular crusade of yours is: Boy, you are giving them too much free publicity! I mean, think about it: there must be.... what?..... about a dozen of them? gathering in their sad little semi-abandoned place to post their bitterness and lick their wounds and you are doing them the favor of giving their angry rants a wider audience? Anyway. Those gals are a serious case of fanfic-canon confusion, aren't they? Because nerdy/geeky Penny,sweet but strong, patient, motherly but secretly attracted to the blue-eyed sweet guy, Meemaw-approved, perfect match for alpha-male, chivalrious, kind, helpful, tortured genius, sex-god, romantic hero Sheldon (an explosive relationship that was always just about to happen) is just that: Fanfic characterization, and they keep crying over it as if it ever was a reality they were cruely taken away of! Those are not the real characters of TBBT, those exist only in their fics (along with evilsexobsessed!Leonard and ignoredandnotlovedanounce!Amy) Real Penny is a nice but quite problematic woman who is a mother/sister figure for Sheldon, and real Sheldon is a good in the inside but insufferable, selfish and very conflicted man-child, in many ways, the opposite to a traditional romantic leading man (I see they keep complaining over and over because he is not being put in the role of captain, they wanted him to be Picard instead of Leonard :eyeroll:) And DPK's post is so very accurate, that supposed "deep friendship" is another thing that exist only in their minds. They are friends, yes, but their friendship is not deeper of more meaningful that the one he has with Leonard, for instance (BTW, I also agree with Carl, I think Leonard and Sheldon is the best friend dynamic of the show, along with Raj and Howard's) I would like to feel bad for them, but I'm sorry, I'm not. Because you can't cry cheating over a never-made promise. The show is not delivering what they want, but it never ever promised to give them that either.
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    Very well said. They tolerate each other. S/P comedic humor has no romantic component to it. S/P tend to act and treat each other as siblings more often then anything else. You can't make TPTB do something they don't want to do such as create the Romantic Shenny. A lot of the complaints of the Romantic Shennys has been that TPTB are terrible at writing romance. News flash could you imagine how terrible the writing would be for something that TPTB don't want to write. TBBT did not get popular just because of S/P. The show became popular because of the interaction of L/P/S along with H/R. I would strongly argue that the Leonard/Sheldon interaction has the best chemistry.
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    Even Jim is worried that someone may not show up to keep us informed about Shamy. Check out his expression and the mere thought of someone missing it. Of course I could not resist posting this dreamy picture of him.
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    This supposed "deep friendship" is also one of those things that the Shenny people have largely written into the couple themselves. For the most part Sheldon and Penny have always been written has two people who more often than not tolerate each others presence. They are friends but they are the kind of friends that can only spend a small portion of time together before each others "quirks" get on the others nerves enough where they want to kill each other. It's what makes their scenes so funny. It seems at least some of them are making a probable connection to their past harassment of one of the main producers to the lack of any significant Sheldon/Penny scenes. But yet some of them are still asking them about it. What's funny, in reading some of those comments is that they come across as believing in the delusion that their group EVER represented a significant portion of the fan base. They've always been a vocal minority even back in the heyday when the Sheldon/Penny scenes were at their very best. That's because most people could tell the difference between comedic chemistry and romantic chemistry and know that the two don't always go hand in hand.
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    Thanks. I thought that was exactly the point of the episode - that such offbeat hobbies hurt nobody and are endearing, and yet so many people in society insist on looking down on them, hurting innocent people in the process. The people who laughed and threw slurpies at them were clearly shown to be in the wrong, and the way to show that was to depict just how hurt and dispirited it made the heroes of the show (our nerd guys). Their sense of defeat and disillusionment was temporary, and they recovered soon after, but the indictment of those who inflicted the unfair teasing was what we're meant to take home.
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    It was adjusted up in the final numbers to 6.4/19 and TWENTY MILLION VIEWERS. No sitcom has surpassed the 20 million mark since Two and a Half Men did it in May, 2005.
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    if raj disturbs the shamy date i swear hes going off a cliff
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    You must have been on the other side of the looking glass, watching the show through mud-colored glasses because you seem to be just about the only person to think that the episode wasn't funny.
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    I'm sorry. No offense to anyone here but I'm not the pushy type....not my thing. Perhaps something came up where she just didn't get the chance to write up her report? Or perhaps she just flat out doesn't want to this time?? We will never know until she is able to come on here and speak for herself :-). Love you guys but that's a negative. LOL! That's why me personally, I don't want to dub myself an official taping reporter (not that she or anyone else has) because that's too much pressure from those who depend on you to keep coming back. LOL. I don't mind sharing everything I can remember little by little but for me to type out the ENTIRE episode as good as Kyzzx does that looks like a full on transcript of the episode, that's too much pressure for me. So again, sorry. There are a few people floating around who have gone to this taping and what they posted....we have to take it or leave it at this point. Monique
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    "Hard to argue with those kind of street smarts" LMAO!
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    I wish so much that I could go but as I live in Ireland and have a hubby and 3 kids to look after it's just not possible lol. So I would like to say a BIG HUGE thank you to Monique and all the others who are able to go to any of the tapings and are kind enough to give us the wonderful info that they do. You guys, all of you are very much appreciated.
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    Whoops, quoted two of you and didn't answer one.... Yes, guilty as charged. I'll be going this Tuesday....unless they boot my ass out of there and tell me six tapings is enough. LOL.
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    well , here's my story Leonard proposes to Penny thinking that this was all just a ruse to grab the attention from the other couple... Penny says yes thinking that it was a real proposal...and everyone goes home.... later when Penny is happily tells the others or someone at the cheesecake factor that her and Leonard are engaged.... Leonard over-hears all this and asks "We are engaged???" ... and the credits roll :D :D
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    List of taping dates to come: 1/15/2013 - 1/22/2013 - 2/5/2013 - 2/12/2013 - 2/26/2013 - 3/5/2013 - 3/19/2013 - 3/26/2013
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    I feel kinda falttered that one of them said that the Shamy fanbase must be very young . I take it as a compliment at my age and most of the Shamy shippers I know are over 30, so thank you Shennies! having said that, Nick, please, we can discuss without you posting their opinions of their Livejournal here. It's not constructive at all, and it does feel like bullying them. Leave them alone to post whateaver they want there, it's their space. They are not trolling Lennie forums or anything, so, please, extend them the same courtesy.
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    i dont care if they go to a farm and milk cows as long as there is kissing
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    there has to be shamy smooching or i have to give away my kidneys |-)
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    I'm not saying he wasn't happy being single. He was. But being single/with a partner is not about being happy or not. Finding a couple just to make you happy is not healthy. He was happy when he was single, he is happy now with Amy. It's different kinds of happy. SO, being single or not, really doesn't have anything to do with it ETA: and for the record, and for what we've seen on the show so far, even if he was happy being single, if at this point he would lose Amy he would be VERY unhappy.
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    I'm still reeling from the last one. It's gonna be a long 19 days until that episode airs. Sheldon asks Amy not to stop hugging him, admits to being "very fond" of her, says he's trying to get more comfortable with physical contact, and says sex with her is a possibility?! He's not totally repulsed by the thought, zowie! Romantic relationships are inherently physical, from the affectionate to the sexual, and for the past couple of years we've seen Sheldon get more comfortable with Amy physically. He allowed her to hold his hand, then guide him remotely to massage his own neck, consented to the cuddling, didn't protest when she kissed him twice, and agreed to hold her hand, even intiating it once. Now this season he has rubbed her chest and seen her naked--neither one sexually but it's all part of adjusting to the physicality of a romantic relationship. I don't get the sense he's doing this for her exactly, it's just that she is making him want to overcome his hang-ups. He knows what kind of man he wants to be. OMG, I'm so pleased I can't stand it.
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    The biggest irony of all this is: Most of those who obsessively speak against Leonard and Penny's "oversexed" relationship, are those same who would love her to break up with him and be paired with Sheldon..... to have lots of sex! (don't try to deny it please, just remember what about the 80% of your fics claim to be about )
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    The Universe will smile on us & give us some info.
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    How could they boot out someone as charming as you? I thank you that you are going. That is going to be great! Praying over you now...that you get in.
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    Also, it doesn't really matter how female comic book fans might argue--the girls aren't really comic book fans. They're simply arguing points of logic like anyone would do. Gender isn't really an issue, IMO.
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    I don't think she was. LOL. Monique
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    I honestly have my doubts this is a real proposal. I think the more plausible explanation is that it's a setup to show off in front of these two people. But I think that there will be some sort of repercussion at the end of the episode, in a good way. Maybe Penny and Leonard will casually discuss marriage again and we will see that Penny sees marriage as a possibility in the future now, whereas at the beginning of the season she wasn't even sure she wanted to stay with Leonard. Kind of also goes with the idea that Penny and Sheldon are on sort of parallel tracks at the moment regarding their relationships, Penny with commitment and Sheldon with sex. In 6x14 you have Sheldon considering sex, it would be fitting to have Penny consider marriage at this stage. They can then drag it out but we know that Penny is in a very different place than she was a year ago.
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    I actually dreamed about Jim Parsons last night! It started out as some weird situation where I was coming out of a building and couldn't find my car, and then at some point I ended up giving Jim a ride because he didn't drive... We ended up stopping at some strange home in some strange neighborhood with tiny narrow streets and at one point I had to back my car all the way back down this tiny street because it dead-ended in someone's house... I think that at some point my sister was in the car with us, and we stopped in some strange place like a museum or gallery and Jim was climbing around on stuff. But then my sister called and woke me up.
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    I'm not sure if the people who were laughing at the guys were shown to be wrong or not as we were basically asked to laugh at the guys being made fun of in the diner
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    Seems to me that Penny must have been recently humiliated (again?) in his presence. She is usually so unflappable but calls Matt and Gretchen arriving at the same resturant a disaster. Odd. Puppy Chow suggested Leonard seems like he might be a little drunk or drugged. I agree. He just seems too happy—that Hi-ya! and the nun-chucks thing she tells him to quit. It would explain the bone headed move to propose again so soon. Whatever the case, I hope it leads to a serious discussion about their future. Clearing up the failed proposal in season five is still unfinished business between these two. No more L&P drama, thanks. Edit: Stardust, the ex-bestie that back stabbed her and stole her boyfriend is a pretty good guess IMO. It would explain her behavior.
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    Here's the deal...Penny would probably not react that way about a co-worker and his girlfriend. She might feel that way about Matt if he were the co-worker (feel like he is a jerk that she likes to avoid at all times, for example), but then she could care less about who he is dating, right? But she seems just as upset with the girl Gretchen, almost more so. So that sounds like a girl that wronged her over a guy (probably Matt). That is just my gut feel on the situation. UNLESS, they both worked with her and she really had problems with both of them. But then if she worked with them, she would not have just suddenly noticed Gretchen having lost weight. It sounds to me like she knew the people, and had not seen either for a while and that she knew them in social situation that included a nasty encounter. I am guessing Penny had dated Matt at one time and he either two-timed her with Gretchen or broke up with her to date Gretchen. Gretchen may have been a past friend even that back-stabbed her and stole her boyfriend. Just from Penny's reaction. I think Leonard knows the history, as does Bernadette because somehow it was probably when Bernie was still at CCF that she knew about the whole ordeal. Leonard may have been dating Pryia at the time for all we know. He probably isn't upset because he knew the circumstance, but he also feels more secure because now Penny has told him she loves him.
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    I'm with MJ...I'm still trying to get my head around the developments in the past couple of weeks and can hardly think about a possible Valentine's Day episode. However, I can easily imagine Raj's involvement in a Valentine's Day Shamy storyline. Maybe one of them (or both of them separately) ask Raj to help them make it special and romantic.
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    Take the following with a grain of salt. It's just from the lines in the side. It sounds plausible to me, but then it could be a residual effect of having taken those damn script analysis classes: It appears to me that Matt and Gretchen are from Penny's past, that either Penny or Penny and Leonard meet Matt, leaving Penny to explain the backstory (and it appears that Bernie knows the story also). I say meet Matt because of the comment about Gretchen losing weight. If Penny had seen Gretchen before, she wouldn't have made the comment. Matt could be someone she dated in the first or second season, and they quit dating because of something that happened between Matt and Gretchen, leaving Penny out in the cold . I get this from her comments as she doesn't seem too fond of Matt and really dislikes Gretchen and the two of them seem to really upset Penny. From Leonard's comment and action, ("Two can play at this game" as he gets down on one knee), it looks like he may be making a spontaneous move, trying make Penny feel better about having Matt and Gretchen in the same place, and having Matt propose to Gretchen. By doing this, Leonard probably thinks he is showing that Penny is very desirable and found someone despite M & G actions. I say may here because if he is making a serious attempt at making it appear that he is proposing, he would have to have a ring with him. Which means he was planning on proposing to Penny sometime during the night and this may be an actual proposal. Of course, it cuts off there and we really don't know what Leonard is actually doing. Another thought is that maybe Matt is another of those reasons that Penny had difficulty saying ILY to Leonard. Along with Kurt, she could have said it to Matt, then he cheated on her with Gretchen.
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    Now the super twist would be Sheldon getting down on one knee and proposing to Amy! That would have truly been a twist. I think it would be hilarious if Leonard got down on one knee only to tie his shoe instead.
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    In this photo look like that Simon is having "some problems" with his tight pants. He really needs help girls
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    That would be something worth filming and keeping for future viewings!
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    I really liked how Leonard so casually told Penny I love you in this new episode so cute. And the picture he took of them together with newspaper was . I think LENNY is in good shape for sure.. Alex who?? lol
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    I really hope they just don't drop this thing with the comic books. I would die laughing if Leonard told Penny he was going to the comic book store, with the guys, and she casually tells him to pick her up the latest Thor.
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    I don't think it is a matter of "what did Sheldon do" as much as it is a matter of "who did he do it to" that caused the majority of the audience to react that way to his actions. What he did was wrong, selfish and manipulative, is true, but he did it to Priya, a character that, in the previous episodes had gathered a lot of people against her, mainly by her request to Leonard that he doesn't hang out with Penny anymore, causing a division on the group, as well as the audience's sympathy for Penny who was seen crying over Leonard being with Priya also a couple of episodes earlier. Most of the audience I think took it as karma against her, and a sign that her relatonship with Leonard wasn't in such a good place, which caused relief on a lot of fans. That's how I saw it at the time.
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    No it's not, I think even I could write pretty easliy. Shenny would be very difficult to write.
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    Reality? none of this is reality. Shippers are all very much the same IMHO, whether their couple of choice is canon or not.
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    Please don`t take this the wrong way but Ar Diem is right. (I mean post #121) Let them have their thread here.
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    Was watching a rerun the other day a caught Sheldon misinforming the public due to a writer's error. Sheldon said a Van Dyke was a goatee with no mustache. When in fact a Van Dyke is mustache with hair on the chin, mistakenly referred to as a goatee. While a goatee is in fact a Van Dyke with no mustache. Just hair on the chin like a billy goat's gruff hence the name goatee.
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    We have discussed this issue so many times that it's starting to feel tyring, but here it goes once again: As many here know I have Aspergers Syndrome and OCD. OCD is a common comordibility of Aspergers as well as Anxiety Disorders, etc. I know a lot of Aspies as well, and both Sheldon and Amy (Amy is the favorite of the Autcast, a blog for Aspies that a lot of us frequent) fit with the profile of a lot of people I know. So does Raj for that matter, as selective mutism is found also in people with Aspergers (I know 3 people with selective mutism). Sheldon's story of "my mother had me tested" also rings a bell in my personal experience. I didn't speak till I was 5. Until that time my mom took me to dozens of doctors worried that there was something wrong with me. Since I was born in 1982 and Aspergers didn't became known within the medical community until the 90's I never got a diagnose. They ran so many tests on me, and didn't found anything. They would just tell my mom not to worry, that I had a high IQ, and that Einstein didn't speak until he was 4, so she shouldn't worry. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I was finally diagnosed. Having said that though, to me, if the writers say that Sheldon doesn't have Aspergers, then he doesn't. Why? It's simple, it is THEIR character. They write him as quirky and weird and they don't want to label him as an Aspie, and then I am really fine with that, since, first, it gives them freedom, second, because it could really lead to stereotyping, because, and even though Sheldon is consistent with some people with Aspergers, there a re a lot of people within the spectrum that are NOTHING like him. And that could do harm, especially in a society that is very ill informed about Autism, and third, because... he doesn't exist! you can't diagnose fictional characters! I particularly like that they don't label him. It helps us. And a lot of Aspies think like me. Because his quirks are just quirks and not labeled as a Syndrome, therefore, it helps people who regularly see the show, see us as people and not as thing with an Asperger's seal on our heads. Asperger's does not define people. And most important, for the OP: Asperger's Syndrome IS NOT a mental illness. It is classified as a disorder or a syndrome.
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    Oh... What happens in this episode? :o
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    mine would have to be either be the boys of apollo 11 for howard or Bill gates to start back with the hole punching in the nose thing
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    I would like to see william shatner. He has done a lot of comedy, and they could do something really funny with him.
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