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    After sleeping on it, watching it 5 times and getting food in my system (I forgot to EAT!!!!) I can now say what I thought about 6x14 - I loved that they are together all the time, after work, discussing their days. - I loved that she can easily detect his moods - I loved that she ASKED him if she could comfort him and he said what do WE, not me or I, what do WE HAVE TO LOSE? - I loved the hug, start to end to middle to back to front. - I loved that he was shaking and hyperventilating and when she held him, he calmed down and when she let go, he started up again till she held him and he touched her arm. WOW. - I loved that when Penny first said "Sheldon has a girlfriend?" He said..."No...I have a girl who is a friend but she is not my girlfriend" and now when Kripke says "You have a girlfriend..." he says "So?" - I LOVED all the made-up sex life, the love she has for his genitals (LMAO), the NIGHTLY basis (he associates sex with nighttime) and BOY HOWDY ITS MAGIC (Remember he once said "Where did the magic go?") - I loved that he thought making up stories about him and Amy made him 'look good' - PENNY I LOVE YOU FOR ASKING - He says its FREQUENT, INTENSE and WHIMSICALLY INVENTIVE - like WHOA! He's OBVIOUSLY given this ALOT of thought... - I loved his initial reaction was that it was PERSONAL, not a laugh off, nor a flat out no... - Before explaining he made it clear that he is QUITE FOND of her (So...its not that he's not attracted to nor that he doesn't love her) - He is WORKING ON IT. He's having alot of self realization this season. He knows he has issues and he is WORKING to overcome them. He is becoming the man he wants to be (Spidey speech). Before he answered with the immortal words, just the fact that he is WORKING on it, meant YES, I WILL. - He thought about it and said 'Its a POSSIBILITY'. I cannot even deal with this up to now. - And captain of the good ship Penny herself.....let me love you and freak out with you at the same time. Please don't abuse Leonard..LOL...I love him - Kripke's perversion gave us more gold : He was BUSY (intensely) squishing the DESIRABLE parts of her body (which is fond of) AND...there is model rocket BESIDE HIS BED. He associates Amy, on a nightly basis with his BED. WOW. This is just too much.
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    BEST SHAMY EPISODE THIS SEASON SINCE FISH GUTS DISPLACEMENT!! Maybe even better haven't decided at least tied...but I love love love every single second of it! Sheldon made me so happy tonight, when he said "what do I have to lose" it was like he was finally admitting that he really does need love and physical affection too and that if she could offer him any kind of comfort he was totally willing to accept it. And then when she let him go and he said "Why' you stop!" That was perfect! Reminded me so much of when Amy was dressed as Star Trek Nurse and Sheldon told Leonard "I'm in hell", but then told Amy "Don't stop!" lolI have a feeling one sweet day when they've finally have coitus for the first time Amy is going to be fondling Sheldon's genitals or kissing him or whatever and then he's going do it again, same something that sounds like he's upset at first, but then when she stops say "No don't stop!" and he will be loving it! Sheldon Lee Cooper is also going to be a total freak in the sack someday just like I've said many times before and like Kripke hinted at tonight. Not right away of course oh No it may take years because at first he will be confused awkward gentle and innocent lover just like a new baby fawn that doesn't quite no how to walk yet, but eventually becomesthe most graceful creature in forest. He has all the makings in that awesomely weird yet genius head of his and look out if he ever ends up getting drunk and having sex cause then he will ride Amy like a real Texas cowboy I just know it. I just don't want their first time to be like that save it for marriage or just after their first time at least. First time should be sweet, awkward innocent and tender like all their first moments, first handhold, cuddle, now first hug...I just want my kiss by end of season and I'm done. I can wait YEARs for the sex to start maybe season 8 or 9 whenever just love watching it all unfolded slowly, but steadily that is what makes it so fun. I love all the hints the writers give in the dialogue about what is coming for them later on like for example Sheldon will likely want to incorporate sucking on Amy's bosom into their sex life because he just mentioned suckling at the bosom of mother science in this episode and like Amy has shown before she knows how to engage that scientific side of his brain and use it to her advantage she did it before with her neurobiological bag of tricks and spagetthi with hot dogs, she will do it again! lol Sheldon likes be cared for and nurtured so something like sucking on a woman's breast would definitely be comforting to him and remind him of childhood. He's gonna love it someday just wait and see. And he will also incorporate costumes and toys into their sex life later on because we know how much he loves costumes and thinks it is one of best parts of being in a relationship and he loves toys too so much he keeps a model rocket by his bed and loves trains. I think Sheldon would just love having sex on train someday. He loves trains just that much and it would be so romantic and sexy. And I don't care if iIm getting carried away because after what sheldon said i will always quote it "ITS A POSSIBLITY!!" haha that means its ALL a possiblity even the spanking thing they've already done that one so maybe something else S&Mish but still keep it funny and chaste in a weird way. Like using old fashion Renaissance era sex contraptions from the Renaissance faire as long as its historically accurate SHeldon will enjoy it. I just hope we get to see Penny telling Amy and Bernadette about what Sheldon told her and Leonard I want see Amy's face when she finds out. If not then I hope Sheldon just one day kisses her and she just knows that would be perfect V-day episode thing to do, but I won't get my hopes up to much for that one. They may save it for some random surprise episode like they did with when Penny said I love you to Leonard. It wasn't in an obvious this is going to happen here episode so we'll see. But yes I'm so Digging Shamy now that I've dug all the way to China! and ain't stopping there.
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    There is NO question that our lil Shelly has grown up over the last two years. We saw MAJOR growth after tonight's episode. He seemed so human in some of these scenes. I really hope they turn this in for Emmy consideration for Jim. He really tore it up in this epi! But back to Sheldon he has made leaps and bounds tonight with his integrity in question. Weirdly though when he was in scenes with Barry Kripke he seemed to be more powerful than Barry. Before he would seem weak and small but I felt tonight he overtowered (not only physically) but in general, Kripke. He showed no weaknesses in front of him when he really did feel down. He opened up to Amy, was truthful with Leonard and Penny on being physical with her. He must be having those loving feelings overpower him now. He really seems to be able to trust Penny and Leonard talking about something 'so personal'. I was impressed on many levels tonight.
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    I wouldn't put it past the writers to do something like that someday. Not this season, but maybe next. Maybe when they feel they need a push to move things along. One or two eps max. But they might play that card in a slightly different way. As I said, my favorite scenario would be for Amy to have to go work somewhere for a few weeks. Or another route could be to have her being offered a job somewhere far away and have a couple of episodes of turmoil about whether she would go or she would stay. I don't think they're breaking him into a real person, I think they're simply showing he's already a deeper character than one might have previously have assumed, because his quirks and phobias are not just cartoonish traits but rooted in something. He's definitely growing up, but I wouldn't say Sheldon now isn't "real", that would imply that anything that deviates from the norm isn't "real" or is somehow limited instead of just different. I like that they are really sticking to the "He's capable of things we haven't seen before" mantra that they set off for him at the beginning of the year. As for the "fond" part... to be honest, I think that even if Sheldon knew he does love her, he would never say the L word so easily in front of his friends, especially the first time he openly admits to have feelings for her. It's just Sheldonesque wording, imo. We don't know at this stage whether he is aware he loves her and is conscious that it is romantic or what have you, but I wouldn't put it past him either. We'll just have to wait and see when and how it does eventually come out. To me, the telling part about the Penny conversation was the first part, not so much the final line. I think the pause where he thinks and his saying "It's a possibility" is also partly the writers wanting to tease and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. I'm in no way saying he KNOWS that it's a certainty, but to me, the way he approached the conversation means he HAS thought about it already and has decided he does want it. First of all, he knew it was important to make it clear that it wasn't because of his feelings for her that they weren't physical yet (he essentially said "I'm not leading her on"). I think it's huge that his view of the relationship has shifted from his own concept of relationship as it is set in the RA to a more "normal", if you will, view. When he essentially said he's not leading her on, it means he knows that there should be more to their relationship than there is now and he doesn't want Leonard and Penny to think that the reason they're not there yet is because he's toying with her when he just wants his own version of what a relationship should be. Secondly, he did not say he does not know if he'd like sex, or want sex, or anything like that. He said the issue is only about physical contact, it's like he admitted there's this barrier in between himself and that thing on the other side that he is aiming to get to eventually.
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    BWHAHAHAH! OMG! I can't... I can't even begin... I can't. Ok, deep breath. OMG! hahaha. I'm going to spend the morning watching it over and over again. THE HUG! It was SOOOOOOO much better than I expected!!!! It was so so incredibly telling, like people have said already, the way he calms down instantly the moment she wraps her arms around him and bursts out crying again instantly the moment she lets him go. That was HUGE. I actually think Mayim had to hold back her shippier fangirling in the bit where she asks him if he wants a hug because you can tell she kind of looks like we do at that moment, about to grin like an idiot and jump out of her seat. LOL. It's great to have actors that actually ship their own characters, it's so much fun. Jim acted the **** out of that scene, it was just incredible. I never though I'd see Sheldon that vulnerable and serious, and yet at the same time he managed to make it funny. The fake sex life part. LOL. Oh Sheldon. And the "talk" at the end. Penny is a rockstar for asking those questions. And yes, like Teneal said, the way he started to answer saying "You know I'm quite fond of Amy" was essentially saying it's not his feelings that are in the way but his hungups and that he would want to have that kind of relationship with her. HUGE HUGE HUGE. Oh my Lord, I don't know how any other ep can top this one this year in terms of Shamy, it's going to be tough.
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    About my earlier question, I re-watched the scene and think I understand. He was saying that his feelings for Amy are not what's holding him back, just his hang-ups about physical contact. It was interesting that when he was asked the question, he had to think about it pretty hard as though it hadn't occurred to him. That conversation may have given him something to work toward. I think this signals a new phase in the relationship.
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    Ar, maybe you should get in contact with tptb, because you tend to think you know everything and on how to make a SITCOM. Why dont you tweet Bill Prady right now at how he and his crew did such a bad job on every scene. Better yet, next time I talk to BP, I will be sure to relay your message.
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    The show would not be the same without Penny, Sheldon or Leonard. The characters and actors themselves are untouchable.
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    Nope, not a flippin bit. Despite having read the taping report, I was still surprised by the hugging scene. It goes to show how much interpretation the actors bring to the words on the page. Amazingly, "I feel like I'm being strangled by a boa constrictor" wasn't at all a complaint or attempt to protest. It came through loud and clear that he found great comfort from that hug, and he didn't try to hide it from her by being cavalier. The other thing that's moving about that scene is the emotional intimacy; he trusted her enough to let her see him upset and to let her comfort him, and she responded in just the way he needed. That scene not only reflects how much their relationship has progressed, but itself was a moment that brought them closer. I think we're *this close* to seeing him initiating physical contact. He needs to reach for her hand the next time they go to the movies or give her a goodnight hug at the end of a date.
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    LOL! The face Penny makes when he says "My coitus with Amy is frequent, intense and whimsically inventive." hahaha!
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    Sheldon seems to trust better too. I mean to tell TMI stuff to Leonard and Penny, THATS big!
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    OK, one question. When L/P asked whether he would ever sleep with Amy and what he was doing, Sheldon's first response was, "Well, first of all, I'm quite fond of Amy." I'm trying to figure out exactly what he was getting at, how that was an answer to the question of physicality. Was that his way of confirming that he has romantic feelings for her that go beyond friendship, implying an eventual physical relationship? Saying it's a serious relationship, perhaps that he's in love? Responding to Penny's statement that Amy would like to get physical by indicating that he wants to be able to make her happy?
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    I love how serious he was when he said "it's a possibility". It came across very loud and clear that Sheldon not only loves Amy, that he has been working on getting used to her touch and enjoying it, that he expects that when they do get together it will be pleasurable (based on his comments to Kripkie) and that he has far from ruled it out (it is now not only possible, it was clear that he is definitely expecting they will get there). Penny's reaction expressed every single Shamy shipper's feeling about what he said. It was impossible to not feel exactly as she did. This was by far a major pivotal episode for Shamy and I really am looking forward to the rest of this season. Even when he felt she was hugging him very tight, he calmed down, relaxed more and as soon as she pulled away from his comment, he got all wound up again. It was just amazing how well done this whole episode was. I know this was the final series episode of 30 Rock, but I hope that the ratings for this show are through the ballpark. It was excellent! :wub: :wub: :wub:
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    Howard repeatedly said that it was alright for him to buy all sorts of crazy crap because of how much money Bernadette made. HE didn't say anything about how much THEY made together when he was talking to Raj and Leonard. Just how much Bernadetted made. She was well within her rights to dump on him when he is throwing away money that she mostly made. The one who really screwed up is Howard, by spending that much money on some action figures without even talking it over with his wife. Just maybe it's time for Howard to grow up, act like a married adult, and stop throwing away money mostly earned by his wife.
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    Live ratings were down from last week. 18-49 went from 6.4 to 5.4. Total viewers dropped from 20 million to 17.8 million. There shouldn't be an concern about this. This was the first non repeat to go head to head with American Idol this year. And Idol only scored a 4.5 in demo with 4.5 and 13.8 million viewers. So TBBT beat idol rather handily. Ok, I've edited the above numbers to show the finals for the Live numbers (and taken out the notice on when the update will be out). The good news, 30 Rock was up .5 from last week. This suggests, that some viewers did what Tina Fey suggested and DVRd TBBT. It will be interesting to see how the Live + 3 and Live + 7 work out. Also, the 17.8 million was the highest rated TBBT against Idol. TBBT was adjusted up a tenth (the numbers above reflect this) in demo, with total viewers up from 17.5 to 17.8 (rounded). TBBT usually gets about 2.5 million more viewers for +3, and I would expect that number to be higher this week. The show will have no problem passing the current weekly average for the season (18.6 Million) and should hit 20 Million again this week in Live + 3 and possibly be over 22 Million with Live + 7. Idol was not adjusted at all and Idol's 13.8 million is the LOWEST total viewership for that show since the first season. Since Idol is mostly a "watch now" show (although this week was still the auditions and not subject needing to watch for voting), it will be interesting to see how the DVR numbers change the Live view numbers. Two other things. Last weeks's repeat finished 9 overall for the week in total viewers and all four repeats (two on Monday, two on Thursday) since the last new episode, finished over a 3.0 in demo and 11 million total viewers.
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    Well, even in the case of Dennis, the kid pointed out Sheldon's mistake. So did Leslie Winkle. So did Raj. So did Stephen Hawking. Sheldon's clearly not intellectually infallible, and has always thought more highly of himself than is realistic (though even the reality is reasonably good). I just saw the episode. I'm blissfully happy, but it's 4 a.m. and I'm too sleepy to comment in detail. I'll be back tomorrow.
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    Shhhh... do you hear that? It's your season 1-3 DVDs calling... Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S III using Tapatalk 2
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    I had to set my sister straight about the conversation between Sheldon and L/P. She felt that it was "false" and contrived in order to get Sheldon from point a to point b, but I don't think she's thinking of the 3-steps-forward/2-steps-back pattern of all the relationship on the show, but especially the Shamy. Now, she really only started watching new eps after Thanksgiving, and she's been watching past seasons randomly as they air in syndication, so I don't know that she understands the progression that Sheldon has been on, but I did point out that his admitting his feelings and his shortcomings was simply a tiny step forward and that he and Amy aren't going to be jostling each others bathing suit areas any time soon. I love that he was able to open up to Penny and Leonard, rather than trying to shrug off his feelings or dismiss them or to get miffed about being asked such things. These two are his closest friends, in whom he has confided more than with anyone else--even more, perhaps, than with Amy, in some ways, and probably, in some ways, more than with his own mother. This scene, and the hugging scene, to some degree, was the "Truth" of this episode. Others have said, and I agree, that Sheldon made it clear that his feelings for Amy are real and fond is an interesting choice. Even if he felt it, I don't think he could yet say that he "loved" her--it kind of depends, I think, on what he thinks saying the L word connotes--is it more than he feels, or perhaps carries some connotation among others that he doesn't want them to assume about his feelings, or is he still working out the depth of his feelings for Amy? And yet, it's clear that his feelings for her are different than they were when they were not bf/gf. The fact that he mentions the Vapo-rub means that he knows that being able to perform such a task was a step of progress for him, but he didn't seem to see it as sexual, just an example of his difficulties with physical touch. And maybe the writers were kind of underscoring that non-sexual aspect by having Leonard make his comment. Or maybe it was just funny. Anyway, the fact that he's working on his touch issues means that he recognizes it as a barrier at this point, whereas in the past he saw nothing wrong with his touch phobia or issue--it was one way to keep the germs of the world at bay, and also just part of who he was. He didn't care that it might seem odd to others, like President Siebert, and he didn't seem to feel the need to get over it. Until Amy came along. I do like that he said that getting physical with Amy was a possibility, not a certainty, and that he seemed to see that as something he could consider. He didn't dismiss it or say it would be too extreme or unsanitary or anything else negative. I think that saying it was possible meant that he saw it somewhere along that arc of progression that he's working on--perhaps meaning that if he can work through his touch issues that that's why it's possible. If he weren't working on his issues, trying to get past his discomfort, then it would not be possible. So... :D ETA: I also wanted to say that perhaps him opening up to L/P is kind of how sometimes when you're in a relationship, you want to talk about it--you want to kind of have a sounding board. I think that in the past Sheldon has kind of done that with Penny, like the conversation they had in Flaming Spitoon, but he hasn't really talked about such things since he and Amy changed their relationship. So maybe this little dabble into talking about sex with Amy was his opportunity to kind of let some thoughts out of his own head. He's not likely to talk to Amy about getting physical if he's not yet ready, but since Penny asked him, he has the opportunity to kind or work it out aloud. He's not asking for advice or wondering about the status of his relationship, but he's kind of just getting some things off his chest that maybe he didn't know he wanted to talk about. Maybe he hadn't really fully formulated the idea of a physical relationship with Amy as a possiblity on his arc of progress, but having been asked, he codified the answer for himself as well as for them.
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    This surprised me as well. I guess because he is more of a pervert and getting juicy information on another person's sex life is more interesting to him than berating Sheldon for his bad work. But it was surprising to me for some reason, even after having read the taping report. I think Kiru's summary and Aster7' summary pretty much covered it. One thing that struck me was when Amy asked if a hug might help, it was as if she was considering his feelings. Her first reaction, based on her arm/hand movements was to want to lean over and hug him, but she stops herself and put her hands in her lap instead. She says she wishes there is something she could do to help him feel better and then offers the hug. It is as if she wanted to consider his way of making him feel better over what she would logically know would make her feel better. She knows his aversion to hugging and so waited until she got the green-light from him to hug him. I love it. It was selfless and so caring...so in tune with him and meeting his needs. I also agree that Sheldon has been thinking about it. He has desired Amy for a while now and has been considering a physical relationship with her and working on it secretly for a while. It was obvious after last night's episode. The words he used to Leonard to describe their rumored sex life was a huge key. His talking about "boy howdy, it's magic" means he envisions their sex life being pleasurable, playful, fun, intense and full of passion. He talked about her "desirable" body parts. Everything he talked about is as if he had been fantasizing for a while about them making love. I love that he starts out his talk with Leonard and Penny telling them right up front that he is "quite fond" of Amy because it set the record straight immediately. Sheldon may not realize he is in love with Amy and so isn't ready to use the L word, but it was as close to saying it as he could get. He wanted to be clear that his feelings for Amy were real, genuine and growing. The way he said it was downright adamant, it was like "end of discussion" kind of statement. He knew he would be revealing more to them than that, but it was the intensity in which he wanted them to know his feelings were not fake, not to be toyed with and that he is very much invested in his relationship with Amy that was awesome. Next he describes that he has a hang-up about touch. He makes it clear that he personally came up with a plan to overcome that and has been working on it. This was revealing as well because it was his way of saying, yes, I am wanting a full-on relationship that includes everything that it should include when you love someone, yet I have some issues to overcome. I know I have those issues and I have not only devised a plan to overcome them, but am actively working on it. It was so deep. Then Penny asks for the clarification "are you saying you might someday have a physical relationship with Amy?" and he takes a moment to think. I know many wondered if he was thinking about whether to respond or not. I personally think he was not worried about responding as much as how much to respond and I think he was evaluating where his progress was in regard to the plan he put in place for getting over his aversion to touch. It was very "scientific" of him. He was calculating the progress based on his data, calculating what to tell them versus just share privately with Amy and then coming up with a response that he felt was appropriate. I love that. It was so Sheldon-y in a way. You know the boy has been considering sex for a while because he has been using a lot more innuendo this entire season compared to previous seasons. His opening line about sucking on the breast of science...it made me think he was considering sucking on Amy's breasts. I think this boy has been doing a lot of research as well as fantasizing. It would be so much fun if they added more about that.
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    I also want to give a shout out to Penny in this episode. She was really good in this one. You know, how throughout the whole series, sometimes she will "smile" knowingly when something is endearing or funny... I've always loved that about her. She did it in the beginning of this episode and also when Sheldon made his line about the coitus with amy being whimsical... I just loved her in both those scenes. Her timing with the looks throughout the episode were perfect.
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    Just rewatching it for the 100th time and I think the audience's reaction during the hug scene is a testament to Jim's acting. You can hear there's laughters and awwws at the exact same time, it's incredible how he managed to make it simultaneously sad and funny. eta: And also, WHY is Penny nodding like "I hear you" when he says prostate exams are uncomfortable? hahah. She really wasn't in it much this week, but the scenes she had she nailed. There isn't one Penny bit that's not funny.
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    You know what really got me about how she reacted? That any average person in that situation would have gone "awwww" and reached out right away. But she didn't. She thought about what might make things better and ASKED if he wanted to be hugged. In some way it reminded me a lot of TIP where he is trying to figure out how to make her feel better and comes up with all these random things like distracting her with the bobcat and asking about the beverage. It's great because, imo, it shows, once again, that as "normal" as Amy has become by hanging out with P&B, she still isn't "normal". But she tries. Just like he tried in TIP and is trying now. Can these two get any more perfect?
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    So, I've been a lurker for quite a while (thank you btw for the awesome taping reports) but this episode brought me out of lurkdom lol. Some of the many things I loved loved loved about the episode (I'm probably restating things others have said too): * Sheldon said what do WE have to lose. He's a "we"! * the look on Amy's face when he asks why she stopped hugging him and she quickly resumes the hug. She just looks very caring and nurturing as if she's saying, "oh, you still need me? I'm right here." swoon * Sheldon's admittance that Shamy sex is a possibility (and come on, it's happening down the road). And that Sheldon began his reply by saying how fond he was of Amy. To admit his feelings first and hangups second - hangups he also admits to working on with Amy. For some reason the word "fond" stuck out to me. Why did he say that first he was fond of Amy, not just cared about or liked? So I looked up "fond" (super dorky, I know) and the definition goes like this: feeling affection: feeling love, affection, or preference for somebody or something. ! Maybe he was saying he loves her in a roundabout way. * Jim rocking the rollercoaster ride of emotion of this epi * too much more to write here!
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    So, I've watched it twice so far (and rewound and rewatched THE SCENE a couple more times!) and I'm almost afraid to watch it again! So much to love, so much to think through. I have a feeling I'm going to be useless tomorrow. As others have already mentioned, JP was fantastic throughout the episode. I love the way Sheldon was trying to kind of play it cool before he started crying, and the way he was sitting with his knees apart until she came over to hug him and kind of squeezed his knees together and himself into a tighter ball and started taking those deep, calming breaths. I do think that his boa constrictor comment was about the feeling of being held tightly, but it was obviously a good thing. . It kind of reminds me of how snugly swaddling a crying infant can calm them down. Sheldon's attempts to talk about his sex life were killing me! Talking about giving Amy's genitals a "jostling", talking about their "swimsuit areas" being pressed together, or how he had been "squishing" all of her ladie parts or whatever. Squishing, jostling--love his sexy techniques! :D
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    So well said, Spook and Teneal! And I agree that it is going to be hard to top this epi...but I'm sure they will...eventually. Loved vulnerable, serious Sheldon. I don't think I expected the convo between him and Penny to be so sincere and contemplative, but it was all that and more! Just beautiful. Goes to show that the taping reports, no matter how thorough, don't spoil the viewing experience.
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    This may have been posted already on this thread if it has sorry for the repost, but I just can't stop watching it! and I would like to see some analysis of the SHAMY dialogue and physical affection cues in this scene. One thing I just noticed after watching in a few times is Sheldon says "what do WE have to lose" instead of just what do I have to lose like I thought he said first time I watched it. that makes it even sweeter that he's thinking in terms of "we' with her and not just himself anymore.
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    Jim played every scene perfectly. He had our emotions all over the gamut tonight. His facial expressions were amazing...hearbreaking at times, adorable at times, sweet at times, sincere and honest at times, cocky at times with Kripkie, and plenty more than those even. He was truly amazing. He brought out so many layers, feelings, emotions, you name it! I also thought the side story with Raj/Howard was fun. It was entertaining and I loved seeing the two guys hanging out together again. Loved Bernie acting like the mature one in the couple again as well. When Leonard yelled at Sheldon to go to work, it reminded me of Bernie. I thought it was him learning from her. I love how Amy treated Sheldon very adult like and asked before hugging him, making sure he would be comfortable with it. It was such a synchronization of their relationship going on. She knew what he needed, but wanted to be assured he knew he needed it as well. When he confirmed it back by asking her why she stopped, it was such a moment because they were back in full synch. It was beautiful. How he played that entire scene was amazing. He was nearing a panic attack and crying when she first hugged him, and then calmed down when she had her arms around him. When she let go, he immediately started winding back up in panic mode and asked her why she stopped. It was executed perfectly. Kudos to Jim. I hope they submit this episode to the Emmy's this coming year. It has been an amazing episode. Krys you are so right about Sheldon trusting more than he used to. I think Amy helped him with that. I would love to see him credit her with that.
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    Girllll, you turn every post into a fictional novel. LOL. I appreciate it though. Haha.
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    Lexi, love your excitement and agree about Sheldon probably being one heck of a lover for Amy when he finally figures out everything. He is a smart cookie and will learn quick. It will be fun to see if they bring out the "kinky" Sheldon in the series eventually. He was rather kinky tonight, you have to admit. tmp, about your questions above. I would say yes. He was definitely leading to admission of romantic feelings for Amy, admission that he would likely lead to a physical relationship that would include sleeping with her. I truly believe Sheldon needed to get all of that pressure out of him. He has been letting things build for a long time and Kripkie, unbeknownst to him, opened up the steam-hole so that a lot of the pressure could be released through bragging about a sex life that he clearly does not have (but Kripkie does not know that yet) and by asking Leonard to play along with his lie. He is smart. I have to believe he would have had an inkling that by asking Leonard to cover for him that it might lead him to an unpleasant conversation about he and Amy. Yet he seemed calm, collected and ready to discuss. I think he definitely was relieved to be able to admit some of these things. By the way, when he was talking about the boa constrictor, I don't think it had anything to do with the hug. I think he was talking about 1) the position Kripkie placed him in by coming up with better ideas made him feel squeezed and squelched like a boa constrictor at work; 2) his ongoing battle with feelings in general, especially for Amy, were becoming overwhelming that he was feeling squeezed; and 3) his heart was feeling tight (like a boa constrictor squeezing it) because he was beyond control of his feelings for her, about work, about wanting to get to a point where he could share a physical relationship with her and all of it. It was just too overwhelming for him. Thus, the pressure was released when the door was opened and he could finally let out some of the steam that had been building. Her hug clearly helped, but it was the ensuing conversations after that really helped.
  30. 2 points
    I agree that Sheldon has grown significantly in the last couple of years but in this episode you also have to give Penny a lot of credit. Leonard certainly wasn't go to ask if he was going to sleep with Amy. Not only did Penny ask the question she wanted to know, the audience wanted to know, but what Amy would of wanted to know. If the question wasn't asked Sheldon would not have admitted his true feelings.
  31. 2 points
    The de-construction of Spock Cooper. Kuddos for the writers in growing the character into Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The comedy is not diminished by his personal growth, it depends the connection with the viewer. Thank you writers for taking the risks needed to engage the viewers and growing the complexity of the characters.
  32. 1 point
    I didn't much care for this one. Just felt forced, generic, and not very funny. Kripke grilling Sheldon about his sex life was ridiculous and juvenile. How does Howard not make great money as a friggin' NASA engineer? That whole piece of the TBBT universe bugs me - all these guys are making piles of money in the real world. Don't like the 'no common sense man being put in his place by his practical wife' bit. It's been done to death. There were some funny moments though. Am I the only one who thought Howard's original doll actually did look quite a bit like him? :D And I laughed pretty hard at Penny's questioning of Sheldon and the way she kept smacking Leonard - great, that. I like that Sheldon is maturing; that scene was very well done.
  33. 1 point
    I've been noticing the colors of Sheldon's shirts in various scenes and they seem significant in this episode. Blue supposedly means hope, which he was wearing in the "revelation" scene. Amy was wearing the same color in this episode, and (I wouldn't have noticed except for stardustmelody's signature pics) so was Sheldon when he grabbed Amy's hand last season. Purple supposedly means love, and Sheldon was wearing purple in the hug scene. Also, I noticed that in the promo photos Amy's sweater color is muted compared to what it was in the episode. I don't know why they would have changed it, but it jumped out to me.
  34. 1 point
    What I do not like about the Howard/Bernadette story is "the immature husband and the mature wife" paradigm that are a part of sitcoms for the last 30 years.. It is to much a canned story. It does fit the nerd Howard charcter, but that is a tired story.
  35. 1 point
    In the real world they would be making 300 to 400K together with Howard making more than half that total. But this is "Big Bang Land" and the salaries for the guys, especially Howard and Leonard, are ridiculously low-balled. I cringed when Bernie said that Howard makes "peanuts". Here is not just any Aerospace engineer, a very high paying profession by the way, but one who was a major contributor on the Jupiter deep planetary probe, the Mars Rover, the International Space station and a former mission specialist for NASA. He would be one of the top performers in the profession and bringing down some serious six figure dollars. He would be able to buy a couple of 3-D Printers just for fun. But it would ruin the underdog persona that the creators want for the guys if they showed how much these men would make if they were real.
  36. 1 point
    They posted a picture with Captain Sweatpants but not one with Amy?
  37. 1 point
    I didn't like it. I might have chuckled a couple of times and laughed maybe once. I was just saying that the individual relationships and friendships were really being starved for attention so we get a show that barrels through all of them. I hate this feast or famine approach to writing the show. Kripke's research was leaps ahead of Sheldon's? That is not Sheldon making a mistake that is Sheldon being Leonardized. Even though he made a joke the hugging scene with Amy showed he was comforted by her. I just wish they had made the conversation about him having sex with Amy a little bit warmer. Also, maybe in the mean time he could work on complimenting her on something other than intelligence and actually discussing their relationship with Amy. These are things that would make their "romance" be more believable. The Howard/Bernadette fight scene was too predictable and I think it fell flat. They sacrificed the joke for believability. Instead of saying he was going to use it for printing more action figures and whistles which was incredibly stupid all he had to say was it would help him with his work. I guess we are supposed to believe he makes far less in his field than a real life counterpart would make. It would have also made more sense if they had painted Bernie as more of a penny pincher than saying they couldn't afford it. I guess 2 really smart guys would buy something online with no satisfaction guarantee? I know I am supposed to suspend belief but I came out the show when they seemed to have no option to get better results or at least their money back. Penny being passive aggressive about how Leonard spends his money made total sense too. I would not have taken that from her.
  38. 1 point
    I think its more the fact that the penny character seems to have the largest gap in terms of those who like her vs those who don't. There are two very emotionally strong sides who have their own opinions on her character. And thus it generates a lot of back and forth on whether or not shed be missed. Personally I don't think the show would be even close to the same without her, she just brings to much to the show. The primary premise of the show has always been the almost beauty and the beast love story between her and Leonard. To try and fill that space just wouldn't work... especially if they tried to turn into a love interest of Leonard. After his feelings for penny there's no real way to make that work
  39. 1 point
    Monique, stop crawling into my brain! :D
  40. 1 point
    Sheldon says in Russian Rocket: "I drove for hours by bus to a Star Trek convention at which Wil Wheaton was scheduled to appear, so that I could get my Wesley Crusher action figure signed. But he never showed, because apparently, it was cooler for him to be the lower-left corner on Hollywood Squares." But during the tournament he falls for Wil's lie that he couldn't make the convention because his grandmother died.
  41. 1 point
    Just because I like spreading Chloe's gifs everywhere. Good God, the heart aches!
  42. 1 point
    It's a fine line because he was doing it to treat her first and foremost. Second, he came back in the first place to treat her because 1) he loves her and cares a lot about her, 2) he saw it as an opportunity to show her that he can be self-less, 3) he knew he was likely going to encounter some physical contact and wanted to challenge himself to get over some of his fears since he had been working on trying to get to where he would like to get (be the man he wants to be...a full man able to function fully in a relationship). While he was there, he was working on overcoming some of his fears, but when you think about why he wanted to overcome them...he does have desires and wants to be able to act upon them, knowing it would please both of them, but his fears of touch get in the way. Yet the motivation was a little bit because he wants to be able to get more comfortable with touching her. So I suppose one could very loosely claim it had a sexual undertone. However, my primary assumption was that it was more because of his concern for her well being that he was caring for her the best way he knew (which is the way he grew up being treated when sick). Krys, that train was awesome. I loved the drawing of it. In fact they should have made a poster from it. it was really cool. I love how protective he was of it.
  43. 1 point
    I SO love Leonard and Sheldon's friendship.
  44. 1 point
    I didn't Krys did :-) Just to clarify...haha.
  45. 1 point
    OK, I liked the Leonard/Penny interaction in that episode. They were really acting like boyfriend/girlfriend the way they were kidding around. The scene where she asked Sheldon about having sex with Amy and her reaction was priceless.
  46. 1 point
    Amy is interesting because in season 4 she was pure and knew very little about the social convention but her character developed more and more into a horny, sex overdriven, in love with Sheldon Lee Cooper. She may at times go overboard but again that's lack of social convention, you cant learn it all at once even if its thrown at you all at once. I like how she is more human and has separated from being Sheldon's mirror and equal. She was the student and now she is becoming the teacher.
  47. 1 point
    In case you didn't see Simon was on Craig (or as we like to call him "Greg" , you are so right with that pronunciation @thusyinformed) Ferguson last night. Liking Creg's new steampunk band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uaiUxhBLjc
  48. 1 point
    The growth of Penny was shown in the last episode of S3: she can not date stupid guys anymore.
  49. 1 point
    I do wish for Raj to meet the right girl What can I say in his favour? Very little because he's a shy guy. So far the thing he can manage is ending up in bed with casual girls, only when he gets drunk, and also with Penny once without succeeding! He is just a cutie pie
  50. 1 point
    I know this has been mentioned before on this site- but I really want Amy to help Raj with his problems talking to women. I want Raj to finally get a girl because I hate how everyone is in committed relationships except him. Even Sheldon gets in a relationship before Raj when no one thought that would happen (I'm glad it did, but it wasn't expected). It makes me feel so bad for him.
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