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    I'm going to the April 15th taping you guys! I'm so excited. :D :D :D HUGE thanks to Chloe!
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    I love how things are progressing for the Shamy. It's so organic and small, but when you look back, you realize that they've gone a long way.
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    So I made my husband try out the Shamy kissing/banter with me. Here's how it works - one person keeps kissing while the other talks and vice versa. So you keep your lips together the whole time. It was fun!!
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    They are not going to show every single hug, handhold and kiss on screen. They don't do this for any couple, at some point you just have to assume things are happening off screen. Milestones will happen on screen, but then things are bound to become routine (whatever that might mean for Shamy) and not shown all the time. The problem we have had until recently is that the writers thought it was ok to show one handhold in 2 years and then claim that it's a "semi-regular" thing (as per Molaro's own words). But handholding in particular, for example, has been brought up more than once in different episodes; there is no way what those lines referred to those two times in four years we saw them hold hands on screen. Shamy do have an off-screen life, and that's it's inevitable. What we get to see it's only glimpses of their life. The problem is when there's too much of a contrast between what we see on-screen and what we are told about off-screen. But, hopefully, the writers got the memo now, given how this latest episode plays out. Regarding whether this is the first SIK after the train, I think the jury is out on that one. I do think it's too casual to be the first and that, given the way Amy reminds him, it seems like it is now part of their routine. But I also think it's unlikely there have been many kisses, if any, because the two eps prior happened over the course of a weekend and so I don't think much time has gone by in between V-day and this episode. So I think one can look at it either way. But it does come across as very natural, at least according to what Lio was saying. Whether Amy was lying to Raj in Turbulence, or just letting him believe what he wanted, who knows. Maybe she only considers the latest as a real kiss, given she doesn't remember the first and the second was just a quick peck. But it's not like they were paying much attention to S4 continuity in that ep either. *shakes fist* My impression is that they did not kiss again before Sheldon returned from Texas, or Penny wouldn't have referred specifically only to the train kiss in Table and Raj would have said something like "It took you three years to start kissing". If there have been any kisses, I think they happened in between Turbulence and Indecision and probably only once or twice at most.
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    These GIFs by grangerjean makes me a giddy Shamy! I love when Sheldon does that warm smile to Amy! He loves his woman!
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    The next arrangement will be Shamy making out in the back seat. Haha.
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    I was soooo waiting for the moment when someone would test it out. Haha. Thanks. Interesting.
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    I'm guessing this butter is gonna end up as another one of those internal sayings only Shamy's will understand. Going right in hand with "Hail the dirty sock", "I need a brownie" and "Flip the table"
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    Yup, Sheldon does really gravitate towards behinds. Seems pretty established at this point...
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    CBS monkeys updated their schedule and confirmed that Indecision will air April 3rd!
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    LOL we can rephrase the old question of "If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make any sound?" to "If Shamy kiss off-screen, but there is nobody there to see it, does it count?".
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    Hahaha, alright then can we all agree that this is the beginning of sexual tension between Sheldon and Amy?
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    Hello, everyone! I've been lurking for a few months now, bur decided to join you guys and the shamy love! You're Awesome!!!
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    I was thinking about the butter scene in the taping report and I mean I don't wanna be the one to always bring up sexual tension between those two but, "she takes it and starts scrapping butter off the top while they basically stare each other down" ??? How am I supposed to interpret that? Can someone with less of a filthy mind please weigh in on the subject ?
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    *cries* OMG guys... I can't handle the posts on the these last two pages...boobies and butts and making out in the back seat! lmao Too much feels and juicy-ness...I need help!
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    What I love about his Big Bang popularity is that he will never have to scrounge for work. He might get offers for "Sheldon" roles, but he can afford to turn down whatever he might dislike. And I think that people are wanting him--watching that SAG interview, the people who did Harvey decided that they wanted to hear him read the part (and I don't think he knew that he was sort of auditioning for that role.) Anyway, he does seem to charm everyone he works with and having a good reputation among your colleagues as a great guy to work with goes a long way in Hollywood.
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    I'm still one of those that believe when Sheldon said they were holding hands/hugging in The workplace proximity he was only refering to the ones we actually have seen onscreen, but because of the pride and confidence he acted on in that scene it came off like they were doing it more often. But I still believe that the ones we've seen are the ones that have happend. Maybe they've been to the movies holding hands offscreen a couple of times but I think no more than that has been kept away from us. But I know people share different thoughts on this matter. About whether they have shared anymore kisses between the valentines episode and the one coming up I think it will be easier to determine when we see the kiss and the whole scene being played out. I'm guessing it's gonna be quite clear after that if they've been doing it a lot or if it's a second first. I'm really excited to hear what it is Amy says after Sheldon leaves! Loving the thought of her refering to something else and the kissing just coming completely from Sheldon! It would be fun and sweet!
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    I don't know how to interpret it, but I did immediately read that that scene was loaded with sexual tension between them.
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    I wanna see Meemaw and especially how Sheldnn interacts with her as we know he adores her
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    Sweetie, are you freaking kidding me??! The shamie who have a less of filthy mind is a fantasy . I love crazy shamie crowd For me the butter is already something shamy-sexually charged, and there is no way back to normally look at it . The 19th episode: -- BUTTER -- BUNTER/KISSING -- FLOOR Oh crap.... The word "floor" makes me think of other things, that Shamy could do on it.....
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    I'm still stuck on taking the train through a crossing and the train's tunnel adjusted between her legs. So, no.
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    I seriously love Jim Parsons. Back in the day before people really got into Big Bang, I always invited people to watch it because of his character. I can't explain how much he brings the character of Sheldon Cooper to life. It's like the character was written in the stars for him. When I watch videos of interviews about him and his role it is so evident in the way he answers questions that he does everything in his power to do justice to that character. He makes every pore of himself exude "Sheldon" whenever the camera rolls and it obviously transcends through our television screens because you simply can't help but love the amazing and brilliant mind that IS Dr. Sheldon Cooper. :D
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    LOL cute! You're so lucky your hubby agreed...mine would give me haughty derision, Sheldon style.
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    Is that a "My eyes are up here!" moment Rachel?!
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    THIS^ is exactly, what I imagine. And THIS^ is sooooo intimate, gosh Especially for Sheldon with his mysophobia. Oh no.... I'm dead again..... Like I already said somewhere, I believe, Sheldon was referring to those handholds and hugs that we have seen. Totally IMO, of course. It's just... these things are too big (deal) for Sheldon. If I'd were on his place and had idk 2-3 times of this, I'd say the same, especially, like Jamie said, he wanted to SHOW the others, they do it. And even more: if compare how many hand-holds Sheldon had with Amy and with the others, it puts Amy on the top, seceding her from them. Idk, I find it perfectly logical . Honestly, I'd like this banter-kiss to be the second SIK, but it will be clearer only after the episode airs -- again, just like Jamie said. Maybe, they discussed it, but it would seem strange, if they would try another kiss, and didn't show us that. I not only want it to be so, but I really believe it. I'm sorry, I know most of you don't agree, but that's OK.
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    I don't think the writers mean any character to be seen as "deeply damaged" people who need fixing, but rather as very imperfect people who are trying to navigate life with their issues and differences. Having said that, I don't think they write these characters as not having some pretty huge flaws and as if they were part of a feel-good Disney fairy tale where even the cruel witch has a heart of gold after all. I think it's more complicated than that. I agree with Wanmeii that Raj is starting off with the wrong foot from the get go because of the reason why he's so desperate to be with someone. I don't think there's anything cute or healthy in being desperate for companionship. He has never been shown to have any standards that aren't physical standards or turn down a woman. I just don't see this as a healthy way to start off a relationship, when pretty much anyone would do just as long as he's not alone. While him dating two women at once is at least a change from the norm, it still doesn't solve the problem that he is just desperate for a relationship. I think what I would want to start seeing is him breaking up with women and turning them down and start developing some deeper standards than "She has to be at least an 8" and maybe when he stops trying so hard to impress and land a woman he will be able to showcase what's good about him a bit more.
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    Certainly proves the theory of Sheldon being an a*s-man.
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    I remember rewinding that scene so many times after the episode aired. The way he smiles down at her, so amused by her was so sweet.
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    "They were scrapping the butter all night"?
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    That's nice. I'll be the one being escorted away with my hands tied behind my back.
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    holy....*dead* (cannot wait to see Amy kiss Sheldon like this!! :D)
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    Mayim seems to be such a good kisser!
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    Wow! This makes me as (if not more) happy than gifs of the SIK! Such sweet moments. He certainly does love his Amy...quirks and all. Got major feels from this. :-D Thanks for posting it!
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    Actually when I said "critics" I meant the people who do it professionally. Their reviews on his appearance were pretty broad from scathing to forgiving but in the end what will really count within the offices of many decision makers and advertisers are the numbers. Ellen too received some unpleasant reviews for her Oscar hosting but the numbers and popularity of that broadcast contradicted those naysayers. On the lower echelons of reviewers the trolls and haters will always exist, that's just part of life. Everything you said about Jim is true. As a classically trained actor his pride in his preparation and work carry through to his performances. He is an actor who thrives on the work, not about the renown it brings. The financial rewards of his 'trademark' will bring him freedom to work at/with his craft as he chooses. That being said I'd prefer that he have a variety of opportunities that will bring him - rather than "a glorious career", a satisfying one.
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    I will be honest and say that there are certain times that I watch the show, this sentiment resonates with me. Sometimes, it does seem that he merely wants to be in a relationship because he didn't like being the odd one out and can't handle the idea of being alone, which in my opinion is usually a bad foundation for any relationship. It would be wonderful if the writers put a twist in the next couple of seasons where Raj discovers the joy in "single blessedness" as he dates these girls. Once he stabilizes being happy as a single person, I think that is the perfect time to introduce his official love interest. Not that I am complaining with the current girls because I do believe this will contribute much to Raj's growth.
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    I predict that Amy was not reminding Sheldon about the kiss but instead when she said "Aren't you forgetting something"... that the line Lio didn't hear Amy say was something like... "I was talking about dessert" --- Yes, I'm biased but I would be thrilled to discover that Sheldon just kissed her because it was on his mind and not something in the RA. If Sheldon now associates kissing with dessert well alright, alright, alright
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    Everytime I see the SIK. I always feel like its not sheldon because he is in a suit.. Its SERIOUSLY exciting me Sheldon being in normal clothes for this next kiss.. Its going to seem more "Sheldon" Its the little things...
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    Absolutely ChampionAlexa, it's a rare talent that can bring such magnetism to so obnoxious a character. A real life Sheldon would have no friends, but Jim makes it totally plausible that Sheldon would have the fidelity of this group.
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    I am so happy for you Maddie!!!! I hope it will be a great episode and you'll have a great time
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    I'll save my bail money for you
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    I agree. I think they were probably staring each other down in a very flirtatious fashion. Sexual tension out the wazoo.
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    OMG having a mini freak-out. And I thought the little black dress she wore on an ep of Blossom was "racy." From the ep "Mating Rituals"
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    Here it is. It was from Jim and Todd getting the GLSEN award this past summer.
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    Agree. Which makes me believe TPTB will have more moments like this more often than we thought. Also, if something big is happening in the finale, more Shamy moments will be coming very soon so the audience gets used to it and is ready for the next big thing. (although, I'll never be used to Shamy kissing.)
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    What I am loving the most about the kiss is that it's very casual, and not a big deal. I think that is the best part. It's not some drama moment or something that is the center of the episode. It's just that Sheldon is kissing his girlfriend Amy goodbye as he should be. I just love being in this honeymoon period moment with Shamy.
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