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    angie-ms posted this on tumblr and it brightened up my morning so much, lol.
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    I am so desperate for there to be an episode when they're finally intimate and Leonard and Penny are making out on Penny's couch and all of a sudden you hear from across the hall: "Oh, Dr. Cooper!"
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    How sexy is it when they call each other Dr. Fowler and Dr. Cooper? Or when he calls her "little lady"? Now can we just have THAT plus kissing? Hoo! ♥♡♥♡♥
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    I don't think it's a matter of Sheldon having those feelings for Amy. It's his response to those feelings. I don't think he's very fond with how this girl makes him feel, but like a drug, he can't get enough of her. Now that he's starting to develop really deep feelings for her, like love, it makes sense that he's trying to push her away more than he did in S4 and S5, when the feelings weren't so strong. I'm hoping Proton's message will encourage Sheldon to strap on a pair and stop trying to resist those feelings, hahaha.
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    February/27, if I'm not mistaken. I think Sheldon will ALWAYS be Sheldon. He'll always have big problems with changes, but I feel like maybe his character is going in the direction to realize that change sometimes is a good thing and there are some that he, particulary, would aprecciate. Kissing Amy would definetly be a change that, with some time, I truly hope and believe he'll come to terms with the fact that he WANTS it. With all that eye coitus, I bet he will come to feel the need to have it in a real high frequency very soon hehe You know, for most of the show I didn't agree with people putting him in the "asexual" box so quickly. For my understanding, besides being a germophobic and yadayadayada, it's very clear - to me, again - that Sheldon fits more in the category of demisexuality. If you're unfamiliar with the term: demisexual would be someone who is very - sometimes VERY rarely -sexual and usually needs a lot of emotion bounding before having any sexual-like desires for someone. It's one of the many faces of gray-sexuality, or "gray-a" if you may. Along the last four years of Shamy, his feelings for Amy have been growing and evolving along the romantic territory (which is virgin - no pun intended! - territory for Sheldon). He's so afraid of something he doesn't know and can't control, but it's pretty clear to any good observer that it's there in his own scarry-little-Sheldon ways. So I'm pretty safe, in my opinion anyway, to say that Sheldon is some-level-sexual (so not asexual) being that has the desire to engage in sexual-like behavior with Amy in some deegre and that it only tends to become stronger. Why I say all that? First of all, because I'm hungry and writing is a good way to wait for lunch uahaha (it's 11:55am where I live, don't judge me!). Second, because I feel like those photos gives us a very nice insight of Sheldon realizing that he doesn't want Amy to not care about being with him, and he doesn't want to have to end their romance. And I feel like he only awakened to those realizions in a more level grounded way because of the kiss - that, for all good reasons, was the most sexual thing Sheldon has ever done is his life. Eventhough it was WAY more than a sexual thing: it's was a love act. A care-for-each-other moment. A super-duper-lovely-demonstration-of-affection moment. A my-tumblr-will-hear-about-this-in-a-good-way moment. A I'm-so-hungry-and-I-want-more-Shamy moment for me here. I'm sorry.
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    From IMDB - Memorable Movie and TV Couples Shamy is #47 out of 70 http://www.imdb.com/media/rm326546432/rg2383256064?ref_=rgmd_md_pv
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    I always loved it when they call each other by their title, that's their way of flirting with each other in a simple way that others might not recognize as signs of intimacy.
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    It's one of my favorite things that they do. It really is hot, hahah. It's obvious their intelligence turns each other on. ;D They are the only couple where both partners are doctors, and it's just really sweet and awesome and sexy that they call each other that. It's awesome that they flirt in this way, hahah.
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    I can picture a scene that 20 years later, the shamy kid says to his/her colleague: please call me XX (first name), Dr. Cooper is my father, and my mother. Just like Leonard said to Alex.
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    Oh Edna! You slay me. Completely agree, mothandfire! 5x23 was an excellent precursor to the friction in S6 as he had realized in that episode, clear as day, that had he feelings for her. I don't, however, consider S6 a drought by any means. They had a few tender moments, but as you said, seeing him push her away seemed very natural and honest to his character. 6x23 was also a great precursor to S7, because now I feel like he's slowly "giving in" to his feelings for her. We all know Sheldon isn't going to go down with out a fight, though. We've had many discussion about when and if he's fallen in love with her. I think from 5x23 up until, well, now, he's been attracted to her, very much so. I think he had developed very strong feelings. But now, in S7, he's definitely feeling the stirrings of love, especially after that kiss. It will be fascinating and exciting to see how he handles that.
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    There's been so much foreshadowing this season for the kiss and even sex, that I wholeheartedly believe that something big will be happening for Shamy in the finale. I'm not saying it's sex but I'm hoping an ILY (or IILWY as Maddie wants haha) or mutual kiss or some declaration from Sheldon will be happening in the season finale. Not creepy. Hot. Very hot. Hoo
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    I think if you look back at almost every episode this season there has been hints and suggestions about the change in Sheldon. I think bigger things are coming sooner than we think . I personally can't wait for the new episodes, especially after seeing the pictures. Its all good.
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    The best thing about that PP message is that it is Sheldon's own mind telling him that, since it's a dream.
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    http://youtu.be/bCB_gSvXTHs Part one of Mayim's guest spot on Bill Maher
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    That is amazing that they are on the list, I don't have an issue with the number, because I think that will go up over time, but wow...just making the list in such a short time is fabulous! It is seeing them show up on lists as Memorable and best kiss type of lists that TPTB see (and I am sure they do see them because I am sure they have folks telling them about it) that makes them realize they have a lot of gold in that couple. I am so excited to see things like this because it just means that they know they should be focusing on that couple more if the public likes them and sees them as one of the top all time couples in history like that. Yay Shamy! They are hot! I agree. I think he went through the pushing away because he was falling in love with her phase in the second half of S6. I think he was scared to death of what he was feeling and so was doing what he could to push her away. Now, while the kiss may have scared him, I think he won't push her away as much as will be more contemplative and evaluating what he himself is capable of doing. I don't think we are going to see a repeat of S6 behavior really. He may not show more affection, but I think he will still be at least as consistent as he has been the first half of this season. What I do like is for once the writers are talking about Amy and what she deserves to get and meeting her needs. They have always focused only on Sheldon so it was nice to hear them wanting to give her a payoff. I think they are going to be considering both characters for now on and that is a good thing.
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    IMO, the blue part had practically happened in S6, especially the second half. I always see the whole S6 as Sheldon's Denial Phase, showing how mucn he has being struggled along his fear: Admit that he actually enjoy physical contact with Amy. Because after S5, Sheldon's aware of Amy's impact on him, and that must have freaked him out. So he tried desperately to keep himself from being further affected, such as ignoring her hint(6x01), claiming not a fan of handholding(6x02), complaining Amy's hug feel like being strangled by a boa constrictor(6x14) ,not returning her hug(6x16), describing Amy's handholding as bear paw(6x19), avoidng their date night(6x20)...to me the most evident scene was in 6x21, the way Sheldon pretend to be clueless but then involuntarily glance at Amy's chest? He must did try very hard to deny his feeling, didn't he? And that's why I never consider the second half of S6 as lame or backward. To quote Sheldon" All relationship are difficult." Yes, Sheldon was unfair to Amy, but the progression was truly organic, without the deep valley in S6, they wouldn't climb on the peak of SIK in S7. So, with this payoff the writers have recently given to Amy, I believe there will be more in the upcoming episodes,let's keep calm and ship Shamy.
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    ^This. Sheldon always said he didn't have feelings because that would make him a hippie and there he was telling Penny she hurt his. Same in this new Proton episode. Sheldon hugging Leonard was expressing his feelings of pain over the lose of PP. I think his feelings for Amy will be one of the last sort of admittance of feelings he comes to terms with, but I also feel it's coming a lot sooner than we think.
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    Just saw the photos!!! Wow Amy is so cool!!! I love Sheldon's face!!!!! Do we have regrets Dr.Cooper??? I love it when they call each other Dr. too!!!
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    I'm diggin' Amy's look. I hope they keep that up. The looks on her and Sheldon's faces are definitely very telling. LOL. Love it.
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    Guys, I went to see the movie About Last Night and every sex scene had me envisioning Shamy. I have real problems. And the urge to write Shamy smut.
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    IILWY would be ever sweeter than an ILY, imo. I don't know, maybe is just my non-native speaking way of hearing the worlds that make it sound like such a big romantic deal? hahaha Sheldon knows a thing or two about romance now, come one 8D Thought I would leave some nice things I stumbled across during my tumblr dashboard today. Just sharing the love and the Shamy: (Font) - So rare to find fan art of these two, dont you guys think so? Wish I would find some more ;-; (Font) Aaaaand the best for last. This is not new for me, but I figured out some of you might not have seem the reversed kiss. Let me tell you: it CAN get better to feed our craving for a romantic-and-oh-so-hot-blooded-sexy-Sheldon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iog1SYgvIB4 Watch it. It's SO worth it. *O* ♥
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    Because their off-screen chemistry made their on-screen kiss make TV History! The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Amy Episode: "The Locomotive Manipulation" After drinking "grape juice that burns" and gazing into each other's eyes, Sheldon shocks the world and kisses Amy, to both of their enjoyment. There's no theorizing about this interlude; we know for a fact it was one of the most stellar ones we've seen in a while. Source: http://tvline.com/2014/02/13/best-tv-kisses-history-photos-valentines-day-2014/#!18/sheldon-amy-kiss/
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    So far only found this one photo of her from Bill Maher's show tonight:
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    I´m pretty sure the SIK will give Jim his fourth EMMY, and probably Mayim her first (or at least nominations)I think the writers will know how to capitalize it! In this momento they are the TV Golden Couple!
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    Turn one of those gifs sideways and then we'll talk. Whoops, there I go again.
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    Not sure if he's upset (although I think it's part of it), I think his mind is trying to figure out why Amy isn't reacting in the way he anticipated. He probably expected her to freak out at the thought of losing him as a boyfriend, the thought that Amy bested him just doesn't enters his mind. I can't wait to see this dialogue between them, I can already see it in my head, and Mayim and Jim probably nailed it with all those little subtleties we don't see in these two pictures.
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    I agree, Star. I think that Shamy has always had better verbal communication skills than Lenny. Lenny fix a lot of their problems through sex, while Sheldon and Amy talk things out. I've always felt that the way Shamy talks to each other in such honest terms has been refreshing and is one of the reasons why I ship them. Even through things that have been awkward, they have taken their problems to each other and had the courage to discuss them. That was part of the beauty of the D&D scene, the "quirks and all" scene, the cuddle scene, and many others. I think that with Lenny it's often Penny who surprises Leonard by putting her feelings into physical action rather than being able to say things out loud. On the other hand, Sheldon and Amy can talk through things but putting things into physical action is very difficult, especially for Sheldon. And we've even seen, I think, that Amy is all talk and might have more of a problem putting her feelings in physical terms than Sheldon does. With many of their romantic developments, it's actually Sheldon who leads.
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    Not my photo. Just saw this on tumblr. SIK from Penny's POV.
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    After that SIK, I just totally felt that couldn't stem from nothing. You could just feel adoration feels all over that which I thought would be impossible if they were simply professional in real life. While sure, good acting would bring fantastic results in a scene, but that SIK was just another level. there has to be some sort of magnetism to be able to pull that off.
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    There really couldn't be any better time than right now for that Photoshoot. Since both Mayim and Jim both are in the spotlight right now, not just because of the major publicity from the kiss, but also with Mayim with her book and Jim about to host SNL.
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    As some of you were talking about a sideway gif from the SIK, I tried my best to make some. Hope you like them. Here is one from the full kiss: And here one from when Sheldon already moved closer:
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    Im sort of hoping for him laying it all out to her really, not even necessarily an ILY... Maybe him just saying how much he needs her. In every sense of the word. HOO.
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    omg lol we should turn one of my close ups sideways.
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    I personally think they aren't afraid to change Sheldon, but they are afraid to change him to fast. That's a big difference to me. They have had Sheldo go through changes all seasons, and now made him have a big moment (the SIK). And the words of Molaro saying it won't be dropped off completely, means a lot.
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    I'm more relieved when I see these pictures. Sheldon seems upset, so breaking up with Amy was not easy for him as I had thought.
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    Helloooo, I am not the kind of person who write a lot but sometimes i like to express my thoughts about my lovely couple. First, I want to start with amy. I love her, she started being the female version of sheldon but through the years she acquired her own personality. She has proven to be an amazing friend and girlfriend and I wish the best for her. Sheldon otherwise has this unique and weird personality that makes you love and hate him at the same time. I love his intelligence and this child and innocent personality that sometimes came out. I believe amy and sheldon are in love. Amy is more open about her feelings compared to sheldon. He does the contrary, sheldon tries to hide his feelings but when you see the first seasons of the show you realize how much his character has changed and from someone who refuses to change the reason has to be huge and that reason has name "Amy". So yes, I truly believe that sheldon loves amy. So now I am waiting that the writers surprise us like they did with the kiss I am happy share this with you guys ♥♥♥ and happy valentines day. Pd: sorry my English :*
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    Oh God there so many wonderful, brilliant Shamy shippers!!That is supurb!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore this!!!!!!!! P.S. It is so nice that almost every comment has a golden star...!!!
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    How beautiful is that! (1) Totally agreed. It's so natural human behavior. (2) Yes-yes-yes!!!! (3) I foresee it, too^^
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    I personally think that the Sheldon we saw during the kiss is a different Sheldon he knows himself. A new him had emerged that very moment. While he hasn't "ruled out" being intimate with Amy prior to the SIK, that very event is a direct confirmation for him how carried away he could get. See how he had to catch his breath and recompose himself right after the kiss? And that's just an innocent kiss. For Sheldon, intimacy was more out of curiosity before the SIK. But now, he has confirmed knowledge-wise how it affects him and that is something I can see current Sheldon will have a very hard time accepting without resistance. I would not be surprise if he tries to consider his reaction during the SIK as a one-off thing and resist future possibilities of Amy being able to, for lack of better term, do "further damage" by trying to put delaying tactics in the possibility of being intimate with her. I don't see it as him avoiding intimacy because he does not want to. I actually think otherwise. I think he will try to escape from this reality because he now knows he wants to. Hence making things more complex that it already seem.
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    I wanna see him as a villian/psyco/murderer in some kind of really dark mystery terror movie.. playing the guy that's seems all normal but keeps people locked inside the basement where he goes down when its dark.... I would love to have him on an episode of Criminal minds! Playing some kind of psychodic murderer. Maybe schizophrenic..
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    Lol check Mayim's latest IG post This mascara is...(read the box)...!! http://instagram.com/p/kauQvhKBii/
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    The look on his face is totally "Shit, what did I just do?" And the look on Amy's face is: "Dr. Sheldon Cooper just got outwitted, hah!"
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    Jim's expression here really gives me the high hopes of Sheldon coming into terms with some of his feelings of "No, I don't want to be without Amy". Of course is not sugar, spice and everything nice... However, it started to look SO much better than it did just some hours ago. Include in that mix the fact that he says he's sorry for having her go through that and I feel a little relief coming into our Shamy-hearts-way. In a offtopic note: my comment just made top comment in the last publication in the TBBT facebook page and I'm all feels for representing the Shamy shippers hahaha Feels good, not going to lie. Specially 'cause it proves again the point that the people who aprecciate the character development that Sheldon showed in the SIK are much stronger than the minority who would prefer to have him as a short-joke of a human.
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