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    I think Sheldon loves Amy much, much more than we know or are aware of. There is much more in the deeper level of him going on than what we get to see on the surface of him. He is quite of a master to hindering his feelings to show them to others. I hope we will get to see this deeper level in future.
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    As always Lionne, beautifully thought out. I edited your post to the areas of the Lenny "Fix-it" paradigm which were addressed by my posts up thread. I have commented on this several times before in the last 18 months and I agree with you that it is detrimental to Penny's growth as you so eloquently elaborated. The creators placed this interaction in the pilot and surprisingly they have kept it going for most of 7 season. Penny is the beautiful "loser" who succeeds at nothing except holding the rapt attention and near worship from this brilliant Ivy League educated scientist. Leonard does not seem to care that she has little to offer him except sex. As far as he is concerned she has this immense sexual power that he craves. As you stated, over the years they have added an emotional component that he needs from her, supposedly keyed to her giving him the warmth that he did not get from his mother. Leonard has decided that he will be Penny's knight in shining armor to keep her from all harm, whether she wants it or not. Enter "Mr. Fix-it". Penny realized that Leonard was out of her class in the season 2 premiere when after their first date she questioned why would Leonard continue to go out with a girl like her. Leonard's attempt to fix Penny's insecurity led to his first major blunder with her and the pattern starts and goes on through this season. Leonard tries to fix Penny's problems even when she wants to do it on her own and only succeeds in making her feel like more of a loser. The fact is the writers seem to think this trope is hilarious, like I have suggested, a nod to "I Love Lucy". Penny is made to feel a bungler when Leonard is there with her and a depressed, self-loathing over drinker when he is not there. Why TPTB won't let Penny have some success on her own is their little secret. I can see why Penny did not want Leonard to know about her financial problems in season 2, her going back to school in season 6, her getting a part on NCIS this season or letting her father know that she had broken up with Leonard in season 4. I agree with you the most likely result of Penny's quitting the CCF and trying to make it as an actor is another tour through the Leonard fix-it loop. But just maybe they will surprise us this time with a Penny success. We know it's not going to be big but just enough to make her think she can marry Leonard as an equal.
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    I think that this question comes down to the power balance in the relationship and the different ways that Penny and Leonard perceive it. In truth, the real power in the relationship lies with Leonard. He is the one with a career which isn't just stable, but thriving. He is the key to the ground of friends, which is a lesson that Penny learned while he was with Priya. For example, when Howard proposed to Bernadette in front of the whole group that was socializing together, Penny missed seeing it because despite the "girls nights" she has with Bernadette and Amy, when the overall group is together, it's nucleus is Leonard. Sheldon, Howard and Raj flock around Leonard, and therefor, when their girlfriends want to hang out too, everyone is in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, being together as a group. If Penny breaks up with Leonard, and especially if he dates someone else who does not want his ex hanging around (which most people would really not, especially if they looked like Penny), then Penny is the one who has to go. But everyone else has reason to stay, and will stay. So the social power also lies with Leonard. Financially, he's also the stable one (at least in relation to her) and thus he has that power in the relationship too. The irony is that Leonard doesn't see things this way, and doesn't understand Penny's frustrations or her desire for some independence or strength of her own, because from his point of view she holds the sexual power, the emotional power where he's drawn to her. In Leonard's eyes, Penny holds the power and he really doesn't always understand why she bristles at him sometimes about being her Mr. Fix-It. Someone up thread made a list of the things Leonard does to "fix it" for Penny, saying that this is the basis of their entire relationship. The problem is that things are more complicated than that list. Just going to get Penny's TV or doing her the favor of accepting her new furniture? Those are just mild favors as far as Penny was concerned - it's not really fixing anything. Being there as a should to cry on when her feelings have been hurt by some jerk? Well, that's the honest-to-God type of support which we all need - emotional support in times of crisis. That's looking for some human comfort from a friend, it's not necessarily "fixing" a problem for you. But then there are things like her paper for school, in which case Leonard really was overstepping his bounds to try to fix something for her and make it better - even when she had asked him to let her stand on her own two feet. As Penny pointed out, it's not "elves" helping her in the night, it's her learning to fish for herself - learning to stand on her own two feet even if she fails. You learn a lot in failure, you learn how to get support from friends, you learn a lesson in way you failed, perhaps, you also learn to pick yourself up and keep going, if you have that moxie, inner strength and character about you. Penny actually wants to go through some of those experiences and become more adult, and when Leonard tries to fix things for her and make life softer, he's standing in the way of her personal growth, and that's when Penny resents it. The "fixing" is not always the same type of fixing, and some of it is healthy and needed, and some of it is actually unhealthy and detrimental for Penny's growth. It also keeps her from achieving a sort of personal power she needs to be on more level ground with Leonard. Leonard always has a problem seeing that because Leonard doesn't really see or understand the inequality in their positions which I genuinely think that Penny does, and sometimes resents. She has no problem holding the sexual power, and sometimes takes that she does for granted, and sometimes she'll use it to her advantage because, as Raj noted to her, it's the only arrow in her quiver that she's got. The issue arises when Penny wants to expand herself to get a few more types of arrows in her quiver, and as she's found out this season and last, she's not very good at that! She really doesn't have many, and she's still growing up (she's 5 years younger than Leonard, and this is the problem with age differences in relationships, the power inequality, unless you have someone who is looking for a sugar parent combined with the person who wants to be a sugar parent) but reaching that point in time where she can't quite float anymore the way people in their early to mid-20's can. Career success is important for Penny for her own sense of self-worth, and to establish some sort of equality and power-balance in her relationship with Leonard. To want to establish this before settling down with him is pretty noble and smart, I think. I am concerned with the sense that if Penny achieves success that she's going to be the type to suddenly make a whole new group of famous and rich friends, and she'll suddenly leave Leonard behind because their lives are not compatible anymore, and she's finally got all the glamour and everything she's always wanted. I have to agree that it's not necessarily a good sign that when her self-esteem took a huge beating and she was feeling like a failure, she got drunk and tried to twirl Leonard around her little finger and get a boost to her ego with the proposal (which she probably felt sure he'd accept) and that backfired on her. Sure, when she was sober again she knew she made a mistake and was glad that Leonard didn't say yes, but even though I find it very human and understandable for someone to go looking for an ego boost when they feel at their lowest, I wouldn't want to marry Penny either if she's only at the level of maturity that she tosses around something like marriage, Leonard's feelings, and a lot of alcohol in order to comfort herself. Some people might argue with me on this, but that ain't admirable behavior in any way, shape or form. I feel really bad for Leonard that Penny attempted to use him like that, and left him feeling confused and in pain because he said no but wasn't even sure why he did (although I see it as some self-respect kicking in almost at an instinctual level) and was up at night ruminating on it. I would not mind if Penny learned a lesson about her dreams vs reality. MAYBE quitting the Cheesecake Factory is going to do that for her. Maybe she'll get more into the acting world and be able to see some of the shallowness and trappings of it for what it is, and try to balance her life. Perhaps she'll try to hang out with old friends and realize that she's not the person she used to be. Perhaps, like with Zack, when listening to him talk while trying to get him to sign annulment papers she'll be hit with that painful feeling of what a truly dumb choice she had made and how she's not that person anymore either. Unfortunately, I think that this plotline is somehow going to led to Leonard moving in with Penny. There's been far too many hints about Leonard being sick of living with Sheldon this season, and some commentary about Amy still wanting to live with Sheldon, for me to think that's not in the offing somewhere. I also would not put my heart into thinking a real proposal between Penny and Leonard will happen this season. My guess is that is that at some point it's going to be, "I'm not ready to propose....except to propose living together" from Penny, and Leonard will accept. That might even be the cliffhanger to end the season, with next season Penny and Leonard going through the living together pains, and Sheldon trying to deal with being on his own. (Maybe he'll somehow bring in Zack to live with, and we can have about 3 episodes of Zack living with Sheldon and driving Leonard and Penny up the wall from across the hall before Sheldon has to cut him. Then perhaps Barry will move in, and then perhaps Stuart. And after a whole season, perhaps it'll finally end up being Amy who moves in with him. But we'll see.) I don't like the idea that Penny's attempts at being more serious about acting will lead to failure and some type of financial insecurity that leads to her needing Leonard to move in. I would love it if that's the case at first, and Leonard offers, but Penny rejects him and tells him she needs to sink or swim on her own. (While, perhaps, having terrible anxiety about failing and sending Leonard mixed signals all the way through it. That would be very "Lenny.") Then she asks him to move in, and when he thinks it's just to help pay the rent, she reveals that she has a small recurring role on some small soap and perhaps did a commercial or two, and that's NOT the reason why. The reason why is because she's found enough success, and enough finances that she COULD stand on her own. She just doesn't want to. She wants to be with him, and she wants him to move in with her. For me, that would be the ultimate handling of it. Which probably means it's not going to happen that way at all.
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    Actually, TBBT is not the highest. Modern Family is running at 200%. But, remember, those percentages are based on the network they are airing on. For instance, the comedies on ABC, which is where Modern Family airs, have an average rating (18-49 demo) of 1.8. Which makes Modern Family's 3.6 rating 200% of the ABC comedies, even though that 3.6 rating is 1.6 rating points below TBBT. TBBT is being compared to the CBS comedy's ratings, which is 2.7 a rating. As the article states, TBBT is in another stratosphere, and competing with itself, if you compare it to the other channels averages (which will be a bit off as the CBS number is pulled up by TBBT, you get: ABC had a 1.8, TBBT is approaching 300% (291%) of the ABC number. NBC has a 1.0. TBBT is at 520% of the NBC number FOX has a 1.4. TBBT is at 375% of the FOX number If you compare Modern Family to the CBS number (2.7) you get 133%. I'm going to do a more in-depth piece for new and notes post in the ratings thread next week.
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    Many would agree with you there. I like those pictures just because those clothes do look lovely on her (and I'm terrible at detecting awkwardness as I already explained), but I agree she would've looked her sexiest if they allowed her to pose more casually and just be herself. Her smile is really one of her greatest assets and it's puzzling to me how so many women seem to consider a lack of one more attractive. For a lot of people, their favourite picture was at the end where she was wearing her own clothes and just grinning at the camera and I can understand why. I mean... Look at that adorable smushy face! Smush smush smush...
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    This very well may be true, however, it can not be sustained. Eventually even the new viewers will become tired of the character Penny who "is the beautiful loser who succeeds at nothing". She needs to achieve some level of success, achievement, or even the most insouciant viewer will be dismayed. I truly believe that some type of success will be coming to Penny. What that success will ultimately mean is a different story. It could be a good sign to us Lenny shippers or it also can be a harbinger to further large or small bumps in the road for the wonderful couple. I'm always the optimist and therefore rooting for good things ahead!
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    I think Mayim has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. It just makes you melt. As for the "sexy" pictures.....I don't think I'm fond of them. The clothes are lovely, and her figure looks great, but her facial expressions seem to scream discomfort. Mayim's really not the type for laying on the floor in lace looking all come-hither, and I'm surprised she let them pose her like that. She really doesn't look happy - she's not smiling in either picture, and barely looks like herself in the second one. I prefer the pictures of her with beautiful thick hair, and a big smile on her face, sitting up straight like a normal person and just being her happy self. This forced type of typical "how women pose to look sexy" thing is just beneath her.
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    The position that Penny needs success as as a condition to marry Leonard is a puzzlement. She agreed in "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" that living with Leonard made great financial sense. With no worries about living expenses: - She can quit her job at the CCF that she hated anyway. - She can spend full time looking for acting work. - there are no concerns for those fallow period between parts - She can get preparation which she needs; Acting school, community theater or college degree prep in the Arts. OK, I know. That would be far too logical for Penny and would end the kind of L/P drama and humor that TBBT writers like to use for them over the years. Penny's impulsiveness, leaping without thought, has been a key component of her character. As she has told Leonard, "Don't over think things" and "I’m cute. I get by." That's Penny's level of planning along with the occasional advice from a fortune teller. And the fireworks begin when Leonard tries to pick up the pieces. In some regard, Penny and Leonard's relationship is like an unmarried version of Lucy and Ricky from "I Love Lucy".
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    Another question that puzzles me. It has been stated by many that Penny needs professional success in order to propose to Leonard. Something to do with financial equality in the relationship. If this is true, then why are her work related decisions off limits for discussion with Leonard? It would seem that the future of Lenny is tied up in her success or failure. The point being that Penny won't propose or otherwise accept engagement to Leonard without career success, yet her only foray into engagement territory since last season's finale (which was to shut down Bernie's suggestion) came on the heels of what she viewed as a career disaster. Which, by the way, it wasn't. It was just the vagaries of the business. I would think that it would make more sense for Penny to remove any uncertainties in other aspects of her life in order to focus on her acting career. She is willing to fully commit to acting. Why not do the same with Leonard? Get engaged to and marry Leonard, so that part of her life is settled. Why leave it in the air, unless she is not fully committed to the relationship. Matbe that is what will come in late January-early February.
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    I think we may be honing in on what the real question is with regard to Penny leaving the CCF. It isn't thay Howard wouldn't have gone to the ISS, or that Amy wouldn't have taken the opportunity at CalTech, or Leonard would have not gone to the North Sea to work with Stephen Hawking. They would have done these things regardless because first and foremost, they were scientists. Bernie raised legitimate concerns about her feelings based on her experiences with her dad being a cop. Going to space is a very dangerous activity, which quite frankly, Howard wasn't up for. As an engaged couple, they should have talked about Howard going because his life was on the line. He needed Bernie on board. Penny and at least initially Sheldon were either supportive or didn't object to their SO's plans. The only conflict here was raised by others. If the reason Leonard objected to her quitting the CCF was in the taping report, I missed it. His reason may have been a good one (Penny just may have had the NCIS check and nothing else, for example). Involving Leonard, a very smart guy, in planning for working full time as an actress, likely would aid the success of the project. If the reason was that Leonard was made insecure because for some reason the change would threaten their relationship, Penny could have calmed those fears. There is also the sense in the thread that working at the CCF, or any other job, was interfering with Penny's acting career, yet most actors have second jobs, as has been pointed out on this thread by those experienced in the field. Was working at the CCF interfering with her acting? I don't know. Is it a symbolic act, like the Spaniads burning their ships? Has Leonard ever objected to her career as an actress? I don't think so. He was a little derisive of the psychic's prediction, but he doesn't believe in psychics. He made Sheldon go to her play sans toys, and he was certainly going, so that sounds pretty supportive.
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    Happy Birthday Tx! Here is Jimmy Fallon Playing Jim Parsons on SNL this weekend. Too funny! (you can skip the ads after about 5 seconds pass) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x18pnuv_jimmy-fallon-family-fued-celeb-edition-snl-12-21-13_fun
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    I would like to apologize for my rant a few pages ago. I'm in the midst of dealing with some family health crises (successfully resolved), was tired and really didn't need to read that Lenny is going to be going through some rough sledding. With no hope of a hint of resolution until mid-January at best. I still find it difficult to believe that the writers managed to concoct a scenario where Penny actually proposes to Leonard, and the right answer was for Leonard to not say yes. One concern I have in catching up on the past few pages of posts is there is a lot of talk about Penny, and what she thinks, her career, and how she might become more involved with virtually any other character than Leonard. I'm glad she is no longer going to be at the CCF; that was played out. It was worth it simply to clear out space on the soundstage. Canon suggests that she will continue to pursue acting, but will not have major success. So something better than what we've seen so far, but no starring roles in major productions. Say if she got a couple of gigs like the NCIS role a month, she'd be at least as good as the CCF, financially. Two to four a month would gross $4000-$8000. That's pretty decent money. I wonder if that's what the writers have in mind. However, Lenny is left hanging. What was Penny really thinking, even "tipsy"? Was she simply trying to do something nice for Leonard, without thinking. Seems unlikely, givng the unexplained commitment issues. Possibly this suggests the first crack in those issues. But having broken on through and asked, why take it back? What does this accomplish? That she wanted to marry him when she was impaired to some degree, but in thinking about it clearly does not want to be married? Are the writers simply going to drop this arc, as they so often do, for the next shiny trinket of an idea? Multiple episode arcs are not their style. These are questions that bug me, since it seems that any forward motion in Lenny has been stopped dead in their tracks. It would be typical of Penny to quit the CCF without discussing it with Leonard simply because it didn't occur to her that she should.. If, as we so optimistically hope, Leonard and Penny are for all intents and purposes permanently committed, then she needs to start thinking this way. Leonard involves Penny in his life (asking about the North Sea trip first). This was done correctly. Penny clearly saw it was a great opportunity, and was onboard and supportive. Consider as a counter example Howard going to space. He didn't involve his fiancee in the decision, just assuming it would be OK. Bernie had a right to be concerned, since the chance of Howard dying were considerably greater than sitting on a boat in the North Sea. He should have talked about it to her first. Amy discussed working at CalTech with Sheldon, and got his OK. So we have evidence that the writers know the good and bad ways to handle these issues in the couples. What is the message here? I guess Penny needs to learn how to be the partner in a committed relationship, and she could learn much about this from both her SO and Amy about this. Leonard is being asked to be supportive of a fait accompli. The basic idea of quitting the CCF is good. Getting really serious about what she regards as her career is something that Leonard would be fully supportive of, I believe. He knows she is really good at acting. Why be afraid of taking to him? Logic suggests it didn't occur to her to do so. This supports the idea mentioned earlier that Lorre, I believe, thinks Shamy is the healthiest couple.
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    Penny gets mad because most of the issues mentioned above are ones she could and would have taken care of by herself, until Leonard intervened, often when he has specifically been told not to. She's been on her own since her late teens and has managed pretty well Leonard or no Leonard, so I'd say she's pretty capable. Him treating her like she's incapable, accidental or not, has been a consistent problem within the relationship and changing that would hardly be objectionable. Yes, his intentions are good, but he still needs to learn when it's not appropriate to intervene. I for one would been content to see this source of conflict go away. He'd still help her and she'd still help him when conflict arises, as most couples do, but this particular trope has gotten pretty old. Much like Leonard's insecurity. I know they can't make Penny a big star and I wouldn't want them to, but that doesn't mean she can't find some success in her career. There have been a huge handful of great suggestion on this forum of thing she could do that wouldn't change her interaction time with the other characters and could open the door to a lot more storylines than TCF ever did. I'm one of the few who's thrilled she finally took this step and happy she made it on her own. 2¢ mine.
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    So what some posters are saying is that it is alright for Penny to ask for support on some business venture that may or may not work. However, it's terrible of her for quitting her job to follow her dream because she would probably need Leonard's financial support. Must be me, but I'm not following the logic.
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    This is all most of us are suggesting in regards to Penny quitting TCF. There are just a few posters who are too myopic to comprehend it. I have not seen a single person suggest that Penny needed Leonard's permission to quit TCF. But, people who are in serious committed relationships get their significant other's thoughts before making big life choices.
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    Happy birthday, tx. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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    Hilarious how every other show has ratings : number under 100. and TBBT has: 190%
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    Two random things popped into my head this week that I would like to share. First is in the Raiders episode this season, when Sheldon makes an unscheduled video chat. He doesn't even notice until Amy points it out. It hadn't bothered him that he was going against his routine. I know he was thinking about making revenge, but I like to also think that he doesn't mind straying away from his routine for her. The second is in season 6 when Sheldon holds her hand at the movies. He says "handholding not a fan", which in itself gets us happy because he didn't say he hated it. I also think about the fact that even though he is not a fan of handholding, he was still doing it. How many things does Sheldon actually do in which he was not a fan. Either way it's still a beautiful Shamy moment and one I love watching over and over again. These are just two ways I intrepreted random Shamy moments. I'm sure others have various intrepretations.
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    Glad we are getting some more England chapters, romance on location is always hot. But first
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    Ohhh I LOVE that photo in the Limo, she looks so happy, so beautiful, so natural, I love her smile too...Oh my....I think that I'm in love with her LOL Thank you Chiany for sharing this
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    Happy Birthday tx!!! I can't post something Jim related since I am on my phone BUT I can wish you a perfect,happy,crazy,beautiful day and a really really dirty dirty dirty dream about Jim tonight!!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!! ;-) eta: and maybe share it with us :-p
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    This. It's not fitting to compare it to Leonard leaving for the North Sea or Howard going to space, both of which required they be away from their partners for months, is not the same as Penny quitting TCF. This does not impact him, and it seems most of the posters here are a lot more upset about it. Amy getting permission from Sheldon to switch jobs only demonstrates the unhealthy level in which she has to tiptoe around him. I think the arts are a great profession, I hope my suggestions aren't suggesting otherwise, I just know that the writers have little interest in giving her any acting success and I would like to see her have other options. I know she is supposed to represent the majority of young women who come to LA and are forced to readjust their expectations. I still think she can get work within the industry, be it a small acting role or something BTS. We'll just have to wait and see.
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    First of all, I'm glad your family health issue was resolved. Your scenario of Penny getting enough small acting jobs to keep her afloat is plausible, though I'm not sure how it would carry over in the long run as I know little to nothing about the business. As for the proposal, I'm sure Penny wants to get engaged to Leonard at some point. I think there have been enough hints of this to remain confident of the eventual outcome. I agree that she should have discussed quitting CCF with Leonard, in the real world she probably would have. Of course, this isn't the real world and Penny was just being true to her impulsive nature.
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    Mayim posted the following picture on her Instagram account, with this text: I made lemon macadamia cupcakes for a holiday party. Is there anything she Can't do??? and another one: Post Emmys in the limo. So over the hair extensions and heels!
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    Happy Birthday Tx, here is my BD gift for you. I present you : Knight Jim
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    It is my birthday today. Can someone buy me Jim Parsons?
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    cute dawg ^ :D merry xmas when it comes, you guys. and if you feel a bit grinchy, have a look at this german christmas tradition! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus
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    It seems Penny's shoe hobby is a lot more talk than reality. My only explanation is that she buys a pair, wears it once, and then returns them. Which would be good news for her finances if true (unless they only give her store credit).
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    1st of all she would have to give up her dream. 2ndly Raj isn't loaded, his parents are loaded. 3rdly, and most importantly from my personal perspective, she would be working with the one character that I loath. He isn't trustworthy and therefore would be a very bad business partner IMHO.
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    Even though we haven't seen it yet Sheldon trouser dropping!
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    Oh please the writers loves Sheldon so much there is no way they will give it to Leonard over their precious Sheldon. So either Sheldon will get it or they will give it to Barry K. As for Leonard having Penny --- the same can be said that Sheldon has Amy. Big deal!!
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    Leonard will get tenure but I'd prefer Sheldon too. Science is Sheldon's whole world, if they take that away he has nothing. Leonard has Penny.
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    Exactly! And that is why people need to settle down and wait to see what the writers and TPTB have in store for Penny. This is a comedy after all. I doubt that they will throw her out on the street destitute. Nor will they make her swallow the last bit of pride she has left and ask Leonard to support her. The story line wouldn't be very funny with a lot of I told you so's or or destroying her self esteem.
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    I would so like to see an episode of her dressed like that on Sheldon's spot when he came home from work. Maybe a dream he has??
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    Hmm, Penny with no money, few prospects, questionable personal choices, and living with the guys, sounds like the un-aired pilot. Methinks the one who must not be named is turning his gaze this way....
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    i can see the shamy fan being mad. there is little movement. molaro is a lenny fan, yet we have no peace we where in hell for 2 years than had raj, pryia in the mix. yet S/A have not had a major break-up. only a minnor one and ms. cooper fixed by the end of the show. i would like to see the kiss, but i do not think it would happen before major story line happens to L/P like to think the girl are line-up penny is watching bernie how she is with howard, than amy is taking a cue from penny.
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    Well technically yes Penny not having a job won't affect Leonard personally since he has a well paying job. And I don't know why Sheldon is even discussed since neither him nor Howard, Raj, Amy or Bernie are affected personally either. But when you put the two of them (Leonard and Penny) together, yes it does make a difference to some of us. It doesn't have to make sense to all of us, but that's okay. I think some of us see Leonard and Penny as being already being one unit and not two independent people; therefore the bigger decisions affect both of them. Very true and that was a very minor thing. I don't think anyone who thinks that Penny should have discussed it with Leonard is Dissing Penny or thinking that she can't do whatever she wants. For me, it's kind about respecting the other person who you are in a relationship with that you bring most everything to them for discussion....
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    Do you guys remember in 6.14 with the action figure(s) conversation and how things played out. Something so silly Leonard still talked to Penny about it. Yet Penny made a major decision without even any input from Leonard it was 'I quit the CF and that was it. Of course, there will be the "do I need your permission thing" happening and it does make it seem that the relationship is still tilted in Penny's favor.
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    Don't worry, you aren't going insane or anything. They aren't even remotely the same thing. Leonard not getting tenure wouldn't affect their life at all; he's still be employed and their current situation wouldn't be affected one bit. Penny quitting The Cheesecake Factory, however, could have an enormous positive or negative impact, ranging from an extended period of unemployment provoking hardship in their lives (as Leonard does his usual "help Penny out of trouble" thing) to her getting a fabulous opportunity (acting or elsewhere) that could improve their lives significantly. It's not just apples and oranges, it's apples and brussels sprouts.
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    I do get what you are saying and thanks for the Penny perspective of your previous post. It does shed some light on how she was thinking during all that. I think it's just frustrating that we have to fill in so many of the blanks...not only while waiting for a new episode but after watching said new episode. I understand this is suppose to be a comedy but after 6 full years of getting to know this core couple,well they become like family. And we want answers...
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    This is my favourite!!!! Ok is there any doubt now that Sheldon WANTED SO BAD to spank that ass???
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    IMO Sheldon will sleep with Amy. That issue has already come up multiple times. Once Penny actually asked him, they did have D&D sex plus Amy makes it clear more and more that she wants a physical relationship. What will the point of all that be if they eventually don't sleep together?? We will have a bunch of scenes that were made for them to lead somewhere like Penny's question or his confession that for him their relationship is intimate and that he is working on it that are completely useless. Not only Sheldon should sleep with Amy but he should also like it. That will be the funny thing that he was judging everybody else for their urges but when he had sex he liked it just as much. Otherwise everything that happened so far doesn't make any sense..
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    well, if it's because of the germs, shower sex is always an option
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    All I read was scotch...
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    @#$%^&* IE11 http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2013/12/snark-vs-smarm-goes-mainstream-179666.html
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    How about when Sheldon gave her the tiara. I thought her reaction was hilarious!!!
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