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    9.08 'The Mystery Date Observation' Basically centered around Sheldon and Amy dating other people. This episode had two guest stars - Analeigh Tipton and Stephen Merchant. Well Penny and Bernadette ask Amy for some more details about this new man and Amy reveals he is British and that she is going on a date with him that night to a restaurant. Whilst Amy is trying on outfits for the date, Penny and Bernadette decide to follow Amy (dragging Leonard along with them) to the restaurant to spy on the date and see Dave. When we see Amy at the restaurant, we see that 'Dave' is played by Stephen Merchant. Amy and Dave start talking about their previous relationships and it clicks with Dave that Amy's ex is Dr. Sheldon Cooper - it turns out that Dave is a big fan of Sheldon's! The date then starts going downhill as Dave spends the rest of the night asking questions about Sheldon. Throughout the date you see Bernadette, Penny and Leonard spying on the date in Bernadette's car and Bernadette walks past the restaurant window several times in disguise filming the date on her phone. Meanwhile, Sheldon tells Howard and Raj that as they were responsible for getting him and Amy together, he would like their help in finding a new girlfriend. Howard and Raj discuss putting Sheldon on dating websites again before deciding to set up a scavenger hunt type challenge where a woman has to sucessfully complete all the challenges and at the end would get Sheldon's contact information. The challenge would need to be completed by (I beleive, 10:00pm) that night. That night you see Sheldon, Howard and Raj in Sheldon and Leonards apartment and Raj counts down until 10:00pm - noone arrives at the apartment. A moment later you hear a knock at the door and it is Vanessa (Analeigh). She has a good conversation with Sheldon, saying how much she enjoyed the challenge and her and Sheldon seem to get on well. Before Sheldon says it's a shame she didn't complete the challenge on time and shuts the door in her face! In the final scene you see Amy in her car with Dave at the end of her date and she ends things with him. He makes some comment about at least someone who had kissed Dr. Sheldon Cooper had also kissed him! Before Amy kicks him out of her car. This is all I have. If its not in here, I have no answers for questions.
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    So, I scored a few stand by tickets for my friends (from where I live) and I for the 27th. Soooooo excited. Have not been to a taping in what feels like forever. I may or may not know of others going (don't ask) Either way, you guys will get some information back on the episode so that's cool <3. ALSO, I've been struggling financially lately because I suck with money like Penny used to on the show. LOL...so, my cell service is off and I will NOT be in contact all day long while waiting around and after the taping. Unless wifi is better than it was last time I went (it sucked...couldn't even get on the internet on my laptop). So, after you guys find out anything at all about the taping on the 27th, feel free to PM me any questions if you care for a different view point on what was seen. Later, alligators.
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    More information on the taping on Tuesday 10/20: Amy ended things because she was irritated that Dave spent the whole night asking questions about Sheldon. It had nothing to do with being reminded of the things she loved about Sheldon. Bernadette was filming the date only to show Penny, who was back in the car, what was going on. It had nothing to do with the Spock video. Johnny and Kaley came up and spoke to everyone and said that they loved everyone and appreciated all the support and wanted to carry on making the show for as long as we'd have them. Johnny was walking around with a walking stick between scenes and he seemed to be hobbling a bit when walking up the stairs in the hallway. In between one of the scenes, Jim was telling a story to Kunal and Simon, we couldn't hear what it was about but he was very animated and laughed loudly at the end which set some of the audience off laughing when they were trying to 'settle' us ready for the next scene. Also when an audience member was brought up to dance and the music started playing for her, Jim started dancing away in the background whilst they set up for the next scene which was a lot of fun to watch! I remember Mayim gigling at one point so they had to start the scene again. And Stephen tripped over his words in a scene in the restaurant so they did that bit again but other than that there weren't many mistakes/bloopers overall really.
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    Frnakly I don't have the patience for this "friends" crap and it would just give the writers ammo to draaaaaag shit out even longer. So put me down for a big fat NO on the Friends scenario. I want the misunderstanding straightened out and sealed with a kiss. Period.
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    This is about the grossest kiss pic I've ever seen. I hope Sheldon and Amy don't ever look like this when they kiss. That's just nasty.
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    I just can't see her using "beautiful" negatively here. If she wanted to prepare us for something bad she'd say poignant. If she wanted to play it coy she'd say amazing or moving. "I'll always love you but this is never going to work," could be moving and poignant and amazing, but beautiful would not describe it. I'm optimistic. Not even cautiously optimistic. I'm full on optimistic. And lets face it, we really needed this. Things were getting grim.
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    Alright I have caught up on posts and have formulated an appropriate response
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    My reaction to like 80% of the stuff I read here today. You guys really have a talent to pull the most upsetting and far-fetched scenarios out of thin air. I'd make a proper post if I had more time but not today. In the meantime please calm down. You're your own worst enemy right now! Have a hot beverage, practise some kolinahr and have a consoling group hug!
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    Knowing Mayim's past with hinting at amazing Shamy episodes, they both probably die in fiery car crash.
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    therealjimparsonsProud to be at the@glsenofficial awards with this handsome devil.
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    I think this is playing out as it should--bad timing, miscommunication, mixed feelings. And I'm glad the others didn't run and tell Amy about the ring because that would skew her thoughts and feelings and prevent her from making an honest decision. Just like if he had told her about the ring that first night. Would she say yes for the wrong reasons? I think that's still the case here. They have to work out their feelings and what they want or do not want on their own, without the interference of the others. They've already had interference in the "you should move on" conversations. I don't think they need any more influence from the others. And I don't think the writers are off point at all. This storyline is appropriate and a good development, IMO.
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    Did you hear? I'm going to the taping! This is exciting! But again....I have to not get my hopes up too high....better that way. Last taping I went to was the Christmas episode I believe (last season) and I went in with low expectations on purpose and look what we got. LOL.
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    Yes for me the talk is the most important thing of all. The foundation on which to build a beautiful Shamy life.
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    I will be preaching this till Tuesday
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    I've learned by experience that Mayim's opinions on a certain episode may be different from those of the fans...She called this Season Premiere a "funny episode" and...well..I'm still laughing...Anyway, she is well aware of how much hard is this plot line for many of her fans. Soon after the premiere, in her FB page she asked opinions on it and she got a lot of negative comments and they didn't come by the usual "trolls" saying the show is awful, after season 4 everything got ugly and so on...they were Shamy and\or Mayim fans which politely expressed their pain for the break up and/or their disappointment for the episode. She read the comments and replied saying that there was a lot of good stuff coming...Of course not for Shamy, but the balance between angst and fun in the other episodes improved so much, they were funnier and with a lot of good stuff in them (again, not for Shamy...) So, if she writes that the next episode is "beautiful" and posts this comment several weeks before the episode actually airs, I imagine she is well aware how fans will interpret her words and I assume she chose them quite carefully. So, IMO, maybe we are going too far imagining rainbows and unicorns and proposals and weddings bells (I try not to let my imagination go wild, but it's hard!!!) but something good is coming!!! And if also this time her definition of "beautiful" is different from mine, I'll be veeeeryyyyyyy angry and disappointed!
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    Laura Spencer ‏@itslauraspencer 2m2 minutes agoMe adjacent @BigBang_CBS
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    How has it been forgotten? Just because they're not beating the audience over the head with the fact that they are married? Yes they do, just in more than one apartment.
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    It's because it's a special episode having to do with Shamy getting closer to getting back together so he didn't want anyone spoiled with even half of a single letter of the title. Yes, I just made that up but it sure sounded good to me. LOL.
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    Awww, is this your fist time (here) ?
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    So when Mayim posted about beautiful in shamyland, again I was on public transport and I must of looked liked I had sudden onset tourrettes again.....
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    Not unless they checked with the studios first. They will not just pick up on it and run with it. As someone said above, reputable media sources remain in good with the studios to make sure that what they publish is okay and will not violate any PR moves they plan to make. They know it could damage a plan and a tactic for increasing viewers so they will not just go with something without checking. But also, I don't think Mayim would have posted that without checking with WB, Bill, Steve or Chuck this time. She knew that she let out a spoiler before that they were not pleased with so I am sure in this case she probably told them about the negativity around the net and wanted to know if she could post something. They may have even asked to know what exactly she would post before she did it. So in this case, if the media does pick up on her comment, it is likely because she received approval beforehand and yes...it is to attract a larger audience. I think TPTB do know that there is great dissatisfaction on the net about the storyline. They would have to be blind to have not picked up on the negativity. And a lot of media outlets have seen the negativity on their sites from reader comments, as well as expressed some negativity themselves. So I suspect this is to encourage viewers to a certain extent and probably coming from Mayim first was all part of a sweet way to help her redeem herself from her previous negative comment that got the fan base pretty riled up.
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    Do you guys think that maybe TPTB wanted Mayim to release a little teaser? The media will pick up on this and the word will be out before the episode airs. More viewers. Higher ratings. Everyone will want to watch and see if this is the BIG episode.
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    Mayim gets a lot of crap about the S7 finale and I don't really think it is fair. I think a lot of people look at it through a the lens of a Shamy shipper, even though the episode really wasn't supposed to be about their relationship. Given how she has spoken about how much she likes when they dive into Sheldon's character and emotions, I can imagine it was an awesome episode for her. And I know there are very few of us here, but I liked the episode myself, but I didn't see it as a Shamy episode. (to be fair, I wasn't as far down the shipper rabbit hole as I am now). Anyway, given what she wrote about the stairwell scene, and her acknowledgement in the interview with Jim how much they love the two of them together and how it has been rough and also how she knows how upset Shamy shippers have been, I am gonna trust her on this one. I may get burned here, but right now, I've got her back.
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    John Ross Bowie ‏@JohnRossBowie 2h2 hours agoThanks and praises to Dan Wolfe, the man who trained me in fencing that week. Patience of a saint, this guy, and a great teacher and swordsman. #tbbt #bits
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    I was curious about Jeffrey Katzenberg's pink casted arm. According to TMZ he was in a car accident in Beverly Hills this past Monday and had to have surgery. http://www.tmz.com/2015/10/24/jeffrey-katzenberg-car-accident-surgery-arm-dreamworks/ Another photo from last night... sarahfreesemannMy hot date for the#RespectAwards tonight! #GLSEN#bazinga Sarah was there representing Johnson & Johnson (GLSEN sponsor) Johnson Family Foundation.
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    Yes the wedding transmission was pathetic IMO , and also the fact that instead of focusing on the wedding they focused on Sheldon. Pretty pathetic. I hope they make it up to us Lenny fans because we were waiting for this for 9 freaking years and it was totally anticlimactic.
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    still crying.....cannot hold it in....still being cautiously hopeful.....but whatever "beautiful" means and I know Mayim has fooled us before, it will be heavy Shamy on the last sweep episode..so fits my timeline...we shall see.
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    I am calm N O P E I don't know how to process this information!!!!!!
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    I've read some people complain that Amy just ends up with creeps and weirdos and that it will appear she is just settling for Sheldon because she can't get anything else or better. I beg to differ. It's possible that for some reason these type of men are the ones that Amy attracts because of her personality and the type of person she is, and that is not meant to be an insult. She is a wonderful and beautiful brilliant person, but I am sure once she completes the questionnaire, I doubt a dating site is going to pick a standard run of the mill male for her. It will pick another Sheldon-like person, someone who is smart, into science, etc. Obviously, she prefers tall as well. The British accent may have well been to meet her romantic side, because I must say that I love the accent myself. She had the dating app. She is the one that made the choices on who she wanted to go out with. Sheldon's quirkiness is her type, so why wouldn't she be attracted to others who are similar. She may think she wants different right now, but what she really wants is Sheldon with the intimacy and commitment. She might enjoy rainbows and unicorns for awhile, but I think she would eventually become bored without having someone to challenge her brain, experiment with, and play witty games. It's the same for Sheldon. He's not looking for something different. If he can't have Amy, then he wants another one, and no one is going to fit that bill. He will find some little thing to rule every one of them out. Eventually they will realize what the rest of us already do.
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    I wondered if that might be part of her disguise....maybe had a stroller even.... Thanks, Rick for posting the spoilers. It is great to have something even if it is unsettling storyline. I hope the writers get their act together and end this fiasco (my opinion...have never liked this split story from the get-go and I know I may be alone, but I still don't like this story arc!) I do think this episode will be humorous, but this split is getting old! Time for other characters to have a story besides spying on Shamy, knowing information about Shamy, centering their lives around Shamy, etc. I love Shamy, but it is time to end this story so that we can get back to a more balanced show.
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    Mayim didn´t use the word "stuff" Her post: "WE ARE FILMING A BEAUTIFUL EPISODE THIS WEEK WITH TONS OF SHAMY. PREPARE YOURSELVES! " and she used "SHAMY", no" Sheldon and Amy" or "Jim and me" IMO, she means SHAMY talking, SHAMY coitus eye, SHAMY with the gang on Thanksgiving, SHAMY trying to get back together, in a paceful, sweet and beautiful way. It is episode 9. Ep 11 highly likely will be Christmas or New Years, the last episode to be aired in 2015(till the first week of January) Mayim more or less did the same with the D & D episode, and with the train kiss (I remember her Kveller post when she was still in Israel for holydays BEFORE the train kiss was filmed) Honestly, I dont think she is kidding us! Some good SHAMY is coming!
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    No worries. I'm contacting the Guiness Book Of World Records so they can put us in for "MOST ROLLER COASTER EMOTIONS BY FANS OF TV SHOW SHIP"
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    The chat room is going to break this coming Tuesday.
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    Being a married couple you would expect them to be together in each other's adventures. So far I like the way the writers are handling them as a married couple.
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    Just as a reminder, the GLSEN Respect Awards are this Friday, October 23rd. Jim and Todd are two of the Honorary Co-Chairs. The event is not aired, but there are usually a lot pictures and video. http://www.glsen.org/article/2015-glsen-respect-awards-los-angeles-respectawards
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    Maybe they followed her to understand if she was really interested in Dave. Before telling her about the ring, or trying to make Shamy talk properly, they need to know if Amy has already moved on...By the way, do we know if they shared the ring information with Bernie? Why was she filming the date?
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    It's not their place to tell Amy that Sheldon was gonna propose, IMO. That's not how I would want Amy to find out, and I think Sheldon would be furious with them if they told her.
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    Interesting... typically, we get a shot of the multiple cameras and at least a hint of the set. Tonight, a shot of the crowd. The plot, like Raj's gravy, thickens...