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    Who wants to see some nice muscles and Jim Parsons, all in one pic? :D https://instagram.com/p/3tVHdlDPka/ https://instagram.com/p/3tU_ORjPkF/ ♥.♥!!!
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    Jim & Mayim - Behind the scenes ( Season 8 )
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    He's getting so mature looking. Still very young, but not boyish any more. Kind of like a man who knows a thing or two.
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    At the risk of showing my age once again, I quote ZZ Top: "Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man." Drat. Burned my hands on the computer screen again...
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    It's Shamy's wedding day.... "Oh Amy... you have no idea what I'm capable of..."
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    Mark your calendars! September 21st is Premiere date for Season 9. See all the premiere dates for CBS Shows this fall.
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    Come hither look, Jim Parsons style... hoo! I like how he looks young, yet his eyes give away how much he knows a lot of not-so-young things...
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    The Big Bang Theory's ninth season will premiere on Monday, September 21 at 8/7c on CBS. For the first time since Season 6, it will be a single episode premiere rather than an hour-long premiere like Seasons 5, 7 and 8. The show moves back to Thursdays at 8/7c on Thursday, November 5 (a week later than last year).
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    21st September Season 9 premiere!
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    Somehow I just love his hands on his hips in this pic. I don't know if it's because it makes him look long and lean or what it is, but...mmm mmm mmm.
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    I am writing a story that has consumed me since March. I am writing an AU story with Six different Sheldon's and all their back stories. They are all sitting around talking to Sheldon from the Show and telling him how to get back his Amy. It is fun because it is AU. I think I like AU more than I do "canon" fics. I think I like the idea of Sheldon and Amy are archetypes for the intellectual, inexperienced couple who is bubbling with passion. I think that is why I love Bella's new story so much. It has those same trappings of Shamy. I enjoy that young love. I have had a story bubbling in my brain for years. Every Fan Fic I write is practice for that story. When I finally start it, get it edited and self publish, I will feel I have done something. No one may buy it or even read it. I will know i wrote a "novel" I write for me and for practice. I think ATOB is right about Fan Fic giving you the freedom. When I wrote Vixen, I had so much for dialog, I just kept going and going and going. The story and most chapters were too long, but I could fathom cutting any of it. WHen i write my original story, I will be very selective with the words, sentences and scenes I put in there. I will outline, re- work and edit the crap out of it. For Fan fic? I just want the story to flow and I want all my little darlings alive and kicking. I will worry about cutting of Mother's aprons strings later. For now, I'm okay...
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    Of course the kiss as stated in S8 season finale is completely and totally out of character for Leonard. Mekka, in your quest to be the sole possessor of the truth, and correct everybody else in the process you have given irrelevant and worthless examples. You are trying to imply that he has a weakness for female attention, but not more than any heterosexual male. Joyce Kim, Priya, Dr. Stephanie, Dr. Plimpton, the old lady (I don't know what instance you refer to with Penny) do not apply because last time I checked he was unattached to other people when it happened, so please tell me how your examples apply as moments of weakness or giving into female attention with the negative connotation that you try to imply. That's simply a free man and a free woman doing what men and women do. The only example that has some validity would be Alice. That is the only time he has succumbed to temptation, and even then he didn't go all the way. Then you say that at times he has second guessed the relationship. OK.... but what does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing . In Alex's case, of course he enjoyed the female attention but he didn't go looking for it. As a matter of fact he was oblivious until it was mentioned to him, so again, another irrelevant example. You are comparing apples to oranges. So yes, lennyx3 is correct. It is completely OOC for Leonard to go kiss somebody else as stated in S8 finale as we know it. There are still lots of details that we don't know.
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    To me he often looks like he knows something we don't. That is a hard quality to explain but there is just this this glint in his eye that makes him look like he is thinking some sort of funny and slightly devilish thought he does not want to fully share. It is interesting!
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    Yay I will be in the USA and will be able to watch it live instead of waiting another 4 months for it to air in NZ.
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    We are currently working on putting the season 9 forum together. Once everything is set up, the forum will be launched.
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    Second pic is better. At least I can see a little of that legendary Jim Parsons' back. This hiatus is driving me bat crap crazy!
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    Jim, Kaley and the show have been nominated in the first wave of Teen Choice Awards Nominees Announced today!
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    http://womenneverreallyfaint.tumblr.com/post/120982356819/jim-parsons-tony-awards-june-7-2015 More great Jim pics
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    I wouldn't want to write professionally - at least not now. My writing is something enjoyable, my own little world that it's nice to share with people who understand. I wouldn't want to put it out there just yet. What I'm writing now (not BBT) is the most personal thing I've written since I was growing up - it's hardly got any views or reviews (but thank you Hazelra and ATOB!) but it's more my own in a way than my BBT fics. When I was about 13 I wanted to be a Travel Writer though, like for Lonely Planet or something!
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    They really do[emoji7]
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    Of course it'll be romantic. If there's one thing the Shamy does well (but not very often) it's romance.
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    Me too. I have done two AU's and they're two of my favorite own stories. I struggle with love stories too. Smut, (without blowing my own trumpet - Sorry, what pun? ), I think I do reasonably well (although I sometimes get a bit carried away, turning the Shamy from virgins to nymphomaniacs in minutes ), but love stories? Not so sure.
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    Ahh, yes. This is when the biceps started to make their appearance.
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    I wish we had more of these!
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    reviewed....I hope this ends well for Shamy!
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    Thank you, everyone. It was truly a sad day for me yesterday; althoiugh, writing the epilogue will keep me busy. I've already had to pull out the tissues for that, too! I'd like to say, thank you again for taking the time and letting me know your thoughts. It means so much to me to know I've touched anyone with this story. I know the show is rooted in a lot of Science vernacular. I tried, as much as possible, to incorporate that into the story. But at it's heart, it was a love story. My main goal was to tell it keeping the characters in character, yet not as ridged and 'nerdy' on the show. I'm not a writer by trade; just a fan who wanted to expand their story and ensure they received a happily ever after. I love this couple. And I see so much potential for growth. But as it's a comedy, we never get to see more than 1 or 2 minute snippets of what could be. I hope you have enjoyed this more dramatic delving in to their psyches. x
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    Guys... My other long time fandom Muse just realised their new Album.. And there is a song on it that just SCREAMS shamy... I am so much gross crying... Hope you guys like it.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_e4jVc8ek8 Lyrics: War is all around I’m growing tired of fighting I’ve been drained And I can’t hide it But I have strength for you You’re all that’s real anymore I am coming home now I need your comfort From this moment From this moment You will never be alone We’re bound together Now and forever The loneliness has gone States are crumbling Walls are rising high again It’s no place for the faint-hearted But my heart is strong Because now I know where I belong It’s you and I against the world We are free From this moment From this moment You will never be alone We’re bound together Now and forever The loneliness has gone We’ve gone against the tide All we have is each other now I’m coming home now I need your comfort From this moment From this moment You will never be alone We’re bound together Now and forever The loneliness has gone We’re bound together Now and forever Loneliness has gone
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    I wish we had a vote off the tbbt island button. :/ Todd is important to Jim . Idk why you have an issue with Todd but it's not cool
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    Do you have a problem with Todd? I don't think you really know what you're talking about. As was explained, Todd and Jim have a production company together and they are developing a series through that production company. How is that gossip magazine material? A person's personal life is pertinent to their professional life and it doesn't matter if they're gay or straight. Lipton also asked Jim about his father. Is that a "silly thing", too? Why is it "silly" to ask about his personal life? And how is Lipton losing time by asking Todd a question or two? Yes, of course Jim owes his success to his talent and his hard work, but I dare say he would also credit his success to the support if his family and friends, and also to Todd. They've been together about 12 years, so his support and encouragement is probably fairly significant. That's part of the backstory to Jim's success, I'm sure. As others have said, Todd's participation was only a few minutes out of 3-4 hours. How is that wasting time?
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    Kill your darlings! That's the phrase. When the writing style starts interfering with the story and breaks the spell for your reader, then you 'kill your darlings'. If you think some turn of phrase you've used is particularly poetic or clever, then most likely it will be pared down by some scrupulous editor further down the processing line. That's why fanfic is so wonderful, all your excesses gambol free and unimpeded, and you can be as self-indulgent as you like without censure. In fact, I may recycle a stripped out passage from my original work for a rather rude Raj/Howard/Comicon Salior Moon Girl one-shot, but that would have to go on AO3 for that MA/Explicit function. I'll wait and see how bored I get. Ho hum.
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    http://boundtobeafraid.tumblr.com/post/121069247645/bigbangtheory-fan-the-big-bang-theory-behind Shamy/and/or/majim Or Shamajimy! ™
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    Thank you!!![emoji16] Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire X mit Tapatalk
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    he knows he's looking hot, and bet he's loving the result of all his exercise we love it too!!!!
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    SWEET JESUS!!!!!! I can't stop looking at that slow motion smirk. That man takes my breath away!! :-)
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    I'm speechless after this smirk... My only words are : "He's fantastic" ..........
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    http://womenneverreallyfaint.tumblr.com/post/120982356819/jim-parsons-tony-awards-june-7-2015 Lovely jimmy "Sigh"
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    I never saw him that way. I am really upset... Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire X mit Tapatalk
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    Oh, one I thought some time ago, what if Bernie had broken up with Howard instead of accepting to marry him?
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    Here's one to consider. What if, in The Skank Reflex Analysis, Penny didn't get the last minute Hemorrhoid commercial, and moved back to Nebraska?
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    Jim signing this afternoon...long day for him.....matinee this afternoon and then The Tony Awards presentation tonight. I wonder if he went home between the show and the Tonys or got ready at Studio 54? Security guys hovering this afternoon threw on some jackets and a fancy car is standing by...Studio 54 is much closer to RCMH than his home in NYC so considering traffic, it might have made sense to prep there? johnjwagner 6 hours ago · An Act Of God On Broadway I'm not covering the #tonys, but I did happen upon#jimparsons while driving past his #broadway show stage door. Interesting angle here sammysuss87 5 hours ago Well hello there God. Nice to see you today. There is a cute video snippet on IG of him coming out to sign this afternoon and someone has a Harvey Playbill (my guess) and when he see's it he sighs, happily, "Oh Harvey"
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    The Big Bang Theory ‏@BigBang_CBS 6s7 seconds ago Are you watching the #TonyAwards? Look who's there! #BigBangTheory
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    From Jim's PR team teamid 12 seconds ago @actofgodbway's @TheRealJimParsons is heavenly posing with #AmandaSeyfried on the @thetonyawardsred carpet. #TheTonyAwards
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    thetonyawards 54 seconds ago @actofgodbway's @therealjimparsons descends to the#TonysRedCarpet #TonyAwards #JimParsons#AnActOfGod
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    Well, I was right. I DID miss Jim and thank you to everyone who posted while I was gone! I am glad to be back! I can't wait to see ITAS and hear all the wonderful stuff he had to say about his career and family and Todd. (Though I am afraid I might start crying. Just a hunch.) While in Texas I picked up one of the tabloid magazines my mom reads (sorry but she buys them by the stack and I don't know which one it was) and there was a picture of Jim walking Otis and Rufus in New York! I feel guilty for having gotten excited about it because I don't normally approve of paparazzi pictures but it was surprising and nice to see him there.
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    Yay!!! Amy won, but NOT Sheldon and Amy.......... http://www.cbs.com/shows/2015-finales/drive-to-perform/most-driven-to-make-us-laugh/89B32EFA-9E3E-FAAB-72CB-A03ACC9FDCD4/
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    I just went and checked out my old fandom forum.. A certain bands forum which is used to be a big member of.. Hardly any mention of BBT over there! rubbish! decided not to post.. For that reason and seeing my ex bf posting a lot.. I love YOU guys x
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    Saying "kill your darlings" and actually doing it are two different things though. I've always struggled to overcome the chip on my shoulder regarding being perceived as stupid, it's a real bug-bear for me. I'm slowly taking onboard the advice to "stop proving how clever you are and just tell your story", but it's hard. Fan fic's my last refuge, but I do see I'm compensating and reverting to comforting behaviour. That being said, I believe I'm done with fan fic. I just don't feel the compulsion to write it like I did. In fact, the only reason I'm even considering the AO3 Raj/Howard/Sailor Moon is because I can't bear to throw the scene I wrote for my original piece away, and I'm craving that gratification and assuagement that comes with a positive review for it. Might be time to go cold turkey. Hmm?
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    I think fanfic can be cathartic. Especially if you're frustrated because you really worked hard on a passage only to have (what you deemed to be) 'the best bits' stripped away by someone you have to submit to. There's rather a nice sense of justification when a reviewer says 'I really liked this bit' about something that's been poo pooed elsewhere. Of late, my fan fic writing is getting ridiculously ornate though (them banished adjectives have to go somewhere, poor things) so I do acknowledge some self-censure is due and necessary. People write fanfic for all different sorts of reasons. For me, it was exploratory, a toe-dip in safe(ish) waters. My purpose always being to answer the question that I think lurks in every fanfic writers psyche; "Am I good enough to write professionally?" That's why I'm such a pedant about reviews.
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