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    I have finally realized what makes Jim so unusually beautiful (besides the obvious LOL). It is the genuine passion and light and life and happiness that comes through his eyes. He is one of the most alive people I have ever seen. I could happily spend hours on end with him and his interviews because his energy is warm and lovely and so infectious. I am glad to have found him because he actually adds something to life! I love the way he and Todd look at each other. You can tell they are each other's universe.
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    I could have watched another hour at least. That just made me so happy to watch. Jim really is delightful and his face when he and Todd were talking. So precious. And I actually would have loved to hear him answer more of the student questions. The two they showed were really thoughtful and interesting, and Jim answered them pretty well even if he did kind of meander and ramble around before getting to the answer, lol.
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    They really kept all the important stuff in and he is so sweet!!! He really is so happy, genuine and inspiring This has been fantastic to relive!! Sell baby Sell!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been saying it since the episode aired. If they talk to each other about their issues this can all be resolved in an episode or even two. I want it to be Sheldon going to her and not the other way around. I don't want her to decide she made the wrong decision. He needs to step up to the plate and take the blame...well not blame but responsibility for what she needs and wants. He needs to tell her what he wants and needs as well. I agree with some on here that are saying with his closure issues he needs to tell her what he was going to say. I really don't think he was going to propose over Skype though. I think he was going to invite her over and then ask. Or he just was so shocked at what she said he pulled it out to contemplate. He may have been planning it for their next date night. Who knows. I am optimistic this won't last more than two episodes but I don't want them to gloss it over like they did for the most part with his train trip. This time they need to talk more than him admitting he was afraid to tell her he failed. She bought that and they continued as if nothing happened. He made up his dates according to the relationship agreement. I am also in total agreement with those that don't want the relationship agreement to go away. It is what makes them unique but I would like to see them sitting down and working it out together. Although I think they have done that before.
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    Haha, I was just berating myself for not reaching out and touching his arm. But, at least I've been inches away from him 3 times and gotten him to speak to me directly twice. Dear Lord, that man is perfection personified.
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    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Where did this come from? You are implying that I am hiding behind 'sneaky little 'likes' on the posts of people who actually have the moxie to address [you] directly'? Pfffffft! Don't flatter yourself. Far from it. I've jumped into various frays many times before. I was simply enjoying reading the vollying back and forth regarding this topic while completely disagreeing with everything you say. When did it become mandatory that I have to address your rambling, beligerent posts in any substantive manner? It's verboten that I just can't 'like' a post when someone says something I totally agree with, and, who says it in a more concise, definitive, more poetic manner than I ever could? No. I don't have to answer you or your concerns in any way, shape, or form. And if I choose to 'like' every other post on this forum except yours, I will. As a matter of fact, I will 'like' this very post after I publish it.
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    There's my sex on a stick . . . .[emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That was lovely....I need to watch it again....
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    Tara met her goal..... https://org.grouprev.com/playgroundethiopia May 14th, 2015 OPENING DAY Shayna poses with a sign dedicating the playground. I am humbled by project coordinator Jon Lewis' touching dedication.
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    Oh and before I get accused because I'm liking two of the above posts.... I've also been following the debate quietly and though I agree with many posts on both sides of the fence, going after people because they choose to like a post rather than wade into the fray is where I draw the line. This is a debate zone and as such, posters are allowed to disagree with each other, and support each other in the method they deem works for them. Sometimes that's an exposition post and sometimes its likes. That's the way forum life works so DEAL WITH IT. And one last thing: as a fellow woman and feminist don't be bringing the feminist agenda into this cause it has nothing to do with the topic or the current conversation. And quite honestly dragging it into this conversation not only derails it needlessly but also does a real disservice to the feminist agenda. There's a time and place for it and this isnt it. End rant. Sent from my C6616 using Tapatalk
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    The jeans and shirts are getting tighter and the arms are getting huge. Wow, his trainers have earned their money. He looks delicious. I really need to just run my hands over it all. His body guard looks positively dumpy next to Jim.
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    While we were watching Jim on ITAS , he was working... from tonight... Stevica Kuharski ‏@kstevica 30m30 minutes ago Jim Parsons in person #anactofgod
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    The little boy coy smile, the sweet voice,the genuine happiness; I'm so pleased with what they kept.
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    Ahh, is it the little check marks in the right hand corner that's the "like" button? Got it and actually looking back and reading the one I "accidently" liked which was one of Carlos's posts, yeah, I do like that one. Especially the last paragraph....I hate that the writers stall everything so much that the story telling is starting to ring untrue, artificial, and not organic. Let things unfold as they should, and don't keep everything that is endgame for later because in the meantime what they are giving us is (IMO) crap. Shamy is a perfect example of this. 2 1/2 years ago, in the Cooper/Kripke whatever the hell it's called, Penny asks him if he's ever going to sleep with Amy. His excuse is he has a problem with touching people and others touching him and that he's working on it. Well, he doesn't seem to have a problem with that NOW so what's the excuse this time? It's starting to get old and boring. Just fucking do it already! The more they drag it out, the more pathetic Amy looks for sticking with him! As much as I liked the Shamy in S8, there was something missing. S8 in general wasn't as funny. Not enough group interactions and it did feel like two shows in one sometimes. One with Lenny & Shamy and the other with Raj & Howardette. They put Lenny on the back burner waaay too much and what the hell is up with the lack of kissing? Lenny has a damn list a mile long of all the kisses in the last 7 seasons and what do you guys get for season 8? ONE! That's noticable even if your not much of a Lenny shipper!! (Aka, lazy writing, IMO). The lack of continuity. My biggest beef on this is Sheldon's birthday. There have been several episodes throughout the series that established him being a Taurus. Then all of a sudden we find out in The Intimacy Acceleration that he's a Pisces and NOBODY in the group knew when his birthday was?? BULL SHIT!! Not buying it!!! Lazy writing!! They couldn't come up with a better ending then that?! How pathetic!! Even the critics pointed this one out! So yeah, ATOB, there's my two cents....happy now?
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    I'd like some sweet Shamy post lovemaking scene, akin to something like how Sheldon with that geology book looked like in The Relationship Diremption. With Mayim's Orthodox background, I'm not sure how it'll look like. She'll probably either fully covered by the duvet or in her sleep dress with the buttons undone....or them under the duvet with Sheldon's back in full view of the camera and Amy's hands clinging to it while she's in a sleep dress or.... ok enough already! My imagination should be under curfew!
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    Awww how sweet...from Kunal's IG.... kunalkarmanayyarWhat a wonderful way to spend the day. Go [email protected] play God on Broadway. #mindblown From this afternoon...(biceps) brittany_cloughHey Sheldon. Thanks for a hilarious show and a great first day in New York! . Jim signing tonight... dmcaputoI ❤️ @therealjimparsons! Thanks for signing playbills after the show!
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    I have started a new story as a follow up to my story the Time Out Commitment. This one is called The Wedding Commitment: Here is the first chapter: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11322718/1 Sheldon and Amy have been engaged for two months and now have some decisions to make about the wedding. I plan on it being no more than 10 chapters but you never know these things tend to get away from me. Enjoy!
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    He is so genuine! You get the feeling he is a truly nice person. It radiates from him.
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    Jim time! I made dolphin noises when Todd came on, jim lights up talking abt Todd, they are so perfect"
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    I wouldn't mind a plot line where Shamy get drunk and end up in bed together, but I would not want their first coitus to occur that way. I think what I'd want to happen is for them to wake up, hung over, somewhat entangled with each other and, greatly embarrassed. Then they try to determine just what DID happen and that will be the funny part.
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    I'm not even going to bother with the "who do you think you are" comment cause honestly, right back at ya sweetie. All I will say is leave the feminist agenda out of this thread. This is a shipping lanes thread where we discuss the show not societal perceptions on feminism or misogyny. You want to debate that issue? Then feel free to start an appropriate thread over in the chit chat section of the forum where that topic belongs. Then if you want you and I can go rounds in there comparing "feminist badges of merit" like in girl scouts if I feel like it
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    I think that the writers were lazy in their writing of all relationships that were not Shamy in Season 8. I think that there is plenty of narrative potential in Raj and Emily's relationship (it can be worrying for Raj, who wants so badly to be with someone, to find a lovely woman who is into him but just isn't quite right); in Howard and Bernie's attempting to navigate the loss of Howard's mother, and Howard's regression into childhood; in Leonard and Penny's mutual love, but also worries about things like their lack of shared interests. There's plenty of good stuff there. Yes, it may be hard to find the setup/punchline rhythm that the show prefers with these situations, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible, or that the writers shouldn't try to find the humour in them anyway. So, okay, you need to experiment, writers. If writers in your position can't experiment, then who the hell can? I also think that Leonard's infidelity was an arse-pull done to rationalise the lackadaisical attitude the writers took towards the Lenny wedding. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't want S8 to be all Lenny wedding, all the time. But I definitely found it weird that the characters (Leonard especially) seemed to be spinning their wheels. And then they brandished something as serious as infidelity to say 'see, Leonard's attitude made sense after all!' The thing is, no it didn't. The writers didn't write Leonard as guilty, or hesitant, or anything like that, over the season. i am withholding judgement until the first few episodes of S9. If the storyline plays out as 'Leonard also worries that he and Penny don't have stuff in common, and that is why he sabotaged the Vegas wedding', then I will allow it- so long as they follow through on it! If the storyline plays out as something like 'Penny sees the other girl and realises that Penny is way hotter and therefore forgives Leonard and everything is hunky dory', then I call shenanigans, show. Also, the will-they/won't-they thing was never the most compelling thing to me about the Leonard/Penny relationship. I liked them very much in S7, when they were together, being loving and playful and supportive. They were delightful then. The on/off thing makes me roll my eyes faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar into the back of my skull. YMMV, of course.
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    I fully understand the nature of this thread. And I was very happily following the spirited debate on the sidelines until you threw me into it when I didn't offer any comment on anything but supported the opinions of others which just happened to be contrary to yours. If I wanted to join you in your continually beligerent rant, I would have offered dialogue hours ago. A passing interest in the debate, reading it, and hitting the 'Like' button by no means means that I want or care for full investment the same or, most importantly, that you are entitled to throw me in the middle of it. That is just ignorant and very bad form. Going to Tensor? Done and done.
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    Jim can certainly fill a pair of jeans.....those lovely legs
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    That shirt does nothing for his sexy back. I think TBBT's wardrobe department needs to get him bigger 3/4 sleeve shirts. Sometimes whenever he moves his arms (in the show), seems like the undershirt would rip on the sleeves. Well I wouldn't mind the shirts ripping at the back though, that would be total droolfest for me. That back makes me want to climb onto him like a tree.
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    And now I can officially say: you ARE wrong. Not in your opinions, because as you pointed out, opinions are subjective, but you are wrong in your assumptions. Why are you assuming that people hide behind their likes? Can't they just like a post? Can't they just agree with another poster? Again, being belligerent for NO reason. I really don't know who the hell you think you are that people have to answer to your posts and do it in the way you want them to. Also in the characterization of the rationale for your opinion there are two things that I find particularly interesting: 1) You characterize the Lenny relationship as a will they-wont they, which is not. It might have been like that at the very beginning, but if you remember correctly before the end of the first season they had already kissed, and by mid third season (I believe) they had already split. So I don't know where the will they wont they that you allude to comes in. The only real build up between them was to the "I love you" by Penny, and that didn't hinder the quality of the writing, so... 2) Isn't it convenient that every time someone tells you about an example that contradicts your theory of how difficult it is to write a couple after they settled (from a long build up -which is a false premise anyway-) you haven't seen the series they're talking about? Well ... the fact that you don't know said series, does not make any of those invalid examples, and in reality what does it matter if there are or aren't any examples? This is TBBT and in itself is a different sitcom from most, and as such the rules that apply are within the context of the series and the limits or lack thereof of its characters as written by the writers. I know I haven't addressed all you points, but in my estimation I have rendered two very important ones, completely irrelevant. I'm usually not as good as you are in presenting specific examples to support my opinions, but when I say that what they're doing with Lenny is lazy writing it's more a feeling that I get. However, when I view past episodes the differences become more apparent and the greater care put in writing the characters and their stories is more evident.
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    The guys going to a comic convention as original Star Trek and at the last moment the girls show up to go with them dressed in uniforms. The gang going on a road trip and another funny night, Amy and Sheldon having to share a bed, with them falling asleep at both ends but next morning they are spooning and Sheldon gets to second base. Group paintball I want Penny to walk into 4A for takeout night, and immediately go to sit in Leonard's lap, then steal his food. I want something in Penny's apartment to break and her have to live with Leonard for a few episodes, and then when she goes back she takes Leonard with her. Sheldon gets tenure and Leonard later gets Gablehauser's job as Sheldon boss. Leonard and Sheldon almost get nominated for a Nobel for Leonard's idea which goes big. Penny gets an part time acting job, like Emily on TBBT has.
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    After the finale of Season 8, I found tonight's runs of TBBT on TBS sadly ironic tonight. The Bon Voyage Reaction: Leonard: And...I'm a little worried because things between us have been so great, and I'd hate to do anything that screws that up. Penny: Well, sweetie, if you going to screw things up, it's going to be while you're here, not while you're away. The Hofstadter Insufficiency: Sheldon: Well, perhaps you’re obsessively picturing him engaged in drunken coitus with another woman. Is that it? Did I get it right? Penny: Okay, that, that’s great. You can stop trying to make me feel better now.
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    For all we know Jim might not wear anything when he is at home. Just a thought for your Wednesday.
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    That interview was so adorable! He is awesome I made dying whale noises the whole time
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    A bunch of clips are already up on Bravo http://www.bravotv.com/inside-the-actors-studio/season-20/episode-2006/videos?clip=2874474
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    Since you last addressed me I haven't read any post by you, because before I do I wanted to address your observation that I'm gunning for you. Absolutely not. Again being belligerent for no reason, and again, wrong. Actually up until this point I have quite enjoyed your posts. The last series of posts by you that I remember were an argument you had with Mekka un which I was agreeing with you and not him. I might have even "liked" your posts without explaining myself to Mekka. Imagine that (the horror). I will no engage in a discussion with you, because quite frankly your reply doesn't satisfy me. And finally, in order to "gun" for you I would have to care about what you say much more than I do. Sorry but I don't.
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    It was great. Very Mayim and she again seems more relaxed lately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    YaY!!! My question was asked!!! Fanfiction
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    Here you go. In the UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Funko-Figurine-Theory-Sheldon-Lantern/dp/B00846FHQE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434654750&sr=8-1&keywords=Sheldon+Cooper+vinyl+figure In the US http://www.amazon.com/Funko-POP-Television-Sheldon-Lantern/dp/B00846FHQE/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1434654858&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=Funko+-+Figurine+Big+Bang+Theory+-+Sheldon+Green+Lantern+Pop+10cm
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    Ok, then "floundering" for Lenny throughout the season 8 with the exception of the finale. I think they put them on the back burner to speed up the Shamy and then just forgot about them. And as for the finale, I call that one lazy. They couldn't come up with something more BELIEVABLE than that kiss? The birthday thing I flat out call lazy. There's simply no other excuse other than laziness. They need to go back and watch their own damn show and look at all the other times they established him being a Taurus! I actually wasn't surprised that Amy reached her breaking point with Sheldon and needed to take a step back but they really do need to move them forward in the physical dept in season 9 or it really will be unbelievable, sad and pathetic.
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    WTF!!! First of all, the ONLY damn thing I've said on THIS thread was asking Stephen Hawking about one of his fanfics!! And as for "liking" a post, if I did, it was by accident and I'd actually like to know how I did it. Until T & T put the season 9 threads up, I was using Tapatalk but they don't have Season 9 up yet....or more than likely I need to update it on my phone. Now, I'm doing things on the actual site and I'm still getting the damn hang of it. Hell, Tripper had to help me with my password. Don't be dragging my ass into an argument that I didn't jump into!!
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    Since June 14, you have had 37 exchanges, on this thread alone, engaging, disagreeing with, badgering, baiting, challenging, arguing with: rachaelshamyfan, Tonstar, old sailor, Carlos, gsxdoug, Tensor, vasu, Itwasdestined, Norman and for some reason, you felt you needed to add one more to that number and so you threw me in too because I hit the 'Like' button and agreed with others. Re-Read my post. I am in not insterested in engaging with you in any way. 37 rambling, beligerent posts over since June 14 at 7:41 and arguing with nine other members on this forum is quite a full plate. Stop baiting me and go play somewhere else. Keep harrassing me like this and it it will be my second report to Tensor about you.
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    1. There has been too much angsty not liking the significant others' interests in this show so it would be nice to see the girls get in the spirit. They complain a lot but in reality they more go their separate ways than give in to the boys so would like to see a bit of embracing the interests of the others. And the other way too. Not quite sure what Bernie is into, to be honest. That could be something for Howard to do to make up for all his childish behaviour. 2. Definitely a road trip (group episodes please) and happy with the Shamy plot but not sure if the Love Car scenario works this time since the couples are all together now - how do Sheldon and Amy 'end up together"? 3. Paintball is pre Amy/Bernadette so ship might have sailed. But S8 did have a lot of callbacks so why not? I do like a good paintball ep, although they don't compare to the "Community' ones. Again, group episode please and more mismatched couples like Scavenger would be funny. 4. Yep, do it. Not a lot needed by the writers for that one. Just let them do it - often. Won't hurt and good payback for hurt Lennies! 5. As long as they broke it! 6. Nice payback for Leonard. Like it - but writers won't do that to Sheldon will they? 7. Nice for both, esp. Leonard. Gets Sheldon excited to get close to his life's goal then - not happening. It's almost a given Sheldon has an almost event on a regular basis so why not an almost nomination? It can't actually happen since they try to make the science world real in this show. 8. Can always cling on to that hope. Just think it makes Penny a more interesting character and the potential for real conflicts of interest between Lenny with potential acting career is far more worthwhile than forced unbelievable tension like the stupid North Sea kiss fiasco.
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    Phanta, I just don't want the back of his neck.. I want the whole of his back, starting from the upper back below the neck to the small of his back above the posterior...
  42. 2 points
    I find it ironic that the bodyguard is both smaller/shorter than Jim and much less fit. I am pretty sure the bodyguard works for the theater company. Something tells me Jim can take care of himself pretty well (just a hunch.)
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    they should drop the whole idea of its something howard and leonard should be offended by..
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    I don't know that it's really a "storyline" as much as it is a detail that comes up now and then. They have only mentioned it in certain circumstances and mostly for the comedy potential, so I don't think it's really that big a deal.
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    That was me from the UK
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    LAT Readers ‏@latimesreaders 1m1 minute ago About to get started with @missmayim. Ask questions using #askLATimes
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    I agree Chelle. Amy is absolutely gorgeous. That's not to say Mayim isn't beautiful, because she is.
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    I think they should get rid of it simply because, given their occupations, it's not realistic. In the real world Howard wouldn't be making "peanuts". The concept that the girls make more is great in the sense that it should seem like a normal thing, but the execution is lacking in my opinion.
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    The hallway has some of Leonards funniest faces and asides in it, his "That was odd in Boyfriend" and "I'm missing something" in Egg Salad, they never fail to crack me up
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    Like that, Mississippi. Lenny haven't quite got it all figured out yet and that should continue to be the story, instead of stalling it. It doesn't need to be challenged by artificial traumas like the boat kiss. Just let them have their little challenges along the way with their different life perspectives clashing as they work out how to get the balance right to make this happiness last. Nothing wrong with love being the common factor with lots of differences on the peripheries making the improvised dance interesting to balance. Twenty five years with my non nerdy, non sport and trivia loving wife hasn't been spoilt by our differences. The common way we feel about each other makes it work. The same can be said for Leonard and Penny. I waffled on a lot longer in Shipping Lanes in response to ATOB if interested in the longer version.
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