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    I just decided that Amy with braids is a part of some kind of Sheldon's sex dream/fantasy and I'm not going to accept anything else.
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    Awwww therealjimparsons 19 minutes ago January 19th was a great day for me - cuz this guy was born!!! He got cards from the whole family... We love you! From Jim, Otis and Rufus
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    Awww their love for each other is so beautiful it makes me cry tears of joy! (And now the mistery about Todd's bithday is solved!lol)
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    Speaking of Shamy makeouts I finally bit the bullet and changed my phone's lockscreen to this:
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    If Sheldon does not like braids I have a feeling he will soon change his mind.
  6. 7 points
    when Jim writes "this guy" I melt... literally.
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    Ahh that is so cute. I love how Jim's card has the guy holding the heart and flowers on the front.
  8. 7 points
    Amy in braids? Sheldon wont possibly be able to keep his hands off of he lmao
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    I have 15 minutes left at work. I intend to stare at Todd for the rest of the afternoon. Sorry work!
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    I just want some Shamy smoochin'
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    This is adorable! I think it's funny how the physique of the man in the first card is very similar to Jim's. lmaoo I could totally imagine him walking in holding an obscene amount of flowers for Todd... lol but unfortunately he's allergic
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    O M G! Jim's card is too cute aww this is really sweet ^^
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    Jim liked Mayim's pic within a couple of minutes
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    She is adorable with the braids...my mind is going crazy!!
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    Todd is so cute. He has a beautiful smile.
  16. 5 points
    I Love the cards 1st from Jim, 2nd from Otis und the last from Rufus? <3 BTW. cutest Todd pic ever!!
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    The song may not be for the episode they are taping tomorrow. Seems pretty last minute, how could they have rehearsed all week not knowing if a piece of music that they intend to use in a scene had been legally cleared or not? I took the Tweet to mean that they got permission to include the song in a future script that the writers are working on.
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    Why does Amy need braids and what does a troll have to do with anything.............................
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    I like, except for the cigarette. He looks so much better since he gave it up. He posted awhile ago, but of Genie. Nice pic, but I want a selfie! How about one of him in sloppy clothes watching sports? With stubble?
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    A-freakin-men. Things do need to heat up!! What I would love to see, and think would be really funny, is Shamy make out super awkwardly. First it starts off as really sweet where they'll lightly kiss. And then as things get going, they start trying to figure out where to put their hands, like maybe you see Sheldon struggling to figure out if he should hold Amy around her waist or her shoulders. And then they start like clawing at each other or something and are tripping over each other as they try to make their way to the couch. I really think that's a great way to introduce humor into a lovey dovey scene. And as a Shamy shipper, I'd be pretty happy with something like this!
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    haha! i imagine him picking the cards making sure the drawings look like their dogs
  22. 4 points
    my body was not prepared for so much cuteness
  23. 4 points
    That's what Maddie said to me and Dena and I also need this in my life.
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    Did they say anything about the song that they are using? I"m so excited and my hopes are so stupidly high. I really do feel like something awesome is going to happen in this episode. I'm just not sure what though, I just feel like us shamy lovers are going to come out of this smiling. I'm calling it!
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    Ok am I the only one insanely obsessed with this current Shamy fanfic.... It's amazing and I don't think the author is on the boards, but if you like Shamy fanfic with some M (not much YET) I highly recommend you check it out. It's my favorite of the moment and it's updated often which I as an avid reader appreciate. It's an interesting fic about his struggles with intimacy with one chapter being him discussing issues with a doctor and then the following how it plays out with Amy. Really creative and very IC (which I really only enjoy).
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    (Oh come ON. You can't delete those posts. Now my gif doesn't make sense hahaha)
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    It really is amazing how young she looks in that braids pic. So adorable!!!
  28. 3 points
    I am wondering what Amy's braids mean for this week's episode. My mind can make up all kinds of stuff!
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    I noticed her wearing a lot more make up, too. The braids are so adorable, though haha
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    With the ribbon on her her, I do think it is a costume. Perhaps, it's little house on the prairie? One of the producers also tweeted that they will be using a song, so I do think it's a special episode.
  31. 3 points
    OMG... Mayim looks soooo pretty!!!
  32. 3 points
    It looks like she has even fake eyelashes... what the hell is happening
  33. 3 points
    Maybe they go to some kind of costume party for Valentine's day? Who knows, with this show it could be anything, lol.
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    Jim attended Simon's We'll Never Have Paris Screening tonight. He and Johnny both attended with Simon, Jocelyn, Jason Ritter & Melanie Lynskey.
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    I'm so used to reading fan fiction that I read "AU" as "alternate universe.." I was wondering where there was an alternate universe site. Duh. [emoji4]
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    When Mayim puts clues and Photos, generally the episode is amazing!
  37. 2 points
    Cutest Photo ever!
  38. 2 points
    Is that her dressing room in her latest IG pic? There is a poster of Jim on the wall
  39. 2 points
    now how can i relate braids to a valentine episode...
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  41. 2 points
    You can't just look at it in isolation. That 3.9 was still the highest rated non-sports show by almost one demo point for that week. The entire week across broadcast television was down that week. (Modern Family had a 2.8 that week) It had a 3.8 last April, so 3.9 isn't way out there. It's also instructive to note that TBBT's average rating, for the year, is still higher than any other broadcast show's highest demo, for the year. Viewing is down 11% overall for broadcast television. TBBT is down 13%. For a show in its 8th year, having only a 2% decline more than overall broadcast television, shows its still doing quite well. Despite the decline.
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    Shamy will get married, there is no doubt about it. There have been way to many signs for that during the years since Amy joined the group. Maybe some of you don't see it (or want to see it), but it's going to happen.
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    Simon's film, We'll Never Have Paris was screened in LA tonight and Jim and Johnny attended.
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    People misunderstand her and call her anti-vaccine. I think she would prefer to be called "be intelligent about choices made when vaccinating and don't assume all vaccines are needed or good" I think that is quite different. She has had her boys vaccinated for some things and herself as well. So it isn't that she is really anti-vaccine, but she is about not over-vaccinating when it can cause issues. I know I would do things different had I read up enough when mine were little. My son probably would not have had near as many health issues. Many doctors have attributed it to early vaccination that research now shows is really harmful combinations..at that time were considered great, but not since. So there you go. You really should research like she is a proponent of.
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    Notch, I love your gif of Amy covering her ears. She just looks so cute! I'm also not so sure about getting a V-day episode. Not just based on the title but because of how lovey dovey the Christmas episode was (and I'm not complaining ) But I keep thinking to that article where Molaro said that Shamy's relationship will 'heat up'. When I hear the words 'heat up' and it doesn't have to do with trying to make a microwavable meal, I think of physical affection. I'm really hoping we get a make-out soon; At least this season. I just can't get past that quote from Molaro and believe it was only about the Christmas episode. I don't think they had written a kiss scene then but I think they knew where they wanted to go with Shamy this season and it definitely feels like things are to happen in the physical department. Do I want sex this season? Oprah, no. They have so much else they need to experience together. And I want to see some of those things in February sweeps. My own love life sucks; please give Shamy a good one I can live through vicariously.
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    I actually don't see major physical stuff till the tail end of the season. I agree he is scared for multiple reasons: 1. He is afraid it will change him 2. He is afraid it will change them 3. sex is an out of control experience and not controlled by your brain. He is such a structured person that he is afraid to let go 4. If he does start engaging in more intimate acts he won't be able to stop Now I do really think he is over the whole germ factor. Right now the focus for him will be living arrangements. He needs to break away more from Lenny and recognize Amy is his #1 now. We have seen them acting more as a couple and I expect that to continue with more grips a serious in love couple deals with. As much as I desperately want a mutual heated make-out session I really don't see it until May.
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    Think all this rivalry over the characters and the actors would probably appall the actors, as they are all very supportive of each other. I think that Jim's memory of how he got cast on the show is from what he knew of the process, since he wasn't there when Chuck called Johnny, etc.. Everyone has their own memory of what they personally experienced, so they're going to remember things slightly differently. It's like different facets of the same jewel. At any rate, unless one actor dragged the other to an audition or insisted that they be hired, then I think it's fair to say that each actor won their place on the show on their own merits. I don't know why any fan would feel the need to prove their favorite actor (or is it about their favorite character?) was somehow the catalyst for another's chance to get on the show. I think we can just be happy that this perfect situation came together the way it was meant to be. As for the characters, they're all exaggerated for comedic effect, whether it's Sheldon and his outlandish rules and restrictions, or Leonard and his cold, strange upbringing (writing papers at Christmas, stoic mom) or any if the other details that make this show so funny. Theyre generally not meant to be taken seriously or taken to heart, but are just put in there to make people laugh. When the show intends for something to be "the truth", I think they make it pretty clear.
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    What I find a little annoying is that we get to see Sheldon hug Penny, Leonard, Prof Proton and even hold hands with Howard!! but we get to see no physical contact between him and the woman he's in love with. Come on writers give us something!!
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    I will die if Hawking is at the 2/18 taping. Do you hear me? Die.
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    going to a taping with amys vixens+sheldon(justin). NO HELD A GUN TO MY HEAD. came a litter later than the rest of them, had a guarantee. got a great group picture of all them, some what of a surpise did not who i was, lucky that kazzie had her back to me since i know her from other taping went together. any one on twitter saw the picture of my fellow new yorker KERRYwith me no black eyes or bruise lips just a shamy and lenny get along. (thank you kerry). was treated to a flash mod where if have to wait to get in to stage 25, well done ladies. as we got in, we all sat together in front of penny apatment where there would be some action to come. during a break kaley was sitting and the dj started to play a song, and kaley was into it. and captain kazzie got the group to help kaley out they did a very great job at it,as kaley gave them a wave. little bts: there was a vip who had picture with kaley and she got both jim and mayim to do it with her. had a super time with everyone, love to do it again, maybe a shamy for a day.
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