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    I love how things are progressing for the Shamy. It's so organic and small, but when you look back, you realize that they've gone a long way.
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    Yup, Sheldon does really gravitate towards behinds. Seems pretty established at this point...
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    Hello, everyone! I've been lurking for a few months now, bur decided to join you guys and the shamy love! You're Awesome!!!
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    I don't know how to interpret it, but I did immediately read that that scene was loaded with sexual tension between them.
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    THIS^ is exactly, what I imagine. And THIS^ is sooooo intimate, gosh Especially for Sheldon with his mysophobia. Oh no.... I'm dead again..... Like I already said somewhere, I believe, Sheldon was referring to those handholds and hugs that we have seen. Totally IMO, of course. It's just... these things are too big (deal) for Sheldon. If I'd were on his place and had idk 2-3 times of this, I'd say the same, especially, like Jamie said, he wanted to SHOW the others, they do it. And even more: if compare how many hand-holds Sheldon had with Amy and with the others, it puts Amy on the top, seceding her from them. Idk, I find it perfectly logical . Honestly, I'd like this banter-kiss to be the second SIK, but it will be clearer only after the episode airs -- again, just like Jamie said. Maybe, they discussed it, but it would seem strange, if they would try another kiss, and didn't show us that. I not only want it to be so, but I really believe it. I'm sorry, I know most of you don't agree, but that's OK.
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    I though I'd post a link to a fic writing. It's my first one https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10194953/1/The-Plan
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    I'll save my bail money for you
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    Off screen Shamy, exists so hard............. there's so much going on, it take pages. They totally kiss A LOT after the train.
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    Speaking in ignorance of the report Ive always thought Raj didn't like/respect/trust women and he just wanted to have one because everyone else did. He has come across as a very damaged individual. He should have a relationship with his therapist, because any untrained women is getting a handful of issues to deal with that would require professional skills. LOL.
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    But it can get up to eighty degrees in January out in CA. So... while it's plausible Shamy have hugged off screen, it could also simply mean the times we've seen. Regardless, I need to see a Sheldon initiated hug. And a real one. Not a 'I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm going to hug you really slow and awkwardly' hug.
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    What I am loving the most about the kiss is that it's very casual, and not a big deal. I think that is the best part. It's not some drama moment or something that is the center of the episode. It's just that Sheldon is kissing his girlfriend Amy goodbye as he should be. I just love being in this honeymoon period moment with Shamy.
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    Bahah, I think you might have to.
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    Imagine Amy wearing something like that to seduce Sheldon!
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    Am I the only one out here who is ready to see another SIK? I mean, come on. It's like Lay's Potato Chips. Once you pop, you can't stop!
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    NO! That is just as wrong as Shenny! Actually, it's more wrong because you can see the actors aren't even OK with it. They just keep saying "Well, they have made it pretty clear in the show that Sherlock and John aren't a couple ..." (Miso says as she runs away because the Johnlock fans are even more militant than the Shenny ones.) My little sister was like that. She always has been. It took her a decade to figure out that when her older siblings were telling her "not" to do stuff, we were really wanting her to do it. She isn't so much a rebel anymore.
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    Agree! But I think Shamy handhold and hug off screen. And I also think they kissed (a Little) AFTER the train SIK!
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    Sheldon HAS changed a lot! About Worlplace Proximity, when Sheldon talked about hugs, he said :" even if it is hot" Last hug on sceen was on V Day last year (february), so it is supposed they huged during last summer, (and we have not seen them doing that!) Kripke and all the University knew Sheldon had a girlfriend BEFORE S 6 x 14. They took for granted Shamy has regular sex (except Leonard, Howard and Raj)
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    I don't think any tbh.. Being that in friendship turbulence, Raj Said about "1 kiss in 3 years".. I truly believe this is the second one. AND OF MANY MORE.
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    LOL Well, Wil got kicked out because he asked to blow the whistle.... *cough cough*
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    I'm going to read family reunion, while I wait. There's snow here, so no work to be done...............
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    I wonder if they make out in Sheldon's spot if he would consider that sullying it, LOL?
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    It's too late for me.... I'm almost 46.
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    Install Hola if you use Chrome or Firefox, I use it all the time now. Works brilliantly,
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    I think it was the writers summing up Lenny to remind the fans who these two characters are in the show. They are telling us these two characters were written to be two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Neither would be good in the others world but together they can do anything. You see it in the episode with tenure, Penny supplying the glitz to get Leonard noticed, then the last episode where Leonard provides the stability and foundation that Penny can use to solve problems, like her car, and pursue her dreams.
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    Because I am bored, I finally found good quality version of the Season 2 bloopers. So many great Jim moments, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, Penny Blossoms, WI Bowling. My favorite is at the very end, I don't know what happened, but Jim trying to break Johnny is adorable. It's a great set of bloopers all the way around, everybody is a riot.
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    Yeah. I pronounce it like "sick" too. I wanted to see how everybody else did.
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    I wonder how many kisses they have had between the train and the latest kiss episode.
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    This just appeared in my tumblr dashboard. Not sure what to make of it or where to go from here.
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    New to the forum. Had to put this out there. Penny & Leonard belong together. They both need each other in their life's. Nuff said!! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Or friends! There's a few good ones to read!
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    I'm guessing we'll get promo pictures on Friday. LM and TP promo pics both came out 13 days before the episode aired, so that's why I'm saying that.
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    Omg shamy, fangirling AND cake. I think I need a "yes to all" button. ☺️
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    Ohh... didn't notice them in the Thanksgiving one, but I don't know how I forgot about that girls night! "Girls night, girls night, ooo ooo!" <-- Raj voice
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    I know, you would have expected Sheldon to drop that one already. After all, he prevented them from getting together the first time when he fed her fears that she wasn't smart enough for Leonard. Hell, they would probably be married already, if it wasn't for Sheldon.
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    Idk. It's more realistic to have him fail. I'm Rajs age and I'm happy that they are illustrating the struggle of being single. Just because you meet someone does not mean instant relationship. Im Raj. I've never been in a relationship and it doesn't mean that I dont desire one. I happy that the sitcom doesn't have all them paired up. The single person has a story to tell as well.
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    My wife is in NY this morning, looking fabulous in her Paleyfest dress!
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    I might be in the minority, but I'm actually kind of glad we never saw the conversation of how kissing was added to the RA. I like that we can all have our own headcanons about it and speculate. I feel like, despite all this progress, the writers might still not be exactly ready to show a scene where Sheldon puts kissing in the agreement that doesn't involve Amy demanding it, with Sheldon whining for humor purposes etc. Note that I said "show". Because I don't think that's necessarily how they might want it to happen, but they might not feel ready to show a scene where the decision is more mutual or even suggested by Sheldon. By not showing it, we know it's part of their routine now, and that Sheldon not only is not resisting but happily kisses her for ages, so there is a degree of ambiguity as to how it all started, but at the same time there is also indication that Sheldon might kind of like all of this. I'm quite pleased with how this worked out. The whole fact that they account for financial and job difficulties in the RA is amazing indeed, because it's not something I see Sheldon including in the agreement if he perceived the relationship as just one where "nothing changes whatsoever, physical or otherwise". It's a massive sign of commitment and of thinking of the other as a partner in life, not just a boyfriend/girlfriend, and of thinking very long term about it too. It's so good!
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    And whimsical inventive
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    I voted B Skull but only coz there wasn't a 'none of the above' option. I do sooooo want the coitus to happen, but I also want them to keep his character intact. I want weird, kinky, off the wall, in keeping with the feel of the spanking and Star Trek roleplay sex. I would absolutely hate Sheldon to become Amy's snuggle-bunny. I want it to be outrageous, funny and totally unexpected. If anyone can deliver this, Mr Lorre can. I have faith. By the way, not sure if I'm missing an 'in' joke here, but the grammar police are being a bit nasty IMO.
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    Also I had picked this one for them but there are so many good suggestions here, the producers of the show should come to the boards and take notes because there are such great suggestions. also I changed my name, sheldonholic was kind of boring :o) "This never happen before" by Paul McCartney also "the Lake house" movie theme song
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    For the record bbt has always been relationship driven in some way, tbh bbt aint much different from seasone one, the dialogur is different more romance, the science is less subtle now. But what were we expecting it was inevitable, do we really want to see a wannabe, nuerotic, deadpan robot forever? Im loving Sheldon a lot more then i did in 1-3, seeing more humanity and his awareness of people and the relationship construct. Look at gis spot, before Leonard it was designated so he could immerse himself in entertainment, but them Leonard moved in and he caused a change in Sheldon, his seating pattern changed to so he could socially interact with people. I dont see this as a negative thing or Sheldon conforming to socities conventions, but when i said it was inevitable their were signz even in S3 that Sheldon was changing, and was starting to become interested in relationships. Ala that date in S3, i think Sheldon has always had those impulses, but theirs a fight between going back to antagonistic, robotic Sheldon and being aware and having the relationship construct in his lifes. So ppl complaining about a romantic centric show, consider this seeing a robotic sheldin with no emotions or people in his life just science, while was funny but after a while it gets old. Because as unique and awesome as that was, sitcoms are all about growth, and altho bbt cannot be emulated in any other show, even in tv land life moves on. And that is exactly what has happened in bbt post season four, its premise has evolved. Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj etc Have all made subtle cchanges to their self actulizatipn and their lifes, the show is slowlh maturing. The truth is is after so many yrars you cannot have the same impact you use too. I mean this show got critized early on for perpetuating the stereotype nerds cant get chicks, now presently fans, media etc. Are critisizing the show for dumbing down to themasses. The audience is nearly 20 mill a week, things are different now, they write for all types of ppl now. On one hand u have the ppl on one side of the audience, who want mote geeky, light hearted humour. And the othrr side want more progression in the relationships. They cannot possibly catee to everyones personal tastes 22 mins a week. I find the ppl who complain about the current state of the show, simply outgrew the show, where the show is realistic, thede characters particularly the guys are growing up and moving pn, so of course Careers and Relationships are more relevant then comic books, its just inevitable. Personally i think as an ensemble the shows nevdr been stronger, i do think tho lack of continuity is the problem, with 22 mins to write, and consideeimg its audience, and noe seven characters to write for, comedy is no lpnger the main pirpose, top many subploys imo. I think too lack of continuty so far, episodes flowed much better prob in 4 and 5. I think too the whole living arrangements, and lenny engagement is getting in the way of continuigy, S8 should go bk to basics. S7 aint worst, none of them are.
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    Always liked the song, the words could relate to shamy somewhat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAOxCqSxRD0
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