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    The only two circumstances where I could believe Amy would loan Penny her tiara for her wedding would be 1. if Penny was secretly her first born daughter or 2. if Penny had cancer and Amy's specific tiara was the only cure. Otherwise... that's Amy's tiara and Leonard has a MasterCard, have him buy a tiara.
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    Not to beat something to death, but that moment in the hallway is a huge occurrence. Not only does she pull him away to speak with him alone (showing her total faith in him), but he on learning of her problem, takes action to solve it in a way that shows and demonstrates his support of her decision (not just giving verbal platitudes about being a dreamer). It is truly one of the top 3 romantic Leonard & Penny moments IMHO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are several reasons why Lenny's talk so much about Sheldon. First, he has evolved into the antagonist in the story. Not the villain precisely, but frequently the character the others struggle against. For a long time, Penny was this a little bit. Leonard is the protagonist. He struggles against Sheldon's rage for stasis, and Penny's reluctance to commit. Sheldon wants Leonard to live as his roommate with only the occasional girlfriend forever. Leonard sees living with Sheldon as a situation that has an ending. Sheldon has gradually accepted Penny as his secondary caregiver, and a factor that keeps Leonard relatively happy. The long-term ramifications of this relationship changing, as they must do, is inconceivable to him, short of a break up. Sheldon has intervened in Lenny as a governor, to keep Penny from dumping Leonard, but encouraging her to "break his heart" when Leonard wanted to move in with her after he spoiled Harry Potter. Basically he wants Leonard happy but living with him. The happiness part is mainly to keep things calm in the apartment. While he does wish Leonard well, it is a secondary concern to Sheldon's stasis. Amy is also caught up in this. Now a factor essential to Sheldon's happiness, but another force for change. In the classic sense, Sheldon is the force for evil, as evil opposes change and assumes they are perfection, while good is constantly striving for perfection through change. Sheldon is not a bad guy, but serves this role as the character demanding stasis. AsLeonard pointed out in the table episode, the good in Sheldon's life (his spot, Amy, Leonard and the guys, Penny) all came about through change. Even now, Sheldon is fighting with all his heart to oppose change. He flat out states that Leonard is not moving, as if he has the power to do this. It is a good thing that Sheldon is taking time to "cool off" as he has shown that he has not boundaries when trying to get his way. He probably does have something squirreled away that would cause Leonard great pain and interfere or end the Lenny relationship. Sheldon needs to wrap his head around the fact that some change is good particularly for him. The second big reason to discuss Sheldon is that he makes Lenny more interesting. While the development of the Leonard and Penny relationship is wonderful, having Sheldon in there provides contrast and low level conflict. Leonard and Penny's central plot line is enriched by having Sheldon as a complicating factor. The issue for me is that Sheldon has evolved into a less sympathetic character, as noted above. He has soured and become more nasty. He's always been condescending, but now it has an unpleasant edge to it. Basically calling his second best friend and Leonard's fiancée a slut isn't just insensitive, it is mean. His condescension rings hollow, as not only does Sheldon have no real professional success, but the area he works in is looking like a dead end. He's mean and condescending, and I hope that this trip will be a way for the writers to take that edge off, and make him sympathetic again. Given the way he is acting, Leonard and Penny would be justified in cutting him out of their lives and Amy should leave him. The show will be even better if Sheldon can able to move across the hall and not treat Amy so poorly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Mayim is nominated (with Kaley) for the Critics Choice Awards in the " BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES " category Go Mayim ! Go ! An award for Mayim !!! http://tvline.com/2014/05/28/critics-choice-awards-nominations-television-2014-list/
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    So, for a split second today, I got really excited that tomorrow was Thursday......and then I realized we were several weeks into summer hiatus. At least it's only about a month wait (maybe?) for taping tickets. Something to look forward to.
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    Johnny Galecki appeared to have just had a good workout and was hot and sweaty as he headed for his car on a Friday afternoon. May 9, 2014
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    Hey! Then you too will be so pleased when they finally put a vacuum cleaner in Penny's hand. I have been waiting so long I forgot about that unrequited wish. Nobody vacuums, though there is an upright in Howardette's cupboard. But Penny tidying and quickly hoovering the living room has been a long held fancy of mine. Just below commiting to Leonard and punching Sheldon. So, really only one more wish outstanding. Something they might save for season 10. Or for just before her mother turns up. LOL. Thanks for reminding me.
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    I think what djsurrey was implying was that lenny have nothing in common without Sheldon to get laughs on the show but I totally disagree. They might not have a lot in common like shamy but they work it just that the writers don't write them that way instead concentrates on the L/S/P dynamic which is a shame & is getting really old. In the real world they would have split up a long time ago if they had nothing in common. So yeah they do have a lot in common off screen. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    A couple of rugrats and a crumbcruncher will be child's play after dealing with Sheldon all these years.
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    I still get a kick at seeing the scene where she punches Sheldon in the nose and Leonard takes her into his arms while saying 'That's my girl' as they go back to sleep.
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    I say Leonard and Penny should move to the other side of Pasadena. Take only the furniture that Leonard bought (including the sofa in Sheltons's precious spot) and go. Let Sheldon keep 4A. Let him get a new roommate, or not. Let him have Amy move in, or not. Let the group of friends continue to meet there, or not. Leonard and Penny need and deserve to be free of Dr Cooper and begin their life together. Let him come and visit them. Maybe he can pick up takeout on the way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Chiany, because he's the snake in our garden. LOL.
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    If Sheldon isn't mentally ill in some way, then he is just an ass and flat doesn't care enough to attempt to understand others. He thinks he's perfect, has stated it many times even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and is horrified that interaction with others might change his "perfection". Consider his reaction when Leonard and Penny point out how Amy has changed him. This is right after he stated that he had been molding Leonard to be a conduit for his will. This is insane. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    IMO, the most horrible thing that Sheldon has said to Penny was in "The Friendship Turbulence", only two words. Penny calls Leonard out to the hallway and cries about the final collapse of her car and how this means the end of her hopes for a final push into acting without going back to her dead end job. Enter Sheldon to the hallway to start this dialog: Sheldon: Leonard, would you wrap it up? We’re waiting on you. Penny: I’m sorry, is the fact that my life’s falling apart interfering with your board game? Sheldon: It is. This is the biggest crisis of her life and she is turning to the man who loves her and fixes her life crisis. Sheldon, who previously had given her some BS about being "a dreamer" and understanding her ambitions, which is quite out of character for Sheldon, snaps back into character by showing that his enjoyment of a board game has higher priority then her collapsing life. Leonard ignores Sheldon and fixes Penny's problem by giving her a new car. But Sheldon's selfishness reached it's zenith this season. This was supposed to be funny but outside of TBBT world, Penny would have expected Leonard to be picking pieces of Sheldon's hide out of his shoe.
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    She isn't showing up on any radar with the pundits who are predicting nominees. She isn't even showing up as possibly being nominated. So I don't think you have to worry. By the way, she is showing up under "lead" actress not "supporting" and they are showing her handicap right now at 100/1. Not very much on the radar screen right now. That could change if she wins the Lead Actress category at the BTJA Critics Choice awards (she was nominated under lead there today). Isn't that the truth! I would love to see Mary and Amy interact. I want that really bad to happen on the show.
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    Just watched the normal heart again and cried during different scenes than the first time I watched. So I think I've cried in nearly every scene now. But all I have to do is look at this gif and I'm happy
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    Simon Helberg participates in Variety's VarietyStudio Panel for Best Supporting Actor
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    I wish Jim would hug me like that.
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    Yes, they are my OTP as well. It's something I struggled with a lot in the beginning, because Ron and Hermione had been my OTP for nearly ten years before I started watching The Big Bang Theory. And I was like, oh my god, I can't love another ship more, what is this Shamy thing you speak of, what is happening to me, WHO AM I HEDWIG? People on tumblr were all like it's okay, you can have more than one OTP, but I'm quite anal about the fact that you can have only one ONE True Pairing. I mean, it's in the freaking name. But then I had to face the truth, I love Shamy more. Ted and the Mother came close to overcome them, tbh, especially since I was so frustrated with the direction the Shamy was taking. But the HIMYM finale destroyed my spirits more than the weird version of Shamy Molaro has been serving us ever did, so they're still first. Although these two ships definitely have a pattern. Ted: Shouldn't we hold out for the person who doesn't just tolerate our little quirks but actually kinda likes them? Amy: His quirks just make you love him more. Sheldon: I like you for who you are. Quirks and all.
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    Well.... I don't agree that season 7 didn't have any bad episodes. I didn't particularly like "The Thanksgving decoupling" and HATED "Itchy brain". That one was pathetic in my opinion, and made Sheldon look bad and petty, and egotistical, and a total ass (OOC in my opinion) I don't think that Amy has been ridiculed by various characters. Actually I think that the "digs" she got where from Sheldon. I however do agree that she deserves better in Season 8. I also didn't like what they did with her this season. IMO Mayim did an incredible job of playing Amy, and eleveated the material she was given to work with.
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    I can only guess the writers actually have little /no interest in turning TBBT into yet another romantic comedy. The are attempting something more unique and walking a thin edge that works sometimes better than others.
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    Penny has been possessive of Leonard before. Walking in 4A in her underwear to get coffee the morning after Leonard and Dr Stephanie announce their relationship. Interrupted Priya and Leonard's date, place her hand on his back, ate off his plate, and drank out of his glass. She very protective of Raj when she learned who Lucy was. It will be interesting S8 now that she is engaged or fully committed to Leonard. I agree about Sheldon's rudeness. I was glad when they let him continue to run away after his temper tantrum.
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    I complained (imagine that) about the lack of Leonard-centric and L/P stories over this season and they ended up giving me exactly what I hade hoped for. Even though Penny's occupation is not settled, she still has made progress. TWO movie credits and perhaps some notoriety (for being sacked by an obviously disengaged twit). If she strikes a chord with audiences and the movie has some legs, she could get noticed. Her career is on the up - compared to where she was last year. And Leonard should have knocked Sheldon's head off for the comments about virginity, the Titanic and countless men. That's not funny on any level, so what that about? Why does he get to say things that are so misogynistic and contemptuous? Its not like Sheldon is boldly saying something everyone else is thinking. Its a minor disappointment to me that Sheldon has not been stomped on for these things. It took a long time for Leonard to show a little backbone with Penny. Yet, he still folds for Sheldon. The thing that made most sense to me of all the season was Penny at the station, saying let Sheldon go.
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    Photos from today's Variety Studio Emmy 2014 Best Supporting Actress Panel Wendi McLendon-Covey, Laurie Metcalf, Ashley Rickards, Beth Behrs and Mayim Bialik attend the Variety Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy on May 28, 2014 in West Hollywood, California
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    Tuesday, May 28, 2014; Weekly Rankings Week 36 Ratings based on Week Thirty-five numbers. TBBT's season has ended and there was a repeat of 7.09 The Thanksgiving Decoupling. Several other shows finished up their season this week. The top ten in demo follows. (Repeats are designated by a R, Specials or Special Times are designated by a S, P indicates series Premiere ) Show 18-49 demo 18-49 viewers Modern Family 3.7 4,722,000 The Voice (Mon) 3.3 4,246,000 The Voice (Tue) 3.2 4,057,000 Dancing With the Stars (Mon) 2.6 3,364,000 American Idol (Wed) 2.6 3,293,000 Survivor 2.6 3,246,000 Dancing With the Stars (Tue) S 2.4 3,055,000 TBBT R 2.2 2,823,000 The Middle 2.1 2,664,000 Maya Rudolph Show S 2.1 2,622,000 TBBT was one of two repeats to make the top ten, and was rated higher than five specials (the lead ups to the finale competition shows) Show Total viewers Dancing with the Stars (Mon) 15,657,000 Dancing with the Stars (Tue) S 15,701,000 The Voice (Mon) 11,704,000 The Voice (Tue) 11,685,000 DWS: Road to the Finale S 11,637,000 American Idol 10,525,000 Modern Family 10,452,000 Survivor 9,548,000 TBBT R 9,087,000 The Middle 7,848,000 Note that TBBT was in the top ten in both Demo and Total Viewers, with a repeat. As all shows, except for burn offs or summer shows have completed their seasons, this will be the last regular weekly ranking until this fall. Tensor
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    Based on Penny's ability to look after goldfish, I think you might have that the wrong way around!
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    I think we were expected to wonder but after the last PP episode it is quite clear. After all PP in that episode is nothing but a manifestation of Sheldon's own subconscious. Sheldon is not playing it up for anyone when he is dreaming. We see the actual struggle that he is having internally. We see him question himself, the way he treats his friends and the amount of time he spends watching star wars. Clearly there is a real person in there but layers of social ineptitude, exaggerated self confidence and a reluctance to change. Overall I'd say that it is the sweater episode that was out of place. Most of Sheldon's issue is really being socially inept. I'm actually surprised he is being judged so harshly here. I was wondering why he is coming up in this thread so much.
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    We need a new photo shoot!
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    Thank you for pointing out those funny & interesting moments. Had a brain freeze and couldn't think of any more good pointers. But you explained that so well and so on cue. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Number one grandchild made "Citizen of the Year" at her elementary school! She's 7 and the big one in my avatar picture..
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    Hard to miss the 'No! Just say no!' song! Couldn't say whether she reminds me of Amy or not Bella, but I'm willing to take your word on it!
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    You're right Matt and Jim did not go to the same high school. I think Matt is 36 so they wouldn't have encountered each other in competitions either though I don't know if Matt participated in Speech and Drama like Jim did. [x] and Jim attended Klein Oak High School
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    Did anyone know that Matt Bomer, that co-starred with Jim in The Normal Heart, is also from Spring, Texas (outside Houston) just like Jim?! That's pretty cool! I wonder if they knew each other before or went to the same high school in Texas...
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    I sometimes throw darts at my dark board with shelden face on it. Soooo funny.... Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Sometimes even here they have yards with the smaller houses but they are tiny things with just a scrap of concrete and no room to do anything and a lot of houses that have been converted into flats usually have to share the garden space!
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    They can always move away and break off the friendship completely We know of course TPTB will never go there, but especially now they are engaged, they hold more power "against" him (if they want to that is).
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    Enjoyed Wil's new show. It was fun. He basically spoofs everything related to science and Sci-Fi that happened during the week. He also gets several celebrities on the show. Very fun. I watched the same episode twice, I enjoyed it that much (well plus the first time I kept getting distracted by family).
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    Yeah I remember Leonard's first "date" with Penny S1, and Sheldon was nice enough to ask "So how did it go?" He was as ignorant and emotionally intelligent as he is now, but he has almost grown into this big monster, where as then he was this little mini monster who cared about his friends, where as now is above said RE Penny having a crisis over his career, worried it well effect his boardgame, his empathy and his ability to emotionally read people has declined, hopefully proton had a effect on them, and the writers start making him more aware other people.
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    Just play this for Sheldon when he comes back.
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    Sheldon has always done that though, even made comments how something as trivial as Romance and Leonard and Penny's love life and the rest of his friends, is as important as his game nights, or board games, or anything science fiction related. He lives in his own world and is perfectly fine with ignoring the real world, like I said he is completely insensitive and horrible because he knows no better, but I think its high time his friends stop enabling his behaviour, once he realizes his behaviour is not okay, he well stop and maybe be like that episode in Family Guy, when Peter finally treated Meg with respect, and got so obnoxious haha, with love and stuff.
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    Okay I need to know this. Is Chlarker for Chloe and Clark?
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    I suspect that Penny and Leonard will get a lot more protective of each other, as have Howard and Bernadette. The latter called Sheldon out on his treatment of Howard. I don't think Leonard is going to stand for anyone to suggest his fiancee/wife is a slut for long and clearly Penny expects him to defend her. Leonard just needs to man up and defending Penny against all would be a great place to stay. The problem is that nerds get used to avoiding conflict. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Thoughts and prayers on this Memorial Day, to all the service people who served, (and died) our country. Heard at church yesterday: An 8 (?) year old asked "who are those people on the wall?" The pastor answered that "they are people who died in the service". The child then asked "was it the 8 O'clock or the 10 O'clock service?"
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    I would say that it's nothing like LOTR. It's a highly addictive show filled with sex and violence. If that's your thing, go for it.
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    I think if you look at the whole show series, they have been in each others cases at different times. He may be bad right now, but remember he is taking care of her, he could just walk out, he has no legal obligation to help her. Also, she has tried to keep him and his wife living with her, with no concern over their happiness, so she is not innocent either. I think they are suppose to have a love/hate relationship in the show, that is their funny interaction. Now if you want to complain about some of the stuff the writers think is funny, we need to start a new topic, because I have a big list. I've lost my parents too, but I have also had friends who's mothers drove them crazy. I have a more interesting question, if Leonard's mom was laid up like that, should Leonard take a month to help her? Personaly I say no, Sheldon should have to go and help her.
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    Shamy lurked me onto this site as well. I started watching a lot of episodes and realized I was seeing a lot of double/hidden meanings in Shamy scenes. I needed to see if others thought the same way and ta da here comes this site where others are even more obsessed than I am.
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    This is an interesting discussion topic, it was nice to read the replies here. Shamy is my current OTP. There have been others in the past, but those fandoms/shows have since ended and I have moved on (although certain couples still hold appeal to me, some even after almost 20 years, and can get me nostalgic (yup, this lady's way past 30)). Some I have been sourly disappointed with, with how the shows/shipping ended, with others I have triumphed. There are other pairings, in other shows, that I support at the moment, too, but Shamy is definitely my OTP. I mean, never before did I join an online forum because of my shipping preferences. I have lurked on many sites, for many ships, but it was Shamy to finally bring me out of it...
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    I saw that on facebook and I thought I should post it here. Serial Apeist ftw <3
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    I know her only from TBBT. I really admire her as a person, in so many ways. For being a woman scientist, for her acting skill, and for being a strong, down-to-earth and positive person. Also, I totally dig her platonic love for Jim and their friendship (with a tiny bit of jealousy because being in her place would have been heaven).
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