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    I think honestly they've moved past the whole manipulation game. In season 8 we saw them both grow on this part and be more mutually even with each other. For instance during fort, that was a genuine even negotiation. During Anxiety same story. Amy was upset, voiced it right away and didn't use games or anything to get her way. In Mars, Amy expressed her justified feelings and Sheldon eventually realized what Amy really wanted, in the finale there was no manipulation. Amy was upset, voiced her justified feelings right away, and again Sheldon is slow on the pick-up but by no means was her ending it a manipulation tactic.
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    Generally Hokie, it's: Wednesday: Table read, Familiarize themselves with individual props or costume fittings for items that aren't normally used Thursday: Blocking (where to stand, how to move), camera angles, lighting. Friday: work scenes, Changes to blocking, Lighting, camera. Run the entire show. Saturday: OFF Sunday: OFF (However, during the weekend, some crew will sometimes work , actors will probably run lines at home) Monday: Producer/ CBS executive Run through. Afternoon/Evening; Shoot recorded scenes Tuesday: Run through show. Evening: Run show before an audience. There may be individual things that TBBT does differently, but the above is how most multi-camera comedies run it. Overall, this should cover it with minor changes. From comments I've seen, they will normally, except for Tuesday and sometimes Monday, spend 4-6 hours a day there. This is due to their efficiency when running through all this.
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    "Just because my character needed "time off" from Sheldon doesn't mean we are broken up" ...like music to my ears.
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    from Mayim....scream. http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik-back-for-season-9-of-the-big-bang-theory/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kveller+(Kveller.com+)
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    Guys, I want you to remember that Steve Molaro is in the business of getting people to watch his show. He wants you to tune in one way or another, to see something you want to, or to witness a train wreck. Take what he says with a grain of salt and don't believe a word that silver tongued devil has to say until you see it with your own eyes! Keep the faith Shamys!
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    Nah, She's a rebel, she needs no permission. Act now, apologize later.
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    The grok thing has nothing to do with big bang.............
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    I just hate the message here. It seems to be that Sheldon is not lovable or acceptable the way he is so he needs to suffer for a while. He has to learn to change the fundamental characteristics of who he is so he can "win back" Amy. Besides the fact that this story has been done by every other sitcom ever aired or written its moral is offensive! It might just be the drastically different lens I see the character through but the whole thing just really bothers me.
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    Relax, just let it go. Here is nice picture of J & K to cheer you up.
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    Guys, as much as we all love Mayim, we need to remember that her opinions on Shamy are often way off. I wouldn't take her IG post to mean anything bad for Shamy...as an actress, it would be important for Mayim to truly understand her character's motivations in any situation. I think it's just a standard "preparing for the new season"-type post, that just so happens to coincide with something else she plans to launch (as per her previous post). And let's be honest, if Amy was planning to do something with another guy, her motivations wouldn't be that difficult to understand at all. I'm still in the camp that Amy won't actually act upon the "not ruling it out". I think if anything it will be a passing comment. She told Sheldon she loved him ("so much", to be precise) and used the present tense to speak about being his girlfriend, therefore they haven't broken up, and therefore there probably won't be another man. The "not ruling it out" is simply Amy being aware of her options, not necessarily acting on them. tl;dr We all need to calm the hell down. Even if it takes a little longer than expected, it's all going to be okay in the end.
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    agree, this was pretty cool to read. But she' been saying that this whole hiatus BUT her still saying it after reading the script is pretty positive
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    Kveller post is amazing , feeling soooo much better and more positive
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    Yeah for Lenny... But what is life without dreamy speculation? Penny asks for Sheldon's help getting back from Vegas as she is pissed at Leonard and Amy's phone is off. Sheldon goes to het apartment and asks for a ride she takes him they talk it out in the car ride and then get hitched in Vegas. Lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I wouldn't feel insulted or cheated by a private wedding between Leonard and Penny. Their best and most romantic moments have been when they are alone together Even though the show is a comedy, I'd like them to have a few serious, touching moments to make their promises to each other without anyone else getting into the act or stealing the show for the sake of a joke. They could still have a reception for family and friends to share in their happiness and make jokes about them and their stormy courtship after they have made their vows privately. We can agree to disagree and we agree that we love them as a couple.
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    "A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." I saw this this morning and right away thought of Leonard and Penny.
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    Yes, it is not. But in a comedy, it brings humor to things, in most cases. Not every single thing in real life is the same in fiction, that's the good thing. If any of these characters were a 100% of the time manipulator, it would be really bad, it would be a psychological disorder (alpha male syndrome, or another name, I don't know, sorry). Therefore, there is no danger of a bit manipulation between them to contribute to the humor factor. I think they don't do this for bad, to make the character become evil, it's just the opposite, to create more chances to new jokes.
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    The season opener, I think, will probably put our minds at ease a little. Both the Lenny and the Shamy cliffhangers were huge, and I don't think the writers will get away with not dealing with them. As I've been saying all hiatus, Shamy just need to have a conversation to discuss where they both are emotionally and physically. Once they're both on the same page and understand what they want from each other they can move forward together. But the proposal probably won't happen until later in the season when they're back to their usual stability. Let's be honest, they're not the kind of couple to stay apart for very long because they put a lot of focus on communicating their problems with each other and resolving them quickly.
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    If we go by the cast instagram pictures then I think Lenny have a separate plot while the rest are at the wolowitz house I think Amy and Sheldon will go there looking for comfort and Amy gets talking with Stuart who somehow manages to hit on her and Sheldon sees it I could be totally wrong of course
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    I love Mayim´s IG and tweets! SHAMY will be great this season!
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    After seeing Mayim's IG post, it appears that we'll get some Lenny only scenes this week.
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    Probably nothing, very often the cast posts pictures from Friday afternoon rehearsals. They are usually pretty random gatherings taken during breaks. Johnny and Kaley must be rehearsing on another set, Vegas set maybe.
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    Not sure if it's at all related but in Mayim's IG post she's with a pink orchid , I googled the meaning of them, here's what it said.... The pink Orchid has the honour of representing innocence, femininity, grace, joy and happiness. It also represents the celebration of the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary. - See more at: http://www.interflora.com.au/htw/flowers-colours-orchids/#.dpuf
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    Lots of group scenes and Stuart too. A funny episode but it doesn't tie everything up ....... mmm .... they all go to Vegas for the Lenny wedding and at the end, Sheldon proposes but we don't get to see whether Amy answers yes or no until the second episode.
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    http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik-back-for-season-9-of-the-big-bang-theory/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kveller+(Kveller.com+) So...Mayim's posted about Season 9 on Kveller. Now this is the kind of thing I want to read at the end of hiatus... IT'S SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT MOLARO GAVE US. Nah, it'll be for Lenny.
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    Yep, that would be fine by me if they decide to do that with Season 9. Lenny were essentially neglected for much of Season 8 so I would definitely like to see a lot more of them in Season 9. The key word though is "equal". I don't think one couple needs to dominate at the expense of others (whether Lenny or Shamy). There doesn't necessarily need to be "more" this or "more" that, what I'm saying is that I think screen time for Lenny and Shamy should be roughly the same. Season 8 is pretty much the example of "what not to do" when it comes to this kind of thing.
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    Change of subject........ Apparently, TPTB have hired an actor to play a minister for the premier episode. There was much speculation about whether or not Lenny would be going thru with a wedding in Vegas. But I'm throwing this out for discussion: Could the minister be coming for a Shamy wedding? (I doubt it but could be a big surprise)
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    i always thought of them fighting for something thats ridiclous to work and it does for some reason haha. Like they are not perfect but they are perfect together.
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    You're comparing apples and oranges IMO. Lenny are build as on and off, dramatic couple. Shamy are slow, but mostly stable, with not so much of drama.
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    It wouldn't bother me either. It's his life and to be honest, IG's a little overrated anyway. But I will miss his selfies
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    Whilst I agree Amy does manipulate Sheldon to a degree, she does so more to push their relationship along a little and I also think that Sheldon is more aware of what she does than he lets on and he allows her to get with certain things, but only with certain things. If it's something he doesn't really want to do, no matter what she does, he will not do it. He's also a pretty good manipulator himself. After all, he uses his schedule and rules to get people to do what he wants all the time. Amy manipulated Sheldon into asking her to be his girlfriend, however I don't think she would have expected the Relationship Agreement to be typed up and ready to be signed in the few hours between asking her and presenting it to her. He had to stay up all night to do a revised Roommate Agreement, so imagine how long it would have taken the Relationship Agreement. My conclusion on that is, he must have been thinking about it for quite some time, but just needed a push and the time was right for that push. Amy tried to manipulate Sheldon into letting her move in with him. Even though he admitted himself she used logical arguments which he couldn't refute, he still didn't want it to happen and instead of just telling her that, he tried to manipulate Penny into doing his dirty work for him by getting her to tell Leonard she didn't want to live with him either. Amy manipulated Sheldon into a romantic train trip, but she didn't manipulate him into kissing her. He did that of his own accord trying to prove a point and discovered for himself how wrong he was - bet he has never admitted it though. Amy manipulated Sheldon into not ending their relationship, but I don't think he really wanted to do anyway. Then when back at the apartment, where she got too cocky, he showed he knew exactly what she was doing and how far he would allow her to go with it. And it was Sheldon who ultimately got his way with the table. You could ask who manipulated who for the sleepover? Was it Sheldon wanting her to stay longer? Or was it Amy for having secretly stashed nightwear around the apartment? In a way, you could say they both did, but in the end they both got what they wanted and they were both happy about it. I really don't see Amy being able to manipulate Sheldon into anything he really doesn't want to do or doesn't feel ready for. And I certainly don't see her manipulating him into doing something that is bad, or would hurt him in some way and he knows that.
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    Cheers Chiany! Your name always reminds me of Chianti, which is probably a sign I need to contemplate some sort of restorative stay in the Swiss Alps. I tried to match TBBT characters to wine types the other day and settled vaguely on; Pinot Noir or Sangiovese - Sheldon (inky, dark and difficult with subtle complexity OR strange varietal of conflicting nuances) Merlot - Penny (warm, rounded, friendly and easy to drink too damn much of. Particularly when it’s on tap at book launches. Not that Penny is.) Malbec - Leonard (earthy, heavy, grounded) Spatlese Lexia - Howard (ridiculous fruity monstrosity with tropical overtones. Available in 4 Litre casks) Champagne - Raj (Classy and trashy simultaneously) I’m not so familiar with the others‘ natures, but I’ll take a stab; Rose - Bernadette (deceptively pretty but gives you a blinding headache) Mead - Amy (medieval inclinations) Wine in a can - Stuart (Bleak and terrifying) Sangria - Zack (unwise on a number of levels, but still charming) Wodka - Kwipke (just to be a pain in the arse) I love Stuart by the way. Wine in a can, not so much. I may make a shonky chart out of this when I'm next idle. Whilst my literary ambitions stare at me in disbelief...
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    Well that could be very bad news... Good thing that you laughed a lot . I barely laughed and thought S8 was crap, so I look forward to a return to S6, actually
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    Sram and Hokie have me longing for the good old days.Tears in my eyes. Don't want that passion to end. How about they get drunk together in Vegas while discussing the not greatest kiss in history. Leonard explains, Penny forgives, they do some reminiscing, talk about how much they have shared over the years, how much they love each other and have some great make up kisses? Then the next morning they get all spiffed up and get married in the wedding chapel at the Paris. Just them. Because they are in love. And this IS the best day of their life. They can have a big party with family and friends later with much hilarity and happiness all around. Probably won't happen that way, but that's how I see it.
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    The lime kiss is a real one off kiss. The actors were probably very relaxed in doing it because they were actually together then. I wouldn't be surprised if they rehearsed it at home together, to get it right, and because it probably was fun to do based an their relationship then. There was something more there with that kiss than just acting, that is why it was so great.
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    Hurry up Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning Need Spoilers Now
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    Staircase was seriousley to.this day still.the best piece of comedy ive seen in twenty years. Comedy heaven. Die Sheldon Die lol.
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    Oh good lord. Why would you want her to manipulate him? That would be horrible.
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    Exactly this!!! Shamy need to work things out for themselves.
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    AMEN. This is exactly how the Shamy storyline needs to be in Season 9. The best way for them to solve this is simply to sit down and talk it out. There is absolutely no need for a third party, or for one to try and win over the other. The essence of their relationship issue is miscommunication and misunderstanding. IMO the only way to fix it is to have a chat and make sure they're both on the same page.
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    No, making him jealous with a man was acceptable back in Season 5 but not now. They are still in a relationship since the termination notices weren't sent. For her to openly date another destroys the essence of Shamy and not cool as it would ruin both of them. Of course she will ponder dating others while on her break, but I would hope the producers aren't stupid enough to not know what side of their bread is buttered. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Yes, I understand that, but the ESSENCE, the SOUL of SHAMY is that Sheldon and Amy, both virgins in their middle thirties, are experimenting romance/love for first time for both of them ,their first cuddle, their first hug, their first boy/girlfriend relationship, their first kiss, their first ILY, their first naiive night together, their first making out! This is the reason a lot of us follow SHAMY so hard. They are not an ordinary couple, so if one of them is involved in another romantic and /or phisical relationship, SHAMY is no longer SHAMY, although they ended together when the show finishes. If by any cause (hope no!), Amy goes out with another guy, I highly doubt she kisses him (more or less, Stuart case) This is the way I see SHAMY as couple.
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    If GROK belongs to Martian language, may be the first word with M in the scrip would be" Martians" or" Mars". Mirs1, where did you find " Amy´s new boyfriend" " and their wedding"! Please, read well Molaro's words!! REALLY, do you think the writers are planning to ruin FIVE years of SHAMY MAGIC, making Amy has another boyfriend, kissing him and making out with him??? If they do that, they need to build a complete different Amy, and kill SHAMY for ever! Frankly, I don´t see the writers destroying one of their best achievements, and closing one of their best gold mines!
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    And sadly THAT is why us Shamy's will never get a kiss like that simply because of Jim & Mayim's relationship in real life. You could tell Johnny & Kaley were together back then even though they tried to hide it. At least I thought so.
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    I know it remains to be seen and I really do hate to pre-judge but this makes me very sad. I been mulling this scenerio over and I have yet to see the charm in any of this.
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    Talk about unfair, Johnny is the only one in the cast with two long running big hit TV shows he has been a main character in.
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