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    Jim tonight...From IG yixinzzzzzzz 17 minutes ago · Studio 54 GOT THE SIGNITURE FROM JIM PARSON✌✌✌#jimparsons #anactofgod #studio54
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    Sheldon telling Amy she killed the mood is interesting, because that means he was definitely "in the mood" Ho hum
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    I said this on Twitter before but I'll say it again: If Sheldon proposes by giving Amy "The Marriage Agreement" I will most certainly die.
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    Thought I'd share this pic, because he looks aksjlkjdlksjdlasldjklsj.... cute from
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    I guess as they come up the stairs 4a is on the left and we all know Leonard likes going left. But don't make a big bang out of it if he goes right. ☺ Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    It seems this last season they have ignored a lot of canon, it is almost arrogant how they been writing the characters in the season 8 episodes. Penny seems to be doing better at taking care of herself, but the writers make it look like her being with him was because she needed Leonard financially and him wanting her to need him that way was some kind of cornerstone to their relationship. They seem to have forgotten canon, the reason Penny liked him and how Leonard was always there for her because there was this bond between them.
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    Right now the only thing that makes me nervous is Chuck Lorre. He seems to delight in putting characters through the wringer. I am heartened by what Steve M. said in the interview Strawberry mentioned... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm not sure if other posters talked about something I've been thinking about THE KISS. If they have, I'm sorry to be redundant. There was so much posted on different threads and who could read it all with all the crying? I was thinking that most of Leonard's romantic relationships were started by the women and Leonard was usually happy to go along for the ride. Because Penny is the only one he ever really pursued and because he clearly loves Penny it seems so unlikely and so out of character that he would have started the kissing. And also, who starts kissing someone right after being sea sick? Ick. Like Tonstar, I'm hoping the writers can write themselves out of this corner and that Leonard and Penny come out strong.
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    I'm all for putting characters through the wringer, but not by being OOC mean to each other. Have them face hell, but have them face hell together helping each other. As I've said many times in this forum I hope they clarify the kiss in a good way at the beginning of season 9, otherwise it will leave a pronounced taste of shit in my mouth.
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    Shocking! People who spend an hour or so focused on and talking to each other and introspecting feel closer to one another than they did previously. Who would have thought?
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    It will be interesting to see Sheldon admit he has urges, I think, because it's a side we haven't seen before. This plot could be resolved in episode one quite easily if Sheldon visits Amy and explains to her exactly how he is feeling about her emotionally and physically. The whole reason why Amy is so upset is because she feels like Sheldon doesn't want to commit to her and that she loves him far more than he loves her. Once these points are clarified they can move forward. The writers don't need to stretch this out for too long. But the Lenny plot, I believe, will be dragged out. For that couple, trust has been broken, and that's not something that can be repaired as quickly as the issues in Shamy's relationship.
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    I do agree. I've been struggling with someone (as explained in a different three on here) because I was just not understanding his mindset. I do now. He was just not into me - sounds cliche right? Well, it is the sad truth that he wasn't. Since then I have allowed myself to conduct a little social studies experiment (Sheldon and Amy would be so into it as they were with the gossip thing, I am sure!) and from every men I have dealt with since being single ... Those that express that you've lovely, hot, "something to look" at, you have a nice body yada yada yada ... they are all more or less interested and it depends on your reaction to follow up on that. Secondly, and this one is something I struggle with: Men want to hunt. Even the most shy, most humble men do. In their own way. They wanna do it when they're ready tho and sometimes the women has already moved on. But, if a men is truly interested, he will stick around and make his intentions known. I do agree to not generalize all people based on just the gender. But those observations I am making at the moment do tend to prove my points. Conduct your own studies, ladies. It's interesting. On another note... I was binge watching TBBT before sleep and I came across the episode where the girls ditch work and go to Disneyland. Here is Amy at the end, lying on the couch, as pretty as can be - and she is Snow White, mentioning that all she needs is a little kiss ... "Heard you the first time ..." And Sheldon typing away on his computer. When you do re-watch the episodes ... there is a build up towards the end of season 8, clearly during season 6 and 7 that leads to the point where Amy gets too tired of being around for what feels nothing to her. He has been a mean little *** and if you watch those scenes you will see that. Of course, first time you saw them, they must have been hilarious. I agree, because they were hilarious to me. In hindsight I should have been more sympathetic toward Amy. Sheldon is a handful after all. I am grateful for his growth in the last episode of season 8, though. He will get things, I am sure. Slowly, but he is going to understand how he has hurt her and hurt himself, too. In a way, as mentioned in here before, he already does when he says "strongly disagree, but go on.." - his attempt to maintain control of the situation but then he lets her explain herself.
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    A better baseball analogy would be that the entire run of the series is a single game, with each season being an inning. (It's not perfect, of course, as this particular game will have more than nine innings.) In practically every game, a team can have a bad inning; in this case, Lenny had one bad inning out of eight. The game itself is still being played, with the important thing being how the game ends. If both Shamy and Lenny are married by the series finale, we can call the game even, as this particular game allows tie endings.
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    Vote for your favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory's latest season in our Season 8 episode tournament. The nominations round is now open. You can nominate your eight favorite episodes to go through to the knock-out rounds. The nominations round will close this Friday, May 22, when the the first knock-out match begins. Vote now: http://the-big-bang-theory.com/episode-tournament/
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    I wish they went into 4a and banged.
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    Anyone notice this season as well that anytime L/P comes back from a day out they never go to 4b as normal couples would do but go straight to 4a and bang. Sheldon is there. leonard seems to be MIA when Shamy have date nights. Leonard's probably off camera at penny's, which we never get to see or hear of. I hope we see some good Lenny plots for S9 or I will have to start watching The Flash. Then again Lenny might get the hump and ask me for a break from watching the show. Lol. (Last bit was a joke. Yes I know It wasn't funny.) Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk I feel your pain mate. Things are going to get easier. Lenny are the best still. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    I've invested 8 years in this program like a lot of you and kind of feel that we're being told just to be happy with what we get heck I've had 2 marriages combined that didn't last 8 years
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    The writers have written Leonard OOC most of S8 to make Sheldon look the good guy. You can't have them both good at the same time it will not be believable. Someone had to fall. But in a kind of good way Penny still loves Leonard and if they don't fix that kiss they will have destroyed everything that made a lot of Lenny fans root for the couple from day one. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    The thing I like about Kaley is not only that she's adorable and gorgeous, but also that she always seems to go out of her way to be good to people. To this day I have not seen her (in interviews) be a bitch to anybody, nor have I heard any story saying that she can be.
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    I'm not worried. But I am annoyed. No reason to sully the guy. But then, no reason not to, either. He is not a saint. It could get interesting how they get out from under this. Two more years of living across the hall? Really?
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    I guess but penny was in shock and she looked so defeated. I'm sure when it sinks in she will call of the vegas wedding. I'll be happy with that. I want their marriage to start with both of them happy and not this kiss hanging over their heads. Like penny said. No regrets. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    You HAVE been here before, right? Sent from my HTC One M8 using Tapatalk
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    It's rants like that which confirm, in other peoples' minds, that fans are obsessive crazies that should be wrapped in straightjackets, thrown in a padded room, shot to the gills with Thorazine, and fed warm pudding for the rest of their lives. Posting something like that in one of these forums is one thing, but throwing it out in public?
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    Hello I'm from the spoiler shamy thread and I've decided to go spoiler free for the whole of season 9! So I'm gonna be on here with you guys, I hope I can do it. I think I'll enjoy the show even more when the episodes are a surprise. I don't post much but just letting you know I'll be here Really exited about this, wish me luck
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    If they dare do a musical episode, I'LL grab a torch and pitchfork, and lead the rest of you into storming the WB gates!
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    I definitely agree that when Sheldon said she looked pretty and then panicked at prom, it was because he was having a sexual reaction toward her. It was the first time he had seen that much of her skin (cleavage, anyone?) and his friends had teased him about the expectation of sex on prom night, which not only scared him, but which, I believe, he knew his body was ready for. He also admitted that night, whether under the guise of being an alien or not, that he has urges. It was a lot for him to take in. But yet, he kept moving forward with her all season, and he bought a RING of all things, knowing full well that as a married man he would be expected to have sex with Amy. Foreplay indeed, Dr. Cooper. The fact that he was able to touch her comfortably during their makeout and then leaned back in for more makes me think he's right there, dangling over the edge and just about ready to take the plunge. Will he admit this to Amy finally, in light of her reevaluation of their relationship?
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    I mean, all that animosity must conceal sexual tension, surely? And Howard's saliva has already been all the way down Sheldon's throat. So on some level, he's gotten further with Sheldon than Amy has. I'll get my coat.
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    In the 200th episode, Sheldon and Howard confess their secret, undying love for each other, run away, get married, and join a hippie commune. You heard it here first!!!
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    School nights are the best. Waking up for work with the mother of all hangovers and thinking of an excuse to phone in sick. They say it's self inflicted but it really not. Edit. S9 pissed as fuck party. Show them how we do it UK style. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    I have the biggest crush on Jamal/ Jussie Smollett. He's number 2 on my list behind Jim. Cookie is totally awesome. I've been listening to the soundtrack almost non stop for the past week. What is Love is my favorite, but I love both the White Party Version and the 90s Version of You're so Beautiful too.
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    In one of the Steve Molaro interviews I read he was asked if fans should be worried about L&P and he said "Yes. But in a good way." I can't imagine what that means. But he didn't act like they were in trouble.
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    I think it is around 1000.
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    Kevin Sussman will be at Comic Con Chile May 29-31st. See More
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    I think an argument can be made for each possibility, especially within the last few years with Sheldon (and by extension, Jim Parsons) becoming household names as the show gains popularity. The show has always been about the "big 3" (I feel that the others deserve equal pay but that's a topic for another day.) There are only a handful of shows in each generation that gain the status of acclaim and accolades that BBT has. Like it or not, Sheldon is always going to be involved in either the A or B plot. That being said, I feel that the rest of the cast, especially Simon and Melissa, were given their chance to shine this past season. It felt equally distributed to me, equal opportunity, if you will. Maybe I'm a more casual viewer, but I equally enjoy seeing all of the cast in their various roles. I thought that the season overall was excellent. Ymmv
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    Yes. the last 2 seasons it has been more evident. Ermmmm where do I start. Not everyone started watching the show because of Sheldon including me. Every episode is about sheldon and what he wants and nobody challenges him anymore. None of the others characters have leads anymore. Everyone now does what Sheldon wants. He gets the best lines. Sheldon is now apparently the good guy who gives advice on everything including relationships and career choices. (The same guy who struggled with his career last season and ran away. This season finale his relationship is on the burner.) Give me a break. He inserted in mostly every lenny scene. He gets all the storylines or it revolves around him. Leonard can't even write his own paper without him. (And he gets the credit) All the guys seems to have become dumb because Sheldon now thinks for them.Sheldon is now the alpha male, did anyone notice when Sheldon & Howard got the title of Alpha males the next episode Howard got downgraded. Ummmm. I could go on but I'll give others a chance. If all those points doesn't scream out The Sheldon Show then I'm going bonkers.
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    wait is that before or after Raj & Stuart elope Martin?
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    Agreed! I do NOT want a "Friends" series finale with Lenny moving away and buying a house & announcing a pregnancy. That is 100% the same as Friends and our writers are better than that. I really cannot say how it will all end, nor do I know what I really want to see happen. Right now, I do expect something big for Shamy for the 200th episode. Agreed Amy is not a lead, but Sheldon is (to a point many people complain about---not just the lead but by far the main focus of the show majority of the time). And since 100th wasn't Sheldon at all....I'm expecting 200th to be his. And in turn that makes it Shamy. A year ago the thought of Shamy engaged seemed so far away...but now...they could possibly beat Lenny to the altar, who knows. If the finale showed us anything, its that both couples who basically had a pretty happy season as couples still have work to do... And Chrismo, as somebody who sat in on the CBS upfronts and saw how many clips featured Shamy & how the media community (not hardcore fans) are interested in the Shamy relationship....no, viewership would NOT nosedive if Shamy got married before Lenny. If anything general viewership is pretty intrigued by Shamy (shamy sex more than shamy wedding). Furthermore....didn't we all become fans of the show as a whole and THEN developed our ship fandom matches. Even if my ship wasn't getting their fair share (which happened a few season ago) I still watched and I'm imagining most fans would continue to watch as I do enjoy all the cast plots & stories.
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    This is one of my favorites. Sheldon and Amy have twins here. The girl is the mini-version of her dad: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8094509/1/The-Parentage-Realisation
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    It always seems strange to me that the writers may want to get Lenny and Shamy to the same point by the end of the series, since their relationships have never been a mirror to each other, nor have they progressed at the same speed. If the show were to run for 10 seasons, I would expect Lenny to be married before series' end and as I've mentioned before, leaving the Los Robles building in the last episode to move into their own house while Penny announces to the gang that she's pregnant. All the while Leonard and Sheldon recreating (with a twist) the scene from the pilot: Leonard: "Our babies will be smart and beautiful" Sheldon: "Not to mention real. Hhhhmm....interesting" I, would , however not expect Shamy to be married. Engaged yes, and also having experienced coitus a couple of episodes before, and it being the great new thing for Sheldon, and him wanting to do it any time he can.
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    On Letterman in 2008:
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    I don't rate i just think he wouldn't act the same way with Penny that with any other girls, just my opinion of course
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    Bernadette being nice about Howard would be good, her constant trashing of all the things Howard likes is not funny
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    The Big Bang Theory ‏@BigBang_CBS 40s40 seconds ago Vote for #Shamy as the couple most driven to melt our hearts this season. http://ow.ly/N0jbF #BigBangTheory Go vote!
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    Lmao Amy's face in the first one looks like Sheldon's face in the last one.
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    Or Lenny gets married sometime(200th episode) in season 9 and they have a little more then a season of happy wedded bliss. Then no one really cares about that kiss anymore. It could happen, but who know what Chuck will do?
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    I have mixed feelings for this season. I've rated it Good (t would be a B-- to be fair...) As a Shamy's shipper, I'm pretty happy for the season (up to the finale...which, for me, came out of the blue and wasn't enough built up or justified but, at least, has the merit of shaking things a lot!!) There were funny episodes, I liked the idea of getting the mums together, Howard's brother and the H/B/S situation! Anyway, I feel that it was kind of an "incomplete" season, there were so many things going on in Season 7 that were just left behind. Lenny's wedding was basically overlooked until 8. 24, if writer's intention was for them to get married in Season 9/10, why get them engaged so soon? Moreover, in my opinion the way the writers are trying to delay the wedding now is not consistent with how the season was built, if I were a Lenny shipper I would be really mad for it!! But also Emily character was overlooked throughout the season. I know the actress who plays her is busy in other projects, but still there was almost no attempt to make her a member of the main group, it could be source of a lot of comedy the fact that she hates Penny, but again the writers didn't explore too much this aspect. They just pointed out her personality, which is too creepy to fit with Raj, for me. Anyway, this has been kind of a difficult Season, hey had to face a real death in their cast, surely something not easy to overcome from every point of view, and maybe some of the "plans" they made were strongly affected by this situation. Hope that next season we will see more "consistency"...I know that the writers claim that they don't plan to much in advance, but I kind of think it's better for them to start a little timetable...
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    This season's highs were very high (the Champagne Reflection; the Misinterpretation Agitation; the Anxiety Optimisation; the Troll Manifestation), but for the others, I couldn't help noticing the difference between the thought that went into the Shamy bits versus the others. The Clean Room Infiltration is one example. The Shamy (or Sheldon/Bernie) bits I found funny and charming, whereas the other bits just seemed kinda.....thrown together. The Fortification episode was another example. There is real conflict to Penny's dilemma about careers, but the show just lobbed easy punches at poor old Leonard. And- I don't know. Simon Helberg is so wonderful, and he did his best with the slight material they gave him regarding the passing of Mrs W, but I couldn't help but feel, when looking at the finale, 'Well, if you're so happy to go dark and sad, where was all this when dealing with the death of the parent of a member of the main cast?' So I really don't know. Good luck to anyone trying to grade this puppy. I would give it, on balance, a pretty solid 'B', I think? But with an asterisk.
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    One of the few worth a second look. At least Lenny were holding on to each other, even thought they had them in the background.
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    We'll have to wait for season 9, but it might be the kiss really doesn't matter to Penny. It might be that waiting two years to tell her about it is the problem. I know I've been blindsided kissed at New Years Eve, and Christmas parties, but always let my significant other know what happened right away.
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