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    It's been interesting reading on this thread how differently everyone interprets this staircase scene. I guess it just goes to show, how differently people see the show based on their own personal experiences. This is how I saw things. Sheldon to me, isn't happily moving on and just accepting things are over with Amy. I think he's quite lost and isn't sure what to do. In his head, he was perfectly happy, about to propose to his long term girlfriend that he loved. They get into the Flash Fight, and she tells him that she needs time apart. Which (Amy had a right to do, but I think she should have communicated her reasons better to him), comes super out of left field to him. So he reacts badly, and is freaking out and lashing out. He doesn't know what he did wrong, and how his life got turned upside down in a flash (bad pun). So he's trying in all the wrong ways to convince her to go back to him, and insults her in the process. She freaks out, has had enough and breaks it off with him. He still doesn't understand what happened there. Amy hasn't really communicated her feelings about why she broke up with him. And what does he hear from his friends? Penny blurts out that Amy thought he was a bad boyfriend. Leonard tells him that Amy deserves to be happy. So his two closest friends tell him basically, that he was making Amy unhappy. I think that equates to him, that he made Amy unhappy and that she stopped loving him. I think he's very broken over the fact that she no longer loves him...and I think he said how he felt in the 2003 episode when he said that Amy will marry someone so much better than him. I think that's why is isn't "chasing" Amy and telling her he loves her. He's been convinced and now believes himself that he isn't good enough for her. When they met on the staircase, that's what I saw in Sheldon. A quiet resigned sadness that Amy no longer loves him. He tells her about asking out women, but there is not heart or passion in it. Just resignation. A way for him to dull the pain. He's doing what his friends have suggested, and not because he has any real desire to meet other women, but because he doesn't know what else to do to make the hurt stop. As for Amy, her pain was quite apparent on the staircase. That's the tricky thing when you are the person breaking up with someone. She ended their relationship, but it doesn't mean that she didn't love Sheldon, or is eager to date other people. But when he said that he asked out other women, she felt upset. It's a totally natural reaction. She is probably thinking, wasn't I special to him? Did our relationship mean nothing? But at the same time, she is the one that told him she no longer wanted to be with him. So it's in his rights to "move on". It always hurts to see though. He's not really moving on, but she doesn't know that. So she is blindly trying to "move on" also. Well that's my take.
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    Logically it can't go on , reasons in short ..... 1- the tape with ring info. 2 - L&P know about ring. 3- Viewers are getting bored , they've only seen up to 5 !! 4 - the whole show is out of kilter. ie no whole gang dinners etc. 5 - No face to face Shamy for 3 episodes now. 6- Hard to have Mayim have enough time on the show . 7- story line too prominent for too long , must be resolved before moving on. 8- Poor rest of the cast hasn't any good big story's till this nightmare is resolved. 9- Mayim and Jim prefer it when they are together !!!! 10- last but not least we all hate this break !!!! Now for the love of God end this hellishness and bring back Shamy I don't really care anymore how just do it now. I can't bear their wee upset faces any longer, The stairwell scene was awful, I wanted to just hug them both ( amazing acting !) . Sorry rant over but I'm sure you all get me - enough is enough !!!!!.
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    Imagine if this gets dragged out all season long the way it is now from a writing/production point of view. It would mean a full season with a focus on Shamy heart break stories. For a show like this that sounds insane! I mean they barely do any story arcs at all but to suddenly have a whole season of this?? And as much as I love Sheldon and Amy (and I'm happy that Jim and Mayim get some nice material to work with here) I already feel the rest of the gang is being sidelined by all of this. Lenny sorted out their problems and since then not much from their front. Howardette have one talk about babies but other than that nada. Raj might just as well be single by now cause we barely saw or heard anything from Emily. Idk, the imbalance is kinda weird. Then again this could just be me...
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    I haven't commented here in this taping because when I read it last night I, too paraphrase Sheldon, "threw my hands in the air exhausted by the writers constant tomfoolery." We can spin in however we like, I am never going to get behind the idea of these two dating others. I hate it. I have nothing more to say. I think this all sucks. (I'm sure I'll have more to say soon, unfortunate for all of you, lol)
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    Well I would say no sitcom would throw out 9 years of character development because of chemistry but the folks at HIMYM proved me wrong there. However the massive onslaught that followed should scare anyone from going down THAT route again. And it isn't the same comparison, Sheldon and Penny have NEVER been ANYTHING. Has Penny or Sheldon ever shown the slightest interest in the other? NO! That's because from the beginning the main pairing was Leonard and Penny, they have been on and off again for 9 years until they finally got married. Now I would say that Shamy has kind of taken a front seat to the show now that Leonard and Penny are married. But still, I honestly cannot believe we are discussing Shenny being a thing. It will NEVER happen.
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    Laura Spencer ‏@itslauraspencer 2m2 minutes agoMe adjacent @BigBang_CBS
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    I always feel happy when I remember that they are married nowLeonard's ring!!!Marriage agrees with Lenny!
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    More information on the taping on Tuesday 10/20: Amy ended things because she was irritated that Dave spent the whole night asking questions about Sheldon. It had nothing to do with being reminded of the things she loved about Sheldon. Bernadette was filming the date only to show Penny, who was back in the car, what was going on. It had nothing to do with the Spock video. Johnny and Kaley came up and spoke to everyone and said that they loved everyone and appreciated all the support and wanted to carry on making the show for as long as we'd have them. Johnny was walking around with a walking stick between scenes and he seemed to be hobbling a bit when walking up the stairs in the hallway. In between one of the scenes, Jim was telling a story to Kunal and Simon, we couldn't hear what it was about but he was very animated and laughed loudly at the end which set some of the audience off laughing when they were trying to 'settle' us ready for the next scene. Also when an audience member was brought up to dance and the music started playing for her, Jim started dancing away in the background whilst they set up for the next scene which was a lot of fun to watch! I remember Mayim gigling at one point so they had to start the scene again. And Stephen tripped over his words in a scene in the restaurant so they did that bit again but other than that there weren't many mistakes/bloopers overall really.
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    So as you can tell, I fell off the spoiler free ship. But I can tell you, the spoiler free thread is a lot more peaceful. What I found is I watched the show untainted by everyone's opinions on it. It's hard to watch unbiased when you've been discussing every little nuance of what we've read. I often find that the show comes off a lot lighter and funnier than what I read in the Taping Reports, and what people report after tapings is very much coloured by their own opinions on things (which is fair). I think episode 2 is a good example, with the Shenny kiss. I read all about it before hand, and was upset by it. When I watched it, it was kind of cartoony and not at all sexy. So, now I try not to overthink stuff I haven't seen yet.
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    Your words are very true. Since we are on the Shamy thread, I will just stick with them. Who are the writers going to please or piss off? Those who want Shamy back together? Those who want Shamy to move on to others who seem to be more deserving, at least for Amy? Those who want Sheldon to give up on women all together and come out as homosexual? How about the reconciliation? Some want them to go back to friends first. Some want a discussion. Some want an all out make out, including angry coitus. Some want engagement. Some want the ring to appear, others don't. Some want the friends to intervene, others think Shamy should work this out on their own. Some think Amy should crawl back to Sheldon. Some Sheldon to Amy. I myself think they should crawl back to each other at the same time. Some are enjoying this storyline and feel it is warranted. I hate it and feel it could have been avoided, but now that it's canon I have to ride it out, like it or not. No matter what direction the writers go with this, some are going to be happy about it and others are going to be pissed. The casual viewers who don't ship at all and just watch the show for the pure comedic value just don't care either way. The rest of us are just absolutely fanatical. It's bad when some feel the need to attack those responsible for what airs because they don't like what they are seeing, hence the reason we don't get anymore full TRs and no longer have a TR thread. I feel bad for those who give us spoiler alerts because they are just the messengers, and when the message is not what we want to hear, we go absolutely crazy with all kinds of speculations, debating with each other over something that hasn't aired yet where we don't know the full context. While I personally love spoilers and hope we keep getting them, my fear is that they will be stopped all together if we all (including myself) continue to overreact over the information that has been provided. I hear that the spoiler free thread is a lot more peaceful, and that the shippers are happier because they don't know what we know and have hope that we don't have right now by not knowing. Sometimes I think it is the better place to be, but for my part, I kind of enjoy all the debating and speculations. If nothing else, it serves as a good distraction until all this is over. We all know Shamy are meant to be and will get back together, or some of us would have stop shipping them by now. We wouldn't be on this forum everyday defending our positions on the many aspects of their relationship and this break up. The pain comes from not knowing how it's going to happen, and in the end it won't matter. Once they are reconciled, all of this bantering over the breakup will become a distant memory. While I can't speak for everyone, I can speak for myself.
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    But do we really know that the audience is getting bored or think the jokes are stale, based on the comments of people on the internet? This show has had people griping online about changed characters, stale jokes, boring storylines since almost the beginning or at least since S4, when Amy was introduced. This was even as the ratings began to skyrocket. People love to complain about TV online--it's practically a national pastime. And those who are enjoying the show as it is are less likely to go online--especially among the wider audience. The writers are not naive and are not operating in a vacuum. They do get immediate feedback from the studio audience and probably have a better feel for the mood of the audience than do the writers of shows like Modern Family, who write more or less in a vacuum, not knowing how the audience will react until after the episodes start to air. Just because a percentage of the audience doesn't like or understand a particular storyline doesn't mean the writers don't know what they're doing and need us to tell them what to do.
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    No I completely agree about the Raj thing (though this may be better placed in the 'Other ships' or general S9 thread). His first proper on-screen relationship and it's being shuffled off to the sidelines in the manner? Let alone the implication that, despite his misgivings about her character, he should-what?-suck it up? Learn to love her? Because she gives him regular sex? And yes, God almighty I wish we could give the Shamy thing a bit of a rest for a little while. This constant festival of missed signals and miscommunications is very wearing. And also, why are so many of their plots romance plots? Hey, show? Amy won't die if she's given non-Sheldon, non-breakup or non-dating plots for a while. Apart from the blessed relief of Amy's Very Serious Penis Cookies, the poor girl has had sod-all except breakup drama- in which she is basically reduced to being a passive recipientfor someone else doing the emoting, yelling or being funny. Remember her storied career as a neurobiologist? There are things that you can do with the character, show, that do not involve her being the eye-rolling witness to the antics of some 'pasty weirdo', in Borealis's phrase.
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    Woo hoo!!!! If I could like this 900x I would. As someone in the industry I cringe and laugh when people make these statements without the full facts. You can never base it off internet fandom. Its not in jeopardy, public is still tuning in, its still ratings gold, an easy sell will..... And there is more comp on Monday then Thursday....lot more actually Discussing the ship fine but when people start throwing that stuff out there I loose it!!! CBS is the network, WB produces the show. Its not CBS being a cash cow is why you find a current plot stale or boring... Honestly I would hardly consider this current plot stale or boring. Frustrating YES but its not stale and far from boring Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, look, this is tricky. On the one hand, I completely agree that this 'Amy thought she had a date, but he loves Shelly more than her! Tee hee!' drivel is just- ugh. And I hate what this whole misbegotten arc has done to two characters I enjoyed so much, turning them into flouncing vehicles for shitty high school level Big Misunderstanding tropes before my eyes. I hate it so much that I have sympathy with basically anyone who isolates any part of it to dislike. Because I hate this storyline. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates it, precious. On the other hand: come on now. Sheldon harassed her in the immediate aftermath of their break/break-up, Amy reacted with pretty justifiable irritation, and Sheldon then left her to her own devices. It's a bit hard on the man to accuse him of ignoring her wishes in the first instance, and then saying 'but you don't care! You're not fighting for her!' when he listens. How would you have him fight or demonstrate that he cares? And how would he do this demonstrating while leaving her alone as she wishes? And if we think that Amy is so hurt by seeing Sheldon that she can't even make eye contact with him, why wouldn't we accord Sheldon-who has made explicit overtures to Amy- the same benefit of the doubt? Regarding moving on: something about the way JP played the stairwell scene makes me wonder if this is still a gambit from the man to get a reaction from Amy. Something about the stare he gave her when he mentioned dating other women. I was wondering if he was trying to get her to respond. Wrong-headed? Immature? Petulant? Unfair to any female who actually likes him? Absolutely. Does it in any way obligate Amy to return his regard? Of course not. And even if you disagree- even if you think Sheldon has mystifyingly yo-yo-ed from flat despair to relatively chipper roll-up-your-sleeves-and-crack-on-with-it moving on- well, unfortunately, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Both Amy and Sheldon have been bombarded with messages from their (presumably) well-meaning friends telling them to move on, that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else etc*. Sheldon specifically has been told that his way of dealing with relationships is all wrong. So I can't really blame either Amy or Sheldon for taking the advice of their supposedly more experienced friends. I'll even swallow my discomfort about Amy's apparently having been on that damn dating app before her friends told her to do it? I think? Correct me if I am wrong. Because I wouldn't put it past Amy, God love her, (no, seriously- I have always enjoyed the fact that Amy has such a process-oriented approach to social situations) to have gotten at Penny's Cosmo and to have internalised a whole bunch of dumbass dating advice, long before Penny and Bernie even talked to her. The last part of your post tempts me to ask a rather impish question: do you think that you would have been fine with it if Amy's date had gone swimmingly, and Sheldon's had gone terribly? * And-what? Seriously, is that how even the Muggles do it? Get out of a five year relationship and jump back into the dating pool? Look, I am not saying that the gang should be trying to get Sheldon and Amy back together. I completely get that if they thought Amy was unhappy with Sheldon, then she shouldn't go back to him. But seriously? Right back on the dating carousel after the breakup of a long relationship? For either Sheldon or Amy? The only way that that makes sense to me is if the gang doesn't believe that Sheldon and Amy were in a 'real' relationship. You know, because of the lack of bathing suit parts action. Which- okay, maybe I buy that from Howard, Raj and Bernie. I don't really buy it from Leonard and Penny, who have been shown to be more empathetic. Ugh, writers, why are you being so dumb with these characters?
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    How do you know they don't have a plan for this storyline? How do you know they're going to "drop it like a hot rock" and that the resolution will be "unsatisfying and trite"? Have you been sitting in on the writers' room? Just because they don't plot out entire seasons like a conspiracy show doesn't mean they don't have a general outline or a plan. They have famously said they don't plan ahead, but in many cases they have to have done so as we have seen play out with other storylines. Your parents do not a realistic statistic make. My sisters both watch and have been enjoying this season. They don't go online and talk about it though. So, do my two sisters cancel out your two parents? CBS/WB does care about it's cash cow, if you want to get down to that aspect. They need it to continue to draw in the ratings, but they're not going to steer it this way or that based on the online rantings of a tiny percentage of the audience. No show should ever micromanage their storytelling that way. Besides, who would they listen to? The Shamy fans? The Lenny fans? Fans of the other characters? Those who want to get rid of Amy and Bernie? Shenny fans? They can't write according to audience consensus, even if they wanted to, which they shouldn't, because there is NO AUDIENCE CONSENSUS when it comes to what the audience wants. Everyone wants something different as can be seen in this microcosm of the fandom. If you go to the other forum, the reactions are somewhat different than here. So, again, who's opinion or desire should the writers or producers follow? As always, they can only tell the story they want to tell in the way they want to tell it. Otherwise they're selling out to whoever decides to yell the loudest, and that would be disastrous.
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    Penny spying on People is very in character for her and she is one of the biggest gossips in the group. I sort of hoping that Leonard is there because his wife wanted her husband to help her, I think Penny now including him in her little schemes, because he is her husband, just shows how comfortable she is married to him. Bernadette always gets pulled into these things, remember how the girls had her spy on Leonard and Priya. This could be really funny with the three of them doing this, Penny the leader, Bernadette the follower, and Leonard just doing what his wife is telling him to do.
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    Ok, somehow I knew my romance with the writers will be short-lived. I must confess that when I got to know Amy's suitor will be played by a well known comedian I got just a little excited because of the possibilities, comedy and story-wise, now, knowing what all this was about, all I can say is: What a waste! I agree with those who said it's sad that according to the writers Amy is only able to attract weirdos (and I'm not talking at all about physical appearence), while Sheldon, not really trying, would be able to score with model-type lovely intellectual girls (the whole package!). I'm not a fan of the Shamy dating others idea, but I'm not adamantly against it either, provided that, of course, it served an specific and positive purpose in the plot, something that, in my opinion, was not achieved here. Let me explain, I would have loved that Amy's date were successful and that this guy Dave were interesting and nice and he were genuinely wooed by her, why? firstly, because she deserves it, she deserves to be treated well and with respect, and secondly, because when Amy rejected him at the end, it would show that it was because doesn't matter how cool other guys with whom she could have a relationship are, the one she really wants is Sheldon. Now, when it results that Amy's potential new boyfriend was actually more enamoured of her ex, in what position is she now? depressed because she thinks she really is as undesirable as Sheldon told her?, even more determined to find someone else to prove otherwise? or banging her head against the wall because she let the 'wonderful' Sheldon Cooper free for all the other cute and intellectual girls (and also tall and pasty british guys) to take the chance? In the other hand, Sheldon is even enjoying the privilege of discarding an apparently very good potential new girlfriend that literally showed up at his door, for a mere trifle, no biggie because I guess he just have to snap his fingers (or ask his minions Raj and Howard for assistance) and another similar girl would appear, there are so many Amys running around the world! (and with a better sense of fashion, I hope). Yeah, I suppose that the main reason he discarded her is that she was not interesting to him (as Amy used to be), but, please, really, would it be THAT difficult to make it clear that he dismissed that girl "because she is not Amy"? So, no love for Amy in any front. Seriously, why? why is Amy always the one that gets the short end of the stick? Now please, don't tell me their dates will be useful to prove they are right for each other, they had no real purpose!, as I said before, Amy was not only rejected (again), I would bet she is even more confused now than ever, what could have proved that horrible date for her with reference to her relationship/love for Sheldon? She doesn't need other guy to come and tell her how awesome her ex is, she already is aware of that, even when she is angry with him and they are broken up (remember her words when she defended him from Bernardette). Now, for Sheldon, we still have to watch the actual episode, I know, but by the TR I'm not getting the idea he was comparing this girl with Amy in any moment, so, for him it was just a failed intent, not the definitive proof that Amy and only Amy is the right one for him. So, I guess we have two possible outcomes: 1) They will keep dragging this scenario as long as possible with more and more ridiculous excuses/situations that will serve no real purpose for their development as characters or as a couple. 2) They will reunite them in the simplest and most unsatisfactory way possible without any real issue addressed and/or solved. (I have the feeling they will work on outcome '1' for a while and when they get bored/decide it was enough, they will procede with outcome '2') Of course there could also be a third option, in which they actually take advantage of the broken up storyline and use it to make them a stronger and more balanced couple when they are finally back together again, but I'm afraid I can't really count on that. Oh!, and as a side note, in this episode we can see Sheldon actively looking for a date, and a new girl to replace Amy and, unlike with Amy's identical situation, the sky didn't fall in pieces, he was not acussed of destroying the 'magic of Shamy', there were no passionate diatribes against him nor "seriously dissappointed" shippers. Just as I thought.
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    So, do you believe they have a plan, or do you believe they don't know what they're doing? I think I've seen you say both things. I think you just want to hate on the writers because you don't like the storyline. They haven't become suddenly incompetent. These are the same writers who came up with all the stuff that people love--the train kiss, the ILYT, and so forth. Did they just want to throw viewers off then? Their job is to tell a story, mix the comedy with a little serious stuff sometimes, and to make the audience laugh. I haven't heard any TR that said the audience booed the writers or sat in stony silence because they didn't think the show was funny. There's no pleasing every single person, obviously, but that doesn't mean the writers are doing something wrong.
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    Again, ridiculous hyperbole. The writers are not going to do something that out-of-left field just to be arbitrary and ridiculous. Just because you don't like the storyline as it is playing out doesn't mean that the writers are random and would destroy the world as they've created it. Sheldon and Penny do have great chemistry together, but it's not sexual chemistry. I thought this ground was covered in the many Shenny debates where there were those who thought those two characters had better chemistry than L/P together or S/A together. The truth is that there are many kinds of chemistry and they're not all sexual or romantic. Jim and Kaley are terrific actors and know how to play a scene together to give it energy. That doesn't mean that the writers or TPTB want to put them together romantically. You keep saying nothing will surprise you--would you be surprised once Sheldon and Amy work through their issues and end up back together? Shamy is end-game, no matter what your pessimistic heart is telling you.
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    True, it's not like Penny is married to anyone else.... The odds of Shenny happening are as good as the odds of Penny suddenly becoming a rocket scientist, possible but very very small
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    I absolutely love your take and agree 100%.
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    It's worrying for sure. I have no idea what the writers are thinking, or how long they plan to drag things out. A long drawn out storyline sounds painful for a show that's supposed to be a sitcom. But if they resolve it super quick (in an episode or 2), that seems kind of fake also. Curious, do you think the writers care like we do about 200th episode, or that a "big" moment has to happen during sweeps only? It's getting to sweeps time, and if they make the show even more depressing...yikes. They are really missing out on fun scenes with the gang all together, doing fun things. It's girls or guys. The fencing was funny, but peppered with angst. The girls talking to Stuart was ok, but could have been a lot funnier I think. I miss them all together having fun.
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    Very good points here, but like Sheldon said during their 8.2, a prince charming is not what she really wants to make her happy. I really do believe Sheldon knows her better in this area than she knows herself. I think if he had spent more time telling her his feelings and their plans for the future, if he had made her a priority in his decisions, if they had had more of a physical relationship, then she would have been content without all conventional romance and wouldn't be looking elsewhere. Had she gone on a dating site and answered a truthful questionnaire about her interests, the things that intrigue her, etc. Even the site would have selected another Sheldon because, like it or not, these are the type of men she is truly attracted to. Yes, physical looks affect her, as was indicated by Zack. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, she lost her mood. Amy is not looking for a one-night stand to sweep her off of her feet. She's looking for a companion. I don't think it is a slight on Amy that her date was not Fabio, I think the selection chosen is IC for her and what she is looking for. If anything, I think this should prove to Amy that she has set her expectations too high for the type of men she is attracted to and that Sheldon has really been it all along. So, either she needs to accept this about herself and adapt or she needs to change the playing field regarding her interests and the type of man she wants in her life. I also think Amy has been feeling her way through her relationship with Sheldon, whereas Sheldon has been thinking his way through it, causing them to come out of sync with each other. I wholeheartedly believe that once she finds out about Sheldon's true intentions, that his feelings for her are real, and that his breakdown has been caused by him losing his soul mate, rather than just because he lost his play toy, she will see things differently. I think she is misunderstanding his attempts as another temper tantrum for not getting his way rather than heartbreak over his loss. Now that they are broken up, Sheldon is finally feeling, but he is still thinking his way through a solution without Amy because he's convinced it is over. He might be trying to go through the motions by meeting and having a conversation with Vanessa as a form of distraction, but in the end there's no interest to take it further so why bother . He found an excuse to end it. If we recall, Sheldon did not even want to meet Amy, and they hit it off immediately, and here we are five years later shipping them. I actually like the contrast between his response to Vanessa vs. Amy. I think it is very clear that his lack of interest in any other woman is because they are not Amy. Like the ring, we the audience know, even if Amy doesn't. Amy, well I don't know what to say. Until we see the episode air, there is really no way to tell exactly how the date effected her, whether it will draw her back to Sheldon or not. Maybe she gets so pissed off that she goes to confront Sheldon for interfering with her life even by proxy so that she can't get away from him even if she tries and that starts the ball rolling for them talking again, even in anger....... I just have to believe Amy is holding back her feelings and eventually she is going to explode and reveal all. As Des mentioned earlier, they just need to put their lips on each other and ignite the spark, because I think once he holds her again, the emotions she's been holding back will finally come pouring out.
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    PERFECT! ...I'll give you a little bonus.....
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    I feel like people are making the dates out to be very melodramatic when they will surely be played for laughs. While Sheldon and Amy are perhaps confused about what they want or what they should be doing, at this point they're just trying to do what others are advising them to do. For whatever reason, probably due to the "pool" from which Amy is drawing for prospective dates, she ends up with this quirky guy. Knowing Stephan Merchant, the date will be funny and played for laughs. I think Amy will be annoyed, but I don't know that we'll see her being hurt or heartbroken. While Sheldon's date may be pretty (most actresses in Hollywood are going to be pretty), she holds no physical attraction for Sheldon, which is as it should be. I have a feeling that his initial polite or pleasant conversation with her is only there to create the funny juxtaposition of him then closing the door in her face. Reminds me of when Penny made French toast on oatmeal day. The French toast sure smelled good, but it still went in the trash because it wasn't French toast day. I don't know if Sheldon has this arbitrary rule about when the candidate completes the "puzzle" because he's looking for someone at least as smart as Amy, or if he's hoping no one would be able to complete it, or what, but the fact remains that he's not really eager to find someone to date or else he might have forgiven those 10 seconds. I don't think we have any info about exactly what he says to Raj/Howard about helping him find someone to date, so I can't judge how he really feels about the prospect of dating, but if he saw Amy kiss that guy, he might be more motivated than he was at the bar. It's kind of like they're on this seesaw--who considered dating first and who set the seesaw in motion first? Whatever the case, I feel they're both going to be riding it for now. Don't know what the next episode will hold, but I think this one will be fun.
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    Agree. I know SHAMY will be ok, but we want it SOON!
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    Exactly this. Amy and Sheldon are not talking, and so they are making assumptions based on the other's complaints and actions. Amy has told Sheldon to leave her alone, that every time he contacts her, she has to go through pain all over again. She refused to do FWF, something that they had fun building together. To Sheldon, it was as if she was abandoning their child. She refused to move in with him, after pushing him to do so for many years. When Sheldon owned up to being poisoned with feelings, the Amy who would have talked him through his agony basically told him he had to deal with it like everyone else, that she was not in a position to help him. All of this has Sheldon believing that she is done and perhaps doesn't love him anymore. To add salt to his wound, Penny has told Sheldon he was a bad boyfriend and Amy had been contemplating ending it with him for awhile. He keeps being reminded how unhappy she was, that his behavior is insulting. He's accepted that all his friends will show up to her marriage of someone better than him. He sees her kissing another man, which likely reaffirms his belief that he failed her in the matters of intimacy. Sheldon admitted to Penny that Amy had left him. When Kripke asked about Amy, Sheldon didn't just say that they broke up. He said, "She broke up with me." To me that implies that Sheldon has accepted blame for the split and Amy's decision. Those were strong words to admit to his nemesis. Then it gets worse when Leonard reminds him that Amy will date because she deserves to be happy with someone else. Sheldon is defeated and has no fight left in him. So, now he is acquiescing to what he has been led to believe is Amy's desire. He doesn't want to face her because the woman he loves more than anything in the world is also causing him the greatest pain he has ever had in the world. On the stairwell, Sheldon pretty much gave Amy the go ahead to go out with Kripke, by acknowledging his interest, adding no additional commentary to Amy revealing he had already asked her out, and by telling her not to get too attached to him. Even when she said that she turned him down, Sheldon didn't flinch with relief. Why? Because if she's not dating Kripke, he assumes it will be someone else based on Leonard's earlier comment. If Amy reads between the lines, Sheldon in essence told her he's accepted that she is moving on. As such, he has decided he needs to as well since this is what she wants and has given him no other choice. We know Sheldon can't read people or facial expressions well, so even it he did see Amy's response, he likely wouldn't have picked up on the meaning behind it. Amy didn't tell Sheldon she was upset that he was moving on, only that she was surprised he was. Again, no clear indication that she is interested in putting a stop to it. Sheldon, with still a little bit of a need to subconsciously hurt her in return, didn't miss the opportunity to taunt her with how good he tastes as he headed up the stairs and left her alone in the hallway in despair. Now, Amy is defeated. Perhaps her hurt is partly because she feels she carried the break further than she intended and has lost Sheldon before having enough time to sort through her feelings. In addition to this comes the anger that he would consider moving on the dating bandwagon after she's turned down two attempts at men interested in her. It took several years to ask her to be his girlfriend, and now he's moving on in the blink of an eye. A silent insult. She does not know how seriously committed he was wanting to marry her. She doesn't realize that all his actions now are to cover over his pain because she gave up on him right when he was about to give her everything. All of this is snowballing because they are not talking to each other. Amy doesn't know Sheldon's true intentions and feelings toward her, and Sheldon has no clear understanding as to the reason for the break up. They are bouncing signals of each other, but the meaning behind them is getting lost in translation resulting from lack of information, miscommunication, misinterpretation, and pressure from their friends to move on. Amy is remaining tight-lipped about her feelings, and while Sheldon's have been displayed out in the open for all to see, because their friends don't take their relationship seriously, particularly Sheldon's commitment to Amy, they have refused to intervene. So, now we have Amy dating as a result of Sheldon's comment on the stairwell and Sheldon is no longer just seeking a random women at the bar but is having Howard and Raj search for a new girlfriend because he saw Amy kissing another man during the most vulnerable moment of his life, as he was about to ask her to be his wife. This whole break up is like Three's Company. I think it was intended as a comedy of misunderstandings between two people who love each other very much and how their break up is effecting their relationships with their friends. Their actions as a result of everything that has happened seem logical, as you have pointed out. The problem is there is nothing funny at all about the logical development. Yes, we've had a few laughs here and there with the guys, but everything is broken. Shamy is broken. The group dynamic is broken. 4A is broken having Lenny still there with Sheldon. Now there's too many commercials and too many characters on the show. So even the amount of time available to give justice to such a dramatic storyline is broken. The Shamy fans are broken.
  30. 6 points
  31. 6 points
    I can draw ONLY ONE CONCLUSION from this picture. Laura is sitting in someone elses chair.
  32. 6 points
    I like how tvline quoted "us" in their article yesterday cause they couldn't get network confirmation. We're too good! Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk
  33. 6 points
    Tensor, thank you and your source, sharing all the updates I think this sounds like a fun episode. Shamy are broken up and that is the reality for now. I believe they will eventually find their ways back to each other. However, as this is playing out, I could see it going either way (dragged out or something shifts and boom Shamy 2.0). I think it it's cute that Lenny and Bernadette are curious. After all, they have no idea that Amy is conflicted. And since they were probably confused why Amy was in a relationship with Sheldon in the first place (even though they supported it), they are probably curious about the type of guy Amy would have 3 dates with. Makes for good comedy... A few of my opinions and probably not wildly popular but it's how I see it. I cannot fault their friends at all for how they are acting. Amy has not provided a single damn clue to her friends that she is seriously conflicted about this, A lil bit maybe but she admits she is open to dating. And I don't care how it is painted it's not Penny's place to tell her anything about the video or the ring. If Amy would give Penny an inkling that she is conflicted, then the most I want to see Penny say is I think you really need to talk to Sheldon before you decide anything. And leave it at that. If Amy wants to learn more about why Penny would say something like this, then she needs to approach Sheldon to find out why Penny might say something like that. If Shamy get back together because he has a ring, isn't going to fix what prompted her to ask for space and eventually break up with him anyway. Those problems will come back because they were not dealt with. All IMO, of course. Carry on...
  34. 6 points
    It's partly the progression of the character and partly his reaction to learning that Amy is now dating others. In the first few episodes, he was talking about how his friendships with Leonard and the others and his relationship with Amy had "ruined" him by opening him up to his feelings, especially amy, who made him love her. And then he finds out that Amy is indeed dating others, so he decides to try that as well. He's not the same person who insisted that Amy was not his girlfriend 5 years ago. He's still stinging from the breakup and now the new knowledge that she seems to be moving on as the guys told him he should do. But it's not as if he's out doing the club scene or looking to hook up. He's going about it in his own quirky way and it ends up not resulting in a date after all, let alone a girlfriend.
  35. 6 points
    I agree with almost your points, Soopysue, this has to stop, now!!! But, regarding to viewers getting bored, I think it's not completely true. I know internet is full of people saying that there is so much drama now, it's not a sit-com anymore, too much love and too less nerd stuff and so on. And I used to think that meant the writers had chosen a wrong path for the show. But ratings are pretty good, people are watching the show. If you go in the Rating thread, you will see that TBBT is doing pretty well with respect to the general loss of viewers of broadcast TV. So, general viewers are not bored (most of them at least are not...) We should start to think that our POV is very "particular", since we are so invested in the show and in our ship. Writers have their POV about which direction they have to give to the show, but this POV is not affected by how a little minority of the fandom feels about a particular plot... That being said, I hope this nightmare ends soon in a way or the other. I hope we get soon some more variety in the plots (I feel for those in the cast that are almost unemployed right now), dinners all together and above all some Shamy's bliss. The stairwall scene was so sad but so beautiful, it showed how much chemistry there is between the two actors, they were both perfect in that scene. And I miss so much the two of them together, possibly in a merrier situation!
  36. 6 points
    I'm thinking now is an appropriate time for this
  37. 6 points
    Neither of them are trying because they both think the other wants to move on.
  38. 6 points
    thing is if Amy finds out about the purposal it'll give her the motive to atleast talk to Sheldon about their relationship. She'll get the answers to questions that have been niggling at her for ages. We know Sheldon won't inciate the talk so Amy will have to and the purposal will be the topic do that. You're right, there's no way she'll say yes to his purposal but she'll probably want to discuss things about it, like why now? Why didn't he do it? Then that'll lead to other questions she has. Plus, the amount of times Amy has gone on about Sheldon being a flight risk, even if she doesn't say it aloud anymore she might be thinking it. Other than saying 'I love you' and being together for five years their commitment level hasn't really changed so it might have played a part in her break up. To save herself from getting hurt if he ended it with her. If they want to keep viewers they can't have this break up last all season. It would be totally unfair to do that to views and them as characters.
  39. 6 points
    And if Amy were a little bit more self-confident, she would have torn the ends of Sheldon´s scarf towards her, would have pulled him down and would have kissed him. This kissing always brakes Sheldon´s walls down (it´s always interesting how he opens himself, showing how much he wants her, I mean he always pulls her as close as possible to him) , we all know how much he likes to kiss her and I´m sure the next time they kiss, there will be no way back and they will forget everything around them and yield to temptation.
  40. 6 points
    Don't forget that Amy went on coffee dates with other men as well, but it's only Dave (so far) that she's gone on other dates with. So she must have liked something about him to go on more dates with him. It's only when he starts asking about her ex instead of being interested in her that she dumps him. And who can blame her. She's had five years of being with a man who does that to her and is not going to take that any more. As for Dave not being a knock out good looking man, well some think Stephen Merchant is good-looking (I'm not one of them) and secondly Amy doesn't go for looks first and foremost. Don't forget she was attracted to Zak because of his looks, but as soon as he opened his mouth she lost all interest. We also don't know what the other guys she went out on coffee dates with look like. They could be knock out good looking men for all we know, but she just doesn't go for that. Of course Sheldon is going to get the hot girl.... although I wouldn't call the grandma he tried to ask out in the bar as hot. The point is though Sheldon also does not go for looks either. This Vanessa may have solved the challenge and he was intrigued enough to open the door to her, but he got rid of her pretty quick with a flimsy excuse. Whereas with Amy he was intrigued enough to have a beverage with her. He liked Amy instantly, but he didn't like Vanessa for whatever reason. And a thought has occurred to me. Has anyone considered the possibility that the reason they had Dave be like that with Amy, is so that Sheldon will learn the error of his ways? He hears about it, thinks how dare someone treat my little lady like that, she's the most interesting person I know. Then the realisation hits him that he had been doing that as well and that's where he went wrong.
  41. 6 points
    I think I'm now in camp " I don't care how they fix this - just fix it now !!!!" . I seem to be totally wrong this season trying to guess what will happen next - haha , so I now just have to go along for the ride !!!! I really feel due to Mayim what she said in her recent interview ( you know I can't quote !!) but the gist of it was was, Sheldon and Amy realising what's at stake and how everything will un ravel , also the fact Shamy's break is so prominent in the episodes , we will get resolution very soon But again - just fix it now please !!!!
  42. 6 points
    When I think about the current situation
  43. 6 points
    Just read the latest taping report again and its additions. Looking forward to seeing this episode. The Lenny-in-the-car-scenes resp. how Leonard gets into the car could have some potential to further strengthen the great newlywed-feeling Lenny gave us so far. Some people think that Penny's (and Bernadette's) behaviour for spying at Amy's date is childish, but since this is a comedy show I look at it from the comedic point of view, and from there the fun-potential is IMO quite high.
  44. 6 points
    And why Lenny need that information? Why are they in the car, and send Bernie to tape the date? Spying and taping your friend´s date??? Are they in Junior High??? Bernie knows Sheldon loves Amy( 8 x 11) and all of them know Amy loves Sheldon!! Frankly, I don´t understand the "friends " behavior in season 9!
  45. 6 points
    I would be irritated too. I'm on a date to get to know this person and all they can talk about is my ex. Any who, Cannot wait to see the episode, sounds like it will be funny.
  46. 6 points
    The dueling scenes were absolutely wonderful. *This* is what I complain about being missing from the later seasons: times when it's just the four guys completely geeking it up. The physical comedy when they had their own battles while Kripke was on the phone has been sorely missed. I mean, they might be married and in relationships, but that doesn't mean they've lost their inner geek. I worked in a comic book store and it was cool seeing husbands coming in with their wives to pick up the latest issues or the 'let me be on the other team so I can hunt down my bf' paintball games. Basically, it would have been nice if even one of them met and got involved with someone who was more into their hobbies than just tolerating them. Raj was my hope. Alas, poor Raj.... Consider Raj and Howard's duel: the quips, the sword work. They were in their own little world and I completely believe that Raj was wearing Puss n Boot's hat with white plume and Howard had his flowing hair and moustache twirled as they en garded and parried with the best of them. This season has really been a bonus for those of us who enjoyed the Raj/Howard 'bromance' in earlier seasons. TBH I still can't get 'Thor and Dr. Jones' out of my head. Having more moments and plotlines like the fencing and song writing helps strengthen the comedic elements of the show—and are the main reason why I watch (there might also be a sort of attraction to JP that has me glued to the telly and clicking away here on the JP thread, but that's neither here nor there). My geek-shipping heart nearly burst when all of the guys went berserk with their swords while Barry was on the phone. The passion. The 'I have so done that with my friends and I can see us doing this when we're in our 80s using canes' comradery as they re-enact every Jedi and Highlander duel they'd ever seen. So far, this season is an infinite improvement over s8. I've actually laughed out loud and had fun with the guys that brought me to this dance 8 years ago.
  47. 5 points
    Molaro has stated that they do not plan very far in the future and do not plot out whole seasons, but I do think, based on how this has developed on what I consider to be a clear through-line, that they do indeed have at least a big general idea for how this story is playing out. Perhaps not every line, but certainly it seems that they have a general outline. Of course, I suspect that will not seem to be the case for those who already decided, after the first episode, that the breakup made no sense and that the writers were making it up as they went along, etc., etc.. If one is predetermined not to see any sense in the story, then it's hard to actually see the organic line. So, some people claim it makes no sense, while others see the sense in the story. But it's wrong, IMO, to claim to know what is or is not going through the minds of the writers, or to assume that they don't know what they're doing just because one doesn't like the story or the way it is unfolding.
  48. 5 points
    It's not about how their dates look. At least for me it's not. But Sheldon's date turns out to be a intelligent, cute girl who kind of understands Sheldon and has a nice conversation with him whereas Amy's date turns out to be a fan of Sheldon's...So not only once again Amy's life is all about Sheldon, even after their breakup, but also now when they finally reconcile, I couldn't help but wonder is it because Amy only wants Sheldon or because she just don't have any other choice. This is an episode about them looking for other options. If they each have a nice date, I'll be totally fine with it. But Amy's option is not really an "option". Amy never really has any options in the show. I know she's a supporting character, but after all the breakup is about two people. The writers should tell stories from both's POVs. As for Sheldon moving on, based on what happens in 907, it's logical and totally reasonable. But I'm still a little upset because it takes Amy forever to get close to Sheldon and there's this girl, who just shows up in one episode, almost gets herself a date with Sheldon. If she was a few seconds earlier, would they go on dates? So again, I couldn't help but wonder when Shamy finally get back together, should Amy feel lucky that this girl was late? Or else she wouldn't have a boyfriend left.
  49. 5 points
    If both carry on thinking that the other wants to move on, than it will take a long time. If on the other hand one or both of them realise their mistaken, than the beginnings of a reconciliation could be quite quick. One way would be to get Penny involved with telling one or both separately that they are wrong in their thinking. The other way would be for them to have a big fight about them dating other people, where they both admit that they're only doing it because the other is...... and I still want them locked in the closet for that ???? Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  50. 5 points
    Actually, from what I understood, some of us (me being one of them) were throwing out our opinions/hopes that maybe that failed date with Dave was symbolic....no one ever posted it as if it came straight from the taping report. Honestly, sometimes people read others opinions and take them the wrong way....as if it's really true or came from the report. LOL
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