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    I think people who ship Ramy are likely the same people that ship Shenny. They will look for any excuse to get Amy out of Sheldon's life and will look for ways to get Leonard hooked up with anyone but Penny as well. I think they also feel that pathetic Raj and pathetic Amy are hard to watch so why not put them together so both could have sex all they want. It is people that totally misinterpret Amy and don't get it. Amy could care less about sex with anyone else. She wants affection from Sheldon and says she wants sex, but when it comes down to it, she is scared and will be when faced with the real prospect of having sex with him. But Sheldon is the only man for her and the only one she wants.
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    Amy broke her 10-episode streak with no sex comments, sadly. I'm going to avoid discussing what annoyed me about the episode and focus on the one thing that was interesting, even though I might be reading too much into it, as it could be just a fluke. I did like that Sheldon immediately got the comment about sex and glared at Amy, and how, in response, Amy immediately went quiet and looked down at her food. I like it because it showed that Amy isn't just riding on her boyfriend's obliviousness anymore and he doesn't let her get away with those comments, it makes the thing seem less one-sided and closer to harmless couple-banter ala Lenny, which is a positive. Just as long as they smooth out their issues with this when it matters, which I'm hoping 7x20 will address, given Mayim's interview. Also, this is something I could not discuss in the episode thread due to spoilers, but it is true that they are surely laying it thick with Sheldon's openness about his feelings for those dear to him: appreciating Howard, "I love my mother", hugging Leonard. I'm hoping that those who were predicting this is paving the way for some big revelation from Sheldon regarding Amy in the last two episodes are onto something.
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    I FINALLY HAD A SHAMY DREAM. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! I was watching a new episode and Sheldon and Amy were on Amy's couch. Sheldon was carrying on and upset about something, I don't remember what but he was almost in tears. Amy was trying to reason with him when all of the sudden he snuggled his face into her neck, still whining. Then he looked up to her face, which was shocked and looked back to her neck and started kissing it. THEN, he grabbed her by the thigh and pulled her onto his lap. AND THEN I WOKE UP. DAMMIT. It was just getting good. Oh well.
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    I almost feel like the sex joke was a set up for the episode being taped Tuesday since it's a 'really lovely' episode, I think a talk will happen between Shamy about their relationship and even Sheldon admitting that he can see coitus being on the table in the not too distant future (not literally. Let's not get excited.
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    Okay, so I had to collect my thoughts before giving my take on last nights episode. A few things that stood out to me, which I was not expecting from this episode. -As Koops mentioned, the way Sheldon picked right up on Amy's sex jab. It was very different from the reactions (or lack there of) to her comments in the past. He reacted right away and the look he gave her said to me that they have been talking about it. Maybe I am looking to deep into it. But surprisingly, Amy's line didn't annoy me like her remarks have in the past, we haven't heard one in 10 episodes, so I really didn't take issue with it. I even gave the kid an LOL. -How quickly Sheldon accepted Howard's apology and agreed to be better friends to one another. I think it is a big shift from the Sheldon we've seen in the past. I hope this is paving the way for more Shamy goodness. -AMY PICKED UP A WOMAN. LOL. YES. -The entire plane scene but specifically Sheldon caring that he is being annoying and wanting to know why, and then admitting that it was hard for him to watch Howard go to space. Oh yeah, and the hand holding and not wanting to let go. (AWWWW) All in all, I would say this was a big episode for Sheldon and his journey to becoming a hippy. Yayy.
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    So, Granny on Granny,huh? No wonder Sheldon didn't get traumatized by his mommy observation, because he has already got used to "the filthy", lol. Well done, Howard!
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    Am I the only one that loves the sex jokes? Plus, this was the first time Sheldon actually acknowledged her sex references. Then I thought, if she wanted to borrow a book called 'lies to get me sex" and Sheldon gave her such a look, he's basically saying "don't even think about it" which in turn means there is something she could tell him that would make him want sex? Hmmm
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    Its interesting to me that the now famous SHAMY KISS has been mentioned in two episodes right after the V-day episode. They aren't letting anyone forget about it. I love that!! :D
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    For those who don't know, we came up with a name for a kissing scenario we badly want to happen. Kevin = this scenario: Sheldon says or does something really touching and sweet that warms Amy's twaddle (Like an ILY). She's so overwhelmed that she leans in and kisses him. She quickly pulls away, embarrassed, chastising herself, maybe even saying, "Sorry." They look at each other a minute. Then Sheldon leans in and kisses her back. I will shave my head if this happens. I think Sheldon almost has to say it first, because we already pretty much know that Amy loves him. And it will be a much more exciting moment if he says it first. Sheldon-initiated things are awesome haha.
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    I loved Dena and Koops' explanation about the reaction to the sex line from Amy. I totally agree that it appears they have had some conversations and that his look was a reminder of those conversations and his annoyance that she was acting like they haven't talked. I liked that a lot and so found the line a bit more acceptable. I do agree with Maria that it is also set-up for the episode coming (7.20). I think it is what leads to some further discussion. One of these days, however, I am hoping the tables will be turned and it will be Sheldon who finally is ready for sex and having the "sex lines" and Amy is the one holding him off because she realizes she isn't ready. I am sort of hoping that is what we find in S8 to help drag things out a bit longer. While I can't wait for them to finally make love, the journey and sexual tension is also a lot of fun. But it is time the tables were turned a bit. I loved the sweet scene about the car, but it also bugs me at the same time. While it was such a beautiful and touching scene and gesture by Leonard (very unselfish and supportive of Penny reaching for her dream), I also feel that Penny always gets off of having to deal with consequences easily. At some point she is going to have to face some of her impulsive decisions and also face a decision point on whether she really is being realistic about an acting career. If she gets roles, great and I would support that as a viewer, but if they continue to make her struggle and never get anywhere, I want to see them have her face reality and come up with a new plan for her career. The Amy/Raj scenes to me didn't work at all. Everything seemed off in those scenes to me. By the way, to whoever it was that mentioned about Raj having lost weight, yes he did look thinner. I just felt that there was zero chemistry between the characters even as friends last night. I didn't like how they re-wrote Amy's history (acting as if she was desperate for a date in the past, which we know was not the case at all) and suddenly gave her quilting as a hobby which we haven't witnessed her ever having an interest in. There are no quilts in her apartment and no evidence she is into quilting. It was too random. Also, the writing of Raj is getting old. Everywhere I read it seems people are sick of the pathetic Raj story. They need to rectify this soon. I also hated how they wrote Emily's character. Laura Spencer is a delightful actress and I hated the way they wrote her. She was unlikeable from the get-go and I so wanted Amy to have her be a friend. It would have been nice to see Amy make a friend on her own. It would have been the first time that she initiated a friendship and made it all on her own, outside of the group. The best story, of course was Sheldon/Howard and they were dynamite. They were so much fun and it was great to see the growth in Sheldon, as stated above, in his quick apologies, his willingness to try and take their friendship more seriously, etc. Then the story culminated into the hand-hold which was adorable. It was truly the icing on the cake.
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    I stated it before and I will state it again. This is an ensemble cast. There will be two finale episodes just like there were last year (these being 7.23 and 7.24). Some of the cast will get their finale story in one episode, the others in the other episode, but all end up getting some story told in a finale episode. Why are we fighting over this? We saw last year that the full cast was used in 6.23 and Shamy had their finale in that episode. Then in 6.24 again we saw the full cast and Lenny had their finale in that episode. Everyone will get something and it doesn't matter if it is in episode 7.23 or 7.24. It still means that it is a finale story they are getting. I will grant you that some characters/couples get more "set up" than others for the following year, but that does not make their characters less important. For example in 5.24 Howardette were set up the most in that episode, Shamy had had a great story in 5.23 but still had the Sheldon initiated hand-hold in 5.24. Likewise, in 5.23 Leonard/Penny had an up and down episode with the proposal in bed, which carried through in 5.24 but ended with them holding hands as well and setting the stage for S6 where Penny finally tells Leonard she loves him . So even though Howardette were the most central, everyone had a story. Likewise in S6. Shamy had the D&D game in 6.23and Leonard going off to the North Sea was the Lenny finale in 6.24. But also in 6.24 Raj gets his heart broken by Lucy and thereby setting up his story for S7. Howardette had less of a set-up, but still were prominent in 6.23 during the D&D game. Their set-up was more that they have been adjusting to marriage and still were happy, which has carried through for S7. The point is, they all had story and so will everyone in S7 finale.
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    Regarding earlier discussion of Amy straddling Sheldon his spot. This is my only reason for thinking we might need some sort of uniform redesign for Amy. Her jean skirts are too restrictive. She either needs something in a jersey knit or a fuller skirt. I have to believe if she were to hoist it up for freer movement, it would chaff like crazy. And if her skirt covers his lap, and people walk in they can still fake "She was just getting something out of my eye!"
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    As I posted before in other threads, and here too, if Amy is so starving for sex, she had some opportunities TO DO IT. I canĀ“t belive why some people do not understand that SHE IS IN LOVE WITH SHELDON! He wants HIM, no any man, because she LOVES him!. She is playing a BIG battle since the middle of season 5 to get his man! I wish and I hope she wins!
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    Actually, after watching three times in a row, I still laughed out loud at Amy's sexbook joke in this ep. I love that look of reproach Sheldon gave to Amy, like "Really? You wanna learn how to lie to me?" and Amy just shrunk a little back to her food, like a kid being caught in the act of naughty deeds, that's just very cute and weirdly sweet to me. Evidently, after SIK and the almost-break-up happened, Amy has became more confident about their intimacy, and Sheldon became more conscious about sex. I think that's what made this joke feeling more light-hearted than ever.
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    I enjoyed the episode. Leonard buying Penny a car was sweet. The Raj failing with women thing is old (Kunal has lost weight! Who else noticed?). Sheldon and Howard together was great. I also like that it was clear that Sheldon wasn't oblivious to Amy's comment. I look forward to what's to come.
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    I keep trying to picture this scenario. Would they be standing up? Sitting down? On a couch? On a bed (his or hers)? Even if Sheldon doesn't say ILY, but says something nice, I would still love a moment like this. I like that they're finally showing Sheldon "working on it". Hugging Leonard, holding Howard's hand, KISSING Amy, ect... I am confident something's going to happen in the finale or penultimate episode of the season. And a scene like the one mentioned would be AMAZING.
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    ok how about Sheldon having a wet dream about Amy and completely freaking out about it? I can just see Sheldon loosing his marbles over having sexual feelings. I thought of the Amy/Rajesh nightmare sequence because there are still so many Ramy fans(which I don't get at all) so the scene would play like a nightmare kinda showing the audience how awful these two are together but I digress. Regarding Shamy sex, I would like to see this happening: - Sex to be initiated by Sheldon not Amy. -NO raunchy scenes, I would like if they keep it as sweet and pure as the characters. anything else would cheapen their characters IMO as story lines go I'd love to see: Sheldon being nominated for an award but losing it to someone else and looking for Amy's comfort. Maybe he would ask Amy to stay in his room until he falls sleep. Amy sits in a chair next to the bed but Sheldon says: I meant stay here right next to me. and they both cuddle all night but don't have sex yet, this is very possible since they are both virgins. Sheldon getting tipsy and proposing coitus to Amy but she refuses because she doesn't want to take advantage of drunk Sheldon. This will leave Sheldon both embarrassed and wanting more, and he finally understands how Amy feels waiting for so long. that's it, I don't know how to imagine/handle the actual sex scene, I don't think they should show it but who knows. The kiss was incredible and perfect so I have trust in the writers I'm sure they will do a good job. I completely agree with the Raj/Amy interactions, the jokes were funny but their friendship seemed a little forced. I can't believe some people want them together, no romantic chemistry at all.
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    Boy, the glass seems to be half empty for many. This is a logical progression of the story line, if you think about it. Either Penny stays at the CCF basically forever, and is therefore a failure at acting. She leaves the CCF for another job of similar skill level, if she can find one in the current economic situation, likely another waitressing job. This gets her nowhere. Or we have the current Penny storyline. She leaves the CCF to focus on acting. If she just walked into a lot of acting jobs at once, that would be both unrealistic and bad storytelling. The protagonist must struggle. The hero will have support from friends and allies, but to have Penny get a job based on her looks alone doesn't give her a chance to grow. If she is successful, will Leonard then be the guy that everyone looks at and wonders why this fox is with such a nobody. Because in regular society, if you are not rich, a rich athlete or a rich gorgeous actor, you don't matter. For too long, Penny got by being pretty. By her own admission she was a bad waitress, and not much else. Of course she has a great personality to go with the looks, which is why Leonard is with her, but for earning money, she doesn't offer much. Successful actors work really hard, just as all successful people do. You also have to have talent and looks. Apparently she has those, but needs the work ethic. Penny needs to sweat some to earn the jobs. That is what is happening now. The car finally died. There is no surprise there as it was a bomb in the first season when the check engine light trope started. The surprise is that it lasted this long. They can now make jokes about that funky brown car Leonard bought Penny. Penny can denfend Leoanrd for being a sweet, thoughtful boyfriend who bought her what she really needed, no strings attached. Look at her Valentine's gift. He wants her to be happy and successful. We saw what good things Penny does for Leonard in the table episode. She gives him something he has never had, someone who is in his corner, and supporting him. Leonard is stronger and more successful because Penny support him. He is returning the favor. Leonard doesn't need money, he needs love and affection given freely. He's never had that from anyone. Their relationship is beyond keeping score. Consider this. If they were married, how would this storyline scan?
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    Very welcome! I wish I could tell you that being here helps to restrain your obsession around your loved ones. But no, before you know it you'll start half of your sentences with "So we were talking in the forum...."
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    First viewing. I agree with everyone that it was extremely rushed. Both the Lenny and Sheldon/Howard plots were very interesting and could have done with more screentime. It feels to me like they didn't flesh them out as much as they could have. I liked how the Lenny one started off with tension and a proper fight, and how it ended with such a sweet supportive gesture from Leonard, but I feel like they could have devoted a little bit more time in the middle of it. Similarly, I thought they could have started with more tension between Sheldon and Howard to then take them down the path they did. But, in either case, they were very sweet stories, the only part I wasn't quite a fan of was the fact that they had to throw a punchline in there and ruin Sheldon's confession that it was hard for him to see Howard go to space. I did groan a little at that. I did love the S/P "trip down memory lane" car scene. I loved that for once we got a hint at the fact that Penny HAS gotten smarter through the years ("The old days where I would just ask 'Why?'") and the car coming full circle with the check engine light joke that ended with "The light is off now!". That was one of my favourite scenes of the episode. The Raj/Amy plot was just awful. I really hate those two together, the writers always have to emphasize the pathetic in them and in this case even went so far as rewriting canon. For an episode that paid so much attention to the 'good old days', you would hope they would remember that Amy was on the online dating site as a deal with her mother to go once a year and was against any form of human/physical contact for a long time, since Shamy meeting each other is one of the most iconic scenes of the show. Not that she "had almost given up" before meeting Sheldon. It's like Santa Simulation all over again. To make Amy fit Raj's plot they twist her into something she never was in past canon. And for her to be so boringly normal while Raj is a complete pathetic mess once again, was completely uninteresting for me to watch. I am still wondering what happened to the vet since they made such a big deal out of her in interviews. I could have done with scraping that storyline altogether to devote more time to the other stories.
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    I just visited the spoiler thread... thank God I have control over how big an ass I allow myself to be...lol. I liked Amy's first friendship date sweater. It was a pretty color on her. Also, I think spending some extended alone time with Raj will really make her appreciate Sheldon's more controlled and less sweaty qualities... And I like Amy's at work pony tail. Side note: when Bernie wears her hair like that she looks like Judy Jetson, so she should keep that up.
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    IMHO - I don't know that it would be that awkward. Sheldon was pretty smooth stepping into that kiss and during the D&D role play when he says "I erotically caress your...." his voice drops and he practically purrs that sentence. I'm not saying that Sheldon is a lady killer or anything like that, but when it comes to Amy, he has (so far) seemed to get pretty intense when things start heading in THAT direction.
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    I'm a huge Shamy shipper but don't think it would be too much on my 'Shamy shipper heart' it would simply make Sheldon think that Amy believes she is missing something in their relationship because of his lack of affection and when he confronts her about the dream, (maybe even looks around to see if Raj is there lol) she tells him it was just that. A dream. It would never happen and she's with him because she wants to be and blah blah blah. Then Sheldon says 'good' and then kisses her. All my scenarios end well for The Shamy.
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    And now I just can't wait for the next taping PREPARE THE BROWNIESSSS
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    Guys this picture is so adorable!
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    Leonard putting his money where his mouth is, showing Penny that he really does support her.
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    I think S8 they will move extremely fast for Sheldon's taste and maybe even for the audience. Not TOO fast, (because Shamy can do whatever they want in my book
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    Depends on your definition of dependency. She didn't have to take the car, she could have gone back to work. I didn't see Leonard require a quid pro quo for the car, so it's a gift. I guess I don't understand why accepting a gift (a large one, but still a gift) from the person you love, and who loves you, is somehow being dependent on that person. Or, for that matter, why being dependent on someone, while you are chasing your own dream is such a bad thing. I know many women AND men who depend on their partners (both married and unmarried) to help them get by while they go to school; try to become actors or singers; do internships prepping for their lifes work. Why do you have a problem with that?
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    Me and Dena and Maria were discussing Sheldon trying to awkwardly put his arm around her on the couch and trying to pull one of those fake-yawn-stretches. :P Except he'd be 100% less cool about doing it and accidentally hit her in the face with his elbow or something.
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    I love coming back from my day and reading this. I love this scenario! I'm really hoping for an ILY... a kiss would be icing on the cake. Sidenote: Thanks for welcoming me in!
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    I actually do enjoy the idea of Sheldon having a nightmare that Amy and raj are together. I can see it where Sheldon walks into Amy's apartment after knocking and when she says come in, he sees Amy in Raj's arms (no kissing) Sheldon: Amy! What are you doing?! Amy: sorry Sheldon, but you're not giving me the affection I thought you would after our first kiss. Then he watches Raj dip Amy before he leans in to kiss her but Sheldon wakes but screaming before their lips can touch. That way no one has to see her kiss anyone but Sheldon, but still freak Sheldon out hahaha
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    Yes-he's the only man for her-just as she is the only one for him, and soon I think, he will admit it.
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    First off, please remember this is the positivity thread, because I am starting to sense a little bit negativity here. Secondly, I like Ramy, they never made me feel pathetic individualy or together. And it's unnecessary to label those who ship Ramy as Shenny shippers, that sounds biased. I think Amy considered Raj as her gal pal, he had almost became regular member of girl's night after all, that must have helped them developing a certain degree of understanding with each other. Unlike getting along with the girls, Amy seems very bluntly and unfiltered while talking to Raj, as if they were sister and brother,always bicker with each other. Somehow that makes feel their friendship more balanced than hers with the girls.
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    Confirmed: Mayim will be on The Talk show this coming Tuesday (11 March 2014). Set your DVRs, TIVOs, etc. !
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    That is the problem. I didn't find any humor in their story. I find Raj/Amy have ZERO chemistry and only bring out the "pathetic" in each other. I really dislike watching that. Amy is not pathetic. She does have a man that loves her, and while he may be slow at showing it, he does in his own ways show her that she is important to him. Likewise she has a successful career and is happy with her friendships. Yet Raj constantly drags her down by trying to remind her of what she doesn't have. That is not a good friend. Likewise he was upset with her for "ruining" his chances with Emily (which were pretty non-existent from the get-go) and never thought about how she was trying to help him. I just find that their story did not work and it appears from what I am reading around the net, that others do agree. Raj/Amy remind me of toxic relationships. Raj brings Amy down and he is already down on his own. He wants her to commiserate with him and thus has to bring her down. A good friend would lift her up, which is what she is trying to do with him, but he just continually reminds her of how little affection she is getting from her boyfriend. That isn't very healthy. While I get that the writers were bringing the "dating match sites" full circle (how Raj introduced Sheldon to Amy and now she was introducing him to someone), it just didn't work well. Why can't they just let Raj decide that perhaps he needs to find peace within himself that being single is an okay thing and there is nothing wrong with it and embrace it. Why keep him pathetic all the time. It drags the show down. This story really robbed time from the other stories and the pacing was off. It was very off and rushed in important places and dragged in this story.
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    I would just like to say: goodbye to the hoodies! Very much liking Leonard without them. Okay back to the ship wars...
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    Leonard and Penny were essentially the nucleus of the group as individuals even at times they were not a couple. Some times ship talk gets really silly. Why can't we just enjoy TBBT and all the characters?
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    Whoo hoo! There can never be too much Mary Cooper on this show!!!! So happy!
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    I think "filming" she means "working on" really, I wouldn't take the word "filming" literally. Mayim specifically said she's working with Jim this week and that it's an episode "one month" after the kiss. Given they have had no scenes together these past two weeks, she's definitely talking about 7x20.
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    Skull would you like to translate?
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    I agree about connecting more with his friends. I actually thought him and Howard holding hands on the airplane was a good indication that Sheldon is becoming far more comfortable with physical contact. Plus the Leonard hug is coming up.
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    So I was thinking, it has been a year and a half since Amy said she had her four-year plan to marriage. It seems to be on track (see what I did there?) but still moving a bit slow to be married in 2.5 years. What do you guys think? I know you guys are dying for it to get to the bedroom but how about the altar?
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    Oh I'm going to keep posting. BECAUSE I have such great plot ideas.
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    Lenny had a really sweet moment that I enjoyed. Even though I felt Leonard went a little too far at the beginning of the episode, their argument felt authentic to me and I understand he's probably worried sick about her. I liked the "now it's a fight" comment from Leonard. The car scene was very sweet. Even though Ramy kinda had a boring plot, Amy always entertains me. I love her snapping comment hahah. <3 Omg I just love her. I agree that this Raj-finding-someone-and-failing thing is getting old. I would really like for them to focus on his job for awhile. I think love will eventually come to him when he stops looking for it. But I still don't think he'll ever have a long-term girlfriend on the show. Showard was adorable. As people have said, I don't like the idea of them becoming wonderful friends. I like that they rub each other wrong way. But they had a cute moment. I LOVE the holding hands, especially when Sheldon put his other hand on top of Howard's arm. <3 Too cute for words. I'm looking forward to next week's episode, too. I liked Bernie's hair up in a ponytail, too. And I liked her sticking up for her husband and calling Sheldon out. There was another Shamy sex joke, which makes me suspicious. But I love how Sheldon gives Amy a Look. It said to me, "I get it. You want sex. But I'm working on it. Stop putting pressure on me." Those two. Mmm mmm. They obvs want each other. Cute episode. I love those semi-serious angry tension moments in sitcoms, and there seemed to be quite a few in this episode. That's not an elegant way of saying it, but there you go. I love tension. Sexual tension is my fave.
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    I enjoyed the episode. To me the Howard/Sheldon story was clearly the highlight and most entertaining aspect of the show and I loved seeing them bond more and more as the episode went on. Loved Bernie's pony tail as well. I like that she managed to encourage them to draw closer. I have always felt they really do respect each other and like each other yet have a lot of envy holding them back from being good friends. So this dynamic is fun and I am glad they are doing more with their friendship. While the L/P story started out pretty shaky and tense, I loved the sweet and lovely scene with the car. It was really well done by both Johnny and Kaley. Full of emotion and very sweet. I love how he wants to support her and even when they were bickering she still loved him. But that was such a surprise to her and the emotions were so raw and perfect. Personally, I felt the Raj/Amy story was the most boring in the episode and as a big Amy fan that is hard for me to say. But it was just not going anywhere. Their friendship didn't come across as natural this time and Raj was so annoying. They are really making it difficult to enjoy his character when they write him so desperate and downright obnoxious. I was also hoping for a bit more interaction with Amy and Emily which seemed like we barely got any glimpse of their near-budding friendship. Pacing seemed really off tonight. I think they rushed some stuff like the sweet L/P moment and Amy/Emily friendship, yet dragged out the Amy/Raj walking down the street scene and even the bickering about Penny's job in the early part could have been slightly shortened to give more time to the sweet scenes. I agree with BipolarBear above about there being nothing wrong with being single. I wish they would show Raj finally accepting that he may be single for a while and just making the most of it instead of constantly being pathetic. It does get very droll after a while.
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