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    Just have to share that yesterday we saw the WB studios and saw Jim's production companys signage which I don't remember seeing before so major kudos to him and Todd. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The title is most definitely intriguing and, like I said on Twitter, I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard not to get my hopes up because, frankly, if I were writing this the way I want to see it go from here, that's the title I'd pick too. Assuming the title does indeed refer to Shamy (and I would be surprised if it didn't at least partly refer to them - as in, the title is about both couples like in the finale) Oscillation means going back and forth, which would fit with the idea that Amy was pushed into a rash decision and is now second guessing herself and changing her mind back and forth about whether or not she did the right thing. That is what I would like to see: that Amy does not really want to break up with him. I don't necessarily need a reconciliation right away, but if I am to keep investing time in this story, I want to know that this isn't just a stalling tactic to prevent the inevitable consummation, and that we are on the mend towards a reconciliation by November at the very latest. The only thing I would hate is if the final oscillation is towards the "yes", maybe with more obnoxious Sheldon being up in her face about stuff or even being downright vengeful to consolidate her decision. But, really, would they be so cruel as to have three episodes in a row to hammer home the fact that Shamy are done? That just seems so unusual for a show that normally sweeps stuff under the rug within 20 minutes. Of course, there's a good chance this refers to Lenny too: separation as in not living together or separation as in cancelling the marriage. However, how does "Oscillation" fit in for them? If it's living together, it's about swinging back and forth about moving in or not, which seems a bit weird. The other would be about whether or not to cancel the wedding because of Mandy and good Lord I hope they're not going there. I was not keen on them marrying given the situation, but now that they've gone there they'd better stick with it or end it permanently. It would be a copy cat of Ross and Rachel's Vegas wedding, I can't imagine anything worse.
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    I don't understand why every time Amy wants to see some form of "traditional" romantic gesture, she gets brow beaten. The argument is that if Sheldon were to do this it would totally wreck his character. Can't Shamy have an 90% "unconventional" romance with 10% traditional romance? Can't Amy get both flowers and a mushroom log? Can't she have a prom date with arms? Is this too much to ask a romantic partner, even if it's Sheldon Cooper? She did find the RA "romantic" when Sheldon gave it to her, but then she read it and said and I quote "Seems a bit restrictive." She should have retained a lawyer. But I think that she was so excited that he at least went an inch out of his way, she accepted the whole package deal without questioning it too much. The next thing people will give as an example is the line about the RA not only being hot but binding. In my mind Amy is glad to have some structure up to prevent Sheldon from backsliding and hold him to a minimum standard of the relationship. This is not to say because of this minimum standard she doesn't want some traditional romance. She tells Sheldon directly in First Pitch quote, "It would make me so happy if you said things like that", referring to the speech Leonard made. She told him what would make her happy. Instead of taking that to heart he discounted her. She doesn't need him to sing songs of adoration and ride in on a white horse but some small infrequent gesture would be nice once in a while. Season 8 shows him trying to backslide with pouting on a date night and using a picture of him smiling plus another date night where he is working on a theory and ignoring her. Both times she calls him on his non-adherence to a binding contract. If you re-watch season 8 in it's entirety with the benefit of hindsight, Amy is not as starry-eyed as she appeared in the first viewing. They both love each other deeply, though Amy is not sure where she stands in the grand scheme of things. Which is why after a wonderful kiss on her anniversary you can actually watch her face crumble as she gives him two chances to clarify what he means, "That's what your thinking about?" and "Are any of them me?" It's been said that Amy doesn't know what she wants. I don't buy it. She wants respect, she wants her partner to be considerate and mindful of her, she wants love and she wants some romance even if it's only 10% traditional. Or if not that at least 8.2%. You can be an empowered woman and still want flowers. You don't have to totally agree with me. I'm not an essayist. I am bringing my life experience and my (obsessive) love for Shamy together to form this opinion. These two could be a force of nature if they communicate with each other and show each other how much they love one another.
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    Well, I liked the episode where Sheldon and Amy go dancing, certainly. But no crawling, please. Amy overreacted, Sheldon pushed instead of giving her space, Amy snapped and broke up with him in the heat of the moment. Both acted in the heat of the moment, neither acted to deliberately hurt the other person, no grovelling or profuse apologies or grand gestures are necessary. I can see Sheldon apologising for the 'eggs' remark, because that was certainly out of line, and it would be a nice sign of growth that he recognises that himself. But I am especially opposed to Beaux Gestes in the Grand Romantic Comedy tradition because they would obfuscate the real issues and prevent them from communicating, which I believe to be the need of the hour. Plus- and this is me speaking personally- I would resent it if the entire message of the show is that Amy is right to want all the trappings of traditional romance, Sheldon is wrong to resist, and nothing will work unless he kowtows to his woman and whips out the roses and chocolate and string quartets. I find that entire equation insultingly gendered: a ) not just that Amy is supposed to want these stereotypically 'feminine' things, and has to tolerate her boyfriend's interest in infantile nerdy things. Because that is bullSHIT, writers. Recton all you want, you can't take away 'Fun With Flags' and Amy/Penny/Bernie's 'Thor' discussion from me! but b ) importantly, that Amy's entire role is to sit around socialising her manchild boyfriend. Goddammit, show, let Amy screw up and be in the wrong sometimes! Let her have something to learn sometimes! Yes, even from The Exasperating Sheldon Cooper! How depressing to put out the idea that there is only one way to love and be loved, that women have access to this magic key by virtue of possessing a uterus, and that poor stupid men have to be taken gently by the hand and shown the way. Fuck that noise. Amy, Penny and Bernie have lives to lead and mistakes to make of their own. They shouldn't have to have the burden of implied extra maturity just so that the guys can goof off and get to have all the fun.
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    Yes - to me this show is just as much about the girls growing up as the boys. Penny has always had a hard time getting emotionally close to the men in her life - that, and I suspect, a provincial, working class upbringing around people who didn't understand her dream are what basically connect Penny and Sheldon, and only when she grows past that can she truly be vulnerable enough to let Leonard love her as they would both want him to. Bernie has to learn that temper tantrums are best left behind, and remember that she has a husband, and not a child. She needs to step back and allow his growth (which I think will necessarily come from his mother's death), to make theirs the marriage they would both want. And Amy of course, is caught between being true to herself and what society has told her she should want, and it's her inexperience mixed with more grown up concerns that go some way to explaining where she is right now.
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    I don't think Sheldon and Amy will necessarily have scenes together this week, and I don't think they're necessary to give an idea of where they're at and where they're going as a couple. Dialogue with their friends can be plenty informative about that. Actually I hadn't thought about the group oscillating between the two couples in the wake of all this drama, that's a good interpretation. Regardless, if we are essentially saying "the premiere set the tone, Shamy are broken up for good, and now we are back to upswing episodes and get ready for 20 more of these with the current dynamics", I'm not going to bother investing time in this this year. I need at least some indication of where these two are going in the very near future to keep me interested. I also find the idea of Shamy having such a dramatic fight and bottling everything up more or less permanently, with so much still unclear and unspoken to be incredibly OOC for their relationship: usually when they argue, they might even sulk and ignore each other for a couple of days, but, ultimately, they always cool down and communicate honestly and directly about what is bothering them. All this hand-wringing of emotions and unspoken things and Sheldon moping on one side while Amy mopes on the other is so unlike them that I can buy it for the first few days, or a week, because they're emotional, but not as a more or less permanent situation. I also don't know how you can go from the very heavy drama of last week back to "Let's scavenger hunt!" like nothing happened in the next episode. I don't see any of the main four being in the mood. This has to be some kind of transition episode of some kind rather than a "and now for some of the usual, while we won't pick up on those other plots for a while". There's too much fire right now.
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    Yeh so another exciting day! Secret Agent at work You're welcome! Oscillation means to go up and down in a term (we wish right?) Or go back and forth. Shamy have separated. Im thinking maybe Sheldon brings in the relationship agreement here to try and contractually get her back but it fails on him. From what we saw today. The hallway to Amy's Apartment is setup and her apartment behind. I couldn't tell if it was her bedroom or actual living room though.. From my stand point.. the only thing I could see was "AMY APPART" written on the back of the set walls, and we could just make out the far wall of her apartment.. the colour matched.. There was a picture hanging in on the left wall (Stage right).. Im trying to refrence If its her lounge or bedroom...
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    Here's what he said: In the three years that I’ve known you, you were single for two. During that time, I saw 17 different suitors. If we work backwards, correcting for observation bias and postulate an initial dating age of 14*. Now, assuming the left side of a bell curve peaking around the present, that would bring the total up to 193 men. Plus or minus eight men. *Penny corrected Sheldon's guest at starting dating to be 15. Now, let's look at these statements. I'll start with his bell curve statement. A bell curve is a smoothly increasing Gaussian function, that peaks, then falls off the same way it increased. However, we know that the four years prior to meeting the guys, she was with Kurt, then according to Sheldon, she had 17 different suitors over two years, then 2 (Zack and Leonard) over the next year and a half. That is not a smooth curve, it is a step function. Also note that he said "peaking around the present", which would have the highest point of the curve around that date with Amy. However, from what we know, her dating partners were not at the highest level at that point. Over the seven years this comes out to 1,1,1,1,8,9,2 which is a total of 23. She would have had to date 170 guys from 14 to 17. This is not a bell curve,( a bell curve distribution would have be closer to 1,3,5,6,5,3,1) that is the obvious error on Sheldon's part. He also uses a factor of .18 to multiply the 172 (21 men dated before loss of virginity) men, based on his observation to get to the 31 men. But he got that number from the two years she was single and dated 17 men. That .18 times 17 comes out to be THREE men. If you add Kurt, Zack and Leonard, that means she had sex with six men in the previous seven years. She would have had to have sex with 25 men, in the two years from 15 to 16. Again, nothing close to a bell curve.
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    That is true, they went through a 3-4 month love test while Leonard was gone, spending huge amounts of time alone, but when Leonard returned she dropped Sheldon like a bad fish. So if she didn't love him then, what makes anyone think a one hour test togehter is going to spark anything. I have to agree with people that say the love test was just a nail in the coffin of Shenny, because they made such a big deal of the sibling and parent type of love for each other.
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    People here don't brow beat Amy. If anything, Sheldon gets shit everytime he doesn't bend to Amy's every little whim. Here's the deal (in my opinion of course), there is nothing wrong with Amy wanting traditionally romantic things. But, the issue I have is that tptb, seem to play on this idea that she wants this romance novel style love affair and had a bit of a pie in the sky idea of what relationships should be like. First of all, I don't think that is true to the Amy character. It's something that just comes up out of nowhere. Second of all it isn't fair to Sheldon. Why the hell would someone who wants these things want to be in a relationship with Sheldon Lee Cooper, and for 5 years no less. You mentioned that she thought the RA was romantic until she read it. How is that Sheldon's fault? Sheldon have her the chance to contest parts of the agreement. And he still does, as it had been shown to be a living, breathing document. Sheldon did not misrepresent himself. And this idea that he was backsliding all last season is just ridiculous. He is a freakin human being. He's not going to be perfect. And neither is poor, put upon Amy. I happen to think Sheldon was absolutely correct in his 8.2 comment. Back to the fact that tptb go back and forth with her idea of romance, Amy is often put off by the over the top stuff that Leonard and Raj spew. She is often swooned by the weird, quirky things that Sheldon does. I think Sheldon is right because she gets caught up in what she sees in other relationships, but as shown throughout the rest of the episode, she was very proud of their type of romance. I believe that Sheldon had some growing up so left to do. He has issues, but I believe he was a very good boyfriend this season. And if people think he wasn't because he didn't toe the line 24/7, well that unrealistic and unfair expectation bothers the shit out of me. I will not continue to ship this couple if the moral is that one needs to change themselves to be an acceptable mate or be worthy of love. They should strive to be the best version of themselves, but they should not be expected to be more than that and there should be room to fail. Might I add that as much crap as Sheldon gets, he has never shown any want to change who Amy is. He likes/loves her for who she is quirks and all. I am hoping through all this that Amy remembers that she actually feels the same way about him. And one more thing, not to offend, though I'm sure it will. I don't see how personal experiences that done not include the experiences of Sheldon or Amy have any baring on anything. I'm not sure I could be in a romantic relationship with Sheldon Cooper, but I'm not and neither is anyone else besides Amy. Only what we actually know about Amy, and not feelings of what we want if we were Amy, should matter. ***trying to type on my phone. Hope this is coherent ****
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    5Miss, One sentence fragment has made my day: ".....Sheldon screaming and running through the apartment at the sight of Mrs. Hofstadter's undergarments...". Worth any price of admission!!!!!
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    I have been thinking and discussing this and I really don't think this will be either couple more girls vs. boys 1. Usually very funny plots aka kinda needs an upswing from last week 2. From the set the Comic book store and Caltech Cafeteria to me scream boys alone time 3. Bernie kitchen and Amy's apartment could just be girls going to each other Now both groups of course will discuss their current situations and yes Amy might express some regret and Sheldon might unlease the knowledge of the ring to Leonard. Only kink is the Mandy casting... Not sure Also the title could be a play and be something related to work. I am not getting overly excited but I expect more upbeat than last week JMO though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bill Prady told me as a thank you for coming every week.
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    Ok, I need to emphasize once again that when I say things like "Amy wanting traditional romance" I am not talking about it as if Amy were a real person and as if nobody should ever want traditional romance or that there's anything wrong with it. I am not putting a disclaimer at the start of every post, but what I am talking about is from the writers' persepective, because that is all that determines what does or does not happen on screen and what Sheldon/Amy do/do not want and desire. Nobody is saying that Amy should NEVER enjoy traditional romance. The point is that the show has never shown SHELDON be right about anything when it comes to how these two handle the relationship. Generally speaking the story goes that Amy has goal #19 in mind for their relationship-centered episode that the audience is very aware of, and is repeatedly made aware of through a series of jokes about Sheldon is just SO unreasonable/childish/stubborn/selfish for not wanting to go along with it. Eventually, Sheldon goes along with it, either totally or partially, Amy is happy, the audience awwws at how cute and adorable they are, the episode ends. Give or take a few episodes, no matter what baby step Sheldon has taken previously to appease Amy's desires for romance, the goal posts are moved again and now Amy is miffed that she has romantic-demand #20 and Sheldon stubbornly won't go along with it. Rinse and repeat. I think all people are saying (I assume, because I agree, but correct me if I'm wrong), is that it would be nice every once in a while to see Amy too being proven wrong about something, Amy being openly the jerk, Amy having to apologize, Amy coming around to realize some things are not as cracked up to be. Ultimately, they created a very peculiar character in Sheldon that, for good reasons, the writers are not keen on altering. If you want a relationship to work with him, it stands to reason that you cannot alter his counterpart so radically if you want the relationship not to come across either as totally one-sided from Amy's POV or as some kind of story about how Sheldon needs to change to be what Amy wants him to be. And, sadly, the show has often done this, particularly in S6 and S7. But the whole reason why Amy was so similar to Sheldon in the beginning was because the writers literally thought "How could Sheldon in a relationship work? If his love interest is exactly like him." The moment you change that, things start getting wonky. And yes, I do think it is partly necessary because otherwise they would be just clones of each other and where's the fun in that? But at the same time, I do believe that there needs to be some balance between Amy being right in pushing Sheldon one way and Sheldon being right in pulling back in the other direction. Now, S8 was a totally different ballpark. I completely disagree that the relationship was backsliding and Amy wasn't more starry-eyed this year than she had been in a long time. If I had time I'd go dig out every single scene where she is over the moon about one aspect or another of their relationship, but it would take me hours. So it's quicker to summarize all the times Amy wasn't happy this season, because they're far an few in between. You have the two valid moments where she was upset: Mars, totally on her side there, and the kiss scene in the finale. In 8x03, she was starry-eyed the entire episode except for that very last line (which is something I never understood why people automatically assume Amy is right and Sheldon is wrong there. Beats me). To say that she was unhappy because of one argument over dinner when Sheldon was going off the deep end with his work, or because he was sulking over the symposium (where, btw, Amy wasn't even that annoyed, really, I think she understood where he was coming from and she was mostly trying to cheer him up) is absurd to me because we have literally seen every other single couple on the show occasionally have arguments and conflict. That is just part of life. I don't think Amy needs to be starry-eyed and happy 24/7, 365 days a year in order to say that she's happy in the relationship. I find that you really have to go looking with a magnifying glass to find instances in S8 to support this idea that Amy was actually not that happy, compared to previous seasons. I actually don't think we have seen her (or Sheldon) smile as much around each other since... ever. So, yeah, the evidence towards Amy being actually unhappy is so minuscule compared to Amy being happy that I would love to do some stats on it and I bet $50 that it wouldn't be statistically significant. I personally always very much wished to see some episodes where Sheldon takes some initiative and does something selfless to make Amy happy. For example because she's had a bad day at work, or because there's something she really cares about. I'm not saying that I want Sheldon to just constantly kick back while Amy worships the ground he walks on. You can go dig out my posts from S6 and 7 and see how often I've whacked him over the head. I'm just saying that it's exhausting and depressing to see the goal posts moved at every step he takes, and that it would be nice to see more of Amy appreciating his own way of demonstrating his affection for her, even if it doesn't come in the neatly and easily recognizable package that is traditional romance. I actually get the impression a lot of people (particularly non-Shamy shippers) don't seem to think that Amy was genuinely moved or interested in some of his gestures in season past and was just going along with it for his own sake (the Cooper Coupons or the RA itself are the first two that come to mind), and therefore all that stuff doesn't *really* count. Even though Amy was *clearly* shown to be happy or even ecstatic about them on screen. I just find the dismissal of those moments rather sad because, again, it makes it sounds like the only type of romance that really counts is the more "traditional" kind. And I wish the show emphasized more than that isn't the case. But that isn't going to happen if you always frame the episodes or their progress around "Sheldon messed up and now has to fix it". /word vomit over Apologies.
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    I didn't read past here because this is just false. I know people don't like it for whatever reason, but Sheldon and Penny are very close and get relationship with Raj and Howard can't compare.
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    I believe, because I don't know, that they will be funny. And despite the crap wedding they will have a great marriage, eventually. If they don't annul the marriage it will be funny if they try to live apart, and if they stay married it will open new opportunities as they move together, like SRAM suggests. I don't mean to be an apologist, but if they do this right it might pay off. The "cheater, cheater" taunts are sad, but I don't think he is going to make a habit of that. And Sheldon will always be mostly Sheldon. Leonard has a different job in the show now and isn't a babe in the woods anymore. Penny is still a babe, but she isn't the ingénue either. So they cant plausibly carry on like college kids. Theyy have to find something new. Once the dust settles it might be great. Its gotta be better than S8 .Lol
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    I 100% agree with all of all of this.
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    I would like to see Sheldon make Penny sigh a wife addendum to the roommate agreement and then the first decision, Sheldon realizes that it is now two against one and he isn't the tie breaker anymore. Sheldon walks into the bathroom, silk bras and panties on the shower curtain, "LEONARD! She is your wife, so this is on you!"
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    I hear you, Nograv, about the cliched situations not standing out to probably a more nuanced/sophisticated viewer who also has other entertainment options readily available to them. But you know what? When it comes to Lenny, I am really getting weary of the continual drama being continually tilted to the Lenny side. Let the Shamys have that apple pie worm for a bit -- have Faisal show up or something. I'd love to see a happy, comfortable, joyous NOT NEGLECTED Lenny. And I do like original, creative situations but right now, I wouldn't mind some funny tried and true cliched hijinks from our favorite couple. -- Leonard trying to make Penny the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and the turkey sets on fire in the oven. He's running through the apartment with a flaming turkey in the roasting pan and throws it out the fourth floor window only to have it land on his car and set it on fire. -- Loved 3ku11's suggestion of Sheldon screaming and running through the apartment at the sight of Mrs. Hofstadter's undergarments hanging in the bathroom to dry. I know we've seen this before but I am just achingly desperate for Lenny fun sans drama. Speaking, of course, as a Lenny on the edge.
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    Well I thought it was a sweet episode. They have a nice friendship and I know other Shamy shippers and Lenny shippers who agree with me. The biggest disappointment for me was that Leonard and Amy didn't follow through with the test. It could've been a great bonding session for them. The zombie stuff wasn't particularly fun. Well I found it an irrational overreaction because nothing happened other than Sheldon and Penny realising that they have grown closer as friends and are like family to each other. Don't see why that's bad.
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    Amy is heartbroken but angry.. Sheldon is Lost and Angry.. It could be either her living room or bedroom. But I think maybe something about the relationship agreement is in there.. Oscillation is the key word here
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    Ok well he might not be the best boyfriend and he might be clueless at times but at least he never kissed another woman and kept it a secret for 2 years
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    ah hem...... For Amy's apartment... The hallway is there as well. So it could be a scene at her door. from my spying. Looks to be a lot of scenes to shoot.
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    Swing sets are Wolowitz kitchen, comic book store, university cafeteria, and Amy's apartment.
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    Tuesday's episode is "The Separation Oscillation."
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    Can we all take a minute to appreciate Susana! Whenever I am feeling down I read one of her posts and I think yeah! Shamy forever! The only time I will ever lose faith is when you do Susana. Shamy cheerleaders 4 life. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I actually agree. I think the bottom line here is that because Sheldon *has* sent mixed messages in certain realms of their relationship that Amy is particularly sensitive about (their future, and physical intimacy), Amy is seeking some sort of obvious clue from him in the form of traditional romance just because she has no other meter to measure it on. I keep going back to 7x15 and how well that whole conflict at the end was written: Amy just wants to know he feels the same and wants to be close to her and be as caught up in her as she is in him. Given that, back then (totally not the case in S8, but back then yes), he was so standoffish and generally neutral/uninsterested, she is so desperate to elicit *something* out of him that she organizes this whole weekend with the perfect setting to see what she can trigger out of him. She organizes that weekend precisely following the idea of romance that would be better suited for the Wolowitz's because she just doesn't know what else to do. And when she says "I deserve romance!", my heart does go out to her. Because she does. But then Sheldon makes his point which is... a lot of the stuff that is "romance" is actually nonsense. But not ALL of it: he kisses her and discovers that's not nonsense at all. And it wraps up beautifully with him inviting her to join him in his ecstatic train experience and her being moved by it and THAT is the kind of romance that works for them! Not gazing into each other's eyes drinking grape juice that burns and saying sweet nothings, but cramped in an engine room, sharing their passions and all nervous and excited by their first proper kiss. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Amy has been trying to get some clues out of him that he feels the same about the things that matter to her and that the reason why she clings to demanding these more traditional romantic gestures is because that is literally the only language she's been taught to understand if a man desires her or not. I think the moment Sheldon gives her that reassurance, just like he did on the train, she's not going to care less whether she's gazing into his eyes over grape juice that burns or is cramped in the engine room of a train.
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    I think your post is a perfect example of what has been wrong in the show recently, you just, off the top of you head, described several good funny plots with Lenny, if the writers are professionals they should see those obvious funny plots too. So why don't they? Lenny being newly weds can be very funny for the next two seasons as they both try to adjust and get involved in each other's interests, plus adjust to living with each other all the time, if the writers put an interest into the characters.
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    I need Marina with her *drops mic* .gif here. An 'Oh, SNAP!' .gif would do just as well.
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    surely it's more than that, unless Gerard is utterly defective.
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    Wow!! Big Bang won the TCA for Best Comedy tonight :D
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    Precisely, and while it didn't threaten Lenny, the whole Intimacy episode was so unnecessary. As little as I agree with vasu normally, it appears (and I'll be sure once it airs) that Sheldon and Penny intimacy test got more screen time than Leonard and Penny's wedding. Isn't that wonderful.
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    From my experience it gets more insightful once episodes start airing. For one thing there are a lot more people posting once things get underway. Also just after the TR gets posted there is a bigger variety of opinion. At the moment we getting a lot of lingering sour grapes.
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    you're exactly right. Leonard has always been the glue that held the entire group together. Sheldon would have never befriended Howard and Raj on his own, and without Howard and Raj meddling in online dating for Sheldon, no Amy. Sheldon would have never befriended Penny on his own either. It was only Leonard's almost immediate pursuit of Princess Penelope that drew her into Sheldon's life allowing them to become sibling- like friends. Leonard's character doesn't deserve this, and I think this is why most of us want a quick, complete, and positive resolution to this OOC kiss!
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    Intimacy with the shenny nonsense was just horrible, uncomfortable and awkward
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    It is just the theme of the show is the two worlds colliding, Penny's and Leonard's. She has fell in love with the nerd and now married him, but the story is not over, they now have to find a middle place in their lives to make it all work, forever. They really weren't ready for marriage, they did it on a whim, they didn't even live together first, now she really can't live apart from him, it would be weird. (As a matter of fact him spending his first night back without her is extremely weird, he should have slept on her couch.). Anyway, like I said there is still a lot of story there for Lenny.
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    So that means that sometimes he and todd are there? Jim goes to bbt set and then to his office hahaha that sounds nice
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    Agree..both of them expressed where I am at with all of this thus far. Should be interesting tomorrow night.
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    While I agree with that second part,it's quite easy to show that Sheldon's assumptions, and thus the number he arrives at for the number of Penny's sexual partners, are quite wrong.
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    Mislav, There are other ways to point out Chrismo's hypocrisy instead of in essence saying "oh yeah? Well Penny slept with 30+ guys" (I know that is not what you said, but that is how I took it). The fact that Amy had however number of orgasms induced clinically during an experiment is of no consequence and does not matter at all in connection with or in regards to any relationship she has. It just does not matter and should not come into play. The fact that I have a problem with the constant dredging up of Penny's past sexual history (and in my opinion, the gross exaggeration of the number of partners) is an issue that I have and it does touch a nerve every time Sheldon needs to bring to light the fact of what he feels is her promiscuity (with no push back from Leonard!!!). That she has proven that she is loyal and true to the person with whom she is both in a relationship with and engaged to should put all those comments to rest. Sorry for the rant, but when you have a daughter of a similar age of and many friends/acquaintances in this fandom who identify with the character it does touch a nerve.
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    After that nightmare of a premiere, I think we need to expect the worst instead. That way we won't get our hopes up, and we can be pleasantly surprised if things actually turn out good.
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    in reality there was no way Amy knew that Sheldon was going to show up at the movie theater. So Amy and Stuart were on a date. A matter of fact Shamy's first date was with Penny. It wasn't romantic. Going with your logic it really wasn't a date. Leonard kissing Mandy many Lennies I believe would argue changes the dynamic and the beauty of their relationship. Some would argue Leonard kissing Alice and Mandy are the same thing but IMO is comparing apples and oranges. Priya was never Leonard's number one choice Penny was. If the writers can "destroy" Lenny they can also"destroy" Shamy.
  44. 4 points
    And this is how she described Sheldon: Amy: Not just my first boyfriend, he’s the best boyfriend. I mean, think about it. I’m dating Sheldon Cooper. Penny: Yes. On purpose. Amy: He’s handsome, he’s lanky, he’s brilliant, and his skin has that pale, waxy quality. Big difference imho.
  45. 4 points
    IMO episode 2 will not be very decisive for both SHAMY and Lenny, but probably it will give intersting hints for 3 or 4!
  46. 4 points
    Yes wow!!! Thank you! I'm so over the whole sex thing by now that I will frankly be pissed if they don't get it over and done with this season. And, like you, it's not that I want this because I desperately need them to have sex (I too would have been happy with them staying boy/friend/girl/friend forever), but because I think there is SO much more to their relationship than waiting on them to lose their virginity to one another. I find to reduce their whole journey to that one moment, like it would be if they held out on it until the very end of the show, is so insulting to the complexity of these characters and their dynamic. It's like saying that the whole point of following their story for so long is to wait for that consummation and puts such a stupidly massive value onto the act like everything starts and ends with sex. Ugh. Gross. Ultimately, I think it *is* very intriguing and sweet and fascinating to see them navigate these intimate matters for the first time with each other, but in the same way it was intriguing to me to see them navigate so many other things for the first time with each other. Amy was the first friend Sheldon ever made on his own. Sheldon was the first person who ever gave Amy a shot at friendship and a social life and that instead of running away at her weirdness, stuck by her, even against his own friends. It was fascinating to see Sheldon form a bond with someone for the first time that wasn't antagonistic. It was fascinating to see them begin to crush on each other in late S4. It was fascinating to see them overcome all the hurdles that a deeper emotional connection can bring and so on. All their "firsts" with each other were and are fascinating to me. Physical intimacy to me is such a small part of their entire journey that I find it extremely boring to make that one thing the end game of their relationship. Sheldon is more than his V-card, and their relationship deserves better than being just about that. As for Sheldon, I really don't get the impression that his anxieties when it comes to sex have anything to do with performance anxiety, or being worried that Amy would leave him if their first time isn't amazing. I think it always came down to three things: pride about being "above" sex, his issues with touching/germs, and control/making himself that vulnerable. That, combined with the fact that he doesn't jump into something unless he's 100% sure he wants it. As well as the writers' stalling tactics from S6 onwards.
  47. 3 points
    Stuart and Amy went on two dates. Dale was running the comic book store when they went out for the first date. The second date to the movies. I have a hard time seeing that Stuart and Amy as friends, as the first time they met was at the comic book store a day or two before they went out. And Amy's "I don't know. He's nice. He's funny. He has the sallow, drawn countenance associated with an overactive thyroid gland. That's kinda hot." doesn't sound as if she considered him a friend, at the time.
  48. 3 points
    Amy never touched Stuart beyond a hug...no kissing, no hand holding...and one movie date, where she accepts being Sheldon's girlfriend is not really a "typical" date. Penny and Leonard both had not only kissed other people, but slept with other people. They came with experience and neither were virgins. Sheldon and Amy are virgins and have been each others' firsts. Sure Amy went out with Stuart, but she was never interested in him nor did she share anything more than a night out with a friend. 128 orgasms by a brain stimulated experiment is hardly the same thing and you know it Chrismo. We are talking about person to person here...not machine to person. Also we are talking about an emotional attachment involved as well. Both Penny and Leonard had other boyfriend and girlfriends in the past. Big difference.
  49. 3 points
    sorry i disagree L and P are not unique to each other. Amy dated Stuart in s5, i dont see any difference here. I dont want this to degenerate into some ship war. But i dont agree Lenny are not unique to other. Just because that what normal looks like lol, doesent make them any less unique. Im.more a lenny then shamy, as them being mismatched is more interesting to me. Just my opinion.
  50. 3 points
    I think the whole accident rumor is hysterical. It's pretty obvious these "news sites" come on here for spoilers, and can't even tell fans' speculation and random scenarios from actual spoilers. People were discussing the possibility of a car accident (half jokingly) in the Spoilers thread for fun. I really believe that's where the whole idea of the "car crash" came from. From a purely speculative perspective, I don't think something as dramatic as a car crash fits the tone of this show, unless it's something REALLY minor that Sheldon blows out of proportion (be it his injuries or Amy's). Another thing that occurred to me from a purely "wishful scenarios" perspective, is... since the RA hasn't yet been brought up with regards to the breakup, I would love to see Sheldon realize the termination hasn't been signed and take/send it to Amy to sign and when she opens it, she can't bring herself to do it. I think anything right now that reassures me this won't play out like a standard breakup and/or that Amy doesn't really want it, would go a long way to make me feel better about this whole thing.
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