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    How cute is that face
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    I see season 6 as Sheldon fighting his growing feelings for Amy. He never wanted a relationship or all those "hippy dippy" feelings. So when he found himself falling for her even more, it pissed him off and he took it out on her. And don't forget that spider man speech at the beginning of the season. I really think there was some truth in those words. So by the end of the season, during the D & D episode, he realized he needed to assure her that for him, what they had was real. By then, I think he had already come to terms with his feelings for her but he wasn't ready to tell her. I think for him, telling her he loved her = sex and and he wasn't ready for that. But during season 7, it sure the hell was on his mind a lot, wasn't it? That's why I think her taking the pressure of sex off his shoulders, he no longer worried about telling her he loved her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    http://www.iflscience.com/brain/lips-are-most-exposed-erogenous-zone-which-makes-kissing-feel-very-good I can imagine Sheldon would quote some parts of this article if the guys ever teased him about kissing Amy. After reading it, I started to want a Shamy passionate kiss for the latter half of the season.
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    I think there were a lot of hurtful moments in season 6, that time I wished Amy had broken up with him. However, the D&D sex and his speech "before I met you, I never had any interest in being intimate with anyone" and "For me, what we have is extremely intimate" kinda renewed my faith in them.
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    All right, I finally, FINALLY watched the entirety of the Prom episode (new job, fun but mental), and I will probably grin like a loon for the rest of my days. Just the way Parsons says the words 'The only conclusion was love.' The simplicity of the declaration, the wonder in his voice. As though he is glimpsing a shooting star, or a new planet has swum into his ken- something rare and precious and fragile, that has been vouchsafed to him, and him alone. So, so lovely. Aight, as you were....... ETA; HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAMY<3!
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    xD Finally got to watch the interview. I always think I can't love Jim any more than I do, but then he mentions NPR...
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    Personally, I think Sheldon is a little childish. BUT, that's okay. It only shows how much more he grows and matures, especially for those he loves, esp Amy (more to come on that front). I think that Sheldon's robot like countenance and behavior is what he does to get attention. Kids, Teenagers, and sometimes adults act weird in order to get attention and recognition from other people. That's okay too, but I would like to see him move more away from that (which he has) and into being more adult. Last night, I was watching the episode where Sheldon takes Raj on Amy and he's date. (Forgot what its called). It hurt me (just a little) when he said, "Amy I need you!.... Yes, your my ride". That kinda sucked. Then I watched Prom - how much he'd changed over the years and how, instead of thinking more from his perspective, he was trying to please Amy for once. Just my take on things. Happy Birthday, SHAMY <3! Hope you get lots and lots of BBT merch!
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    Jim is so sweet, honestly, he doesn't need to make a larger space for me when I visit. I don't take up much space, the smaller penthouse, water closet, anything is fine with me. <I lost my emoticons, so insert many smiley faces and winks here>.
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    Great question! And as of me writing this, I am one of the two ‘No’ votes. I truly believe that Lenny has been totally dismissed and minimized this season. I feel like passing out magnifying glasses and starting a TBBT Scavenger Hunt called ‘Let’s Try and Find Lenny!’ For me, and I’m speaking only for myself as a die-hard Lenny, this season has been abysmal with a capital ‘abys’. Thirteen shows in the can and relying on two TR, the shows have been a depressive heartache. And it’s not that I want Lenny cast as the continual ‘A’ plot (as some people seem to suggest). I would love to see them represented. At all. They have minimal screen time and I feel as if I’ve seen more of Bernadette (given her face time in Locomotion, Junior Professor, Focus, Septum, Champagne, Clean Room) than I have of any Lenny. Presently, they are written (and acting) as the most unengaged couple in the history of the world. From experience and the engaged couples that I see they are together, hands on, talking excitedly about wedding plans and their future. What have we gotten so far? Nothing. Their physicality in the season has been negligible and the last wedding talk we had was from Leonard in the season seven finale. Jesus! Even Raj, from the last TR, with his mouth full of dog hair has had more physical off-screen intimacy with Cinnamon than the Lenny has had. So far we’ve had: The Locomotion Interruption --- No Lenny. The Junior Professor Solution --- No Lenny. The First Pitch Insufficiency --- +Lenny. Beautiful ‘Just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you’ moment. Stellar! The Hook-Up Reverberation --- No Lenny. The Focus Attenuation --- No Lenny. The Expedition Approximation --- +Lenny (Personal Preference – the Lenny was undone (a bit) for me here when it the ‘fun sex on a pile of money’ had the kibosh put on it when Penny made the face that was clearly an admission that she had sex on a pile of money before. Like her marriage to Zack, Leonard comes in second again) The Misinterpretaion Agitation --- +Lenny The Prom Equivalency --- +Lenny Beautiful old school Lenny here but without a kiss. The Septum Deviation --- +Lenny (Personal Preference – the Lenny was undone by that stupid ending where Penny is taking photos of Leonard and Sheldon and laughing at them. For me, unfunny. Would have loved to see Penny actually taking care of Leonard rather than mocking him. The Champagne Reflection --- No Lenny. The Clean Room Infiltration --- No Lenny and this was a CHRISTMAS EPISODE!! As for the two TR, as I know they play out differently when you see them so I want to reserve judgment. But just on first impressions? In The Space Probe Disintegration, it seems almost as they are writing Leonard with Stockholm Syndrome, he’s identifying and empathizing with his abuser of seven seasons (granted season eight Sheldon is softer). And in The Anxiety Optimization hate that Penny slighted Leonard with the beach/metal detector comment and then asked Bernadette if she wanted to go to Hawaii. OUCH! That is not how a loving, engaged couple act. I long for a story like The Scavenger Vortex and that’s an episode I wouldn’t even consider a Lenny. But in it, Penny and Leonard are both laboring under misconceptions (one self-created and the other humiliating imposed) and they spend the rest of the show trying to prove their worth to the other. Adored that episode and would give anything to have a few like that. Some folks maintain that ‘they are solid and in a good place’. To me, that is the equivalent of a dismissive shrug of a shoulder. The dynamic, vibrant Lenny that we know they can be, we haven’t seen this season. For me, so far this season, the Lenny (or lack thereof) has been one disappointment after another as they have been minimized and this once vibrant, wonderful couple have been relegated to the back burner. Heartbreaking, very disappointing. This is definitely not what I signed up for. Truly hollow succor.
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    Of course, that's what any good house guest would do. I'll have to take several iterations, he'll want everything to fit perfectly and I don't want to disappoint.
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    Agreed...interestingly enough, Jimmy Fallon is doing the exact same thing next door to Jim at 34 Gramercy Park East. In September he bought his 5th apartment in that building, a studio apartment on the top floor. He now owns apartments on the top three floors of that building. But Jimmy has underspent Jim by about 3 million having spent about 5.7 million so far. I know Jim is a pretty private person, but if he does renovate big time, I would love to see an Architectural Digest spread on the place.
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    Yet another great post! You certainly have a calming effect!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think it's pretty close between him and Raj actually, as to who is the most emotional. Raj just shows it more. I said in a review recently that the relationship between Raj and Sheldon (being left to fend off rats aside!) can be quite 'gentle' with each other and that can come as quite a surprise considering they aren't one another's respective 'besties', and think it's because Raj understands all very well the emotions that are going on underneath. Absolutely agree that the 'emotionless robot' thing is a defence mechanism, and probably the actions of a little boy trying to please his daddy. Bearing in mind that in some ways Sheldon was pushed into the adult world before he was really ready, it's not surprising that he clings to childhood sometimes. Then there's the emotional deprivation that Leonard had growing up, which maybe makes him want to look after his 'little buddy' the way he would have wanted to be.
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    I don't like the dark clouds which are hanging over our Leonard and Penny thread. I'm hoping we'll get a few episodes to make us very happy next year. I do love Penny's "soaping me up in the shower' remark from the taping report. That sounds very Lenny to me! I'm taking it as a good omen for the rest of S 8, maybe adding some missing spice to the Lenny love life. For me, Episode 8-3 was the best episode after Prom. Sheldon's" best couple bragging" set me back some in my improving tolerance for him, but raised my admiration for Leonard even more. Once again, Penny's having her doubts about their future together. Leonard doesn't get all mad or insecure and lose patience with her. His little "marriage is scary" speech is, I believe, a Leonard classic. "I want to hold your hand and do it with you." He easily relieves Penny's Sheldon- induced anxiety. I love that and there has been a sweet, endearing handing-holding motif, deliberate or not, throughout S 8 that suits the two so well. I also enjoyed watching them having fun at the ball game, any doubts about a good future together having been quickly resolved. I had watched S 6 E 1&2 the night before on TBS and was struck by the contrast. Leonard was still so insecure and Penny was still so doubtful about their future together, and those episodes always made me very anxious. Things are so much more solid for them now and they are both so much more mature and that's what is good about S 8. As has been said before, these 2 have grown so much as individuals and as a couple. But WE KNOW for sure that their physical need for each other is as strong as ever. This has made us laugh and cry along with them over the years. Really hoping "the kissing ban" is lifted next year and we can stop mourning the loss of SEEING them love each other the way they used to. I want to shake the nagging feeling that something just isn't right. Got my fingers crossed.
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    I don't think they're creepy or really a contradiction. I think he has shown that he is not averse to his mother or his meemaw hugging or kissing or touching him. I think that in those relationships he kind of reverts back to his inner child because those were safe, loving relationships and a time when he was comforted and protected. He faced bullying as a child and his mother and grandparents comforted and protected him. His childhood was a safe place and he has clung to that and in some ways kind of gotten stuck there, including what it is that comforts him--like vaporub and Soft Kitty. Someone on the other forum, I think it was, made a great argument for the idea that his rational, intellectual, anti-emotional stance is just a veneer to hide the depth of strong emotion that he actually does experience. You can see it in the way he reacts to stuff like Leonard leaving him--when he thought Leonard was choosing Wil Wheaton over him, for instance. He pretended that it was Leonard who was going to suffer at losing him as a friend, but the minute he thought Leonard had changed his mind about going to Wil's party, it was, "Oh good, you picked me, you picked me". Sheldon's emotions are actually quite strong and deep, and therefore maybe a little frightening to him, hence all the "feelings are for hippies" attitude. While he may overanalyze things and generally take a rational approach and pretend that he's Mr. Spock, he actually has very strong feelings and a lot of those feelings are connected to his mother and his childhood. That's one reason why I love that "acting" scene between him and Penny in The Thespian Catalyst. He wrote this fanfic/play and at first doesn't seem to understand why "Mary" would be upset that her son was being taken away to Vulcan. First, I love Sheldon saying that he'd be going to a place where he wouldn't get beat up--so much. It's funny that he expects that he'd still get beaten up... But anyway, once Penny convinces him to try to add a little emotion to Mary's reaction to losing her son, real-life Sheldon goes to pieces at the thought of leaving his mother. "Mommy, I love you. Don't let Spock take me away to the future!" In many ways he's always going to be the man-child. I think that if people are always thinking of Sheldon as being completely grown up or sexualized, then it muddies the waters in seeing where he actually is still. Yeah, they're moving him forward, but he's still "the baby" and kind of owns that. He may feel differently now that he's acknowledging his feelings for Amy and dealing more with the idea of physical intimacy with her. He may be finally starting the "leave and cleave" phase that adults eventually go through. But he's still kind of in that junior high/high school level of approach to his relationship with Amy. He's been clinging to that childhood comfort and innocence, and that's why, to me, those scenes with him and his mom, or of the others singing Soft Kitty to him. have never struck me as creepy. Sheldon has a grown up side--he has a job and an apartment, does his own laundry and cooking (when he's not buying takeout or eating out), and so forth--but his emotional life has always been kind of stunted. And he has kind of wanted to keep it that way. "Maybe I'm from a race of aliens who live hundreds of years, so I'm still basically a toddler." Since there's nothing overtly sexual about Sheldon, and he certainly isn't thinking of sex with his mom when she's taking care of him, to me, those scenes are simply underscoring his emotional innocence. And that's kind of another reason why I don't want Amy to do the vaporub/Soft Kitty thing with him. And it's another reason why Sheldon wasn't thinking of sex, IMO (and in Jim's opinion, either, apparently), when he was taking care of Amy when she was sick. To him, the vaporub and singing, even helping with the bath, are simply the things one does for a sick person. Like he told Penny that first time, his mother used to give him sponge baths, then he insisted on the vaporub and singing. Those were the things his mother did for him to make him feel better, thus those were the things one must do when one gets sick. Anyway, that's the way I've always understood the character and those scenes.
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    Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
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    Here's something I found interesting but I don't know how reliable it is. It's from Entertainment Weekly by Michael Ausiello dated Jan. 2010. Sorry, don't know how to copy & paste from phone. When talking about a possible hook-up between Sheldon & Penny, Chuck Lorre shot it down (thank God) by saying the following: "Part of what's wonderful & unique about Sheldon is he has CHOSEN not to play in the relationship game either way, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, any sexuality. He has said, 'This is not for me. I'm a scientist. All I'm interested in is science and what George Lucas thinks.' We've stumbled into creating a character who has CHOSEN a lifestyle for himself that is unique. And I don't see any reason to modify it." Added Prady: "Sheldon has made a CHOICE that work and all of that is where he finds his passion." If this article is true and accurate then I think we have our answer. Before Amy, he CHOSE to not enter into any romantic relationship and now that he has Amy, I think we can safely say he's heterosexual and has been the whole time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At the end of the day, we are talking about a FICTIONAL character. The writers created him which means Sheldon is whatever the hell they say he is. End of story. But if he were real, we'd simply just ask him. Someone finally did ask the writers (which in a sense, they are Sheldon, along with being all the other characters) in Jan. 2010. What I wrote above is their answer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While you're there, will you kindly measure him for a new suit, just to make sure it fits across his chest and shoulders and biceps...
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    Why would either of those things be uncomfortable? My mother once went into a young man's hospital room and held the bowl for him while he was throwing up because the nurses weren't responding to him. That's just a mom thing. She helped me change my bandages when I had surgery once, dried my hair for me when I got out of the shower at the hospital, etc. When I had surgery in August, she helped me try to eat something when I was too groggy to feed myself. Even my dad helped me, back when I was in college. I had hepatitis and one morning I was too weak to even lift my arms so he fed me my breakfast. I don't think that rubbing vaporub on Sheldon's chest is at all creepy. Maybe if she was wiping his butt or something, but even that sort of thing you do for your loved one if they can't do it for themselves. She was comforting him in a way that was a sort of ritual--tea, toast with the crust cut off, the vaporub and singing Soft Kitty. It's just a mom thing. It's not like she was trying to have sex with him or anything.
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    So 2 seconds of a peck on the lips here & there while in the background is too much from the writers. I am not asking for a full blown kiss (but I take that as well) Not showing them temporary living together, planning their future together, meeting each others family & enjoying the bliss of being engaged, penny backing up her man up instead of the many horrible comments behind his back, example wanting to go away with bernedette does not show an engaged couple. There are potentials for lots of comedy at being engaged , i know they are solid because the writers want us to believe they are & I'll go with it, but there engagement feels forced, fake & false & I am beginning to notice it. And before anyone goes bonkers on me, that just how I feel.
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    Sharing the fun little Shamy write-up I did on buzzfeed.com. It's everything you all already know but anyway, here it is: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjisthebomb/our-little-shelly-is-growing-up-15fe4 No Spoilers. Enjoy...
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    This is a gorgeous picture of Mayim, and a stunning outfit.
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    From Conde Nast Traveller : http://www.cntraveller.in/story/bed-hopping-kunal-nayyar Bed-hopping with Kunal Nayyar The Big Bang Theory star talks about his favourite hotels
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    Have my title and not much else... "The Secret Santa Situation."
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