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    5 Them kissing in their apartment. Right now it may be only one day a week, but it is officially their apartment now. 4 Pillow talk, in either of their beds. 3 Either wedding planning or engagement type discussions. 2 Any of their parents, visiting. 1 I really want them to have a really wonderful Valentine's Day for once.
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    OFFSCREEN SHAMY MOMENTS I started this list last year. Help me complete cause you know offscreen Shamy is my favorite Shamy. We can also use the space to discuss what they do off screen. 4.1 What do you communicate about? Well, my work in physics, her work in neurobiology and most recently the possibility of our having a child together. 4.3 What the hell are you guys playing? It's a game we invented. It's called counterfacturals. Although for the record, on one occasion she licked her thumb to remove raspberry jelly from the corner of my mouth. 4.13 So will you and Sheldon be sharing a room? No, we discussed it and we decided that we didn't want to jeopardize are relationship by getting to know each other too well. 4.15 Well that explains those puzzling camel race photos on your facebook page 4.16 Sheldon told me about Leonard dating Rajesh's sister 4.17 Sheldon are you alright? When last we spoke, you were going to take a taxi home from Raj's, but according to Facebook you just checked in to the Chessecake Factory 4.21 I don't see why that's surprising, I excel at so many things you had my sourdough bread. 5.3 Wouldn't you want to bring Sheldon? I would, but the last wedding we went to was a disaster. He behaved like a child the entire time. It's not my fault you said that there would be other scientists there my age. 5.8 Last night I was strongarmed into an evening of harp music and spooning with an emotional Amy Farrah Fowler. Hey cuddles! Yes, cuddles. We cuddle. Grow up, Leonard. 5.12 She'll see right thru that. We go to the zoo all the time. She knows my kola face. 5.18 He showed up in the middle of the night, I foolish thought that it was some sort of musical booty call. Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch. There's only so many times a woman can say "How about the bed?" 5.19 Give him the silent treatment. No, he loves that. Our record for sitting in a room together and not speaking to each other is six and a half hours. He said it was a magical evening. 5.23 Believe it or not Amy has embarked on a campaign to increase my feelings for her by making me happy. It's awful. This morning she arranged for me to be a Amtrak junior conductor for the day. It's usually only open for children. She got them to make an exception. 6.1 Have I ever told you you look like a sexy praying manthis? Yes, everytime you drink alcohol. 6.2 That's from Sheldon. He told me he had it engraved. So you actually see you and Sheldon getting married someday. Not someday in exactly four years, but don't tell Sheldon, He's still a flight risk. Can't help you kid! Whenever, I'm around Sheldon I feel like my loins are on fire. 6.5 Last night I gave Sheldon my best come hither look and he responded by explaining how wheat came to be cultivated. 6.6 You know when we buy the Planters deluxe mix she eats all the brazil nuts so I don't have to look at them. She's a unique blend of saint and squirrel. 6.9 For hours, fortunately I couldn't understand most of it because he was wearing that stupid robot mask Before I park, come in the backseat. I want to show you something I had done today. Alright, color me intrigued. What do you think? I think you are high on paint fumes. Boy, that's a lot of band aids. 6.10 Amy's taking me to a memorial service. I need to get you down for a nap for some reason that vaporub gets you all fired up. I'm going to draw you a soothing bath. Where's your bath thermometer? I don't have a bath thermometer. I'm going to draw you a nerve wracking bath of indeterminate temperature. Amy, would you be strong enough to bathe yourself or do you need my help? I'll tell him tomorrow. Mama needs a bath! While you were sleeping, I took a cheek swab and had it cultured in the lab. 6.13 Sheldon doesn't believe in brunch. He can't stand being at a table where one person is having an omelette and another person's having a sandwich. 6.15 I even stopped wearing lip gloss cause you said it made my mouth look too slippery. 6.19 The other day at Whole Foods he spent an hour optimizing the cheese aisle. 6.20 You better have a good excuse this time because trimming qtips to fit your ears right is obvious nonsense. 7.2 He's mad at you too.He says you are the succbus that led his friend astray. 7.3 Sheldon never let's me listen to music in the car. He doesn't want to be mistaken for a gang member. 7.4 When you told me I was going to be losing my virginity. I didn't think you meant showing me Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time. The last time you made an unscheduled video chat, there was a curly fry in your regular fries and you thought someone might be trying to slip you a mickey. 7.5 That's right I'm in a boy/girl relationship with this cute little lump of wool. It's a physical relationship too hand holding, hugging, even on hot days. Play you cards right and I'll let you drive me past the lot where the buses park at night 7.6 Could be anything, last time he was like this he figured out electron transport in graphine. The time before that he was making a list of who's allowed in his tree fort if he ever gets one. I still can't believe I didn't make the cut. Guess who's getting an article written about him in Physics Today. I'll give you a hint, you measured the diameter of his suspicious mole yesterday.
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    cant wait to watch tomorrow night with my boys!!
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    Variety's review of Elf: http://variety.com/2014/tv/reviews/tv-review-elf-buddys-musical-christmas-1201376770/ "TV Review: Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas Using stop-motion animation to cleverly create the feel of a holiday-special throwback, “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” — derived from the Will Ferrell movie and subsequent musical — turns out to be a whole lot of fun, proving yet again it’s hard to go wrong casting Jim Parsons in pretty much anything. Retelling the movie’s story with an assortment of songs from the musical, the one-hour special straddles that line between holiday cheer and irreverence, buoyed in part by a giddy, goofy look that nicely dovetails with Parsons’ take on the title character.
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    Just a quick Shamy one-shot about jealousy! The idea was in my mind for a while and I decided to give it a try. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10892795/1/The-Dalliance-Contest I hope you like it!
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    Ah, bless you honey! And thanks so much for the review, always appreciated (I know I don't mention reviews often ). Hoping Santa's got an 'Apple' shaped bulge in his sack for me, my laptop's got more bugs than an insectarium. Typing the bulk of this fic on my phone has been hellish I tell you. Relieved it's done, phew. Will be catching up with your marvellous stories during my lunchbreaks this week (rubs hands gleefully). I salute you madam!
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    Sheldon adores his meemaw so much, I wanna see him with her! Sheldon adores his meemaw so much, I wanna see him with her!
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    1.13 The guys kicked Sheldon off their team. 2.13 Sheldon tried to be friends with Kripke (nothing bad happened). 5.13 Leonard and Penny started dating again in Leonard's dream, it didn't go well but I think it ended well because Leonard decided to ask her out anyway 7.13 Leonard and Penny had an argument about Penny quitting her job, also ended well. I don't believe in the superstition associated with number 13, I kinda like it because it was my number in high school. However, I think there might be some drama in 8.13 because we got so many good feelings so far, it can't be rainbows and unicorns all the time. (but I won't complain if good things happen in 8.13 lol)
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    IDK...I've heard Bettie White so much, I kinda want someone else. I actually picture the Mom on The Millers better than Bettie. LOL. Anyway, Amy definitely would have given him the cookies. Despite their agreements, when it comes to certain things, Amy pretty much does what she wants. In this case, she knew the cookies would make him happy so that was a no-brainer. She also got him to hold her hand at the movies when they're only supposed to hold hands for moral support during flu shots or if one is about to fall off a cliff ;-) LOL. Sheldon gave into her because it's Amy and he loves her.
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    Hello Ana,welcome to the dark side(the spoiled side)
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    You know what i'd love, for him to write something. Not an autobiography, but a novel. I bet he has talent for interesting stories, too.
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    I'll take it ^^ yay! this week we'll have Jim w/ Craig!
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    I had a dr appt this morning, but I woke up a little early, so I was lounging in my bed when all of a sudden I thought, "Dang it! I'm missing Jim!" Then I realized that today was Monday... I want to record his appearance, if possible, and I want to record the Elf special, so I have to find a tape I won't record over (yes, I deal in ancient artifacts...)
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    Welcome, Ana. It's the brazilian invasion!! Greetings from Santa Catarina!
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    Dude, typing on your phone? that's commitment. I am lucky to be married to a IT guy. We have more laptops than a best buy. Just loved this story! Well done. Even more so on such a small device. .
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    Interestingly enough, when I started the discussion about whether or not Amy would give the cookies to Sheldon without receiving Sheldon's gift, I was on the side of she would not have given them to him. After reading about all of your reasons for why she would give him the cookies, I have now flipped sides and believe that yes she would have given him the cookies. Random: I really like your profile pic Gorn on the sofa. Never really looked at it closely before. lol
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    Hello, Brazilian fellow! Welcome to the ship! Beijos
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    So batman is going to tomorrow taping ... He brought us Shamy Ily... what about tomorrow ? (okey I will suppress my need to scream coitus all over this thread)
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    Beverly does cause anxiety!
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    That would be hilarious, how long before the new penny stops the car & tells Zack to get out & drives off. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, he would be anxious about that, but in the past whenever he's wanted some advice on his relationship with Amy he's always gone to Penny or Leonard and I don't think Amy would be there if it was about that.
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    Just saw this, cause I am an idiot! LOL Still hands down, the best written, sexiest Shamy FF out there. Anyone want to question that? We gonna have a throw down! PS TOB, Love the GIF! I mean Hate it. LOL
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    I was laughing out loud at this. LOL.
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    A while back someone posted about Jim reprising Jimmy Stewart's roll in "It's A Wonderful Life." Watching the movie now, I can totally see Jim in the roll. Maybe it's their physical resemblance to each other, but I would love to see a remake. Especially in this age of 3D, CGI apocalyptic flics.
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    Please give me the link :D Thanks! It's so hot lol.
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    Normally this statement might bother me a little bit, but I'm still so happy about the episode. Penny holding Leonard's arm while both of them smiling at the gift-giving scene was so sweet.
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    You're not the only one who needs help if something big happens around the Valentines episode...
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    I just gotta say, Melissa's husband is extremely good-looking! I agree with the reviewer that physically Jim and Melissa make a cute pair (before anyone freaks out, I don't mean romantically).
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    Yeah, she's mentioned that shes just under 5 foot before. Her husband is 6'2". I always get a giggle out of the following pictures: http://m.zimbio.com/photos/Winston+Beigel
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    Put money on it that it's The Mindy Project
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    I'm gonna call Lenny starts their wedding planning in this episode. The definition of optimization is to make a decision as perfect as possible. I can see them having a lot of anxiety trying to make their wedding as perfect as possible as wedding planning is very stressful. It's time to get that ball rolling too cause they need a juicy storyline.
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    Good. Let's hope they bury it now. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    I'm glad they cut it. I'm sick of them bringing up Raj and Penny's hookup.
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    We finally got a kiss in S8. Howard x Pigeon!
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    Great episode and Shamy both said the ILY in public, that is pretty big. Sheldon and Bernadette were funny, the guys were crazy in this episode, made me really laugh. Sheldon and Amy were sweet and Penny was funny even with Raj's dad. Just a great episode.
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    I know it won't add nothing to the storyline but when a couple has been known to be extremely affectionate with each other on screen and then to have it all of a sudden stop (and it has been all of a sudden), it's just really weird. And if this was happening to Shamy (or God forbid) they have no kissing scenes this season on screen, you out of all us Shamy's would be screaming the loudest about it, Rachel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Penny character seems tired to me this season. Her and Leonard really haven't done much alone, except the Prom and that was the only time they seemed truly happy together. I miss happy go lucky, struggling actress Penny, 29 is not that old, so I'm really hoping this job is just temporary. Also, except for she wears the ring and they mention it sometimes, I wouldn't even guess they are engaged anymore then the other two currently single couples.
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    Completely off the subject of anything, but has anyone noticed that Penny's prom dress was hanging in the dressing room when Amy busted in with the video camera in the Isolation Permutation? I just re-watched that episode and laughed when I saw it. Prom dress my foot!
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    We are happy to make your acquaintance as well Trinabeana! Ref Suzi, the gift shop is located where you catch the VIP tours, just follow the signs. It maybe a 1/4 mile or so from Gate 3 (entrance for BBT). Getting a signed photo is a long story. In short, Mark Sweet (the warm up man) and I have a link from some 50 years ago!
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    One Review! ONE REVIEW! You're the review queen Hazelra!
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    I don't have a celebrity crush either. I'm in love with Mayim Bialik
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    That woman is a hotsy-totsy!! HA HA! GMA had a Heat Index and I thought it was about her! Just love how expressive she becomes when she talks.
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