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    Just found out the tag scene is Shamy. Amy get the Tardis in her room and Sheldon comes over to play. Having Tensor adding it to the report.
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    I've changed my avatar (thank you Chloeeee!!!) in celebration of tonight. Can't wait! The promo photos/sneak peeks alone are killing me already. (And I'm ready to pester Bill to get the little cutie back on the show asap hehe).
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    No the Tardis is actually in Amy's bedroom and Sheldon is there dressed as Dr. Who playing with it... But if you have a dirty mind I guess you can see some symbolism in that Sheldon is talking about his "sonic screw driver"
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    Chuck posted it instead of a Vanity Card...
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    Omg, that hug, that convo, even the tension with the arguing...all of it. THIS EPISODE WAS SHAMY PERFECTION. I am so flipping happy right now. OMFG that hug.
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    I'm on my computer at the front of a classroom where my students are taking a test. I venture into this thread and find Sheldon's in Amy's room playing with veiled references, and it has left me trying to hide a devilish grin from my students, who think I'm up here working.
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    Omg that was huge!! Gonna rewatch again but that trumped Prom for me because we all expected an ILY this season....and them being dressed up made it But this...was not expected!! And him being totally ok with discussing a future...and the hug and his face and all...and then says "ready to go back upstairs"....and even the kids convo. Wow baby the feels right now are so strong!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I enjoyed the jab at the netflix comedy/drama fiasco. It's like they're reading our minds............
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    I just re-watched it for the third time and I'm dying over Sheldon's video. While my brother was getting an STD, I was 14 and getting a PhD. Penicillin can't take that away. Hilarious.
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    I can't even. Seriously, I can't function right now.
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    That hug was absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!! His hand placement during the hug...one hand lower than the other. The way he turns his head and lays it on hers towards the end of the hug. For a split second after the hug, I thought they were going to kiss. DEAD!!!!! This may be my favorite Shamy episode this season...still DEAD!!!!
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    Oh that hug...I thought the picture was good, but when he turned his head and asked her to go back to the apartment. Sigh.... Martian babies with cool names...holy crap Sheldon! Great episode...I need to watch it again...
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    "Play", uh? Oh dear Shamy... So girls are not allowed in his room, but he has no problem with going to 'play' in Amy's room, because of course we're talking about the Tardis here. They're gonna kill us in the season finale, I'm calling it.
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    This is my new favorite episode. There was just so much right about it. All four couples were great , but Shamy, oh my. During the hug he looked like he was about to kiss the top of her head. I love how he really wanted to comfort her. I love that Amy expressed her unhappiness, no holding it in because she's afraid of his being a flight risk. And he looked so darn excited about having Martian children.
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    here he isss yasss sleeeyyy me wil w
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    'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!
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    Is it mean that I really, really want them to frame that painting and give it to Sheldon from "William Shatner". That was brilliantly evil and now I just need it to happen
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    All of the major industry sites have picked up on and are reporting on the Leonard Nimoy tribute at the end...EW, Variety, Deadline Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter, etc. I thought it was perfect. Respectful and heartfelt.
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    LOVED IT! So much Shamy love going on in this episode! They way they looked at each other, the talk of the future.......ahh....so good! Sheldon looked so in love, inviting her back to the apartment. Wow!
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    Lenny was so awesome in this episode! That's how they're dynamic should always be
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    Team #GisuppeOnTBBT Team #CinnamonAndGissupeWillBeBesties Team #Gissamon Team #HeWasPlayingHardToGet Team #TakeHimBackShamy #Gissupe2k15
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    Yipee! Gush! Squee! Butterflies in stomach! Toe curling happiness! Smiling goofily! Both happy and excited! Deep warmth! Waves of pleasure! Yes! Satisfaction! That's how I feel when we have Lenny! Hmmm .... would just love to know if there's anything I could do to feel this way on non-Lenny episodes?
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    Role-playing....would you say that is "whimsically inventive"?
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    David Tennant is quite aesthetically pleasing.
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    I just saw this on IG and had to post. Doctor Who and TBBT? My head will explode! I am so excited! I can't even wait to see what they are going to do. If it's true that Amy has a tardis in her room... the implications are staggering. One: She is getting on board with Sheldon's interests. Hot stuff there. Two: Amy is cooler than I thought, and that was hard to beat. Three: We could get Sheldon dressed up as either David Tennent (10th) or Matt Smith (11) My ovaries will explode!! I am ready to be killed with Shamy feels. I want to be dead and not recover till July.
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    Really? I'm on the bus headed to work and on top of the new episode tonight I also have this to think about? LOL. BTW, I was thinking about how when I went to the intimacy acceleration taping and how when Sheldon mentioned he doesn't drink alcohol when operating heavy machinary, the audience laughed out loud because clearly we all had something else in mind when he said it. LOL. They seemed to take out the laughter in editing though. LOL.
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    'The Leftover Thermalization' - Season 8, Episode 18 Airs Thursday, March 12 at 8/7c on CBS. Friction ensues when a magazine fails to mention Leonard in an article about the paper he co-wrote with Sheldon. Also, a blackout at Mrs. Wolowitz's home leads to a final family dinner in her honor.
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    Agree 100% with that timeline. I think the Shamy progress coupled with the upcoming tension with Leonard, the living arrangements might be this season's cliffhanger....she won't move in right away but he will realize he wants her there (ie never wanting her to go home...might start with a sleepover situation) I do think a make-out situation/interruption is coming too This episode is now in my top 3 Shamy moments... spittoon, SIK, TURTLE!!! Sorry Prom you dropped to 4th but moved D&D to 5th Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After seeing it, I definitely think this was the writer's attempt to warm the viewers up to the idea of them living together. That's not to say she'll be moving in anytime soon, but I do think a seed was planted tonight. My prediction is that Sheldon lives alone over the summer and early S9 (maybe Nov sweeps?) he asks her to move in. But AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. THAT HUG THO. I DIED.
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    What a fun episode. Loved every story/couple in it. Was such a pleasant episode. I don't see Amy at all as a doormat. I see a couple that faced an issue, and in the end were happier than ever at their agreed upon solution. Both were forging ahead in the end. So no, far from a doormat. Loved the Nimoy tribute!
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    Lol, y'all are hilarious. Most of you just whine about Shamy constantly, it's quite amusing. I loved the episode.
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    I think Penny and Leonard were at their sweet, funny and sexy best. I loved their scenes together, I wanted more, and I was so happy that they were so happy that I cried a little. Happy Lenny tears. Hope it's on Demand early tomorrow.
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    I enjoyed tonight's episode. All the couples were great. I honestly think Emily says things to freak Raj out as a joke and I really like them together.
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    Sheldon makes Amy happy by playing the Star Trek theme with his nose!!!!!! I'm dead. My new #1 Shamy episode!
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    For Barry and amy I was thinking more of Barmy..... Also other peoples opinions are just that, I don't agree with a lot of them, probably in the same way some don't agree with me All I know is Shamy are in a fully committed happy relationship and I ship them big time!
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    See tensor I brought traffic to the thread. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    The Tardis in Amy's room will either a) never be mentioned again or b ) be the scene of the first heavy make out session. The poopy-head TPTB prob won't let us see it...just Amy and Sheldon tumbling out of the Tardis, clothes and hair disheveled, with big goofy grins on their faces! But I'd probably be OK with that. Sent from my XT1080 using Forum Fiend v1.3.
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    A time machine ? they could play Cooper and Amelia... And that made me think of the The Launch Acceleration... keep going Amy ! :D
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    Yeah! I couldn't have gushed it any better. Love makes the world go round and no body does it better than Penny and Leonard!
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    [emoji5]️[emoji4][emoji3][emoji1][emoji2][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji39][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji322][emoji322][emoji324][emoji324][emoji324][emoji307][emoji182][emoji182][emoji178][emoji178][emoji131][emoji132][emoji23] Is that gushing enough? ( these iPhone emoticon thingys do show up on everything, don't they or this makes no sense!?) Looking forward to this week big time. Just hope no one finds one minute detail to nitpick and spoils the mood. It's a good week or two ( helicopter next?). Enjoy with gushy excitement without reservation.
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    8.19 The Skywalker Incursion Reported by Jamie, as related by a friend of hers. Tape Date: March 03, 2015; Air Date: April 02, 2015 Story: Jim Reynolds, Tara Hernandez, and Jeremy Howe Teleplay:Steve Molaro, Steve Holland, and Maria Ferrari Note from Tensor: I have edited the report to put it in a bit of order and remove some duplication from the two posts Jamie made. Any errors are mine, not Jamie's. The following note from Tensor: We have not been able to find out more about the beginning of the episode at this time. The beginning was pre-taped and only shown once in front of the audience, so Jamie's friend's memory was a bit vague. As a result, please do not accept the following as what actually happened as it may not be accurate. We do not know what actually prompted S&L to take the trip, but she thought that the trip had something to do with the previous conflict between them, that it was kind of a bonding thing. Again, not for sure but she thought the episode starts with Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Amy in the living room. Amy has plates and Leonard has the food. Sheldon is on the computer. Penny is on the couch.
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    Just adding a little more detailed report on the scene with Sheldon and Leonard at George Lucas house. •••••••• Sheldon and Leonard drives up to the gate. They try to speak to the little speaker box and convince George Lucas to let them in. They're embarrassing themselves by saying "Honestly, we're very crazy big fans, but not the crazy type of fans that have a backpack filled with tape and rope" Sheldon adds " I mean, I do have a backpack, but we're not crazy" George Lucas then says "Huh? What? The mic isn't working, I'll just buzz you in". They get all excited and reach the security guard next, and Sheldon says "well, we've defeated the first quest" and Leonard says, "Sheldon we're trying to meet George Lucas, not slay a dragon", then Sheldon says "Maybe I can get by, I assume they have a nurses office, all it takes is for me to lie and your willingness to be gently stabbed" . Leonard tells the security immediately "We don't have an appointment, we're just scientists that are really big fans, and we'd really like to meet him" and the security says they can't meet him without an appointment. Then Sheldon says "What if I said I was the voice of Yoda coming in to do a VoiceOver?" He then says with his Yoda voice "Coming in to do a recording I am." The security guard tell them they seem like cool guys, but they can't meet him. Sheldon then says "Wait, but would you have believed me if I had said that before he (Leonard) spoke". The security pauses and says "no." The security guard then offers them free hats and t-shirts (that I'm assuming had starwars related thing on them) as souvenirs. Sheldon's starts taking off his seatbelt and taking off his back pack and says "hey do you happen to have a nurses office?" And then he runs off trying to get a glimpse of the inside of the house and says "I'd love to take a picture, but there are men chasing me", "hey they have tasers, they won't use tho-" *buzzing sounds*. •••••••• Could not find out more about the beginning of the episode and what prompted S&L to take the trip, as unfortunately the beginning was pretaped and only reanacted once in front of the audience, so her memory was a bit vague on that part. But what she assumed was that the trip had something to do with the previous conflict between them, that it was kind of a bonding thing. - But don't read to much into it cause its more of a guess.
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    This episode made me so happy. The conversation about the future was so good. And talk of babies, Sheldon seemed so excited to give them Martian names. Oh the feels..... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    And you will, soon, just need to add another thousand or so first. There's been some progress on my original work and I'm all out rewriting passages right now....so that's my weekend planned anyway. I will finish the Shamy chapter. I will! Got a meeting Monday and then I'll put those thousand or so words that are presently neatly stored behind my left ear where they're needed. Life's gone crazy crazy.... but good crazy crazy.
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    Lol....perfect! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey they were roses when I posted them. What about these.☺ Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    The Tardis is a time machine in the form of that police box you see in the picture Mayim posted on IG. Sheldon dressed as Dr Who playing with it in Amy's room? Well, I don't wanna read too much into it but if it's not a veiled reference of some sort, I don't know what it is.
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    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Even how he looks at her when she says "we are taking it ridiculously slow".... he's not denying that....
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