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    It was Penny that made the commitment. She made the call to go to Vegas when she saw the hurt in Leonard. She made the call to still get married even while suffering the pain of the betrayal. She has stayed the course when Leonard added further fuel to the fire re Mandy being at Caltech. And now it solid. Commitment issue gone. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This should put to rest all the talk of Penny's commitment issues. You can't express your commitment anymore clearly or passionately then exchanging vows and taking a life partner; and forgiving a minor indiscretion. You go Penny Hofstadter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My thoughts exactly. While coitus and marriage or vice versa would be nice because I would like to see the humor that would ensure from them managing these two new aspects in their lives, it is more important to me that the writers bring back their interactions and quirky behavior that makes them stand out from the other couples. On the 2nd point, as much as I hate it, the break up was necessary, and I don't think it was done for ratings. The writers know the Shamys are pissed off right now. If we take off our rose-colored glasses, we will see that the relationship had gone stagnant. Sheldon had gotten comfortable with the way things were, and Amy realized she was enabling his behavior by letting him get away with not treating her as a priority. We were getting the same old jokes and complaints played out but in different settings with the same result of being swept under the rug so Sheldon can get his way and be happy. Some examples: He told everyone else about the Mars application except her. On fort night, he lamented being on date night with her instead of the party until she came up with something more fun for him to do. On date night, his concern was why Amy wouldn't admit she was wrong rather than accepting some blame for what happened. Continuously, Amy gave him a way out of owning up to his selfishness. While Sheldon wants Amy around, nine times out of ten, her needs and wants are an afterthought. This may not be how he feels, but his presentation speaks otherwise. Something major needed to happen. Take two steps back to move ten forward. I believe Amy knows exactly what she wants and what she is doing. It is not originally what she intended. She wanted a break, not a breakup. Sheldon failed the test by giving her the ok for her decision and then negated it by trying to shorten the break's duration. When he mentions them getting back together, it is always about why he feels they should be together. He has not asked her want she wants or doesn't want? Post break up, he finally asks her to move in, not because she is his first thought but because he couldn't find anyone else suitable, and he just doesn't want to be alone. Kudos for Amy saying no, and I am sure she had to muster up the strength to do it, because we know she wants to be with him. Tough love is painful, but the intent is to help in the long run and produce results. If she didn't care, she'd avoid him. She'd be telling all her friends how unhappy she is, etc. No, she his keeping things to herself and defending him. There exists indication that Amy possesses actual love and affection for Sheldon, because she is willing to suffer herself in order to help them eventually succeed. My heart aches with Sheldon, but this break up is going to do him good. He might try to regress but will see that these feelings can't be shaken off and he's going to need and want her more than ever. Amy is making herself the priority now. By not having her around at his beckoning and will, he will finally come to understand what it is that she has been feeling all these years, and why she has longed for the things he has denied her for so long. Why? Because he will start feeling them, too. Sometimes a fall is needed in order to stand up stronger. The writers may have different ideas, but this is how I see things at this moment.
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    IMO, there's nothing to suggest that the writers wrote the dream scene in order to "attract more Shenny fans". First of all, WHY would they want to do that? They've never written scenes to entice or attract or encourage the Shenny relationship. In fact, they were always surprised that people came up with that pairing as it was never their intent to create it. And I think they've written scenes that actually fairly blatantly debunk the whole "hidden agenda" that some Shenny's espouse--that somehow there's a secret code that implies that Sheldon will eventually end up with Penny. I think the sole purpose of the kiss scene--especially since Leonard is standing right there while it's going on--is to show how Leonard is feeling. He is beginning to understand, perhaps, how Penny must feel, imagining him with another woman. I think that SHeldon being the one kissing her is partly because the three of them live on top of each other, and partly because Sheldon is Leonard's best friend, but mostly, I suspect, because Sheldon is the most surprising, shocking, outlandish choice. What would be the most far-fetched and nightmarish? Sheldon becoming some kind of face-sucking sex machine with Penny? It's the most implausible choice, so it works. I don't think anyone can realy judge the scene until it airs in context of the episode
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    And the hiatus pretty much ends tomorrow! Comic Con Scoop. First set of taping tickets out on monday, the crew go back Aug 1st and most importantly.. Chrismo is back with his anti-shamy posts Ladies and Nerdizzles.. WELCOME TO SEASON 9.
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    I'd want to know if the writers "took a marijuana" before and during the writing of the finale.
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    she does look adorable, with that 'I love this man' look. Leonard has a 'This is the best day of my life look and he just has to tell her how much she means to him' look. We may not get the big wedding but we do get their vows and the are not drunk and both really want to be married. this also sort of puts the kiss in perspective, Penny is disappointed in him and hurt, but as cheating goes, this is something she can forgive, she still loves him. Leonard is still rightfully ashamed and based on future episodes is suffering in guilt for what he did to the woman he loves, who didn't give up on him even after he told her.
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    That's not true. I've kissed friends that I'm not romantic with of both genders, often. If Jim and Mayim kiss on the lips, it doesn't automatically mean there is something going on. At the same time, this real life shipping of them is not weird because Jim is gay. It's disrespectful because Jim is in a long term committed relationship.
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    And so it turns out Raj was right. At the end of the day, they can look each other in the eyes and say, "I love you. And that's beautiful.
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    1) Because 2) Shenny 3) shippers 4) live 5) in 6) dreamland 7) and 8 ) can't 9) accept 10) reality. Or: 1) Because 2) Shenny 3) shippers 4) want 5) Shamy 6) to 7) be 8 ) over 9) for 10) good.
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    Superman takes Wonderwoman, step by step....
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    They are the best couple Stuart knows. They make each other better.
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    Happy to see true fans, like you mjc45, be able to attend tapings and have a good experience. (Also that you are kind enough to share that experience with us! We live vicariously through you!!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Actually the kiss doesn't bother me that much after seeing it. I had no idea that Leonard is standing right there watching, because it is a dream, it sort of makes it even less real with him being right there. Also, I don't know what the lead up is to that kiss, but in the actual clip it looks like Sheldon is forcing himself on Penny because she hardly moves.
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    Hi! This week I was able to go to the taping with my parents and my sister thanks to a couple of awesome people on this forum!!! We got great seats on the aisle in the center in front of Sheldon's apartments. I had no idea that they tape each scene twice, which was really cool. I have a question for you experts. For 3 the scenes they filmed a third time, but changed one of the lines. I'm curious if that was something already planned or if they thought the original one was a flop so they came up with something new. They only filmed the the one with the new line once. In all three cases to me the second line seem much funnier. I'm curious, which will air.
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    Thinking about upcoming episode, I think it's kind of a turning point. We're keep saying it's only been two, three, four eps... I think five episodes, six of this particular plot is enough for me to make an image of where this all goes. Kinda have a feeling based of what happens in fifth episode it shows if this will or will not be dragged out. IMO we saw every possible reaction from Sheldon, from anger and fighting to sadness and now It seems to me like writers tried them all and will not explore it so much more, and Amy's side they didn't really explore much so I'm not sure if they even plan to. I feel like after this amount of episodes is the time when we'll see, out of frequency of interaction and nature of it, if they are planning to move to really work on this plot more deeply to solve it during November sweeps, or put it on a back burner and come back to it more seriously somewhere around Christmas maybe or 200th episode. In that case I'd at least like get better idea of what Amy's role would be without Sheldon, because I really love her character and would be disappointed if she was just around for one or two lines for half a year or more. All just my opinion of course.
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    And vice versa The idea of either of them mushing their bathing suit regions, with someone else, makes me want to
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    Jessica Radloff ‏@JRadloff 23m23 minutes ago.@BigBang_CBS wins for multi-camera editing for a comedy series. #CreativeArtsEmmys From Deadline.. Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series The Big Bang Theory • The Comic Book Store Regeneration • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television Peter Chakos, Editor Aisha Tyler ‏@aishatyler 2h2 hours agoAnd then THIS HAPPENED. @chucklorre @melbrooks #sploosh
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    i was worried for the first 2 ep. but after watching the play-back of 3 not any more they great place. penny look scared when talking to her dad on the phone, but he told her if you are happy I AM HAPPY FOR YOU. look like she felt better about her self after that, even told sheldon that leonard was living with her, by his side when sign the paper work to leave.
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    This is off topic, but it gave me a giggle.. The Miss America Competition is currently taking place in Atlantic City, NJ. The preliminary talent contest was held last night. Most contestants sing, dance or play a musical instrument. Miss Vermont decided to do something a little different...chemistry experiments.... GET A LOAD OF HER DRESS.....cracked me up! (Let's put Amy in this dress...that would get Sheldon's motor running ) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3231076/Miss-America-finalists-flaunt-figures-array-weird-wonderful-skills-pageant-s-preliminaries-finish-hotly-contested-swimsuit-talent-rounds.html
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    I see Leonard been working out!! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-penny-leonard-821143
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    do you wait for my comments because you appear to be a stalker. As for your quotes i have almost 3000 posts on here and you have read them all you realize how clueless your comment really is. You forget most Sheldon fans could care less about Amy. If they did care they wouldn't go to such great lengths to defend him.
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    that's the dream! But I have worked on a 4 camera set up, taped infront of a studio audience and got called on for a bow after the taping so... I'm close LOL!
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    Actually, I think if you look at it, Sheldon simply didn't understand what Kripke meant by "toys". Kripke meant sex toys. Sheldon thought he meant toys, like the model rockets Sheldon had.
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    That's not why. He couldn't say his lines because everybody wouldn't stop screaming about the kiss. He finally pulled away and they laughed and he says "I can't say my lines."
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    I agree, Amy in the show should be with Sheldon and nobody else
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the arm porn... God dam...
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    That story that Amy came up with was about what would happen if Leonard did not live with Sheldon. In Amy's eyes the logical thing would be that Penny would go after Sheldon. Which is funny because only Amy would think that could happen.
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    I really, really want to go to the 200th episode, but I will probably at least be going to the first taping in November. And since I shed Shamy fairy dust the way Amy sheds dandruff, we may see them getting back together then. Ask anyone. My shamy taping record is pristine.
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    l/p where in p apartment thinking about dinner they were in the restaurant eating. than l/p/s opening scene walking up they had gone shopping with sh for the bedroom in p apart. sheldon did not like that, he though he was trick into going. 2- they are signing the paper work for leonard to leave and live with penny. 3-after dinner went to see him, told not to worry they are just across the hall. sheldon went into a rant, penny soft up said we can split time in 4a,4b and it was only going to be temporary.
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    I don't think there's going to be any "suddenly" when it comes to how this is resolved. No one is going to "suddenly" change their behavior or have an epiphany or whatever. I think that they're both going to have this cooling off period where the break-up may seem like it's going to go on forever. He is resigned to the idea that she wants to move on, or whatever. She is resigned to the fact that she really did break up with him and that he's given up on her (maybe, depending perhaps on what the others might tell her.) Anyway, I think it would be better if they're both over their initial emotional flare-ups and have a chance to interact quietly, on their own, without the outside influence of others. I think that they both need to realize how much they miss each other's company, quirks, even shortcomings. Sheldon knows that he loves Amy, even if he got angry with her for breaking up with him (anger is a stronger position than vulnerability or hurt), and Amy knows she loves Sheldon, even if "you can die from such a man"--I mean, what guy isn't a goofy pain in the butt?! (I'm kidding!) She's had time to consider whatever it was she felt she needed to consider--perhaps wondering if putting up with his distracted kind of love was worth it in order to know that he actually does love her. Being loved, even by a "pasty weirdo", is a powerful incentive. And it's not like he's some kind of abusive mouth-breather and she's starved for attention. She is her own person, but her boyfriend is imperfect. She simply has to weigh all these things in the balance and see how it comes up. And Sheldon has only just recently come to the realization that what he feels for her is more than simple fondness or affection and that it's okay to feel that way. To be "enslaved" by a "hotsy-totsy from Glendale". He has obviously thought about his feelings for her and is finally able to articulate it--this from the boy who wanted to be a robot, or Mr. Spock--but he's just now had it rammed home to him that he can't just expect to bask in her adulation and kiss her on date night and have everything be "honky-donky" (as Raj would say). He's always been somewhat selfish in his love and doesn't quite know how to navigate the waters. His idea for a Christmas Punishment for her is a great example. He wanted to punish her and make her feel bad, so he bought her a present in order to somehow try to shame her, in his convoluted way of thinking. He didn't think of how it would feel if he actually pleased her and she ended up pleasing him (his Grinch heart ended up growing after all.) So, in a way, he kind of had to have the rug pulled out from under him if they were ever going to have an equitable relationship. I'm not saying that breaking up was the only way to do it, but it certainly caught his attention and has made him think it all through. I am confident that all will be well, because, as I've always said, "Happy endings all around." I think that having them experience this dip in the roller coaster ride that is life is only realistic and will make them stronger in the end. That doesn't mean, IMO, that he's going to become the perfect boyfriend, or that she'll be the perfect girlfriend, as such things do not exist--not in real life and not on this show. But I think that, just as the others have experienced, a bump in the road is not the end of the road.
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    They do look cute together and it is nice they will be in scenes by themselves because the wedding seems to be just for them. Also I was thinking, the gang sort of blew off their engagement, so why do they owe any of them participation in their wedding?
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    haha thanks Luna . Good question! Obviously someone to get our babies back together! Maybe Amy's long lost never heard of sister so she can tell Amy to GO GET HER MAN BACK! It's no way near as hard in the UK as Hollywood but it has its moments . Thank you though Carlos, means a lot
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    Remember we are talking about Kripke here. We know he is a pervert and has a big mouth. My point is he would, could tell collegues and juice it up. That was fine then. but now Amy works there. That my point. But it a sitcom and my original post was exactly this. Sheldon always gets a pass on this forum. He could never do no wrong always someone elses fault and justifing his actions even when he is out of order. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
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    You are correct. Legacy. Basing a relationship on lies either of commission or omission doesn't seem like a healthy practice, does it? That's a random comment. Chrismo likes Lenny, so do I. Is there any reason we should be apologetic for our preferences?
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    Shamy has had very little angst in 5 years. Lenny always having the angst is getting old.
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    Romantic shipping, I mean. I know that Rachel. Sometimes people like you get lumped in with the relentless romantic shippers, and that's not really fair. I too, find their friendship endearing.
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    See Rachel. This is what I'm talking about. To me, it seems like you try and find stuff to make it seem like there's romance between them when there's not. Your "just saying" comment says it all. And of course they weren't stopping the kiss because he had to say his damn line WHILE THEY WERE STILL KISSING! But he couldn't say it until the audience stopped screaming. You however make it sound like he WANTS to kiss her. I guarantee you he does it because he HAS to not because he WANTS to. There's a huge difference.
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    I don't like talking and gushing too much about Jim and Mayim kissing. I dunno, it just seems too 'shippy' to me. They're actors so it doesn't mean anything of course but still...I just feel a tad uncomfortable. It's different from discussing Shamy kisses. Just some of my personal feelings on on this...
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    Penny has that I love you so much face.I can't wait see the whole sscene with Penny's vows!
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    Is Mel Brooks getting make up or eating? lol
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    actually you might be right, after Sheldon tortured Leonard with that sweater in season 7, then stole his work in season 8, I would wonder why Leonard would call him a best friend, and honestly Penny is Leonard's best friend, he can trust her. Trust is a big part of being a best friend, I think Sheldon trusts Leonard and Penny about the same now and has about the same friendship with both of them, but the person he trusts the most now is Amy, so she could be his best friend now. They scheme together, pull pranks and confide in each other. Sheldon doesn't do that much with anyone else as he does with Amy, not even Penny. So I would rationalize that best friend status goes to Amy.
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    Actual sex and making out with someone else, NO, please!! SHAMY is "first and only" in all love matters !!! I M O SHAMY is not a regular couple. SHAMY is unique!!!
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    well to her credit, she was never around when Ramona stated that Penny must be in love with Sheldon, Penny of course saying 'NO', or she wasn't with Penny at the jewelry store when Penny told Sheldon he is so 'not the one'. So she can be excused, however now that I think of it probably every romantic Shenny in the world has not seen those episodes either, or they have and it was wiped from their minds by the evil Government and that probably explains the tin foil they wear on their heads.
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    Kaley is going to be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, September 17th http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html
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    It doesn't matter if it wasn't a dream, since it was something that wasn't real, and as far as Shenny interaction, yes it was, even if Sheldon wasn't "buying it". There was Sheldon, there was Penny, and there was a sexual component, so...
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    the best i can think leonard when signing the papers to leave she said "sweetie" whats wrong with that great smile of hers. (they did that scene a couple of times) and they came up to the crowd to thanks us four coming.
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    Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm so happy for Lenny! Can't wait for the airing. Penny is stunning in her pink dress, and I love Leonard trying to carry her across the threshold.