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    Oh my god..... thats true
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    As we wave BON VOYAGE to season 6 I just wonder what you all are going to argue about until Season 7. And I'm wondering who is worse, someone who is ALWAYS complaining, or the person who is ALWAYS complaining about the complainer!?!? PS Have a nice vacation !
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    In this episode, I never once got the feeling that Sheldon would be missing Leonard , only jealousy and selfishness seemed to motivate his actions..... And the good-bye in the airport scene , it probably is a reminder of how obsessed the writers are with Sheldon's character..... if we blinked our eye we could have missed seeing Leonard and Penny hugging....we could not even see them hugging for a single mississippi...
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    So true... No matter what he will wear, glasses or without glasses, nerdy or not, I will love him... I love the way he looked at that Comic Con
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    Sheldon in the backseat of the car didn't bother me too much... I felt the writers were showing how Sheldon's brain was dealing with Leonard leaving. He went bat crap crazy over something not important in order to deny what was really happening (in his usual immature way. But, I understand that many felt Leonard and Penny should have had their moment and I agree, since the shamy had their moment in the last episode.
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    I think that you have made some good points here, especially about Penny's ILY. I liked that she said it first and the way that it was said it really shows a lot of development in Penny's character as well as the entire L/P storyline. I like the way that the creators and writers are allowing the characters to grow and mature as the years progress. I think this is one of the reasons that the show has grown in its popularity. It is a sitcom which means it is not meant to be a drama, it is suppose to be funny. However, the story and some of the drama that is there brings people back week after week. I know the L/P storyline is what caught my attention, and from the inputs of others there are others drawn to the Shamy story. I am really curious to see the size the audience when they finally do marry off L/P.
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    At comic con in the checked shirt and stubble he looked freaking HOT!!!!
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    @SRAM I agree, the problem isn't the number of couples. With such a large cast, I sometimes feel like the show would benefit more if it did away with unnecessary sub-plots. That way, the main players in the story-in-question would have enough screen time and (some) episodes wouldn't feel so rushed. Twenty minutes sure goes by fast.
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    I really liked the episode, although Sheldon really took it over the edge a bit But I agree that they are trying to stuff too much story lines in the 20 minutes. For this special episode you could use the excuse that it was the season finale but unfortunatly they did that quite often in this season. I do not think there are too many charachters on the show, and I would not want to miss anyone of them. It's just a timing and writing thing. Can't wait unitl S7 starts to see how this all goes on.
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    With Raj now talking, they could have creepy Raj.
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    I don't think the number of relationships is the issue, the issue is they try to cover too much in one episode. Leonard's going away was enough for one episode. They could have has a scene with Sheldon talking to Amy about him being alone and a scene with Penny talking to the girls about her not wanting him to leave, but she had to let him. Instead they put another big event into one episode and Raj's talking could have been an episode on its own. I don't know why they put so much in one episode, it doesn't do each plot justice. They don't do that to Chuck's other show, Two and a half Men.
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    I've mentioned this before, but I've never considered Sheldon to be asexual, but ascetic, someone who has chosen to set sexuality aside in order to concentrate on science. His choice was probably made easier because of that arrested development aspect of his youth and his love for science and his childhood emulation of Mr Spock, etc. I love child-like and childish Sheldon because I think they use it to great advantage in the show, both to highlight the relationships between all the characters and to underscore that underdeveloped side of his personality. And it's just funny. (And Jim owns it!) Sheldon seems to move easily between his adult self and his child self with little self-consciousness, partly, I think because he has a fairly safe environment among his friends. I love that one line in the Wil Wheaton ep with the bowling when he comes to Penny after they had to forfeit the first game and he says, "I'm not ashamed to admit I cried myself to sleep last night." But I don't think his access to his child self interferes with his relationship to Amy. As others have pointed out, he usually acts more grown up with her--or at least more adolescent than childlike.
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    That brief exchanged look between Sheldon and Amy really got to me. It was so subtle, but had a vaguely magical familiar and in-sync quality to it.. the way the two of them spontaneously turn towards each other, and Sheldon glances down at her, as if recalling an earlier discussion (they may have talked of Lucy's visit at Amy's place). I loved it so much that I didn't even mind the lack of any other Shamy interaction in the finale. It was hint enough of the deepening connection between them, especially after what happened last week.
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    I think you probably deserve an award, when compared to Sheldon, who trains his 'friends', and experiments on them, because it amuses him. Wasn't he training Penny, with choc treats, like you would a labrador? I think we all do this to some degree, but not many would admit it.
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    Now I've got a context. I'd say he thought the energy was flowing through the electrons, in a similar way that a wave flows through water. It's like on those Newton's cradles, if you have five balls(electrons), and you lift one, and let go, the three stay in the middle, and one pops off other side. Only it would be an increase in energy, being passed through the graphite. Any physicists please correct me, as it's only an interest these days. Jumped ship, into the arts!
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    I love this lexi. So hot, and if this scene could look like this, I say oh yes.. brilliant. So you are lovepass77? I love your http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8235268/1/Schr%C3%B6dinger-s-Catastrophe
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    I agree. Leonard and Penny embrace, and they immediately cut to Sheldon bawling out the window. The worse one for me though was when Leonard and Penny go to kiss goodbye the first time, Sheldon, who clearly knows better, sticks his head in between them to demand attention. If Penny hadn't been quick, she would have kissed Sheldon. This scene in particular is a metaphor for Sheldon with regard to Leonard and Penny. At least this season they've been able to get some time away from him, and the relationship is healthier for it.
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    Howard did say Raj was an ass. Season 4, episode 3 Penny: So this is the plan? From now on, we’re just gonna hide out in here to avoid the Shamy? Raj: I’m very comfortable here. Penny, dear, why don’t you shoot another silver bullet my way? Penny: Get one yourself. Raj: Ooh, somebody’s been taking bitchy pills. Penny: God, he’s an ass when he drinks. Howard: Oh, he’s an ass when he doesn’t. You just don’t hear it. Well now Raj can express all those thoughts without Howard acting as a filter.
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    And THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen answers my question perfectly !! OBTW, HAVE A NICE DAY.
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    Whatever your opinion is, all the fussing about it isn't going to change the way the show is. "Creepy Howard" isn't coming back, the girls aren't going anywhere, and there won't be any regressions from the current developments. Wishing for the past and complaining about the present isn't going to change anything, so why continue to harp on it? I mean, what is the point? Some people may agree with you, most of the fans of the show apparently don't agree, since there's still a huge audience, so while you're certainly free to keep stating your opinion, what you want is NEVER going to happen. Just sayin'.
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    I can agree with most of what you said. Although in regards to the number five request to be seen in Season 7 it really doesn't make a lot of sense to me personally. The tiara Sheldon picked out for Amy was so unique and perfect for her. It was hands down one of the best things Sheldon has ever done for Amy. In my mind the only thing that could ever top it would be an engagement ring. And I'd also like to see an ILY, but perhaps in their own unique way to make it more Shamy. I just want them to both feel that the other loves them at the end of the season.
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    . I don't Dislike Amy or Bernadette, But too much is too much. Bring back Creepy Howard, he was a lot funnier. Sheldon will always be weird so why try and change him into a weird Sex machine. Actually I liked it better when the arrogant Sheldon was always getting put down by outsiders of the group. Raj I never really cared for. .
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    The only thing I would add to this is an "I love you." I am itching for them to say they love each other.
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    I read in a preview article on season six last summer that Sheldon's and Leonard's mothers were supposed to meet in an episode, I guess that didn't happen unless I missed it - hopefully it will in season seven because that would be a lot of fun to see.
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    Personally, I felt like there was lots of growth this season for SHAMY. I mean yes there were set backs as well, but they never broke up and Sheldon reached new levels of intimacy with Amy that a lot of people from what I've read online thought would Never ever happen for his character. I mean even I never would have thought Sheldon would end up spanking Amy, making her his emergency contact and admitting his true feelings that he actually thinks their relationship is "extremely intimate" and that he wouldn't mind "erotically caressing" her. LOL I feel like so much more is possible for them now in season seven and I want to see more steady continued growth. I think hardest part about season six was waiting so long in between episodes for a BIG moment. I mean the main three episodes that I consider to be three of best Shamy episodes ever also happen pretty far apart from each other in terms of actual time. Those are Fish Guts Displacement, The Tangible Affection Proof and the Love Spell Potential all had very massive relationship building moments in them. Now some of the smaller moments made for great stepping stones as well from Sheldon's spiderman speech in Date Night Variable, to his allowing Amy to hug him in Cooper/Kripke Inversion and telling Penny and Leonard he thinks its possiblity they may get physical. Halloween episode compromise and the Habitation Configuartion where Sheldon chooses Amy over Wil Wheaton his idol gets drunk and threatens to be him up and calls her his woman many times. I felt like those moments all meant a lot to building their relationship and I hope they only get stronger and more frequent in season seven. I don't like it when writers back track Sheldon just so the Shamy haters can feel like Sheldon hasn't changed. People are supposed to change as they grow up and mature and fall in love. No one stays exactly same forever that is just totally unrealistic and would be totally BORING!!! Sheldon will always be a super genius arrogant know it all who says what he thinks even if its not always nicest thing to say, but that doesn't mean he has to be rude to Amy or treat her like she's his slave instead of his girlfriend. I think the natural progression from punishing her for doing wrong in Fish Guts with a spanking to gently willing to engage in a sexual discussion game with her without being tricked or manipulated into it, but just out of geniune desire to connect with her is MAJOR GROWTH and I think backtracking just for the sake of comedy is unnecessary and frankly just not all that funny. As they say with Star Trek BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!! or in this case No Sheldon has gone before is in keeping with how a sitcom can stay at number one, surprising people and keeping the characters developing over time not stalling them and retreading over the same issues and jokes over and over until they become lifeless. So here are five things I'd love to happen for SHAMY in next season to show that they are not afraid to let Sheldon be IN LOVE and Romantic. 1. He needs to KISS HER!! Not because she begs him too or because his friends manipulate him into doing it somehow, but because its what he wants to do at the right moment and because he loves her and feels ready to show her his love. If we go an entire season with no Shamy kissing again i will throw a FIT!!! 2. He needs to compliment her appearance - I know looks aren't most important thing when you've got giant genius brains, but i'm tired of show treating Amy like she's the "ugly duckling" girl of group all time. Amy's appearance on this show has clearly changed since she arrived, she is looking prettier and prettier as time goes on and its high time someone acknowledged it and that someone should be Sheldon. He may not be motivated by physical attractiveness, but no girlfriend wants to think that her boyfriend doesn't find her physical attractive as well as mentally intelligent. Sheldon has compliment Amy on being a brilliant scientist more than once, time he concentrate on compliment her appearance too. Say something nice about her hair, her eyes, hell even her breasts I don't care what it is, just show once and for all that he does think she is Pretty because just like we all know Penny loved Leonard before she actually said it too him it was STILL NICER TO HEAR IT!! so Sheldon should say nice things to Amy about her appearance way Leonard does for Penny and Howard for Bernadette its the polite romantic thing to do. 3. He needs to spend time with Amy's FAMILY! - a Clear sign that their relationship is getting more serious would be Sheldon willing choosing to spend time with not just her, but people who created her. Where is Amy's dad? Sheldon needs to meet the man if he's still alive. He needs to know more about what she was like before he met her, what she was like as a child etc, and only way you truly learn stuff like that is from getting to know people who knew her before and loved her. He needs to meet her MOM in person! Show that he can be not just good boyfriend material, but potential husband material as well. That time Amy wanted Sheldon to come to her grandma's birthday party he blew her off to play online with the boys well its past time he make that up to her in my opinion. 4. He needs to introduce her to Meemaw or someone else in his family! - We have not yet met her, but I've wanted too for so long now and I want Amy to meet her because I feel like if Amy got his Meemaw's approval then that would bring Sheldon one big step closer to admitting She's "THE ONE!" Plus just fact that he be willing to introduce them would show how much Amy means to him now. If not her, then at least let Amy meet Sheldon's sister missy, we haven't seen her since what season one its like writers forgot she exists, what about his brother? I mean Amy wants to marry him, she should at least meet his family first. Its going to be really silly if one day they actually did get married and they act like first time she's meeting his family is at the wedding rehearsal dinner or some such nonsense. No Amy should bond with these people or at least you know get a chance to have hilarious mishaps happen around them for comedy's sake. I also want to see Mary Cooper again next season cause I missed her this season. 5. Sheldon should get Amy another gift - But this time it should be something even better than a tiara or a emergency contact form. It can be a birthday present, or another V-day present, doesn't matter, but I think its super cute when he goes out of his way to think up something sweet to give to her and I want to see it happen again next season. Now I don't expect an engagement ring or anything, but I love it if he bought tickets for them to go away on a romantic weekend together or you know even to Comic Con together cause to him that probably be romantic thing to do lol.
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    I was looking back at some previous season ratings (I know, I need a life) and found this bit: Last night, TBBT became the first show to beat an Idol results show where the Champion was announced (or call it an Idol season finale). This is a continuation of, and the logical conclusion to, last year when TBBT became the first show to beat Idol on a regular basis, since Idol's first season.
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    The maturity of Sheldon and the speech toast. I noticed that when Sheldon had finished, than Leonard said. "It must be very hard to say" Sheldon was very sincere and he honestly was happy for him when he said: "Well, I mean it". But then moment after he said that line:And that's how you get a toothpaste commercial. Cheers" he said that because he didn't want any one find out that he really is happy for Leonard, that some sentiment is in him in that moment. It's like his pride again wins, and he wanted to hide that fact.But he really will be miss his little buddy
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    Until they announce " I now present Leonard and Penny Hofstader".
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    Another note: Kunal's acting was spot-on last night. During his scene with Penny, he actually had me tearing up. I couldn't handle it.
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    Leonard's face when Penny says ILY first. Awwww.
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    I think the bottom line is that Sheldon is always going to be Sheldon with the rest of the gang. He might show moments of maturity like when he compliments Penny on her acting or gives Leonard a toast or like he did in 6x18 with the whole women in science thing, but all in all he's going to stay the "old" Sheldon, especially with those who aren't Leonard and Penny. The problem in recent episodes was that he was like that with Amy too, when she is meant to be the exception. Last week's episode showed him once again acting like she's the exception, and hopefully we'll go back to seeing more of that again next season. So the 2 Sheldons are probably here to stay depending on who he is with and what the situation is.
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    I agree. Sheldon's had better episodes, but he's also had much worse, and I think the only childlike moment he had was off screen, when Penny told Raj she had given him an activity book, just like a mum does when she has quick errands to run. Like I said in the episode thread, I liked the airport scene as it was, because Sheldon talking so freely about love definitely says a lot on the journey he's taken this season. I also completely agree with silverangel. The problem with Sheldon's childish behaviour is that Amy is literally the only character on the show to see him as a grown up man. He's Leonard and Penny's symbolical child (they really hit on our heads with this metaphor in the airport scene, the only missing thing was a disgusted look as L&P kissed), and Raj, Howard and Bernadette sees him as this human like robot. And I feel like, as Shedlon has so much trouble getting social cues and bonding with people, he will pretty much be what people expect him to be because it's the only way he can handle things. I feel like he's never more himself than when he is with Amy, for she loves all his quirks for what they are instead of twisting them into making Sheldon something he's not. This is probably why he's been evolving so much since he's met her. He's not changing for Amy, he's changing thanks to Amy. Unlike everyone he knows, she's not expecting him to be only one thing. Sne loves him for everything he is and has to offer, which is a lot more than "annoying, childlike Shelbot."
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    I don't think Sheldon was anywhere near as annoying or childlike in this one as he was in Closet. In the car scene he was a bit too much, but even then it wasn't childlike, he was being paranoid as usual. I also think it's perfectly in character for him to be jealous of Leonard and not wanting to admit he will miss him when he's gone so he tries to cover it up by being obnoxious. I would have liked to see him being a bit more emotional in the end about Leonard leaving or at least for the plot not to be as rushed as it came across, but overall I don't think Sheldon was THAT bad in this one. He wasn't perfect, because they used him as comedic relief, but he wasn't all that bad. I actually thought that Sheldon pointing out that 4 months apart can be dangerous to a relationship as well as the "They just love each other" as a sign of things Sheldon probably wouldn't have even considered in the past, so there was a bit of growth there. Also, the toast was nice, all in all, he was making an effort, even if half-hearted. eta: I think I get the "Fine, I'll do it" now. I think Sheldon wasn't even paying attention to the conversation, he's starting at his food with this grumpy look on his face the whole time. So when he hears silence he blurts out he'll do it because he was still stuck at what they were discussing to start with.
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    The Sulphur Juxtaposition by webuiltthepyramids - she has lots of excellent stories. The science of love by SaraBear96 and also last one for now The Coitus Initiation by shea7692
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    The Complete Package by SRAM all character involvment
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    I have several that I like, some have been mentioned but i will post the list later but I recommend that Questions be read and The Transfer Ambiguity both are excellent and The Romantic Gesture Hypothesis then The Cohabitation Experiment
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    So excited to be here among people who love this show as much as I do! I loved this episode! So much Shamy goodness!
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    Thanks, interesting comments. It's amazing where a programme like this, can take us, in terms of learning, in this case about psychology. All I need now is an actor, and a writer from the show to answer some of my other questions.
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    In my opinion, those two definitely have a good deal of chemistry, but certainly not the sexual/romantic chemistry that the Shenny's claim is between them. The chemistry I see is the purely comedic brother/sister kind of chemistry. If I sensed a change in their chemistry towards a sexual direction I would find myself starting to feel very uncomfortable.
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    R.I.P Sheldon's long-winded scienific monologues. I miss them and was hoping for a new one to replace my signature. Never understood a word of any of it, but they always sounded so brilliant. I don't know how Jim managed it, it's hard enough just reading them.
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    1. Leslie back for an episode to combat Amy over her bad mouthing Sheldon. 2. Paintball in an episode 3. Pillowtalk between Leonard and Penny 4. Penny getting some acting jobs
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    I want more Skype!Amy, as we were saying in the AFF thread. Especially if she's ambushing someone while they're unaware she's on Skype.
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    WHat I love about Sheldon and Amy is that their relationship has grown in a very healthy way. Amy may be chafing (ahem) with the desire to jump his bones, but the two of them have built a very strong bond based on friendship first. It's only now that they're just beginning to navigate the romantic aspects of their relationship and I love that they're not just hopping in the sack. I've said before that they remind me of two junior-high kids, just beginning to experiment with the boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic. They're practicing with holding hands and date nights, but haven't yet gone down the more adult paths (heavy petting, etc.), mostly because of Sheldon's approach. But I think that sooner or later he'll get there. I imagine that from the show's point of view they're going to want to take their time taking him in down that path because it would be such a game changer for the couple. However, I don't think that it will be the series finale, either. I think they just need to get the timing and the approach and the resolution just right because of the specialness of the characters and their relationship.
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    I actually wrote a fic where Amy ties Sheldon to a chair and ties him up in bed but I never finished it :/
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    I think it's for more commercials' sake. Since they did not cut it in the DVDs, then they are not thinking of keeping him asexual. You know what's interesting? Is that I keep on seeing the same question asked by different people from different places, meaning that it REALLY DOES matter if it's related to the Shamy's situation or that it's not even to be considered at all.
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    I am personally quite content with where the show has gone. I don't think, looking back, it is any dirtier than it was during "its prime", back in Seasons 2 or 3 or that the jokes or storylines are any cheaper. I haven't noticed an increase in pandering to the masses in the later seasons. There may be less focus on geek elements, especially during Season 4, but I don't think there has been a significant change. The characters still have the same interests, which are shown regularly. I like the Amy character most of the time, especially the genuine heartfelt affection she feels for Penny and to finally have a friend. It is however a shame that those moments tend to be ruined by some semi-homoerotic comment from Amy. Those comments were funny at first, but now they're predictable, unrealistic and distract from the real friendship Amy has. I like the new dynamic her and Bernadette have brought with Penny. Whether it's turning the show more into Friends, I think having a group of girls gives more opportunity for good stories. I can see how people would dislike the focus shifting away from the four guys, but I like the new additions too. The only disappointment I have really is how Raj is treated. I wasn't bothered by the Penny/Raj hook-up at the end of Season 4, as that incident was somewhat realistic (Penny does have form here) and could have led to some character development for Raj. The problem I have with Raj is that there hasn't really been any development, and if there is in an episode it is quickly forgotten. He's gone from a mild-mannered guy who can't speak to women, to a guy who spends much of his time drunk because he's lonely and is not particularly nice when he's drunk. It sometimes seems like the only point of Raj being in an episode is now to throw out some ambiguously gay lines. I think most of the characters have grown, as much as they ever do in sitcoms, except Raj. Howard's getting married and is, as funny as Howard was back in the early seasons, much better than a fifth year of him slimly hitting on women. Sheldon sort of has a romantic interest, a lot of growth and yet it feels like a natural progression to me. Leonard is not spending his time lonely and pining for Penny, and hasn't been the same depressed sad sack for a while. On the whole, I think the show is in a very good place for its fifth season. I don't agree with most of what some people dislike these days, but there are areas I'm not thrilled with. I just hope Raj will see some character improvement soon. Yes, that's very intentional. :D It was suggested that to try remove some of the negativity that surrounds every new episode's thread, a thread might be made for people who aren't keen on where the show is heading. This is my attempt to try draw some of that discussion to a thread of its own. Despite the question in the title, it's more a thread for those who think the show is getting worse or those just don't like certain aspects of the show and want to vent. Even people who like the show probably have a few things they're not that happy with.
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