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    Isn't it phenomenal? I totally forgot about the phone thing. It's part of the play, then, because they did that on Saturday night, too. Only, when he went to redial the phone and speak to the person who answers it you hear a "woman's voice" talking to them, Jim is mouthing along, and then ending with "I'm sleeping with your husband." And then they do the selfie thing. They must have tweaked the dialogue or adapted it according to the gender of the person from whom they "took" the phone. You got to see Todd, too! Yes, he really is extremely attractive in person. He is so gracious. He said thank you to every one who said something to him. Those body guards be damned, I was ready to launch myself at him. So glad you had a great time. He absolutely deserves a Tony for this, to carry a 90 min show and have the audience in stitches for it all, is award worthy.
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    From Broadway World BWW TV: Emmy Winner Jim Parsons on Returning to Broadway in the Original Comedy AN ACT OF GOD! http://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay.php?colid=1007065#.VVTjqPlVhBd Lovely 9:48 minute video interview with Jim and David Javerbaum Also photo's from today press visit for An Act of God via TheaterMania http://www.theatermania.com/broadway/news/an-act-of-god-cast-photos_72903.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=14may2015
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    I like how refreshing Jim's and Kunal's attitudes are regarding their fame - it never went into their heads, but made them more appeciative.
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    Damn he's one hella fine guy... "fine" is an understatement to describe him.
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    One thing I have really enjoyed watching is the evolution of his interviews over the past couple of years. In the earliest ones, he seemed sort of guarded and tense and now you can see him relaxing in them and you see his real personality and how he really talks! This is especially true with Ellen and with Craig Ferguson who he has gotten to know with time. I can definitely see him as the person who describes himself as "shy" when meeting new people yet talks nonstop with people he knows well. It helps me understand Todd's comment about being left with little to say!
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    I'm like you. I can see Sheldon eventually being a sex God, but not overnight. The stories I write I try to keep Sheldon in character as much as possible with the eventual growth that I see in him and those are my favorites. For me, Amy can bring all that out in him, but like her, they are inexperienced, but they trust each other so they will work the kinks out as they go and I think it's the best way. I like taking my time with my stories because I think between the two of them they have so much emotional damage that can not be conquered over night but each have a kindred soul in the other. Tallin, you should publish your story. Frankly the people who are nasty about stories are usually non-writers who have no talent. You have friends here and we love to beta our fellow writers!
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    so sweet that Melissa, Mayim and Steve have gone to see the show, I am sure for Jim it's important also the support of friends and colleagues, very nice both the pics!
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    Her stories are really inspiring I love good comedic writing, and I'm ashamed to admit I never heard of your fanfics (maybe you should feel weird more often) I'm not reading anything S8 finale focused yet but something humorous is what I would very much like to start with and it seems like an interesting choice. Thank you! I think the slow process in fanfics is corresponding with our view on them in the show. If I would see them making out on the couch after a year I would be like "Well, that happened.." after five years of frustration and waiting I almost cried and drank my wine like an apple juice Like always, the more you wait for something, the more exciting it is, when it finally happens My problem isn't really that people could be mean to me, but more than I just can't publish something I'm not entirely satisfied with. I'm usually giving my works in my school to professors way after deadline, not because I would be so lazy, but because until it's not perfect I'll not. Really annoying quirk indeed Only place where you can get away with this is ... psychology department
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    I know what you mean. The same for me, I was distracted too by his eyes and lips,lol. Can´t get enough of him.
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    Mayim Bialik: The First 30 Days of Mourning My Father's Death
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    Why does it matter who initiated. The point is, is that they kissed, and Leonard felt no need to tell Penny about it....for years! He should have really told her as soon as he got back. He literally confessed this on the way to the altar. Again, I feel this whole scenario is out of character for him. Just because he cheated on Priya (at the same time Priya was cheating on him) is not the same as him and Penny's relationship. Penny and him were always much much closer. He adores her. I really can't see him kissing another girl...drunk or not. They were in a good place in their relationship at this point. I can see him showing photo's of Penny to everyone on the boat in a drunken haze, but not kissing someone else. I think the writers should have explored the fact that Leonard gets upset that she doesn't take his opinion seriously and goes to Sheldon for advice as an issue to explore. The cheating rings false to me.
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    I did theatre 'back in the day', and the audience absolutely makes a difference!! You feel the energy, and it can change your performance and energize you. I remember not always loving matinee performances because there wasn't much of a charge from the audience, and night performances were always exciting. There is an electricity, especially when the audience is enjoying and responding, and it gives you the best feeling. Very addictive!
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    just.. WOW ! ahahah thanks for that!
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    After all this reports I really can't wait! Only one more week to go
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    I was surprised by the revel in this episode. Leonard apparently is not as strong as he might have hoped. He has surprised me before. Like with Mrs. Latham in 4.15.. Kind of yuck. Leonard does seem to fall into stuff. I recall Dr. Plimpton. Is it really all that surprising that he fell for some kissing while he was away on a ship for months?
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    So you think he would've done THAT without the assistance of alcohol then? I'm really NOT getting why people think there aren't specific possible circumstances that could've led to Leonard doing something stupid like that. Big headed Leonard + a party crowd + a girl initiating a kiss with him + alcohol (that could slow down his reaction time to stopping it), I see as WELL WITHIN the realms of possibility for his character. AGAIN this doesn't excuse the action, just that I can see how it's possible for him to screw up like this, and see it as WITHIN character.
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    Her smile is so contagious. :D i love it! Jim and Mayim smile, now thats heaven!
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    I think I'll go!
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    Inside the Actor's Studio is a series of interviews with actors in front of mostly acting/theater/film students. James Lipton asks questions about their career, their education, etc.. He also has a set of questions he asks everyone--what word or sound do you love, what word or sound do you hate, what's your favorite curseword When he did the interview at USD, that guy asked a similar set (if not the same set) of questions. I can't wait until it airs! So, it says he does the interview on the 1st, but do we know the airdate?
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    if only......................................... please TBBT writers... give us something good.... but until then... there's always fan fic
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    Guys... https://instagram.com/p/2oVSzmNlBR/ OMG I'M FLIPPING OUT. I've been waiting for this since I first discovered my live of Jim Parsons!!!
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    On another note, it was always my goal to get this thread to 1000 posts by the end of the season! We have officially reached this moment. Thanks for all the memories in here, from the first episode. To the last episode. It has been one hell of a ride.
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    Had to jump in here. thanks for all the lovely things you guys say about my stories!! It really makes me smile and blush. The most IC Sheldon I've read is Madamocho's stories. Keeping him in character after the clothes come off it nearly impossible, but she does it so well you want to strangle the little SOB. I really think he will be a love sick idiot once he gets a taste of the Fowler love, but he wont stop being an Ass, its ingrained. I've been a terrible reader lately. Just been writing and working, so I wish I had more information on the new stories. But I cannot recommend more strongly Madamocho Or Belladuven. Great IC Sheldon's. Okay, back to the grindstone...
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    oh..there's so much more story to tell.... well, at least one more chapter..or 2...3... of course... Amy has 'hard' evidence now but I'm sure you could go for some sweetness but Sheldon style
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    I think it is simpler than that, Sheldon is the cash cow. I'm actually surprised that the Shamy's are not more upset about how much Shenny there was this season and how it cut into Shamy time and emotion. Like the love test, why didn't he have that moment of vulnerability with Amy instead of Penny?
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    I disagree. Penny knew how he was, when she started dating him, and when she agreed to marry him. Why should he change now? It's like the girl who dates/marries a biker, then pressures him into getting rid of the bike.
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    I really like Hazelra7, QBMaja, mphs95, Misphonia, ChaliceInnana, Shamour and April in Paris stories. I think if you look up any of those author's your will find really good quality Shamy stories.
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    28,069. Good Morning (?) To all.
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    With these reports, I can't help but think that Jim would have made a wonderful stand-up if he wasnt so happy and well adjusted.
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    The bit about the phone is hilarious!
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    The writers are doing just fine. Leonard envisioned himself a knight and Penny the damsel in distress. Turns out Penny's not a damsel in distress, and Leonard is not a knight. Leonard has to realize that Penny's just a girl that wants to be loved and he's the right guy, but I don't think he totally gets that just yet.
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    i admit I don't know all the details of the story but what I read online but it's more worrisome to me that some are more concerned about celebrity millionaires and proper channels than a dying (now dead) little girl. I know I would prefer the "hassles " of being a celebrity than having what happened to that little girl.
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    This is awesome, I love the positive thinking and of course the bolded section.
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    Dude, love means ALWAYS having to say you're sorry...
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    I was wondering will we ever hear the term Dr wakadoole again since Sheldon is now the wise man
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    @missmayim as Dr Amy Farrah Fowler (with CBS Sales Chief JoAnn Ross) from bigbangtheory_CBS opened CBS UpFronts explaining about new push for data driven TV ads. #CBSUpFronts #TBBT @missmayim
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    I know for a fact Chuck will be there, he is every year. But they don't take to the stage. Like for example, yesterday Bill was at the presentation, but didn't take to the stage to introduce "The Muppets". I've gone to the CBS upfronts the last 3 years and BBT cast have never been present so I'm shocked that they may make an appearance today.
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    Well Sheldon wasn't born knocking three times on people's door. After he did it for the first time, he began to feel an impulse to do it every time. Once someone with OCD or OCD tendencies begin to feel these impulses, its challenging to stop this behavior.
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    I thought the same. It will be in one of my later FF.net chapters. Spot on, eh?!
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    I was just thinking the same thing... I would love to her POV like she did with Prom and Colonizatiom.
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    I feel like I should tell you, Catlina, and anyone else in here that I plan on leaving the forum at the end of this month. I really want to watch season 9 not knowing anything at all. I want to watch an episode and not know that a big Shamy moment happened in it. I am more obsessed with this website than I should be, and I am tired of having close calls and finding out things I didn't want to know. I still will watch the show every week, but I think I will try not to analyze every scene as I have been doing. Just thought you would want to know in case you wonder where I went next season.
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    Here's Chapter 2. Thanks for all the encouragement. FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11213163/2/The-Jealousy-Algorithm AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3833572/chapters/8790322
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    Fully agree with you tthomas. With the details provided, it was totally out of character for him.
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    Angela Cotey ‏@boycrazyfangirl 10m10 minutes ago THIS IS ACTUALLY THE DREAM MEETING JIM PARSONS! Also his show #AnActofGod was fantastic and everyone should see it!
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    A little Jim from tonight Danielle Cormier ‏@daniellesc101 9m9 minutes ago The show is hilarious and Jim Parsons is charming and adorable nstagram.com/p/2kJumuFCbx/
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    yup, you know it!
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    Those ads are great! I love the clown one--the way he's trying to be polite but trying to get away. And the way he jumps/cusses at the jack-in-the-box is priceless. (And reminds me of Sheldon... "There he is!") Intel struck gold with him.
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    Women find Sheldon very attractive, until he opens his mouth. Haha! Even if Sheldon were available, he wouldn't be interested in another woman. Sheldon has become a better man because of Amy, and he knows it. Every development he has made, every phobia he has slowly let go of is because of her influence and his desire to be a better man for her. It just so happens that everyone is benefiting from his changing attitude, but Amy is the catalyst. Amy completes Sheldon. If ShAmy were to break up, I don't see Sheldon giving anyone else a try. He would be completely broken and might just resort back to or become worse than what he was before her. I'm not quite following the conversation. It is confusing. However, regarding the above statement, Amy would just crop this up to Sheldon just being Sheldon.
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    From the moment I saw her in Lunar Excitation, my instincts told me AFF was going to be awesome, and I was right.
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