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    this is fine. \ http://bigbangsheldon.tumblr.com/post/118221423293/screams-a-moment-like-this-from-the-roof-tops of course the shamy make out would bring me back to gifs..
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    His thumb is moving as it rests on her thigh. HE IS CARESSING HER THIGH. Well, my attempt to regain my composure just went right out the window.
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    Let's just focus on how his thumb caresses her thigh in the first gif. Oh dear, it's going to be a long hiatus...
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    Oh no...in slow motion with the eybrows, leaning in and the thumb....HE WANTED MORE!!! And we know he tries for MORE....The stupid Flash was a cover!!!! HOT DAMN!!! This is our LIME Kiss MOMENT!!!
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    I think he's said a lot of things to cover, hide his TRUE emotions, etc. Some people have said the RA is a way to control Amy and keep her at arms length but I think it's his way of controlling himself around her. I used to hate when he'd get out of date nights with those lame ass excuses of his but the more I thought about it, I think in his mind, too much of being around Amy would make him lose control and slip up. So he limits how much time he spends with her. All those doubts she has and all those stupid comments of his he's made in the past is going to come back and bite him in the ass when S9 starts and we'll finally get Michy's wish.....Sheldon getting frustrated at the bitch that is Karma, slam Amy up against a wall and plant the mother of all kisses on her. If the point is to show Amy (and the viewers) that he wants her PHYSICALLY, then this kiss in the finale is going to be nothing compared to what we'll see when he kisses her to prove to her that he DOES want her.
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    May I add that I love how he raises his eyebrows just when Amy pulls away. It's like he's saying "Nooooo don't break the kiss!!!" Or maybe it's just me...
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    hdbttp of tumblr made a reverse version of the kiss. i can't... http://hdbttp.tumblr.com/post/118208152821/normal-and-reversed
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    Sheldon, or the writers? Okay, okay, sorry... (only I'm not...)
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    I'm sorry, WHAT?? *rushes back to Tumblr to look at that gif again*
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    I just wanna leave a note on Steve Molaro here, just because I've spoken to him in February. This man is deeply, DEEPLY invested in those characters and he will do a lot to make them move forward in an adequate and lovable fashion.
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    I just keep thinking back to Molaro's comment in the April Hollywood Reporter article... "We’re just focusing on finishing up season eight strong and coming back hard out of the gate for season nine. "
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    I'm REALLY hoping we'll get a quick shot of them kissing from behind Amy so you guys can see the hand movement on her back that I saw.
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    From Molaro's interview I get the feeling that they know exactly how 9x01 will start off and I am leaning more towards a same day/next day thing, mainly because of Lenny.If the cliffhanger had been just about Sheldon and Amy, I could see them picking up in "real time" a few months down the line, but not with that Lenny plot still hanging in the air. I can't honestly imagine having them marry off-screen and in Vegas (unless S9 goes down some horrendous route of Lenny getting married off-screen in Vegas, then divorcing, then getting married again at the end of the season/season 10, which I just can't imagine they would do), and I can't imagine them not showing the audience the moment they decide not to marry (or do marry). My hunch is that they will come back to Pasadena because of Sheldon and/or Amy calling them in distress over their 'break' and Lenny will use it as an excuse to postpone the wedding, and kind of be in denial about the fact that that's not really the reason. And then we will see Lenny solve whatever issues they have on-screen during the course of the season, with the actual wedding happening at some point in S9. I don't think either couple will properly split, not even just for a short time.
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    I am hedging my bets on this for the premerie: the open with Lenny at the threshold of getting married they both ask each other if this is what they really want and both agree that no it is not. (The were going to get married in. Vegas! Oh wait this is a bad idea is a sitcom cliche that I wish they would retire. Cue a B plot involving Howardette aand Raj. Then Kenny arriving home and seeing Sheldon already deeply mired in whatever obession he will have to try and replace Amy. Lenny ask him what's going on he explains about the break (not about the ring that will not be mentioned again for a while.) they implore him to stop wallowing in self pity and go talk to her. He says that he is respecting her wishes and is not going to try and contact her and give her spac to think. Penny sits him down and asks him when he ever respected any ones wishes. Cue Howerdette comic B plot . Coming back from that we see Amy in her apartment doing a sad What a sad Amy would do (I would love for her to play he harp) Sheldon knocks on her door. She answers it and tells him she does not want to talk to him, she is still upset, she thought he understood she needed a break. Sheldon says he does not want one and begs her to tell him why she is doing this after they have had so many strides. She admits that she wants him, like really wants him and that she finally can see that he is never going to feel that way about her. That she is not going to force him to be with her if he does not feel that way about her, so she needs time to think if she can continue on with their relationship knowing that need will never be met. Sheldon looks stricken and looks like he is thinking hard. Go back to Lenny for a while and the Vegas fall out. Go back to Shamy Sheldon tells her that he does want her like that, more than she knows , that due to his phobias he has been taking it slow, but wants to try more. Amy gulps more? Tag scence of Howerdette. Of
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    How did we not notice this before!?!?!? If a gif is rendering us unable to do anything then imagine when we see it for reals
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    Koops, I agree too. In fact, I've been saying that one of the surface reasons Lenny doesn't marry is they get a call from Sheldon who tells them that Amy left him....and they go to take care of their sutto baby. (but its only a surface reason because towards the end both Penny & Leonard realize that was impulsive and agree to start planning a traditional route wedding). I don't know if Shamy will be wrapped up in just 1 episode, but by episode 3 I believe they will be back on track. Won't be too long. I kinda don't want a rush to get them back and him proclaiming his love & future plans to her right off the bat. Kinda like his train trip did more good that hurt in the longrun, I want this "breathing" period to be the same. I kinda want it to hit Sheldon (and Amy a bit too). The train trip proved to be a big push for the Shamy relationship emotionally. And Sheldon was allowed to have his "take a step back" time.....and now its Amy's turn in a way. Some complain that she is only a pawn to the Sheldon character's growth, but her calling this breathing period IS bringing her needs & character development out too.
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    I've been envisioning a very stubbly, messy haired, wrinkle-clothed Sheldon ever since seeing the taping, IF they decide to make it a few days or more. And I agree on the double wedding. I REALLY don't want that. I think both couples deserve their own special days.
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    Can we not mention things like this? I had barely recovered and now this! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME .... :D
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    My thoughts exactly. It is not that Amy or Sheldon would be trying to use Penny or Leonard to solve their problems for them. Rather, they would be seeking guidance and support from their best friends to help them. Sometimes two people love each other very much but just cannot see eye-to-eye on a situation. Sometimes it takes insight from others to help remove the blinders so we can see what they are seeing that we don't see in ourselves. Sheldon did this for Lenny by helping them to see that as much as they mock him for his slowness with Amy, they are really no different, just on a different area of their relationship. For instance, Lenny is all about the sex but stalling on marriage. Sheldon may be all about marriage right now, but still working out the kinks on his sex phobias. Even after proposing, I still don't think Sheldon is going to jump on Amy right away, but he needs to assure her it is not a matter of "if" any longer, but "when". So, my point is that this is what friends are for. Lenny won't solve ShAmy's problems but can guide them in the right direction. For example, It was Amy's urging that caused Penny to come to grips with her committment issues with Leonard. Sheldon, be at it in his own way, has pointed out how immature Leonard's acts toward Penny due to his insecurities. Lenny has and will continue to do the same for ShAmy, as their shippers.
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    I've been having a lot of fun reading everyone's theories for season 9. I have so many scenarios playing in my head (some of which closely match a few posted here) that I just can't decide which one I think is most probable. I really don't think the Shamy drama will go past episode 3. If you look at all the past seasons, the cliffhangers have always been resolved by episode 2 or 3. I also don't think the writers will want the general audience to be worried that the two might not "get back together" by dragging it out too long, because then they risk angry viewers who might act on emotion and stop watching. Also, since as of right now there are only 2 more confirmed seasons, they'll need to get the ball rolling again fairly quickly if Shamy is going to get married and also tackle the milestone of coitus. I really see season 9 opening the next day after the finale, or right around that time frame. One, because I agree that Lenny probably won't get married in Vegas, but two, because I really can't see Sheldon being able to stand being away from Amy for weeks or months. He's going to want to fix whatever it is and get answers as quickly as possible. Lenny might play a role in that, as some have said, offering a bit of guidance, but I do think that ultimately Shamy will fix this in their own unique way. I can actually see the possibility of them getting engaged at the beginning of the season since we already know he has the ring, and that would be concrete evidence he could give to Amy to show her how serious he really is. I do understand the desire to drag out that plotline a bit though, and I think it would be fun (and potentially humorous) to see him work at winning her back. Whatever the case, I think the writers will throw the proposal at us when we're least expecting it.
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    It's not about what is appropriate or what would make Sheldon come across as more or less selfish, but what would stop Lenny from marrying in Vegas. Given the way the finale apparently ended, with them still on course to do it, I can't think of many things that might make them turn around and go back to Pasadena. Unless suddenly the premiere has Penny dumping Leonard at the altar because she's actually more bothered than she's letting on. I'll have to see how they play out the Lenny plot on screen before I speculate though, as I'm still not very clear as to what's happening there. Something has to stop them from marrying, and I can't think of much else right now. I don't think a "nah, actually, let's just have some Vegas fun and marry some other time" really cuts it as a season premiere after this cliffhanger. Also, it's not necessarily Sheldon that needs to call them to abort the wedding. It could be Amy calling Penny, since she doesn't know what's going on with them? I don't think Lenny will help them fix the situation, but I think it's fairly natural for one to reach out to a friend in a time of distress, and Leonard and Penny have always tried to be there at least to listen to Sheldon and Amy when they've had issues. It's one of the things I always loved about the dynamic between these four, how they all seem to be there for each other when things get tough in their relationships.
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    Season 7 - The Relationship Diremption Amy: I hope he's this distraught if he ever breaks up with me. (referring to Sheldon being distraught after giving up string theory) Oh my dear homegirl, he'll be more than distraught. I think the first two or three episodes of Season 9 will revolve majorly around TBBT's "Big 3" - Leonard and Penny handling distraught over Leonard's confession AND Sheldon and Amy's (temporary) break. Subplot maybe is Wolowitz and Bernadette handling Koothrappali's distraught over confused feelings (maybe) for Emily and living with Stuart. I've seen Stuart as a character who is a catalyst for changes (making Penny realize how much she likes Leonard, making Sheldon realize how much he wanted Amy,giving Koothrappali a different dynamic where the latter is the "alpha" in the friendship while Wolowitz was in ISS), so I wouldn't be surprised if he'll be the harbringer of any changes in the Wolowitz household.Later into the first episode, there might be a gender grouping (the men in 4A; the ladies in 4B or maybe Amy's apartment) to analyze what to do with Leonard's confession and Sheldon's confusion. Lenny will agree to put the wedding on hold until they resolve the issue of keeping secrets and some infidelity. Shamy on temporary breakup for possibly 2 or 3 episodes.... Just don't jump the shark and get into the Shamy wedding proposal early! As much as I want them to be engaged real soon, the Sheldon-tries-hard-to-win-Amy-back is a comedy and drama goldmine.
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    If kissing Cole is her secret, I hope she tells Leonard that kissing Cole made her feel nothing and it was one of the reasons she knew she loved Leonard.
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    Penny sums it up nicely. Did she get mad after you were talking? Yes. There you go.
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    Yes. Beginning of season 9, Sheldon is going to tell her he desires her physically. This kiss and the ring are our proof. I really do need a moment...
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    I simply can't do heels. I'd fall flat on my ass or face within the first 3 steps. Lol
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    I am looking at this for 10 good minutes ahh, it is too beautiful
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    Except in this case, she asked for the break, so she is sitting now where Sheldon was at being the one to step back, whereas Sheldon is the String Theory she is backing away from. As Sheldon did not initiate this, I think the resulting distress will be worse! Although, I am heart-broken for Sheldon, I look forward to seeing him pining for Amy, and not by hiding behind 25 cats. I want him to actually vocalize his feelings and fears and see it manifested in his mannerisms and appearance. Amy needs visual evidence and actions, not just words, to elate her fears that he doesn't want her. I agree, Sheldon may call Leonard in a panic, which will put a halt on the Vegas wedding, which I think will be a delight to Lenny fans. Yes, we want them married but we don't really want a repeat of Penny/Zack, do we? I still see potential for a double wedding here.
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    @koops completely agree with you. In fact the more interviews like this surface the more I think they have the major arc already plotted out for next season at least. I've run several possible scenarios in my head for how season 9 will open and the one you outlined above is the one that keeps coming back as not only most likely but also most logical from a writing stand point.
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    I found this forum with the intent of being spoiled. I don't regret a single minute of it! I was unspoilt for 6 years.... I missed out on all the wonderful and colourful discussions on here, promos, photos and such. There's no going back! and... I have read such wonderful stories as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    He's had a lot of run in's with Divas and those with abuse problems. He was fired from Roseanne due to his own problems with alcohol. But at that time Roseanne and her then husband were having trouble dealing with his cocaine addiction and note Chuck was made supervising producer (the show runner) because she was firing about a show runner every half season or so. She also had one of the creators fired thirteen episodes in, because she objected to his being listed as a creator, even though it was required by WGA agreement with the studios. However, note that Johnny Galecki, Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf (none of whom have drug problems or are divas) have had no problem working with him. Brett Butler had drug problems and also didn't like that she had to work with kids on her show, Grace Under Fire, Which Chuck created. She had several run in's with Chuck, and had him fired. Two of the actors in that series were on Chuck's other shows and Casey Sander, who played Butler's neighbor, plays Bernadette's Father. In Cybill, Cybill Shepherd, who was well know to be hard to work with on the set of Moonlighting, thought that they were writing better things for Christine Baranski, so she pressured the network to have Chuck fired. They did, and the series tanked in its fourth and fifth years. Baranski is still working with Chuck. Five Dharma and Greg actors have been in other Chuck shows, Including Jenna Elfman (Dharma) and Thomas Gibson (Greg, and currently in Criminal Minds) came back for the reboot of Two and A Half Men and Mimi Kennedy who has a recurring role on Mom. Also on Mom, Octavia Spencer, has been on three of Chuck's shows (She was the DMV person that Sheldon grilled when he went for his test). Charlie Sheen had well publicized breakdown, due to substance abuse. And yet, several new actors signed on to do the show, along with those that stayed, many having worked with Chuck before. In addition to TAAHM, Morgan Fairchild has appeared on two other of Chuck's shows. Vernne Watson-Johnson (the black nurse, five appearances on TBBT) has appeared in three of Chuck's shows. Judy Greer (professor slut-bunny) has appeared in two of Chuck's shows. Bob Newhart was looking for a chance to work on Chuck's show. Chuck's problems with actors, except for his self admitted problem on Roseanne, were not his problems, but the problems of ego or substance abuse for the actors.
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    Well alrighty then, Mr. Parsons.
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    Can wait to see another lenny episode with them been so adorable & cute. Penny so happy and eloping with Leonard to Vegas (no marriage please) then the bombshell. Yes I know what Michy said. My gut feeling is all over the place right now. The drama with the Leonard kiss is somehow going to play out differently than expected. JMO . It may look like he cheated. I really hope I'm wrong but the way tptb have portrayed Leonard this season. I'm worried big time. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    I agree totaly they are center of TBBT since episode 1, and the sixteen hi's they said i believe on their first scene together, love conquers all, GO Lenny
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    Kaley shows her compassionate heart by reaching out to a young fan who is dying from cancer: See video at https://instagram.com/p/2USYPMCGu4/?taken-by=starwatchbyline
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    Ok, found them! Thanks! *Stupid brain!*
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    Lenny will marry in season 10( if indeed the show stops there) ... that's how it started and that's how it going to end. SHAMY, on the other hand.... I see a season 9 wedding ...why? don't know.
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    Kunal's Off-Broadway play "The Spoils" begins previews tonight at The Pershing Signature Square Center... http://www.broadwayworld.com/off-broadway/article/Jesse-Eisenbergs-THE-SPOILS-Begins-Previews-Off-Broadway-20150505 The New Group ‏@TheNewGroupNYC 1h1 hour ago Tonight’s the night! See #JesseEisenberg & @kunalnayyar in the world premiere of #TheSpoils. Photo by @MoniqueCarboni
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    Keep in mind guys that this is possibly the shot they did for promo pics. What's his thumb doing during the actual make-out session? And let the squealing begin.....
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    Lol Even Wil Wheaton asked why she had to audition
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    Well, if he doesn't call and interrupt them, this could be further evidence of growth on his part showing a less selfish side.
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    Or for him to go after Amy...
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    The start of Season 9 could open with Penny and Leonard driving back from Vegas after not deciding to get married, then the credits play and there's a time lapse of several weeks. Alternatively, they are already at the alter in the cold open and Penny decides (based on Leonard's confession) she can't marry him yet - "I'm sorry, Leonard, I thought I could handle it but I really can't. I'm sorry." - before walking out and then there's the time lapse. I don't particularly want to see it play out with a time lapse, but they may do it like that to address the Lenny wedding before skipping ahead so they can still have Shamy on a break for a few weeks.
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    I predict no Lenny wedding (that'll come later) and Sheldon offering physical proof that Amy is very much mistaken in her thinking throughout S9. Mind you, I've yet to be right.....a seeress I am not.
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    Whatever else happens in E 24, we finally get a great, passionate Lenny kiss on the sofa! They look amazingly happy together!
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    Yeah, Tensor, what's up with that? I'm supposed to be the crotchety old man who starts arguments around here, and if you take that away from me, I don't know what I'm bringing to this relationship forum.
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    Im a guy and thought Penny looked the hottest she's ever looked. But if were comparing her to S1 when she was 21 of course she's gained a bit of weight comparitively. But presently I think the perceived weight gain comes from Kaley who has been working out a lot lately, particularly on her upper body, so she developed a lot more mass on her upper rhomboids, arms and trunk, so her to weight to mass ratio has shifted a bit, and the fact she does yoga too, so if she has gained any weight at all it is more muscle, hence why she looks like she has gained weight, and like I said shes not 21 anymore shes 27 so her body is changing too, personally Kaley's always hot bit I think last season and this season she's in her prime, she has more curves then S 1-4 JMO.
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