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    I need ya'll to settle an arguement , if politely asked to change your wallpaper on your phone to "anything other than Sheldon" and you change it to Oh, then you did comply with the request correct?
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    My husband hasn't made that request yet but that's probably because I keep any pics on my phone very shamy centric. But if he ever gets on my case I will turn to him with the sweetest smile and say "You know all those fun things I do that you like so much? Well my innocent obsession with Sheldon is fuelling all that creative energy so do you really want that to stop?" Yeah. I would totally go there
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    I for one am glad they cut out the phone call from Raj's father to Raj's mother. If they never bring up that "crazy naked night" again, it'll still be too soon for me.
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    Worse comes to worse there are members going to the taping on the 14th of April and in theory they should see this episode then. One way or another as Nusspot said info has a way of making its way here eventually.
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    I wouldn't worry about not having a report tonight. Spoilers and infos seem to find their ways to these forums. But maybe with what I just wrote, I jinxed it. LOL
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    I expect a kiss in the second to last episode for the season, in what will overall be a lenny heavy episode. Then again, I'm going to the taping for the last episode and I've got a hot streak going for shamy moments whenever I attend, so we'll see.
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    Melissa Rauch ‏@MelissaRauch 2m2 minutes ago Tape night with the @BigBang_CBS gang! The picture is from Kaley's IG, Melissa Tweeted it for her.
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    Truly appreciate that you have the added the proviso 'not that I think no one should be allowed to complain about the show' especially when there is a part of this fandom that have been following the show for years and is feeling very frustrated and disenfranchised with this season and they have been expressing it for months. You give us the allowance to be upset but then you label us 'doomsayers and complainers'? Wow. Just wow. I personally have written multiple posts to this forum stating exactly why I, as a Lenny, is very upset with this season. And plenty of other Lennys have written their opinions and insights too. And I'm very happy for you that you 'totally do not get what the problem is'. Because I know, for me, if the Shamy hit a reef and were sinking or we suddenly got less Sheldon or Shenny episodes while Lenny was flying high, I totally would not get what the Shamy problem was either. Lenny's doing fantastic -- you should be happy! The Shamy -- well we haven't seen them in multiple episodes and when we do, they not acting quite right with one another, the love and tenderness aren't quite there and something's a bit off -- but hey! The Lenny have had a wonderful season so far so I don't understand why, you, as a Shamy should be upset -- Lenny's good! Ah, well. Not sure why you're unhappy, but OK, I'll give. You are. But here's always next season, every couple has their arc, and the Shamy will have their's next season! That was sarcasm. If the Shamy should experience ANYTHING like the negligence Lenny have had so far this season and they took to venting their frustrations, I would never-ever label anyone 'doomsayers and complainers' ESPECIALLY if 'I totally do not get what the problem is.'
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    Phanta do you mean this one?
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    Don't know if anyone has posted on it already. But actress Kathrine Von Till guest stars in tonights episode. And apparently, they were working on set during the weekend. The people going on WB tour met the Assistant director on Saturday while being on Stage 25. And on Sunday it was closed for visitors. Don't know if it means some kind of special was in the making or something.
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    What nervousness? I am expecting zero Shamy tonight. I think they might be on the back burner while the writers continue dialing up the other couples drama... But I do expect Shamy in the last two. Nothing more groundbreaking for them as this season was above & beyond what any of us expected. I do expect a kiss and a mutual one. And a kiss wouldn't even be a plot. I think this needs to happen to grace us into the sexual tension I expect in season 8 as emotionally these two are set. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just went to see Home. Such a great movie with a positive, wholesome message. Plus, who could possibly get tired of listening to Jim? Did anyone else half expect him to pop out of that ball pit and say "bazinga"? I'm thrilled that it's a hit and hope that it leads to many more animated projects for Jim.
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    I'm going twice, May 9th with hubby and then on the 30th with Kerryce and SuchaHag, to see "An Act of God." Very interested to see what tweaks they make between the two performances. He will get a few days to breathe, I hope, after the last taping on the 21st. He's receiving an award from USD on the 25th. So probably those in between days will be spent packing up and getting the dogs ready for 3 mos in NY. He's been going non-stop for so long, but in that business you need to strike while the iron is hot. He's in demand, there are projects out there and he still has the energy to do it all. I'm just thrilled there's so much out there for him to do and us to see. God bless him.
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    I would just like to say that we (meaning Shamies) are not all blind to how the season has been strangely unbalanced in our favor this year. As much as I've enjoyed the ride, it has been weird because its been so obviously slanted in our favor, so much so that I often kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only reason I can muster for the lack of Lenny this season is that they put on the brakes to slow your ship down to stretch things out. Could they have still come up with viable plots to keep you guys satisfied? Absolutely. But for whatever reason they haven't. I sincerely hope I'm right in that they are setting you guys up to be the finale and hopefully those plot points will carry over into the next season for more of a balanced season 9. I understand why some of you dislike this season, even though its been one of my favorites. I felt the same way you do now about season 6 & 7 due to my ship and their glaring imbalance. On an unrelated but somewhat related personal note, someone actually tried to invalidate the way I felt about something crappy that happened at work today and it pissed me right the hell off so when I read the posts above I guess it strikes a nerve with me. All that to say, that I get it and I sympathize. You all are entitled to feel the way you feel and no one should be telling you how to feel about this season.
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    My thinking is also that it will be somehow tied to the audition. I don't think that plot is over yet. I still think Penny will be offered the part no matter how badly she thinks she did on it.
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    <<<<<<< It's been my favorite for quite awhile.
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    My husband was being mean, and said I only liked Oh! Because if Sheldon and Amy did move to Mars he would be their Martian baby. Then I died because it is so true.
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    ...but if someone comes in here and says they were at the taping, I really hope we can not be demanding.
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    Bill Prady ‏@billprady 3m3 minutes ago We're taping the #BigBangTheory right now!
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    The shamy this season has been well deserved and happy for the progress. I somehow get the background lenny but just feel they could have got more scenes. I have no problem with the great progress of shamy it about time just the way the writers have locked lenny out that is hard to swallow. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    April Fools Day........just remember don't believe anything!
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    Possibly, but he'd be a jerk to have his head turned. I like the idea of her being from Penny's home town or past and being boggled/concerned/jealous about how far Penny has moved on from her roots. It a nice way of unsettling Penny and making her reflect on her choices. She can wonder a bit about having picked Leonard too. Nothing like kicking off pre-wedding jitters with a trip down memory lane.
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    but if you ask a certain shippers on here what their least favorite season they will say 1, 2 , or 3. It 's also hard to understand others complaints espicially since the one ship has always been smooth sailing.
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    Totally agree! However I think we will need to suffer through one more mention when the whole Penny/Emily "I hate her" thing gets resolved (or blows up). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm soooo glad a claimed a body part. Lol This is what I made for my phone. I see it all day. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The earlier tapings in the season are actually easier to get tickets to because people aren't aware of things being back in session yet. At least that's how it was for this season. Guaranteed tickets for the first scheduled taping were up for like 15 minutes before they were sold out. You just have to start checking the AU site around June for the dates.
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    Still think it's to do with the audition. Don't think the writers need to go there since they are engaged. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    Hmm...Mayim have a robot, Jim have a sock with astronaut standing on the moon... I'm putting my thinking cap on, there has to be connection ...
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    Mayim has just posted IG with " I love robots" :icon_question:
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    Which makes it a very bad time for her to post anything. People tend to say a lot of bad things when they're in a bad mood (speaking from experience!), and with Mayim's chronic tendency to shove both of her feet so far down her throat that she could play hopscotch on her colon, she's probably better off keeping her mouth shut until she's in a more rational frame of mind.
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    Damn I just need to learn how to make gifs because I constantly look for ones that I need and can't find them. Since we both had dreams about a make out. Insert gif of Amy in the Isolation Permutation "So that's happening"
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    Yes. I had the same request made of me. But Jim was mentioned by name instead of a character, I was foiled (but that's ok - he is on my home and work comp and tablet). 2 more months!!! Time is DRAGGING.....
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    I wish tickets weren't so expensive $75 dollars for the cheapest seat, even on previews. I'd take a day/1 night trip to NYC to see it if they were... University of San Diego - it's where he went for his Master's Degree
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    What comments did she make this time? Lena Dun... however you spell her last name always says stupid, infuriating stuff. I love Jim but it kind of upsets me that he likes her. She's overrated.
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    You'll have to tell us all about any changes you may observe! I think that one reason he can keep running like this is that he seems so disciplined about his schedule, like Benjamin Franklin said, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." He doesn't smoke or drink, he goes to bed early, exercises daily, eats a healthy breakfast, and so on. I think all of that contributes to his energy level. Still, I do hope he carves out some time to just be still from time to time.
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    Lol, I've had that make out dream too! Sigh... I just watched Amelia and Cooper clip on YouTube. The way Cooper looks at Amelia when she poured out water to his tub... can't get over it.
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    I haven't felt that the comedy is hit or miss or that the writers have been pulling their punches at all. I do think that when people aren't getting whatever it is they think the writers should give them, then everything seems worse than it is. But in reality, I think the jokes are just as funny, and the stories have been more varied, combining timely stories (and skewering them) with old-school type science based stories. Anyway, I'm having fun with all the episodes this season.
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    May 28th - Aug 2nd. There's a show every day except Mondays, and 2 shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I honestly don't know where he gets the energy to do this! The schedule looks exhausting!
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    It's from the same source, they said it back in september and nothing came of that. Of course with all the divorces that happen with Hollywood celebrities, I think some magazines just want to beat other magazines to the punch when they say "I told you so." IF it happens.
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    I hope he takes the hiatus to regroup. He's been working like a fiend promoting "Home" these past few months. Although, I'm sure even if he's home he'll be working on his lines for AAOG.
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    I wore my Bazinga shirt and the boys were embarassed to be seen with me... Iactually thought the opposite that if she was sad to go then she probaly had a lot of work to do and possibly that meant a Shamy episode? I mean she was only in one scence last week so she did not have to do much prep work.... I know disgustngly optimistic...
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    its ok my husband made fun of me for wearing my Soft Kitty t-shirt to the Home movie yesterday....but he was joking.... Ok...Mayim's sad because its Monday post....putting money its not a Shamy episode this week (I know, I know....but with no info I'm going to go with this)
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    I am disappointed with this season, too, but I'll keep watching and hope for the best. Mainly hoping that Raj's creepy girlfriend Emily will disappear. He deserves better. And I wouldn't mind a bit if he turns out to be gay and hooks up with Stuart.
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    Instead of just slowing them down I think they pulled the emergency brake
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    Finally some happiness and positive thinking on this thread. I like it. The lenny ship got caught in a storm. Now the clouds have cleared we can hopefully see our destination soon. ⛵ Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    We saw it today, I took my 7 and 8 year old and they loved it ! It was really really cute, very entertaining, the visuals were stunning, but the best part was Jim, I just love his voice. We lliked how Oh changed color when he had an emotion, we all found him to be sheldonesque but that is a compliment.
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    I think the 'meh' nature of S8 Lenny makes us forget how Penny shows she loves Leonard. She does it differently to Leonard. He buys her a car, tickets to Lakers games, comes up with "Marriage is scary. You're scared, I'm scared. But it doesn't make me not want to do it, it just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you", and puts up with a lot of mood swings and insults. But we forget ( and yeah a lot is pre engagement/Season but this is the girl who one episode after basically getting told to stay away from Leonard, got up in the middle of the night and drove out to Carlsbad ( or thereabouts) to pick up the boys - it was for Leonard - , still had the North Pole snowflake by her bedside table while Leonard was with Priya, stored every memento of their life together in a shoebox, initiated the proposal that finally led to the engagement, tried to learn Physics to fit in, bought the best fiancé ever photo frame, initiated the dance on the roof in the Prom episode, was so concerned with his wellbeing in the car when he left for the North Sea trip, can't hide that she misses him - she couldn't wait to make that call to the boat and was desperate for him to come to Amy's place in this year's Christmas show - and yeah, helicopter! Yeah she can be a snarky biatch and take him for granted but the humour of the relationships for ALL the couples in this show is based on that sarcastic to and fro so I don't know why we get so worked up over it. Penny loves Leonard and Leonard loves Penny. They know it. We should.
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    8.21 The Communication Deterioration Reported by Phantagrae. Tape Date: March 24, 2015; Air Date: April 6, 2015 Story: Dave Goetsch, Steve Holland, Jeremy Howe Teleplay:Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan, Jim Reynolds
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