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    Just came back from seeing an act of god and damn it was soooo good!! He is so incredibly talented, he pulls the entire hour and a half show essentially alone and you hang onto his every word throughout the performance; to have that ability, to hold the attention of an audience like that just shows what an amazing actor he is. There was also a moment in the play when someones phone went off and it wasn't part of the show but the way he handled it was fantastic...mid line he stopped with his little sassy look toward the person with the phone and then asks one of the angels "bring me that phone". They give him the phone and jim answers it and plays along like "whats up...yea I'm just watching a play about god...oh and by the way I'm banging your wife..ok bye duuude". Then he hangs up, pauses and goes "now i feel bad" so he and the angels take a selfie on the phone then they give it back to the guy. The show is hilarious and says all the right things, so worth seeing!! Oh and yea jim is such a sweetheart...i managed to get his signature afterwards and told him he did an amazing performance to which he responded "thank you, thank you, thank you for coming". And todd came too, he was waiting in the car while jim was signing...man they're both attractive as hell in person
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    Isn't it phenomenal? I totally forgot about the phone thing. It's part of the play, then, because they did that on Saturday night, too. Only, when he went to redial the phone and speak to the person who answers it you hear a "woman's voice" talking to them, Jim is mouthing along, and then ending with "I'm sleeping with your husband." And then they do the selfie thing. They must have tweaked the dialogue or adapted it according to the gender of the person from whom they "took" the phone. You got to see Todd, too! Yes, he really is extremely attractive in person. He is so gracious. He said thank you to every one who said something to him. Those body guards be damned, I was ready to launch myself at him. So glad you had a great time. He absolutely deserves a Tony for this, to carry a 90 min show and have the audience in stitches for it all, is award worthy.
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    Not the greatest pic but this was the best I could do in the dark
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    thats what i adore about him! the entire time he was signing, even in the short video you can see it, he constantly has a smile on his face and it never leaves. And my god if i had a dollar for every time he said thank you to us out there (i mean i got 4 'thank you's' alone), i'd be close to his salary haha I have so much respect for actors who are that kind to fans i mean fans really do give so much and its the least the actor can do is to take 2 minutes out of their day to interact with them, i mean not only does it make our day but it's really humbling as an actor to personally see the support you receive
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    omg i thought that was improvised haha coz i met another jim fan at the stage door who went to see the matinee and i asked him out of curiosity if there was a phone bit and he said no so i just assumed it was done on the spot...huh,they really made it look authentic haha Could not agree more, both of them are amazing and yes he absolutely deserves a tony! He plays the audience so well like even if a joke doesn't exactly hit he knows just how to move it along smoothly so it never feels stagnant or awkward, comedy suits him so well https://instagram.com/p/2pmTBXFNiE/?taken-by=miajabara i got this video (you can hear me talking to him at the end while he signs my playbill and i know i didn't capture it but he was looking at me and smiling while he thanked me *dies* ) and all the pics i took of jim were screenshots of the video haha but i do have a todd picture...i just have to find a way to upload it somehow
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    From Broadway World BWW TV: Emmy Winner Jim Parsons on Returning to Broadway in the Original Comedy AN ACT OF GOD! http://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay.php?colid=1007065#.VVTjqPlVhBd Lovely 9:48 minute video interview with Jim and David Javerbaum Also photo's from today press visit for An Act of God via TheaterMania http://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/an-act-of-god-cast-photos_72903.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=14may2015
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    I like how refreshing Jim's and Kunal's attitudes are regarding their fame - it never went into their heads, but made them more appeciative.
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    Hmmm, if it didn't happen during the matinee, I wonder if it's a staged bit they do if a phone actually does go off during the play. The person whose phone the angel Michael took was sitting front orchestra right. Some people seated in the front showed up about 5 mins late and Jim had a comment all ready for that. He's so smooth, he doesn't miss a beat. I can't wait to see it again on the 30th.
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    Which doesn't change the fact that he's not diagnosed, and anyone is free to just accept the fact that he behaves that way because he's a asshole (e.g., see The Itchy Brain Simulation among others). I wish to hell all of you would get together and let me know how exactly you want me to watch the show. Some give examples where I'm supposed to read between the lines, others tell me I'm supposed to take things at face value, others go back and forth depending on the situation. How about you all just let me watch it the way I want to, without the implication that how I'm watching it is wrong.
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    Damn he's one hella fine guy... "fine" is an understatement to describe him.
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    Sure, anyone would prefer it. But what happens when the celebrities are getting 100 (1,000; 10,000, pick a number) requests a day? Do they only take the first 100? Of course then 101 thinks they are all assholes. What if they are getting 50 requests a day, and all of those families are showering then with more requests to provide what those families want? At some point, the celebrities won't have time to do anything but reply to the requests. No one has a right to pressure anyone to do anything, just because their job gives them visibility.
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    I think that he's really come into his own in the last few years. Early on it was mostly talking about the show, about Sheldon's quirks, a bit about his background. But now he's settled into the show for years, he's successfully done Broadway, with good reviews (unlike some TV stars who haven't really done theater before), and he's done some films that really suit him or are meaningful to him. He hasn't had to worry about "coming out", which I think was something he didn't exactly hide, but that he was kind of wary of, I guess. He wouldn't mention Todd, really, or his personal life, whereas now he very easily speaks of his partner and so forth, especially in the Home press where he was always being asked who/what would he take to a new planet. And I think that being able to do plays during the hiatus really energizes him. He feels at home on the stage and I think that he maybe feels more confident about all of his success--he's doing what he always wanted to do, both on TV and onstage. He's making a living (and a good one, at that!) as an actor and gets all kinds of offers and opportunities. It's so great to see him doing so well!
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    Video interview from Broadway.com with Jim, David, Tim and Chris. (Jim drops the S-Bomb at the very end ). Kind of tongue-in-cheek sort of interview. Video! Enter the Pearly Gates (of Studio 54) with The Almighty Jim Parsons in An Act of God http://www.broadway.com/videos/156131/video-enter-the-pearly-gates-of-studio-54-with-the-almighty-jim-parsons-in-an-act-of-god/#play
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    he seems to be such a sweetheart!!!! he's so down- to- earth. I'd love to be his friend. ( but i also kept staring at eyes and bottom lip... i'm a bad friend )
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    I've just watched Jim's interview and I literally had to start that again 3 times because I realized I was just staring at his eyes or lips and I wasn't paying any attention on what he was saying He is handsome as always and you can really say he's having a great time doing this play in New York. I'm so happy for him
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    I love what Jim said on Kelly & Michael the other day about how the audience is the missing character in every play, even if you're sitting there like a curmudgeon. That might be one of the reasons he's always so excited to see the fans lined up. It's part of his whole theater experience. And no one wants to perform in a vaccuum. You've prepared and worked and worked to make it just right, to hit all the right notes, to get the punchlines just right or the emotions or whatever, and the whole reason is so that an audience can appreciate it, experience it. And because it's not on film, it only exists in that form for that one moment for that particular audience. As a musician, I can relate to that aspect. I'm sure that's part of the charge he gets out of it, and part of what makes him so grateful for that audience. Plus, he's just a sweetie pie! Did I read somewhere here that his mom or sister attended or did I dream that? I've been taking medication that makes me sleepy and I can't keep track... (Fortunately I'm done with it now.) Anyway, I wonder what is mom would/does think about the content or how proud she is of Jim up there, doing what he loves, carrying the whole show himself. Man, what a year or two he's had!
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    Instead of agreeing to disagree, I was speaking for all who have had to endure insults and rude comments because they just don't see or agree to the same POV. Perhaps badgering and ruining was a poor choice of words on my part, but it obvious that some are repeating themselves and drawing at straws for the purpose of wanting to be right and bring others to their side. People have different reasons for watching the show. Some feel they can relate to certain characters because they have or know someone with similar traits and want to create labels. They become offended when someone doesn't see what they see or when they feel the writers have betrayed them through some inconsistency in the mold the viewers have put the character into. If this is their motivation for watching the show, they are entitled to do so. Others watch the show for pure entertainment value and can handle the inconsistencies because life in general is inconsistent. They feel the characters shape their personalities based on their own experiences, adapt to their environment, and change as a result of the people they choose to associate with. The viewers want to see the mold stretched or broken. They enjoy watching to see the character evolution and development. As fans of the show, we are all elated and other times disappointed by an outcome. However, we shouldn't resort to becoming doctors so-to-speak to rationalize why we did or did not get a result expected or hoped for. To use real peoples' medical, psychological, and social conditions to criticize, justify, judge, or fix a fictional character who manifests only bits and pieces of similar traits, is very insensitive to those who suffer or have to care for people with these conditions. It is fun to become invested in the characters, create scenarios, read between the lines, and participate in the fandom and this forum. However, it is meant to be entertainment and not taken so seriously.
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    He actually looks happy out there signing autographs! That is really nice. You see a lot of actors working the autograph line and many are polite but you can tell it is just a job for them. Jim sounded sincere in his thanks.
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    So I finally had time to look into this event a little more. It's not just an appearance, Jim is actually the moderator of the launch event, the actual title is: Book Launch: I'm Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves by Ryan O'Connell in conversation with Jim Parsons http://www.powerhousearena.com/events/book-launch-im-special-and-other-lies-we-tell-ourselves-by-ryan-oconnell-in-conversation-with-jim-parsons-2/ I love how he completely invests himself in projects he believes in, even if it occurs during the midst of a Broadway run.
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    One thing I have really enjoyed watching is the evolution of his interviews over the past couple of years. In the earliest ones, he seemed sort of guarded and tense and now you can see him relaxing in them and you see his real personality and how he really talks! This is especially true with Ellen and with Craig Ferguson who he has gotten to know with time. I can definitely see him as the person who describes himself as "shy" when meeting new people yet talks nonstop with people he knows well. It helps me understand Todd's comment about being left with little to say!
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    I'm like you. I can see Sheldon eventually being a sex God, but not overnight. The stories I write I try to keep Sheldon in character as much as possible with the eventual growth that I see in him and those are my favorites. For me, Amy can bring all that out in him, but like her, they are inexperienced, but they trust each other so they will work the kinks out as they go and I think it's the best way. I like taking my time with my stories because I think between the two of them they have so much emotional damage that can not be conquered over night but each have a kindred soul in the other. Tallin, you should publish your story. Frankly the people who are nasty about stories are usually non-writers who have no talent. You have friends here and we love to beta our fellow writers!
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    Pigs arse. (note that is popular colloquial exclamation, not a pejorative). That's bollocks. No way should she automatically dump him. He needs is a good slapping around (metaphorically) and they need to reflect on how they go forward after they process this. He broke trust once and self-reported. He is remorseful. If they mean anything to each other now they may well go on and never look back. It does tarnish the L/P brand tremendously, and it's not nothing, but in life it's not an insurmountable problem. In the show it was a really sucky twist to buy more time and makes no sense for Leonard. He is meant to be better than that. This is a dramatic device, like Frodo struggling with the temptations of the One Ring. I'll venture that Sheldon, like Gollum, will be the instrument of his salvation and allow the completion of his quest. What fiery pit of awaits Sheldon, who knows. Or maybe Sheldon is like Sam, and he will get Frodo to his destination.
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    Love Jim's suit and tie. I don't want to be mean, but he's definitely the prettiest one there.
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    Very secret agent of you. Nice.
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    I can see the kiss on the boat as less important... but I have to really squint. Not saying I can't. I'm a complete pushover for a sob story, so if they can soft soap me I may be fine with it. It had better be a glorious soaping though, or else I'll feel used. They did have me at "hi".
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    I have to agree with you (and the others) on the clarifications. With the way Leonard's explanation is right now, he's way OOC for me, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to watch a Leonard with this in his history. Alcohol doesn't mitigate that.
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    Rudy G: Karma my butt. You cannot compare both instances because if you do you'd be implying that Raj had romantic feelings for his sister. It is totally different to be sleeping with your sister in your bed, than to be sleeping with somebody's ex-girlfriend who just told you she still has feelings for the person's who's her ex. Don't get me started, but Raj is the worse piece of shit friend imaginable. Not only did he betray Leonard, he betrayed Penny who was too impaired to know any better. On top of that (no pun intended) she had just told him she still had feelings for Leonard , and that she shouldn't have split with him. Can Raj be more sleazy and pathetic? Even if Penny would have been capable of knowing what she was doing she'd still would have been thinking about Leonard. So, karma? Ehhhh,....no!
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    It's a hard thing to get past for sure. You always want your writing to be perfect, but it never really is. I ran into a whole bunch of issues when writing that I never thought of (Lol...novice writer troubles...): 1. Getting Influenced by others - you think you know what you want to write, and then when you get reviews suggesting something happen a certain way, all of a sudden that thought starts germinating in your head, and you start questioning your own idea (or changing it). Sometimes change is good, but sometimes it takes you away from where you wanted the story to go. 2. Review Blues - You post a chapter you think is really good, and you worked hard on, and then hardly anyone reviews it. It makes you think it sucked. If you think it was great, that should be good enough right?....well..this one still gets to me. I still get the blues when I get low reviews. 3. Rude Reviews - Boy did I get a lot of these! Wow! My very first review, was "Please do not write anything ever again." I got a lot from Penny fans, upset with me that I painted her negatively. They were not nice about it either. Super rude language, rude comments. I got used to it, but geez did it ever throw me for a loop in the beginning. 4. Storyline Creep - This was entirely my fault. I had a general idea of how I wanted the story to go (I wanted it to be a Shamy story, and how this fight came between them and slowly how they came back together). Now I have no idea how my story became equal Penny/Leonard story, drugged addicted friends story that it became! I seriously didn't plan that at all! Lesson learned. I'm going to outline my next story so I have a plan. I was just literally writing each chapter as it came to me. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my head goes weird places.... 5. Writer Envy - I'd write a chapter that I was happy with, and then I'd go read a really great authors story in between. Like Chaos Cognizance, or one of Hazelra, mphs95, or April's stories. Then I'd come back and re-read my story and go.....oh this is such crap! It's no where near the level of their writing. It's true, their writing is amazing. But I just have to remember, that the more I write, the better it will get right? Well I hope so! All in all, it's been a fun experience. I learned a lot in the process, and what was really great, is that I made some really nice friends on here (which I never expected). So I encourage you to take a shot at it one day when you are ready. You may find it a very interesting experience!
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    God owns this shit.... Man I love Jim!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just watched the season finale mainly because of real life but also because I really didn't want season 8 to end. And that's funny cause it never happened to me with any tv show but I guess it's probably cause I enjoyed season 8 so much that tried to extend it as much as I could. Also I wanted to take some distance and clear my head and not participate in discussions in order to take see things more objectively. The first thing I have to say about this episode is that - apart from the dramatic moments - it was truly funny. That's definitely a plus on my book since I laughed a lot throughout the episode and really enjoyed it as a comedy. I still want a finale with no drama and I am positive that these writers are more than capable of pulling this off and still make it finale material. I really liked the Howardette in this episode totally in synch with no arguements and them making fun of Raj was gold. The Emily-Raj/Howardette-Stuart scene was hysterical. Though I believe Raj should break up with Emily (or at least be sincere about finding her kinda creepy and maybe not suitable for him) and that Howardette should ask Stuart to leave (maybe I am too suspicious but he seemed to manipulate them in order to stay) I totally enjoyed their efforts end up in complete disaster! I expect these will be resolved in season 9 but Howardette singing happy birthday to Stuart David Bloom was just hilarious!!! Also hat's off to Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco for their performances. Penny was just hilarious and she probably got some of the best lines of the episode!! As for Sheldon although I had read the taping report I was taken aback by his attitude. He of course had his usual arrogant streak but he was really sweet being genuinely happy for Lenny and kinda confused when they were trying to convince him (and probably themselves) that they are not avoiding setting a date. Poor Sheldon looking so lost lol!!! As for Amy though I stand by my first impression that she was overreacting (and the way it was played wasn't really helpful. During the first shamy scene she was way more agressive than I expected). But I guess I could find reason behind her behaviour if I count that incident as the insignificant thing (IMO let me add) that brought in surface something that was already there. Personally, I would still prefer a different timeline about that and I have said before so I won't expand on it and I could see it as a matter of can or cannot I be with someone who has certain unchanged behaviours rather than the pace of the relationship. It's just that it seems fine to me especially in season 8. Maybe it's Penny's line about not having sex yet which sounds natural coming from Penny's lips (no jugdment here just people having different priorities and it's perfectly fine) but I got the impression from Amy that her problem was Sheldon's state of mind at the moment and not that the make out came too late in their relationship. I would like the writers to stress that a little more but we do have a brand new season 9 ahead for them to make wonders with that path they chose. I am not the most pleased viewer in the world but I am positive that there is potential for very nice things so I will be waiting!! For now I totally enjoyed the make out, got so many feels from Sheldon trying to contact with Amy and got heartbroken with the both of them looking so sad. Poor Amy feeling so bad for asking a potentially ill-timed but deserved break -that I could accept could come off as aggresiveness at first cause she didn't know if she really had the right to ask for a break or if it means her love is not enough, I can totally see her struggling with that (and I can totally unvalidate myself but I am still trying to wrap my head about it now that I watched it ).Also poor Sheldon he was so compassionate and though he was lost in the most part of the interaction (or any interaction in this ep ) he kept calm just trying to understand and having the dignity to allow her the break she needed in a civilized manner after she explained - a courtesy she didn't receive in season 7 finale. I left Lenny for last cause that was what made me really scratch my head. I mean ok I understand that Penny can forgive a kiss (especially if it turn out that Leonard wasn't such a willing participant) but I cannot see why bring something like that up now. I mean if the writers wanted they had other issues to touch - not having much in common, work - but they had to go with infidelity?? And I get that there are different opinions about if a kiss is cheating (by the way IMO it is) but why even get involved with anything even remotely connected with cheating?? The only thing I can think of is for Penny to realize that Leonard is indeed a desirable man but didn't that happen in season 6? Anyway I was really sad for Penny cause if they do get married her wedding night will also be the night she learned Leonard kissed someone else. And I may sound overemotional but it's kinda sad your wedding anniversary to be a reminder of that. So while I was excited for them and liked very much the idea of eloping and getting married now I hope they won't go through with it so we can get an exciting Lenny moment at their wedding (eta: could I have said anymore times because or cause???? Sorry if that's a bit tedious.)
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    Finally, a voice of reason. I have been reading everyone's commentary, and it is okay to disagree. A good debate is stimulating. However, is it really fair to try to ruin the show for those who don't feel or see what another does by badgering them to come to a specific POV? I for one don't feel Sheldon has a medical condition, is a model for any syndrome, nor is he asexual, etc. He is just a very unique and obnoxious individual whose attitudes and behavior are a product of his upbringing and his being a genius prodigy. I feel Jim's acting has more influence on how Sheldon's character comes across to viewers than what the writers did or did not purpose for him.
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    O good lord, that car gobbledigook isn’t mine…Some members on our forum are knowledgeable on such matters…I can’t drive, myself. The last thing I rode with wheels was a skateboard. Glad you enjoy the Jibber Jabber section! Largely taken over by about 4 people, if I recollect. We pay far less attention to the public forums than we should, given our occasionally bafflingly large guest count. Possibly you’ll force us to pick up our game there. But if you want my identity I will require a bribe of at least one bottle of wine. Anyroad in the meantime, our newest page…Behold! The definitive “Knock, Knock, Knock Penny” collection, painstakingly collated, uploaded, and fiddled with by our design master and Head Honcho. Hope you chaps enjoy it as a bit of a flashback to ye olden days. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!knock-penny/c1ta4
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    I re watched the episode and the car scene between Leonard and Penny is even worse than I thought. I hope they make extensive clarifications in S9 opener, otherwise I think I'm out. Leonard is NOT that guy. They just wrote him that way as they were having a massive brain fart. The other thing worth noting is that Kaley was perfect in that scene, absolutely perfect.
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    I spent all day thinking about commenting about this, because I cannot fathom the loss or either of my children....so here goes... It was wonderful that the cast all responded. But it had gotten to the point that they basically had to. The people who were rallying around this child were so aggressive in their pursuit of messages from the cast that they were harassing anyone with any connection to the cast for a video message. I finally started blocking people on Twitter, because I couldn't take it anymore. We've seen it on IG, where people who want attention from cast members, will hassle the casts friends and professional contacts until their drawing...photo...whatever is "liked" by a particular cast member. It sets a dangerous precedent....you did it for this child, why not mine, why not me. Please understand, I watched my mother-in-law die over the course of a year from a brain tumor, I held my brothers hand, as he was near death waiting for a heart transplant and promising him anything if he would just hold on a little longer (BTW, he did get a heart), my sister-in-law was just diagnosed with lung cancer and has lesions on the brain. When someone you love is facing death, you will promise them anything, but what responsibility will these actors or any other "celebrity" have in this digital age. What pressure will be put on them to respond and if they don't, risk being branded "heartless, cold or unfeeling". How do they choose who to reply to and who to ignore? For me, it is worrisome.
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    so sweet that Melissa, Mayim and Steve have gone to see the show, I am sure for Jim it's important also the support of friends and colleagues, very nice both the pics!
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    Ok so got out a little while ago. These are long presentations and its business folks but I witnessed a dream!! after they showed the clips (tons of BBT including a "cbs memorable moments" which features the Shamy ILY and all my coworkers joked "kerry dont cry") they showed AFF clips and said about how smart CBS is but lets hear it from our resident nerosciencist AFF.... So I freak because its Mayim in character as AFF with tiara and all. She begins using big words comparing nero to advertising then walks out Joann the ad sales CBS director chief in matching outfits. They banter a bit about the art of science and how that reflects to AD sales (ok if you know me you know I am extremely passionate about network tv and the power of tv advertising...so basically I lost it). Hearing Mayim speak my language was a dream... But she ultimately gave the princess title To Joann and took off her tiara and placed it on Joann's head and Joann did a classic AFF glow and sweetness just like when Amy got it in the first place. Funny was when Joann made a joke and then said "can I get a what what" just like AFF and Mayim deadpans with a "what" (from junior professor) It was amazing.... Figured you all only care about BBT and nothing else. If you want more upfront info let me know. Tomorrow is the CW at 11am the done!!! Very long week for us in the industry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Ooh forgot to add there is a new cast pic that had Kaley with short hair that I never saw before that they used the graphic of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Would love to be in NYC at the moment You lucky, lucky guys, thank you so much for sharing this with us
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    Hi all, I just published a new story. Below is the link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11247293/1/Awakened-Urges
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    So you think he would've done THAT without the assistance of alcohol then? I'm really NOT getting why people think there aren't specific possible circumstances that could've led to Leonard doing something stupid like that. Big headed Leonard + a party crowd + a girl initiating a kiss with him + alcohol (that could slow down his reaction time to stopping it), I see as WELL WITHIN the realms of possibility for his character. AGAIN this doesn't excuse the action, just that I can see how it's possible for him to screw up like this, and see it as WITHIN character.
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    Her smile is so contagious. :D i love it! Jim and Mayim smile, now thats heaven!
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    I think I'll go!
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    Leonard didn't prostitute himself for funding. Mrs. Latham told him up front she was going to give Cal Tech the money whether he slept with her or not.and there was no "quid pro quo." She had just taken a shot because Leonard was cute and reminded her of a boy she dated in college. Then she told him he'd never forget a night with her. She was "very good." That's how she got her rich husband. So Leonard said,"What the hell" and they were off to it. So, just lust and maybe a little kindness to Mrs. Latham, who apparently was "very good" based upon how Leonard looked when he got home!
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    Inside the Actor's Studio is a series of interviews with actors in front of mostly acting/theater/film students. James Lipton asks questions about their career, their education, etc.. He also has a set of questions he asks everyone--what word or sound do you love, what word or sound do you hate, what's your favorite curseword When he did the interview at USD, that guy asked a similar set (if not the same set) of questions. I can't wait until it airs! So, it says he does the interview on the 1st, but do we know the airdate?
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    if only......................................... please TBBT writers... give us something good.... but until then... there's always fan fic
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    Guys... https://instagram.com/p/2oVSzmNlBR/ OMG I'M FLIPPING OUT. I've been waiting for this since I first discovered my live of Jim Parsons!!!
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    yeah... we see him sitting in the livingroom ... he's in the zone... he flashes back to that moment... we see the whole kiss ... he remembers that he asked about the Flash... he realizes what Amy was so fumed about... gets up... rushes out and goes over to Amy's. (and then we snap out of the zone...... *deep sigh* .....)
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    Love, love, love that Mayim opened up the CBS UpFronts today, wearing her Amy outfit and tiara! Awesome! [email protected] uses Mayim Bialik and @BigBang_CBS to talk about new push for data driven TV ads #CBSUpfront CBS sizzle reel has stars thanking advertisers for "letting us do this." Gracious. #Upfronts2015
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    HAHAH...you know they give us a strict warning to NOT take pics or video at these things right (the presentations)...LOL...I'm also "working" folks & have to be on my best non-fangirling behavior infront of my bosses & clients....But I will try, I promise you that!! They ALL KNOW I'm obsessed with the BBT...LOL
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