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    Sheldon is essentially the same...he's just exploring areas of his persona he's had no reason to show before.
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    I think their next kiss will be deliberate, not spontaneous, and adorably awkward like the cuddle was. I would love for Sheldon's gift to Amy to be a new relationship agreement that includes physical contact and even kissing. That could be his way of telling her he's ready to attempt it. As for the Prady spoilers, I don't put too much stock in what they tell us anymore. I'm still holding a grudge that they said they had something planned for Raj relationship-wise and it turned out to be just hanging out a little more with Stuart!
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    Either I'm old or that is SMALL ass writing.
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    I wouldn't define Sheldon as ascetic or asexual or anything. I just think that not all people have the same sex drive. Some people are more sex driven than others and some less. Some develop their sex drive very early in age, others later. I think Sheldon has never been particularly sex driven. It's not like he had constants urges that he repressed. I think it just had other stuff in his mind. Sex was never the first thing in is mind, which doesn't mean that he didn't think about it or hadn't physical urges, but just they were never that strong. The same is true for physical contact in general. Some people are just more tactile then other. I myself don't hug people that easily. Of course, now that he has a girlfriend who he really cares about and with whom he wants a lasting relationship, he is thinking about all this stuff more than before, and together with his feelings and age (Penny would say he's finally hitting puberty) his sex drive is increasing too!
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    I really don't understand this reasoning that "the shows the run the longest don't change that much". While true, that does not make it an objectively good thing, it's a matter of preference. You prefer shows that run for 15 seasons with no change, I prefer shows that run 7 but show me character growth and development. She hasn't altered Sheldon all that much, the fact that people obsess so much over whether Sheldon has a girlfriend/sex makes me wonder whether they realize that there's more to what makes Sheldon Sheldon than the fact that he's a virgin. IMO, Sheldon with no Amy would have turned into Raj: stagnant, boring and predictable, in the long run. And, finally, Amy and Bernadette having altered the show for the worse? Again, preference. The ratings seem to suggest that most viewers think otherwise, find me a tv show that breaks records in its 6th season. If they had "ruined" the show this wouldn't be happening. I'm not saying they're the reason for the records at all, but obviously people like the show as it is now. I don't think either of them are going to go anywhere unless the actresses get fed up.
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    Yeah, and I just about guarantee that no matter what actually happens in the episode, the image of Leonard down on one knee will be all over the promos.
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    You realize there has been a lot of press on the V-Day episode because that is probably the one week of ratings that matters most and are trying to rev up the audience to tune in and watch. Smart marketing!
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    Yes, Molaro is running the show's story direction, thank goodness, and his touch is light and positive with nothing bad happening to the couples. Lorre's heavy hand does not seem to be noticed in this years episode. Maybe he is a changed man or is back on his meds. Most likely, Lorre sees that season 6's approach to the characters is making him an avalanche of money and is not rocking the boat with some dissonant story angle.
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    I hope they stick to the routine, they have followed all season, and fix this latest L/P drama before the end of the episode. Why couldn't they have had a nice funny Valentines Episode. One of the spoilers said Lorre had a meeting discussing all the rotten things that could ruin Valentines Day to come up with something funny. He really is a broken toy, isn't He..
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    I think this stems from the information on the sides and from what E! made of it, etc. I don't know that anyone out there knows much more than we do from having seen the diner scene in the sides. There is another scene in the diner that comes later where it's just Howard and Bernadette and apparently L&P have left (and Leonard is paying for H&B's dinner), so something happens after Leonard gets down on one knee, but we don't know if it's good or bad...
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    When it comes to the spoiler peeps from the Entertainment sites, I take what they say with a grain of salt. Most of them don't watch TBBT, at least not religiously. I take their word if they're quoting the cast or the producers from an interview. Otherwise, it is pretty obvious that they get their information from the casting sides. They speculate based on that. I bet they don't even remember Leonard's failed proposal from last season. They just read in the latest sides that Leonard gets on one knee and decided that it sounded like a good thing.
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    I'm going to be selfish here and say that I'm glad the Shamy are likely to have a sweet, drama-free V-day. That being said, I certainly hope that the L/P and H/B drama, whatever it is, resolves in a positive way within the episode. I'd like to see an 'all's well that ends well' V-day story, for once.. L/P had a rather bad time of it last time round (Large Hadron Collision).
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    But that IMO wouldn't have been to "end the episode in a good note" and this applies both to Isolation Permutation in the case of Amy and The Friendship Contraction in the case of Sheldon. Having change their ways wasn't the purpose or the objective of these episodes. These episodes WEREN'T about character growth. They were, in a way, the opposite. To show us how, despite Amy's creepiness and Sheldon's selfishness, at the end of the day their friends really do love them the way they are, with all of their flaws included. That's what I got from those episodes, and that is much better to me, than having their friends only loving them "once they change their ways", since that is not true friendship. Those episodes, to me were a sort of an answer to the questions "why do Penny & Bernadette put up with Amy?" and "why does Leonard put up with Sheldon?" and both were answered with a "because they love them, and that's all" as well as also gathering some sympathy towards the characters of Sheldon and Amy.
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    ITA Stardustmelody. If Sheldon approaches his new sex life with the same ambition he jumped on his other projects in the past, Amy will have a great time!
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    I have done a few vids (and working on one right now). The only time I used something they did outside of TBBT is on this vid: where I used audio from a Blossom episode where Mayim sings "You made me love you (I didn't wanna do it)" and I used it as the music of the vid
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    In case anyone missed the Golden Globes interviews of some of the cast, here is a link: http://bcove.me/ezj13i2m
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    3570 Im back but in no condition But thanks everyome!!
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    It's funny--I thought this was an older episode when I first saw the title and I was wondering why new comments were being made on an older episode...DOH! THe name sounded familiar. I'm glad we don't have new eps for this week and next because I have a performance this week and a rehearsal next week. But I'll be home, glued to the TV, on the 31st. :D
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    Is it the 31st yet-? and now? what about now?
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    Thanks phantagrae, I didn't know more sides came out... I hope they left for a good reason rather than out of anger or some other poor emotion... Im more leaning towards a good reason because if something bad happened between L/P then I doubt H/B would be in such good moods. They seemed somewhat upbeat from what I saw
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    Does it really matter where the decline of other shows started? This show is clearly not in a state of decline right now, it's at the peak of its performance. Which means that whatever changes or additions are being made, they're handling it successfully. This is how I feel, too. In fact that already showed signs of happening, towards the end of season 3 - too many one-dimensional Sheldon-is-crazy storylines, with no alleviating counterpoints of depth or variation. The experiences Sheldon is going through at this time, both internal and external, make the goings-on unpredictable.
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    The latest sides are for a waiter who comes up to Howard and Bernie and Howard, I think, says that Leonard said he was paying, so Howard orders a bottle of champagne and Bernie orders "2 of every dessert". This scene takes place after the scene with Matt and Gretchen and Leonard getting down on one knee, according to page numbers. I'm thinking that after Leonard does whatever he does, either Penny is upset and they leave the diner, or Penny is very happy and they leave the diner (to "celebrate").
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    Which one is the best one to join? Doctor Who Online or Gallifrey Base? Both require registering before you can have a look.
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    Believe it or not, I can't wait for the weekend too! :D I'll think of something else later :D Great thread! :D
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    I can't wait until I'm done at the Doctors today. PS JoeSal90, good thread!!
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    I'm always hoping for some type of Shamy interaction, and indeed a lot of the non-Shamy episodes have a scene of S/A having tea or something. That would be awesome this week, especially if it involved some type of touching like the movie scene earlier this season. I'm just saying there probably won't be a whole lot, given that it's sandwiched between two Shamy-heavy episodes.
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    I think the money issue is from the taping info we got for the ep that airs at the end of this month, 6x14, where Bernie scolds Howard for spending a lot of money on that expensive copier thing. And I've been thinking about the sides we saw for the VD ep. In the thread where people were posting what they envisioned for a VD ep, I had posted the idea of all of the couples making individual plans but things falling apart for each of them somehow so that they all end up together in a diner, etc. It seems like this is maybe what has happened to H/B and L/P--Bernie's comment about Matt and Gretchen's proposal being romantic hints that Howard tried something that didn't work, and the fact that the two couples are spending Valentine's Day on a sort of double date might indicate that whatever their plans were somehow went awry. But it also seems like perhaps The Shamy is the only couple that maybe got it right...
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    My use of "ascetic" in describing Sheldon was in reference to his ability or desire to simply put sexuality aside, if you will, in order to concentrate on things he feels are more important, like science. In this regard he is like a monk who sets aside sexuality in order to pursue pure spirituality, "mortifying the flesh", trying to keep sexual thoughts and physical desires (including the desire for other physical pleasures) out of mind. Similarly, Sheldon has concentrated on the scientific life, even telling the guys stuff like, "if you spent less time thinking about sex and more time thinking about comic books..." and telling Leonard that if Einstein had spent less time horndogging he might have made more progress, etc. I agree that it doesn't mean that Sheldon has no sexual desires, but simply that he hasn't had a reason to make such things a priority and until now has found it to be a distraction from what he considered more important. I think that the decision to set aside such things was probably also part of his avoidance of touching and "germy, messy" things. It's only now that he has a girlfriend that he has any real reason to consider the postivie aspects of a physical relationship--and perhaps the desire to express the love he feels in a way that other people do.
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    3520 And they call her the Streak Fastest kitty on four feet..!
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    This whole scene is gold, but the part that cracks me up the most. Amy: "For general educational purposes or has she acquired a bar stool dipped in cholera?" Sheldon: "Cholera is water-borne, you're mocking me." Amy: "Yes I am."
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    Assuming it happens with a fair amount of series left, they will find some funny way to write their sex life, I'm sure, but looking at how they're setting it up now, Sheldon isn't seeing it as a "chore" but something he's genuinely considering. So I don't think they're going to re-do the "not this again!" thing. It's too predictable. Plus, if he's as obsessive with it as he is with everything else he's going to want to excel at that too. I also don't think they'll be going at it like rabbits though. I think the writers are going to try and avoid the two extremes of the spectrum and find something funny to play with in the middle. Probably to do with how it's affecting the people around them more than anything. Especially Leonard.
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    Once Sheldon starts having sex, he won't stop. So..they've gotta milk thr build up for the rest of this & next season or so.
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    I went back and read some of the discussion of season 4 episodes and if our speculation is as accurate then Penny and Leonard will be married by the end of the season. Or Amy will be having Raj's love child. LOL
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    Random question: if Sheldon is willing to consider having sex with Amy, obviously he doesn't find the idea completely repellent. Does that imply he's having (gulp!) urges?
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    OMG I cannot stop to laugh Hey, he can move good, ah?
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    nick---will have the bed ready for you, take your meds.
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    1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/21, 3/28, 4/11, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16 I'm usually ALWAYS right!
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    I have to say that I learnt this word (smooching) here with you guys Now, everytime I read it the image of JimĀ“s smoochy lips comes to my mind :D
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    Yes, for the worse is my opinion. But it is fact that their presence has altered the other characters. If you look back at the history of the great sit-coms, they did not change much, if at all. The Big Bang Theory is not a drama that requires growth or change. Almost any sit-com that can be looked back upon as long standing did not alter the characters in any way. And when they did (as I said), it was almost always looked at as the beginning of their decline or an end of the series revelation. So what that Amy is more developed than Barry or Leslie? Just because she is doesn't mean she should be. I could run out and rob a liquor store, but that doesn't make it a great idea. There are background characters in all TV shows. A character that comes along and alters the chemistry is usually not a good thing as far as sit-coms go. Like I said, I can deal with Amy, as she's actually a good character (my big gripe is with Bernadette), but the fact that she's altered Sheldon's basic character is not an overall wise move. Amy should have either stayed a background character or had a limited story arc, like Dr. Stephanie did. And I do realize that Amy is (very likely) not going anywhere. It is however nothing I need to get used to. TBBT is a TV show & nothing more. Sure, I'm here discussing it, but it has zero importance as far as my life is concerned. It could be the greatest show in the history of television or it could be cancelled tomorrow... I'm still gonna put my pants on one leg at a time.
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    changing the characers "for the worse" it's an opinon really, not a fact. The show went for character growth since day 1 (that is the premise of the whole show, you know, Penny influencing the guys and viceversa) and, based on the figures I say it's doing pretty good, especially for a 6th season. But whateaver, it always comes down to the same thing, Amy should be gone because "she shouldn't be Sheldon's girlfriend" or "Sheldon shuld be single" which is really unfair, because at this point, Amy is MUCH more than just some character's girlfriend. She is a full character and a very good one much more developed than Leslie or Barry ever were. anyhow, she's not going anywhere so, might as well get used to it.
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    LOL! I can understand why they stop people from going after a while but at the same time, I think it's not necessary. I think anyone willing to get up out of bed super early, drive to the location and then wait ALLLLL day long outside of the studio knowing that there's not even a guarantee they'll get in DESERVES to get in every single time. Anyway, I plan on going to as many as I can before they cut me off. Who wouldn't, right? Monique
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    "Lamb chop... we can quibble what to call it, but I think we can both agree... It's creepy!" "I've seen pictures of your mother. Keep eating." "Do you want to hear something funny?" "In 2000 Pope John Paul II was made an honorary Harlem Globetrotter." "What are you talking about?" "You asked if she wanted to hear something funny" "Yes, because I have something to tell her!" "Oh... I thought it was a game..." "You two have got to be the weirdest couple I know..." "... Really? You can't think of anyone weirder???" "Oh I can... but she's sitting right there!" ---- And that's that. Happy Monday everyone. Getting to work now.
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    Oh I just thought of another one. The whole bobcat discussion between Leonard and Sheldon when he can't get in touch with Amy. "I'm sure Amy hasn't been eaten by a bobcat..." "Who thinks Amy has been eaten by a bobcat??? I was just mentioning an interesting news item" "Forget about the bobcat!" "How can I? You won't stop talking about it!" And the Flash running to the Grand Canyon. That is so what goes on in my head 99% of the time I interact with people. lol. And last one for the time being: "I'm going to leave you for a miniature horse breeder named Armin!" "Armin who?" ".... dammit!"
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