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    I made this. It's silly and we already know who's gonna win. LOL
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    The hug. Oh God, how can I possibly survive this episode? And Sheldon's face. There's nothing better than seeing him smile so widely. He just can't stop smiling this season whenever he's around Amy. So much love. These two dorks in love. I can't.
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    Promo pics http://www.spoilertv.com/2015/03/the-big-bang-theory-episode-817.html
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    I just noticed Guiseppe being launched like a rocket at the end
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    I keep watching the promo over and over again. If you need me after the episode airs, I'll be in a puddle of feels on the floor.
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    I've said this before and I will say it again and no offense to Kate Miccuci who auditioned for Amy, I am glad that Mayim got the part! She and Jim have fantastic chemistry and I don't think shamy would of worked as well with anybody else
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    So that's not only me. Thank God, I feel better. Well, there's the official promo on TBBT YouTube channel. I'll keep watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnXqtCIlz-I
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    I am gonna explode from all the Shamy goodness from this weeks episode. Amy's head on Sheldon's chest and his head on top of hers during the hug...they are so close, it's killing me. THE FEELS!!!!!! side note: Raj and Emily in bed together are adorable.
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    Just saw the promo pics, that hug is Definately an I have proclaimed my love hug! He looks so relaxed and in love, can not wait to see the episode.
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    I saw the hug picture. Sheldon looks like he got dipped in kittens.
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    thank you soooo much! oh , they are sooooooooooooooo in love!!!! the hug actually does look much better in the photos than in the preview. they are adorable!!!!!!! Amy IS the key to his happiness... and we finally get to see it play out on the screen IS IT THURSDAY ( or Friday morning) YET????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    I love those pics so much. They are giving me SO MANY feels in that hug pic that I can hardly stand it. And they look so happy in all the pictures when they're telling Lenny about their turtle. They are just so precious.
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    From Just Jared: http://www.justjared.com/2015/03/02/sara-gilbert-linda-perry-welcome-baby-boy-rhodes/ Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry welcomed a baby boy named Rhodes over the weekend.
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    I had seen the GLSEN speech before, but not this interview afterwards. I love the way Jim is looking at Todd when Todd is talking. It speaks volumes.
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    This is what I was thinking too as Molaro did kinda give the impression that this paper situation will continue coming up and we are heading towards the end of the season... Plus it would be a nice switch to have Sheldon & Leonard have their own plot without the girls involved... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh, that koala face :-)! Thanks for that!
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    Here's a link to the pictures: http://www.seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-8-episode-17-photos-the-colonization-application.html/10
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    I would have been on here Friday, but I was knocked for a loop when I read one of my fave actors, Leonard Nimoy, died. After spending a couple of sad days, I thought about how it would affect Sheldon. As I do with most things that are emotional to me, I wrote, not sure if I wanted to publish. However, Hazelra7 convinced me to do it, so I hope other enjoy it and it may make them feel better. The Spock Remembrance FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086065/1/ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469268 I will also have a separate post for it here in the forum.
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    I agree. I loved the "I love you" but this is so much more. They are planning for the future by getting a pet together. Its small but so large at the same time. They hold hands and hug. I can't wait.
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    Can't wait !!! I'm even more excited by this episode than Prom episode. Well, the 'I love you' was a big important thing, but I will love this episode because it is very very rare to have their gestures of tenderness on screen and they will be in their usual clothes. It seems weird what I say but I don't know how really express what I mean.
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    You know how they throw episodes together. My guess is when they brought her in, it was just an idea for a season-ending (kinda) cliffhanger and they hadn't thought about the next season. It wasn't long into the next season before they realized this relationship showed a different side of Sheldon, as Jim said it's the first time he actually sought out the company of someone else, and the story possibilities were fascinating and unique. These two are the cutest couple on TV.
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    I was just thinking today about how Shamy must have gotten started because some person in the BBT writers room was like hey we should give Sheldon a girlfriend. I love this person whoever he/she may be. I wonder what the original reaction was and how the storyline got developed. Was it originally just supposed to be a friend thing and then they decided to change it. I know the writers say they don't plan that far ahead, but it still makes me curious. Did they plan it to be a quick thing with Amy coming in and then leaving suddenly? These are the things I wonder about.
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    Here's my way of honoring the late Leonard Nimoy through the love of the Shamy. I wasn't sure if I should post it, but Hazelra7 convinced me to do it. I hope you enjoy it. The Spock Remembrance FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086065/1/ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469268
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  25. 2 points
    Garage sale? Getting rid of the stuff from Mrs. W's home? Howard owns a Tardis? Kaley and Kunal are really good at ping pong
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    This is not really about a cast appearance, but one of the auction items included tickets to a taping of The Big Bang Theory and WB Tour, etc. - Roundabout Theater held their Annual Spring Gala tonight where the auction item was included. I sort of suspect Jim had a lot to do with contributing to that package! Quite amazing auction items!
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    A very nice tribute: George Takei says Leonard Nimoy was 'the most human person I've ever met' -- exclusive http://www.ew.com/article/2015/03/02/george-takei-says-leonard-nimoy-was-most-human-person-ive-ever-met-exclusive?asdf
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    Presenting their paper maybe?
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    That is what I am thinking too, cleaning out Mrs. W. house... but where is Shelnard? curiouser amd curiouser...
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    OMG OMG OMG the hug pic!! His face.....
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    Best Shamy promo pics ever!!!
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    To paraphrase Jim: someone else's success is not your failure.
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    I agree I think the chemistry between the two of them definitely brought something to the table. I just wonder who was the first to suggest they give him a girlfriend. Has Bill, Chuck, or Steve ever taken credit for it? Who had the first thought of hey we should give this weird quirky guy a weird quirky girlfriend and it will just be amazing. I strongly believe the addition of Amy and Bernadette for that matter saved the show. Not in the way that the show was dying cause it was not, but in a way that it allowed the show to extend to 10 seasons. Just my opinion.
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    I am still not over it and I was there.
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    Bella, just wanted you to know I'm really enjoying your story :-)
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    Omg that hug! That shamy hug is literally the sweetest thing on earth.
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    I'm with Mayim on this one, currently recovering from my 2nd cold since December, horrible yukky! Also I'm not keen on the new layout for Kveller, was better the old way
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    Yes, the change is gradual, and I think you can add the Proton Transmogrification to the list of episodes where they have worked to explain Sheldon's motivations and by explaining them tried to make them more acceptable. But where will it take them? Sheldon is being nudged towards the centre, or at least being made more palatable. That improvement may be nice if he were an individual in the real world, as it's reasonable to aspire to be a better person, but is it a good idea to take the sharp edges off the character that the show relies upon to generate comedic tension? And if I start feeling sympathetic for him how do I maintain my indignation at his treatment of those around him. That was part of my enjoyment. By making him likeable here they make it easier to forgive his misdeeds. What about principles? It's not all right to experiment on people without consent, it's not all right to take someone else's IP and stick your brand all over it without permission, it's not all right to control someone else's bowel movements. But they just spent an episode making him appealing. It's just that he CAN'T HELP making Leonard and Penny only sleep together on his timetable, so THAT'S all right too. I feel that the creators like this character so much that they are swaddling him in cotton wool. He is in the Sheldon Goldilocks zone. Which has been created by shifting the sun. And they did this story, where they could have explored the relationship between the odd couple that is going to be married. But that is not interesting anymore, apparently. Or doesn't rate. So we get this well crafted and moving episode that seems to me to be aimed at making a case FOR Sheldon - who is the nearest thing the show has to a villain. This is in shipping lanes because I feel the time taken for the affirmation of Sheldon takes out the opportunity for the winds of joy to blow in the sails of the L/P ship. ... Um, hehehe.
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    I thought this was cool. From The Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/leonard-nimoy-receives-vulcan-salute-778434?utm_source=twitter "Leonard Nimoy Receives a Vulcan Salute From Space" An astronaut paid his respects to Leonard Nimoy from space. Terry W. Virts, currently on board the International Space Station, posted a photo to Twitter on Saturday of himself giving the Vulcan hand salute in honor of the Star Trek actor, who died Friday after a battle with lung disease.
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    I am sure this has been posted but this is the first time I have heard Todd talk!
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    Yet, one has little choice in this. Otherwise one might see conspiracies everywhere. "It was the NSA" or "It was a result of Alien abduction". Even in science it turns out things at times are not as simple as they once seemed. Light seemed to be just a wave until the photo-electric effect showed it was not that simple. Well lots of things are possible but rather unlikely. I don't see how you can say they both require the same number of assumptions. We know something happened we did not see. Penny sending a text would be one simple assumption. It could just have easily been Mary calling Amy some time after Amy was on screen except one would wonder why this year and not any of the previous years. It could have been a diversion as meka3000 suggested but that would beg questions regarding the conversation that Raj, Leonard and Amy had. Raj asks something about if the two of them aren't even a little worried. If this was all a diversion to get Sheldon out of the apartment for a while Amy would fess up at that point. Why not? If Amy were attempting a diversion and it was working she would typically get excited. She did not. Why not? One has to come up with a series of explanations/assumptions for these questions. It is easier to believe Penny sent a text.
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    I dont know why but maybe they are cleaning out Ms. Wolowitz's house and they are dressed for that...guessing off the props in the background and the chair Kaley is in... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think it really depends on what you love about the BBT. I personally love the quirky characters along with the relationships. So for me, the only show that ever exceeded my love for the BBT has been Friends. I am a big sitcom person and if you are looking for currently on-air shows, I enjoy Mom (has a similar quirkiness but a bit more dramatic), Goldbergs & Modern Family (which really have nothing in-common with BBT). I also enjoy the Mindy Project which is heavy on the relationship stuff and also kinda quirky but not nearly as diverse in cast as BBT.
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    Mayim: How to Cope When Your Kid has A Cold
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    Shows that are as good or Better then Big Bang theory includes: Cheers Friends Seinfeld Three's Company Mary Tyler Moore show All In The Family Dick Van Dyke Show M*A*S*H
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnXqtCIlz-I I have to say that's weird. CBS promos are usually on Big Bang Theory YT on the same day the episode goes on the air. And still no promo photos.
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    like both great smut. for a shamy you wrote lenny great, good work like the start it is going to be great to see how penny and emily like the trip together. to bad for mrs. w, so sad howard
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    Its true. His voice is so relaxing and sweet, I like a lot.
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    I thought the episode was cute. I sincerely hope that those who were upset by this episode were able to watch this one anyway and come away with the "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be from the TR." I want to hear from those Shamy's and you all know who you are (even if it's in a PM). Hazel, I hope you had your bucket ready but hoping you didn't feel the need for it. [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can understand movies are not for everyone. I can understand media in general is not for everyone. I think it is great that she has more interests in life than the typical Hollywood person, but I do tend to get frustrated when Mayim talks against the industry that pays her all the time. Just because she is making her living in that industry, it is important to stay somewhat aware of what is going on in it. It is important to look as though you support it. I just have an issue with her working in an industry that she seems to have a lot of disdain for by her comments. I would love to see her publicist work with her on coming across more positive in general not just about the industry, but in her posts as a whole. She can really come across like a very embittered individual at times and that isn't good. I am not saying she has to be all roses and champagne. But I do think it is important to project a bit more positive attitude and show at least a passing interest in what is happening in the industry in which you are being paid and have chosen to make a living at. She is charming, delightful, real and honest. Those are admirable traits, but it might be harder and harder for her to find good roles and have to settle for C list or below stuff if she is talking against her industry so much. It is fine to have a life outside of it and I applaud her that she does take much more active roles in caring for people, charities and causes and that her main focus is her boys/family. These are great. It really doesn't take much, however, to quickly read through headlines quickly and skim a few articles to stay abreast of the industry. Likewise just watching a few clips so she would know a little about the films or TV shows would seem like a worthwhile task to undertake so that when she does got o industry events, she has something in common with the people she has to socialize with. Right now, other than TBBT cast, she must find it is hard to have something to talk about when most of the people in Hollywood are too shallow to really take strong interests in anything but themselves.
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